Germans are too frightened NOT to believe in the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah

Feast on Beauty of the Soul and reject 

depressing Holocaust-Shoah rubbish


THE HOLOCAUST-SHOAH'S HATE SPEECH overcome by Marvellous Maria  

Richard Wagner is quite rightly considered intellectually 'dangerous' by today's liberal establishment. Wagner's music embodies everything most hated and ridiculed by left-wing intellectuals: racial nationalism, romanticism, honour, heroism, beauty and historical awareness.



"The ink of the scholar is more holier than the blood of the martyr"-  Prophet Muhammad - Peace be upon him.






Fredrick Töben's YOUTUBE



My Captain


32 YEARS AGO - fresh as ever




John 'Birdman Bryant October 26, 1943 - February 26, 2009


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On St Valentine's weekend Fredrick Töben reflects on Dresden


Ron Paul: Fiat Dollar Reserve System Dead New World Reserve Currency

Ron Paul spells out the financial failure: capital v credit


Iranian Police Women


The Pillars of the Holocaust LIE

Local Adelaide Seven News Item 17 February 2009



Horst Mahler arrested in Munich District Court 25 February 2009

Mahler speaks out before arrest on 25 February 2009

Part One

Part Two



Frank Nejad's pay-back time 


Bishop Williamson leaves Argentina


Winemaker 96-year-old Hermann Thumm, BVK, OA, 

Chateau Barrosa, Australia, died on 16 February 2009


Holocaust-Shoah discussion on Iran TV 28 January 2009


Jewish Madness in Gaza Explained


Iran 2009 You decide for yourself

Iran Freedom - Part I     

                           Part II


Anyone who believes in the Holocaust-Shoah is guilty of this -

The Jewish State of Israel's Holocaust on Palestine 


THINK OF 9:11 and perfect destruction of Twin Towers and Building 7


Fire leaves iconic new Beijing towers 'a smoking ruin'


Zionism is empowered by people who bow to the Jews’ pressure: Töben  

Holocaust surviving Koala gets a drink of water

Victorian fire tragedy February 2009

Tributes for Brian Naylor and wife


Menschenrechtspreis für Sylvia Stolz? - Mahler/Williamson


Reeves County Detention Center, Pecos, Texas, after five-day riot


Iranian President of Parliament Dr. Ali Larijani

»The Iranian President of Parliament, Dr. Ali Larijani, was asked at the 45th Munich Security Conference whether he believed that the Nazis murdered six million Jews. He replied: "Different views on the holocaust do exist." Pierre Lellouche, a French parliamentarian, pointed out that a different view on the holocaust could not possibly exist, by no means. To deny the holocaust was a crime in France, Dr. Larijani answered: "I am surprised how sensitive you react in this matter when, in the west, it is permitted to insult prophet Mohamed. In Iran, however, holocaust refuting statements are not illegal."« Die Welt online

06 February 2009


Fredrick Töben German Court Case Update


Horst Mahler's court appearance update

In Potsdam, 9 February 2009 at 0900 hours; 4, 6, 9, 11, 16, 18, 20 March 2009 at 0900 hours. State prosecutor demands 4 years 9 months prison.


In München, 10 February at 1300 hours; 17, 25, 26 February 2009 at 0900 hours. State prosecutor demands 6 years prison.

In Landshut, 11 February 2009 at 08:30 hours. 

State prosecutor's demands not yet noted.




The Gas Chamber Holocaust was not an historical event!  
The Gas chamber Holocaust is a religious doctrine!

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Israel's Ambassador to Australia bluffs his way through 


Homegrown Satellite Launched Into Orbit


The Timetable - Geneva

1. Intersessional Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group

19-23 January 2009, 6-9 April 2009


2. Preparatory Committee 15-17 April 2009


3. Durban II 20-24 April 2009




Holocaust denier Fredrick Töben vows to fight German charge


Lady Renouf campaigns for Birobidjan - the first Jewish Homeland


Pope XVI on You Tube


Bishop Richard Williamson: no gas chambers 21.1.2009

On George Orwell's "1984," & the Lies of 911, Part 1

Bishop Williamson on George Orwell's "1984," & Lies of 911, Part 2

Bishop Williamson on the Holocaust of WWII

Bishop Williamson: 9-11 was an inside job


Gaza villages Wiped off the map


Her name is "Ms. Ann"


25 January 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Prof Robert Faurisson


Horst Mahler explains - 3

and the rest on You Tube

Horst Mahler explains the German Reich


Fredrick Töben at Parliament House, Canberra, ACT,  

Australia 12 January 2009


Canberra: Australian House of Representative Logo = what?



