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Faurisson criticizes Zionist censorship in France, defends Zündel


From: Walter Mueller

I was surprised and angered at the beginning when the letter below arrived in my box. But, then I realized that it is actually a good thing. It shows once more that white supremacists eat their own. Anyway, who is Eric Thomson? Someone fill me in! His letter is ....., what the hell, judge for yourself:


Letter by Eric Thomson 12 March 2005

5 MAR O5. Dear [X]: Many thanks for your letter of FEB 27th & the outstanding enclosures! So Ernst was hustled out of Soviet Canuckistan just as I had warned him in 1976. How easy he made it for them. Now we shall see what "Ingrid" does. I predict that she will not go to Zionist Occupied Germany, where she, too, could be charged with thought-crime. If she is what I think she is, I think she will continue to write newsletters, using Ernst as her fund-raising vehicle, while using him as a stepladder on which to elevate her rather recent incarnation as a "pro-German" publicist. If you ever read her "anti-Nazi" book, Demon Doctor, you would wonder about her true loyalties. I was also kicked out of the USA, in 1969.

Ernst tripped over his own ego: "I am the Cause!" he declared before witnesses. In other words, Truth, Freedom & Justice were not the cause, just Ernst Zündel. That was the result of "Anne Burton's" Jewish brainwashing over the years, which he readily believed, to his cost. Ernst, the fool, somehow believed that he could exercise freedom of expression by having "Ingrid" send his message via Internet into Canada, while Ernst remained in Canada. I have attempted to inform people just how stupid such a plan was: Let's imagine that a man did not like the patrons of a rowdy bar, which he frequented, so he would write a letter, using his own name, telling the patrons just what he thought of them. He would not be seen writing the letter, but the postman would deliver it to the bar when he was on the premises. The bartender would read the letter out loud to the rowdy patron, who would then give the letter-writer a good thumping. If the letter-writer had been as stupid as Ernst, he would wonder why he was getting thumped! If I can be kicked out of the USA, ANYONE can be.

It takes no degree in rocket science to understand that one does what is legal in the place where it is legal, & not where it is illegal. When freedom of expression becomes illegal in the U.S.A., I shall cease and desist, but while it is still legal, I shall do my best to inform the ZOG's intended White victims. More I cannot do with the limited means at my disposal. Ernst claimed all along that he was using his thought-crime trials to build a movement which would be pro-White & anti-Zionist. At least, that's how he conned me & others. This movement was to consist of real people, not just paper, & real people included young activists, not geriatric financial donors. All that changed after he won his second Holohoax Trial & alienated his activist supporters. I saw him do it, & I am amazed that some people use hearsay & wishful thinking to deny my firsthand experience of the many years of our collaboration.

It is equally obvious that many White Australians, as well as Americans, still do not understand their genocidal deeds in World War I & II, on behalf of Communism & Zionism. As I wrote: On the road to the salvation of the White Race, there can be no detour around the crucifixion of the German people. Perhaps, as you say, the writers who tout National Socialism as "extremism" think they can fend off their Zionist masters from pursuing their anti-White policies by persecuting their critics & dissenters. As we know from Canadian experience, soft words do not preclude jewdicial persecution. It is also dubious that they can redefine "Christianity" to mean what pleases them, rather than that which pleases the enemies of the White Race. It has been done many times in history: Jews fight Jews in the name of "True Judaism" & Christians fight Christians in the name of "True Christianity." As I declared previously, it is time for the Whites to put their race first, instead of religion. When our house is on fire, it's time for a sprayer, not a prayer. First things should come first, so we must always ask, "Is it good for Whites?" Jewish religions are definitely NOT good for Whites, just as Marcus Eli Ravage boasted in his "Confessions of a Jew," back in 1928.

