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John Paul The Pole & His Successor

                                                     An assesment by Gerry Frederics,


Why would perfectly sane people send millions of dollars to a charity, merely because an ancient and very ugly nun had her name plastered all over it? Well, Mother Teresa's charity collected untold millions, practically all of which disappeared without ever reaching the poverty stricken Hindus for whom the dollars were intended. There were donations in the hundreds-of-thousands of Dollars (per donation!), so many in fact, that some went unacknowledged! The young nuns and volunteers who were working for Mother Teresa were kept on starvation rations working 60 hour weeks and told to make do. Furthermore, without even a feeble attempt at justification, the Vatican elevated this old embezzler to ''Saint'' status. To add insult to injury, they awarded her the Nobel Prize, worth obscene amounts, money which also disappeared into the black hole known as the Vatican Bank. And rather than to get furious at these revelations, people get furious at the man who tells them and keep on contributing!



---------------------- and I could go on and on about the examples of insanity which rule our lives. So what does any of this have to do with the Pope? Well, the catholic faith and its head qualify as personifying insanity as will become clear as we go on.


The Pope is head of one of the many cults mankind has dreamed up to explain that which man couldn't understand. When thinking of the Hindus who pray to cows, or actually believe rats, cockroaches, or houseflies are re-incarnated people then Christianity is almost a paragon of enlightenment. But not so fast-------


The madness, the underlying sexual obsessions inherent in Christianity are enough to make one doubt anyone's mental health who professes to be Christian. Catholic Christianity is the child of Judaism, a cult filled with incredible brutality, blood lust, cruelty, pedophilia and hate and disdain for the entire non-Jewish world. Reading The Old Testament is like reading a Kafkaesque version of Dante's Inferno.  A father like Judaism cannot possibly have a healthy child.


Christianity is a powerful force in the world and he who has the pope as his friend, is politically well set. In ages past, the pope made and broke emperors and kings as easily as Jew Anna Pauker broke anyone who had displeased her in wartime Rumania. Her favorite way was to personally crush her victims penis and testicles with a hammer. The ancient popes were rather more elegant and subtle, even if equally brutal. In the Vatican Museum is a ring which looks as if it were a huge diamond. In reality the stone is hollow as is the ring itself. The Pope would fill the hollow diamond with poison, so when he shook someone's hand, a little pin at the bottom of the ring would penetrate the skin of the person ''honored'' and the unfortunate one would die forthwith. Another of the ancient pope-tricks was to invite a highly placed person who had become ''uncomfortable'' to lunch.

After consuming the salad, the guest would drop dead in agony while God's representative on earth looked on, pleased with his handiwork.


A lot has been written about the impossibilities in Christianity, such as the virgin birth, the resurrection, turning water into wine, making a dead lake teem with fish in an instant etc., but that's chicken-feed in comparison to the immorality which plagues this particular sect. To get an idea of what I mean, consider the following.


According to Catholic dogma, here is the ''Holy Family'' priests and innocent, ignorant people alike look to for redemption. If the following wouldn't be so tragic, it would actually be funny:


1.      Saint Anna is a) the grandmother of God,

                              b) mother of  Saint Mary and 

                              c) mother-in-law of the Holy Ghost.

2.      Saint Mary is a) the daughter of God;

                              b) the daughter of Saint Anna;

                              c) the wife of God;

                              d) the daughter of a combination of the Holy Ghost, God and Jesus;

                              e) mother of Jesus;

                              f) sister of the Holy Ghost;

                              g) fiancee of the Holy Ghost;

                              h) wife of the Holy Ghost;

                              I) the confidante of The Holy Ghost, God and Jesus;

j) the manifestation of The Holy Ghost, God and Jesus;

k) substantially one with The Holy Ghost, God and Jesus;

l) the fourth person of The Holy Ghost, God and Jesus (the Holy Trinity)

God -------- is a) the father of the Jesus;

                             b) father of Saint Mary;

                             c) husband of Saint Mary;

      Jesus------- is a) the son of God;

                             b) the son of Saint Mary.

3.      The Pope - is a) the representative of Jesus on earth;

                             b) God on earth;

                             c) Vice-God;

                             d) he knows all of God's mysteries;

                             e) he speaks on familiar terms with Jesus;

                             f) he opens heaven;

                             g) he is the son of God and he is ever-present all over the world.


No, no --- I am not making this up. No sane, healthy, normal human being could possibly make this up. This is Catholic dogma to this very day and the new Pope Benedict believes it as fervently as the late Pope John Paul The Pole who venerated especially Holy Mary.





