7 April 2003


Fredrick Töben and John Bayley about to start on their mission to make

their Norwood suburb safe from intellectual terrorism. After all, the suburb of Norwood

is part of Adelaide, and the City of Adelaide is part of South Australia, which is known

in Australia as the State of Dissent. Most of Australia's progressive impulses originated

in South Australia, for example giving women the vote.


South Australia also has its fair share of artistic and literary stimulation, as the following indicates:



 Then there is this:


The plaque emanates something, and the intellectual terrorist hunters immediately

sense strange vibrations here. Anything older than yesterday, and anything unsuitably

adorned with incorrect symbolism may be a danger to passers-by who may feel upset when

confronted with something they don't know anything about.


This building has been standing for over a century, and that spells trouble for those who hate tradition.


The intellectual racist terrorists who have no tolerance for tolerance, will surely

be at work here. Where did they leave their mark?



What's this, an Irish Pub in Norwood?



And then that name!




We knew it, there hidden for all to see is the evidence that here we have

found something -




 And as you enter the hotel, gues what adorns the entrance and welcomes you?


Now we need your help to explain what we have found!


Look again!



Oh, My, Oh, My!


Oh, this is a propitious sign that things will improve for those who believe in,

in what?


Please advise

Then again, don't panick because the USA had a strong tradition that regarded this sign,


together with the four-leafed clover, a sign of good luck!




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