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From: Walter Mueller
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 12:14 PM


is a two-sided flier that truly answers all the questions anyone ever had about holocaust revisionism. Belgium veteran revisionist Siegfried Verbeke sent me a few, however, they are all in German. If you want a copy, I'll send you one for free.

My recent involvement with Siegfried Verbeke made me realize just how sharp the European revisionists are. For that matter any revisionist outside the U.S.

It has to be the most stunning thing, living in the "land of the free and the home of the brave", having to watch the cowardly revisionist scene.

The energy and the efficiency of revisionists outside the U.S. is so incredibly high, it can't be matched. There is very little "anonymity" and "cowardice."

This is not just stereotyping. I remember working with Australian veteran revisionist Dr. Töben was such an adrenalin rush. The recent visit of Dr. Claus Nordbruch from South Africa - a pleasure. Everything organized and planned out to the "dot on the i."

Doing business with the Kerry Bolton from New Zealand was also such a great experience. No hassle, no bullshit. Mind you that all of them have their own publications, and are actively risking their own well-being. Because where they are, holocaust revisionism is against the law.

Revisionist giant from France, Prof. Robert Faurisson is another great example of efficiency.

And then we take a look at Germany. Horst Mahler, Günter Deckert, Manfred Röder, people whom I have dealings with, and it was a great experience.

Austrian veteran revisionist Walter Ochensberger still publishes Europe's best revisionist magazine, despite that he has served a prison sentence. I could go on and on.

Of course, no matter what we say about David Irving from England, he is still busy as a bee.

Now let's compare this to the U.S. where dealing with revisionists has become a security risk and a drag. The IHR, once the leading institute for holocaust revisionism in the U.S. is merely keeping above water. Its Director just lost his only media propaganda tool with the "Selbstzerfleischung" of the country's largest hate group, the National Alliance.

As I mentioned yesterday, U.S. revisionist giant Hans Schmidt is ill, Bob Countess and Russ Granata have died, and Bradley Smith - not even worth to make a comment.

Germar Rudolf was my hope to bring a new revisionist scene. The political refugee from Germany however is fighting deportation, despite his quick marriage to an American woman.

Thank God for the active U.S. street revisionists, who seem to have become the new threat to the traditional enemy in the U.S. Chris Miller, Harvey Taylor, and ourselves with the Patriot Letter and Community News, just to name a few. Otherwise, the traditional revisionist scene in the U.S. is pretty much dead.

What's left is living off their former credibility, trying desperately new ideas and new ways, which just makes it even worse.

The direct holocaust revisionism has taken a dive, because of fear. Yes, you read that right, while the rest of the world is active and upfront, even though they are prohibited by law to do it, the land of the free and the home of the brave is predominantly operating through the Internet. And there it is all done through anonymity.

You see, no sacrifices, no risks want to be taken anymore. You read all these great words about the fight of their life, but as the light comes on, they disappear like the roaches in the kitchen. God, how many times have I been asked "Please don't use my name," or "Anonymity required." Of course, there are exceptions and I truly thank God every day for it, however, the majority of American activists want to stay anonymous.

This of course has opened the door for every nut and crook to participate. To use the facts and the hard work of revisionists for their own purpose. It is also a breeding ground for agitators and spies.

I personally will work with every revisionist who is willing to stay with the issue. I am not sure what the future holds for American revisionism, but what I do know, for me, the future can only get better. Community News will increase its output, will sell more revisionist books through the Community News Library. Fliers like the one from Siegfried Verbeke will have to be translated from German into English and distributed everywhere.

The holocaust issue for me is black and white. Nothing in-between. I say it never happened. I say there were no gas chambers, that's the bottom line. If you have a different opinion, send it to the Forward magazine.



Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 1:43 PM
Subject: Belzec: A marvel of electrical and mechanical engineering

One occasionally hears of some skepticism regarding the verity of the "Holocaust" on account of the paucity of evidence for the large numbers of victims that are claimed.

The answer, we learn, is to be found in the devilishly efficient means employed by the Germans in carrying out their horrendous program of extermination and subsequent disposal of incriminating evidence.

An excellent example of this is found in The Black Book, subtitled The Nazi Crime Against the Jewish People.

Truly this was a marvel of electrical and mechanical engineering.

We can be confident that the information given is reliable because of its unquestionably unimpeachable sources.

