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The Battle of the Wills


From: Walter Mueller
Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2005 12:05 PM

Dear Fellow Patriot!

This should be my last comment on the Zundel issue for a while.

It might actually anger some people, but I cannot help it - I have to tell the truth!

It seems that the deportation of Ernst Zundel generated more excitement than his actual kidnapping from the US to Canada. Or maybe it just is because it's a new step?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that suddenly everyone "is Spartacus" with one difference - no one wants to take Ernst Zundel's place. Too complicated? Let me explain:

Ever since Zundel's deportation, I found people propagandizing a friendship with Ernst Zundel who have done very little in the past. Let me pick on David Irving, who now carries the statement on the front page, that Zundel is "a friend of David Irving." Hurray, that suddenly some people found their friendship to Ernst Zundel again. Suddenly, many are shouting: "I'm Spartacus........," "No, I'm

Has the "celebrity status" of Ernst Zundel become different because of his deportation to Germany? Or is it that German revisionists and activists carry much more "credibility" than their counterpart in the U.S. and Canada? Surely, no one is coming for them to crucify them.

Latching on to a new headline! A new reason to raise funds. A new issue to get one's name into the paper.

Well, let the truth be known that the true Zundel friends who were never out for personal gain or fame, are still Dr. Fredrick Toben, Prof. Robert Faurisson and his sister, Harvey Taylor, Frank Schmidt and the nameless supporters who gave and gave and gave without
asking any questions.

Another truth is also, even though the IHR's Director Mark Weber was the spokesperson for the Zundels, he will have very little influence on the happenings in Germany. Nevertheless, a newfound partnership has today. Of course, others have latched on in order to get some press. Frankly, the Zundel issue was the only thing going for the Institute for Historical Review. The IHR has that Mark Weber is the Zundel expert. Let me remind you folks that I encouraged Mark Weber to write an exclusive essay on Zundel for the Community News special Zundel issue. Today, the essay "Who is Ernst Zundel, and why is he in jail" is being introduced as Mark Weber's
independent idea.

All this screaming "I am Spartacus" is quite dishonest. Because none of them would want to be

You want to see a true friend of Zundel, then stick with the Adelaide Institute, there is no hidden



Ernst Zündel - in Plain English

by Matt Engelman

5th February 2005

Ernst Zündel is not a well-known man. That is only because his story is excluded from the mainstream media. Otherwise, Ernst Zündel would be headline news – every day, and every hour. Zündel is personally confronting the ultimate enemy of all humankind: FALSEHOOD. It does not matter if the views of Mr Zündel seem extreme at first glance. It only MATTERS whether (or not) the evidence that Mr Zündel presents is VALID. As for Mr Zündel, who has been imprisoned and extradited for the CRIME of presenting convincing evidence about verifiable facts, it MATTERS that he should be released from custody and from his new political-prison in Mannheim, Germany.

The signature-point of Mr Zündel is that he denies the Holocaust – as presented by mainstream history. Under German law, denial of the Holocaust is a felony punishable by imprisonment. If you deny the official story, you get banged-up, like Mr Zündel, who was arrested in Canada, imprisoned without trial for years, and recently extradited to Germany for further political persecution. His only CRIME was to express his opinion, and back it up with facts and evidence. Under German law, he faces further charges (and potentially-endless imprisonment) if he chooses to DEFEND his case with further EVIDENCE of his opinions. You see: any EVIDENCE of the VALIDITY of his allegations constitutes an ADDITIONAL CRIME in Germany (through the EXPRESSION of such evidence), making it a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for Ernst Zündel to defend his case as a political prisoner (and an Orwellian example of detention for THOUGHT CRIME).

I have perused and I encourage readers to do the same. There is no hatred or bigotry on the website; or at least, not that I detected; look for yourself. His opponents, such as the Anti-Defamation League (the foremost practitioners of defamation in the world today), would disagree with me. Please go to the Zündel website; and decide for yourself. Personally, I think Mr Zündel ignores some highly-negative aspects of Nazi Germany – just as the USA population ignores the fact that the CURRENT USA PRESIDENT is the grandson of Prescott Bush – chief financier to Adolf Hitler, Fritz Thyssen, and Nazi Germany in general. We all learn things, and it takes years to uncover the truth, but the important thing is that we remain loyal to the TRUTH. Mr Zündel is doing that, in my opinion. I developed my opinion by READING what Mr Zündel has written.

Pay attention to the Zündel case, or ignore it at your peril. This is the biggest case on free-speech EVER. The Holocaust really happened, but the REAL REASONS and the REAL PERPETRATORS have been concealed. In my opinion, Mr Zündel has missed the boat on several core issues. But who has not; and who cares anyway? … THE MAN IS ENTITLED TO SPEAK WITHOUT IMPRISONMENT! That is the biggest issue. And Zündel also highlights the very-real Jewish ethnocentric control of global media – reinforced through their super-hyped Holocaust propaganda which Mr Zündel is entirely justified in exposing.

Consider the CRIME – which is exposing evidence. When exposing evidence is a crime, then the only good-citizens are liars.



