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Right-wingers infiltrate email

The Advertiser, May 17, 2005

International email spam has inundated Australian computer users with German right-wing propaganda.

The spam has been infiltrating inboxes around the world since Thursday, sending users to German political sites including that of the extremist National Democratic Party.

Similar spam created havoc last year during the German elections.

Computer security firm Symantec said the emails were directed mainly at private users, but some companies that had not updated their anti-spam software also were affected.

But the spam was not expected to cause any major system problems.

"It doesn't cause any malicious damage, but will replicate in computer systems," he said.

Symantec managing director John Donovan said the worm could be easily dealt with.

If you see it, delete it," he said.

A Telstra spokesman said the company had been filtering the spam.


Wave of Right-wing Spam Floods

 Author: DW staff (jam), 10 June 2004

Thursday morning a flood of spam was released on the Internet containing German-language right-wing propaganda. Experts say extremists are using a "spambot" to spread their xenophobic messages as widely as possible.

One of the messages that hit e-mail boxes warned of increasing numbers of immigrants from Turkey and Belarus settling in a town in the state of North Rhein-Westphalia, saying they were driving criminality up and entering into "mixed" relationships with German women.

"Here in Germany, I feel like a stranger in my own country," it read.

Another blamed the rising cost of medical care in Germany on foreigners who come to the country as "medical tourists" to get free health care. Others were entitled "What Germany needs is more German children" and "The Deformation of social order."

Below the bodies of the right-wing messages in the spam flood, many e-mail featured a series of links that led to sites like the extreme right German National Party (NPD), articles that appeared in the right-oriented newspaper Young Freedom, and various "people's initiatives" which fight such things as the building of mosques in Germany.

These kinds of right-wing messages are nothing new, they can be found in various extreme-right publications at newsstands.

What is new is the method of their distribution -- by spam, or junk e-mail. While most spam, which by current estimates comprises between 60 to 80 percent of e-mail traffic, tries to sell goods from penis enlargement methods to Viagra to college degrees, this latest spam wave simply attempts to spread a right-wing message of xenophobia to as large a group as possible.

New sophistication

The spam flood also shows a new IT sophistication on the part of right-wing groups, since they appear to have used a "spambot," a program spammers use to collect e-mail addresses and hide the real address of the sender, making it hard to trace the origin of the offending spam.

Right-wing groups have used the electronic medium to spread their messages in the past. Currently there are several e-mail newsletters in circulation informing an often unwilling public over the latest out of "Germania."

But these unwelcome e-mails been easy to filter with a few clicks of the mouse to stop any future e-mails originating from a certain address. This latest wave of spam is different.

The mails come from different addresses. Many of those arriving at Deutsche Welle had return addresses such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany's most respected newspapers, or, a widely used web-based e-mail service.

The newsmagazine Der Spiegel reported 80 percent of the right-wing spam it received came from a server at the University of Rostock, in northeastern Germany. Others came from large networks owned by Deutsche Telekom, several originated in other countries.

Analysts say the right-wing spammers used the latest methods, perhaps even working in tandem with virus programmers, to "seize" other computers and use addresses found there to building large distribution lists.

Tracing the originators can be difficult in these cases, although the network administrator at the University of Rostock told Der Spiegel that they have taken the server where many of the e-mails came from offline and will work with IT security experts to trace the spam back to its original source.


Without Prejudice - a correspondent reports to Adelaide Institute

FAMILY matters . . . Schapelle Corby with ex-husband Kimi, left, sister Mercedes' husband Wayan, Mercedes, and brother Mick.


On Schapelle Corby

One piece of information which has not got into the media is that Miss Corby was under surveillance by Australian Customs for a considerable time before being arrested in Bali.

Her mum "talks the talk" of crims, and it would be interesting to know, but for Privacy Laws, what mum's past is, too.

Suggestions that the drug smuggling ring among airline baggage handlers had anything to do with the marijuana found on Corby are ludicrous.

First, it has not been suggested that they ever trafficked in marijuana.

Second, it is well known that the locally grown marijuana in Bali, fine for hippies in the 70s, is now very inferior to the hybrid forms - skunk - growing under lights in double garages all around Australia, where it is being used by many to pay off mortgages.

Consequently, there really IS a demand up there in Bali, among Australians, for some "decent grass".

Which puts paid to the lie we are asked to believe by those who ask the "why would Schapelle risk all taking coal to Newcastle" argument.

She was carrying a very superior "coal" you cannot obtain up there, but which she could have sold up there for a handsome profit.

Lastly, after watching a couple of local TV shows painting Miss Corby as a modern day Joan of Arc, I noticed that not one of these shows addressed the critical evidence against her, which, to my mind, is that when she produced the bag to the Customs Officer, and he made to open it, she placed her hands on his, as if to prevent her bag being inspected, and said "No". This is on videotape. This is potent evidence that she knew there was contraband in that bag, and therefore evidence of mens rea, & all but conclusive.

