The Antiwar Movement's Nazi Connection

By Ben Johnson | April 25, 2003


In the run-up to the liberation of Iraq, conservatives were tempted to say

the entire anti-war movement represented nothing more than a conglomeration

of Stalinists, Castroites and Islamists. Such a description would not do

justice to the "peace" movement: it would omit the role of vicious

anti-Semites. FrontPage Magazine recently exposed the neo-Nazi Bill White's ("The Bottom of the Barrel"), but giving White a run for his

bile is one Bruce Alan "Vincent" Breeding, a professional anti-Semite and

sometime Satan-worshiper whose life's purpose lies in fighting the Jews.

"No War for Israel" (, the love child of Breeding and

recently incarcerated Klansman David Duke, demonstrates the disturbing

continuity and convergence of neo-Nazis, Islamists and the anti-war



Resume of Hate

In his mid-30s, Breeding already has an impressive resume for the hate

movement. As a Tampa-based regional organizer for National Alliance, the

hate group whose leader's writings inspired Timothy McVeigh,1 Breeding

helped bring Holocaust denier David Irving to the United States. When David

Duke unsuccessfully sought the seat of disgraced Speaker of the House Bob

Livingston, Breeding joined Duke's staff and has been with him ever since.

In 1999, he launched the Nationalist News Service, which dispensed daily

news bulletins with hate-twinged commentary ala Bill White. NNA operated as

part of, the leading racist propaganda clearinghouse on the

internet.2 Breeding's most recent gig, under the pseudonym "Vince Edwards,"

was running EURO (European Unity and Rights Organization), through which

David Duke swindled his followers out of thousands of dollars he later

concealed from the IRS.3 In this capacity, Breeding administered the

Duke-owned website "," a website that defames the slain

civil rights leader's memory.


Nazis for Peace

David Duke tried to reinvigorate his career by seeking to capitalize on the

"peace" movement's momentum with a anti-war speech in Virginia. As a

preparation for the speech, Duke, noting the Left's penchant for gathering

unverified information from "alternate media" sources, commissioned

Breeding to launch "No War for Israel" ( on February 5.

Its few original articles (just six in all) offer red meat to die-hard

leftists. For one thing, MLK Jr. aside, they share a common hagiography.

Breeding prominently features an angelic picture of Rachel Corrie, with a

link to her diary entries. The photo's caption: "Martyr for Peace."4

The contribution of "Brigadier General" James J. Martin, a longtime

Holocaust denier associated with the Institute for Historical Review,5

amounts to little more than a familiar litany of leftist talking points, in

which he rattles off 30 Chomskyite charges against the state of Israel,

such as:

"Q.What country in the Middle East refuses to pay compensation to people

whose land, bank accounts and businesses it confiscated?

"A. Israel.

"Q. What country in the Middle East seized the sovereign territory of other

nations by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United

Nations Security Council Resolutions?

"A. Israel."

The website also lists the UN's resolutions condemning Israel (all of them

non-binding, incidentally). This moral equivalence - or in many cases,

condoning of Islamist violence - is the Left's stock-in-trade, here

appropriated without alteration by the hate-filled fringe.

An article by Anver Suliman of the Pretoria-based Islamist website Media

Review Network and an anonymous article on the site both claim the forces

behind the war are - surprise! - Jews. Suliman bases his "analysis" on

statements by The Nation Jason Vest, Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan that

"George Bush has become a 'client' of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."


The anonymous article cites the supposedly disproportionate influence of

"pro-Israeli Jewish lobbyists" within the Cabinet. This pathetic piece,

which still lists White House persona non grata David Frum as a Bush

speechwriter, apparently sees mischief springing from the perfidious Jewish

influence of such "top" advisers as Brad Blakeman (White House Director of

Scheduling) and Christopher Gersten (Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

of the Administration for Children and Families at the Department of Health

and Human Services). Everyone's favorite Jew - Collin Powell - is also

listed among the worthies. The author goes on to claim "the Israeli lobby"

created the Monica Lewinsky scandal "to force (Clinton) to launch

'Operation Desert Fox,' in December 1998"!

Even the remaining title of the lone remaining article, "The Oil Racket and

Greater Israel," recalls the peaceniks' mantra "No Blood for Oil!" Author

"Eduardo S.B." declares "the truth behind this war campaign has everything

to do with the ideal for a greater Israel and its growing manipulation of

oil interests." Eduardo's only other known writing was publish by the

Vanguard News Network, a semi-literate hatefest website, whose frontpage

recently referred to young Jewish girls as "ovenworthies."6 Eduardo

embellishes this mainstream leftist thesis by claiming the Jews are the

biological children of Canaan, who adjured them, "Love each other (i.e. of

this tribe only), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters and never

tell the truth." Given the leftist depiction of wicked Israeli "racism,"

"theft of Arab land," "deception" and "human rights abuses," one can hardly

see a meaningful difference besides the sterile veneer covering the Left's

own anti-Semitism.

I Spread Lies with a Little Help from my Friends....

Breeding compensates for the dearth of original material on his site with

host of links to "news" offered by leftist, Islamist and anti-Semitic

websites. Although this is an unbridled hate website, it gets much of its

fodder from left-wing organizations, linking to such far-left pillars as, the World Socialist Web Site and Pravda (which has featured

Bill White, David Duke and Justin Raimondo as columnists). So, too, does it

draw from radical Islamist sites. Breeding links to at least seven Islamist

"news" outlets, including the virulently anti-Jewish Radio Islam, the

Palestine Media Center and a site delightfully titled Overt racists get a piece of the action, with NoWar

linking to, IHR and Vanguard News Network. Breeding also

links to no less than six articles from, including Justin

Raimondo's large archive of articles he's written linking Israel with 9/11.

