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Dear Fellow Patriot!


Zundel In Germany:

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This coming weekend promises to be exciting for many
people. David Irving in L.A. and Dr. Claus Nordbruch
in Sacramento. Just got a call from him that he had
arrived in L.A. and is on the way to Sacramento.

On Saturday, a select group of people will meet Dr.
Nordbruch and learn more about this incredible author.
Coming from South Africa, I am sure our guests have
some questions about the current political climate

For Dr. Nordbruch's personal bio, please visit his
website at

Since 1993, Dr. Nordbruch has worked as a lecturer and
journalist, and has written many academic and
non-fiction books. In 2001, Dr. Nordbruch was honored
by the German National Newspaper with the European
Freedom Prize for his pursuit and courageous fight for
freedom of speech.

I personally own three of Dr. Nordbruch's books, and
all three are awesome. You know everything about "Der
Deutsche Aderlass." The second book "Der Angriff"
picks up where "Der Deutsche Aderlass" left off:
Germany in 2003, the political corruptness, the
multi-cultural dilemma, the scandals, the giant
holocaust monuments and the never ending holocaust
religion. The third book I have is "Voelkermord an den
Herero in Deutsch Suedwest Afrika." The book
challenges yet another alleged war crime that the
Germans supposed have committed.

Now, here is a great opportunity for you. Dr.
Nordbruch will bring a bunch of his books. If you are
interested in a signed copy of any of his books,
e-mail me and make a reservation.

Remember, "Der Deutsche Aderlass" is also available at

and if you are already on the PZG website, take a look
at the fabulous books of Third Reich social life, the
CD's and Third Reich memorabilia. No one has a
selection as they do.


A few reflections on the last few Patriot Letters. I
was pleasantly surprised that my criticism of the
white nationalist movement had no impact on my
readers. That means if I don't get even one complaint
from a list of almost 1,400, a lot of people agree
with me. In fact, I added 9 new people to the Patriot
Letter list.

On the Santomauro issue, I received one "unsubscribe."
Dr. Toben from the Adelaide Institute received a
letter from Santomauro, where he claims that he's paid
for the books, and that the reason he did not want to
subscribe to Community News was because of its
"inaccuracies." Now that's a bummer! Here you have a
guy who is leaching off other people's work,
complaining about inaccuracies. Let me tell you part
of our disclaimer on page 2 of Community News:


You see, we here at Community News don't lie. We
believe when dealing with human beings, that accuracy
isn't always the first priority. But, let's stay with
the subject for a moment. Think that this complaint
comes from a guy whose message forum is full with the
most egregious inaccuracies. "Ernst Zundel a white
supremacist", "revisionists are all "neo-Nazis," etc.

Whenever we read about German history, the Jewish
story is one big inaccuracy. Yet, almost the entire
world believes it. Yes, I am guilty of exaggerating,
but the articles in Community News are well
researched. And because they don't fit the picture of
some, they call it inaccuracies. It's always in the
eye of the reader.


In a recent forward from Dr. Toben, I read that he was
criticized for allegedly attending "white neo-Nazi
meetings." Dr. Toben did the right thing by asking for
dates and time.

There you go, the double-edge sword.

David Irving, on the other hand, brags about his
American tour, predominantly sponsored by the units of
the National Alliance. For example, proudly, the IHR
posted an article where some mainstream press reports
David Irving's meeting with yet another unit of the
National Alliance.

Suddenly, I realized that this is the reason why
revisionists hook up with the haters and brain
midgets. They sell their work! At every meeting put on
by a unit of the Nationals Alliance, there is - and I
guess - about 20 to 40 people. So, David Irving, in
the course of his tour, sells probably a lot of books.

Money over credibility - right?

But here is the thing, though. As soon as the press
proclaims that Irving is a neo-Nazi or white
supremacists, he denies it.

What the press is doing is quite normal - they are
profiling. If one constantly meets with white
supremacist groups, then one can't complain if he is
called one too. The same goes for all the other
revisionist. A German phrase says:

"Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who
you are."

To me, it looks like as both sides are desperate. The
white supremacists need famous speakers to attract a
crowd and the revisionists need the white supremacists
to sell their work. Never mind that both groups deny
to know each other.

I remember the scathing article of Paul Grubach,
declaring that revisionists have nothing in common
with white supremacists. Today, Grubach is a permanent
speaker for EURO, David Duke's group.

