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The yellow sign on the ground reads "Mokhayyam Jeneen" - "Jeneen Refugee-camp". This is the camp that a special commission from the UN (the supposedly international organization upholding the supposedly international law) had found 'no evidence' of war crimes when all facts on the ground dispute that 'finding'. Makes one wonder were they really in Jeneen, the one here on earth, or some other Jeneen on the moon or Mars! But of course, facts on the ground do not matter, what they say, on paper, is all that matters.


One State Solution 



An offensive cartoon in the Chicago Tribune, 30 May 2003? 


21 March 2003


Preliminary Remarks


This afternoon my travel agent advises me that the flight to Amman via Kuwait has been cancelled, but that Gulf Air will take me there via Bahrain. So take-off is still tomorrow at 12. 15 hours from Adelaide International Airport per Qantas via Darwin to Singapore. There I will depart on Sunday, at 5 am, on Gulf Air. But I am advised that even at Singapore things will depend on the prevailing war situation, and perhaps I may have to return home on the next flight.

But God willing, I'll soon be on the outskirts of the Middle East theatre of war where the US and its coalition of the willing is launching its weapons of mass destruction onto a hapless population whose political elite has been thoroughly demonised so that the viciousness of this battle of the wills  may retain some moral justification: Good versus Evil.

The battel is immoral because it is a no-match contest. It is a bully-boy exercise that most of us remember from our schooldays. Who cannot recall a school yard incident where the blustering bully-boy picks on the whimp who has perfected the art of playing the victim to get his way.

Yes, even the whimp has a will, a wish to assert himself within a social context. Break his will, and you get that phenomenon of subservience, of slave-master relationships; and I reject that kind of human existence outright.

Remember: If you deny me my right to think and to speak, then you are denying me my humanity, and you commit a crime against humanity.

This judgment that the Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, is evil incarnate, needs to be balanced against the evil perpetrated by those individuals who are steering the US democracy to a state where individual responsibility among the politicians has received special dispensation: it does not exist. Responsibility is irrelevant but privileges are demanded.

That reminds me of my time teaching in Nigeria where Australian lecturers prided themselves in being purer that their Nigerian counterparts. I had a good relationship with my students, and I offered to them this moral problem that guest lecturers were rather critical of Nigerial society.

One of my students gleefully accepted the challenge.

"Sir", he said, "The critics may be right. Nigeria may be a country that is full of bribary and tribary and corruption at the top. But you in the west are also corrupt, except that you are at an advanced stage of corruption!""

So it is with the current white/European (USA/Great Britain?Australia) racist (Jewish-Zionist) attack on Iraq.

The President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, has been demonised for some time in the Zionist-controlled media, so according to some media commentators who cannot accept the black-white world-view.

Fortunately life is more than logic, and those with an absolutist dialectic bent now fear that the power of the Internet is spreading its weapon of mass instruction to those who seek out fact from fiction/wishful thinking.

That is why the 11 September 2001 tragedy now stands as a symbol for the lies and deception spread by so-called democratic control-freaks who fear real people power!






As background information to this conflict, let's have a look at something that was circulated five years ago.


In 1998 The Australian featured an article, taken from The Sunday Times, that created quite a stir:

 Israeli scientists aim for a weapon that only kills Arabs

Israel is trying to create a biological weapon against Iraq that would distinguish between Arabs and Jews


That the current US act of aggression against Iraq is linked to the above implied world conquest, is beyond dispute.


Zionist Richard Perle admitted on ABC TV's 4 Corners that the 'Holocaust' is motivating his endeavours that are supporting the attack on Iraq.


I have always shied away from religious view-points whenever discussing Revisionist matters, but now the Greater Israel concept within Biblical prophecy assumes some importance; as does, of course, the obvious economic imperative, which is closely linked to technological advances.

Interestingly, there are devout Orthodox Jews who strongly oppose the very existence of the Zionist, apartheid and racist state of Israel.

It is obvious from this that there is no one single causal factor that explains the US attack on Iraq. It can be said with certainty, though, that the USA, Great Britain and Australia - dominated by Anglo-Saxons - is fighting a battle that certainly benefits the Jewish-Zionist cause as set out by Theodor Hertzel at the end of the 19th century.

To regard this war as a cultural/religious conflict would satisfy those individuals who are ashamed to see the super power, such as the USA, bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East. The mockery of it all becomes so glaring when we realise that the actual aim of this exercise has nothing to do with this rhetorical device that attempts to sell us abstractions, thereby hiding the true reason s why Iraq is to be occupied.


