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 Subject: *** Update on the Zundel Saga:  Two POW letters from a German prison ***

Update on the Zundel Saga

It's been two months, and Germany has not yet come up with a charge as to why Ernst Zundel is being held in prison. Allegedly, there are two dozen huge cartons of "evidence" collected on him over the past two decades or so, but his attorney has only been given two.   Ernst is in no hurry; he is recovering from the nightmare inflicted on him in Canada, and he is enjoying getting to know and assess the political landscape in Europe.  He is carefully preparing himself for the next trial - in all likelihood "The Great Holocaust Trial Number 3" - this time on the soil of his homeland.

You are eager to hear about Ernst, and I am taking this opportunity to present to you for your appreciation two of his slightly shortened and edited letters to friends.  One was written to his very close friend, Yvonne, Dr. Robert Faurisson's sister.  The second one was written to a well-known American publisher.

Here  goes:

Dear Yvonne and René, and of course children, grandchildren and brothers -

The arrest, deportation, the farce of a proceeding before Blais, the unconscionable treatment by Canadian authorities in court and in prison, were only the first act of a drama soon to unfold in Germany - and elsewhere!  A play of many acts - unless, of course, historical developments and events upset the carefully laid plans of the enemies of mankind.  They are not infallible and definitely are defeatable. It's only a matter of time.

Time is a man-made concept and construct - that's why Jean d'Arc, before her Nostradamus, and after her Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner and A.H. had such a hard time with Time. In cosmic "Time",  days can mean years, even decades.  That's what makes the Quadrains of Nostradamos and other seers so very difficult to interpret and to translate into earth-time history, our own human continuum.  But it is also what makes being alive so very interesting!

I have started to go to in-prison church services of both the Catholic and Protestant faiths and have even attended one Bible Study Hour, surrounded by murderers, dope pushers, child molesters, con-men and crooks.  What a scene in the play I described to you! I go to church to listen to glorious organ music, look at a large, beautifully stained glass window like in Notre Dame or the Strassburg Cathedral (Muenster) of René's Elsass region.  The Protestant minister is an interesting man the size and looks of Martin Luther, with a pleasant singing voice - powerful enough to be heard above the organ.  Yes, they have quite an organ in this church-chapel, which was built about a hundred years ago and is in the typical architectural style of Wilhelm II, just like my schoolhouse in our little Black Forest village.  It is not as frilly and playful as the Victorian style so common in England and her former colonies.  Being typically an expression of the Germanic spirit, it is solid, no nonsense, with a bare touch, [at the most] borrowing from Gothic lines, but it is built to last for centuries - sandstone, exquisitely cut by obviously very, very skilled stone masons and by bricklayers so accurate that the whole building could rival the pyramids in quality.  No kidding!  The salmon-colored sandstone is offset by stucco in a pleasant, inoffensive cream-like color, and I do not tire [looking at it] in my daily one-hour exercise walks. In Toronto I got 5 to 10 minutes if I was lucky.

For instance, just to show you the German idea of Beauty being a Duty for architects and masons at the time, the arches made above the cells and doors, even though resting on a slab of solid sandstone frame around these openings, nevertheless have a "rising sun" design above each and every window and door.  This must have cost them extra months or even years of labor by hand, and thus must have added enormously to the cost of the building, without adding appreciably to the structural stability, I am sure - and yet, there it is!  For Beauty's sake!

When I pointed that out to one of my fellow German inmates, he looked at me quizzically as if I was a little daft or had lost my marbles. Some have eyes but cannot see!

Every day I discover new little features and craftsmanship that brings me closer to my long-dead ancestors and makes me admire their skill, dedication and also patience in building what was, after all, not a royal residence or palace, but a building for criminals! [Ingrid's comment:  It has always hurt me in my soul and does to this day to see American schools who truly look like and have the feel of prisons.  Most school yards don't have a single blade of grass.  Our precious children spend most of their formative years cooped up in such monstrosities.  I never understood how we, as parents and citizens of the richest country on earth, could inflict such a cruelty on our offspring!]

