“Captain” Köhler Hastily Abandons “FRG Titanic”

By the Editors of the National Journal

Translated by J M Damon

Until now it has been unthinkable that a President of the Federal Republic of Germany, someone who has sworn unquestioning obedience to the “Lobby,” would abandon his high position and run to the “lifeboat” except under extreme duress.
Politically correct morons imagine there are great and meaningful differences between parties in the FRG Lobby but in reality, the whole system is comparable to the super rich owner of a stable of racehorses who enters several horses in every race.
To him, it doesn’t matter which horse wins!
Like the owner of the stable, the political Lobby owns the various parties or “horses” in every electoral race, and so it makes no difference which “horse” wins.
And when for example chancellor “horses” no longer place among the winners, they can easily be replaced by new horses (called candidates.)

The Lobby’s artificial currency called the “Euro” functions in a similar manner.
This monetary instrument, which has made the Lobby richer than anything else in all history, is now heartily despised by every nation of the European Union, including the Federal Republic.
It is now time to do away with the hated Euro so that politically correct FRG DEPPEN (morons) can again be enticed (for a little while) into paying tribute, and this can only be done with the new D-Mark.

 The purpose of the Euro was to entice the FRG into meeting its stupendous financial obligations, and what could provide a more convincing rationale for this than “rescuing Europe?”
As an individual state, the FRG Lobby could never have obligated itself to take on the obligations of all Europe and assign the trillions in guarantees to the Global Lobby’s financial empire.
When the Lobby’s “Holocaust” tribute became inadequate (“peanuts” when compared to a financial bailout of all Europe), the Global Lobby created the Euro with its enormous potential for concentrating the obligations of all Europe.

Everything functioned as planned.
It may be that a little more in the way of financial obligations is still required before the Euro collapses completely, but the principal rationale for the treasonous obligations, which resulted from fantastic computer numbers created from thin air [“Digital Euros”] has already been made public.
The “Secret World Government,” the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York, was first exposed by the journalist Wilhelm Bittorf on ARD Television in 1975 [see ]
Obviously the decision was made long ago to pay the DEPPEN in D-Marks, which should keep them quiet for a while.
In this connection the Lobby might switch its present flunkies as well, as is now becoming clear.
Almost every TV news broadcast is now demanding the resignation of the Merkel-Westerwelle government.
In 2005, we at the National Journal were a little ahead of the times when we wrote: “The political chaos will begin after the elections on 18 September.”
However, this is exactly the situation that developed one legislative period later.

One could clearly perceive that the Zionist Lobby, the “Secret World Government” in New York, intended to switch currencies and politicians when the high ranking Globalist Hans Olaf Henkel proposed the re-introduction of the D-Mark and EINSTAMPFEN (literally “converting into pulp”) of the Euro, which he actually proposed in the ARD.
[ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT DER ÖFFENTLICH-RECHTLICHEN RUNDFUNKANSTALTEN DER BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND – Consortium of public-law broadcasting institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany"]
Although Henkel (on behalf of his client (the CFR) had originally demanded the introduction of the Euro in order to avoid “going under,” he is now demanding the abandonment of this artificial currency in order to avoid “swamping.
Says he: “I was an ardent supporter of the Euro, but now the rudder must be yanked in the other direction.
This is preferable to running aground with our eyes wide open.” (N-TV.DE for 7 June 2010.)

We re-iterate: Henkel is a Globalist of highest degree whose function is that of lobbyist for Ken Lewis, head of the Bank of America; and needless to say, the Bank of America is a member of CFR, the “Secret World Government.”
We should consider the resignation of President Köhler in this context.
His resignation is the most dramatic sign of collapse that we have seen so far.
Peter Gaulweiler, who since 2006 has been chairman of the UNTERAUSSCHUSS AUSWÄRTIGE KULTUR- UND BILDUNGSPOLITIK DES AUSWÄRTIGEN AUSSCHUSSES DES BUNDESTAGES (Subcommittee on Cultural and Educational Policy) and “Distinguished Friend of Tel Aviv,” called Köhler’s resignation a “dramatic and unique situation” for Germany and remarked: “For the first time since the days of the Kaisers, our head of state has resigned!” (FR ONLINE, 8 June 2010.)
This is true even though the BRD is supposed to be the most benevolent government in the history of mankind according to the propagandistic self-conception of its rulers.

To be “head honcho” of this state, the captain so to speak of this “state luxury liner,” has got to be the highest honor imaginable for a state official or bureaucrat.
Until now it has been unthinkable that such a sanctified individual would discard the presidential mandate without wavering and agonizing, but Köhler chucked it overboard and jumped into the lifeboat without a second thought.
This is a hard blow indeed for the FRG System, one that can be construed only as a harbinger of collapse.
Such symbolism!
The President of the FRG throwing away his office!
The subconscious message for the public is that the System has lost all value.
Is this evidence of the Lobby’s strategy of placing new “horses” in the race?