Picture this: A gathering, put on.........., no, let's
do this right and use a recent revisionist conference,
organized by the National Alliance and Stormfront (why
do these assholes always use German names?). The
speakers are talking about revised history, that the
holocaust is a lie, that Hitler wasn't that evil, etc.
At the same time, the white supremacist groups have
tables where they sell literature that proclaims that
only whites are superior and all the "mud people" need
to die (Now here is one of my exaggerations).

The hard truth, the white nationalist movement in the
US is responsible to what has happened to Ernst
Zundel. It was because of them that the Canadian
government made Ernst Zundel a security threat. It was
the white supremacists doing to destroy the
credibility and reputation of a peaceful and heroic
man, and it was them who are responsible for the fate
of Ernst Zundel. Again, supporters were trying to
reiterate to the courts that Ernst Zundel wasn't a
neo-Nazi and white supremacist. At the same time, the
character witnesses for Ernst Zundel were Paul Fromm
(white supremacist from Canada and bigot of the year),
Mark Weber (whose ties to the National Alliance go way
back), David Duke (the white supremacists ex-felon)
and many more, who carried banner to free Ernst

For crying out loud, you can't really blame the court
for not believing it.

The truth is also that the entire campaign to free
Ernst Zundel was a failure. In fact, one of the worst
I have ever seen. In the two years, the pain and
suffering of Ernst Zundel wasn't reduced, but
increased tremendously because of greed and

Proof comes with the recent deportation to Germany,
where within days visits were arranged, medication,
decent food and a place to sit. I believe that once
the trial begins, he might not even serve five years.
And you know why? Because - thank God - the white
supremacists in the U.S. are not allowed to testify.

It must border on insanity to claim not to be a white
supremacists when you supporters are people like Matt
Hale, David Duke, Paul Fromm, Jamie Kelso, Mark Weber,
the National Alliance, the Aryan Nation, White Rights,
and so forth.

I am not alleging that the Zundel crowd solicited that
crowd. I am just saying that a disclaimer should have
been done. Thousands of Dollars, inhaled from the
supporters - for what?

It is a very dishonest relationship between the white
nationalists and revisionists. Both sides to no like
each other, however, use each other. I am fortunate
that I never needed the support of these pimpled
masturbators, it was the other way around.

Today, I welcome the attacks of the white nationalist
movement. Because they give me more credibility, when
getting my message out. I think that the revisionist
community needs to seriously think about it.



After a nine year struggle by the Belgium government
against his revisionist activities Belgium's most
prominent Revisionist, Siegfried Verbeke, received
on 14 April 2005 a one year non-suspended prison
sentence - "nicht auf Bewährung = prison  ferme- and
10 years loss of his political rights as a Belgian
citizen. He will appeal - "Court of Cassation".

Contact Siegfried at




I just read your article about Irma Grese . I have a
few questions . Why did Grese think it was legal or
appropriate to be guarding 20,000-30,000 foreign
citizens (in Poland) who were neither tried nor
convicted of any crime ? Did she believe that it was
legal or appropriate in any sense to deport people
(civilians) and keep them in a prison camp in a
foreign country ? Did she think that the children
in Auscwtiz had committed crimes and were "doing time
" ?

Ein Volk
ist soviel wert,
wie es seine gefallenen
Soldaten ehrt!





Why the NPD Shouldn't Be Silenced  
Does the NPD have the right to freedom of speech?
The far-right National Democratic Party's behavior at
a recent memorial ceremony for Holocaust victims
prompted many to ask why the party isn't banned. But
most of DW's readers felt the NPD has a right to a

I think that the NPD should not be banned. Their party
has just as much right to voice their beliefs as the
Greens, CDU and the SPD. How long are people going to
label the Germans Nazis? That was 60 years ago. This
is a different age now. These people just want jobs
for Germans, their social money to go to Germans and
not "Ausländer". Some might view their comments
differently, but behind closed doors I'll bet it is a
different story. -- Michael Fuller/USA

The NPD should not be banned as a party unless they
are a viable threat to overthrow the German government
by violent means rather than through the election
process. They have the right to freedom of speech. In
a constitutional democracy, who would be entitled to
decide to ban the party short of an amendment to the
consitution through the means set up for that process?
-- John Thomas