I see that "China-duh," formerly Canada, celebrates "The Year of the Rooster" on its stamps. The Yellow Peril has come home to roost in North America, & it's going to crap all over us, in due course. The status quo is just an illusion without racial substance, & Canada & the U.S.A. are only place-names under the Jew World Ordure. That is the reality with which we must deal. The sooner we recognize reality, the better, if we are to achieve anything on behalf of our racial survival on this planet. It seems to be a rule of behavior that the Jews con the Whites & the Whites con themselves: a lethal combination of criminality & cowardice, just as I saw in the former Rhodesia. Will this never change? There is no guarantee that it will, unless we, ourselves, have the will to survive as Whites. It is the old question, "to be or not to be," which we must answer, & I fear that most Whites have answered it in the negative, whether they know it or not. That is painfully apparent.

All the best, as always. ORION! – Eric



Hans Mohr:


Dear Walter you ask "who is Eric Thomson"?
Regards HM.
Eric Thomson was an American Army officer turned CIA/DOD contracted killer for US hits in third world countries. He did Army Intelligence grunt work, and coordinated low level "wet affairs" for a very substantially Jewish American run CIA. Sidney Gottlieb's MK Ultra CIA Mind Control Experiments, and many other controversial CIA projects were staffed almost exclusively by Jews, and this bothered Tom.

At that time, Eric resigned his US appointment in protest. At that time (almost all officially US sanctioned political murders in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa were contracted out to the Mossad to do the actual wet work) Eric apparently worked as a supervising caseworker for US orchestrated hits.

After leaving Intelligence work he served in Africa, South America and other countries as a soldier of fortune. Eric still keeps mobile (perhaps to stay a step ahead of the Mossad), but can apparently still be found in Washington State.

Despite lots of harassment and physical attacks, Eric still manages to get friends to post his ideas, and historical debates.
= = = = = =
The behavior of the "Wedgies", as described by the author, is exactly the same as that described of jews in The Old Testament. The origin of "Hebrew" is Habiru Sagaz or Desert Cutthroats. I do not believe that Whites are "the true Desert Cutthroats, i.e.Israelites". Neither Hebrew nor Aramaic, the language allegedly spoken by the legendary Jesus, are Indo-European languages.

I am a White man and truth exists, whether I happen to like it or not. Jesus' actual words, as taken from the King James Bible, which I have copied, suffice to tell me that Jesus has no message for me. Why should he? I am not an Israelite, nor, most likely, are you. Any way, that is my final word on Christianity, which I deem to be a racket, and which Dr. Oliver later concluded was the moral equivalent of AIDS in regard to White survival.

Harrell informed me that the obvious contradictions were purposely written into the Bible and the Koran, so that the believer would have to go to a priest or rabbi or mullah in order to have them "explained", for a fee, of course! The reason that Christianity was dumped in Arabia, where it originated, by most Arabs, is that its missionaries went west and incorporated lots of western pagan beliefs, such as sun worship and solstice celebrations like Yule and Easter.

The Myth of the Hanged God is also quite pagan, that is, pre-Christian, along with the goddess-like role of "The Mother of God'' or "The Queen of Heaven', alias The Virgin Mary. Even Dagon got his due in the form of the mitres worn by "Christian" popes and bishops. Christianity is "catholic" in that its holy hokum hucksters added 'something for everyone' to gain addled adherents. As Christianity went north and west, it became more Germanic. As it goes south, into Black Africa, it became more voodooistic. Arab Christians are 'purer' Christians, since they are more Semitic in their doctrines. Moslems tell me that Christians have a reputation for bathophobia: a fear of soap and water, similar to the Jews of Europe. A Moslem ritually washes his feet before entering a mosque, while Christians use "holy water" very sparingly.

As Christianity infected Rome, people stopped bathing. Church officials described lice as "pearls of God", similar to East European Jews who say they bring "good luck". Your argument is not with me, but with 99.99% of those who call themselves "Christians". That is where your labor lies. U.S. diplomat, Ralph Townsend, observed that the Christian missionaries in China could not present the Chinese with any sort of doctrinal or ritual unity, so the Chinese were rarely impressed by the religion, but by the THINGS the missionaries possessed, that the Chinese "rice-Christians" lacked.

