What is happening in Iraq ?


By Dr Zakaria M. Al-Sheikh

Fact International

Amman, Jordan

12 April 2003

[This article was written by Dr Al-Sheikh in response to Fredrick Töben's musings following below,

and both are personal opinions of the respective authors.]


Everybody is wondering about the attitude of 'some' of the Iraqi people after the sudden and unexpected absence or 'evaporation' of Saddam’s regime.

The dramatic lawlessness, looting and chaotic situation spreading in almost all Iraqi territories right in front of the eyes of the 'spectators' the invading Anglo-American forces, who are not attempting to move an eyelash to put an end to this sad events, highlights the real motives behind such behavior for both the invading forces and those Iraqis who are involved in such activities.

It is clear “the worst regime is better than no regime” .. but Mr Rumsfeld is saying “we understand what is happening in Iraq, it is normal, because the Iraqi people are entering new era of freedom” .. it seems Mr. Rumsfeld is not worried, and he should not care, because the chaotic situation in Iraq is not on the top of his priorities or agenda, for two reasons:

Firstly, his main mission is to protect the oil infrastructure, a job which is well done by his invading army;

Secondly, the law and order situation in Iraq is a responsibility of the Iraqi people and the international community, since those who are suffering are the Arabs, not the Americans.

Mr. Rumsfeld has literally adopted the advice of the Zionist Sharon 'Prime minister of the so-called Israel' not to be involved in any of the law and order activities in Iraq and leave the matter to the Iraqi people to save the precious lives of the American solders.Sharon’s advice came out of real experience in the occupied Palestine.

The American administration once again neglects the international resolutions and conventions, when matters don’t suit them.

They have forgotten that the Geneva convention for human rights holds all occupying forces fully responsible to maintain peace and order in countries or cities fallen under the hands of the occupiers. No two logical and mature persons will disagree in labeling the American presence in Iraq as an occupying force.

The American media is trying to show the Iraqi people as a group of thugs looting and destroying public and private properties, and welcoming warmly the invading foreign army.

By concentrating on the small groups which destroyed Saddam's status, they showed a handfuf of Iraqis whom I suspect to be gents of CIA in Iraqi in order to convince the international community that the Iraqi people themselves are excited for the new changes in Iraq. They didn’t notice that Baghdad's population is more than 5 Million persons not the 200 persons who destroyed the status of Saddam.

The American administration and media as usual showed only one side of the story; they put aside a lot of news reported by Arab media on the activities conducted by many sincere Iraqi groups who have created road blocks to stop all looting activities and chasing every person who conducted such activities, since the occupying forces are useless to maintain order in Iraq.

The aim of the Americans in this campaign is to make every Arab, Muslim and free person on this universe to lose sympathy with the Iraqis and create a situation whereby Iraq will not stand on its foot again, so that “Israel” will sleep comfortable and cultivate all benefits of this war.

The Americans and British are the source of the chaotic situation in Iraq. It is obvious in the absence of local authorities in any country, the bad elements in the community will take this opportunity and do what we are experiencing in Iraq, that doesn’t mean the Iraqi people are welcoming the Americans or that all Iraqis are thieves, but they are victims of the American destruction of their world.

The story will not end in Iraq, but the criminals of the American politicians will not stop until and unless this unrest situation will be spreading in the rest of the Arab, Muslim and the dignified countries all over the world.

Saddam Hussein and his loyal men evaporated, the same thing that happened to Sheikh Osama Bin Laden and Talibans in Afghanistan.

The disappearance of top wanted persons for United States is a phenomena which requires a lot of study and brain storming.

Where is the huge republican army numbering millions?

Where is their military heavy equipment?

The same question can be asked for Al-qaedah and Talibans troops.

What kind of victory is this?

Does victory mean you control four streets in Kabul or the main roads in Iraqi cities and the rest of the country is under no control?

Is this victory?

Soon the people of Iraq will realize that they are under the direct military occupation of the Anglo-American-Zionist troops, as the Palestinian and Afghani people have already realized.

Underground military groups in Iraq will be formed to resist the occupation and the same scenarios of the Palestinian uprising (Intifadah) will be the day to day activities of the free Iraqis.

The majority of the Iraqis are loyal to their homeland, ready to protect their land, and the western media is showing just one side of the story which represent the minority.

You have to insist to hear the majority point view.

The Iraqi people deserve every respect and support.



Think on these things

By Fredrick Töben

12 April 2003


The following is instructive, only in sofar as it highlights the influence of Jewish individuals, which is different to controlling Jewish individuals. The former, influence, we are witnessing in Iraq now; the latter, controlling, we are witnessing in Israel and its suppression/oppression of the Palestinians.

The influence factor is not as absolute as the controlling factor. The former needs support, and if this support is morally corrupt, as it is in the current US unilateral action against Iraq, then one cannot only blame Jew for the success of that action. The person who takes that influence on board, then acts upon it, carries the responsibility, and in this case it is George W Bush and his Christian fanatics, among others, such as the Israeli Armed Forces personnel who have instructed the US soldiers how to secure Iraqi cities.

We all seek influence, and hence to condemn anyone for succeeding in this is unbalanced. It is the old battle-of-the wills phenomenon, a universal human characteristic, an elementary need and desire that forms the basis of our free speech campaigns. If you deny me my freedom to think and to speak, then you deny me my humanity - and you commit a crime against humanity. We note there are Jews, such as the Torah True Jews, who condemn the very existence of the Zionist State of Israel.It is thus wrong to blanket condemn the Jews as such.

The legendary Pied Piper story is instructive here where the actions of a corrupt city administration give rise to a tragic situation of pay-back time! Had the Pied Piper been paid for his services of ridding the town of rats as promised, he would not have (unilaterally) stolen the children as payment for services rendered.This does not imply that the Pied Piper's action was justified, but it does show how individuals, whose innate moral sensibilities are hurt, will take unilateral action (if they can) to diminish that hurt.

The Anglo-American-Zionist Forces (AAZF) attack on Iraq was unjustified because it is a lie to suggest that Iraq threatened AAZF with weapons of mass destruction.




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