Trends in many EU countries illustrate that far-right
parties are here to stay and NPD/CVU could gather
enough votes in 2006 to enter the Bundestag. The
German unemployment rate is increasing and government
reforms are highly unpopular. I think the increasing
pessimism in the public about the state of the economy
will give the NPD/DVU more votes. However, the most
effective way to oppose these far-right groups is not
through left-wing violence. The federal and state
governments should work actively to improve the
economical condition of Germany and initiate more
actions for multicultural harmony. The NPD/DVU hate of
non-Germans is a tragic result of an ignorant
ideology. -- Atilla A. Iftikhar

It may come as a shock but in a true democracy even
unpopular speech is protected.  If only "correct"
speech is free then you do not have freedom of speech.
One would think this principle would by now be
fundamental in a free society. -- JL Ronish

NPD should not be banned yet, however if their policy
and rhetoric worsen then the party should be banned
from all states. It is possible they will encourage
more hate and even violence against people they
consider "un-patriotic". Such intimidations could lead
to physical assaults by NPD supporters which cannot be
tolerated by the government. The neo-Nazis and other
extremists propagating hate and violence should not be
tolerated by the society. Unfortunately, it seems
considerable supporters in the former East enjoy such
political parties. -- Atilla A Iftikhar

I've just returned from Iraq. The US, my country,
claims it is building democracy there. Is this
conceivable? People point to Germany and Japan as
successes. Does Germany have a democracy? A year or
two ago your Parliament expelled a Syrian member for
comparing Israelis to Nazis in treatment of subject
peoples. Now this NPD speaker in the Saxony parliament
has his microphone turned off for calling the bombing
of Dresden mass-murder by Anglo-American gangsters.
And his party is under banning threat. Is that
democracy? My theory of democracy is that it grows
from inside a community, indeed is the growth of
community as people learn to trust each other. Did the
"Allied" foster-fathers of the German nation only
delay Germany's development of democracy by imposing a
democratic constitution?  What do Germans think? --
Chris Rushlau

After reading the article, the only thing I can say is
that Silvana Koch-Merin, Markus Soeder, Michael Muller
and Christina Weiss will be out of work. At least a
new generation of politicians will take care of the
German interests, instead of somebody else's. The
construction of so many foreign memorials, with any
excuse, is appalling and a way to try to form the
wrong idea in the German people before the general
elections. Vielen Dank! -- Luis Iñarra

DW staff (jp) 



Chuck Baldwin:


Let's Hear It For "Doctor Control"
By Chuck Baldwin
April 15, 2005

My friend Derry Brownfield recently carried an article
in his newsletter written by Nathan Tabor for News It bears repeating.

"According to statistics provided by the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services, there is an
interesting correlation between accidental deaths
caused by guns and those caused by doctors. There are
700,000 physicians in the U.S. that cause 120,000
accidental deaths each year. Accidental death per
physician is 0.171 percent. There are 80 million gun
owners in the U.S. responsible for 1,500 accidental
gun deaths per year for a percentage of accidental
deaths per gun owner of 0.0000188. Doctors are 9,000
times more dangerous to the public health than gun

With such statistics, one would think that there would
be an avalanche of politicians and social commentators
clamoring for "doctor control." After all, since
public health and safety are the paramount issues
today, it stands to reason that this glaring loophole
must be corrected. Therefore, Congress should quickly
introduce strict "doctor control" laws to avert

So, where are our safety minded friends? Do they not
care that thousands of potential doctor deaths are
hanging in the balance? Where is their compassion and
sense of moral obligation?

Furthermore, should we not crack down on the doctor
manufacturers? After all, it is not just the doctor,
it is the doctor manufacturer that is equally
culpable. Therefore, we need to see serious
legislation that would allow medical schools to be
liable for any and all deaths caused by a doctor.

Beyond that, we need to affix stiff taxes on doctor
tools and equipment.  After all, when a doctor
inflicts harm, he is always "loaded" with "high
capacity" scalpels, needles, and electronic equipment.
Truly, no doctor needs more than 10 "rounds" of
medicine. Obviously, any cylinder which is capable of
greater capacity should be immediately banned!

Therefore, I am calling on all concerned citizens to
begin petitioning their respective members of
Congress. Tell them you want strict "doctor control"
laws implemented immediately! Tell them you especially
want Congress to do something about "assault doctors."
Those are doctors that pose no extra risk but look
menacing. They must be removed from hospitals and
clinics with all haste!

