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Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 1:03 AM
Subject: Corrections my ass

Dear Mr Keese and Dr Fredrick,

I read the following letter from Mr Keese and I believe it creates an inaccurate impression.
The Unions were then
and most still are run by Communists/Bolsheviks and activists.  These were the people that caused so much havoc in Germany towards the end of World War One on the docks of Kiel, Hamburg etc.   I can fully understand why they were criminalized by the NSDAP.

The NSDAP created its own Labour Unions called RAD (Reichs Arbeits Dienst) and KDF (Kraft durch Freude)  NO labour union anywhere in the world
not even in that land of Bolshevik heaven, the Soviet Union   has offered the average labourer/worker anything like the holidays offered by the KDF.

Adolf Hitler removed the Reichsmark from the Gold Standard, but after WW1 most German Industry was owned by non-Germans anyway, and a greater number of US firms in Germany were never seized by the Nazis because Hitler did not want even more trouble than he already had. For example, the Ford Motor Company was never bombed and was in full production the day after capitulation.

So Dr Fredrick, it's an exaggeration for Mr Keese to say  'The opposite' of your argument is true....Mr Keese fails to take into account THE most successful economic recovery the world has ever seen,  from 1933-1936 when Adolf Hitler took his country OUT of the clutches of the blood-sucking banks and put millions of Germans into honest and productive work.

If you look at the present day German (European ) economy you see, rising borrowing
The National debt in Germany has just been increased by the SPD again and rising unemployment, and they are talking of raising the taxes. Then there is Hertha Däubler-Gmelin of the SPD, who has since been fired,  only weeks ago was  having discussions with German Unions about shifting German factory production to Czechoslovakia. So where are the bloody Bolshi Labour Unions now?
So  Mr Keese, please explain: What good are bloody Trade-Labour Unions when they stab their own workers in the back!  BAN THE BUGGERS.  Reintroduce the RAD.


From: Konrad Keese
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 12:43 PM
Subject: info&question

Dear Sir

In your website of Wednesday, 25 September 2002, you ask:

What did Adolf Hitler do when his party gained power in Germany?

you answer:

He eliminated the stock exchange!


I’m sorry, but I have to contradict you. The German stock exchanges were never eliminated. Stocks, bonds and shares were traded as usual right from start of Hitler's reign, to the end of the war. What Hitler’s government eliminated (outlawed, in fact) were, first of all, everyone of the worker’s unions, and their property, assets and bank accounts were seized.

So you can see that the opposite of your answer is true. The power of capital vis à vis labour was actually strengthened after Hitler was brought to power.


You further write:


During my European sojourn, I met eminent scientist Werner Heisenberg …


When was that? I’d love to hear what he had to say during any conversation that you might have had with him.




Konrad Keese


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