A Problem of Identity and Justice

- and dirty little secrets will out, and where is the fall guy?

By Fredrick Töben

6 March 2005

In Adelaide last week some strange matters began to bubble over into State Parliament. Independent Speaker of the House, the Hon Peter Lewis, MP, is following leads that whisper a member of parliament is frequenting parks at night for sexual encounters. This information adds fuel to the current enquiry that is going on about past child abuse in church and state institutions, where children were rented out for weekends. The perpetrators are said to belong to the whole strata of South Australian society, including judges. That enquiry reminds South Australians of the mysterious disappearance of the three Beaumont children some four decades ago. Not directly related to this disappearance but to the group known as 'The Family' is the fact that one man serving a life prison term - who allegedly took the wrap for all involved in similar matters- now wishes to get out of prison. Also, those who were children then, are now fearless and they wish to speak out - but police appear to be blocking an opening of the issue, until last week when Peter Lewis raised the matter in Parliament because three men, who were well known within the homosexual community, have within a couple of weeks been found murdered. Other men have now flocked to him seeking protection. Lewis now has received death threats - "do you in".

Were it not for Peter Lewis' efforts to raise the matter in parliament it would most likely have died. Lewis has already received abuse from colleagues, one calling him within the Chambers 'a grub'. But he is a fearless man who does not shy away from mixing with the people at all levels, and together with his Asian wife, he has little regard for those who abuse defenceless individuals.

What has this to do with identity and Ernst Zündel? There is a linkage in that the darker side of human nature is being exposed in parliament, as it should if we are supposed to be in a free and open democratic state where social status should not protect anyone from having done wrong. It is ironic that in our liberal and civil society there is almost nothing that is forbidden, but even in such environments sexual extremes leading to murder are not tolerated.

This openness, that in the above case has been wished for by a number of hurt individuals, one of whom David Brockschmidt and I met about four years ago, was not present when Ernst Zündel was deported from Canada on 1 March 2005. What happened to Ernst was very much what the CIA does - hires small jets and Boeing 737s  to fly a number of prisoners around the world where they can be tortured without whipping up a storm of protest, for example to Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt, not to mention Guantanamo Bay.

Thanks to the Internet the information flow has been democratized and this for the control freaks has become a nightmare, and the only way to combat this flood of information is to produce a Tsunami of lies and flood therewith all media outlets still under their control.

It is not only lies but outright deceit that operated in the Zündel deportation.

Paul Fromm captures the mood of it:

Political Prisoner Ernst Zündel Deported Secretly & Whisked by Chartered Plane to Germany

1 March 2005.


Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Right to the end, the Canadian state has shown itself to be mean spirited and paranoid in its handling of political prisoner, pacifist publisher Ernst Zundel.  Co-counsel Chi-Kun Shi wrote early today:

“Ernst was taken from Metro West this morning at 5 am. The person at Border Services, Mr. Gordon Morris, who was in charge of the deportation and said would advise us once Ernst had left is not available until March 3, 2005.”

It should be noted that Morris had promised to advise Peter Lindsay and Ms Shi when Mr. Zündel was airborne. He must have had a two-day symposium at Tim Horton’s Donuts that prevented him from fulfilling even this minimal courtesy. His behaviour is typical of the poxy Canadian bureaucracy.

Family members and lawyers are normally advised of the flight and time of a deportation. Once again, the Ottawa tyranny’s laughable obsession with “national security” intervened. What real national security concern was there? Did they really think Peter Lindsay would go berserk in the airport lounge and start beating passengers senseless with his briefcase. No, “security” had nothing to do with it, only the convenience of the human rights abusers who wouldn’t want witnesses or photographs of a political prisoner being loaded on to a plane.

So, like a typical totalitarian state, the political prisoner was rousted from his bed before dawn and whisked to the airport where, apparently, he was flown in a chartered plane to Germany, and, then,  taken to Mannheim. We learned he had arrived about 10:00 p.m. German time.

A number of civil libertarians are now expressing uneasiness about the secret trials and the summary deportation of a non-violent man, labeled as a terrorist. This concern should be treated with the utmost scorn. These shameless phonies have had nearly two years to get on board and join the fight against secret trials. Alan Borovoy, the big noise with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, was called many times by one of the Zündel lawyers. While in the office, he refused to take her calls.

Chi-Kun Shi said today: “Ernst Zündel has become a mirror to look at ourselves and it’s not pretty. These secret trials are the real enemy to civil liberties.”

Paul Fromm,


So, the initial secrecy was in effect in vain, but it served its purpose to frustrate and to give those that make such orders a possible sense of importance, something that a flood of disinformation does not guarantee. Why not? In time deception and lies are exposed for their lack of truth-content. Human rationality transcends deception, and the saying, 'truth is stranger than fiction', is one such piece of dis-information because is a myth designed for the gullible and those ignorant of human nature.