If we act quickly and decisively, we might be able to
save America from a terrible fate. Let's hear it for
"doctor control."

© Chuck Baldwin


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For Betrayal by Swiss Bank and Nazis, $21 Million
Eight days before Hitler annexed Austria in March
1938, at a time when much of the world shrugged at the
approach of Nazism, two prominent Jewish families in
Vienna raced to a Swiss bank. Coolly realistic about
the troubles facing them and determined to preserve
their ownership of one of the country's largest sugar
refineries, they set up a trust account to protect
their ownership.

The attempt quickly unraveled. Within months the bank
had violated the terms of the account, and the
business was "aryanized" - sold for a fraction of its
value to a Nazi sympathizer. In a letter dated Dec.
22, 1938, a bank officer provided an explanation as
blunt as it was chilling: "The situation has changed."

Yesterday, 67 years later, Edward R. Korman, a federal
judge in Brooklyn, approved a $21.8 million award to
surviving members of the two families, the Bloch-Bauer
and Pick families, which owned the sugar company with
other investors. The decision blamed the bank for the
families' losses, but did not name the bank.

The award is believed to be one of the largest in the
$50 billion restitution programs undertaken since
World War II. It is by far the largest award in a
claims process that is distributing $1.25 billion paid
by Swiss banks in 1998 to settle a vast class-action
suit. In that suit, the banks were accused of
violating the trust of their Holocaust-era depositors
to curry favor with the Nazis.

In a way, to the living descendents of those two
families and to a world where the number of surviving
victims of the Nazis and their collaborators is
dwindling, the huge award is more than that. It
provides a detailed trip back to a dark time, showing
exactly how the banks' actions helped the Nazis, how
lifetimes' achievements were lost in days, and how the
process was masked in the language of ledgers,
legalisms and banking.

Yesterday's ruling said the story of the Bloch-Bauers'
sugar company was an example of the Swiss banks'
"widespread betrayal" of their depositors during the
Holocaust. Quite a tale it is, one that includes
duplicity, a visit by the Gestapo, coercion, a sham
tax investigation and what the decision referred to as
the bank's "active participation in the confiscation"
of the sugar company by the Nazis.

"Having marketed themselves to the Jews of Europe as a
safe haven for their property," the decision said,
"Swiss banks repeatedly turned Jewish-owned property
over to Nazis in order to curry favor with them."

The 1998 settlement, in Brooklyn federal court,
followed a heated international debate about the role
of the Swiss banks during the Holocaust. The banks
said that they did not help the Nazis in the
widespread seizure of their depositors' assets and
that much of the evidence of what happened to
depositors' accounts was ambiguous.

Yesterday, Roger M. Witten, a lawyer for UBS and
Credit Suisse, said assertions of systematic
appropriation of the assets of Holocaust victims and
other wrongdoing by the Swiss banks had been rejected
by several commissions. "These allegations are false,"
he said.

Under the 1998 settlement, though, more than $250
million has been returned to more than 3,000 bank
depositors or their heirs by a claims tribunal set up
by Judge Korman. Until yesterday, the largest award
was one issued in 2002 for $5.9 million to the family
of a concert singer who was killed in a concentration
camp and left behind several large Swiss accounts.

Yesterday's award stems from a claim filed for the
extended Bloch-Bauer and Pick families, who are
related by marriage. Maria V. Altmann, who is now 89
and lives in Los Angeles, filed the claim in 2001 as a
member of the last generation of her family to come to
adulthood in Vienna.

Mrs. Altmann has been fighting for years to recover
hundreds of millions of dollars of property she says
was stolen after the Nazi annexation of Austria. Last
year, she won a decision from the United States
Supreme Court in a separate case that will permit her
to pursue a lawsuit against the Austrian government
for the return of six paintings by Gustav Klimt, the
Austrian Art Nouveau painter, that once belonged to
her uncle, Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer.

Mrs. Altmann said in a telephone interview that
yesterday's decision sounded like a crime novel in its
narrative of how the sugar company slipped from the
family's control. "I am shuddering," she said. "It is
unbelievable for me to grasp that there were people
doing such things, and especially a bank."

The narrative began, in a way, with Maria's gilded
wedding in Vienna in December 1937. "It was really the
last Jewish wedding in Vienna, before Hitler came and
everything changed," she said.

