Adelaide Institute





Dr Claus Nordbruch's visit to Australia






Sydney Interlude 7 January 2005



- men of destiny on a ferry ride along the Parramatta River








Welf Herfurth and Fredrick Töben

displaying Horst Mahler's Deutsche Reich flag




... and the NPD flag with Opera House in the background



... and now for Töben the relax




... then time for some sustenance





Welf Herfurth, Claus Nordbruch and Fredrick Töben





Sydney - 8 January 2005




Fredrick Töben again reads out the Udo Voigt NPD greetings letter





Dr Nordbruch in flight -



Mr Robert Fraser proposing a vote of thanks -

in typical Australian fashion: three cheers for Dr Nordbruch!



Dr Fredrick Töben, Dr Claus Nordbruch, Mr Robert Fraser



Brisbane - Gold Coast