As for paying hypocritical lip-service to piety, virtue and fairness, the Chinese are past masters of the art of pretty words without substance. "You velly good talkee!" was their compliment to the Christians' holy hucksters and messiah merchants. Christians have changed with the times, but Chinese have not.

In regard to racial features, slanted eyes have nothing to do with the color or lack thereof, of one's eyebrows. Whiteness of skin is insufficient to 'prove' that one is a true White, for I have seen pale-skinned, blond, blue-eyed specimens with otherwise negroid features. Remember Jimmy Carter? Even one non-White racial characteristic indicates mongrelization. Pro-White mongrels et al. are welcome to join The Anti-Zionist Alliance, but they would not qualify as members' of The White Power Movement.

I don't know that Hans Schmidt thinks of himself as a "big shot" in regard to knowledge. He has obviously done quite a lot of important research, and the sources he quotes in his cogent book, "End Times/End Games" are not items he dreamed up on his own.

I agree that those who claim to have "lots of jewish friends" bear watching, with great vigilance. As for "working together for goals", we must first agree on who we are, and what goals deserve our efforts. I see no such unity of identity or purpose. Hoffmann is immersing himself in Judaism to the extent that he may become a rabbi. Stay tuned!

The Yule season in retail business is the busiest time of year, so that is the worst time for me in regard to visiting, nor do I have transportation, and I must update my internal travel documents in order to use public transportation, thanks be to ZOG. My wishes to you for a Good Yule and Happy New Year must suffice.

As for 'living on love' to raise a family in a cash economy, let's get real. In my experience, those who engage in religious discussions are like those who discuss "the meaning of life" incessantly. As long as they discuss these things, they are not living. My religion is my lifework. It requires no wordy doctrines, nor multiple 'interpretations'. I despise Judaism in all its forms, so I do not wish to behave like a talmud yid in "shul".


From: Deon Masker

Sent: 13 March 2005 09:19


German Court Rules Neo-Nazi Band Is Criminal Group

Fri Mar 11,12:16 AMET



BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a neo-Nazi rock group that spread racial hatred was a criminal organization, upholding the first such judgment in the country against a music band.

The top court also upheld the three year and four month prison sentence against Landser lead singer Michael Regener.

A Berlin court had ruled in December 2003 that Regener, 39, had formed a criminal organization, incited racial hatred and spread Nazi propaganda in a case that set a legal precedent.

Prosecutions have often been brought against individuals under laws banning Nazi propaganda and promotion of racial hatred, but this was the first time a collective prosecution of this kind had been brought against a music group.

Thursday's Supreme Court ruling upheld the lower court's judgment, saying the group had acted together to produce and distribute right-wing, racist songs.

"Vietnamese were attacked in the most foul-mouthed manner," presiding judge Klaus Tolksdorf told the court, in reference to one of the band's songs which incited racist violence.

Two other group members had received suspended sentences of 21 and 22 months at the trial which lasted six months. They had accepted their convictions, but Regener appealed his.

Landser is an old German name that means soldier.


U.S. to Pay Hungarian Jews in 1945 Looting

By JOHN FILES, New York Times, 03/12/05

WASHINGTON, March 11 - The United States government and a group of Hungarian Jews have agreed to a $25.5 million settlement for the looting of the Hungarians' valuables by American soldiers during World War II, lawyers for the group said Friday.

Gideon Taylor, executive vice president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a New York City group that was involved in mediation between the sides, said the settlement was in part "a symbolic acknowledgement of an isolated and unfortunate chapter of the Americans' role in the Holocaust."

"But the acknowledgement matters," he added. "History matters."

The Justice Department said Friday that a settlement had been reached but declined to comment.