It was the Bloch-Bauers' last party, a gathering that
included those who ran or were heirs to the sugar
company. Maria's uncle, Ferdinand, ran the business.
He and his wife, Adele, long dead by then, had had no
children. Maria's father, Gustav, a lawyer, was
Ferdinand's brother. Maria had a sister and three
brothers. The Bloch-Bauers' partner in the sugar
business was a wealthy Vienna industrialist, Otto
Pick, whose daughter had married Maria's brother

The refinery was in the riverside town of Bruck,
outside Vienna. It supplied, the ruling said,
one-fifth of the country's sugar, the sweetener for,
among so many other things, Vienna's pastries. The
company was called Österreichische Zuckerindustrie, or
Austrian Sugar Industry. Its headquarters was on the
top floor of Ferdinand's expansive Vienna home.

Life changed quickly after the wedding: Maria's
husband, Fritz Altmann, was briefly held at the Dachau
concentration camp in 1938.

The families' March 1938 visit to the bank that
resulted in the trust account, the decision said, was
an obvious effort to shield the company from the
Nazis. The account gave the bank control over a block
of stock but said the company could be sold only if
the shareholders agreed unanimously.

But two days after the annexation of Austria,
according to the decision, the Gestapo went to the
sugar company's office and appointed a cashier, the
only employee who was a Nazi party member, to run the
business. That July, Maria's father died of cancer.

Maria's brother Leopold was arrested by the Gestapo
and held until he promised to turn over his
sugar-company stock. Nazi officials began a sham
criminal tax proceeding against the company that was
intended to depress the price that a Nazi purchaser
would have to pay.

Soon, the decision said, Swiss bank officials wrote
letters to family members, many of whom had fled
Austria. The bank officials described an offer for the
company made in Vienna by a Cologne businessman who
was a Nazi sympathizer. The letters, found in
archives, included an acknowledgement that the bank
had been unable to get unanimous agreement to a sale
as required by the trust. Some shareholders, a letter
said, "did not find the Vienna offer worthy of

But, the bank's December 1938 letter said, "we should
like to propose" that the trust agreement requiring
unanimous agreement to a sale be dissolved. "If we
have not received information to the contrary by 15
January 1939, we shall assume your approval."

The decision said the bank did not even wait for that
deadline. Soon, the Cologne businessman with Nazi ties
was the owner of the sugar refinery in Bruck.

The sale was illegal, the decision said, though it did
not explain why the bank violated its agreement. But
it did refer to a bank memorandum from that era that
seemed to lay out a framework for such cases. It was
uncovered in a 2002 report by a Swiss historical
commission that studied the banks' Holocaust-era

The memorandum, written in 1939, acknowledged that
there could be legal and moral objections to
transferring funds from a depositor's account when it
appeared that the withdrawal request was being made
under duress. But, the memorandum continued, that bank
still had "important interests in Germany, and should
avoid friction and unpleasantness whenever possible."

Mrs. Altmann and her husband ended up in Los Angeles.
Her brother Leopold and much of the rest of the family
went to Vancouver, British Columbia. Their mother,
Theresia, Gustav Bloch-Bauer's widow, died in
Vancouver in 1961.

In Canada, Leopold, with his wife's brother, a member
of the Pick family, began a business that is today one
of the world's largest lumber companies, Canfor
Corporation. Almost as soon as he arrived in Canada in
1938, Leopold changed the family's last name from
Bloch-Bauer to Bentley. "He made up his mind that this
was permanent," his son Peter Bentley, 75, and the
chairman of Canfor, said in an interview.

Leopold believed, Mr. Bentley said, that the
anglicized last name, selected from a telephone book,
would help in the family's adjustment to life far from
the Vienna they left in 1938.

Some of the family's history has been forgotten. But
recent scholarship and records uncovered in Mrs.
Altmann's legal battles show memories stretched across
generations of what some family members thought of as
the looting of the family in Vienna. A 2003 book on
the Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka, who, like Klimt,
was a friend of Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer's, included a
1941 letter from Ferdinand to Kokoschka. "They took
away everything from me," he wrote from Zurich, where
he was living alone.

"I am totally impoverished," he wrote, "and probably
will have to live very modestly for a few years, if
you can call this vegetation living." He died in
Zurich in 1945.