I keep in touch as stamps come in.  I try to write a few letters each and every day to keep in touch with my friends, lawyers, children, grandchildren - and, of course, Ingrid who gets more letters than anyone.  As it should be!

Yesterday I also received my first book, ordered via computer print-out request form, from a massive catalog listing 1,500-2,000 titles in at least ten languages - Russian, Albanian, English, Dutch, French, etc.  The original title of the book was Water and Man.  The German title is much more complicated and convoluted, but inside are fantastic drawings of irrigation devices, dams, pumps, Greek and Roman inventions, aqueducts etc.  I have always been interested in reclaiming deserts and improving agricultural productivity. I read and read till the early hours of the morning and completely forgot that I was in prison in my Martin Luther type room he had at the Wartburg where he translated the Bible into what became "High German."  I must admit that I sometimes feel guilty of goofing off in visions and dreams, while Ingrid, my poor wife, works so hard to keep going the work we began!  I have only received one letter in six weeks from Ingrid so far, and your letter was the only one of substance - the few others were postcards mailed in envelopes from Cambridge, UK, Spain, Norway, and Japan. [Ingrid's comment:  I have written to Ernst every week since he was deported - long letters of at least 5 typewritten pages each. Evidently they are all still parked at the censor's!]

I have been keeping myself super-occupied with writing and planning, note-keeping, drawing and cooking.  Yes, you read right - cooking in a "war-like way."  So far, I was refused vitamins and my anti-cancer diet. I tried to make an ad hoc combination of foods, fruits, cheeses, and spices, and aargh (!) garlic and onions.  Ingrid is lucky not to have to smell me near her, otherwise I would be banished from her presence.  She positively hates onions - never mind garlic! I am lucky that there are so many Balkan and Turkish prisoners here because the prison store caters to that large clientele, and cancer and garlic are "self-negating" - which means, at least theoretically, that people who eat a lot of cold-pressed oil keep a potential problem at bay by strengthening their own immune system [with garlic].

Thus I may survive to spite my enemies a few years longer!

I found sunflower oil, feta cheese, some lemon juice.  The problem is, of course, that we have no refrigerators.  Lemons and milk products spoil fast, and even sausages are dangerous after more than a day.  Thus, sardines in cans have to substitute for the other parts of a "survival diet."  I live like a soldier on the Eastern Front.

We get three kinds of herbal tea - Rose Hip plus Hibiscus, Peppermint Tea, and some British type Ceylon or Black Tea.  I spoiled myself and bought one of those conical manual coffee filter tops and an immersion heater.  Twice a day, I make myself a nice cup of German Melitta coffee and have mental communion with Ingrid who used to make a coffee break with sinfully sweet pastry or a piece of chocolate. The whole house smelled absolutely heavenly of German style strong coffee!  You have to know it to mentally taste this treat!  Twice a day, my mind takes "focused wings" while at other times it's just daydreaming and visualizing a new age - more beautiful and more perfect than man has known till now.

I have now obtained the following bourgeouis items:

A paint box (Boite a coleur)

Brushes (princean)

A nice set of coloring pencils

An eraser

Even a pencil sharpener of my own,

A nail clipper

A real tooth brush

A comb

Some felt markers White-out (when I make a mistake)

Some yellow hi-lighter - it took a judge's order to get that in Canada!

And, of course, I am sitting on a real chair, writing at a real table, and the judge allowed my sisters to bring me a watch.  Yes, my first watch in 27 months!  Now I feel positively civilized and spoiled!

They also have a library here, as I said.

I have Ingrid's bookmark with the color photo of her and her trilogy less than two feet away from me as I write this, plus a large photo of the Soaring Eagles Gallery and a lovely photo of an American Bald-headed Eagle before a U.S. flag - one of my favorite images showing the German-Roman influence over America's heraldry.  It's not the British Lion ( of Judah?) nor the Fleur de Lyse (?) the U.S. Founding Fathers adopted, but the powerful image of the Eagle.   I always found that very much to my liking and made my mental association with that great "continental" country - like the errand child of Prussian Germany gone temporarily astray.

