Thursday, March 17

Letter from Ernst to Ingrid


My temporary address:

 Ernst Zundel

 JVA – Mannheim

 D-68169 Mannheim

 Herzogenried Strasse 111


 March 4, 2005


My dear Ingrid –

I write to you in German, even though I know that you prefer and are  more fluent in English, but the judge has explained to me that  letters in foreign languages take longer until they are read by the  censors because there is a dearth of (in our case) English-language  prosecutors.  Germany is not a classical immigration country like Canada or America where you find foreign speaking people on every corner and in every walk of life.
 Also, dear Ingrid, try to write your letters in German.  You don't have to be embarrassed if you make mistakes because our destiny does not hinge on such mistakes except in cases of court documents.  In that case, send them to [our lead attorney] because the rules for correspondence are very, very strict.  Also, no inserts in letters!

 I don't want to have any mistakes happening because here we have different laws and habits.  Speaking of correspondence, Toronto was a dream compared to what is NOT allowed here - save your Priority Post missives until further notice.  Listen carefully to [the attorney's]  advice because I want to feel my way first [until I know what is allowed and what is not.]

Listen and read carefully, Ingrid!  (underlined)

If I understood the judge correctly, while I am still in  investigative detention, I am not allowed to telephone with anybody -  not even you or [my sister], or my boys. The kind of lively correspondence I enjoyed in Toronto is impossible here for the time  being.  Please, Ingrid, tell that to my siblings and friends, also  impress upon them to add nothing [no inserts] in their letters.  An exception are three [European] postage stamps for standard letters,  but no more.  Otherwise, they will get confiscated, and no one is  helped that way.

 Now you will want to know what happened to me since we talked for the  last time the evening before my departure.  A dramatic story that  fits perfectly into the snow storms of my dreams and into the movie  [you are working on].

 While I was still in the Detention Center in Toronto, everything  dissolved without a hitch, very efficiently, thanks to [one of] the  security chief[s] who fussed over me like my mother and treated me  with courtesy.  Even my pencils, big and little, colors and all, were  allowed to be taken out by Joe [a friend] and Paul Fromm.  Please  request them immediately via registered letter, as well as all those  torn envelopes and addresses from all corners of the world received  during the week preceding my departure.  I received correspondence  from Mongolia, Egypt, Tahiti, and even Reunion, a small island near  Madagascar.  The letter from Mongolia was from an international  businessman who described how he had done a program about my case in  Seoul, South Korea, where the business community hadn't heard about  it yet.

My being kicked out of Canada was not without its high points.  I had  spent the entire weekend with letters and calls saying good-bye.  I  called all attorneys from coast to coast, in Canada and in America - even our "hillbilly" attorney.  [Private joke!]  Be sure to thank him  again!  In case there are legal questions, have Anneliese [our  translator] take care of that because our cases in the US and Canada  will proceed as planned.  According to our attorneys, our chances are  still excellent there.

 I had not been told what time I would be picked up.  I worked  throughout most of the night and even had somebody wake me after only  two hours of sleep so I could continue writing letters.  I knew that  both Lufthansa and Air Canada were leaving about 19:00 p.m. and  therefore I assumed I still had time until noon.  Well, as my mother always said, we plan and God steers!

 At five o-clock in the morning there stood two uniformed guards in  front of my door to take me to the security chief for good-byes.  They kept hurrying me, but I wasn't ready!  Thereupon, several of my  guards who had taken care of my needs for these past two years  telephoned the chief and told him that I needed additional time - and  even helped me pack - and away we went to check out!

 The day before, of the captains had unleashed a rumor that I was  going to be deported back to the United States, which of course, I  did not believe, even though apparently the gullible ones did.  Only  at that point did I realize that something strange was going on - my  additional body guards were all in civilian clothes!

 Outside there raged a typical Canadian blizzard.  Only with  difficulty did we move along the road in several vehicles.  I was in  a mini-bus with three civilian-clad officials. When I saw that we  passed the regular airport and aimed for the government/ministers'  planes and charter/executive jets, even several Lear jets - the kind  the CIA uses to fly its victims to the torture chambers - I made a  weak joke to my RCMP companion:  "This looks as though we are talking  about an Arar-type rendition" - and at that point a big,  impressive-looking man, mid-fifties, informed me that for security  reasons the government had rented a two-turbo executive jet [?] for  the enormous sum of $50,000.  That's right!   You read right!  Including two pilots and a Purser [?] who was responsible for food,  drinks etc.

 Normally these smallish bomber-jets [?] , 35 seats, are in regional  service and have a Europe-wide reach.  For the convenience of  government executives there are built-in club-type swivel chairs,  more beautiful and convenient than first-class airline seats, with  two pull-out couches, a bar, television, DVD and CD players for  approximately 12 persons.

