"Der 8. Mai 1945 war ein Tag des Elends, der Qual, der Trauer"
8th May 1945: Calamity, Agony, and Despair

"It Was as if Satan Had Taken Over All the World!"

By the Staff of the National Journal
Translated from the German by J M Damon

The Wehrmacht was defeated on 8th May 1945.
After six long years of war, a nation whose heroism is unexcelled in all history was overwhelmed by the powers of Satan.
The courageous German soldiers fought until their last cartridge was gone.
The ancient, once-proud cities of Germany were in ruins and ashes, beneath which lay the rotting corpses of hundreds of thousands of women and children, victims of a unique Allied bombing holocaust that deliberately targeted noncombatants.
After unparalleled struggle, Germans were forced to submit to the overwhelming power of the genocidal Allies.
Following defeat came slavery, torment and death to millions more.
Today the ruling German elite spit on our heroes, without whom all Western Europe would have suffered the same fate as the Eastern bloc.

In the words of Hellmut Diwald ("Zum 8. Mai", WITIKOBRIEF Nr. 3, 1985):
“The 8th of May 1945 was a day of calamity, agony and despair.
For six years the entire German nation had struggled for its existence in the most destructive war of all time.
Whoever mocks the memory of the valor and self-sacrifice of the German soldiers; the strength of character of the German women and elderly during the Allied terror-bombings; the tears of the mothers and orphans; is mocking the German will to survive!  
We must remember the 8th of May with this in mind.
The victors of 1945 like to preach that their war against Germany was a crusade for the salvation of humanity, but they fought their crusade by means “carpet bombings” that treated defenseless women, children, refugees and the same as armed and able-bodied soldiers.
The day of capitulation of the Wehrmacht brought peace for the Allies, but for many millions of Germans it brought hell on Earth.

Did the victors of 1945 ever ask themselves what atrocities they were committing against the values of mankind, while they were stamping their “crusade” with the seal of triumph?
Following the German defeat, the Soviets took over a million German women from their children and deported them to Siberian death camps.
Following the German defeat and release of American prisonerd (who had been treated according to the stipulations of the Geneva Convention), the Americans deliberately starved a million German prisoners to death even though the American warehouses were bulging with food.

In our “Federal Republic” there are no “moments of remembrance”  for the German victims of Allied atrocities.
The crafty speeches of our collaborationist politicians do not even mention of the genocide against Germans!
During their so-called “Remembrance Day for Jews” these politicians’ revolting and servile allegations murder the spirit of the German victims all over again anew.
 Our power elite glibly apply the enemy propaganda term of “liberation” to the most atrocious atrocities in world history.
One cannot imagine a more cynical way to continue the genocide of a defeated nation.

As expected, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder journeyed to Moscow on 9 May 2005 for Putin’s victory celebration of the murderous Red Army, where he again begged forgiveness for “the atrocities of the Germans.”
As expected, ex-President Putin and the Russians outdid themselves heaping praise on Josef Stalin, the greatest mass murderer of all time.
Nowadays the Russians are erecting one monument after another in honor of Monster Stalin.
Not to be outdone by the propaganda of the Western Allies, Putin had the CHUTZPA to proclaim that in 1945, the murderous Red Army “liberated” East Germany and Eastern Europe!

As DIE WELT reported on page 6 of its issue for 9 May 2005, Schroeder rivaled even Putin in shameless presumptuousness
 “...in honoring these celebrations for the glorification of the Russian dictator, whose victims are still grieved in almost every Russian family.
The monuments being erected in the Russian provinces in honor of Josef Stalin represent the kind of thinking that made possible the pact between Molotov and Ribbentrop, between Moscow and Berlin.
This way of thinking celebrates the Soviet conquest of Eastern Europe as a great political accomplishment and still refuses to acknowledge the occupation of the Baltic States.”
Chancellor Merkel also goes out of her way to honor the genocidal murderers of German women and children.

Since Russia has opened its archives to historical researchers, we know that Adolf Hitler anticipated Stalin’s assault on Western Europe by three weeks when he attacked Russia on 22 June 1941.
The rapidly advancing Wehrmacht was greeted with jubilation in the liberated Baltic countries, Ukraine and White Russia.
We now know that, with their preventive attack on the gigantic Red Army, the Wehrmacht and SS saved Western Europe from the fate of the Eastern Bloc countries.