Most people in our age have not the faintest idea of the remarkable and profound part German immigrants had on the creation and founding of this great overseas extension of Europe.  I always looked upon Americans as Romans undoubtedly looked upon Carthagenians at the prime of Carthage, and always hoped that the modern Carthagenians would come to their senses and not continue to squander their precious gene pool and resources in the service of "extra-European" forces.  My fervent hope is that America will find men and women of wisdom and courage who will soon seize the reins and, like Christ, drive the money changers from the Temple of American public life.  It can be done!  Germany did it successfully and almost bloodlessly - that means that America with their revolutionary traditions will once again defeat the tyrants who lately have usurped power by stealth and by deception - and are now ever more visible!

Mother's Day is coming, and I wanted to say, Yvonne - in a way, you are like a mother to French, even to Continental Revisionism, whereas Robert is the patriarch and I am, and was, a pupil.  I think of you - what an unusual family you are, brilliant, independent thinkers, dedicated, courageous.  You are a unique family.  I know many people, but the Faurisson clan is like a Scottish clan - fierce and independent, yet organized, not berserker-like.  Magnificent!

Please, thank Chard [a French cartoonist] and the people at Rivarol for sending me their paper.  The censor - the judge who put me behind bars - let me have the paper, and I am making an effort to understand the very subtle nuances of French political and cultural commentary - thanks to the Gaissot Law, no doubt.  The people at Rivarol are very courageous - and intelligently patriotic!  Compared to Rivarol and some of the other smaller patriotic French publications like Verite et Justice, Faites etc., German publications are what Robert accused the Quebecois of, and the Germans.  He said they felt "lourdes" -  in German "schwerfällig" - meaning, in a way, ponderous, and as usual, Robert is right on target.  Ingrid was always troubled by my own ponderousness, and it will undoubtedly be evident to many that Ernst without Ingrid is like an unpolished diamond.  She spoiled me about my lousy grammar, and of course she knew how to spell and what tenses to use.  For me, all those "things" were always a Book of Seven Seals - and of little interest, I must confess.  I am and always will be a peasant at heart, and despite of all attempts to civilize me, easily revert back  to type and write, as they say in German, "wie mir der Schnabel gewachsen ist."  This must be a 500-700 year old saying - I write the way my beak is grown.  I love these old sayings.  They are so unique, powerful, and pregnant with meaning.

I am slowly clarifying in my mind how I will tackle the problem ahead of me.  More judicial proceedings.  Disgusting!  Please thank Robert for his succinct advice and M.D. for his excellent translation.  I have asked [Attorney] Rieger not to see me to save money and time before he has sifted through the 24 large 3 inch to 4 inch files he has finally been given after I instructed him to take the prosecutors to court to force them to turn over these files to me as well as to him.  I will, after careful study, decide on a strategy to adopt.

Some people have already offered to testify on my behalf, but with that "New European Arrest Warrant" [law] and those disgusting precedents about "Offenkundigkeit" [literal  translation "It's obvious", in this case it means judicial notice that "the Holocaust happened" and cannot be challenged], I frankly would feel loath to endanger any potential witnesses.  In other words, I do not want to be used as the "cheese in the trap" or some honey pot, as they say in American parlance.  I believe in being brave, even in acting heroically - but, Yvonne, I abhor suicidal behavior!  That's why I request urgently that no one should come to visit me - not you, René, Robert, Ingrid, not even my sons.  You are all far too valuable and too dear to me to risk endless persecutions and hassles at borders and airports.