 The plane flew flawlessly, without any noise.  After two years, I had  my first real, heavenly coffee, lavish, magnificent food, everythin top notch, big fat strawberries, grapes as big as plums, all kinds of  southern fruit, chocolate, cakes, pies - it was just like  Schlaraffia!  The Chief of the Canadian Deportation Department, a Mr.  Morris, as well as Mr. Mitchell, and an RCMP official, Shawn, who had  accompanied me often on the way to court as Chief of my seven-head  body guards, were present.  The atmosphere was harmonious.  We had  fine conversations.  They all knew of my case.  I was known to them  since childhood, or they had learned of me in high school and at  university where my freedom of speech case was part of the  curriculum.  They had all heard of me and studied me - there was no  lack of conversation topics.  One of them mentioned that he would  tell his children and grandchildren that he was the one who had  accompanied me to Europe.

 We landed.  Mr. Morris thanked me that I had caused no trouble being  picked up and boarded, whereupon Shawn, the RCMP man, added that I  had told the judge I would leave Canada under my own steam, should  the government decide against me.  Awe all around!  Averted eyes and  uncomfortable silence!  I took that opportunity to make a little
speech, thanked them for their considerate treatment of me and shook  everybody's hand, holding their glance and giving them one last, firm  what you call the "Zundel Stare."

 Looking out of the window, I saw police cars and  "Bundesgrenzschutzautos" [?] blue lights flashing, encircling and  surrounding the jet from every which direction.  I was given a piece  of paper from the JVA Mannheim with the following:  Zündel, Ernst.  24.4.39.  Sex:  Male.  Religion:  None.  Family status:  Married.  

Nationality:  Germany.  Profession:  None. 

I tried to add,  "Professional Prisoner", but that was not accepted.  "Retired" didn't  count either.

I was arrested on the soil of the Frankfurter Airport on March 3,  2005 - one minute after midnight, one step removed from the airplane  ladder, again away from the main terminal, in the area where the  expensive executive planes are parked.  Off we went, with blue lights  flashing, to the immigration screening area which I already knew from  previous experience - with one exception:  most of the male and  female officials could have been my children or even grandchildren.  Through my decades-long activism on behalf of my homeland I have  become a part of living history.

There was much media attention.  Everywhere there was filming and  photographing.  Throughout, the officials conducted themselves  correctly - I would say even solicitously.  I spent my first night in  a cell at the Mannheim Police station, a building with a magnificent  entry and an enormously hefty wood and iron door, reminiscent of an  old German castle.  Generally, the architecture  wide-ranging and  you can easily infer which buildings were constructed before World  War I and even before the turn of the century, 1880-1910, to which  this prison belongs as well.  The style of architecture is very close  to my grammar school in the Black Forest, which was started 1898 and finished 1902.  I assume that this prison was built around that time.

The building itself is huge and massive, of sandstone, and so  precisely done in masonry that it is a joy to see such solid German  craftsmanship.  The roofs are of tiles.  Entryways are beautifully enhanced and decorated, as are door and window frames.  A feast for  the eye, which I enjoyed this morning during my one-hour walk in the  yard.  Prima!  Finally to be once again able to breathe fresh air  outside on a sidewalk framed on both sides with lawn!  A relief in  comparison to the cement and steel of the past two years - only it was bitterly cold!

A few pointers as to my accommodations.  My cell - here it is called  a "holding room" - is as large as it was in Toronto, with one  magnificent difference - the window can be opened wide!  I can really  air out my room!  Magnificent!  I have a white porcelain commode with  a plastic cover, like in a private German home.  I have a huge  porcelain sink.  Unfortunately only cold water.

There is a real  mirror, not the barely functional strip of stainless steel in the  shower in Toronto.  I have a real tooth brush with a real handle, I have regular soap, a wash cloth, towels on hooks, my own shaving kit,  even my own shaving soap (just like in my youth, I shave cold) and I  have a curtain enclosing my toilet.  It's not like in Toronto or the  USA where there was no privacy whatsoever.  Also, apparently there is  no peeping hole where one could be observed 24 hours a day like an  animal in a cage!   What I have seen so far here in the JVA - I would  say that the Americans and Canadians might take a lesson from the Germans!  I would think that it could get very hot in the summer, for  I have not seen any air conditioning; however, the walls are almost three feet thick  and ought to help to keep the place cool.  Fred  Leuchter was imprisoned here for four weeks and was extremely unhappy  because of the old condition of the building.  I must say that went  on my nerves even then, because old buildings are part of one's soil  and culture, and if one has to adjust a bit, I would say that is  preferable to the hodge-podge match box buildings of America or  Canada! 

As the police were taking me through the city, I observed easily more than one hundred different designs and styles architectural gems -  across doors, gates, windows and even corners.  Even different styles  in churches and an architecturally beautiful train station.  All that  is for diversion.

They have strange habits here about the food.  For breakfast you  don't get coffee, tea, bread - nothing.  All that is handed to you  the evening before.  Most of the prisoners have a little gadget to heat the water in a pot of stainless steel, about a pint in size.