Holy Mary, Pope John Paul The Pole's obsession and her story;


        According to traditional official catholic dogma, she had sexual relations with her entire family, including her father, her son, the Holy Ghost (sort of an uncle for lack of a better explanation). Now, this has to be the ultimate incestuous family of all time.

        According to any healthy human being, this ''family'' belongs into an asylum for the criminally insane. And you thought Hindus were confused praying to cockroaches or cows. Frankly, I'd rather be a Hindu. As a Hindu, you have the freedom to chose your dogma - whether it be the belief that cows and flies are holy, or some other belief, such as the one which has the Swastika as its holy symbol. I can fully understand the late Savitri Devi.


The man who wrote the definitive book on Catholicism was Dr. Panizza, a German physician from Munich, who spent 6 years in prison for telling the truth about the catholic faith back in 1894. '' Der Papst und seine Dunkelmaenner'' (''The Pope And His Hoodlums'') was printed only a very short time and then prohibited. It appeared again during the 3rd. Reich ( Nordland Verlag, Berlin) and is prohibited again today. Incidentally, there are far more books, movies, pamphlets etc. prohibited in today's ''democracies'', than there ever were in Hitler Germany. I suppose that is the democratic idea of  ''Free Speech''. You see, if these scoundrels would have nothing to hide, they wouldn't prohibit anything, but since the politically correct all trace their ideological roots back to the Jew Karl Marx, prohibition and intolerance to an extreme is the only answer they have. Joseph Stalin once stated; '' Ideas are more dangerous than guns. We don't allow the people to own guns. Why would we allow them to have ideas?''


These amoral activities of the ''Holy Family'', were one of the reasons priests didn't want the believers to read the bible. Another reason as that since priests were the only ones who could read the scriptures, they held a special kind of power over the ignorant masses - in short it as sort of a job-security. Martin Luther, being an honest German and pre-disposed to integrity and decency was the one who translated the scriptures so that ordinary people could read it. While doing so, he also organized the German language and created what is known today as High German. That was one of he main reasons Martin Luther was marked by the pope to be murdered. He hid out on the Wartburg, a magnificent castle near Eisenach in Saxony and escaped assassination, only to cause more ''mischief'' by translating the blood-soaked Talmud, thereby giving to the world the tools to defend itself against religiously insane cults.


That the world has largely ignored these gifts frankly says more about our fellow human beings than I care to know. It is my considered opinion, had Martin Luther lived today, he would never have been a Christian.


There's nothing to be done about the pitiful masses who howl like mad animals when viewing a pervert like a pope, a man who in all probability spent his youth fornicating with little boys and doesn't do so anymore solely due to his age.


It is said that at least 50% of all theological students are homosexuals. This seems to be an understatement according to the 2004 homosexual scandal at a prestigious Austrian seminary. This scandal was so huge, so all-inclusive that it seemed to spell the doom of the Archbishop involved. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. The brazenly homosexual students of theology were protected by Pope John Paul The Pole and the seminary is operating as a training ground for homosexual pedophiles today,  totally unmolested just as before. 


There are misguided people who sincerely believe all the things I've mentioned are either aberrations of the past or simply untrue and to those I say -- NO, they are neither aberrations, nor are they untrue. They have been documented in meticulous detail. These dogma and perversions  have been unchanged for over 1700 years and today in 2005 there is a new pope who not only champions exactly these beliefs, but protects pedophile homosexuals leaving them to prey on altar boys, a seemingly time-honored past time for those wearing black robes.


There is of course nothing to be done about the insanity of Christianity, since it is solidly established and represents an entity exceeded in raw power only by its father, voodoo- Judaism, which is in the process of destroying all things of value. So we must deal with the situation as it presents itself to us.


We must never forget, that the more improbable a belief, the more sanctimonious, the more cynical and contemptuous of people in general, the more its adherents will defend it, since people apparently love a liar. There's an old German proverb; ''The World Wants To Be Lied To'' and sadly it seems to be so.


The late pope had a historic opportunity unlike any other in history and failed to act upon it. He, a Pole, had the uniquely beautiful chance to heal the terrible rift between Germany and Poland, to productively intervene in Ireland's interminable religious war and to come to grips with the degenerating practice of homosexuality and pedophilia, of which his church is and always has been a haven. He also failed in his condemnation of 'abortion on demand' because of his dogmatic inflexibility, in his insistence on priestly celibacy and in his treatment of women as second-class believers by barring them from any meaningful role in his church.  