Köhler pretended that he had been misunderstood in conjunction with the Bundeswehr’s deployment to Afghanistan, when he said in an interview:
“It is my estimation that we are in process, even the broad sectors of our society, of understanding that a country of our size and significance and dependence on foreign trade must realize that in an emergency, even military deployment is necessary to protect our interests.
It is necessary to protect free trade and to overcome regional instabilities that would negatively affect our options and opportunities for trade, jobs and income.”

Anyone can see that NATO’s war in Afghanistan is about theft of its natural resources for the Global Lobby rather than “national liberation” (through wholesale slaughter of women and children.)
On page 6 of our printed Issue 57/2001, we wrote “No measures are too violent for America in seizing the world’s last natural resources...
Huge reserves of petroleum, coal, and natural gas are lying under Afghanistan’s soil...
In addition the country is rich in Lapis lazuli gems....
The American Unocal Corporation has long wanted to lay a gas and oil pipeline through Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan.
At stake is an initial investment of 4.5 billion dollars, which the Globalists believe can be secured only by the presence of US troops.”
There is additional official confirmation in today’s papers: “American geologists have discovered huge additional deposits of natural resources (Lithium) in Afghanistan that are valued at over a trillion dollars.”
 (DIE WELT, 15 June 2010, p. 3)

In his BUNDESWEHR-AFGHANISTAN statement, Köhler accurately describes the present situation of the World Lobby.
His lie consists of the implication that deployment of German military forces throughout the world would serve German interests, since the BUNDESWEHR is actually functioning as a foreign legion for the Zionist Lobby.
In the USA, even the “Secret World Government” ridiculed Köhler’s professed reasons for resigning as well as the pretended surprise of the German political caste:
As SPIEGEL.DE remarked on 1 June 2010:
“What the German President said is not debated or denied in the US, according to Washington’s experts on Germany...
‘For us it is puzzling to see a president resign over such a statement’ says Charles Kupchan, a professor at Georgetown University and member of the National Security Committee for Europe during the Clinton Administration.
‘In the USA, it is not debated that military deployments can serve strategic economic interests.’”

There is no connection between Köhler’s remarks on Afghanistan and his hasty “desertion under fire,” however.
He is a hard-nosed Globalist who would never resign over remarks or criticisms that organizations such as the Green Party might make.
Furthermore Köhler arranged the German financial contribution of around 12 billion Marks to the USA for its Gulf War in 1991.
In his capacity as STAATSSEKRETÄR (State Secretary) he was instrumental in the formation of the Monetary Union.
On the recommendation of Chancellor Schröder, Köhler was appointed Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2000, a position he held until March 2004.
In addition, Köhler is a member of the Trilateral Commission.

All this suggests that Köhler created the Euro on behalf of the Trilateral Commission and the FED, for the purpose we have already described.
It is firmly established that none but a high ranking Globalist can be head of the Hebrew IMF, and there is no doubt that this is true in Köhler’s case.
In his second Berlin speech on 1 October 2007 he addressed Globalization and emphatically called for its creation.
In mid 2010 he apparently received instructions from abroad to begin preparations for placing the present “horses” in their boxes in order to “run new horses” in the upcoming political races.
The trillions of Euros guaranteed to the Lobby have for the most part been paid, and so the Euro can now be discarded by “cashing in” the southern Euro countries.
At the exact time of Köhler’s resignation, the scenario that he (one of the founders of the Euro!) had drawn, became true.

In 1992 he actually wrote:
“It will not happen that the South European countries will be ‘cashed out’ and the so-called rich countries will profiteer at their expense.
In that case, Europe would fall apart.” (SPIEGEL.DE, 6 April 1992)
Well, this is precisely what happened, as we have seen.
Köhler’s scolding of the banksters was obviously pure hypocrisy and diversion since he, as German president, promptly signed the orders for “cashing in the South European Countries” before hastily abandoning the “German Titanic.”
Was he carrying out orders he received from the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations?

Now the FRG can also go down in the maelstrom of the Euro.
New faces will be brought forward to make sure that the Germans with their “Neo D-Mark” continue handing over their trillions in tribute to the Hebrew Lobby for ever and ever (even if still other currencies have to be introduced from time to time.)
At any rate, the Germans will be happier paying their tribute with the D-Mark than with the despised Euro.
The new Lobby bosses will know how to explain that the old Euro governments left the FRG burdened with debts (and that everything is the fault of the pensioners and their overly generous retirement benefits!)
The Lobby hirelings in the various parliaments will have the task of taking away the retirees’ pensions and putting them in the Lobby’s moneyboxes.
They call that “saving.”