Twice a month you can buy your own coffee and tea and, I assume,  condensed milk, and then you make your own breakfast.  Since there is  no refrigeration, it is reminiscent of my childhood and youth after  the war.  Even the closet that holds my clothes and the few food  items looks a  bit like the furniture I remember used by us poor  folks in those times.  Many spoiled city clickers might not like  that, but for me it adds a touch of nostalgia.

Lunch is interesting as well.  It is being served, again like in the  war, in stacked stainless steel containers that keep everything  nicely hot - my first hot meals in two years.  For supper we get wheat or multi-grain bread, cheese, sausage - unfortunately no greens.  However, in ten days I can go shopping.  I brought some Euros along;  they suffice for now;  and I read in the prison paper that one can buy carrots etc.
Regarding medical treatment:  I was told that I will get the same high blood pressure pills.  Regarding my periodontal problems, the prison doctor immediately prescribed the herbal products [I  wanted].
That means that within 16 hours I was given something that I could not get in two years in the US and Canada.  I was even allowed to take it with me to my cell.  That was a relief!

Fax this letter to my sons and siblings, Dr. F., Yvonne, Klaus, etc.  Save your time!  I think of you!  Steadfast in loyalty!
Ernst Zundel

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Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 7:13 AM
Subject: Zündel and Hitler

Dear Sir,

As far as I remember the booklet The Hitler We Loved and Why was written by Eric Thomson and not by Ernst Zündel, who distributed it: from this one may infer that Zündel merely approved the general content.

In other writings, in conversations or letters, I have noted that E. Zündel admires Hitler as he conceives of him in the same way that the Jews hate Hitler as they conceive of him.

When Jews claim that E. Zündel or Robert Faurisson or anyone whom they hate is a "Nazi" or an "antisemite", it is like calling that person a "criminal" or "someone who wants to kill the Jews".

Jews do not bring forth any evidence to show that we are "criminals" or that we "want to kill the Jews". In any event, there is no more evidence to that effect than to the effect that Hitler had a plan to kill the Jews or that he possessed weapons of mass destruction, such as execution gas chambers or execution gas vans, with which to kill the Jews. See, for example, how he killed Elie Wiesel or Primo Levi or Simone Veil in Auschwitz!

Therefore one may conclude that Jews use those words or mantras like weapons.

This shows that they HATE; it does not show that they THINK before speaking.

Best wishes,

Robert Faurisson,

17 March 2005

le 17/03/05 18:59, Andrew Mathis à a écrit :


Dear Prof. Faurisson:

Thank you for writing me back.

On David Irving's Web site, an essay by you about Ernst Zündel recently appeared. In it, you wrote, "Do not let yourselves be taken in by the obsessive use of words like 'Nazi' or 'anti-Semite'. These terms are used against him as easily and mechanically as stock insults. They are not born of any attempt at analysis."

I found this line of yours a bit hard to believe. Particularly if one reads the excerpt that I am appending below. I would ask that you read it and, if it pleases you, write me back with your thoughts on the topic.

Thank you in advance,

Andrew Mathis


Zundel's Creed

"The Hitler We Loved and Why" is the title of a 120-page (text and
photographs) soft-cover book co-authored by a certain Christof
Friedrich, who, of course, was none other than Ernst Zundel. The
journalist Mark Bonokoski blew Zundel's cover in a Toronto Sun column of April 19. 1978. showing that Zundel, using his middle names Christof Friedrich, had produced, with Eric Thomson, this panegyric work, published by White Power Publications, of Reedy, West Virginia.
White Power is headed by George Dietz, who is also the editor and
publisher of The Liberty Bell.

Zundel, in his interview with Bonokoski, neither confirmed nor denied that he was Christof Friedrich, but Dietz definitely told Bonokoski that Zundel and Friedrich were one and the same. Furthermore, on the day after Bonokoski's column appeared, Zundel openly admitted that he was Christof Friedrich in an interview with David Schatsky on CBC
radio.[94] In February 1977, The Liberty Bell reviewed "The Hitler We Loved and Why" as follows: "(Friedrich) leaves no doubt about it.
Hitler was well loved and loved in return, but this relationship
between the Leader and his people was not the gushy, sickly-sweet
effusion of an obese Jewish mother for her pimply, draft-dodging son.
This was Aryan love. Strong, steady and uplifting."[95] Hitler is
portrayed as a revered saint and holy man. a godly messiah who had
rescued Germany with the salvationist ideology of white supremacy.
Out of the rubble of a nation laid waste by the Jews, the Fuehrer
built an orderly, corruption-free, economically vibrant, and morally
pure society in which "our men were manly and our women feminine," and "nutrition came before profit; quality before quantity."[96]

Everyone was properly cared for in this Nazi utopia, including the
animals (even in wartime, it seems, there were ration cards for dogs
as well as people). The disabled, however, did not fare as well,
since Hitler devised a eugenic solution for them. Nor, according to
'Friedrich,' "were idiots, morons and imbeciles possible under
National Socialism, simply because such sorry specimens were not
allowed to reproduce."[97] Unashamedly, medical certificates of
fitness or unfitness for child-bearing in the Third Reich are
reproduced. "For... National Socialism is simply the application of
Nature's Laws to politics," and "Hitler, the artist and designer,
designed a society for loving human beings, not plastic dummies."[98]
Through this great struggle, the white Germanic messiah prevented
"the end of White Civilization."

