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Dr Claus Nordbruch



My Tribute to Australia



Owing to Adelaide Institute's kind invitation it was possible for me to gain more than just a superficial impression of Australia, something that is usually available to the ordinary tourist. By travelling over three thousand kilometres throughout south and along the eastern seaboard  of Australia I had the privilege not just to enjoy the breadth and beauty of the Australian landscape but also to meet a most varied group of Australians.


Having lived in South Africa for almost two decades I am well accustomed to travelling enormous distances in intensive sunshine and along cross-country roads, I nevertheless recognized the differences between these two great countries in the Southern hemisphere.


While in South Africa rubbish on the roads and potholes become more and more common, the Australian infrastructure is clean and functioning. While South African drivers seem to use their vehicles rather to release their pent-up tensions by aggressively travelling at reckless speeds, the Australians generally drive their cars in a disciplined manner. Even if the speed limit is reduced to a pathetic 100km/h or less, the Australian road users behave strictly to the rules -  well, most of them do.


The architecture in Australia is quite similar to the way houses are built in mainly white suburbs in South Africa. However, one decisive difference has to be mentioned. While South African houses and property is generally fenced in with huge walls and protected by electrical fences, the equivalent Australian houses are not. This fact reveals everything about criminality and the safety of the people in these two countries. From that point of view, living in Australia is certainly much more dignified.


I appreciated and delighted in the Australian hospitality and the high standard of living. The Australian cuisine which apparently is often influenced by Asian cooking is just delicious.


While walking in the streets and looking at the people I became aware of the natural beauty of many Australian girls and women. Unlike in America, for instance, the fair sex in Australia is  generally not obese. Women dress tastefully and are great in shape. Eyes and faces of many Australian females are just adorable. Unfortunately my purpose to visit Australia was not to look for a bride.

However, the essential question remains - what is inside the Australians’ heads?


There is actually no doubt that in Australia too, just like in any other first world country, hedonism, materialism and a manner of compulsive and addictive consumption exist. Hence, it was of tremendous importance for me to meet as many people as possible. Dr F Töben, director of Adelaide Institute, has impressive contacts and so this meeting of a cross-section of Australian was realized.


I addressed Australians from all walks of life. There were those who had an intellectual and professional background and those who were self-taught. They all came from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I met multimillionaires and poor people, super clean and mildly dirty people, highly sophisticated and some antisocial individuals, academics and rather less educated folks, some people holding a Weltanschauung and others only having a superficial ideology that often blends into a religious belief.


I noticed that all these people had at least something in common: They fearlessly voiced their criticism on some aspects of Australian political affairs, they did not hesitate massively to criticise the ideology of globalism and its effect on world peace, and of course most had an interest in German and South African matters. All of them were truth-seekers who do not like being lied to by anyone.


The Australian authorities acted in a professional and decent manner when I arrived at Perth International Airport. Not so representatives of the Canberra-based Federal German Goethe Institut. Totally brainwashed/re-educated and in the service of the real axis of evil - hedonism/multiculturalism/neoconnism -  these individuals proved to be unaware of the cardinal value of freedom of speech. Being German myself it embarrasses me that they attempted to hinder Australian citizens from attending political-cultural meetings that local Australian organizers had offered. It is a real pleasure to note that the Australian organizers did not bend to the pressure that these pathetic individuals attempted to exert upon them, in particular at the Gold Coast function.


In spite of the fact that my tour was arranged at short notice and because it fell within the festive season,  my trip to lovely Australia was a tremendous success – thanks to my open-minded audience, the organizers‘ courage and self-assertion and the unselfish efforts of Dr Töben, of course. A big thank you to all those who helped put me up, who fed me, who listened to me, who bought my books.




Dr Claus Nordbruch


South Africa

16 January 2005