From: Paul Fromm


Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 9:49 AM

Subject: German Free Speech Supporters Protest for Zundel & A Globe Photographer's Story

German Free Speech Supporters Protest for Zundel 

& A Globe Photographer's Story 

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

            Two fascinating items: First, I heard a fascinating story from a Globe and Mail photographer about the famous phto of a handcuffed Zundel is a government van soon after he’d been deported to Canada. Sceondly, it’s great to see German supporters of free speech rallying for Ernst Zundel. As we learn more about the specifics of his case, we can develop a strategy here in North America to continue the battle.

            We will not let Canada’s politicized legal system forget their shameful treatment of this gentle publisher.

The Canadian legal system -- legal, doesn't mean justice -- exposed itself this week at utterly corrupt and political.

Two years in solitary confinement, without a charge, is simply a wholesale violation of human rights. Mr. Zundel was punished for propagating the wrong views. The power of the Jewish supremacist lobby showed itself with naked clarity.

Pierre "The Assassin" Blais murdered Ernst Zundel's rights to a fair hearing and reasonable bail and made a mockery of Canada's national security. The CSIS Act -- and he ought to know, he was the boss of CSIS -- sets out clearly what a threat to national security is. It involves espionage, sabotage, sedition or acts of serious violence (arson, assassination, bombing) to further one's views. The Act makes it clear that non-violent dissent is NOT a threat to national security. Blais made unfashionable opinions and associating with unpopular people the new definition of a threat to national security. Blais stretched the definition of national security to what you'd expect in a totalitarian state. Any opposition to the government and their powerful backers is a threat to national security. That didn't used to be the way in Anglo-Saxon democracies ruled by Common Law.

I thank Mark Weber Director of the Institute for Historical Review for this timely report.


‘To protest the detention of Ernst Zundel in Germany, some 40-50 activists of the “Rhein-Neckar National Resistance Action Center” rallied on Wednesday, March 2, in the pedestrian shopping zone in central Mannheim. They distributed leaflets demanding freedom for Zundel and all other political prisoners, and the abolition of the laws that ban “Holocaust denial” and restrict free speech. The “National Resistance Action Center” ( ) pledges further actions for Zundel’s freedom. “

The Globe and Mail is doing a major article for its weekend insight section about where the deportation of Ernst Zundel leaves Canada’s free speech movement. The reporter is Christopher Sulgan and he’s interviewed a number of us activists. I had to correct him about such misnomers as “White Supremacist Movement” and “neo-Nazis.” I explained to him that these are smears and that “the White Supremacist Movement” is a figment of CSIS’s imagination. Responding to their political masters, they’re obsessed with “White Supremacist” conspiracies but wouldn’t know Osama bin Laden is he rode down Rideau Street on his camel. I added that no one I know calls himself a “White Supremacist”. It’s similar to Mao’s China. No one would call himself “a running dog of U.S. imperialism”, “a splittist” or a “comprador.” There were terms of abuse used in intra-party fighting. Most of us self-identify as populists, free speech supporters or immigration reformers. This will likely be a major article. Whether is will be another smear remains to be seen.

To illustrate the article, the Globe sent out ace photographer Louie Palu, an engaging  professional with a permanent five o-clock shadow. He had nearly been killed on recent assignments to Afghanistan and the Northwest Frontier province of Pakistan.  Mr. Palu  snapped the famous photo of Ernst Zundel is a government van soon after he’d been deported to Canada in February, 2003.

It’s clear from Palu’s story that the Canadian  Government had intended to railroad Mr. Zundel and were very uneasy about press photographers. Mr. Palu had been sent by the Globe to Fort Erie, Ontario as soon as it had been learned that Mr. Zundel was to be deported there the second time. The first time, the Canadian authorities had turned Mr. Zundel back. The only photographers were Mr. Palu from the Globe and a television crew from CTV, a company owned by the Globe’s owner Bell Media. Apparently, the assignment was too difficult or uninteresting for other media. The photographers camped outside the tiny immigration building in Fort Erie. The authorities were ratty  and rough. They threw the photographers and reporters out of the building an off government property. [So much for freedom of the press and the public’s right to know!] It was a cold February day and the media waited almost none hours in the cold outside the building. They knew Mr. Zundel was there, as an eagle eyed reporter could see him on a television monitor sitting in some sort of room.

The Globe reporter and photographer watched the back entrance and the CTV crew watched the front. After dark, the CTV saw Mr. Zundel being spirited into an unmarked white van. The Globe reporter driving and Mr. Paul in the passenger seat, camera cocked, gave chase. The distance down the Queen Elizabeth Highway from Fort Erie to the Niagara Region Detention Centre in Thorold takes about half an hour to cover at the speed limit. The white van tore off down rutted country roads, circling back and forth trying to lose the reporters. Why? What id they have to hide? At times, the government agents hit speeds of 140 km. Hey, doesn’t speed kill? The Ontario Provincial Police in Niagara Region, although drugs are rampant in the area, are fanatical about setting up speed trap gauntlets and raking in the revenue. Sadly, they weren’t out on one of their revenue raising raids that evening. After a nearly two hour chase, the van pulled up to the gates of the Niagara Region Detention Centre. It had to stop for the gates to be opened. Mr. Palu leaped from his car and could see Ernst Zundel waving  behind somewhat tinted windows. Manually putting his flash on full, he got to snap that famous picture of political prisoner Ernst Zundel, handcuffed and smiling in the van.