Even in defeat, therefore, "we loved him because his spiritual
presence prevented our sufferings and sorrows from overwhelming
us."[99] Friedrich's book concludes on a lofty note. Today, Hitler's
spirit "soars beyond the shores of the White Man's home in Europe.
Wherever we are, he is with us. WE LOVE YOU. ADOLF HITLER!"

Hitler has transcended death. He is a type of risen German Christ, a
faith-figure in the eyes of his disciples. To have loved him in the
past is to love him in the present and future, since Hitler is the
same yesterday, today and forever. "The Hitler We Loved and Why" is Zundel's personal creed and a revelation of his soul. It provides us
with a spiritual clue to the inner man.

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Subject: Goethe - Antipathie der Völker gegen das jüdische Menschenbild

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Es ist die Antipathie der Völker gegen das jüdische Menschenbild, in der die Hochachtung den Widerwillen vermehrt, eigentlich nur mit einer anderen zu vergleichen: mit derjenigen gegen die Deutschen, deren Schicksalsrolle und innere wie äußere Stellung unter den Völkern die allerwunderlichste Verwandtschaft mit der jüdischen aufweist. Allein ich gestehe, daß mich zuweilen eine den Atem stocken lassende Angst überkommt, es möchte eines Tages der gebundene Welthaß gegen das andere Salz der Erde, das Deutschtum, in einem historischen Aufstand frei werden... Unseliges Volk, es wird nicht gut ausgehen mit ihm, denn es will sich selbst nicht verstehen, und jedes Mißverstehen seiner selbst erzeugt nicht nur die Schmähung allein, sondern erregt den Haß der Welt und bringt es in äußerste Gefahr. Was gilt es: Das Schicksal wird sie schlagen, weil sie sich selbst verrieten und nicht sein wollten, was sie sind."

(Gunnar Porikys zitiert  in seinem Beitrag ;Magische Weltsicht - der Goetheanist Karl Foerster" ["Sleipnir",Heft 34, 2001] Goethes Worte, die angeblich 1832 von F.W. Riemer aufgeschrieben wurden.   Die Fachleute streiten über deren Authentizität, aber Karl Foerster hielt sie für das echte ;Vermächtnis an das deutsche Volk")


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Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 10:44 PM
Subject: AW: Goethe - Antipathie der Völker gegen das jüdische Menschenbild

Lieber Herr Blankertz,


herzlichen Dank für die Darstellung des Zusammenhangs. So darf ich es wohl über meinen Verteiler gehen lassen. Das Goethe-Zitat habe ich dem  Essay „Die Deutschen – ein auserwähltes Volk“ von ANATOLIJ M. IWANOW, Mitherausgeber des Russischen Periodikums „Athenäum“, ( entnommen. Möglicherweise ist die Verkürzung der mehrfachen Übersetzung (vom Deutschen ins Russische und zurück) zuzuschreiben. Gunnar Porikys mag also ganz unschuldig sein.

Zu den „unsäglichen Nazis“ ist noch viel zu sagen. Über allem aber steht die Einsicht, daß man sich ein zu geschichtlichem Gestalten berufenes Volk nicht malen kann. Ota  Šik  hat während des Prager Frühlings auf das Paradox hingewiesen, daß Verwirklichung des Sozialismus den Neuen Menschen voraussetze, der doch selbst erst das „Produkt“ des Sozialismus sein könne.


Die Revolution macht sich mit den Menschen, die sie im Augenblick der Krise vorfindet. Diese ist aber gerade dadurch gekennzeichnet, daß sie einen stetig wachsenden Bodensatz verkommener Elemente hervorbringt. Deren Wesensmerkmal ist es, sich überall eindrängen und unter den „neuen Machthabern“ aufsteigen zu wollen. Der Weltgeist wird sich in seinem Gang derjenigen Personen als Führer bedienen, die sich nicht zu ekel sind, sich auf diese Lage einzulassen.


Um unserem Volke gerecht zu werden, sollte man vielleicht mehr auf die Person Adolf Hitlers als auf seine rauhbeinige und opportunistische Gefolgschaft sehen und bedenken, daß er „der Führer“ nur sein konnte als Verleiblichung des Deutschen Volksgeistes, also eines Gottes. Damit war er notwendig  Andachtspunkt für das in seinem Geist geeinte Volk. Die äußere Erscheinung war der Führerkult, der von Leni Riefenstahl, Albert Speer und Arno Breker meisterhaft inszeniert wurde. Der inneren Erscheinung  des daseienden  Gottes der Deutschen hat Rudolf Heß der Form nach in einer Rede vom 25. Juni 1938 das Wort  gegeben:


“Einer bleibt von aller Kritik stets ausgeschlossen – das ist der Führer. Das kommt daher, daß jeder fühlt und weiß: Er hatte immer recht, und er wird immer recht haben. In der kritiklosen Treue, in der Hingabe an den Führer, die nach dem Warum im Einzelfalle nicht fragt, in der stillschweigenden Ausführung seiner Befehle liegt unser aller Nationalsozialismus verankert. Wir glauben daran, daß der Führer einer höheren Berufung zur Gestaltung deutschen Schicksals folgt! An diesem Glauben gibt es keine Kritik.“ („Von der Revolution ...“ -  In: Heß,  Reden S. 25; hier zitiert nach Pätzold/Weißbecker, Rudolf Heß  - der Mann an Hitlers Seite“,  Militzke Verlag, Leipzig 2003, S. 122).


