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April 2003
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The 'Holocaust' justifies the pending US-Zionist attack on Iraq


Linkage made between Holocaust and US attack on Iraq


On 12 March 2003, a so-called 'right-wing' TV commentator, Alan Jones, on 'Good Morning Australia' supported the proposed US attack on Iraq by drawing direct parallels with pre-WWWII, and how a decisive intervention against Hitler could have avoided the 'Holocaust'.

Also, that the 'Holocaust is the driving force behind US-Zionist policy to fight Iraq, became glaringly clear in the 10 March 2003 ABCTV 4 Corner's program.

It was clearly stated that 'eastern European' immigrants to America are behind the push to attack Iraq. Eastern European? I think that should be spelled out as 'Jewish', but at the same time we cannot blanket condemn all Jews in this matter. The program mentions names and it is clear that these Jews are 'Zionists'.


Extract from 4 Corners Program

JONATHAN HOLMES: Senator Henry 'Scoop' Jackson of Washington state was the godfather of neo-conservatism. A hawkish Democrat, he'd used his position on the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee to campaign against what he saw as the cynical pragmatism of Henry Kissinger. From his position on Jackson's staff, Richard Perle orchestrated the neo-con network.

JIM LOBE: They were very, very anticommunist, very, very pro-Israel. And that is their kind of common denominator.

RICHARD PERLE: I think, for many of us, the, uh...the rise of Nazi Germany, the appeasement that permitted Hitler to get as far as he got, the Holocaust, the terrible suffering, was...was one of those seminal events that it had formed a whole generation, not just neo-conservatives. It was very important for Scoop Jackson. Um, he had...he had been with the American forces that liberated Buchenwald. It was a searing experience.

JONATHAN HOLMES: The young neo-conservatives were almost all Jews whose parents had emigrated from Eastern Europe. Most of Paul Wolfowitz's extended family perished in the death camps.

JIM LOBE: Their history often reduces itself to Munich and the Holocaust, with Munich being the cause and the Holocaust being the result. They see every conflict, in a sense, as a test similar to the test that Chamberlain faced and failed at Munich in 1938. And that therefore, the potential result is this...a second Holocaust which they feel has to be avoided at all costs.

JONATHAN HOLMES: For the neo-conservatives, Henry Kissinger's policy of arms control and detente with the Soviet Union smacked of appeasement. In the face of what they saw as a vast and aggressive Soviet threat, they thought Nixon cynical, Ford naive and Carter weak. Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, was a president after their own heart.

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Muckrake sends Mel 'ballistic'

Article Claims Film Star An Adherent Of Catholic Cult

By Anna Cock in New York

The Advertiser, 8 March 2003

Mel Gibson has "gone ballistic" over an article which depicts him as an adherent of a loony, cult-like offshoot of the Catholic Church.

The 47-year-old actor-director has accused reporter Christopher Noxon of crafting a "hit piece" which muckrakes through his private life and banking affairs.

"Mel has played hardball with me the whole time, and gone ballistic," Noxon told the New York Post on the even of his story going to press.

The article claims Gibson embraces "a strain of Catholicism rooted in the dictates of a 16th-century papal council and nurtured by a splinter group of conspiracy-minded Catholics, mystics, monarchists and disaffected conservatives."

The group hates the Pope, celebrates Mass in Latin, fasts on Fridays and requires women to wear bats in church.

Noxon claims the story "fell into my backyard" because a Gibson-financed Holy Family church complex in Malibu California, was built near the author's family home.

He quotes Gibson's 85-year-old father, Hutton - tracked down in Houston - attacking the reformist Second Vatican Council as "a Masonic plot backed by the Zjews" and describing Pope John Paul II as "Garrulous Karolus the Koran kisser".

Mr Gibson also denies the Holocaust occurred; "Go ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body? It takes one litre of petrol and 20 minutes. Now … six million (people)?" Noxon quotes him as saying.

Hutton Gibson is a leading figure in conservative Catholic splinter group The Alliance for Global Traditions, and is the author of Is the Pope Catholic? And publishes a quarterly newsletter, The War Is Now.

Gibson, one of 11 children, was raised in a household where Mr Gibson banned television and preached on the evils of drink and extramarital sex.

The family moved to Australia when Gibson was 12, after his father became a champion in 1968 on television game show Jeopardy.

Gibson has been married to Robyn for 23 years and the couple has seven children.

He is now directing and financing Passion, a $45 million film about Jesus Christ's last twelve hours, which is played out in two ancient languages - Latin and Aramaic - with no subtitles.

Noxon's article suggests the film could revive a medieval charge that it was the Jews who killed Christ. Before shooting started on Passion, Gibson could not say if the script had the blessing of the Vatican.

