Should Iran Imprison Its Holocaust Affirmers?

Prof Patrick H McNally

2 March 2006 - Tokyo

Today the sacred mystery of the holocaust is the only religious dogma enforced by international criminal sanctions. Congratulations are in order for the Church of the Holocaust headquartered in anti-Christian Israel with bishoprics, rabbinates, prisons, and a jewdiciary throughout the formerly Christian White world. Holocaustianity has replaced the death of Jesus with Auschwitz and his Resurrection with the founding of Israel. And currently Gentile stooges fall all over themselves trying to "outjew" one another with pathetic protestations of fidelity to the new slave faith for the holocaustofried.


Now the Iranian President ups and spoils the stodgy solemnity by branding the holyhoax a....well, hoax. President Ahmadinejad has opened a hornet's nest simply by suggesting that an international commission should seriously investigate whether the emperor really has any clothes. Iran offered to send scientists and technicians to Awshucks to do on-site forensic investigations. The Polish government was, thereby, given a golden opportunity to earn loads of foreign currency by allowing in high-powered oligarchs from the Holocaust Industry to defend their fable. Now why would the Polish Prime Minister bruskly reject the Iranian proposal to have an international commission thoroughly refute [or perhaps confirm] the earlier findings of the Leuchter and Rudolf Reports? The question answers itself. Or as they say in law schools: Res ipsa loquitur.


At any rate, there is a further card Iran can play. Let's call it the "Great Auschwitz Trial" card in reference to a same-named trial held in Frankfurt in the early 1970s. That earlier Awshucks Show Trial and kangaroo court was a major milestone in holocaustofrying Germany into a HOG [Holocaust Obsessed Government]. A Teheran Auschwitz Trial can play a key role in curing the Western world of its hoaxopsychosis.


A trial of some sort is much better than a purely academic holocaust conference for at least three reasons. Firstly, the Western governments will not permit their foremost experts and scholars to attend any conference in the Muslim world. Many top revisionist experts are in prison, have had their passports confiscated, have been severely beaten physically, or placed under the threat of death by jooish para-military death squads. Examples are: 

1. Rudolf, Zundel, Verbeke, et al. are in prison; 

2. Mahler is passportless; Faurisson has been savagely beaten several times by jooish terrorists; David Cole was threatened with death after his magnificient video on the Awshucks Labor Camp proved to be an incisive "the emperor has no clothes" expose. 

Secondly, the Western joosmedia will vomit out their spleen, bile, filth, and lies on any country that hosts such a conference and the learning-impaired pubics will swallow the black propaganda and WMD [Weapons of Mass Deception] just like they sucked up the fables about Sadddam's WMD and Osamu's al-CIA-duh. 

Thirdly, a trial has a certain PR value in international law. Of course, the UAssA and its puppet master care not a whit about law but are concerned about image. But any judicial proceeding is more authoritative than an academic conference. Therefore, some sort of judicial process [civil or criminal] is much to be preferred.


Now there happens to be a Jewish community of c. 30,000 in Iran and their self-chosen leaders have done what the Jewish elite always does, i.e. betray the basic interests of the Jewish sheeple. Teheran's elite Jewry has protested their president's statement denying the holocaust and have, thereby, put the Awshucks question squarely on the Iranian domestic agenda. Of course, the only way to properly address such a horrendous criminal accusation as the holocaust story is some judicial procedure using forensic evidence. The films of a Spielberg or Lanzmann are completely irrelevant in addressing the factual basis of the Jewish blood libel against Germans, i.e. hoaxoco$t. And the psychotic ramblings of an Alley Weasel are powerful evidence against the established Church of the Holocaust because his testimonials are either physically impossible nonsense or contradict the currently prevailing version of the hoax. Alley is still living in a time warp in which the fable had it that!


Jews were roasted alive in humongous open air barbecue pits. Absolutely nobody even among the weirdest holocaustomaniacs peddles such bullshit today.


A Teheran Auschwitz Judiciary would investigate the specific claims raised by Teheran Jews. Such a trail [or grand jury or hearing] would, therefore, strictly be an internal Iranian affair. It would be better if the proceedings were civil rather than criminal because a criminal trial would just duplicate the German and Austrian stupidity of imprisoning and abducting people for mere opinions. The Galileo Affair supposedly cured us of such idiocies.


The hopefully soon to open Teheran proceedings would differ from the German hoaxoco$t spectacle in the following ways: The German judges dogmatically assume the holocaust and will not let the accused defend himself in any way. Any defense is treated as holocaust denial and, therefore, [Can you believe this?] proves the defendant guilty: "You say you have scientific evidence that the murder of 30,000 Jews at Baby Yar was technically impossible? Five years in the slammer!" It all makes Stalin's show trials seem like models of idealized Anglo-Saxon justice. In the Teheran proceedings no specific person would be the central focus, but the Auschwitz fable itself would be examined. The Germans forbid any forensic evidence which could contradict the holocaust as "obvious public knowledge." The Iranians will demand forensic evidence and expert analysis and should invite internationally qualified forensic investigators to testify. Any holocaust affirmers, who choose to testify and are willing to risk open cross examination, will have an open forum in which they can put up or....


Since Iranian Jews are citizens of their government, they have duties and rights. If they can be accused of something in connection with their protests, then they have legal rights to defend themselves in their country's courts and judicial forums. Moreover, all the world from ABC to ZNN will be minutely examining any moves Iran makes, so any generally accepted human rights of the protesting Jews will be scrupulously observed. There is no reason to believe that Iran will act like the German and Austrian neo-Inquisitions. Let Germany and Austria imprison holocaust deniers! Iran should only cross examine those holocaust affirmers who had the chutzpah to shoot off their mouth.


My personal opinion is that Iran's elite Jewry has made an enormous mistake in turning the whole holocaust issue into an Iranian domestic issue and, thereby, running the risk of being forced to defend the hoaxoco$t narrative before a forum outside holocaust occupied territory. There is no need to imprison these elite Jewish idiots, but their chutzpah and inability to shut up opens up a golden opportunity for an unprejudiced forensic investigation of all the issues revisionists have been hammering away at.



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