Mrs. Altmann's Los Angeles lawyer, E. Randol
Schoenberg, is a grandson of Arnold Schoenberg, the
Vienna-born composer, who was also a Jewish exile from
Nazism. In the scheme of the wrongs of the Holocaust,
he said after learning of yesterday's award, the theft
of a sugar refinery near Vienna long ago was a small

"But now, 70 years later," Mr. Schoenberg said, "this
is one of the few wrongs you can actually remedy."



For our German readers

Horst Mahler:


Wir werden zur Begrüßung von Ernst Zündel am

20. April 2005, um 14.00 Uhr,

vor der Justizvollzugsanstalt Mannheim,

Herzogenriedstraße 111, 68169 Mannheim, erscheinen.

On 20 April 2005 supporters of Adelaide Institute will
meet early evening at a Melbourne restaurant to
celebrate Ernst Zündel's life's work by joining Horst
Mahler's gathering of well-wishers outside Mannheim

We shall telephone Horst Mahler at the Mannheim
meeting and send our best wishes to those who are
gathered there to welcome Ernst Zündel - to let Ernst
know he is not alone in his struggle.

Anyone interested in attending the Australian meeting
please contact Fredrick Töben on Mobile: 0417088217.

If you are still worried about the date of this
meeting, that it happens to be Adolf Hitler's
Birthday, then don't be worried.  It is time for you
to lose your fear - Berührungsangst / fear of guilt by
association. The Nazi era is gone and will not be
repeated, but it is still being used to intimidate
those into silence who let themselves be intimidated
into silence!

It is time for us freely to move within our community,
without feeling the pressure from those who wish to
label us as 'hater', 'holocaust denier', 'antisemite',
'racist', 'neo-Nazi'.  Those who feel uncomfortable
about the 20 April as a suitable date for showing our
support for Ernst Zündel, don't feel uncomfortable -
liberate yourself from the fear of fear, something
Ernst Zündel did a long time ago.

The date of this meeting is a direct challenge to
those who hate German, and to German self-haters who
have been successfully re-educated. The real haters
are those who will label a Nazi  any German they don't

The taboo is broken!



Josef Kepka, Pavel Polak:

Vorwort zur tschechischen Ausgabe on Reinhold
Oberlerchers "Lehre vom Gemeinwesen"

Zustand der heutigen Welt beobachtend, kvnnen wir kaum
zufrieden sein [1]. Um die Erscheinungen und
Geschehnisse in der Welt begreifen und unsere Lage
verbessern zu kvnnen, wenden wir entweder eine alte
Theorie an, oder wir suchen eine neue Theorie, die wir
mit Hilfe unserer alten theoretisch-praktischen
Erkenntnisse anwenden. Dieser Proze_ geht nicht nur im
Geiste, sondern als Ganzes erst in der Realisierung
vor. Der Mensch kann sich bisweilen nur in der Natur
verwirklichen, die eine Natur vor, mit und in der
Zukunft ohne den Menschen sein kann [Lieber Herr
Polak,  Ihre Annahme einerseits eines sich in der
Natur verwirklichenden Menschen und andererseits einer
Natur vor und ohne den Menschen ist m.E. nicht
haltbar. "Der Mensch" ist im philosophischen Gespräch
- also als Denkbestimmung - gleichbedeutend mit
"erscheinender Begriff" (Begreifen). Die Natur ist nur
aus dem Begreifen für das Begreifen und nicht
selbständig gegen dieses. Eine Natur vor bzw. nach dem
Begreifen, also außerhalb des Begreifens - ist nicht
denkbar.  Dazu mag das Folgende als Erläuterung
dienen: [1] [.., diese Annahme [ einer selbständigen
Natur] ist ein Irrglauben, der eigentlich schon von
Kant mit der Entdeckung der apriorischen Kategorien
ausgeräumt worden ist. Er hat gezeigt, daß das
Universum Gegenstand der Erfahrung ist und als solche
erst durch das Wirken eben jener apriorischen
Denkbestimmungen denkbar (möglich) ist. Subjekt ist in
diesem Zusammenhang der Inbegriff  des Wirkens jener
apriorischen Bestimmungen, die in der "Apperzeption"
immer schon gegenwärtig, d.h. schöpferisch und nicht
nur abbildend tätig sind. Wird dieses Subjekt
hinweggedacht, verschwindet auch der Gedanke des
Universums, d.h. dieses ist dann für das Denken eine
Unmöglichkeit. Hegel hat in seiner Weise diese
Problematik in der Phänomenologie aufgegriffen und in
letztgültiger Weise sowohl den materialistischen als
auch den solipsistischen Standpunkt widerlegt. Die
Wahrheit, d.h. die für uns gültige Erkenntnis hat
ihren Sitz in der Beziehung der beiden als Subjekt und
Objekt Unterschiedenen (dazu Hegel W 3/82 ff.).
Beziehung ist aber nicht ohne die Bezogenen. Die
Wahrheit ist so eine Dreiheit (Triade) Das haben Sie
selbst doch sehr schön hier  am Anfang aufgezeigt:
"Geist und Materie sind einander bedingende und
wechselseitig durchdrungene Gegensätze in einer
kategorial differenten (Differenz sagt die Beziehung
aus) Art ihres Gegebenseins."

