Die Holocaust-Lügen-Ikone Elie Wiesel stürzt
Elie Wiesel’s House of Lies Is Crashing

“Holocaust” Icon Exposed As the Greatest Liar
 Of All Time

Translated from the German by J M Damon
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The independent “Holocaust” researcher Carlo Matogno has uncovered documents proving that the self-styled “Auschwitz Survivor” Elie Wiesel, adviser to American presidents on all “Holocaust” matters, was never interned at Auschwitz!
Lies of unimaginable extent are now exposed.
Are we approaching the satanic “End of Time?”
Carlo’s entire work will be published next week on this website.
Here is the background to his documentation.


Is Elie Wiesel “The Most Credible Living Witness
to Holocaust?”

By Carlo Mattogno

On the 27th of January 2010, the tenth “Holocaust Remembrance Day,” Elie Wiesel was invited to Montecoitorio Hall, the Chamber of the House of Representatives (Lower House) of the Republic of Italy, where he was invited to make a short speech.
The president of the Chamber, Gianfranco Fini, introduced him as the “most credible living witness to the horrors of the Holocaust among the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps.”
See the stenographic record at: <http://www.camera.it/cartellecomuni/Leg16/files/pdf/opuscolo_giorno_della_memoria.pdf>

But: Is Elie Wiesel really a witness
Or is he a charlatan, a faker?

On 3 March 2009 a Hungarian website published an article entitled TITEL MÉG MINDIG KISÉRTI A HALÁTÁBOR (The Extermination Camp Is Still Beguiling.)
The article sketches highly significant revelations by Miklos Gruner, a former deportee to Auschwitz, and is posted at
The article was translated into German and English and appeared the following day under the title “Auschwitz Survivor Says Elie Wiesel Is an Impostor.”
It is posted at <www.henrymakow.com/translated_from_the_hungarian.html> and reads as follows:

{Mattogno quoting from Makow article}

 In May of 1944, when Miklos Gruner was 15, he was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz-Birkenau along with his mother, father, younger brother and older brother.
He says that his mother and younger brother were “gassed” immediately after their arrival, and he goes on to relate the following:

His older brother and their father had prisoner numbers tattooed on their arms and were sent to do hard labor in one of the IG Farben factories that produced synthetic fuel, where his father died after six months.
His older brother was then sent to Mauthausen, while he, left alone, taken under the protection of two older Jewish Hungarian internees who had been friends of his father.
These were the brothers Lazar and Abraham Wiesel.
In the following months, Miklos Gruner and the Wiesel brothers became close friends.
Miklos never forgot the number that the Nazis had tattooed on Lazar’s arm: A-7713.
Lazar was 31 years old in 1944.
As the Red Army was approaching in January 1945 / the inmates were transferred to Buchenwald.
During the ten-day transfer, which was accomplished partially on foot, half the prisoners died, including Lazar’s older brother Abraham.
On 8 April the US Army liberated Buchenwald, and Miklos and Lazar were among the camp survivors.
Since Miklos had tuberculosis, he was sent to a clinic in Switzerland and separated from Lazar.
After recuperating, Miklos immigrated to Australia while his older brother, who had also survived the War, settled in Sweden.   

Years later, in 1986, Miklos was contacted by someone from the Swedish magazine SYDSVENSKA DAGBLADET in Malmö who invited to meet “an old friend of his” named Elie Wiesel.
When Miklos answered that he knew no one by this name, he was told that Elie Wiesel was the person whom Miklos had known in the concentration camps by the name of Lazar Wiesel and who had the tattooed number A-7713 on his arm.
Since Miklos remembered this number and was convinced that he was going to meet his old friend, he gladly accepted the invitation to meet in the Stockholm Savoy Hotel on 14 December 1986.
Miklos remembers:” The thought of meeting Lazar made me very happy, but when I faced Elie Wiesel, I was very surprised to see a man whom I did not recognize at all.
He did not even speak Hungarian or Yiddish!
Instead, he spoke English with a strong French accent.
For this reason, our meeting lasted only about ten minutes.  
As a parting gift he gave me a copy of his book entitled NIGHT, saying he was the author.
I accepted the book, with which I was not familiar at the time, but I told everyone present that this was not the person he was claiming to be!”
Miklos remembers that during that unusual meeting Elie Wiesel had refused to show him the number tattooed on his arm, saying he “did not like to expose his body.”
He adds that Elie Wiesel once showed his tattoo to an Israeli journalist, who subsequently met Miklos about it.
This journalist told Miklos that he was unable to read the number and did not believe it was really a tattoo.

In Miklos’s words:
“After that meeting with ‘Elie Wiesel’ I spent 20 years researching his story and I discovered that this man calling himself by that name had never been in a Nazi concentration camp, since his name is not on a single list of inmates.”
Miklos also discovered that the book that “Elie Wiesel” claimed to have written in 1986 had actually been written in Hungarian in 1955.
It was published in abbreviated form in Paris under the title "UN DI VELT HOT GESVIGEN" (Yiddish for “And the world kept silent.)”
The abbreviated book was then translated into French and English was then published under the titles “LA NUIT” and “NIGHT.”
The person calling himself ”Elie Wiesel” has sold ten million copies of this book all over the world - he even received a Nobel Peace Prize for it, whereas the real author, Lazar Wiesel, mysteriously disappeared...
This person would never meet with me again.
He became very wealthy, receiving 25,000 dollars for 45-minute Holocaust speeches.
I informed the FBI in Los Angeles of his theft of  Lazar Wiesel’s identity and I filed official complaints in the US and Sweden, but to no avail.
I have received telephone calls warning me that I will be shot if I do not shut my mouth, but I no longer fear death.
I have deposited copies of my entire dossier in four different countries; and if I die suddenly they will be made public.
The world must know that Elie Wiesel is an imposter, and I am working on an appropriate revelation of this fact.
I am in process of publishing the truth in a book entitled “STOLEN IDENTITY A7713.”

{End of quote from Makow}

Miklos Gruner’s revelations have circulated widely, but not until now have they triggered extensive research efforts.
We have now investigated them critically, objectively and unemotionally.

Here's freedom to him who would speak,
Here's freedom to him who would write;
For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Save him whom the truth would indict!
ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)



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