Truth can stand on its own, and the Ernst Zündel tragedy rests on the fact that Justice Pierre Blais of the Canadian Federal Court is totally morally and intellectually bankrupt - to the core! The judge abandoned all legal principles in order to do the bidding of the powerful 'Holocaust' lobby that wanted Ernst Zündel deported to Germany.

Legal counsel for Zündel, Peter Lindsay and Chi-Kun Shi, expressed it succinctly in their piece which the Toronto Globe and Mail published yesterday.

What makes all this worse is that Canada prides itself in being a first-world democracy, meaning: where if the inevitable disputes arise, the rule of law prevails and violence becomes unnecessary.

Justice Pierre Blais has thrown all that overboard, and Canada's civil liberties groups are likewise shamed because they are all beholden to the will of  the powerful 'Holocaust' lobby. There has been a total breakdown of any civilizing influences that should have emanated from the media at least. But the hatchet-job journalists are also right into this business of jumping on the bandwagon of condemning Ernst as a human being.

I restrained myself when I responded to Margaret Wente's article in the Toronto Globe and Mail. I do not think such individuals have the mental capacity  to understand what normative, cultural and civilizing factors are here thrown overboard by the way Ernst Zündel has been treated by Justice Blaise throughout these past two years.

As if that is not enough, the character assassination process continues in the Canadian press, naturally without a right of reply accorded to Ernst. The latest is whether Ernst Zündel's mother was a Jewess.

Recently David Irving gained some prominence again in Germany when German historian Rolf Hochhuth informed the media that Irving's mother was a Jewess.  

As this news item did its rounds through the various email lists I do what I usually do - if I am interested enough -  when I come across 'gossip' such as this by going directly to the person concerned.

I asked David directly: Any comment on Hochhuth's comment, please?

He responded:

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2005 4:54 AM
Subject: Re: Any comment on Hochhuth's comment, please?

He is wrong


And that is the end of it for me because on such basic things there cannot be any excuse for not knowing - certainly not in our business.

Unfortunately, within the Revisionist movement there are individuals who jestingly pull out that Jew card and claim their mother or grandmother was Jewish. Such a joke illustrates exactly what we saw in the Hochhuth item - it's a protective mantle to claim one's mother was a Jewess.

Amongst Revisionists there is the mindset that believes it is good to quote 'Jewish' Revisionists because that will further the Revisionist cause. This is, according to Professor Robert Faurisson, a fallacy because two Revisionist, David Cole and Dr Joel Hayward, recanted - perhaps understandably.

Yet a researcher who admits to committing errors and then corrects the work can still stand tall because his moral and intellectual integrity is still intact. Wherever there is work done, mistakes and errors occur.

However, a re-canter has lost all this by not upholding the most fundamental of all values upon which our civilization rests - the truth concept. There is no way back from this abyss of having re-canted.

Ernst Zündel cannot re-cant because he has a fully developed Weltanschauung - a world view/ philosophy of life. Were he to do a Hayward or a Cole, then Ernst would have to give himself up because he is the total embodiment of the Revisionist mindset that has been tempered by life's trials and tribulations.

This is the reason why he will be figuratively 'hung, drawn and quartered' by the perversions of the German judiciary, especially by the broken and submissive Mannheim judiciary which certainly does not wish to have another Deckert affair that led to two judges applying normal legal procedures to Günter Deckert's alleged crime. A world uproar occurred when one judge gave Deckert a glowing personal character reference - that he was an upright man of good character, a faithful family man, and a good community leader.

The world German haters could not tolerate that a Revisionist politician actually had a good character. And soon enough the Mannheim judges scrounged and begged for forgiveness and pack-raped, figuratively speaking, the two judges by refusing to work with them, thereby forcing the two judges to take sick-leave.

Then a pliable young female feminist judge - who usually had her dog in her chambers with her -  did the job on Deckert.

And now to the Ernst Zündel story as it continues in the Toronto Sun newspaper:

[It's interesting how an article can have different headings. The online  heading for the article below is "The Jewish Card", whereas in the print edition of the Ottawa Sun it's "The strange schemings of a Holocaust denier." Promajority.]

 Wed, March 2, 2005


The Jewish card


Back when Ernst Zundel was first weighing the real likelihood of his deportation to his German homeland, and his immediate arrest upon arrival for hate crimes, he considered announcing to the world that he was a Jew so he could exercise the "right of return" to Israel, where Holocaust denial laws had yet to exist.

Today they do.

