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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 06:57:50 -0700
 Subject: Update on the planned Zundel demonstrations May 6


Update on the planned Zundel Demonstrations May 6 in the United States:

 Many of you have asked for additional information
 about how to contact groups or individuals who are willing to
 participate in the May 6 Zundel demonstration.  Unfortunately, I don't
 have such contact lists.  These demonstrations form spontaneously,
 which is politically expedient for reasons I don't care to explain. We
 are living in perilous times.

 However, there are many Freedom of Speech groups and
 organizations in your area.  They don't have to be revisionists.  For
 instance, I tried a Google search for "Freedom of Speech
organizations Boston" and got all kinds of useful links.  Try it and spend
 an hour getting links and contacts.

 Many of these organizations have news groups who might be willing to
 distribute our press releases.  Be prepared for rejections as well.

Be prepared to have abuse heaped on your efforts.
Verbal and written abuse is always a sign of where the demarcation
 lines are between those who cherish freedom of speech and those who
 either do not understand the nature of our struggle or who operate
 on the camouflaged censorship side.  Don't be discouraged.
We are up to our knees in an information war where we might find
allies where we least expect them.

 Also, please remember that if you cannot join an
 organized demonstration group, you can always call, fax, or write. 

Your voice will make a difference!

 What should you say when you contact German government officials?
Put your protest into the form of questions.

Ask if the following is true:

Is it true that the Embassy of Washington, D.C.
 participated in a coordinated kidnap ambush of Ernst Zundel?

 Is it true that an arrest warrant was sworn out
by the German government on the very day of the Zundel
deportation to Canada, even though the statutes of limitation on
 previous charges for "speech crimes" had expired?

 Is it true that Ernst Zundel has not yet been
charged by the German government, even though he has been in
 detention in a German prison for almost two months?.

 Is it true that his wife's letters are withheld - that as far as
she knows, not one of her personal letters have reached him?.

 Is it true that Germany, a so-called
 "democratic" country, has prosecuted tens of thousands of its own citizens
 for "speech crimes" with heavy fines and/or imprisonment?.

 Is it true that it is no longer safe to travel
 to Germany, even for non-German citizens?  (Mention the 1995
 arrest of the German-American author, Hans Schmidt).

 Is it true that there is an arrest warrant out
 for Dr. Ingrid Rimland, an American citizen, wife of Ernst
 Zundel, for a website on an American server she and she alone has owned
 and operated since 1994? Is it true that this arrest warrant is, in fact, Europe-wide?

 Tell the Ambassador/Consul that your letter is a
 formal, specific request for a reply that you want to make available
 to media.  (Be sure to send those replies to me for our archives!)

 Thank you very much!


Below are the addresses of Consulates in your area:

 San Francisco
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 1960 Jackson Street
 San Francisco, CA 94109
 Tel.: (415) 775-1061
Fax.: (415) 775-0187

 Los Angeles
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 6222 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500
 Los Angeles, CA 90048
 Tel.: (323) 930-2703
 Fax: (323) 930-2805
 E mail:

 Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 1330 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 1850
 Houston TX 77056
 Tel: 713- 627-7770
 Fax:  713-627-0506

 Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 100 North Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2200
 Miami, FL 33132-2381
 Tel. (305) 358-0290+  (with telephone information system)
 Fax (305) 358-0307+  (all matters)
 Fax (305) 373-9591+  (legal and consular department)
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 Marquis Two Tower, Suite 901
285 Peachtree Center Avenue, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1221
 Tel.: (404) 659-4760
 Fax: (404) 577-2719

 Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 Federal Republic of Germany
 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3200
 Chicago, IL 60611
 New telephone and fax number:
 Ph.: 312.202.0480
 fax: 312.202.0466

Washington, DC
 Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
 4645 Reservoir Road NW
Washington, DC, 20007-1998
 (202) 298-4000
 email (website form Q)

 New York
 Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 871, United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017
phone (212) 610-9700
 fax (212) 610-9702

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
 3 Copley Place, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02116
 Tel.: (617) 369-4900
 or (617) 369-4934 (operator)
 Fax: (617) 369-4940
Fax: (617) 369-4944 (Consular Department)

 If you need further information about directions etc., go to

If you have a website or an email list, please post and/or distribute far and wide!

Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 17:49:28 -0700
 Subject: *** Hungarians protest Zundel incarceration in Germany ***

 You see what kind of media a handful of protesters
can generate?  Get ready for a Zundel  Protest in your respective country ON MAY 6!


The protest took place in Budapest on Saturday 16th
of April as I mentioned earlier. Three different TV channels
reported on it on Saturday evening in the news and according to the
news reports the numbers of those who attended varied from 40 to 150
depending on which channel you were watching. One of the
 organizers was selling their newspaper and he has sold exactly 230 papers,
so it is not an exaggeration to estimate that the real number of
 attendance to be 250.

 On Monday three daily newspapers also reported on
 it, of course all the news reports and articles were negative calling
 them extremist right wing and neo-nazis.

A couple of days prior, the German ambassador stated
 that they would not accept the petition and they didn't even come
 out and talk or listen to what the protesters had to say. The
organizers therefore mailed the petition to them on Monday.

The police arrived in large force and protected the
embassy and with steel bar fences they surrounded the whole building.
 The protesters carried over 20 placards in Hungarian, German and
some in English, demanding freedom for Zundel and for dismantling the
 anti-free speech laws in Germany etc...

 The last three years the 16th of April has been
 officially announced  as The Holocaust Day, so therefore all over Budapest
 the Jewish community and established officials unveiled a new
 statue paying tribute to the so-called victims of the Holocaust.
 Government officials paled [paid?] their respects.

A couple of days prior to the protest one of the
chief rabbis of  Hungary was protesting to the police as to why they
 allowed this "anti-holocaust" protest to take place on Saturday
 and complaining that their followers cannot organize a counter
 protest because it is on a Saturday, their Holy day. The police however
 stated that they  would not allow a counter-protest for fear of
 fighting between the two groups.

 Throughout the whole protest there was no trouble,
 and the speakers  reflected on Zundel's life, his ongoing struggle and
 his imprisonment as well as the German Liberal dictatorship and its
 anti-free speech laws. They ended the protest by playing the German
 national anthem  and the Hungarian national anthem.

 Please click on the following link>
 for some pictures which are on a hostile Internet
 site which portrayed the protest in a negative light with a
 tone of  insignificance. I have been promised by the
 organizers that they will  give me their own pictures and when I receive them I
 will send it to  you. I am also attaching the text of the petition in

(Please note:  The German-language text to the
German Ambassador to
 the Chancellor of Germany will be posted shortly on
the Zundelsite at

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