Der gottentwöhnte Mensch der Moderne findet das alles ganz schrecklich. Ihm fehlt gänzlich der Zugang zum Gottesgnadentum. Er fällt auf Erden  deshalb ewiger Verdammnis anheim, indem er sich mit dieser Haltung – wohl unbewußt – in die Söldnerdienste Alljudas begibt. Mit Blindheit geschlagen  - trägt er im Sturm die Angriffe gegen den Deutschen Volksgeist vor mit dem strategischen Ziel der Ablösung der Deutschen von ihrer Geschichte.  


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Horst Mahler


PS: Die erwähnte Dokumentation zu dem Gedicht Schillers "Deutsche Größe" war nicht angehängt.




Von: Rüdiger Blankertz []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 17. März 2005 23:52
An: Horst Mahler
Betreff: Re: Goethe - Antipathie der Völker gegen das jüdische Menschenbild

Lieber Herr Mahler,
ich halte es für meine Pflicht, Ihnen die korrekte Fassung der von Ihnen verbreiteten "Vermächtnis Goethes an das deutsche Volk" zuzustellen mit der Bitte um korrekte Zitierung.

Porikys hat - wie es scheint, ich habe diese Ausgabe des Sleipnir nicht vor mir - eine Light-Version ad usum populi aus zwei verschiedenen Wortlauten fabriziert.
Die Wortlaute Goethes sind mir u.a. aus einem Schreibmaschinenskript aus dem Nachlaß meiner Mutter bekannt, das aus dem Jahre 1936 stammt. Damals wurden diese Zitate als "Samisdat"-Rundbrief in Deutschland verteilt. Und zwar von denen, die doch und gerade trotz der unsäglichen Nazis (National-Zionisten) Deutsche sein und bleiben wollten. Mich haben diese Goethe-Worte an F.W. Riemer seit 1974 beschäftigt. Denn sie deuten in die Richtung dessen, was Sie neuerdings als eine Art "deutsche Apokalypse" hin und wieder anzudeuten belieben, in welcher Sie zudem eine Rolle zu spielen gedenken ...
Nun ja. Dazu ein andermal wieder mehr.
Mit guten Wünschen für Ihre Denk-Arbeit


Anbei eine Dokumentation zu dem Gedicht Schillers "Deutsche Größe".

Goethe zu Riemer ca. 1832 (handschriftlich verbreitet, als Zusammenfassung gekürzt enthalten in Riemers "Mitteiheilungen über Göthe")

Zitat 1
Es sei die Antipathie der Völker gegen das jüdische Menschenbild, in der die Hochachtung den Widerwillen vermehre, eigentlich nur mit einer anderen zu vergleichen, mit derjenigen gegen die Deutschen, deren Schicksalsrolle und innere wie äußere Stellung unter den Völkern die allerverwunderlichste  Verwandtschaft mit der jüdischen aufweise. Er wolle sich darüber nicht verbreiten, allein er gestehe, daß ihn zuweilen wie den Atem stocken lassende Angst überkomme, es möchte eines Tages der gebundene Welthaß gegen das andere Salz der Erde, das Deutschtum, in einem historischen Aufstande frei werden.

Zitat 2
So sollten’s die Deutschen halten, darin bin ich ihnen Bild und Vorbild: Weltempfangend, weltbeschenkend, die Herzen offen jeder fruchtbaren Bewunderung, groß durch Verstand und Liebe, durch Mittlertum und Geist – denn Mittlertum ist Geist. So sollten sie sein, darin liegt ihre Bestimmung, nicht aber als Originalnation sich zu verstocken, in abgeschmackter Selbstbetrachtung und Selbstverherrlichung sich zu verdummen und gar in Dummheit durch Dummheit zu herrschen über die Welt.
Unseliges Volk, es wird nicht gut ausgehen mit ihm, denn es will sich nicht selbst verstehen; und jedes Mißverstehen seiner selbst erregt den Haß der Welt und bringt es in äußerste Gefahr. – Was gilt’s, - das Schicksal wird sie schlagen, weil sie sich selbst verrieten und nicht sein wollten, was sie sind. Es wird sie über die Erde zerstreuen, wie die Juden – zu recht, denn ihre Besten lebten immer bei ihnen im Exil, und im Exil erst, in der Zerstreuung, werden sie die Masse des Guten, die in ihnen liegt, zum Heile der Nation entwickeln und das Salz der Erde sein.