The details of the proposal are subject to approval by Patricia A. Seitz, a federal judge in the Southern District of Florida, who has been hearing the case in Miami. Judge Seitz scheduled a hearing for Thursday.

In December, the two sides decided in principle to settle a three-year-old lawsuit that had originally sought up to $10,000 each for as many as 30,000 Hungarian Jews and their survivors.

As part of the settlement arrangement, about $21 million will be given to social welfare groups to assist Jews "born before May 8, 1945, who lived in the 1944 borders of Hungary sometime between 1939 and 1945, who are in need."

The property involved, including gold, silver, paintings and furs, had been stolen from Jews, some of whom had been sent to internment and death camps by the Nazis. Near the close of the war, the property was loaded onto a train for Austria. Americans intercepted the train in May 1945 and moved its contents to a warehouse near Salzburg, Austria.

The items belonging to Hungarian Jews were appropriated by the United States Army and sold to soldiers, according to a 1999 report by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the United States. Two suitcases filled with gold dust disappeared, investigators found, and other property was stolen by soldiers.

The proposed settlement requires the government to declassify all the documents involved in the case and have them archived.


U.S. National - Reuters

$25.5 Mln Deal Reached Over Nazi 'Gold Train'

Fri Mar 11, 4:44 PM ET   U.S. National - Reuters

By Frances Kerry

MIAMI (Reuters) - The U.S. government reached a $25.5 million settlement Friday with Hungarian Holocaust survivors over a trainload of gold, artwork and other property seized by the U.S. Army near the end of World War II after it had been stolen by Nazis.

The proposed settlement, which will be used for social welfare programs for needy Hungarian victims of Nazi persecution rather than as compensation to individuals, was filed with U.S. District Court Judge Patricia Seitz in Miami.

Court papers filed by the plaintiffs in the suit, the first of its kind against the U.S. government over property theft by the Nazis, said the United States will also issue a statement of acknowledgment on the events surrounding the "Gold Train."

Decades after the event, and lacking an inventory, it would be hard and costly to assess personal loss and compensation, so most of the fund -- a minimum of $21 million -- would be used for social welfare programs, according to a memorandum to the court. Some of the money will also be used to fund an archival project on the Gold Train.

The U.S. Justice department issued a brief statement on the settlement but did not give details. Seitz will hold a hearing to approve the settlement next Thursday and final court approval would likely come in the fall of this year.

The trainload of goods stolen by the Nazis was seized by the U.S. Army in Austria in 1945 in the waning days of the war. The suit said the army falsely classified it as unidentifiable and enemy property, thus avoiding having to return the goods to their rightful owners.

The 24 boxcars were packed with gold, jewelry, art, clothing, Oriental rugs and other household goods and religious articles then valued at between $50 million and $200 million.

The items were widely dispersed -- requisitioned by U.S. military officers to furnish homes, sold in army commissaries or kept by military personnel as trinkets, according to government documents cited by the lawsuit.

The suit was filed in Miami in 2001 by Hungarian Jews living in the area and stalled amid efforts by the U.S. government to dismiss the case until last December when both sides announced they had agreed to settle.

Jewish organizations such as the World Jewish Conference and the Confederation of Holocaust Survivors in Hungary welcomed the settlement.


"It's a very historic day, people have been waiting for a very long time for this ... the sense of moral indignation that many people felt is going to be put to rest," said WJC governing board chairman Israel Singer, adding the case was less about money than about giving people closure.

Singer, who is also the president of the Claims Conference that has administered billions of dollars in compensation to Holocaust victims and survivors, stressed that he felt the United States played a heroic role in World War II and the train case was an isolated "irregularity" that could not compare with the crimes of the Holocaust.

The suit originally sought $10,000 in compensation per plaintiff. Many of the owners of the goods died in Nazi concentration camps during the war. Lawyers had estimated that between 30,000 and 50,000 people could benefit from a deal.

The plaintiffs' memorandum on the settlement made plain that the case was proving tough to pursue and the settlement represented a moral victory.