"I don't know what they like these days," he said, noting sex scandals within the church made it "very easy to be shaken these days faith-wise".




India's Jews head home

Terry Friel

West Australian, 1 March 2003

The gentle chants from Friday Hebrew prayers rise from the synagogue into the afternoon heat, mingling with the call to prayer from a nearby mosque.

But in the small seaside village of Alibag, where Judaism crashed into India 2000 years ago, there are fewer and fewer voices in the synagogue every year as the members of one of the world's oldest Jewish communities return to Israel.

India's Bene Israelis, or Children of Israel, have dwindled to barely 4000 from a peak of about 80,000 a few decades ago as thousands moved to Israel for a better life.

"India is our motherland, but Israel is our fatherland," says Abraham Jacob Awaskar, treasurer of Alibag's white-washed Magen Aboth synagogue, which is nearly a century old.

Extensive DNA testing has found the Bene Israelis, clustered in and around the western city of Bombay, are descendants of a hereditary Israelite priesthood that can be traced back 300 years to Moses' brother, Aaron.

On Alibag's Israel Lane around the corner from the synagogue, the Wakrulkars, one of the last three families in the alley, are preparing to sell up and join their sons in Israel.

"We are Jews. The biggest thing for us is our faith," explains 68-year-old Mozel Moses Wakrulkar. "In these last days of my life, I want to be in Israel with my kids." Around 175 BC, a boatload of Jews fleeing persecution was shipwrecked on India's west coast a few kilometers from Alibag.

Legend says only a few men and women survived to found a community that stayed genetically pure through the centuries.

The cemetery where the victims of the shipwreck were buried in mass graves still stands, the sounds of waves floating through the palm trees. The site and its weed-covered rocks scattered around like an ancient ruin have become a quiet place of pilgrimage for many Bene Israelis visiting India.

For the local Hindus, the Bene Israelis have always been something of an oddity, often mistaken for an obscure kind of Muslim. Even the synagogue isknown locally as a masjid, ormosque.

"I miss them, I feel bad they have gone," says Prakash Ranade, a 58-year-old quarry owner.

"But they have gone to their own country. Although they lived in India, they always thought of Israel as their own country."

At the synagogue, Reuben Aliyahu Kamarlekar is visiting from Israel, where he moved in 1965.

"I feel at home in both places," says the 65-year-old former soft drink plant worker who visits India every year.

Despite the constant trip of Bene Israelis to Israel, Kamarlekar believes there will always be a small core in India.



Web site appeal set for May



Wentworth Courier, Wednesday, 5 March 2003

Controversial Holocaust revisionist Dr Fredrick Töben will be back in the Federal Court in May to appeal a ruling that shut down his offensive Web site.

The site of the Adelaide Institute director was deemed illegal in September last year because it claimed the slaughter of Jews by Nazis in World War II never happened.

The court said material on Dr Töben's site was insulting and racially motivated - and contravened the Racial Discrimination Act.

Last week Dr Töben successfully applied for an adjournment to amend the grounds for his appeal.

Dr Töben claimed the Federal Government did not have the constitutional powers to include religious groups in its Racial Discrimination Act.

Bondi's Jeremy Jones, who is vice-president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), first lodged the complaint against Dr Töben in 1996 with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

A lengthy court case followed, and the landmark ruling meant that Web sites - at least those in Australia -would be subject to the same legal standards as other forms of communications such as print, TV and radio.

The adjournment came a day after the commission released anew report showing Internet racism was experiencing rampant growth.

Mr Jones said he had received reports of a dramatic increase over the past year of people in the Jewish community receiving anonymous hate-mail

He said the Internet gave racist groups a cheap means to recruit people and promote their message.

The new study into cyber-racism showed much of the material was promoted via e-mail, chat rooms,newsgroups and Web order catalogues.

There are also games available for purchase online in which players can simulate the killing of other races.

Authorities admit they can do little to shut Web sites down as it is difficult to apply Australian anti-vilification laws to overseas sites.

The commisison compared racist Web sites to graffiti, as it was not always easy to pin-point the authors. A commission spokeswoman said there were allegations that a Bondi-based group was distributing racist material last year, but the claim could not be substantiated.

Commissioner Dr William Jonas of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission said he found the Internet material "deeply disturbing".

"The images and computer games are particularly disturbing in their capacity to drain people of their humanity, to render them as sub-human and expendable,' he said.

'This is a new problem and we need to work out better ways of dealing with it."


Web site comment and right of reply

Wentworth Courier

12 March 2003

Dear Editor

With reference to your article, 'Web site appeal set for May', 5 March 2003, permit me to correct some matters raised therein.