Jack Martin

The Black Book, The Nazi Crime Against the Jewish People.
Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc., 270 Madison Ave., New York 16, N.Y.
Copyright, 1946, by The Jewish Black Book Committee

Page 313

". . . Consignments of Jews began to arrive at Belzec in March 1942. The trains entered the underground area at a certain point. Each train carried about 10,000 Jews. An hour later an empty train left at another point. This was the regular procedure at Belzec.

The news of what happened spread rapidly throughout the district.  Sometimes young Jews succeeded in jumping out of the death trains. If they were not shot by the guards, they might reach Rava Russka, the town closest to Belzec. But their number was very small.

The Belzec camp is built underground. It is an electric crematorium.  There are two halls in the underground buildings. People were taken out of the railway cars into the first hall. Then they were led naked to the second hall. Here the floor resembled an enormous plate. When the crowd of men stood on it, the floor sank deep into a pool of water. The moment the men sank up to their necks, a powerful current of millions of volts was passed through, killing them all at once. The floor rose again, and a second current was passed through the bodies, burning them until nothing was left of the victims save a few ashes."


The Jewish Black Book Committee:

VAAD LEUMI (Jewish National council of Palestine),

"The entire manuscript of The Black book was submitted to the juridical authorities of the United Nations War Crimes Commission at Nuremberg, Germany, as evidence of the crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people."



Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Subject: They thought we wouldn't notice





Just looking at some videos I taped off the TV lately and noticed some interesting scenes that 'they' thought we might not notice.

Look at these Prisoners in Buchenwald camp hanging onto the 'electrified wire fence' having a conversation.


Or these women in Auschwitz Birkenau sorting through stuff people bought with them...



This photo is strange because it shows

a) The women are laughing, and

b) 'Survivors' tell us they were only allowed to take with them what they could carry,  but look at the size of those Pots and Pans.


The next photo shows us a group of 'SLAVE-LABOURERS' (Ostarbeiterinnen= Female workers from the East) that were imprisoned in NEUENGAMME concentration Camp.  


Looks like they didn't do too badly on the 'starvation rations'  they got in the camp.







From: Judy Andreas

Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005


An Email Exchange



Recently I wrote an essay called "Zionism and. Judaism  ...It's Like Comparing Apples And Rocks."  


The response to my essay was huge and most of the letters were quite favorable.  There were a couple of Jewish writers who called me names like "white supremacist" which was so ridiculous it made me laugh. 


I did read one letter, however,  sent through the Adelaide Institute list, that had an extremely deep affect on me. It was from a man named Gerry. 


The letter said:


>>That article is no more than another example of Jewish disinformation / sowing confusion as it were.
So she's not religious.
Neither was Kaganovich, Beria, Yagoda, ad nauseum. BUT, they murdered every orthodox priest they could find, while not laying a hand on even ONE rabbi.
That much for their non/religiosity
A Leopard doesn't change his spots, no matter how many of them tell you they do.
There simply isn't a Jew in existence who isn't a Talmud/type at heart. 
Gerry >>




I responded that I did not know a thing about the Talmud.  I stated that though I was born of Jewish parents, I never identified with any "club"  (though I certainly searched).

I felt terribly hurt and misunderstood to be part of a stereotype since I do not believe that anyone is better than anyone else or that anyone deserves preferential treatment.   

Part of Gerry's next  response mentioned that:



<<When push comes to shove a Jew, ANY Jew will take the side of another, even if he doesn't know that person.


A prominent Jew (I think it was Chief Justice Brandeis) put it quite simply, ''There can be ex/Catholics, ex/Protestants, ex/Baptists, but there can never be an ex/Jew.''


It may very well be that you personally actually believe what you say, but that doesn't alter the fact that a Jew will ALWAYS betray a Gentile friend in favor of another Jew.


That's practically a law of nature. THEREIN lies your strength. NOT in your intelligence, but in your cohesion and in your absolute, stunning lack of scruples. >>


I can thoroughly understand Gerry's point of view, but can he understand me?  Does he know me or have I been placed under a hated umbrella labeled "Jew."    


Does he know that, above all, I am a truthseeker?.  I am not attached to any "isms" and certainly not to Judaism. 


I am presently romantically involved with a man that you are probably familiar with.  His name is John Kaminski and I would defend him over anyone.  My ex-husband was a lapsed Catholic and my children have been raised without religious instruction.  My friends are a mixed group, probably more non-Jews than Jews, mainly because I am more philosophically attuned with them.