Gaza HOLOCAUST continues
with phosphorus and cluster bombs

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells

Don’t Call it Gaza, Its Palestine


Jews watching the Palestinian Holocaust from hilltop north of Palestinian town Beit Nahoun 



Adolf still fascinates     Horst Wessel Song



The Synagogue of Satan  The Hon Farrakhan on Banks  


World Affairs Council of Oregon - on US/Israel relationship



Insane Scateboarding

Morris Iemma was a Zionist politician

Central banks responsible for wars and today's global financial crisis


BENDING TO JEWISH PRESSURE and exterminating the German mind.

Basing matters on a false premise - that Germans systematically exterminated Jews in homicidal gas chambers!

"I need you to drop your German defence", says Rich to Goering.


Nazi Leader's Grandniece, Jewish Woman Find Peace

Reflective comments by Dan Mill


The Holocaust has no reality in space and time, only in memory, and Bettina Goering, left,  and Ruth Rich, right, believe in the gas chamber lies.



Hate Bill Lies: EXPOSED in USA


Levi Salomon, a Jews who is killing the German soul, initiates legal action after Berlin protest

„An die Erinnerung der 6 Millionen Vergasten für Israel“, darunter überm Eingang „Zahlt für sie“. Das Gespräch: „Terroristen?!“. „Schlimmer: Revisionisten!“.

„To the memory of the 6 millions gassed for Israel“, and beneath above the door: „Pay for them“. The dialogue: “Terrorists?!” “Worse: revisionists!”


January 2009 NEWSLETTERS - good reading


Interior ministry buildings were targeted in the raid [AFP]


Scores dead in Israeli raid on Gaza


Dieudonné and Faurisson in Paris Zenith Theatre


With relations between Iran and the West set to play a central role in world affairs in 2009, Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message will be delivered by the President of Iran, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.




Arresting Opinions-1


 Dr. Hesham Tillawi of Current Issues TV and Dr Töben

Full interview on Google


50 days in London jail

GOROKE man Fredrick Töben spent 50 days in a London prison after police arrested him at Heathrow ...



Fredrick Töben returns home 3 December 2008


A brief history of how WWII began - in German


Horst Mahler fights for the German Reich - in German only

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Jim Giles interviews Fredrick Töben on Radio Free Mississippi





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New German Social Justice Phenomenon


Dirk Zimmermann 2008 - one year later Part 1

Dirk Zimmermann 2008 - one year later Part 2


Fredrick Töben collecting his passport at London's Police HQ

ABC TV Alleged Holocaust denier granted bail               

ABC TV AUSTRALIA reports on Fredrick Töben's arrest


Wolfgang Fröhlich
Justizanstalt Wien-Josefstadt
Wickenburggasse 18-22
A- 1082 Vienna,

Gerd Honsik
Justizanstalt Wien-Josefstadt
Wickenburggasse 18-22
D -1082Vienna,

Vincent Reynouard

BP 256


Rechtsanwalty Sylvia Stolz
Oberer Fauler Pelz 1
D- 69117 Heidelberg

Germar Rudolf
Schloss 1
D-72108 Rottenburg

Ernst Zündel
J.V.A. Mannheim
Herzogenried Str. 111
D - 68169 Mannheim



  A GRAND VISION - viam monstrare      Al Nakba                    

REVISIONISTS imprisoned by 'Holocaust' believers                             

Germar Rudolf                                                 

Ernst Zündel                                                    

  Wolfgang Fröhlich                                              

Gerd Honsik                                                                    


           Ernst Günter Kögel - released       

         Siegfried Verbeke - released       

           David Irving - released                  

                  Dr Rigolf Hennig - released                   

          Horst Mahler  - pending appeal     

Sylvia Stolz                          


David Hicks  - out



  Who is next?

      Georges Theil - pending       

                     Pedro Varela - safe-change in law      

                                       Professor Drew Fraser & HREOC  - resolved        

                 Dr Robert Faurisson - pending       

                       Paul Fromm  - barred from teaching   

           Mark Lemire - safe to date       

                                 Orhan Pamuk - charges dropped                    

                   Think on these things                           

     Human Rights                

   Dr Hesham Tillawi  Next year in Liberated Al Qods                                

"The two countries I call home are both occupied by Israel, one 

      militarily and the other politically. One day they will both be free!"

Teheran December 2006 Holocaust Conference BBC news item      

Dr Hesham Tillawi, Current Issues RBN, interviews Fredrick Töben



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