Fredrick Töben says:

"If The USA begins to attack Iran during March 2006, then it is time to stand by the People of Iran and offer myself as a human shield"


 On the eve of his departure to Iran, Dr Fredrick Töben says:


1. "I refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust' because a belief in the Jewish 'Holocaust' creates hatred against Germans." 'Holocaust' believers are German haters. Why?


2. The 'Holocaust' belief states that Germans systematically exterminated European Jewry - six million -  in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz. This is a massive allegation against the German people that cannot remain unchallenged. With my German background I have to believe that my father was part of the murderous process that allegedly exterminated six million Jews. Am I not allowed to investigate such an allegation? Am I just to submit to those who would like to force me to believe this allegation - without my critically analysing such a horrific allegation? It is suicidal for Germans simply to accept such an allegation without asking how was it possible!


3. 'Holocaust' believers feel threatened by anyone who does not believe in the 'Holocaust'. Why? Any questioning of the 'Holocaust' is too painful for 'Holocaust' survivors - and now also for the children of 'Holocaust' survivors. This rationale is not acceptable to those individuals who have made reason and understanding their guiding principle, who have rejected any form of intellectual terrorism on the part of the 'Holocaust' believers to stifle debate. The uppermost guiding principle for our civilization is TRUTH - and it cries out to be fulfilled.  


4. In many European countries legal persecution - intellectual terrorism - prevents anyone from questioning the details of the 'Holocaust' belief because this leads to social, professional and economic ruin. In former British colonies the legal process does not criminalize those who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust', though in Canada the terrorism legislation is used by a corrupt legal process that claims those who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust' are a "security risk" to the country.  Like around the world, in Australia anyone who refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust' is deemed to be a hater, a Holocaust denier, an antisemite, a racist, a neo-Nazi, a xenophobe, etc. The most recent and most well-known Revisionists who have suffered legal persecution are Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Jürgen Graf, Rene Berclaz, Vincent Reynouard, Wolfgang Fröhlich, Siegfried Verbeke, Günter Kögel, Manfred Roeder, Horst Mahler, Frank Swoboda, and many more. David Irving is not a Revisionist because he has always maintained that "limited gassings took place", something Revisionists reject outright.  Before the Internet appeared as the Revisionists' weapon of mass instruction, the German judiciary would hold secret trials and in absentia convict individuals.


5. By not permitting a discussion on this matter 'Holocaust' believers therefore express an unbalanced view that does not take into consideration a basic fact: the 'Holocaust' allegation is painful for Germans, and their descendents. In order to relieve this pain - insult/libel/defamation - it is essential that Germans freely and openly investigate the allegations levelled against them by 'Holocaust' believers. This is fulfilling the Common Law principle of Natural Justice - giving someone charged with an allegation a right of reply, to respond to such an allegation. Otherwise the whole process resembles that of a witch trial where there is no attempt made to find out the factual truth of an allegation.


6. Any German, who still wants to be a German has the moral and intellectual right to investigate such monstrous allegations, and anyone who uncritically believes in the 'Holocaust' is committing a blood-libel against Germans by being either a liar or ignorant of the facts.


7. "Holocaust' believers such as Professor Deborah Lipstadt refuse openly to debate Revisionists. In view of the legal persecution of Revisionists Professor Lipstadt is clearly lying when she claims that there is nothing to debate about the 'Holocaust'. Why would legal force be needed to protect the 'Holocaust' story? She claims Professor Arthur Butz's book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century is a mere "tissue of lies". It is Professor Lipstadt who is the unashamed liar and defamer - indicating that she is intellectually bankrupt and morally a failed person.


8. Anyone who believes in the 'Holocaust' will do well to read the Holocaust Handbook series of over 20 volumes put out by Germar Rudolf before he was shamefully extradited from the USA to Germany where he is now in prison. Contact Mr Michael Santomauro for more details on the set of books that detail the TRUTH about the so-called  Jewish 'Holocaust'.


