Switzerland legislates on 'cyberhate', etc.

Cyberhate Legislation 6 September 2003

Muslim Lawyer in Bid to Shut Down

 "Offensive" Australian Website18 August 2003


Legal Aspects of the Battlefront: Federal Court of Australia 

Mrs Olga Scully



Fredrick Töben v Jeremy Jones

Transcript of Proceedings 19 May 2003


Judgment in Appeal 27 June 2003


 Please note that the transcript cost almost $1,000, about $10 per page!

How can a person without funds take matters to the courts when money

determines who walks along the road to JUSTICE?

I thank those individuals who contributed towards our fighting fund.


For our Appeal to the Federal Court of Australia

Please send your

Cash or Cheque to:

 Toben Defence Fund  

P O Box 1137

Carlton 3053



 Direct electronic transfer to:

Toben Defence Fund

National Australia Bank

271 Collins Street

 Melbourne 3000


Account Number: 083.170.54878.5499


The hearing of the

Application for Leave to Appeal

was heard at

10.15 am,

19 May 2003

Law Courts Building

Queens Square



... and thank you to the many supporters world-wide who, by contributing to this fund, have done their bit in upholding the principle of free speech. This Appeal in the FCA is a test-case that will define our free speech parameters, and by implication will signal how strong Jewish-Zionist influence is in Australia's judiciary where the current battle rages between Common Law versus Talmudic Law ...


The Appeal before the Full Bench of the Federal Court was heard on 19 May 2003
Judgment reserved - possibly in June 2003


  17 September 2002 Judgment

  ben's response to Judgment

  Critical comments on Racial Vilification BillCritical comments on Racial Vilification Bill

  Major: Where Truth Is No Defence

  Message to Students: incl. Long correspondence 

                                             Jones misleads

                                             By Deception

                                                                   Pressure: legal, media, social

  NOTICE OF APPEAL to Federal Court of Australia


   Free Speech & Defamation Free Speech & Defamation


   Free Speech and its Postmodern Adversaries


   A Critical View of the Federal Court of Australia  


   Zionist defamation at its best - Justice Alan Goldberg


  An apology from Waikato University, New Zealand


Heated debate on free speech




Applicant's Outline Of Argument


Respondent's Outline Of Argument


25 February 2003


Amended Notice Of Appeal


 Outline of Submissions of the Attorney-General of the Commonwealth, intervening


No Right of Reply, a threat of legal action instead (the infamous Goldberg letter)!


 Toben fights to retain offensive website


Transcript 19 May 2003


Judgment 27 June 2003


Muslim Lawyer in Bid to Shut Down "Offensive" Australian Website

18 August 2003





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