In addition, I have, for a while, been enjoying  a warm  correspondence with Ernst Zundel. I cry for what has been done to him.  I respect and correspond with Ingrid Zundel as well. 


I may not be a "typical" Jew, or ex-Jew, ... but there are others like me. Hopefully, the numbers will increase.   


I am a peacemaker and a dreamer.   My dreams are idealistic ... maybe laughable to some.  Yet I do not want to throw in the towel and give up on the human species.   At the end of the day....there are no religions in my world ... only human beings. 


My only interest is to learn the truth  (no matter where it takes me)      I also wish, from the bottom of my heart, that I could do something that would help to promote peace.....even if it is only between two people on a message board.



Judy Andreas



From: Walter Mueller

Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005




This last weekend I picked up yet another "Adolf Hitler Book." In my journeys to bookstores, I must have discovered hundreds of books written about former Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler, predominantly by American and English authors.

Not one has accurate things in it or comes even remotely close to what German life really is. Never mind that all have the usual slurs about the German statesman.

Let me digress for a moment: The general rule here is, any historic book written by so-called American "historians" about European history is useless. In great part, they are exaggerated or completely false and written under the pressure of having to be politically correct!!!

However, this applies to the writings of Adolf Hitler the most. It is the usual nonsense about conspiracy that seems to be a fetish in the American patriot movement. Everyone of these writers seems to have a degree in psychology, psychiatry, art, warfare and security. They dive into the soul of a man they have never met at a place they have never been. They try to explain the evil that has never been, the "psychotic childhood", the "failed artist" and in the end, the
"insane dictator."

It is safe to say that most of these writers have no clue about social etiquette, tradition and heritage of Germans. Why should they? Their culture is one of "play ball, burgers, coke, and Hollywood."

It's interesting to point out that in their own country, most of their leaders are 10-times as bad as what they write about Adolf Hitler. The White House is a place for drunks, child molesters, and murderers. The House of Representatives a platform for corruptness and dishonesty. And the U.S. Senate a stage for the Hollywood amateurs. Now picture a marionette theater with the Jews holding the strings, and you have the perfect American politics.

Even our own "magazines" when writing about Germany and the Führer are completely off the wall and so inaccurate that it can't be any worse. Let me give you an example. The new The Barnes Review. Rhome, a contributing editor to The Barnes Review, is just blatantly making things up. In a previous issue of The Barnes Review, the editors ran an ad for a book that was giving the goods about "sex, Satanism, and Hitler." In the current issue one of the editors gives a film review of "Hitler, the unknown soldier," which is being sold, of course, by the magazine.

And again, we find ourselves with Americans talking about other people's history: Weird-like loner, who preferred battlefield over brothels; Huuh, I can see that that is a problem for most Americans. Another comment: "Hitler, the dictator." One has to wonder where these morons get all this? By reading Eli Wiesel? Adolf Hitler was as much a dictator as many of the American Presidents. What about Ike, who ordered the starvation of millions of German prisoners of war? Or currently, President George W. Bush, what do you call the Patriot Act?

Come on you assholes, start cleaning up your own mess!

Out of the hundreds of books that were written about Adolf Hitler, I have only read a few. You have read one, and you have read them all. Sure, great leaders have great "compassions." But writing about Hitler is getting booooooring. 

Here is what I would write about Adolf Hitler, very short and very simple: He was born into a simple Austrian family, went to school, started art in Vienna, learned about the evil Jews and got involved. In the beginning, young Adolf Hitler was a neighborhood activist. He became popular and drew more and more people to him. After the putsch, he became the hero of the people. And after his release from prison, he realized that he could only make a difference on a decision-making level. So he became the leader of the German Reich. He was so good at it that the envy of the world was his downfall. Germany became the goldmine and attracted all the hoodlums who wanted a piece of it.

It is infuriating to see book after book written about the Führer. All of them are nothing but politically correct writings.

The facts are clear. There isn't a writer left in the entire United States that can write about history without having to read other books. Add on that in most cases they have never been at the place or met the person they write about. And by the time they are finished, they have added their own opinion, and you get an even more distorted profile of Adolf Hitler. So when the Barnes & Review sells a film with yet another "discovery" of Adolf Hitler, you can imagine what that is going to be.

Consider also that this documentary is written in English. Never, ever trust any historian that writes about a figure without speaking its language.

Oooh, but the world's leading authority on Hitler is making comments in the film. Ian Kershaw, what the ... Who is he? Was he a confidant of Adolf Hitler? A personal friend? a minister or cabinet member? Of course not. Yet another "expert" with an opinion.