It is a new Dark Age that has temporarily seized Europe and North America.  It is like some kind of intellectual virus that has befallen Western culture.  My mentor called it "the bacillus of decomposition", a very fitting description for this condition.  Mr. Arcand used to tell me that our Western culture was gravely ill, caused by this invading bacillus, and that our immune system was already compromised and our defense mechanisms confused by alien concepts and false ideas - but that, in the end, we would marshal all our vital forces just before we succumbed and would rise from the sickbed, shake off the invaders and tormentors in one heroic final act of self-assertion - cast them off, the way one purges a body of a deadly illness.  I believed him, because that was the message of the Great One also.  That's why he did not like Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West.


(Excerpts from a letter to an American publisher of a weekly paper)

[Fredrick Töben comments: Why Ingrid does not use the names of those who write to Ernst is a problem for me. She knows quite well that all mail is controlled by the authorities – who have a full profile of who writes to Ernst, but his followers do not know. So, here we have information being withheld – its contents known only to Ingrid and the authorities. The same with Ernst’s book that contains those many letters where names have been deleted– all very sad.]

Your fax was given to me on the 30th of March.  It arrived here the 25th;  the censor stamped it on the 28th.  That is the speediest mail I have had.  I got a letter from Jürgen Rieger, my attorney, which, according to German law, must not be opened or censored.  Yet it took 19 days to reach me.  A normal letter in Germany takes 2-3 days maximum, so somewhere obviously this letter was held up - why and by whom is anyone's guess.  I am totally out of my depth here because my 46 years' absence really do show!

[Your wife] was absolutely right in her assessment of the human treatment of prisoners here, certainly since my arrival until now.  I cannot complain of my treatment.  On the contrary, it has always been correct, even courteous, helpful, and sympathetic.  Canadian guards working under disgusting rules and regulations showed individual humanity and also empathy [on occasion] that surprised me, especially after they got to know me.  They went to the zundelsite.org so often, apparently from within the prison, that the administration had the website blocked so the staff could no longer access it from work.

It was actually gratifying to me to hear the intelligent questions on history by some of the guards who had me and my case as a high school and later as a university subject, since I got several pages from 1987 on in Canadian textbooks.  It was amazing! 

Others remembered me walking to court with my yellow hard hat body guards.  Just picture the scene [here] - a potbellied and bald Ernst Zundel, stark naked, locked into a Sing-Sing like prison shower, guarded by a Black, a Sikh, and a German or a Chinese or Filipino, listening in rapt attention as I held forth on the causes of World War II or the other subject which so freaks out German authorities. Guards would buy the Letters from Cell # 7 book via the Internet from Ingrid and sneak it in, shove it through my feeding slot and ask me to autograph it or to dedicate it to their fathers - [one of whom] living 5,000 miles away, had been a Zundel supporter for 20 years!

One day I will write you some details that will warm your heart of Aryan brotherhood beyond guard-and-prisoner.  A movie is waiting to be made just about this.

The worst, coldest, most callous and nastiest place was undoubtedly Blount County Jail in Tennessee where the food rations were so small that all prisoners were constantly hungry and the staff seemed to be made up of people who were just plain bullies - impolite, crude and rude.  I had one cell mate for a few days who was clearly mental as a manic depressive.  He had regular pretend phone calls with the President.  He fancied himself to be the Chief of the CIA.  The guards knew he was "off" because he would get up at 2-3 a.m. and press the emergency button on the Intercom - to berate them!

One morning 5-6 huge guards stormed into our cell. I was in the top bunk.  They hollered at me to take my mattress and belongings and get out of the cell while they pushed him [out of] the bunk bed below.  I was not yet out of the cell when they began to slap, punch and kick that man.  He was curled up on the ground, screaming, blood squirting from his nose and head.  They kept pummeling, punching, kneeing him, finally dragging him out of the cell on his side, pulling him with one leg.  He bled profusely, spattering the walls and floor with blood - in full view of other prisoners!  I saw him three days later, black and blue, in sick bay where we were always taken in painful leg irons connected with long metal chains on our feet and handcuffs - within the prison, mind you! - six to seven prisoners padlocked together, shuffling along the corridors, to and from sick bay.  This man sued the prison. I knew the lady lawyer.  How far this case went, I don't know - but here was a clearly mentally imbalanced American, a chemical engineer by profession, treated like a piece of meat! Awful!  Sad!