9. 'Holocaust' believers have to get past these books in order to retain their 'Holocaust' belief. Their belief in the 'Holocaust' will be challenged by the contents of these books. Remember, a Revisionist cannot prove that the 'Holocaust' did not happen because it is not possible to prove that which did not happen. It is up to the 'Holocaust' believers to prove their case - something that to this day has not been done! The above books attest to that, and the legal persecution of those who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust' illustrates that 'Holocaust' believers are on the defensive when confronted by Revisionists who demand to know the truth about those murder allegations.


10. The case of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory - Muslim terrorists did it! - is instructive here. It has become dangerous for dissenters who refuse to believe in the officially propagated conspiracy theory that Muslim terrorist perpetrated 9/11. However, Truth will out in time, as happened with the 2003 Weapons of Mass Destruction - WMD -  allegation/lie when it was used by the ' coalition of the willing' as a pretext to invade Iraq. The 'Holocaust' has lasted for over 60 years and is now legally enshrined/protected as a dogma in many countries, and even the UN has designated 27 January to be the Holocaust Memorial Day.


11. Some ' Holocaust'  believers suggest that Revisionists do have the freedom to freely research the ' Holocaust', something that is an outright lie. There are enough precedent cases in western democracies where university teachers have attempted to open the 'Holocaust'  topic to academic scrutiny. The result has always been a vicious social and legal persecution process. For example, Dr Joel Hayward and Dr Thomas Fudge are just two examples from small New Zealand who suffered outright legal and social persecution. New Zealand academics now not question the factuality of anything a 'Holocaust' survivor or 'Holocaust' believer says in public. That in 1983 the author of The Auschwitz Myth, Dr Wilhelm Stäglich, had his doctorate revoked from the University of Göttingen, sent a clear signal to all German academics to stay clear of the ' Holocaust'.


 ABC TV Lateline Interview, 21 February 2006


12. Here is the alleged murder weapon - Krema II at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The lid is off the alleged undressing room from where individuals went into the alleged 'homicidal gas chambers'. It is possible to work out how many persons fit into such rooms.


["Australian academic appears on poodle TV with 'gas chamber' model - explanation of the impossible operation cut short - Dr Fredrick Töben, jailed in Germany in 1999 for disputing the holocaust. Under Federal Court of Australia gag order not to dispute the 'holocaust'. Australian holocaust Laws are not generally known of by the public". 


More on Lateline


Interview script


Correction: the Iranian invitation does not come from its leaders but rather from a University faculty, hence the claim this is an academic trip where scientific deliberations about the 'Holocaust' will be made in public.


13. Lifting the lid off the roof of an alleged homicidal gas chamber ...

...revealing the not-at-all mysterious five cremation ovens, each with three muffles. What's so macabre about that? Let's challenge the 'Holocaust' story by calculating how many bodies can be - were -  cremated at this installation - it's quite easy, but terribly upsetting for those who fear the results of such a calculation. The bottle-neck in the killing process is found here at the cremation ovens. Revisionist literature states that once the 'gas chamber' and 'undressing room' are filled and cremation begins, the victims in the two rooms would have to wait for two weeks before being transported by a small flat lift to the cremation ovens.


Now all packed up


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Fredrick Töben visits Holy Mashhad in April 2001, and again in March 2006


  Preliminary reflective comments on educational journey



   Meeting Iranian students at the Holy City of Mashhad  



   At the first Intifada Conference, Tehran 2001




from The Revisionist Forum

 Gary Tobin attacks Professor Arthur Butz

From: Adelaide Institute
Sent: Monday, 20 February 2006 9:24 AM
Subject: Butz (Chicago Tribune, Feb. 19)

NOTE: Gary TOBIN is definitely not related to Dr Fredrick Töben! Here is Fredrick Töben's response to Gary Tobin's miserable attempt at character assassinating the most courageous Revisionist still in academia!