1. The initial complaint against Adelaide Institute's website was made by Jeremy Jones, 'on behalf of Australian Jewry'. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) rejected this claim and accepted a composite claim so that Jeremy Jones was merely representing himself and members of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Mr Jones cannot speak on behalf of Australia's Jews because we have Jewish supporters who would have shown that Jones' representational claim is false.

2. The order to shut down our website was made by HREOC.

3. HREOC also ordered that I place a written apology, dictated to me by Jeremy Jones, on our website. How this was to be accomplished on a non-existent website, I never found out because I refused to apologise, certainly not on Jeremy Jones' terms.

4. When proceedings began in the Federal Court, and as a mark of respect towards the Federal Court, I did wipe our website and began anew. The aim was to assist the judge in specifying what particular material was offensive.

5. I attempted to defend myself in court but my Defence was not properly formulated. I requested court help to get for me competent legal counsel. The judge advised me that I could read up books and learn it that way. Only rarely does a non-represented litigant win a case in court. It is basically not safe for a judge to draw conclusions from a case presented where matters of facts are not supported by matters of law. As our case is a precedent-setting case, a test-case, I felt I needed legal help, something I could not find. I contacted over 20 of Australia's major legal firms and none came on board, "for fear of the Jews'.

6. The website was not deemed to be illegal. The precision of what material actually was deemed offensive did occur in the Federal Court, and when the 17 September 2002 judgment was handed down, instead of just deleting passages, I again wiped all the content of our website.

I have again begun a new website, but I do not refer to the details of the Holocaust, nor how the murder weapon functioned. I am gagged on those important matters.

7. It is wrong for you to report that the court ruled that I shut down the website. The order stated specific matters had to be removed, and this has been done.

The judgment is available on our website.

8.My claim is that the Racial Discrimination Act has in fact re-activated in Australia the Nuremberg Race Laws that grants Jews a racial status which they are not. Although Jeremy Jones wishes to have this claim enshrined at law, it is not true that the 'Jew' is a racial entity. Being a Jew is a religious matter.

The judgment also gives Jeremy Jones the right to call me names, for example calling me a 'Holocaust denier'. How can I deny that which I deem has never happened? That many individuals suffered terribly, that's not denied because it is documented. Whatever happened, the meticulous Germans documented everything they did, and even when they fiddled the books, they even noted in margins that this was happening.

9. Further, the material we are discussing (any taboo topic) is of an historical nature, and we consider the use of the shut-up word such as 'hate', 'Holocaust denier', 'racist' and 'antisemite' to be blocking legitimate enquiry into historical claims made by some individuals as to what happened in Germany during World War Two.

10. Our case is a free speech matter because if we cannot freely discuss historical issues, then a legal restraint actually imposes upon us a state-sanctioned ideological interpretations of historical matters. Such a state of affairs reigned in the former Soviet Union countries where anyone who questioned the Marxist dogma was labelled a 'Revisionist' and sent to the Gulags.

11. Our Appeal aims to alert the Australian public to Jeremy Jones' wishes to impose upon us an historical dogma, and it is our duty to resist such censorship. It has nothing to do with 'race hate'.12. Interestingly, on 12 March 2003, Alan Jones on Channel 9 made the linkage between the US and its pending attack on Iraq and the 'Holocaust'. On 10 March, ABC TV's 4 Corner's presented a program that spelled out the current problem initiated by "eastern European (Jewish-Zionist) immigrants" to the US who have hijacked the political agenda of the US on behalf of the Zionist, apartheid, racist state of Israel.

13. By attempting to silence our discussion of the 'Holocaust', Jeremy Jones is skewing his own interpretation of world history, and that is a matter of free speech. Whether we still have the freedom to dissent from such opinions as propagated by the powerful Jewish-Zionist lobby, will be decided by our appeal.

14. By the way, the adjournment was occasioned because the three appeal court judges decided, before the 25 February hearing, that the matter before them could raise constitutional matters. This means that each state and territory Attorney-General must be advised about this case coming through the system.


Dr Fredrick Töben



David Brockschmidt: The Turkish-Armenian Holocaust

The 'perversion of thought and language in Australia and the western world In regard to the Toben/Jones 17 September 2002 Federal Court of Australia judgment, and the media's logical response to it, then 99.9 per cent of all Turks must be racists and Holocaust deniers because no Turk, including the Turkish government, admit that Turkey committed a Holocaust against the Armenian nation. The Armenians must then be Holocaust liars and racists, of course, by insisting that the Turkish-Armenian Holocaust did happen! This state of affairs clearly shows how idiotic and perverse the western politically-correct thought structures really are. The dumbing down of Australia and the West is almost complete.