Under Jewish law, any child born to a Jewish mother is considered a Jew, regardless of the father's religion or nationality, and Ernst Zundel's mother was Gertrude Mayer, daughter of Nagal and Isadore (Izzy) Mayer, a union organizer for the garment industry in the primarily Jewish Bavarian town of Augsburg.

It was Zundel's planned entry card into Israel.

According to ex-wife Irene Zundel, the possibility that Jewish blood coursed through Zundel's veins at first bothered the future author of The Hitler We Loved and Why so much that he returned to Germany during the '60s to look for his family's "einpass" -- the certificate Hitler doled out to those born of pure Aryan stock.

But no such certificate could be found.

Zundel alludes to this futile search as giving him "a little fright there in the '60s" during a 1997 interview with Tsadok Yecheskeli, the New Jersey-based correspondent for the Israeli Hebrew newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth.

A videotape of that interview became evidence after Irene Zundel testified against her ex-husband years ago at the Canadian Human Rights Commission hearings into his anti-Semitic and hate-fostering website, a copy of which was recently obtained by the Sun.

She also told investigators of how Zundel planned to use his "Jewishness" to get him into Israel if it looked like he was bound for a jail cell in Germany.

And then Israel brought in Holocaust denial legislation.

The tape was shot in Zundel's former bunker-like headquarters on the east end of Toronto's Carlton St., and not long after two incidents which centred on that fortress -- the alleged arson attack on his home and headquarters, and the arrival of a pipebomb which he claimed was delivered in the mail.

What follows is an excerpt from that tape.

It comes directly after Zundel talks of his father being an ambulance medic who "would go behind the front lines to pick up the wounded and near-dead, and bring them back to Germany.''

Yecheskeli: "And other relatives?"

Zundel: "If you are fishing for any political information, my father was a Social Democrat, my mother a simple Christian woman. Her father had been a union organizer in Bavaria, and of the garment workers' union. His name got him into trouble because it was Isadore Mayer and, of course, he was called Izzy by his people and the people thought he ... "

Yecheskeli: "Was Jewish?"

Zundel: "No, I don't ... don't think so."

Yecheskeli: "You don't have any ... "

Zundel: (Laughter) "I had a little fright there in the '60s."

Yecheskeli: "And there's no Jewish blood in your family?"

Zundel: "Well, I'd be hard-pressed to admit to it."

Yecheskeli: "Why sure."

Zundel: "So now I ... "

Yecheskeli: "So, you don't ... you basically said don't expect any answer" (to the question of Jewish blood).

Zundel: "What I am saying ... "

Yecheskeli: " ... you are also in doubt?"

Zundel: "What I am saying is that there's a very good reason why I agree with one thing in Jewish law -- in that the mother is determining who is a Jew and who is not a Jew."

Yecheskeli: "Ah, I see, if it was the opposite way, you'd be ... "

Zundel: "No, no."

Yecheskeli: "You'd be in trouble?"

Zundel: "No, no, no ... because a mother knows with whom she slept with, right? (Laughs) And in that period, and so on -- seriously, quite seriously ... "

Yecheskeli: "Are you sure there's no Jewish blood in your family?"

Zundel: (In hushed voice) "No."





'Jewish' stars
International Jerusalem Post
Feb., 25, 2005, p. 7

Singer Beyonce Knowles is Jewish. So is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Or at least they're ready to go on-air and say they are, to help fight anti-Semitism.

Several starts of the pop charts and the silver screen have agreed in principle to film public service announcements denouncing worldwide anti-Semitism and identifying with the Jewish people. MTV is donating studio time for filming the ads, which are to appear in Europe, the US and even Israel.

The "I am a Jew" ads are the latest idea from the New York-based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding; which works to promote cross-cultural dialogue.

Rabbi Marc Schneier and Russell Simmons are the driving force behind the campaign, and the president and chairman of the FFEU, respectively.

Simmons, the cofounder of the Def Jam record label, is widely regarded as the man who, more than any other, pushed hip-hop music and culture into the American mainstream. He runs booming entertainment and fashion enterprises and uses his influence to promote numerous initiatives against poverty, inner-city violence and racism.

As an entertainment mogul, he also has plenty of pull. Rumor that Denzel Washington and Ricky Martin, Knowles, DiCaprio and other big-name stars had expressed interest in the project have generated media interest.

"The impact that these personalities make, not only on the masses but specifically on younger people, is huge," said Schneier.

Simmons is taking the campaign very seriously.

"Anti-Semitism is growing so quickly around the world... I want to do everything I can to fight it," he said. "People forget how quickly the world can change. I mean, it was only yesterday that [Jewish] people were being put in ovens."

The foundation is specifically seeking famous black, Latino and Asian artists to drive home the message to those minority groups.

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