We now know that Stalin had been planning to overrun and subjugate Western Europe since 1939.
In order to be able to strike at the proper moment and cashier all of Western Europe, he needed a common border with the Reich.
As DIE WELT explained on page 6 of its issue for 16 May 1996:
 “We know this from a speech that Stalin made to the Politbureau on 19 August 1939, in which he made clear that he intended to enter a pact with National Socialist Germany that would encourage Hitler to invade Poland and begin the War.
Stalin had also calculated that if the Soviets accepted British and French offers (a Western military mission was already negotiating in Moscow), Hitler would not attack Poland and the War could not begin.
War was necessary for the Soviet Union because otherwise, Bolshevism would not be able to expand into the West.”
After the Wehrmacht’s preventive attack forced the Soviets out of the Eastern Bloc countries, thousands in the Baltic and other liberated Eastern countries joined the Waffen-SS to fight against the Soviet murder machine.
This is the reality!
With its draconian censorship and fierce suppression of dissenting opinion, our present regime is trying to make us believe the very opposite.

Adolf Hitler was generally correct in his assessments of the world political situation, and his assessments have generally been confirmed today.
As DIE WELT observed on page 9 of its issue of 7 May 2005:
Three years before the 8th of May 1945, precisely on 8th May 1942, the protocols of table conversations at the Wolfsschanze recorded the following assessment by Hitler.
‘He remarked that the earth has become a WANDERPOKAL (challenge cup) that inevitably makes its way into the hands of the strongest.’
Hitler’s assessment was fulfilled in 2005...
‘After the provisional victory of the West in 1990, peace unfortunately remains as elusive as in 1945.’
The struggle for world supremacy is still undecided...
May the hand of the strongest treat this challenge cup with care, for it could easily break.’”

Die NPD brachte die Niedertracht und die Lügen des BRD-Regimes gegenüber seinem Märtyrer-Volk auf ihrer Freiheits-Demonstration am 8. Mai 2005 in Berlin mit dem Motto "60 Jahre Befreiungslüge - Schluß mit dem Schuldkult"  glasklar auf den Punkt, denn Tatsache ist: "In den alliierten Verlautbarungen wurde nie von der Absicht gesprochen, die Deutschen oder die Japaner zu 'befreien', so wie 1964 Vietnam, 2002 Afghanistan und 2003 der Irak 'befreit' werden sollten.
During their Demonstration for Freedom in Berlin on 8th May 2005, the NPD (National Party of Germany) emphasized the lies and perfidy with which the Federal Republic treats its martyred citizens.
The theme of the demonstration was “60 Years of Liberation Lies – Down With the Guilt Cult!”
On page 9 of its issue for 7 May 2005, DIE WELT explained:
“It is an undisputed fact that in all the Allied propaganda, there was never any statement of intent to ‘liberate’ the Germans or Japanese, as was their stated intent in the “liberations” of Vietnam in 1964, Afghanistan in 2002 and Iraq in 2003.
Their purpose was quite simply to make the Germans and Japanese harmless as competitors for all time.”

Our ruling philistines and hypocrites hate this unequivocal fact like the devil hates holy water, which explains why they illegally suppress patriotic marches and demonstrations.
While our American “liberators” starved over a million of our prisoners in the notorious death camps along the Rhine, our Soviet “saviors” murdered millions of German women and children; and in addition to these, they killed even more in the Eastern countries that they occupied for fifty years.
As DIE WELT observes on page 6 of its issue for 9 May 2005: “Putin’s relativizing narrations make no mention of the brutality of Stalin’s regime and the liquidations of millions of people.”
On 7 May it observed: “The Germans in particular had no reason to greet the Red Army as ‘liberators.’”

During his visit to Latvia on 7 May 2005, warmongering President George Bush also pilloried the atrocities of the Soviet Empire.
“Bush pointed out that the Baltic and East European states from Poland to Rumania suffered under the iron tyranny of a different imperialism...
‘The imprisonment and murder of millions in Central and Eastern Europe will be remembered as the greatest injustice of all time’ he said.”
(Reported on page 2 of DIE WELT, 9 May 2005)
None of this, however, could faze a “Federal Republic” chancellor such as Gerhard Schröder.
In Moscow on 9 May 2005 he not only praised and flattered the Soviet murderers, he deliberately defiled the memory of the millions of German victims of the real World War II holocaust.
His servile blatherings complement the orders issued to the Red Army by Ilja Ehrenburg, Stalin’s Jewish commisar for genocide:  
“Kill, you gallant Red Army soldiers, kill!
There is nothing innocent about the Germans.
Follow the admonition of Comrade Stalin and trample the fascist beast in its lair!
Smash the racial arrogance of the German women with violence!
Take them as your booty!
Kill, gallant Red Army soldiers, kill!”


The above article brings to mind the affinity for Germany that is sensed by many Southerners who take an interest in their history.
The following admonition by one of our Confederate generals is applicable to Germany as well as the Confederacy.
Both countries were devastated by the same ruthless enemy, who followed the inhuman strategy of assaulting defenseless civilian populations.


The Meaning of Subjugation

A Little German Lesson

"Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late...
It means the history of our heroic struggle will be written by our enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of recorded history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision..."
Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne, CSA
January, 1864



Here's freedom to him who would speak,
Here's freedom to him who would write;
For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Save him whom the truth would indict!
ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)



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