 Paul Fromm



. We still need your support. The Zundel case will continue in Germany. Please send contributions to help Ernst Zundel’s defence to  CAFÉ, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date.


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Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 1:49 PM
Subject: Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel Deported Secretly & Whisked by Chartered Plane to Germany


Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel Deported Secretly & Whisked by Chartered Plane to Germany


Dear Free Speech Supporter:


            Right to the end, the Canadian state has shown itself to be mean spirited and paranoid in its handling of political prisoner, pacifist publisher Ernst Zundel.  Co-counsel Chi-Kun Shi wrote early today: “Ernst was taken from Metro West this morning at 5 am. The person at Border Services, Mr. Gordon Morris, who was in charge of the deportation and said would advise us once Ernst had left is not available until March 3, 2005.” It should be noted that Morris had promised to advise Peter Lindsay and Ms Shi when Mr. Zundel was airborne. He must have had a two-day symposium at Tim Horton’s Donuts that prevented him from fulfilling even this minimal courtesy. His behaviour is typical of the poxy Canadian bureaucracy.


            Family members and lawyers are normally advised of the flight and time of a deportation. Once again, the Ottawa tyranny’s laughable obsession with “national security” intervened. What real national security concern was there? Did they really think Peter Lindsay would go berserk in the airport lounge and start beating passengers senseless with his briefcase. No, “security” had nothing to do with it, only the convenience of the human rights abusers who wouldn’t want witnesses or photographs of a political prisoner being loaded on to a plane.


            So, like a typical totalitarian state, the political prisoner was rousted from his bed before dawn and whisked to the airport where, apparently, he was flown in a chartered plane to Germany, and, then,  taken to Mannheim. We learned he had arrived about 10:00 p.m. German time.


            A number of civil libertarians are now expressing uneasiness about the secret trials and the summary deportation of a non-violent man, labeled as a terrorist. This concern should be treated with the utmost scorn. These shameless phonies have had nearly two years to get on board and join the fight against secret trials. Alan Borovoy, the big noise with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, was called many times by one of the Zundel lawyers. While in the office, he refused to take her calls.


            Chi-Kun Shi said today: “Ernst Zundel has become a mirror to look at ourselves and it’s not pretty. These secret trials are the real enemy to civil liberties.”


             Paul Fromm






Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 3:35 PM

Subject: Re: Ernst Zündel


Die ewigen Repressalien des Holocaust gegen die indigenen Völker.



Immer mehr Deutsche Patrioten werden dafür bestraft, daß sie sich gegen die Vernichtung nationaler Interessen durch anonyme Mächte wehren und dabei auf die juristische Tabuzone "Holocaust" und den jüdischen Verursacher stoßen.


Der Prozeß gegen Horst Mahler hat es gezeigt und der Prozeß gegen Ernst Zündel wird es belegen, daß jede Kritik an den kriminellen Praktiken von Parteien und Politiker gegen deren Hochverrat und Verfassungsbruch mit der "Faschismuskeule"

strafrechtlich geahndet wird, um die Holocaust-Religion zu schützen


Diese Politik wird durch eine Justiz realisiert, die die Leugnung des Holocaust mit schwersten Strafen ahndet und damit die eigentlichen Kriminellen in den BRD Regierungen schützt und ihre Organe der Fremdherrschaft des Holocaut legitimiert.


Diese Ursachen und Wirkungen des Holocaust bilden die Geschäftgrundlage des Zionismus, der den Antisemitismus bewußt verursacht, um sich vor Angriffen zu tarnen und von seiner Urheberschaft in aller Welt abzulenken.


Der Zionismus ist die extremste Form des Rassismus und  erfüllt genau die Kriterien, die die Judern den Nazis vorwerfen, nämlich, eine Rassenideologie zu vertreten, die einen Auserwähltheitsanspruch postuliert und realisiert.


Diese Debatte sollten wir gemeinsam mit den Kurden und mit anderen indigenen Völkern führen, die direkt und indirekt unter der zionistischen Tyrannei  leiden und an der Lösung des Problems interessiert sind.


Dieses indogermanische Brudervolk braucht unserer Unterstützung, doch brauchen auch wir die Unterstützung der Kurden, damit Deutschland und Europa seine Konflikte lösen klann.


Die Kurden haben ein natürliches Interesse daran, die Ursachen Ihrer Vertreibung zu überwinden und in ihre Heimat zurückzukehren. 


Daher scheint es mir sinnvoll zu sein, daß wir eine Allianz gründen und gemeinsam die Voraussetzungenb schaffen, damit

anatozistische Prinzip des Imperialismus und Kapitalismus gestoppt wird.



Bernhard Heldt

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