Dank der von der theoretischen Physik  erweiterten
Erfahrungswelt ist es jetzt auch materialistisch
geprägten Geistern möglich, den Materiekäfig zu
verlassen. Diesen geistigen Durchbruch haben Sie auch
treffend wie folgt aufgezeigt: "Nun kann man meiner
Analyse entgegenhalten, daß genau deshalb, weil die
physischen Sinne des Menschen begrenzt sind, die
Vernunft dieser Begrenzung nicht entkommen kann. Man
kann behaupten, daß sich diese immer nur mit dem
aus-ein-ander-setzen kann, was jene ihr vermitteln.
Dieses Argument verkennt die Bedeutung von Sprache. So
ist bereits Zeit nicht mehr sinnlich vermittelt,
sondern rekonstruktiv erschlossen. Noch klarer wird
dies am Beispiel der Mathematik. Wenn ein Mathematiker
eine Formel liest, welche Zusammenhänge etwa in der
fünfundzwanzigsten Dimension beschreibt und diese
deshalb versteht, weil er sie liest, dann ist dieses
Lesen jenseits der sinnlichen Vermittlung. Es gibt
also erkennbare Wirklichkeiten außerhalb der
Reichweite der Sinne." 

Was ist Sprache? Nach Hegel ist Sprache das Dasein des
Geistes als unmittelbaren Selbsts, sie ist das für
andere seiende Selbstbewußtsein, welches unmittelbar
als solches vorhanden und als dieses allgemein  ist .
Sie ist das sich von sich selbst abtrennende Selbst,
das als reines Ich=Ich sich gegenständlich wird, in
dieser Gegenständlichkeit sich ebenso als dieses
Selbst erhält, wie es unmittelbar mit den anderen
zusammenfließt und ihr Selbstbewußtsein ist; es
vernimmt ebenso sich als es von den anderen vernommen
wird, und das Vernehmen selbst ist eben das zum Selbst
gewordene Dasein (W 3/478 ff. und 490). Die
Emanzipation des Geistes von der Materie findet also
in der Wissenschaft von den materiellen Verhältnissen,
der Physik, selbst statt - und nur auf diesem Felde
kann die Phalanx der Geistzweifler geworfen werden. 

Man kann das Ganze der Vorstellung vielleicht so nahe
bringen: Der Gedanke der Einstein'schen
Relativitätstheorie ist doch der, daß in
Geschwindigkeit  zum Beobachtungsgegenstand  relativ
unterschiedene Inertialsysteme (Beobachter) der
Quellpunkt eines je eigenen Universum sind. Es gibt
danach unendlich viele Universa, von denen jedes für
sich und nicht auch für die anderen ist. Alle diese
Universa könnten nicht Inhalt eines kommunikablen
Aktes (Sprache) sein. In dieser Betrachtung ist kein
bestimmtes also auch kein objektives Universum
vorhanden, über das wir uns verständigen könnten,
sondern nur Chaos, also (nach John Welwood) 
"Kreativität überhaupt auf der Suche nach einer Form".
Der Versuch Einsteins,  vermittels der "absoluten"
Geschwindigkeit des Lichts ein absolutes
Inertialsystem zu konstruieren, muß wohl als
gescheitert angesehen werden.  Der Trugschluß der
Objektivität des einen Universums verdankt seine
Entstehung dem Umstand, daß in der Menschheit
daseiende Inertialsysteme nur in unendlich kleinen
Quanta von Raum und Zweit  voneinander abweichen, so
daß  ihnen der Beobachtungsgegenstand ein und dieselbe
Erscheinung zu sein scheint, über die sie sich
folglich auch sprachlich verständigen können, weil
deren Auflösungsvermögen die menschenrelativ unendlich
kleinen Unterschiede nicht zu erfassen vermag. Oder:
In einer Heliumatmosphäre hören wir Beethovens
Symphonien nur als häßliches Klingen. Die
Insich-Bewegung des Übertragungsmediums ist wegen des
geringeren Molekulargewichts des Heliumgases im
Vergleich zum "normalen" Luftgemisch wesentlich
schneller, so daß sich die Ton-Frequenzen entsprechend
noch oben verschieben. Das zeigt die Abhängigkeit
unserer sinnlichen Wahrnehmung von physikalischen
Maßverhältnissen, die in unserer Umwelt vorhanden
sind, in den denkbar unendlichen vielen Umwelten aber
anders beschaffenen sein mögen. Oder:     Für
Kinderaugen schlägt ein aus der aufrechten Lage in die
Waagerechte kippender Bleistift einen Bogen, während
ein altersgeschwächtes Auge nur noch den statischen
virtuellen Rechten Winkel sieht, aber nicht mehr die
Bewegung als solche. Wer traut sich angesichts dieser
Überlegungen und Beobachtungen noch von einem
"objektiven Universum" zu sprechen? HM]