Latest ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) news

Resignation shows Government ignoring advice over Iraq: Crean

The Federal Opposition has accused Prime Minister John Howard of ignoring his advisers in pushing Australia towards war. Wednesday, March 12, 2003. 10:03:25 (AEDT).

Former Office of National Assessments (ONA) intelligence analyst Andrew Wilkie quit his job yesterday, saying the Federal Government's policy on Iraq is wrong. Mr Wilkie thinks Iraq's military is weak, it does not pose a serious threat to Australia, and a war with Iraq could result in a humanitarian disaster.

Opposition leader Simon Crean says Mr Wilkie has shattered the Prime Minister's credibility on Iraq at a critical time.

"We are on the brink of war, a war that the Prime Minister is prepared to commit us to when there is no basis for going to war and the Prime Minister has to come clean in his press club address tomorrow," Mr Crean said.

"He has to justify why he's so committed to going down the US path and I hope that what this does is send a wake-up call to him."

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has questioned Mr Wilkie's seniority and suggested he did not have access to all available information on Iraq but Mr Crean disputes that.

"Not senior? This is a person who has had involvement on terrorism briefings - we know that from the reports," Mr Crean said.

"He's also a person that according to the same reports was going to be put on the Iraq taskforce if Australia went to war. Now don't tell me that's not senior, don't tell me that's not connected."'No division'.

The Federal Government says there is no division in the intelligence community about its policy on Iraq.

Mr Downer says he has not heard Mr Wilkie's concerns expressed in all his dealings with the ONA.

"In Mr Wilkie's case he is, I'm not sure how senior to be honest, I'm not sure he's terribly senior in the media, he will be increasingly senior over the next few days as is the way, but in any case I may have met him - I don't remember meeting him but I could be wrong there," Mr Downer said.

But former Defence Department head, Paul Barratt, has told the ABC TV's Lateline program there are many former and current defence personnel who hold similar views.

"There is a community of people who keep in touch with each other and I detect very wide spread sceptism about this whole endeavour," Mr Barratt said.

One of Mr Wilkie's former colleagues, David Wright-Nevill who left his job as an ONA analyst a year ago and now runs the global terrorism centre at Monash University has told ABC TV's Lateline program there are many in the field who share his views.

"Just speaking to former colleagues, former contacts both in ONA and other elements of the intelligence community, but also in defence and foreign affairs, there's wide spread concerns that similar to Andrew's about the direction in which the Government is taking us," Mr Wright-Nevill said.

"But for obvious reasons, particularly those in the intelligence community, can't speak out about it.

"They know that when they join the intelligence community and so they just bide their time and hold their tongue."


When Jewish blood is shed, the IDF investigates

By Gideon Levy


Last update - 01:50 16/03/2003

Most of the ills of the occupation and the policy of untrammeled force the Israel Defence Forces is conducting in the territories converged in the incident last Thursday in which two security guards were killed by Israeli forces.

Regretfully - because this time the victims were Israelis - the appalling tragedy of errors illustrates the tactics the IDF is actually using against the Palestinians.

The killing of the guards - Yoav Doron and Yehuda Ben-Yosef - naturally shocked many people in Israel: innocent and helpless, one was gunned down as he stepped out of the security vehicle south of Hebron, the other killed by an anti-tank missile fired from a pursuing helicopter. The guards themselves endangered no one and did not fire a shot; they were not given a proper warning or the opportunity to identify themselves. They had no chance.

Here's some news for all those who are shocked: To the Palestinians, the incident evoked hundreds of similar events that were never of the slightest interest to the overwhelming majority of Israelis.

No one should be surprised that, this time, two Israelis were killed - the real surprise is the rarity of such incidents. If the IDF has killed no fewer than 50 Palestinians in the past 13 days alone (according to the figures of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group), some of them civilians, no one need be taken aback if Israelis, too, have fallen victim to the wholesale shooting.

Just look at the ease with which soldiers opened fire on a Haaretz car last August in Tul Karm and the car of the security guards, riddled with about 200 bullet holes, to understand the spirit that is driving the IDF today and the nature of the orders being given to troops in the field.

As reported last Thursday in Haaretz, the IDF itself admits that 18 percent of the Palestinians who have been killed in the current confrontation (since September 29, 2000) were innocent civilians, 235 adults and 130 children below the age of 16. The actual number of innocent civilians killed is probably higher.

If there are so-called "sterile" zones, where every Palestinian is marked for death, if the rules of engagement (procedure for opening fire) do not necessitate a warning and allow the immediate use of intensive fire, if targeted assassinations have long since ceased to be targeted and are now of a mass character, and if hardly any case of killing has been investigated, the conclusion to be drawn is that the danger of being hit applies to everyone in the territories, be they Israeli or Palestinian, armed or not.