He failed spectacularly in all areas. Despite his having a dogmatic, narrow-minded, spiteful, inquisitional  German (the present pope Benedict) as his right-hand man and adviser, he did what no pope had ever done - he invited the Jew into the cathedral. This is akin to a medical doctor injecting the aids virus into a patient on purpose. The welcome mat he offered to the destructive hate-filled Jew is contrary to all of Jesus' teachings. ----------


---------- Of the few lucid passages in the Bible, the ones of utter condemnation of the Jew by Jesus surely rank amongst those, even non-Christians can heartily approve of.


I don't recall the Jew welcoming him into the synagogues and I have never heard of a synagogue musician playing Bach's magnificent music at a Jew-religious function. Even though Bach wrote for the Protestant faith and was inspired by Christ's teachings, his music so magnificent, so all-powerful and spiritual, that it fits into any religious context, as well as outside of any of them. Bach represents universal truth, decency and honor expressed in musical terms. But I have seen a rabbi blowing his rams horn in the national Cathedral of Santiago de Chile, a largely catholic country - pure voodoo. All we need now is an orthodox rabbi screeching the Kol Nidre and shaking a chicken over his head in front of the magnificent altar at St. Peters Basilica. I suppose that's next. Pope John Paul The Pole failed to grasp the simple truism that one can't make friends with people who are religiously obligated  to destroy you.


He spoke magnanimously about reaching out the hand of friendship, while for over 25 years running rough shod over Germany's catholic population in a shameful display of polish chauvinism.


He apologized to one and all for the injustices meted out by his church over the past 2000 years, but failed pointedly, to apologize for the terrible, unequaled injustices committed by the polish clergy against the German minority not only between 1920 and 1939 but after the war, when ancient German territories were literally stolen by Poland and the unarmed helpless German population which had civilized these lands and lived there for about 1000 years were given 20 minutes to leave their homesteads, farms and belongings. Innumerable millions were murdered, raped and butchered by the Poles under the direct supervision of the Polish clergy in conjunction with numerous Jews. Jews furnished the interrogators, torturers, concentration camp guards and the massive Polish Secret Service after 1945. The Pope pointedly ignored these horrors, horrors far exceeding anything which happened to his dear friends, the circumcised monsters with their skull caps.


        Between 1919 and 1939 upward of 50.000 ethnic Germans were murdered in Poland.

According to the last Pope, this never happened even though the record is absolutely clear and massive proof of these crimes exist to this day, safely locked away.


        Poland's Marshall Pilsudski stopped anti-German terror and did his level best to come to an understanding with Hitler, something in which he nearly succeeded.

According to the last Pope, this monumental human rights effort on Marshall Pilsudski's part wasn't even  worthy of mentioning.


        After Marshall Pilsudski's death in 1936, England egged Poland on to more and more violent excesses against the Germans, including torture-murder.

According to the last Pope that never happened either, even though the record is absolutely clear and unmistakable.



        The ethnic Germans who had lived there for centuries (the Polish state had not existed for centuries but had been part of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires) were prohibited from;

         speaking their language,

        teaching their children their mother tongue,

        printing books or newspapers in German,

        holding church services in the German language and

        using German names.

According to the pope, that never happened, even though the historic record is crystal-clear. The human rights abuses heaped on the German minority in Poland between 1919 and 1939 has no equal in modern history. Well, not quite, because the Czechs outdid even the Poles in heinous acts of torture, murder and ever kind of horror imaginable.


        In the month of August 1939 alone about 2000 ethnic Germans were murdered in Poland.

According to he last Pope, that never happened either.


        When Hitler Germany had been driven to the absolute outer limits of endurance by Poland's continued criminal activities, they attacked to put an end to these horrors. The Polish press had clamored for war since the beginning of 1939, loudly proclaiming their army was going to annihilate the Wehrmacht. The murders which happened after German intervention  (Sept. '39) defy description and have gone down in history as ''The Bloody Sunday of Bromberg'' (even though you won't find them in your local library-history books). The murders usually were committed in ways to torture the victim and to make his or her death throes last a long time. They included the gauging out of he eyes, castration and shooting through the lung in order to bleed the victim to death, frequently in front of his wife or mother, who were then prevented from helping their loved ones by armed Poles. There were cases of pregnant German women who had their bellies sliced open and were left to die in horrible agony, while the Polish population, INCLUDING women, watched and jeered. The documentation of the legal-forensic-medical examinations is in depth and all-inclusive. It exists safely locked away.