1. Gary Tobin is a 'Holocaust' believer - Fredrick Töben refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust'.

2. Gary Tobin is a morally repugnant man who will not shy away from forcing his 'Holocaust' belief on others - Fredrick Töben leaves it up to individuals themselves to use reason and understanding with which to investigate the facts surrounding the 'Holocaust' story/myth/belief.

3. Gary Tobin loves politically correct thought-processes - Fredrick Töben exposes the false consciousness contained in such thought processes by stressing the value of truth as a moral guiding force in intellectual enquiry.

4. Gary Tobin loves the 'Holocaust' industry - Fredrick Töben exposes the 'Holocaust' industry for what it is.

5. Gary Tobin claims that Professor Arthur Butz tells lies about the 'Holocaust' - Fredrick Töben KNOWS that Professor Arthur Butz tells the TRUTH about the 'Holocaust'.

6. Gary Tobin concludes his diatribe against Professor Butz by quoting from the Bible, thereby admitting that for some the 'Holocaust' has become a religion; Fredrick Töben knows Biblical quotes cannot make Professor Butz's TRUTHS disappear.

7. In his attack on Professor Arthur Butz Gary Tobin reveals his own moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

A disavowal of absolutely no value

By Gary Tobin, president of the San Francisco-based Institute for Jewish & Community Research and co-author of "The Uncivil University: Politics and Propaganda in American Education."

February 19, 2006

Northwestern University President Henry Bienen has upbraided tenured engineering professor Arthur Butz for his repugnant embrace of Holocaust denial. For that, the academic community and the American public should be grateful. Leadership in America's universities on basic moral issues is sometimes slow and sometimes absent, especially when it comes to calling anti-Semitic speech by its real name.

Yet Northwestern's public disavowal of Butz may have too limited value. Butz has been an active purveyor of Holocaust denial for decades. He uses his university-sponsored Web site to further the goal of saying that the Nazis did not actually murder millions of Jews. Northwestern says it can take no further action against Butz because he has tenure and because he confines his teaching and curriculum work to his work in electrical engineering, his actual academic responsibility.

Is that really so?

Do universities such as Northwestern really have no power when faced with such morally repugnant employees?

The answer clearly is no. Were Butz a gay-baiter, or if he said slavery was a moral and economic good, or if he doubted the intellectual capacities of women, he would certainly face more than a tersely worded press release.

Professor Butz denies what is true, invents what is not, and does so in order to vilify an entire group. Yet at Northwestern, such blatant level of ignorance and racism is protected under the banner of "the vital principle of intellectual freedom that all academic institutions serve to protect."

Let us examine that defense.

No other industry would use its basic principles to undermine the purpose for which it is pledged. Put another way, if another industry, say, medicine, played host to a quack who killed his patients, his license would be pulled. If a lawyer put his clients in constant legal jeopardy, he would be disbarred.

And so on a university campus, if somebody deliberately distorts the truth for the sheer purpose of destroying the truth, he should be fired.

For those who would hide behind the mantle of academic freedom and hold up their tenure as a shield, I remind them that tenure was designed to protect the honest pursuit of truth, unencumbered by political coercion. It is not a pass to promulgate bigotry and historical falsehoods. Tenured faculty can be fired for sexual misconduct or for failing to execute their teaching responsibilities; Butz's transgressions are no less a violation of his contract with the university, and therefore his contract should be terminated.

Northwestern has gone to great pains to distance itself from professor Butz. The university has been solicitous of Jewish donors, asking them to counter his hateful rhetoric by funding special programs and faculty positions for Holocaust studies. This they have done, in multiples of millions of dollars.

And yet Butz continues to draw his paycheck, teach his class, and tell the world that the gas chambers of Auschwitz were a lie, that the mass graves at Babi Yar were a lie and that Dachau, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka were all lies.

Northwestern's motto is "Quaecumque Sunt Vera"--Whatsoever things are true. It is derived from St. Paul, who said: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Think on these things, Northwestern. Think not of the souls whose memory and murder your professor Butz denies.,1,724141.story

Copyright © 2006, Chicago Tribune





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