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So as to make it more transparent -demystify - what Ernst Zündel is going through during his

 Mannheim imprisonment, the following  is Fredrick Töben's account of his experience

- as told in his book at Chapters 7-9:

Where Truth Is No Defence, I Want To Break Free.


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View: Ernst Zündel: Modern-Day Galileo

Response to above article:
From: Biophilos
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 10:09 PM
Subject: Re: Ernst Zundel: Modern-Day Galileo

Unfortunately the goal is to send Mr Zundel to Israel to be persecuted, and even eventually put to death.

Do not expect the German Govt lackeys to stand up to the Zionist Lobby when the request for extradition comes. They will cave in as they always do ... National Honor is not an issue with these people. Their paychecks, retirement benefits, and positions are ... they suffer from a very ancient affliction of the psyche. JudeoPhobia.

The Root of this Engramatic Chain is Imagination, and the power to produce Fear by images and intimidation.

Sycophants are the sorts of people that never contribute to the history of a nation, nor add to its greatness. They are basically practical survivalists, and adopt to whomever is in power, human chameleons, so that they can as Christ put it,  benefit by " eating from the crumbs that fall from the " Masters" table" ...

They lessen themselves as human beings by giving in to compromises forced upon them poisoned with lies, and entangling lawyer brews of injustice.

They will never earn any Right to enter evolved arrangements but condemn themselves by unconscious and uninformed behavorial concessions and actions which insult the Laws of the Heavenly.

The Judge which acted as the " hatchet man" in the persecution trial of Zundel in Canada, Judge Blais, the " Inquisitor"  is a good example of such people.

He has condemned Mr Zundel unjustly, but the real loser is he himself...for he has condemned his soul by the observation of Heaven to a Kolasis of his own creation. Persecution of Innocence is not looked upon by the Heavenly lightly ..." verily they have their reward" ... and "judged" more harshly for the abuse of the power assigned them.

I am greatly grieved by the persecution of Mr Zundel, even though I do not know him, and probably would not agree on all his opinions or takes. But as a Hellenic Pysche ... I am enraged by the obvious abuse of the most precious gifts that all people have upon this Planet...the Right to Opinion ... the Right to research and knowledge, the right to communicate and dialogue. Any deprivation of these is what Thomas Jefferson called, " Tyranny of Mind" .

May God protect this man, and all like him , who has had the Courage to stand for what he believes, who has suffered so unjustly...thru the persecutions of OZ and the Juzis, and my Prayer is that  some German People, true patriots, will have the Courage to stand up for what is Right, will rally their strength and influence and petition for the release of Mr Zundel so that he can live out the rest of his life free from the persecutions and unjust inquisitions of rabid, and fanatical Zionists.

I pray that He will not be sent to Israel...


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