I heard and saw some similar things in Toronto.  One young Negro died in the cell next to me.  Why?  He must have had some seizure or breathing difficulties.  The guards shouted, danced around and taunted him.  I saw him the day before.  He was athletic, had good muscle tone like many young Blacks who are in far better physical shape than Whites - yet I saw him through my little 8 1/2 by 11 cell observation window, carried out of his cell limp like a dish rag, dumped unto a guerney, electric shock applied to his heart, given an injection, given CPR, oxygen - the fellow was dead!

Another inmate, in a wheelchair, in his fifties, died in Thorold, Ontario in the cell next to me.  I saw the relatives come, identify him and wail till the cell echoed from their sobbing, and I thought to myself, "What a place do die in - all alone, locked in, helpless! Nightmares followed. This prison experience really is something!

I saw nothing of the sort here - so far!

The medical doctor, who checked me upon arrival, was a gentle, blue-eyed, tall German with a sympathetic manner who prescribed immediately some herbal, plant-oil based mouth wash, for which I had asked repeatedly in Canada - to no avail!  It took me more than a year to see the Jewish prison dentist who promptly went to work on my teeth like the Boys from Brazil dentist on Dr. Mengele - grinding away, no needle.  He then wanted to pull my wisdom teeth because my "mouth was too crowded."  Well, I told the man that I was 65 years old and had every tooth in my mouth and that I was not about to lose my first tooth in his establishment!  I was not allowed a tooth brush or tooth paste in my cell.  I had to ask the guards for it.  [These items] were out in the open, on top of a plastic bin, where all the guards and other inmates walked by, kicking up dust and germs!  When I was refused a medical mouth ways, [this dentist] graciously gave me a thimble full of salt water twice a day for three days, which gave me a little relief, but after three days that largesse stopped.  I thought I was in Siberia!

Here the doctor prescribed the mouth wash, the medical orderly gave me a little bottle, and after two years of almost constant unpleasantness and pain I feel like a human being again.  It means that within 14 hours of landing on German soil I was given cheerfully and with a warm smile something denied to me in Canada for 24 months.

Your assessment of the German situation is right on target.  There is a mood I can only describe as "government fatigue" that is palpable and was expressed to me within 30 minutes of my landing on German soil by border guard police with a frankness that I found astonishing - and refreshing, to say the least.

You can be sure that I will be suffering Manfred Roeder's fate many a times.  Günter Deckert found a fair judge who was then promptly put on forced sick leave while other judges took over and reversed the first judgment - not only punishing Deckert with a severe sentence, but subsequently increasing his sentence, adding two more judgments to it for private letters written from his cell!  You can be sure that this will be one of the tactics used on me to increase my sure-to-be-lengthy sentence.  And there are other chicanerie waiting!  I am not bragging when I say that in the German context I am developing into something of a German Nelson Mandela.

The German entity is in a similar financial state, an untenable, irreparable, near-collapse state just like the United States government.  Interest payments on the national debt on the state and municipal levels are so huge that it is simply out of control and cannot be paid off!  The servicing of the debt paralyzes the German state entity.  Now that German industry is relocating to Rumania, Poland, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and the Baltic states where labor laws are lax and labor costs from 10-20 percent of what they are in Germany proper, German unemployment has now been admitted to be higher than even in Hitler's 1933 ascension to power.  It is now finally admitted to be at least 8 1/2 million unemployed - with increasing numbers, because companies cannot compete against the East.  Thus the German entity's tax base is shrinking and they are caught in a descending spiral.  The German post-war system is collapsing by implosion.