"The acknowledgment that the United States will issue and the archive the settlement will finance are vital nonmonetary terms that augment the monetary recovery, especially since this case is more about history than about money to most class members," it said.

The Claims Conference will make recommendations to the court on how the settlement is administered, said the body's vice-president, Gideon Taylor. Most of the survivors who will benefit from the social programs under the fund are from Israel, Hungary and the United States, he said.


California Must Pay Millions In Holocaust Case
By David Kravets
Associated Press Writer

SAN FRANCISCO -- Taxpayers are on the hook for what could be millions of dollars in legal fees owed to insurance companies that successfully challenged a state law requiring them to make public their overseas, Holocaust-era records.

The 19 companies and a trade group won their fight against the state law before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003; a federal appeals court ruled Thursday they were entitled to attorneys fees and costs.

Leslie Tick, a California Department of Insurance lawyer, estimated California might have to pay from $5 million to $10 million. She said the department was considering whether to appeal.

Thursday's decision from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturns a lower court ruling that the companies were not entitled to fees and costs because they prevailed before the high court on an issue that doesn't require the losing party to cover expenses.

The state law at the center of the case required companies that sold policies in Europe from 1920 to 1945, and which are now affiliated with insurance companies in California, to search their records for details of the old policies.

The information would go into a public registry to assist survivors in getting their policies paid. Companies that refused could lose their state licenses.

The Bush administration argued, and a divided Supreme Court agreed, the law amounted to unconstitutional meddling in foreign affairs by a state.

Afterward, the industry demanded fees and costs for a case that went to the Supreme Court and to the appeals court here three different times.

©1996-2005 Seattle Post-Intelligencer

United States agrees to pay $25.5 million to Holocaust victims in case over 'gold train'


MIAMI, March 11 — The federal government on Friday reached a $25.5 million settlement with the families of Hungarian Holocaust victims and will acknowledge the U.S. Army's role in commandeering a trainload of the families' treasures during World War II.

Under terms of the settlement, the money will be distributed to needy Hungarian Holocaust survivors rather those who lost family possessions.

''The case never really was about money alone. It was about having a reckoning with history,'' said Sam Dubbin, one of the families' lawyers. He called the agreement ''a great outcome.''

The Justice Department, which negotiated on behalf of the government, issued a statement saying it was ''very pleased to announce'' the settlement but said it would be inappropriate to add comment on a pending legal matter.

A commission appointed by then-President Clinton concluded in 1999 that high-ranking U.S. Army officers and troops plundered the train after it was intercepted on its way to Germany in May 1945 during the closing days of the war.

The train carried gold, jewels, 1,200 paintings, silver, china, porcelain, 3,000 Oriental carpets and other heirlooms seized from Jewish families by the Nazis. The cargo would be worth $45 million to $90 million in today's dollars.

About $21 million in funding for humanitarian services will be distributed to social service agencies worldwide based on the percentage of survivors, including 40 percent in Israel, 22 percent in Hungary, 21 percent in the United States and 7 percent in Canada.

Up to $3.85 million is proposed for legal fees and costs. A total of $500,000 would fund an archive on the so-called Nazi ''Gold Train'' for scholarly and educational uses.

''I can't say that I'm happy with the settlement, but I am happy that we have a closure,'' said David Mermelstein, one of the plaintiffs. Of the government, he said, ''I expect them to acknowledge that it was a mistake not to return the property to the rightful owners.''

The Bush administration was under bipartisan pressure to settle what was seen as a black mark on the U.S. record in World War II. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., were among 17 senators who urged a resolution in a letter last May.

''It's tremendously important for the government to acknowledge that these Holocaust survivors were defrauded and cheated,'' Specter said.  

Clinton said, ''While nothing can heal the wounds suffered by many of these survivors, I am grateful and relieved that our government is providing long overdue redress to these aging men and women.''


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