I own writings about Germany's greatest leader, written by Baldur von Schirach, Joseph Goebbels, and Herman Goering. Original books, one even signed, all in the Führer's own language. These are the experts. These are the people who worked very closely with him. Not some Kershaw that wouldn't recognize a German tradition if it hits him in the head.

Another thing you can never forget, that those who lived through he Third Reich are not allowed to write about it. At least not in a positive way. Even in America, such writings would destroy one's career and cast him from society. So yes, most of these American writes have taken advantage of that monopoly and write whatever their little brains come up with.  Think about that!






Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 11:29 AM
Subject: National Identity


Perhaps atrocities are committed in order to destroy national feeling. Americans are currently desperately trying to hang on to their old self-image in the face of continuing horrors committed by their abomination of a government. It won't last. Reality will dawn and they won't know who they are any more.

Peter Wakefield Sault




From: debunks
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 7:41 AM
Subject: Flower Pot Homage


Tuesday, 24th May 2005

Flower power wins for memorial manA UNION official walked free from court today after being arrested for laying a wreath on top of a BNP one at a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony in Greater Manchester.

Martin Gleeson was so annoyed that the far-right party turned up at the event in memory of the victims of Nazi death camps that he placed his wreath "assertively" on top of the BNP one.

Mr Gleeson, at the ceremony in Oldham, with Jewish friends, was immediately arrested and charged with criminal damage to the flowers on the £20 BNP wreath.

The case, which is estimated to have cost taxpayers more than £10,000 was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service today when Mr Gleeson appeared at Oldham Magistrates' Court.

Mr Gleeson, 44, an engineer from Chadderton, Greater Manchester, said: "The whole thing seems farcical to me, it is a waste of public money.

"I was making a peaceful protest that these people who were actively trying to divide the town were using the service to create publicity for themselves. At the end of the day I squashed a few flowers. Is that a crime worthy of arrest and being charged?

"It is important that we stand up against what the BNP are trying to do and make sure that there is respect for the Holocaust Memorial Day service."

He attended the ceremony on January 27 to lay a wreath as secretary of Oldham TUC. Around 60 officials, MPs, local councillors and others were at the town's cenotaph for the event.

The BNP were not invited but members of the party turned up.




May 23, 2005

Britain blamed as opium farms enjoy bumper crop



From Catherine Philp, South Asia Correspondent      



AMERICAN officials are holding Britain “substantially responsible” for the failure of a poppy eradication programme aimed at curtailing Afghanistan’s soaring heroin trade.


Britain has overall charge of the counter-narcotics assistance programme, but the US has mounted a creeping takeover after last year’s bumper poppy crop. The eradication programme is largely financed by US taxpayers, while Dynacorps, an American civilian security company, trains the Afghan force tasked with destroying the crops.

In a leaked cable to Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State, officials at the US Embassy in Kabul complained that British administration was to blame for a failure to reach the levels of eradication that they had hoped for. They said that the British were often targeting less important growing areas. Since beginning work last month, the eradication force has destroyed fewer than 102ha (250 acres). The original target was 15,000ha (37,000 acres). The cable, shown to The New York Times, also criticised President Karzai for failing to take a strong line against opium farmers, partly for fear of a backlash in elections this year.

Britain was put in charge of counter-narcotics efforts because most Afghan heroin ends up in Europe. Britain prefers to find alternative livelihoods for farmers, but Washington favours aerial crop spraying.

Last month the US-trained eradication force’s first outing ended in fiasco and two deaths. The team was ploughing up a field when farmers threw themselves in front of their tractors.

The Afghan authorities later struck a deal whereby the farmers agreed to allow a third of their crop to be dug up in return for non-resistance.

The profits of the heroin trade, now at record proportions, fund many local commanders and warlords who object to Mr Karzai’s rule. “Although President Karzai has been well aware of the difficulty in trying to implement an effective ground eradication program, he has been unwilling to assert strong leadership, even in his own province of Kandahar,” the cable said.

Mr Karzai has committed himself to destroying the heroin trade, but favours an approach that concentrates on finding other crops. He visits Washington this week, armed with a few demands: that “very, very strong action” be taken against US soldiers who tortured two Afghan prisoners before leaving them to die; that his Government be given greater control over US military activities in his country; and that all remaining Afghan prisoners be handed over to Afghan control.

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