The difference is, when it comes to Palestinians, it can always be claimed that they posed a mortal danger - no one will check the claim.

Since the onset of the period of liquidations - there have been 123 so far - the warning has been sounded that, once a policy of death sentences without trial is introduced, it will not be possible to stop the deterioration of the situation. From this point of view, the killing of the security guards showed Israelis the true reality in the territories in its all its cruelty.

In contrast to cases in which innocent Palestinians are killed, this time the IDF will investigate the incident, of course. This time it was Jewish blood that was shed.

But even this investigation will focus on the marginal questions: what the observer saw, what the radio operator reported and what the territorial brigade headquarters knew.

An inquiry along these lines will not prevent the next inquiry. Until the IDF understands that what happened last Thursday was not only a terrible mistake of identification and a specific operational hitch, nothing will change.

Dozens of Palestinians will continue to be killed for no reason and Israelis, too, will be killed from time to time. It wasn't an "optical mistake," in which two ridges appeared to be one, that brought about the death of the two guards. It was a distorted perspective that will inevitably give rise to these consequences.

Guarding a settler outpost that should never have been established, in an area of remote settlements that should have long since been dismantled, Ben-Yosef and Doron fell victim to the IDF's policy that rests on the intoxication of power.

In the past few months, the IDF has adopted, first under Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz and now even more intensively under his successor, Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon, an approach that holds that anything that is not accomplished with force will be accomplished with the use of more force. The mass killing in the past few days only demonstrates this.

It was not by accident that the soldiers pumped a couple of hundred bullets into the Israeli security vehicle, where one warning shot would have been enough. Nor was it by chance that a helicopter fired a rocket at a guard who tried to escape in open terrain. This is the only language the IDF now speaks in the territories: to shoot and kill as much as possible, almost indiscriminately.

Those who thought only Palestinians would become victims of this criminal policy have now, regretfully, been proved wrong.


"Peace between Moslem and Christian was a

century-old fact until ended by the acts of the Truman administration

on behalf of 'Israel'."

John Beaty, author/former military intelligence officer, from his

book The Iron Curtain Over America, 1951, reprinted 1995;

CPA Books, p. 211, softcover.



Dear AI

Please would you point out to your readership that there is a peaceful alternative which the warmongers do not wish to consider, nor to see considered or even aired in public. A peaceful alternative at a thousandth of the financial cost and at no cost at all in blood. The peaceful alternative to which I refer is simply to station permanent U.N. observers within Iraq, with the power to go anywhere just as the current Weapons Inspectorate does.

Why would anyone, let alone the U.S.A., object to such a scheme? If Iraq refused, then there might be a case for military intervention to be made at the U.N.. But Saddam Hussein has at least 90% complied with U.N. Security Council resolutions on the matter. A Permanent Inspectorate would soon uncover any undeclared remainder and put paid to any military ambitions that Saddam Hussein might have. Moreover, Iraq could even be billed by the U.N. for the cost of this exercise. Similarly with N.Korea - if it refuses a U.N. authorized Inspectorate, then the U.N. would have grounds for considering military intervention. However, I think we all know why the U.S.A. would veto any such proposal - because of the unnamed [Israel] rogue state. And we all know who that is, do we not?

Kind Regards, Peter




Subject: Rachel Corrie killed by Israeli bullodozer

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 19:39:12 -0500

From: Dr. Jim Sanchez

Dear Seattle Media people:

Here is the story of a local kid, a senior from Evergreen State College, who has been killed in a very horrible manner in Israel. Please remember the sacrifice of this precious young person who had the courage of her conviction, and for it, was slaughtered by monsters. Please honor her memory in your news reports.

Sincerely, James Joseph Sanchez, PhD (Middle East),

Rachel Corrie, a senior from Evergreen State College(Olympia, Washington) was killed by being run over twice by a Caterpillar bulldozer supplied and paid for by US taxpayers to the Israeli government. The bulldozer was in the process of demolishing a Palestinian home (now a daily occurence in a systematic process of ethnic cleansing in the occupied areas that left over 15,000 Palestinians homeless in the past two years).

A recent message/report from Rachel can be found at

A short report on the attack on International solidarity movement is at,2763,905348,00.html

A report on the killing follows below from the Associated Press is misleading and false in many ways (as is usual from the biased AP):

- over 80% of demolished homes have nothing to do with terror suspects).

- It makes it look like there is a war ("clashes"); the reality is that a heavily armed occupation army (the third or fourth strongest army in teh world) is attacking a largely defenseless population with few armed guerrillas attempting to defend in vein their refugee camps and villages.

- There is no parity between an occupation army and occupied and dispossessed people living in refugee camps.