Since I have always been the most politically incorrect and outspoken of the Revisionists and knew all along what the logical outcome of properly applied Revisionism would have to lead to, quite naturally the currently ruling oligarchy knows that I am, by now, a Symbol of Resistance.  I  am, in fact, the Avenger Anti Portas, biding my time. Blais's judgment makes that perfectly clear.  I am the living, breathing link to our history.   Thanks to my very young emigration and meeting Adrien Arcand, who gave me that first hard cover edition of Imperium, which introduced me to you, I had excellent teachers, and North America freed me of my mental shackles.  Had I been trapped in Old Europe, I could have never blossomed and expanded my horizons the way I did.

I always felt thoroughly at home in the New World - more so in America than in Canada.  I have and have had an affinity for the America of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Baron von Steuben and Madison that has puzzled me at times - like when I trod that hallowed ground at Valley Forge.  It's almost as if I had some karmic connection to that place and that period in American history.  When I read Jefferson's thoughts and ideas on the separation of powers, his warnings about the dangers to American liberty and to human freedom of an appointed judiciary, it gives me goose pimples!

That man Jefferson far more completely and intimately expresses my feelings about "People Power" and the importance of checks and balances than any other political thinker - including National Socialist thinkers.

Thomas Jefferson accurately foretold what would happen to America if its citizens would not be very vigilant.  He even understood the money question 135 years before Gottfried Feder introduced Die Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft -in short, the practice of usury and interest slavery.  I am in awe of that man Jefferson - simply in awe!

All America needs to do is to apply the emergency brake and go back to American fundamentals.  People laugh when I say that.  They say it could never be done.  It would be old-fashioned, not feasible.  Yet vast numbers of these same Americans think nothing of being identified with and espousing the most reactionary religion, Christian Fundamentalism, which is 1800 years older and farther back than Jefferson Fundamentalism!

When Jefferson was in his prime, the census of 1796 showed that there were 4.6 million white Americans.  That just happens to be almost the exact same number the Kingdom of Prussia had under Frederick the Great,  We should not be overly impressed by mere numbers today. Look at little Israel.  Six Million Jews, surrounded by - what?  All told, 1.2 billion Muslims?

After the United States, Israel is the most advanced and highly militaristic state.  They produce their own jets, guns, ammunition, torpedoes, tanks, artillery, rockets with which they launch satellites.  They have long range ballistic missiles, A-bombs and H-bombs - and now, thanks to the Germans, even submarines capable of launching atomic warhead tipped missiles anywhere on the planet. 

Against anyone they hate!  So, what exactly do these vast numbers we are so overly impressed by mean?  To do what?  To achieve what?  Do we need to have military bases, missions, and a presence in 142 countries - or would Americans be better served to rethink their foreign and especially their domestic and financial policies along Jeffersonian lines?  And heed George Washington's so very eloquently expressed ideas in his farewell address?

In fact, if America wants to recover her bearings and sanity, national health, and purpose, there is no finer and wiser counsel to heed than the simple and yet brilliant concepts which gave birth to America from the 1750s on to 1796 and into Jefferson's reign and even Madison's.  I wish I had my files here to quote some of these men's thoughts.

Very few finer minds trod this earth then, or since.  I say that as a European, but compared to the Founding Fathers and forces at work in America then, I cannot point to a European country or a group of Europeans who at that time had such a complete and realistic, even a wholistic concept of what a modern state should look like, be like, and function like - and, above all, be governed like!

They were unique.  There simply is not one.

Of course the Americans were blessed with vast, open spaces, a thinly populated continent, while especially Western Europe was a mess of warring duchies, fiefdoms, principalities and city states that were exhausting their gene pool with criminal recklessness. What prevented Russia, or the Germans led by the Prussians, to develop and then turn their vision into an American-like reality?  They did not rise to the occasion for a thousand reasons - from jealousy to greed, from ignorance to religious bigotry.

I just reread again the British historian J.F.C. Fuller's book, Decisive Battles of the Western World.  We wasted our precious gene pool on internecine wars and struggles - and now we are paying the price.  It was criminal and reckless and a very sad example of utter stupidity and short-sightedness.

Ernst Zündel


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