Zitat 3
Sie trauen meinem Deutschtum nicht, spüren’s wie einen Mißbrauch – so soll’s wohl sein – wehleidig bin ich nicht. Aber, daß sie die Klarheit hassen, das ist nicht recht. Daß sie den Reiz der Wahrheit nicht kennen, ist zu beklagen; daß ihnen Dunst und Rauch und berserkerisches Unmaß so teuer, ist widerwärtig, - sich jedem verzückten Schurken gläubig hinzugeben, der ihr Niedrigstes aufruft, sie in ihren Lastern bestärkt, und sie lehrt, Nationalität als Isolierung und Rohheit zu begrüßen, daß sie sich immer erst groß und herrlich vorkommen, wenn alle ihre Würde gründlich verspielt und so mit hämischer Galle auf die blicken, in denen die Fremden Deutschland sehen, ist miserabel.
Ich will es gar nicht versöhnen, sie mögen mich nicht, ich mag sie nicht, so sind wir quitt. Ich habe mein Deutschtum für mich – mag sie mitsamt ihrer boshaften Philisterei, die sie so nennen, der Teufel holen. Sie meinen, sie sind Deutschland, aber ich bin’s, und ging’s zugrund mit Stumpf und Stil, so dauerte es in mir. Gebärdet euch, wie ihr wollt, das Reine abzuwehren – ich stehe doch für euch. Denn Deutschtum ist Freiheit, Bildung, Allseitigkeit und Liebe – daß sie’s nicht wissen, ändert nichts daran.
Tragödie zwischen mir und diesem Volk? Ach was, man zankt sich – aber hoch oben, im rechten, tiefen Spiel, will ich exemplarische Versöhnung feiern.

The Witchhunts Continue: Columbia University and the New Anti-Semitism

- by M. Junaid Alam

Rape, massacre, theft, torture, ethnic cleansing: these are not crimes which nations can defend with ease - especially when unearthed by their own historians. Israel recently faced this most troubling predicament. Combing through declassified state archives, Israeli scholars of the past twenty years have discovered their nation was founded upon the mass expulsion and deliberate destruction of the native Palestinian people. (1) Israel, it turned out, was far more Goliath than David. Since this presented somewhat of a public relations problem for a state still engaged in brutalizing Palestinians and stealing their land, a new self-justifying rationale needed to be authored.

Enter the "new anti-Semitism." This doctrine turns reality on its head, declaring criticism of Israel's racist behavior to be itself racist - "anti-Semitic." Empathy for Palestinians being beaten, bullied, and bulldozed out of existence, the doctrine goes, is nothing but some disguised expression of Jew-hatred. Goose-stepping Germans and uprooted Palestinians are portrayed as part of the same unbroken line of anti-Semitism, even though those inhabiting concentration camps today - "the largest ever to exist," says Israeli historian Baruch Kimmerling - are the Palestinians themselves. (2) But no matter. Abusing the memory of Holocaust victims to shut down criticism of Israeli crimes - crimes unearthed mostly by Jewish historians - may be obscene, but it is also effective.

Wielding this new ideological weapon, Israel's champions aim to cut down pro-Palestinian voices inside America with the same ruthlessness Israeli soldiers employ to shoot up Palestinian children outside their homes. (3) The latest targets in this well-organized hit are Arab-American professors at Columbia University who teach Middle Eastern studies. The targets have been judiciously selected. Since these particular professors are Arab in an age when bombing and torturing Arabs has virtually become a national sport, they make for easy prey; and since they have added to their original sin of being Arab the even graver sin of speaking the truth about Israel's past - no less in a country which subsidizes Israel's existence - they also make for necessary prey.

In full accordance with "new anti-Semitism" modus operandi, the attacks paint the professors themselves as the attackers. With Orwellian brushstrokes, they are rendered as demons bent on "intimidating" Jewish students at the university. This much is to be expected. Less expected, however, is the almost embarrassing shoddiness of the trumped-up production. The wild charges made against the professors are so poorly substantiated and the political motives of the accusers so painfully transparent, one almost forgets that America's well-financed pro-Israel network has extensive experience in smearing its opponents. (4)

Curiously, the charges of "silencing" and "intimidation" first made waves when it was learned that the accusing students made their case on camera. They appeared in a short film, titled "Columbia Unbecoming", produced by a Boston-based group called the David Project. At this point it is both necessary and prudent to ask: what is the "David Project"?

At its website, the organization describes itself as "a grassroots initiative that promotes a fair and honest understanding of the Middle East conflict." A noble enough endeavor, no doubt. But a few lines later, we come to this: "We train people to be pro-active in their Israel advocacy…" Another page offers - for a fee, of course - an intense three-hour ideological session titled "Making the Case for Israel." Searching for a "Making the Case for Palestine" program yields no results. Similarly, a look at the speaker's roster reveals many pro-Israeli speakers, but not a single pro-Palestinian. Perhaps most revealing is the text prefacing their speaker section: "For more information on how to bring our speakers to your synagogue, school, church, or community center, please call…" (5) Apparently churches and synagogues are welcome, but mosques need not apply. One wonders why.