According to the last Pope these things never happened and he was supported in his monstrous lies by his right-hand man, the German Cardinal Rat-zinger, today's Pope Benedict.


        After the war, these horrors were repeated on a much larger scale, Poles streaming into German Silesia, Pomerania, West- and parts of East Prussia, were they were given free reign to plunder, rape, steal, murder and pillage at will. About 10.000000 (ten million) Germans were driven from their ancestral homes and robbed of everything, including the coats on their backs. About 3 million perished in the process.

According to the last Pope, that never happened either.


        Ancient German cities, magnificent in every respect and far more beautiful than most cities in the world, were renamed with Polish names. The street names were polonized.

        Those houses which had survived the war and which bore their German owners names, had the names polonized, so that today all traces of anything German have disappeared. This is so outrageous, so unfair, unjust, so heinous as to defy description.

According to the last Pope, that didn't happen either.




Thusly, the last pope proved himself to be a history gangster, thief and liar, when he ''negotiated'' an agreement with traitorous German priests, denying any atrocities had ever taken place, no lands and properties were stolen, no discrimination against the ethnic Germans was ever practiced etc. Such a man is not a moral authority by any means, but a liar and scoundrel on a singularly evil scale.


A man is that which he represents, which he does, not that which he claims to be. Therefore, according to the Pope's actions vis-a-vis Germany, he was the satanic.


He lied massively, he twisted undeniable historical facts to favor Poland, a country which has distinguished itself by taking magnificent German farm lands and working them into the ground, German factories and ruining them, German cities the likes of which any land on earth would do anything to possess and has turned them into sewers.


The late Pope was a close friend of Lech Walesa, who without any provocation whatsoever, called for the eradication of Germany in a 1990 Dutch newspaper interview. I don't remember the Pope apologizing for his friends unbelievable remarks.


An organizations success is, amongst other things, measured by the size of its membership. Under the late Pope's tutelage, membership in the catholic church declined dramatically world wide and only increased in Africa. On the one hand, he ignores and runs roughshod over millions of faithful, on the other hand he welcomes the deadly Jew-virus into the inner circle. He preached orthodoxy while concurrently breaking every orthodox law his predecessors (incredibly, some were even good men) had laid down over the past 2000 years. This inconsistency was extreme and makes one wonder as to his mental state.


On the late Pope's watch, the bank of the Vatican was involved in massive financial scandals  involving the Sicilian Mafia and no doubt the Jewish Mafia as well, since it is they who in reality have the power. The Sicilians are good for the movies, sort of like the ''Nazis'' (and the movies are just about as untrue). The Pope failed to clean up the Vatican Banks mess and the bank is as shadowy today as it has always been.


Pedophile scandals of giant proportions broke in the US. The church had to pay hundreds of millions of Dollars and still the pedophiles are amongst the parish priests and are preying on the children of the brain-dead faithful.


Had the 'faithful' had any brains, integrity and honor, they would have stormed the Boston archdiocese and hanged Cardinal Lawler. Can you imagine the wake-up call to all pedophiles - a child-molesting Cardinal hanging from a tree?  As it is, the parents being Jew-corrupted, were bought off and Lawler is preying on children in Rome instead of Boston.  The Pope not only failed to address the problem, but rather protected the criminals, offering the Vatican as a save haven, like the Jews offer Israel as a safe haven for embezzlers from the former Soviet Union and elsewhere. 


The late Pope spent immense amounts of money traveling to ------------- Poland. I can't imagine anything more productive for he Pope to do, than to go the Krakow Cathedral, fan anti-German hatred in the Polish population, pray at Babi Yar knowing fully well that the story of the massacre is a hoax and praying at Auschwitz while being well aware of the massive dishonesty this place represents. This man was evil!


I don't remember the Pope paying homage to the German woodcarver Veit Stoss from Nuernberg who carved the magnificent altar piece in the cathedral at Krakow. Neither do I remember the Pope calling the archbishop of Krakow to account about the dishonesty in polinizing Stoss's name, ''forgetting'' he lived in Krakow when it as a German city and then only for two years.


I don't remember the Pope apologizing to us Germans for the animalistic destruction by catholic Poles of the German St. Francis cemetery in the Silesian city of Hindenburg. For all we know, he applauded the heinous act.


I don't recall the Pope expressing his appreciation of the German SS-Honor Guard at the grave of Polish President Pilsudsky, or the honor and respect shown polish generals during surrender  negotiations in 1939 and after the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. 


