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Some people love telling lies - Honest people upset Liars.

Through legal persecution Liars defame honest people

who refuse to believe their lies ... FUNNY PEOPLE   

Gothic Knight

White Woman's Anger!   



The Handkerchief of Benesch


G'day to attempt to close down a discussion/debate because someone has hurt feelings!     


Day One

Day Two

   Day Three




Mel Fowler: Are Jews smarter than People of European stock?

Michael James saves Germans from Jewish Holocaust-Shoah oppression

Patrick J. Buchanan: Was the Holocaust Inevitable?


2007TÖBEN'S LEGAL Battle - since 1996


  Fredrick Töben              

     By way of an introduction

Defence Fund Appeal  

                            Directions Hearing, 6 February 2007       

                                                  Directions Hearing, 8 March 2007                                  

                          Directions Hearing, 21 May 2007           

                       Töben Affidavit - 17 January 2007      

                         05 March 2007

                            9 August 2007  

                                13 August 2007     

                                 27 August 2007      

                                    07 September 2007  

                      Directions Hearing, 20 September 2007

                             The Allegations 1 November 2006                  

                                                       Amended Statement of Charge  - 2 November 2007                

                                                                      Trial 27/28 November 2007   - Consent Agreement 27 November 2007

   Media report - The Australian

                                 TÖBEN WITHDRAWS FROM CONSENT AGREEMENT

                       Various emails before Directions Hearing

                   Directions Hearing, 19 December 2007 

                                                             Notice of Motion & Affidavit in Support, 28 February 2008            

                                                        Jeremy Jones with hurt feelings still wants his pound of flesh  

                                          Written Submission for 28 February FCA Hearing        

                                                   Amended Notice of Motion for 28 February 2008 Hearing     

                        Amen. Not. Affidavit, 19 February 2008       

       28 February 2008 Hearing             

                   Töben Affidavit - 30 April 2008                  

                            - 2 May 2008                         

                 - 13 May 2008             

               - 26 May 2008            

                 - 11 June 2008             

             - 30 July 2008          


Affidavit of Mr Jeremy Jones                            

           Directions Hearing - 11 June 2008                               

                Jeremy Jones - 27 June 2008 Amended Notice of Motion

                                   J Jones - 27 June 2008 3rd Further Amended Statement of Charge

Affidavit of Jeremy Jones sworn 23 June 2008

Affidavit of Steven Lewis sworn 23 June 2008

Exhibit 'SL1'                                                          



          31July2008 further bundle of documents                  





    Media reports on Töben case & related matters                                      

                                                                      THE GERMAN/European Legal Scene - Sylvia Stolz, et al                                                                                             


           Builders' website off the hook for vilification of Jewish HIA chief                   

Wiesel says anti-Semitism a 'plague'                                                     

War of the words: The Holocaust                                                             

                                                    John Colson: By Censoring the Film, They Urged Me To See It                                                                  

      Michael Mazur on Judea Declares War on Germany                                    

                                     Judea Declares War On Germany DVD causing grief at GrassRoots TV, Aspen, Colorado, USA  

  Nordbruch: Allied Plans for the Annihilation of the German People        

Australia pushes further Web censorship                                              

 Sylvia Stolz  under judicial attack from München                                   

    Dr Robert John dies                                                                                      

   Review of Tomislav Sunic's latest book: Homo Americanus                      

  Sylvia Stolz before court                                                                            

  Robert Faurisson's visit closes Italian university                                     

  Taki's History lesson - Iran's no-torture photos                                       

  David Irving denies Auschwitz gassings                                                    

  Cleansing Palestine                                                                                     

           Holocaust denier guest of honour                                                                      

    Berlin Police Cadets bored by Holocaust                                                      

   German court jails Holocaust denier                                                            

    Hanson bows out of neo-Nazi conference                                                    

       Laurence W Maher: Free Speech and its Postmodern Adversaries                

  Iranian President, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses students

at Amir Kabir University: 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8

American TV report       

      Eric Hunt and all that ...     

                                                                                                                      Iran jails activists and gags dissent                                                                                

                                                                         Swiss president challenged on Iran offer                                             


                                                                            Talisman Sabre 2007                                                                                  

                                                                         Swiss offer Iran Holocaust conference?                                                

                                                                                                    How to create a Cho Seung Hui                                                                                          

                                                                        Dr Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust                                                          

                                                                         Dr Ahmadinejad preparing Iran for Imam Mahdi                                   

                                                                                                             Fredrick Töben comments on Holocaust Conference on ABC RADIO NATIONAL PM                   

                                                                       Yad Vashem hosts counter-conference                                                

                                                                       Iranian forum on Holocaust ‘beyond belief’                                         

                                                                                                                        Fredrick Töben at Auschwitz                                                                                                                  

Blogging the Bloggers                                                                         

            Paul Grubach: French Gov Hypocrisy, Islam & Holocaust Revisionism

How Jewish Supremacists Wrecked the USA                            

The legal persecution of Charles Zentai - update                      

Why I believe the Jews are lying about the Holocaust               

A Nuclear 9/11 -- Dr. Paul's Payback?                                        

       THE MINDLOCK By John Kaminski                                                        

      Peter Myers on Israel Shamir                                                            

        Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia University                             

       Iran Holocaust Show Sympathetic to Jews                                         

                               Captain Eric May on General Petraeus  - and more                                                     

                Martin Bryant was about 58 km away from Seascape Cottage                     

                       Outsourcing Intelligence: How Key National Security Projects...                        

                  Holocaust Symposium                                                                                          

           Ernst Zündel and the Politics of 'Gotcha'                                                   

                     A WOMAN WHO DID NOT BEND TO JEWISH PRESSURE                                          

         The Lobby - that doesn't exist                                                                

    UN SG: Holocaust deniers 'misguided individuals'                            

          1998 Electronic Frontiers Australia letter to HREOC                                

                         New HREOC complaint                                                                                              

                  Response to HREOC complaint                                                                          

         Orthodox Jews                                                                                         

     WHY JEWS HATE LEBANON                                                                   

Cyberhate, Antisemitism, and Counterlegislation                          

                                                                        AN ALTERNATE VIEW OF WORLD HISTORY AND END TIMES DOCTRINES FROM AN INDO-ARYAN PERSPECTIVE      

                             Nuclear Dictatorship - The Portland Plan                                                              


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