Wednesday, 13 April


Wir werden zur Begrüßung von Ernst Zündel am

20. April 2005, um 14.00 Uhr,


vor der Justizvollzugsanstalt Mannheim,


Herzogenriedstraße 111, 68169 Mannheim, erscheinen.

On 20 April 2005 supporters of Adelaide Institute will meet early evening at a Melbourne restaurant to celebrate Ernst Zündel’s life’s work by joining Horst Mahler’s gathering of well-wishers outside Mannheim prison.

We shall telephone Horst Mahler at the Mannheim meeting and send our best wishes to those who are gathered there to welcome Ernst Zündel – to let Ernst know he is not alone in his struggle.

Anyone interested in attending the Australian meeting please contact Fredrick Töben on Mobile: 0417088217.

If you are still worried about the date of this meeting, that it happens to be Adolf Hitler’s Birthday, then don’t be worried.  It is time for you to lose your fear – Berührungsangst / fear of guilt by association. The Nazi era is gone and will not be repeated, but it is still being used to intimidate those into silence who let themselves be intimidated into silence!

It is time for us freely to move within our community, without feeling the pressure from those who wish to label us as ‘hater’, ‘holocaust denier’, ‘antisemite’, ‘racist’, ‘neo-Nazi’.  Those who feel uncomfortable about the 20 April as a suitable date for showing our support for Ernst Zündel, don’t feel uncomfortable – liberate yourself from the fear of fear, something Ernst Zündel did a long time ago.

The date of this meeting is a direct challenge to those who hate German, and to German self-haters who have been successfully re-educated. The real haters are those who will label a Nazi  any German they don’t like!

The taboo is broken!


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