We are surrounded by Lobby agents, from Merkel to Schäuble to Westerwelle, who insist that there is no alternative to “saving” and reducing state expenditures.
We are told that every country in Europe has to save, adopt austerity measures and cut spending.
However, these obedient politicians have hardly finished trumpeting their slogans about the necessity of “saving” (that is supposedly the only way the Euro countries can be saved from financial ruin) when the Hebrew rating agencies launch another devastating blow against the Euro.
The “creditworthiness” of the southern Euro countries has been adjusted downward by the rating agencies (and in this way the European crisis engineered!) on account of their generous welfare programs.
As soon as these countries accepted the austerity measures, however, another lowering of “creditworthiness” is announced – but now it is because of the austerity programs!
This is unexcelled CHUTZPA: “The financial world demanded that Spain initiate a policy of austerity and cost-cutting; but as soon as Spain began to seriously comply with their demand, they lowered Spain’s credit rating.
The Fitch agency changed its evaluation of Spain’s creditworthiness, saying that the austerity program would choke off its growth.” (STERN.DE, 29 May 2010)

The Lobby politicians are thus depicted in a worse light than we could have imagined in our wildest dreams.
While the FRG prosecutes tax evaders in order to “set a good example” and “rescue the Euro,” the southern Euro countries prefer to reward their plutocratic cheats in return for loaning the State some of their billions in undeclared income.
While the FRG prosecutes tax evaders by “setting a good example” and defending the Euro, the “cashiers of Southern Europe” (those who are exploiting the southern Euro countries) prefer to take the opposite approach, namely to reward their plutocratic cheats with incentives if they will loan some of their undeclared billions to the State.
“Spain, the country whose ability to pay its debts is questionable, is planning an amnesty for tax sinners in return for loans to the State...
Whoever declares his untaxed income can avoid penalties by buying national bonds at lower interest rates.”
(SZ.DE, 7 June 2010)

Thus we see that in the southern Euro countries, tax evasion is rewarded with interest incentives whereas in Germany, the little nursery owner who fails to declare 10,000 Euros income is fined 100,000 Euros so that the Euro can be “rescued” (according to the politicians.)
No wonder the “System” has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of most Germans.
The Lobby knows that it is not going to win any more races with their present “horses.”
 That is why they have to come up with new “horses,” which help for a while.
Köhler’s resignation further discredited the System and necessitated more cosmetic changes.
The Lobby is hoping that in future, the Germans will be more willing to pay their tribute if they are allowed to pay in D-Mark once more.

What is about to happen to the Germans is going to be even worse than the effects of the capitulation of the WEHRMACHT in May of 1945.
Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the EZB (European Central Bank) has openly admitted this:
“There is no doubt that we are now in the most difficult financial situation since the Second World War, even more difficult than the First World War...
 We are experiencing really dramatic times.”
 (SPIEGEL.DE, 15 May 2010)

When the Euro collapses, the Federal Republic and no one else is going to be held responsible.
This will not be entirely devoid of justice because it was the FRG bosses who drove their own people into the disastrous Euro, along with the other European countries.
Greece gave up a currency that had existed for 2700 years, which was like destroying their identity.
When the Euro collapses hatred for Germany is going to be immense because Europe will have to begin all over again just as though it had gone through another devastating war.
In the coming financial and systemic collapse the Germans in particular are going to lose everything they have worked for.

Following the catastrophe of the military collapse of the Reich in 1945 there was little real hatred in Europe toward the Germans,  despite all the show trials and atrocity propaganda of the victors.
The heroic deeds of the WEHRMACHT and WAFFEN-SS in defense of Europe were too widely known, too glorious and admired for real hatred.
The situation will be different after the collapse of the Euro, however.
The FRG gang has perpetrated a financial coup that the people of Europe will experience as stupendous betrayal, and they are going to hate Germany for many decades.
And this time, in contrast to the period following the Second World War, there is no WEHRMACHT and WAFFEN-SS whose heroic glory will offset the hatred.
In addition, many European heads of state will use the Euro collapse that Greenspan predicted to blame the Germans for their own swindles, which will be camouflaged as part of the European calamity.

After the collapse of the EU, pacts and bilateral alliances situations are going to be directed against Germany.
Ironically, they will be alliances against a Germany that, in the delirium of subjugation that has existed since 1945, has fulfilled every demand to ignore its own existential interests, both agricultural and industrial, in order to avoid appearing autarkic.
(In a unified Europe, Germany presumably should not be autarkic or self-sustaining.)
The result is that today Germany is neither agriculturally nor industrially self-sustaining, and its military capability to
defend itself in the wake of austerity policies is reduced to providing mercenaries for world wide deployment under the command of the Zionist Lobby.

Germany is kaputt, finished, busted.
It’s all over for the subjugated FRG System, which can only pay more trillions to Zionist extortionists.
And all this has come about because of fears of a punitive Third World War, because the FRG elite, acting from personal greed, insisted on so-called “Holocaust Guilt,” using repressive laws to force fictitious guilt onto their own VOLK.


 “Germanophilic Germanist” J M Damon of Austin Texas is a former language instructor who translates noteworthy articles for the benefit of Germanophiles who do not read German.


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