The site then goes on to describe what it considers to be a "fair and honest position": "The essence of the Middle East conflict is about Jewish existence and self-determination in the face of a hostile Arab world and radical Islamists." (6) Israel's own recent historians take a rather different view. Commenting on the founding of Israel, Senior Lecturer of Military History in the IDF Aryeh Yitzhaki says, "…a generation has passed, and it is now possible to face the ocean of lies in which we were brought up. In almost every conquered village in the War of Independence, acts were committed, which are defined as war crimes, such as indiscriminate killings, massacres and rapes." (7) Describing Zionism - the founding ideology of Israel - another Israeli historian, Tom Segev, writes: "'Disappearing' the Arabs lay at the heart of the Zionist dream, and was also a necessary condition of its existence…. With few exceptions, none of the Zionists disputed the desirability of forced transfer - or its morality." (8)

Committing war crimes and disappearing people from their homes doesn't quite square well with pious rhetoric about "self-determination." But the folks at the David Project are free to cling to their pro-Israel political line. That they do so while pretending to be some kind of impartial educational group, however, speaks volumes. So much for "fairness" - and, even more so, "honesty."

Given the clear ideological orientation of the David Project, one is forced to ask the obvious: why would students claiming to be "intimidated" and "silenced" by their professors bypass all university channels, and rush headlong into the arms of a political front group? Looking at the film itself provides us some answers.

In this half-hour production featuring 14 students, only six present firsthand complaints; standing accused are professors Joseph Massad, George Saliba, and Hamid Dabashi. Complaints range from random flyering incidents having nothing to do with professors, to general ideological disagreements with what professors have written, to statements they allegedly made in person. No evidence is presented for any of the charges. Columbia student Adam Sacarny wrote in the school's newspaper upon seeing the film: "Much like the electoral campaigns, it uses talking points in place of pesky verifiable facts," adding, "The film's case is so shoddy that I fail to see how any critical viewer could leave the theater convinced that [the department] has violated academic integrity standards." (9) Even the generally sympathetic Israeli daily Haaretz admits, "The movie fuses few solid examples of intimidation - only some of which involved professors and the students they were teaching - with generalized complaints of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements and behavior on campus." (10) And despite these students' claims of being "silenced," "intimidated," and "denied"(their own words), not one of them say their grades were affected. (11)

Quite "coincidentally," the main target of the film is the untenured professor, Joseph Massad. He is accused of making outlandish comments and exhibiting an extreme intolerance toward pro-Israeli views in class. Yet only one of the students in the film has even taken a course with the professor. Moreover, precisely none of them even majored in the "offending" department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures. (12) But rest assured. The complaining students have other "qualifications."

One student shuttles back and forth from America to Israel to explain how to adjust the prefatory sales pitch for the film depending on the audience. (13) Another served in the Israeli military, which, according to events personally witnessed by former New York Times Middle East Bureau chief Chris Hedges, "entice[s] children like mice into a trap and murder[s] them for sport," and which also, according to a CIA study, acquires "data for use in silencing anti-Israel factions in the West" and engages in "sabotage, paramilitary and psychological warfare projects, such as character assassination and black propaganda." (14) Another complaining student who was a lead organizer for the film, Ariel Beery, boasts an impressive resume: he served as a spokesman for the Israeli military, is the head of the on-campus Zionist group, and is also an agent and informer for Daniel Pipes' notorious website, where students are encouraged to "report" their professors' political views if they are deemed insufficiently servile to the conservative party line. (15)

But this is not all. None of the targeted professors were even allowed a chance to rebut the charges on the film. The reason for this, according to David Project head Ralph Avi Goldwasser, in comments given to the Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post, is that "the film wasn't meant to be a documentary; it was merely an effort to collect students' testimony about classroom incidents." Unsurprisingly, the David Project is simply being dishonest (again), since it turns out that they deliberately ignored the voices of Jewish and non-Jewish students who found such "incidents" to be fabricated and had no problems with the targeted professors. Eric Posner, who describes himself as "a Jew, an Israeli, a Jerusalemite, and an American," reports that "I was approached last year by Ariel Beery who wanted to hear my opinion about MEALAC and Massad, whose class I was enrolled in at the time. When I expressed my profound appreciation for Massad's critical approach and the multiplicity of perspectives that he offers in his classroom, Beery told me that he wouldn't be calling me back for a taped interview." (16)

Posner also took it upon himself to gather some highly illuminating statements from other students who took Professor Massad's classes. Below are four:


"Several individuals who audited this class regularly attempted to disturb the progress of the class. During these disturbances, the auditors often attempted to dominate the class discussion with personal statements unrelated or extremely loosely related to the course material. They were regularly unprepared for the classroom discussion, not having completed the required reading, and for the most part were largely ignorant of the class' subject matter. It was fairly obvious that these individuals had registered for the course for the sole purpose of disrupting the progress of the class. To my amazement, [Massad] allowed each and every student in the class an opportunity to speak, regardless of their familiarity with the class subject matter and required course material."
-John Taplett

