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Dr Claus Nordbruch's visit to Australia


Canberra - 5 January 2005





Harmonie - the German Club in Canberra





Dr Claus Nordbruch at the club reception shortly before the event




Dr Nordbruch's main point during his presentation focused on the last white South African president, F W de Klerk's betrayal of his own people by making false promises during the 1992 referendum.


In contrast, de Klerk's successor, Nelson Mandela, did not deceive his people because he achieved the realization of the policies that he promised his people, e.g. transformation of society and implementation of affirmative action programs.


Dr Nordbruch also focused on the specific German phenomenon: Doppelte Kollektivschuld - double collective guilt.


In detail Nordbruch spoke how Germans have accepted that they were solely responsible for World War Two, and that they were responsible for the systematic extermination - genocide - of European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers.


It is upon these twin pillars of collective guilt that the present German federal republic rests. Dr Nordbruch proves this quite conclusively by referring to a number of German authorities,


Although the Federal German 'constitution' guarantees free speech, any views that challenge these two pillars that make up the German Kollektivschuld will be criminally pursued.


As an aside Dr Nordbruch emphasized how fear paralyzes individuals into submission, and enables tyrants to suppress freedom loving peoples. If only individuals were to lose their fear of fear, then freedom would blossom. This was the case at the end of the Weimar Republic where Germans simply refused to pay taxes by hanging a black flag out their windows to show their passive resistance towards the Weimar government.





Dr Nordbruch downing a well deserved beer - and he reflects upon the past!





From: "Harmonie German Club Office"


3 January, 2004

Dear Sir


I refer to discussion of the proposed address in 6 January, 2005,... on 1 January, 2004 and confirm my advice that the venue is not available and the proposed talk cannot occur at the Harmonie German Club in Narrabundah.

Yours faithfully