Notwithstanding that I believe she is guilty as sin, I hope she gets acquitted.

But that is not going to happen anyway.




Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 12:46 PM

Subject: Complete letter after this excerpt.--Re: Allied Plans for the Annihilation of the German People Executive Debates Says:

" Mr. Santomauro, you are truly pitiful."


Steve Rendall is senior analyst. He is co-host of CounterSpin, FAIR's national radio show. His work has received awards from Project Censored, and  has won the praise of noted journalists such as Les Payne, Molly Ivins and Garry Wills.

He is co-author of The Way Things Aren't: Rush Limbaugh's Reign of Error (The New Press, 1995, New York City).

 Rendall has appeared on dozens of national television and radio shows, including appearances on CNN, C-SPAN, CNBC, MTV and Fox Morning News. He was the subject of a profile in the New York Times (5/19/96), and has been quoted on issues of media and politics in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and New York Times.

Rendall contributed stories to the International Herald Tribune from France, Spain and North Africa; worked as a freelance writer in San Francisco; and worked as an archivist collecting historical material on the Spanish Civil War and the volunteers who fought in it.

Rendall studied philosophy and chemistry at San Francisco State University,  the College of Notre Dame and UC Berkeley.

Steve Rendall


Complete letter after this excerpt.

Dear RePortersNoteBook:

May 15, 2005


The bombing of Dresden was indeed a heinous war crime, as were the conventional firebombings and atom bombings of Japanese cities. Agreed, right? Well, then, you must also admit that the German bombings of British civilians in London and Coventry and other locals were also war crimes-- and they _preceded_ the  above mentioned Allied actions. By the logic of this article-- it's claim that  the Dresden bombing was "genocidal"-- then you must admit that the Germans committed genocide against the British first.

Steve Rendall


Wow, every time I think you can go no farther down the road of depravity, you outdo yourself. Now you are posting articles that nostalgically pine about how the Germans COULD have WON the war. But by your twisted reckoning the war and the forty-million dead are the blame of the Allies and the Jews, right? By the way, this article doesn't live up to it's headline. There's nothing in it showing the Allies were planning annihilation or genocide against the Germans, though I note with irony your belated interest in genocide.

The bombing of Dresden was indeed a heinous war crime, as were the conventional firebombings and atom bombings of Japanese cities. Agreed, right? Well, then, you must also admit that the German bombings of British civilians in London  and Coventry and other locals were also war crimes--and they _preceded_ the above mentioned Allied actions. By the logic of this article--it's claim that the Dresden bombing was "genocidal"-- then you must admit that the Germans committed genocide against the British first.

Your weak grasp of simple logic and concepts such as genocide, and your amazing double standards lead you to post and construct arguments that an average school boy could demolish. But what should be expected of a guy who pretends to care about Palestinians, but is silent about current attacks and killings of ethnic Turks by his ideological brethren in Germany? And how foolish would a guy named Santomauro have to be to think that he would be warmly welcomed if those he so admires ever came to power?

And I thought I knew what foolish meant.


Hello Mr. Rendall:

May 15, 2005

What nation is credited with being guilty of the first acts of bombing  civilian targets during World War II?

Answer: Great Britain -- on 11 May 1940.


 This question refers to the widely popularized version that Hitler massively unleashed the "London Blitz" and thus caused many civilian casualties - a "London Holocaust" of sorts. This myth is part of the overall atrocity lore about the disregard with which the Führer is supposed to have treated civilians, particularly British civilians.

Hitler did not want war with England. This has been documented many times. Moreover, the Allies knew from reading the German Air Force signals, which they had broken on May 26, 1940, that Hitler had given orders that NO British civilian towns and cities were to be bombed. Hitler was very clear on insisting that London was to be off-limits to German bombers. The German Air Force was allowed to bomb ports, harbors and dock yards, but NOT the civilian population as such.

This order stayed in force for almost a year; we know this from the Allied captured German documents and the German archives.

However, on August 25, 1940, Churchill gave the order to the British Air Force to go and bomb Berlin. Although the Chief of Staff of the British Air Force warned him that if he bombed Berlin, Hitler would lift the order about not bombing British towns, Churchill disregarded that warning; the idea was to provoke Hitler to strike back.

At 9:15 that morning Churchill personally ordered the bombing of Berlin. That night, Berlin was bombed by 100 bombers - yet Hitler didn't make a counter-move.

Churchill ordered another raid on Berlin.

 And another. And another.

 There were also raids on Freiburg and Wilhelmshaven.

These bombing raids went on until finally on September 4, 1940 Hitler lost his patience and made that famous speech in the Sports Palace in Berlin during which he is supposed to have made the comment:

"I shall wipe out their cities." ("Ich werde ihre Städte ausradieren.")