"I am Jewish. I am not a Zionist. Joseph Massad is a man who understands the distinction and does not attempt to conflate the two around a vague connection with Israel. Knowing that he is being accused of anti-Semitism is not only a slap in HIS face, it is a slap in the face of every Jew who understands a legacy of oppression and chooses not to become an oppressor."
-Maura Finkelstein

"On the question of religion, he was openly critical of all religions including Islam - his anti-Israeli opinions could not reasonably have been construed as anti-Semitic. Similarly, while being critical of Israeli policy, he did not hesitate to offer critical opinions of Yasser Arafat. In general, he maintained a tone of critical scholarly inquiry."
-Hitesh Manglani

"As for academic discrimination, I am a Jew who wrote a term paper criticizing Palestinian nationalism for its foundation in support for violence, and despite Massad's supposed bias, he gave me an A."
- Benjamin Wheeler (17)

By now the general picture is quite clear. An ideologically motivated clique of Zionist students, possessing no actual evidence of "intimidation" but infuriated upon hearing their fairy-tale version of Israeli history dismantled, teamed up with a pro-Israel political front group masquerading as educators to smear a few Arab professors as "anti-Semites" - conveniently excluding the opinion of those "Semites" who fully support their teachers and actually took classes with them.


More damning than the poverty and hollowness of the film, however, is the fact that it was even produced. After all, what kind of "victimized" students are able to summon to their command the financial and technical resources of something like the David Project? Moreover, how do such "victims" procure for themselves a $3 million dollar building on campus, a privilege no other Columbia group enjoys? (18) Claims to victimization - a central feature in the reverse-reality trick known as "the new anti-Semitism" - are also completely discredited by the fact that viciously right-wing tabloids in New York, the Sun and the Daily News, have joined in on the attack against the professors, castigating them as "firebrands" and demanding they be fired. Prominent New York City politicians have also demanded that the professors be "investigated" if not fired outright. (19) Truly remarkable is the "victim" so well-endowed in assets and allies.

I do not mean to suggest, however, that these Zionist students have no understanding of intimidation or persecution - far from it. Indeed, they well know of a place where people are intimidated in extreme ways, often "ordered to urinate and excrete on one other," "beaten and ordered to crawl around;" a place where children are forced to clean their masters' latrines and are then taken into rooms to be beaten senseless, until "they cannot stand up"; where passengers are pulled from cars and then "beaten with rifle butts and helmets"; where pregnant women are prevented from reaching hospitals; where the masters refer to the slaves as a "cancer" requiring "chemotherapy" or "amputation" - where in essence, people are treated far worse than anything these students claim to have undergone. (20)

The "where" is occupied Palestine, the people being brutalized are Palestinians, and those doing the brutalizing are Zionists. Here is where millions of natives suffer under military occupation imposed by Israeli soldiers - at least 20% of whom "join the army with the preconception that Arab lives are worth less than Jewish lives, " according to Israeli Major General Elazar Stern. (21) Here is where unarmed 13 year-old girls can be shot twice "from close range at [the] head" and then "sprayed with automatic gunfire" afterwards without penalty. (22) Here is where real, actual, tangible "intimidation" and "silencing" takes place. And here is where our whining Zionists at Columbia could go and learn an object lesson in what intimidation is all about - if only they were not preoccupied with endorsing it.

It is a resounding indictment of the intellectual and moral poverty of our times that those who support murder, torture, brutality, and racism - while lounging around in plush multi-million dollar offices on an Ivy League campus and starring in pseudo-documentaries, no less - are considered the victims, those speaking on behalf of the suffering are considered criminals, and those actually suffering from the real atrocities taking place are not considered at all.

For those concerned with justice, the course of action could not be clearer. Now is a time not for interminable hesitance, but immediate resistance. The extraordinary level of arrogance, cruelty, and hate embodied by the forces promoting this and numerous other right-wing witch-hunts cannot be allowed to prowl about unchecked. For this is merely an extension of the war of bombs and bullets being waged upon the Arabs abroad; it is an attempt to Guantanomize our minds, Abu Ghraib our hearts, and Fallujah our souls - to remove from us every last trace of what is the best in each of us: the instinct to side with the weak and aid the oppressed.

To resist this colonization of our compassion, to re-cultivate our resistance against those who believe in the "compassion" of colonization - these are the pressing demands of the hour. How vigorously we respond to these demands will determine whether those bruised, beaten children of Palestine will ultimately receive some respite from their inhumane condition, or instead find themselves further abused by the silent whip of indifference. In their eyes we will read either the redemption or indictment of the moral standing of our own country.

M. Junaid Alam, 22, is an endorser of the Week of Campus Resistance ., co-editor of the radical youth journal Left Hook (, and a student at Northeastern University. He can be reached at


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