- There is no mention of what human rights groups say about these issues

- There is no mention of what International law says about demolishing homes. Even demolishing a home of a suicide bomber is illegal and considered a war crime by international law (imagine demolishing family homes of criminals in the US as a deterrent to future crime! Let alone people living in refugee camps under brutal foreign occupation by the power that made them refugees.).

Please reflect and act now. And to Rachel: we will redouble our efforts in your memory as I am sure you would want us to do. Your death will not be in vein. We will miss you dearly. May you rest in peace and may your family and all your friends know that we all pray for them. The more people speak out the faster the killing will come to end.



The Associated Press

Sunday, March 16, 2003; 12:26 PM

An American woman in Gaza to protest Israeli operations was killed Sunday when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer, witnesses and hospital officials said.

Rachel Corrie, 23, a college student from Olympia, Wash., had been trying to stop the bulldozer from tearing down a building in the Rafah refugee camp, witnesses said. She was taken to Najar hospital in Rafah, where she died, said Dr. Ali Moussa, a hospital administrator.

Greg Schnabel, 28, of Chicago, said the protesters were in the house of Dr. Samir Masri. Israeli almost daily has been tearing down houses of Palestinians it suspects in connection with Islamic militant groups, saying such operations deter attacks on Israel such as suicide bombings.

"Rachel was alone in front of the house as we were trying to get them to stop," Schnabel said. "She waved for the bulldozer to stop and waved. She fell down and the bulldozer kept going. We yelled, 'Stop, stop,' and the bulldozer didn't stop at all. It had completely run over her and then it reversed and ran back over her."

Witnesses said Corrie was wearing a brightly colored jacket when the bulldozer hit her. She had been a student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia and would have graduated this year, Schnabel said.

The Israeli military and the U.S. State Department had no immediate comment.

Groups of international protesters have gathered in several locations in the West Bank and Gaza during two years of Palestinian violence, setting themselves up as "human shields" to try to stop Israeli operations.

Corrie was the first member of the groups, called "International Solidarity Movement" and backed by Palestinian groups, to be killed in the conflict.

Several activists have been arrested in clashes with Israeli forces, and some have been deported by Israeli authorities.

Schnabel said there were eight protesters at the site in Rafah, four from the United States and four from Great Britain. "We stay with families whose house is to be demolished," he told the Associated Press by telephone after the incident.

Mansour Abed Allah, 29, a Palestinian human rights worker in Rafah, witnessed the incident. He said the killing should be a message to President Bush, who is "providing Israel with tanks and bulldozers, and now they killed one of his own people."

Israel sends tanks and bulldozers into the area almost every day, destroying buildings near the Gaza-Egypt border. The Israelis say Palestinian gunmen use the buildings as cover, and arms-smuggling tunnels dug under the border terminate in the buildings.

According to interim peace accords, Israel controls the border area, where there are clashes almost daily between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli soldiers.

"We Palestinians are just like the flowers that I see now from my window. No matter how in the cold and harsh winter they are broken, no matter how in the hot summer they are burned and dried, no matter where in the autumn wind they are scattered, a day comes when they bloom again, fresh, young and so beautiful."

To Subscribe:


And further …

US has changed the world order: strategist

By Mark Forbes, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, March 13 2003

The United States' pursuit of Iraq has effectively destroyed the NATO alliance and negated the authority of the United Nations Security Council, according to one of the world's leading strategic analysts.

International Institute for Strategic Studies chairman Francois Heisbourg said yesterday the world was undergoing a sea change in alliances and structures built up since World War II, regardless of the outcome of any conflict.

In Canberra for talks with Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and senior officials, Professor Heisbourg said the world order was changing at breakneck pace, with unity destroyed between America and Western Europe.

The US was now demanding total allegiance and this approach could see Australia placed under intense pressure in the future. "The sheriff composes his posse and if you don't want to be part of the posse you will be punished."

Professor Heisbourg said conservatives in the Bush Administration were determined to attack Iraq on a set timetable, regardless of others' views and whether there was collateral damage to leaders like Tony Blair.

Defending France's stance, Professor Heisbourg - an adviser to the French Foreign Ministry - said the US had closed off its options, leading to Jacques Chirac's commitment to reject a new resolution




Moran: War, Politics and Inevitability

AT TIMES impassioned, at times resigned, Moran blasted the Bush administration for its rush to war but saved some of his harshest criticism for Jewish leaders in the United States.

"If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community

for this war with Iraq we would not be doing this," he said. "The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going and I think they should."

Many of those Jewish leaders were swayed after talking with former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, a vocal proponent of war with Iraq, Moran said. He nevertheless called himself "a Zionist because I believe in the right of Israel to exist in its boundaries." But Israel should exist only in its pre-1967 boundaries, he added, which means the Israeli government should dismantle settlements in formerly Palestinian areas. "If we provide $12 billion [in annual aid to Israel] we need to say, 'Stop the expansion of the settlements and comply with the two U.N. Security Council resolutions.'"