 School children are now told, both here and overseas, about the Hitler speech. They are not told, however, how this speech came about and who was bombing first - and why. They are not told how Churchill set out deliberately to provoke the bombing of his own capital in order to get the German (and English) war spirit aroused.

After the Churchill provocation, Hitler was no longer in a position to hold
back his forces indefinitely without losing political and military credibilityand advantage. Therefore, he ordered the bombing of London's industrial area where, unfortunately, five German bombers went astray over the blacked-out city and dropped, by navigational mistake, some bombs in a civilian populated area.

In order to gain some perspective on who did what and why in the entire war, I suggest J. J. Martin's book, Revisionist Viewpoints. On page 100, we find the following:

 "As for the total damage achieved in England by the Germans, as compared to that achieved in Germany, the summary by Allen A. Michie, a one-time Time-Life reporter, in the Reader's Digest in the summer of 1945, is particularly dramatic and succinct:

'The combined damaged areas of London, Bristol, and Coventry and all the blitzed cities of Britain could be dumped in the ruins of just one medium-sized German city and hardly be noticed."

Coventry was many times cited in the popular propaganda as the excuse for an obliteration strategy applied later on in Germany. Michie estimated that by comparison Berlin suffered 363 Coventrys; Cologne, 269; Hamburg, 200; and Bremen, 137.

(The original reference can be found in the Michie essay, Germany Was Bombed
to Defeat, Reader's Digest, August 1945, pp. 77-78.) Here is a definitive answer to the implied question "Who started the bombing of civilians targets?"

I refer to J.J. Martin's book, page 103:

"A book which appeared in early 1944, by J.M. Spaight, principal assistant secretary of the [British] Air Ministry, _Bombing_Vindicated_, was the first inkling for many that such a policy [of terror bombing] was of English origin.

Mr. Spaight, who launched the incredible slogan, 'The bomber is the savior of civilization', dated the decision to engage in such warfare from May, 1940, and bluntly declared, 'We began to bomb objectives on the German mainland before the Germans began to bomb objectives on the British mainland'.

This is a historical fact which has been publicly admitted. Spaight went on to explain why it had been suppressed from general news so long:

'. . . because we were doubtful about the psychological effect of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we who started the strategic offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision [of May, 1940] the publicity which it deserved.

That surely was a mistake. It was a splendid decision'".

 (Bombing_Vindicated_ London: Geoffrey Bles, 1944, pp. 68 and 74.)

 Re-read this carefully: ". . . it was WE who started the strategic offensive." A "splendid decision" to boot? Over 50,000 people killed in Hamburg. More than 300,000 killed in Dresden. Millions killed in many other towns - would such mass murder count as a "war crime"?

For the sake of further enlightenment, I would suggest that you read the entire Spaight text, Bombing_Vindicated_ or the US Air Forces analysis on Allied bombing in Germany. The way to find these books is to request them from the public library.


Michael Santomauro

Editorial Director



Attention: Michael Santomauro

You want to know how pathetic you are? You sent me an article by your Nazi friend Zundel, as if the crude ignoramus was any rational person's idea of an historian. But it doesn't end there. You couldn't even accurately quote Zundel's his lies and misrepresentations. No one, not even Zundel, claims that Berlin was bombed in May, 1940, as you do at the top of your message. Although for the historical record you might want to look up how Germany bombed Rotterdam- a civilian center on May 14, 1940. And you might want to carefully re-read the article you so arrogantly suggested that I read carefully -- you are misquoting your lying hero. He correctly states that Britain bombed Berlin on August 25, 1940. But what Zundel doesn't mention in his article is that Hitler's Luftwaffe had been night bombing London-- a civilian center--for the two preceding nights. In other words, your Führer broke his solemn promise not to harm the British, and your hero Zundel hung you out to dry on the facts.

Though MANY other Nazi war crimes had been committed by May of 1940, here's a partial timeline on civilian bombing:

May 14, 1940, German Luftwaffe bombs Rotterdam

Aug 23, 1940: German Luftwaffe began night bombing on London.

Aug 24, 1940: Luftwaffe bombed London. 

Aug 25, 1940: RAF bombs Berlin.


The massive London Blitz began a couple of weeks later in September.

The entire Zundel piece is a tissue of lies. The information I have posted above is widely available, though apparently not on Nazi sites. And just by the way, Zundel also attempts to mix up the impact of the 1940 Berlin bombing with later bombing of Germany, but then we have already shown him to be a liar, so what's one more distortion.

I know you have no integrity and don't know how to feel shame, so I don't expect you to admit your error or to proclaim your Nazi heroes war criminals.

But it's enough for me to expose you and to show you making a fool of yourself by quoting the mendacious work of a Nazi thug.
Mr. Santomauro, you are truly pitiful.


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Allied Plans for the Annihilation of the German People

Measures for the Devastation of the Heart of Europe

Source: The Revisionist 2(2) (2004), pp. 171-180.

By Dr. Claus Nordbruch



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