(David Duke has done likewise.) NoWar's current feature article is Pat

Buchanan's The American Conservative editorial, "Whose War," which Breeding

has retitled "Meet Just a Few of Your Jewish Supremacist Warmongers."


Common interests? What common interests?

Breeding draws from a wide variety of anti-Jewish sources but has focused

his marketing efforts on the Left.7 He has repeatedly targeted discussion

boards provided by Indymedia, an expansive, leftist "alternative media"

outlet popular among antiwar activists. In the typical response, a leftist

would denounce the site as a "white supremacist sham" and post the "WHOIS"

search for the website, showing David Duke's ownership.

Some would find this kind of repudiation encouraging; I am not one of them.

Why should any thinking adult need an ownership certificate to warn him off

from a website named "No War for Israel," which contains multiple

references to "Jewish supremacists" and features headlines like "Some Jews

Can't Wait for Bloodbath" and "Sick Jewish Humor"? The fact remains that

although their motivations differ, the rhetoric and conclusions of radical

leftists, Islamists and overt anti-Semites converge.8 How do Breeding's

shrieks of "Jewish supremacism" materially differ from leftist or Islamist

denunciations of "Israeli apartheid"? Breeding and "progressives" part

company on rationale, not effect: Breeding declares that American Jewish

policy wonks (Perle, Wolfowitz) support Israel based on racial solidarity,

while leftists claim American Zionism is inspired by money and intellectual

imperialism. The difference? David Duke has to travel to Bahrain for his

speaking engagements. The message those on the Indymedia boards send their

fellow radicals rings clear: Don't go to this website, not because they are

bigots, but because they are the wrong bigots!


White Sheets And Black Robes

Although he exploits and attempts to merge with radical elements of the

Hate America Left and Islamist movements, Breeding may also be motivated by

the power of pure evil. Incredible as it may seem, all the aforementioned

problems do not represent the full extent of Vincent Breeding's

pathologies: He's also a Satanist.

At least, he played lead guitar for a "death metal/black metal" group (so

named because of its exaltation of Satanism). Breeding lent his "talent" to

no less than four CDs produced by a musical abomination known as "Acheron,"

lead by a "priest" in Anton LeVey's Church of Satan. Breeding's guitar work

appears on all the group's CDs between 1992-95, including their CD "Death

is Only the Beginning #3," which includes the memorable ditty

"Slaughterization for Satan." The band declares on its official website,

"The Satanic Millennium approaches and ACHERON will unleash their

diabolical creations to hasten the climax of Armageddon. The World is

ACHERON's for the taking - they will seize it and drain its life-blood to

the very dregs. Praise the ways of the Left Hand Path. Hail Satan! God is


Breeding sang a different tune while protesting to preserve Mississippi's

Confederate-inspired state flag. He told a reporter he and other EURO-trash

"plan to continue to spread our message of love, tolerance and the

celebration of the diversity of Mississippi's beautiful Southern heritage."


Vince Breeding: Beacon of Love.

Perhaps in Breeding's Satanic pedigree we glimpse the true motivating force

of the Hate America Left and the anti-Semitic movement.



1. National Alliance grew out of the 1968 "Youth for (George) Wallace"

movement. A university physics professor named Dr. William Pierce emerged

as its leader, forging a Nazi-inspired movement at once both anti-Semitic

and self-consciously anti-Christian. Pierce's novel The Turner Diaries

(written under his acknowledged pen name, "Andrew MacDonald") describes how

its protagonists carried off a terrorist attack on a federal building when

a homemade nitrous ammonium bomb planted in a parked delivery truck

exploded at just after 9 a.m. Pierce went to his eternal reward on July 23,


2 . Breeding's contact e-mail address for NoWarforIsrael is


3. Duke, renowned as a ladies' man, has admitted using political donations

for gambling in Las Vegas and the Bahamas. In a pathetic cover story, he

told his followers he only did so because a friend had devised a system to

"break the bank" and bilk the rich, casino-owning Jews out of their money!

4. The site also falsely claims Rachel Corrie's last words were "No War for

Israel." According to sources, her last words were, "My back is broken."

5. IHR was founded by Willis Carto as the Holocaust-denial apparatus of

Liberty Lobby. Carto, publisher of the now-defunct conspiracy-monger

tabloid THE SPOTLIGHT, is considered by many as the most influential

anti-Semite in the United States. After declaring bankruptcy, Carto founded

the American Free Press as THE SPOTLIGHT's successor.

6. "Ovenworthies," from the Wednesday, April , 23, 2003, edition of VNN.

7. Another of Breeding's official tips to troglodytes who wish to "Get

Active" and promote the website: "Write on a greased pig

and put it someplace legal where people will notice." Mind you, this is the

second promotional idea Breeding lists, right after making a banner.

Breeding doubtlessly interacts with pigs more frequently than the average


8. Indeed, where else except within far Left and Islamist circles does one

even hear the term "Zionist," almost universally used in those contexts as

a euphemism for "Jewish supremacy"?



Ben Johnson is Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine.






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