He blamed the Bush administration for using the war to divert attention from the weak economy.

"The American president saw that the American public was losing interest in the war on terrorism and was starting to focus on the economy," he said. "I want an administration and a Congress that is going to be responsive to the concerns that you are articulating tonight."

The war, he said, would come at a huge cost. American forces would have to occupy Iraq for years causing resentment against the United States throughout the Arab world.

Giuseppe Furioso Writes:

If there is a silver lining in Moran's craven apology, it is that once again we see demonstrated the awesome power of the Jewish community in defining the parameters of political debate in this country. The overall effect of this is to make more credible the statement which got him into trouble in the first place. You simply can't have it both ways; insisting you are a powerless minority and then being able to marshall enormous political and media assets to bring an elected official to his knees in less than 24 hours.






Bush policy ripe for conspiracy theories

Tony Walker, Middle East observed

The Australian Financial Review, 14 March 2003

When I visited a Saudi Arabian stockmarket analyst friend in his office in Riyadh this week I found him glued to his computer screen, but he was not looking at the latest stock prices. What he was reading was the transcript of an exchange in which Richard Perle, one of the instigators of US President George Bush's "regime change" policy in the Middle East, referred to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh as a terrorist. From Cairo to Riyadh, from Amman to the Gulf statelets, eyeballs were locked on the extracts of the interview on CNN where Perle responded angrily to Hersh's accusations in an article in The New Yorker that Perle Had improperly sought to use his position as an adviser to the administration for private business gain through a company seeking to sell security products.

But it was not an issue of an apparent ethics breach that excited attention among elite Arab opinion, most of which would find nothing exceptional in what Perle was alleged to have done, but the fact that the so-called "dark prince"of US foreign policy had come to unfavourable public notice. For in the informed Arab mind, Perle, chairman of the Defence Department's advisory board and long-time associate of senior administration figures, stands at the center of a sinister web of conspirators bent on changing the world in Israel's interests.

The fact that many of Bush's advisers are Jewish add grist to an ever-grinding Arab conspiracy mill. Hersh is Jewish - which might be regarded as an inconvenient detail that contradicts perceptions that any conspiracy, real or imagined, is monolithically Jewish.

In an environment of moving perceptions on the even of war, where the edges are blurred between conspiracy and reality, there can have been few moments in history when an American administration has been so subject to negative innuendo across the Middle East.

This is a world that ordinarily does not need much encouragement to embroider circumstances, but it also must be said that the Bush administration, in its ideological fixation, is providing plenty of encouragement to the purveyors of Middle Eastern conspiracy theories. At dinner this week with a member of the Saudi royal family, conversation dwelled on US motivations for war - which are widely regarded, rightly or wrongly, among Arabs to be connected with twin aims: first to ensure the reliability of oil supplies and second to make the region safer for Israel. As the Saudi prince said - echoing a firmly held, if contestable, conviction from Morocco to the Gulf - "The only country that will benefit [from an invasion of Iraq] will be Israel."

Allied with the plethora of conspiracy theories is a view that Bush is so stupid, so credulous, so naïve, so ignorant, so much in the thrall of the religious right and the Jewish lobby that he is in no position to counter pro-Zionist pressures from within his administration to take action on behalf of vested interests. So in the Arab mind, what evidence is being adduced to support the conspiracy theories that the world is being propelled towards war on dubious grounds to serve the interests of the oil industry and Israel?

This writer does not have much time for conspiracy theories generally, and this one in particular - beyond the obvious observation that Bush's administration is stacked with neo-conservative supporters of Israel, who have a long and indelible record of activism in support of the Jewish state. That is a fact, but it would be drawing a very long bow indeed to say that US policy, and thus Australia's since we are along for the ride, is a captive of these interests. Clearly, there are many different factors pushing Bush towards and invasion of Iraq, not least the events of September 11, 2001.

Now in two long months on the road in the Middle East, I haven't heard anyone suggest that to propel the US towards war Israel organized the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, or that bin Laden is an agent of Israel's overseas spy force, the Mossad. However, it wouldn't have surprised me to hear them advanced, such is the inventiveness of some of the notions swirling about Arab salons and diwanirs.