President Bush has already signed an Executive Order that eliminates Iraq's financial independence.


Zionist Realpolitik: Destabilisation, Encirclement, Boundary Adjustments, Regime Changes  




 22 March 2003

The Journey begins

John takes me to the airport and I join the Qantas flight to Singapore, a most delightful flight because the service is as always highly polished and professional.

The daily newspapers feature special inserts that cover the third day of the war. Picftures in The Advertiser and The Wekend Australian overlap.

ABC Radio news advises that our SAS has found evidence of weapons od mass destruction. I do hope this news item will not replicazte the lies perpetrated by the US administration when it announced that it had retrieved the Passport of suspect 9/11 terrorist, Mohammed Attard out of the smouldering ruins of the WTC buildings.

Sometimes I wonder whether those officials who pass such nonsese off as authentic news are actually aware that they are lying, and that we are not sympathetic to terrorists if we are rather sceptical when we hear such explanations that are so obviously not in touch with factual reality.

An article in today's Weekend Australian Magazine makes an important literary reference point that has become current news.


In his 'Truth remains quiet' article Luke Slattery, one-time education writer for The Age, now writing for The Australian, dissects The Quiet American.


I think it is time for Luke Slattery to take to task all those fabricators of horror Holocaust stories. As an educator himself, Slattery must know how harmful such traumatising stories are to impressionable minds. No wonder the German hatred, sold as a Hitler hatred of course, is again rampant.






And so ...

 As the attack begins, the synchronised 'swimming' propaganda exercise resembles the scenes that prevailed in the former East German/Soviet Union territory as their economic/ideologcal machines ground to a halt; rhetoric outstripped reality, and ordinary people don't like being lied to by anyone. And above all, individuals lost their fear of those who pretended to represent them.


The USA has begun to unleashes its own weapons of mass destruction with the willing helpers from coalition of the willing, and as in any school yard scene, if the bully looks like winning, the half-bullies stand by to lend assistance because they want to be a part of the winning side.

"It is legal" and it is "in the national interest" proclaims our Prime Minister, John Howard, and so begins military action on an unprecedented scale through weapons of mass destruction, never mind the world-wide protest against this war.

On 20 March, three days after signalling the beginning of the attack on Iraq, the US launched a dawn (late evening US time) ‘decapitation strike’ on Baghdad’s four-million inhabitants.

Australia’s foreign minister, Alexander Downer, claimed it was legal for the US but not for Australia to attempt such an assassination attempt on a head of state. However, the minister unhesitatingly endorsed the strike. Is there now a Howard-Downer legal battle in sight to see who is right? I think not.

Later that day the Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, gave a televised response to this assassination attempt, and scoffed at the US president’s criminal acts.

And underpinning this strike is the 11 September 2001 ‘terrorist’ attack on the US

Both Bush and Howard are wearing a national flag badge on their lapel, and parliamentarian Howard says “We are all proud patriotic Australians”.

The leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean, claims that "I want the troops home”.


Howard claims one reason why he is supporting Britain and the USA is the fact that we do ‘share common intelligence’.

Is this why Alexander Downer expells the Iraq diplomats and permitts Mossad agents freely to operate within Australia?  

This factor has been picked up by some critics of the war who have pointed out that the attack on Iraq is led by Anglo-Saxons, i.e. by Europeans. It is thus possible to see the current battle as a racist attack on Semites.

The US-led coalition of the willing has thus become anti-Semitic!

 Antisemitic in the true sense thus means being against Abrabic-speaking peoples, and not as the Zionists claim, being against the Jews.

We must remember that the Jews are a religion, and hence the Zionist claim that they are a race, is intellectual fraud.


Now it was reported on 21 March 2003 that the Australian SAS team found weapons of mass destruction; after all, the justification for the massive attack on Iraq allegedly rests on the assumption that Iraq has ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

 My immediate thought upon hearing this news item from a reliable source who phoned me on my Mobile before I had to switch it off, just as I was about to board the Qantas flight from Adelaide to Singapore, was: Will they find something similar to that found by the authorities at the 9/11 site: the Atta passport?

Imagine, out of the Twin Tower rubble, somehow, miraculously, there wafts from on high, the undamaged passport of the alleged terrorist ringleader. It was this piece of evidence that clinched the deal that linked the tragedy with the terrorist group Al Queda.

