Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision


11-12 DECEMBER 2006

Fredrick Töben: The ‘Holocaust-Shoah’

Has No Reality in Space & Time … Only In Memory.




1.Auschwitz-Birkenau: UNDRESS-GAS-BURN






1. You arrive at Treblinka.  

2. There are two or three trains a day. Sixty cattle wagons averaging

16,000 persons.  


3. You don’t know your personal belongings will be thrown onto a

heap . . .  



4. It’s a heap of belongings of those who have come before you.

These things will be stored in the shed and sorted for valuables.  


5. If you are old and unwell, there is trained help for you at a First

Aid station.




6. There you can wait your turn for special treatment. This really

turns out to be a killing pit. You are shot in the head, thrown into the

pit and burned.




7. Those fit enough to walk from the train . . .



8. Will go through this gate and undress. Women go into the left

shed, separate from the men, then walk naked . . .



9. Walk naked. This must always be stressed.


10. Walk naked through the tube . . .



12. Below, roofs have been taken off the models to show the Diesel gas chambers. At the entrance stood Ivan the Terrible, alleged to have been John Demjanjuk. He is said to have sliced the breasts off the women entering the chamber. . . .


11. Then you arrive at the Little Gas House, right, July-October 1942 = 700,000 gassed, 3 rooms, 4x4 m = 275 approximately in each – 18 x m2. After murdering 700,000, big gas house, left, built in October 1942 = 10 rooms, 8 x 1 m, 700 in each = 7,000 total, 22 x m2.






13. Then the bodies are buried in huge pits using excavators not designed for such a job. Then the Germans realize the existence of mass grave is evidence of their crime. . . .




14. So, in an attempt to hide the evidence, 10 months later, in April 1943, the German exhume—dig up—the bodies in 122 days and four months.




15. And then they burn them on huge wooden pyres . . .  



16. That is why, Holocaust believers say, no evidence has ever been found at the Treblinka work camp to support the claims of mass exterminations by so-called eyewitnesses.



Fredrick Töben: Forty Days in Teheran,



ISBN 9780958546690



“The consequences of World War II did not create Zionism

as an effective political movement: they merely gave Zionism

the world political victory it needed for the final stage of the

takeover of Palestine. All the world power had fallen to the

U.S. and the Soviet Union, both of which were most friendly

to the Zionist cause at this time. Under the circumstances,

the Arab position was hopeless, because it depended on the

firmness and political independence of a Britain that was almost

prostrate politically and economically.”

—PROFESSORARTHUR BUTZ: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century





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