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Interview with Mr Christoph Wimmer-Kleikamp Radio SBS

[Special Broadcasting Service = government-run multicultural radio and television station]


11am, 3 January 2005 - to be broadcast on Tuesday, 4 January 2005 at 8pm



Dr Claus Nordbruch, in typical German style,

arrives on time at SBS headquarters,

Flinders Street, Melbourne.




Christoph Wimmer-Kleikamp interviews Dr Claus Nordbruch in the Melbourne SBS studio. Mr Wimmer-Kleikamp gently asked Dr Nordbruch critical questions that aimed to indict Dr Nordbruch as a 'right wing' 'neo-Nazi', which badly failed.





Before the interview Mr Wimmer-Kleikamp had indicated that he would be very pleased to also interview Dr Töben because he was "the leading Holocaust Revisionist in Australia". Wimmer-Kleikamp's final question to Dr Nordbruch attempted to elicit from Nordbruch a reason why he associated with Töben. The formulation of Wimmer-Kleikamp's question to Nordbruch smacked of contempt for the Revisionists.


At the end of the Nordbruch interview, Christoph Wimmer-Kleikamp advised Dr Töben that suddenly he had no time to interview Töben. So much for Wimmer-Kleikamp's moral and intellectual integrity!




Interview with Right-Wing Intellectual

The controversial right-wing author Dr. Claus Nordbruch claims he is fighting for "Freedom of Speech in Germany". But is he really just campaigning for ideas close to Neo-Fascism and other extreme right-wing ideologies?
He denies it, but that's what the German authorities and most of the mainstream press continue to argue. Now the alleged "forethinker of the right-wing cause" came on a lecture tour to Australia.

Christoph Wimmer-Kleikamp confronted the German-born South African author with some critical questions about the things he has written, said and done. (In German)

The Interview