Und aus einem anderen e-Brief an einen anderen

Wenn der Teilsatz: "Der Mensch ist also nicht
Nachbildner einer an sich bestehenden oder schon vor
der Schöpfung in Gott fertig vorhandenen   Ideenwelt
(Hegel) ..." so verstanden werden soll, daß Hegel
meine, der Mensch sei " Nachbildner  einer ... schon
vor der Schöpfung in Gott fertig vorhandenen Ideenwelt
..." wäre das eine unrichtige Wiedergabe Hegelscher
Gedanken. Hegels  Kerngedanke ist, daß Gott am Anfang
nur erst Geist an sich ist (die Eichel, aus der der
Baum erst noch hervorgehen muß). Der Geist ist nichts
anderes als das Not-wendige Hervorgehen seiner aus
sich selbst und die Anerkennung des Gewordenen als
sein Selbst. Mit diesem Gedanken ist zuallererst ihm
der Ausbruch aus dem Käfig der gotteslästerlichen
Religionen und die Darstellung der Würde des Menschen
gelungen: Der Mensch in seiner Qual  ist nicht länger
das Objekt göttlicher Schaulust sondern selbst
göttliches Subjekt.


Gott bedarf der Entwicklung in sich, um zu werden, was
er ist: Geist.

Die "anthropologische Wende" der Philosophie im 20.
Jahrhundert , die Sie erwähnen, ist bei Lichte besehen
nichts anderes als die Judaisierung des Deutschen
Idealismus. Warum sollte Alljuda sich nicht auch an
der Deutschen Philosophie vergangen haben?

Ihre Argumentation macht nur Sinn, wenn die
Voraussetzung der wechselbezüglichen Selbständigkeit
von Mensch und Gott - eine wesentlich Jüdische
Denkform - anerkannt ist. Aus Deutscher Sicht ist das
gerade nicht der Fall. Der Mensch ist in Gott und Gott
ist im Menschen - und nirgendwo sonst. Dabei sollten
Sie nicht übersehen, daß der Mensch  sowohl das ganze
Universum (die physikalische Welt) als auch der
objektive Geist (Staat, Kultur usw.)  ist.  Sie
brauchen nur einmal in Gedanken die
Umdrehungsgeschwindikeit  der Erde etwas zu
verringern. Sie  müßten dann zu dem Schluß kommen, daß
wir uns nicht mehr auf den Beinen halten könnten,
sondern bewegungslos an der Erdoberfläche kleben
würden, weil das uns bestimmende relative Gleichmaß
von Anziehung und Abstoßung zugunsten der Anziehung
verschoben wäre und wir "dafür nicht gebaut sind".
D.h. die kosmischen Maße sind die Maße des Menschen.
Oder denken Sie sich die Polizei und die Justiz weg:
würden wir dann nicht  im Elend leben und zugrunde
gehen, weil der vernünftige Wille (das Gesetz) , der
wir ja sind, keine Macht hätte?

Diese Klärung scheint mir von grundsätzlicher
Bedeutung zu sein. Von ihr könnte es abhängen, ob uns
der Eintritt in das Zeitalter des Geistes jetzt
gelingt oder nicht.


Horst Mahler













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