I don't recall the late Pope apologizing to the Germans for the fact that Polish literature (such as it is) is replete with incessant, hate filled  attacks and falsehoods about the German people and their relations with the Polish nation, this despite the Germans giving Poland architecture, modern agriculture, modern tables of organization, glass-blowing industries etc.. The Germans also paved the way to their nationhood and supported their desire for independence, freeing them from Russian domination in 1917.


I don't recall this Pope apologizing to the Germans for the stealing of German Protestant churches in Silesia and other parts of Polish occupied Eastern Germany during his reign during the 1990's.  For all I know, he encouraged such sacrilege.


The Pope spent tremendous effort and energy solidifying anti-German history falsehoods and lies, hatred of all things German and ''justifying'' polish atrocities so heinous, they make ones blood run cold. This man was evil!


The Pope instituted  unholy 'Holocaust Education' at catholic schools world-wide, knowing fully well, the Holocaust is the inventions of mentally disturbed criminal minds and no more than all other religions, namely without any foundation in fact or in truth. It is Horror-Science-Fiction at its worst, no more and no less. It  is used to blackmail and murder Germany and to make world Jewry untouchable, no matter how heinous and morally repugnant. He was Satan.


He had the chance to put things right, to make brothers, but instead he perpetuated the most horrendous defamation and character assassination any nation has ever had to endure. The Germans are forever forgiving and ready to say; ''Forgive and Forget'', but the Pope failed to take advantage of this good nature and perpetuated cross-border hatred. He went so far as to assist in the murder of the German soul and yes, he was satanic for only Satan could commit such crimes.


He never once traveled to tortured Ireland to mediate the age-old conflict there. He never even uttered a word about reconciliation, about friendship, about forgiving. He simply abandoned his flock to British perfidy and organized terror -- indeed, he was evil!


Instead he traveled in caviar-covered royal splendor to the poorest regions on earth and rather then to tell his flock to practice restraint, he encouraged them to breed, knowing fully well that these people lack the basic skills to feed themselves. He thereby condemned millions to a wretched life on the edge of starvation, famine and unimaginable misery -- in the name of God.


He traveled to Cuba to embrace a man who has damned the catholic faith and to dine in obscene luxury with the communist elite, while his flock on that pitiful island is near starvation. He DID NOT go to Washington D-C and demand publicly the US discontinue its heinous policy of starving the Cuban people to death via sanctions, oh no! Instead he lived in royal splendor in Havana performing his jew-catholic-voodoo for the misguided, oppressed masses who blindly worship at the altar of Satan.


Instead of using his position of immense power by openly and in unvarnished terms demanding the Washington D.C.-London-Tel Aviv axis cease and desist waging semi-nuclear war (depleted uranium shells) against practically unarmed dessert-dwellers, he couched his ''condemnation'' in polite, diplomatic language worthy of the most duplicitous, dishonest politician who plays both sides against the other - this man was evil incarnate.


Numerous Popes were removed by the people of Rome via force and subsequently hanged, dragged through the streets, urinated on and dumped into sewers. Where were the people of Rome this time?


Now what about his successor? It is by the company you keep, that you shall be known! - and the company the German Cardianl Rat-zinger kept has been less than stellar, his past has been less than decent or honorable, on the contrary.


According to the Ratzinger Fan Club web site from Canada, at 14 years of  age he deserted his post as a Hitler Youth Anti-aircraft gunnery helper. The perversion and utter lack of values of the catholic community is evidenced by that admission, an admission made in a proud tone of voice. PROUD to have been a coward, PROUD to have deserted his buddies who relied on each other in a life-and-death struggle against inhuman odds, PROUD to be a criminal, for desertion in any army during war time is a crime (as it should be), PROUD of an act, which is despicable. Rat-zinger proved on that fateful day that he is devoid of character to a spectacular degree. If Germany were as honorable as it once was before the English-speaking world murdered her soul, he would be sentenced to death in absentia by a military courts martial.


As Cardinal, Rat-zinger was the right hand man of Pope John Paul the Pole. He advised that cesspool in human form on all matters and that alone confirms his criminal nature.


He was the Pope's Inquisitor. He ran rough shod over any and all who didn't tow the official Vatican line. He ruthlessly destroyed careers. Had he been in his position during the times of the Inquisition, he would have been one of the sadistic priests who delighted in hanging women with a hook through their vagina or breasts for having been convicted of being witches due to their red hair. All in the name of God.


Rat-zinger  betrayed his buddies in battle - he betrayed his nation while at the Vatican - he says one thing and does the opposite. Yes, he's a good choice of Pope, one in a long line of criminals in a robe


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