What, then, can be said about the processes that have contributed to perhaps the most vexed diplomatic issue in post-World War II history - and issue that will reverberate for many years to come, whatever the outcome of the war itself? If there is a common thread that connects early conservative thinking on the issue of pre-emption and the Middle East with the implementation now , it is the person of Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who began talking about unilateral action in 1990 - before Iraq invaded Kuwait in August that year. As a Pentagon adviser to the defence secretary (now Vice-President) Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz produced a document called Defence Planning Guidance, which was notable for its emphasis on the reinforcement of US power - and absence of references to the need for collective action. In between Wolfowitz's defence planning document and a 2000 paper of the neo-conservative Project for the New American Century (of which Wolfowitz was a principal author), which emphasised similar themes, Perle also left his fingerprints on ideas about the Middle East with abrief for former Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, titled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. That 1996 offering spoke of the desirability of getting rid of Saddam Hussein as a strategic option for bolstering Israel's security.

It may be just coincidental, but in the circumstances it is not all that surprising that conspiracy theorists have latched on to the fact that the very idea embodied in a document prepared by a Bush adviser for a hawkish Israeli politician have now become official US policy.



The Archive: This Month in 2002

Dispute: Holocaust denied in interview: Radio station faces legal action over 'hate speech'

By Helen Bamford, Weekend Argus, 20 April 2002

The Jewish Board of Deputies still intends pursuing its legal action against Cape Town Muslim radio station 786 for anti-semitic hate speech. This follows the recent Constitutional Court ruling that a section of the broadcasting law was unconstitutional.

The station had broadcast an interview in 1998 in which it was alleged that the Nazi Holocaust, in which six million Jews were murdered, never happened, and that one million Jews died of infectious diseases.

The complaint is being taken to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, formerly the Independent Broadcasting Authority.

Spokesman for the board Yehuda Kay said Radio 786 had subsequently, on four other occasions, broadcast hate speech, anti-Jewish conspiracy theorizing and Holocaust denials.

He said the board was satisfied that while a section of the Code of Conduct of Broadcasting Services was found to limit freedom of expression in a Constitutional Court hearing last week, it still upheld that hate speech would be tolerated.

The section declared unconstitutional, clause 2(a), states that: "Broadcasting licensees shall not broadcast any material which is indecent or obscene or offensive to public morals or offensive to the religious convictions or feelings of any section of the population or likely to prejudice the safety of the State or the public order or relations between sections of the population,"

In a judgment delivered on April 11, Deputy Chief Justice Pius Langa upheld Radio 786's contention that clause 2(a) was inconsistent with the right to freedom of expression. The matter arose from a complaint made to the Independent Broadcasting Authority by the SA Jewish Board of Deputies about a broadcast in May 1998.

In an interview broadcast with Jakoob Zaki entitled Zionism and Israel: an in-depth analysis, Zaki denied the Holocaust happened and said Jews died of illnesses. He said: "So I accept that one million Jews died during World War 2, but I dispute that they were murdered, that they were killed by gassing. They died like other people in camps, from infectious diseases, from epidemic diseases, particularly typhus." Radio 786 station manager Farid Sayed said the Constitutional Court ruling was a victory not only for the radio station but for the entire electronic media in its quest for freedom of expression.But the Jewish Board of Deputies said that in the ruling, the court ordered that although sections of clause 2(a) were found to be too wide and should be struck, those that pertain to hate speech such as: broadcasts that are propaganda for war, incitement for committing violence and advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion and constitutes incitement to cause harm, should not be struck from Clause 2(a).

Russell Gaddin, chairman of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies, said that "as South Africans we are protected by freedom of speech and protected from hate speech. This is a landmark victory for all South Africans and we will be pursuing the matter against Radio 786 on the grounds set out in the ruling."


Seven Months Later

SA Jewish Board complaint dismissed by watchdog body

Cape Times, 14 November 2002

Johannesburg: The Broadcasting Monitoring Complaints Committee (BMCC) yesterday dismissed a complaint lodged by the SA Jewish Board of Deputies about a radio programme aired on a Cape Town radio station about Zionism and Israel.

The acting chairman of the BMCC, Advocate Roland Sutherland, told Radio 786 on Tuesday that no hearing would be held into the complaint because "in his view, no sound reason" existed.

Sutherland found that the complaint "does not disclose a cogent basis for alleging a contravention of the Code of Conduct for Broadcasters". He said that for the sake of freedom of speech, criticism and the expression of opinions had to be endured, even by those who held opposing opinions. Sutherland found that the Jewish religion was not attacked in the programme. He said "…the vituperative criticism is reserved solely for the Zionist movement, and those whom the broadcast claims are its allies". Radio 786 said in reaction to the decision that it had always held the view that the Board of Deputies never had a basis for a complaint. The BMCC is part of the statutory Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. Most broadcasters are members of the National Association of Broadcasters of South Africa (NAB).Complaints against these broadcasters are usually referred to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA. The Board of Deputies' complaint was referred to the BMCC because Radio 786 is not a member of the NAB. - Sapa


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