Miracles do happen where control freaks operate - but only if you control the media.

And what about the bomber's ID found at the Bali bombing site! All coincidences, of course, that assume we accept that massive conspiracy theory foisted upon those gullible enough to swallow the Hollywood version of events that occurred on 11 September 2001 in GAT - Gulag Americana Talmudistan.

That Israel has claimed it will stay out of this conflict, unless attacked of course, on the grounds that it is in Israel's interest not to get involved in this conflict, is outright deception.


Will those responsible for this lie learn a lesson from Israel and destroy the evidence and fabricate new evidence, as Israel did when Colin Powell claimed that Iraq had links to Niger, something that allegedly proved Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Bernard Freedman , in Friday's Australian Jewish News, under much protest raises the old decoy: Now again the Jews are blamed for this conflict.

To that I say: Of course the Jews are a factor in this conflict, but not only. Anyone who rests on the shoulders of another, can never fully determine the fate of things. And we have to remind ourselves of the Pied Piper, that much-maligned character who merely highlighted the corruption that existed within a certain town council. Likewise the film Jud Süss, who merely highlighted the corruption that existed within the Württemberg royal court.

Hence, my maxime has always been that those who blame the Jews absolutely are crediting the Jews with too much power and intelligence. Remember, a Jew is only as intelligent as the society within which his mind develops. To date most Jews of note still have good German names. Note Arie Fleischer - a Fleischer is a Butcher!


Don't blame only the Jews/Zionists

Blame those that bend to their pressure

You are witnessing a monumental failure

of moral and intellectual courage!





Arrival at Singapore

Problems: Gulf Air advises that its flight out tomorrow morning has been cancelled, but no need to panick because I have been re-booked on an Emirates Air flight leaving at 2 am tomorrow morning.

I while away my time until then in their Airport lounge watching TV. Iraq TV has shown a picture of President Saddam Hussein with one of his sons. This gives rise to more speculation about his wellbeing, about his whereabouts. The US war party is unsettled because it had hoped that its attack on one of the President's bunkers would have 'decapitated' the Iraq lead, thus eliminating the need to destory Iraq infrastructure.

And, of course, I glance through the irreverent Weekend Australia Magazine article written by Phillip Adams in a Dear John letter format, addressed to our Prime Minister, John Howard. Adams is lucky in that he has the freedom to insult and injure anyone he likes. Why? Because he is a Holocaust believer, proudly proclaiming that his daughter some years ago had converted to Judaism. In Australia the social divide is whether one believes in the Holocaust or not. Anyone who does not believe in the Holocaust is socially marginalised, and if the representatives of the powerful Zionist lobby have their way, legal sanction will force individuals to believe. Recently members of Victoria's police were herded through the Holocaust Museum in Melbourne! The terrorist mania justifies it all.

However, there is still hope for Phillip Adams to become a real sceptic rather than an atrheistic believer. The fact that he acknowledges Dresden is a step in the right direction.




23March 2002


 The Emirates flight left Singapore around 2.25 am, and how lucky I was to have endured the eight+ hours luxuriously stretched out snoozing, resting my weary eyes. And yet, I cannot help but think of those individuals who are now fighting for their lives — and hurting, dying, all because, as Phillip Adams put it so well, because some men are ordering their young to kill another's young.

That's what life is all about, isn't it?

I liked the idea of Emirates flights having a camera in the cockpit, then projecting the take-off and landing to the passengers so that they, too, can partake of this ever-renewing wonder that I certainly feel when the plane takes off or lands.

The civilized way of settling battle-of-the wills challenges, something that is normal human behaviour, has now become a high-tech affair where the computer-games generation is playing soldier for real. Once a soldier looked his enemy in the eye, now a soldier looks at a computer screen and watches moving images, then presses a button. The individuals that make up or surround that image in real form and not in mere electronic form, will then only hear something coming through the air — and then darkness.

So, although it unsettled me to see the TV images flash past me as I tried to sleep, I must not pretend innocence and say this is something new for me. Human history is a sorry tale of such conflicts.

What is sobering is, I suppose, to see Europeans resisting the Anglo-American call to fight. It appears that the 30-year-war, 1914-1945, has indeed taught the successor generations that wars don't settle anything really.

