Monday, 16 May

Walter Mueller:

When I read this morning that the film Meet The Focker  was the all-time box office comedy hit in movie history. $500 million played in. Jesus Christ, I thought, and some floodlights went on upstairs. Do you know how many people had to see this movie to play in that kind of money? Vulgar, decadent, stupid, bad acting and, of course, a lot of bodily fluids.

The first part's climax, Meet The Parents,  was the cat urinating in the ashes of the grandmother. The second part's climax Meet The Fockers, was the cat flushing a little dog down the toilet.

Is sex, urine, feces and violence the preferred way of entertainment for American society? Its decadency outweighs the one of the Weimar Republic. Slowly, the puzzle comes together.

The U.S. bringing democracy and liberty after 1919 to Germany and there it was, the Weimar Republic. House of Representatives, elected President, that all came with the new deal. So did decadency and filth. Then the Weimar Republic couldn't measure up to the filth and decadency of the U.S.A. today.

Imagine, Éclairs filled with dog sperm, being fed to the students who perform well. And I am not exaggerating.

Today's movie industry, theatre, art and music have become the signatures of a totally corrupt society. I know, the mainstream thinks I am a hater, because I just don't like to enjoy a movie that encourages urine drinking, feces throwing, and sperm eating.

But you know what the real scary thing is? That this filth has been deported to the European countries. Yes, America rules: Soda Pop, drugs, burgers, and filthy sex. Then I realize that it was easy for the Americans to believe the holocaust lies. A crowd that flood to movie theatres to see movies like that. What can you expect?

And suddenly I realized why the majority of Americans think that Adolf Hitler was evil: A non-drinker, a proud German, a defender of his nation, a one-woman-man, and a vegetarian. His only addiction was "Volk and Vaterland."


The matter of fear needs to be addressed -  Dr Edgar J Steele on Plague shows that we must not fear being labelled an antisemite.

The new definition of Antisemitism = it is a disease.

Edgar Steele augments this rather odd thought by stating = you catch it from Jews!


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