If it is a given that the 30-year war was directed by the Zionists in order to get their Israel, then surely we must also have an eye open for the other important factor that drives war: the father of all, namely, technological advances. But that's another issue to which we'll most likely return at a later stage.

But certainly we cannot accept the silly notion that one part of this 3o-year war , namely 1939-45 was about that man Adolf Hitler and how he hated the Jews so much that he directed his energy exclusively to the extermination of European Jewry.

That this is an ignorant view of this period of history is clearly shown when one details the technological advances that were coming to the fore as Europe moved from the steam age to the electromagnetic age. The Jewish factor simply wasn't important enough, though my saying this may upset those who are totally ethnocentric in their world view. The individuals who oppose opposition will cry foul and say that their significance has been diminished, minimised, perhaps even insulted and defamed.

That's where we are at in today's world, our freedom to do research — and do it fearlessly without worrying whether someone's feigned sensibilities are hurt because of jealousy, envy, hatred even — is restricted by those who want to have their way with us. It reminds me of the student constantly craving for attention, and that in a class of 30+. It can't be done. This constant self-referential cry: "What about me?" should be answered with: "Yes, you are important, but not only you!

And so it is with the current 'world at war''. I draw your attention to Germany's major thinker, Horst Mahler, and how he almost single-handedly succeeded in the Constitutional Court to have a proposed banning of the political parety, NPD, thrown out of court. The major stumbling block that faced the government was, of course, that the party men who made the alleged offending statements were all government agents!

Now Mahler is set to take on the Holocaust industry, meaning that he is calling upon all those Germans who want to be Germans, to liberate themselves from the Judaic yoke that has enslaved the Germans for a long time.


Ironically, the NPD now distances itself from Mahler who in turn has now resigned from the party.





I barely have enough time to take a breather  and it's off again on the connecting Emirates flight to Amman. And what joy it is to meet an Australian flight attendant, from Adelaide, who is now stationed in Dubai. Who says that Elisabeth girls lack the sophistication to make it on the world stage. A delight to behold. Yet, I am tired and because the plane is not full, I can stretch out my aching and cramping legs and sleep. Yes, I'm on my way to Jordan to witness the US-Zionist oppression from a distance.



The route taken by the Emirates plane is interesting, befitting the political role Jordan plays within the Middle East. From Dubai it flies across Saudi Arabia, stradles the left side of the Red Sea, then makes a right-hand turn and heads into the Gulf of Aqaba to Amman, with Israel to the left and Jordan to the right.



At Amman Airport I am welcomed by my host, but minus my luggage. My bag did not make it, and I thought as much when I sprinted to that connecting flight at Dubai Airport.


So, this means a loss report has to be made, in the hope that tomorrow the bag will arrive on the next flight out of Dubai.



 Semantic loophole does not exist

[Jewish Affairs Council policy researcher] Gadaliah Afterman ("Cook wrong on Israel and UN resolutions", AFR Letters, March 31) is mistaken in attaching importance to the absence of the words "the" or "all" in the English language version of Security Council Resolution 242, which requires Israel to surrender territories it has occupied since 1967.

This semantic loophole is very narrow and does not exist in the equally authoritative French and Spanish versions. In any case, under international law you can't "getaway"on an idiosyncratic or literal reading of texts.

What matters is whgat the overwhelming majority of governments think an agreed text means. No other government could have accepted in 1967 (or would today endorse) Israel's "right to conquest" to any land.

The principle that borders cannot be altered by military action is one which all nations uphold, in their own interest.

This is why the purported annexation by Israel of part of these territories, its occupation of the rest and the "settlements"(i.e. areas under Israeli control, which now cover much of the West Bank and parts of Gaza) are illegaland in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution (SCR 242 has been frequently reaffirmed since its initial adoption in 1967).

Israel's right to recognition and security (which is no greater than that of any other nation, including Palestine) does not override the fact that Western (and most other) values do not countenance taking anything by force and international law reflects these values. To use conquered land as negotiating coin would offend them.

Legally and morally, the boundaries between Israel and Palestine can only be amended by agreement between their respective governments, negotiating as equals and without coercion; and the starting point has to be the pre-1967 borders.

Neither terrorism nor the special sympathy of most Westerners (including me) feel for the Israeli people alters the applicable principles.

Ron Walker, Australian ambassador to the UN in Geneva and Vienna 1989-96, Campbell, ACT. The Australian Financial Review, 1 April 2003


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