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May 2003
No 191


Back to the Holocaust in Germany

Margit Alm

Melbourne Australia,

Here is how I remember the 1943 air raids over Hamburg. It is a story far removed from Zionism but it turned into a Holocaust of its own kind.

It had been a particularly beautiful sunny summer's day in July and a busy one for us children. My baby brother, my older sister and I were safely tucked into bed, watched over by the elderly lady from next door whilst my mother had walked to the Central Station to collect my father, who was a conscript soldier in the Wehrmacht, but stationed in North Germany whilst rehabilitating from a war injury sustained the previous year. This enabled him to spend his free days with his family.

We lived in a flat in a big block of commercial/residential apartments in Hamburg's inner city (CBD), some 300 m away from the "Binnenalster" (Alster lake).

My parents had just arrived home; my mother had put the kettle on for a cup of coffee and a piece of freshly baked cake when the howl of the sirens sounded and simultaneously the buzzing roar from the squadron bombers filled the air. We were torn from our beds, hastily dressed, my mother grabbed her handbag with the family documents and some photos and we raced down the stairs from our 4th floor flat to the cellar. As we passed the window between the 4th and 3rd floor I could see the bombs falling and the "Christmas trees" lighting the sky to guide the bombers.

We hovered in the cellar together with other people from the building, everyone preoccupied with their own thoughts and fears. My father meanwhile raced up and down the four floors, scouting for fires. He put out some 18 spot fires. Eventually he reappeared in the cellar, took my mother in his arms, told her that everything was lost, and then ordered everyone out. A huge load of fire bombs had hit the building next door and the fire was now spreading to neighbouring buildings and streets.

Whilst our cellar was fire proof, it was not smoke proof. Smoke quickly began to fill the cellar and we rushed up the stairs into the foyer, holding wet handkerchiefs over our mouths and noses. There was only one entrance/exit to/from the building and that was enveloped by flames. There was a lonely chair in the foyer, which my father grabbed and smashed the window, through which all of us escaped, the adults jumping the two odd metres, the children being lifted out.

The air raid was still in full swing, so my father took our group some 50 m down the burning street into another building that had not yet caught fire and temporarily "parked" us there whilst he continued on his way to investigate the air raid shelter another 100 m away. It was still intact and had room for our group.

As we left our temporary abode I cast a last glance to our building where my childhood dreams and toys were turned to ashes. It stood there, a dark and silent silhouette in the fire-lit sky, seemingly untouched by what was going on around it. However, a blaze of flames escaping through the roof shot skywards and I knew that the building was burning itself out from within.

Five metres away from us, across the street, a whole building came crumbling down and rained a shower of phosphorous sparks on us. One of them must have hit me in the face as my mother was for a while fearful that I could become blind. Thank heavens, not so. The whole group made it safely to the air raid shelter where we waited out the end of the air raid and the end of the night.

I cannot remember whether I was scared. This air raid was a totally new experience for me. There was no time to become scared. I also had 200% confidence in my father's ability to see us through safely. Although air raids had taken place earlier over Hamburg, they left only sporadic damage to the inner city and were mainly targeting the port and industrial areas. They provided some excitement to us children. We would tour the bombed-out buildings the next day.

But this air raid was not child's play. It was meant to destroy more than infrastructure, and it certainly did just that; yet it could not have targeted civilians as there were relatively few civilians living in the inner city. Maybe it was a practice run for what was to come next.

As soon as daylight broke, and being summer it broke early, my father made his way across town to my aunt, who lived on the other side of town, some 5 km away, in a large residential area. They (two aunts lived there and one uncle but he was on the eastern front) had escaped the bombings and we found shelter in their apartment - but only for one night.

The second night the sirens once again forced us into the building's cellar. This time there was a much larger group, the building being residential only. My father, now on compassionate leave from the Wehrmacht, again patrolled the building like a security guard would patrol a casino, checking every corner. Again, he told us we had to vacate. A time bomb had fallen into the small courtyard (where the rubbish bins were stored) and it could explode any time. But escape where to? The whole suburb was burning. Luckily the emergency services had earlier on dynamited an entrance through the walls of the underground, and this was the only safe spot far and wide.

The rule was that my father carrying my brother would lead the way, followed by my mother who dragged me along and my aunts who took care of my older sister. But when we emerged from the cellar and I stood on top of the stairs leading into the street I could only see fire: all buildings were ablaze, fire was raining from the sky, and as the sparks were ricocheting from the stones it looked to me as if the road was burning. I jerked away from my mother's hand and told here I was not running through that. My mother followed my father, screaming "I lost Margit" (I have never ceased wondering whether at that moment my father was not cursing her for being unable to control a pre-school child), and I just stood there and watched in abhorrence. To my left shadows were rushing past me disappearing into the firy night, following my father to safety. No one noticed me, or so I thought. Suddenly I felt swept off my feet and strong arms held me. I buried my face in a broad chest. It turned out that my rescuer was a young Dutchman who lived in the apartment building and knew us quite well. When my feet touched the ground again at the dynamited entrance to the underground I looked into my father's face. He was about to run through the fire and air raid once more and fetch me. However, he would not have made it. The time bomb explored just after the last person had left the building, turning the building to rubble.

We were lucky, everyone in the building was saved.

We spent the remainder of the night cowering and squatting on the rail tracks. At daylight my father again went on his by now familiar scouting trip to find the best way out for everyone. The best way out turned out to be a long, long walk along the tracks until we reached platforms and a station in another suburb. When my father investigated the devastation from the previous night, he not only found the rubbled buildings but piles and piles of corpses just lying in the streets. He wanted to spare us such a sight.

They say, 45000 people perished during that night.

From the railway station we were taken to big halls in Neumünster, and a new episode of our lives began. For the next four years we settled elsewhere, but that is a different story.

My father was a decorated soldier (and threw all his decorations into a river because they would have hindered his escape from a Russian POW camp back to Germany after the war had ended), but I think his greatest deed was to show leadership in those two air raids. Neither our family nor all those belonging to the two groups would have escaped the bombing and the fires without his initiative. There were mainly women and children in the cellars, but I remember a few males present, yet apart from the Dutchman who carried me to safety, no one showed initiative (maybe for that reason the men were at home and not at the front).

I now look forward to the book Der Brand and what it says about Hamburg's firestorm.

By the way, more than 30 years ago I saw a play here in Melbourne by Rolf Hochhuth, called The Soldiers. It dealt with the planning of this air raid over Hamburg. At the time a Swiss girl from work was in our group of theatregoers. She was quite devastated after the play and said to me: "but they never carried it through". I had to tell her that they did.





By Enzo Di Matteo

Now magazine (Toronto) -- March 13-19, 2003

When it comes to holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel, controversies often take on a life of their own. Take his current claim for refugee status here in Canada after American authorities deported him. Some hope Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel will be on a plane for Germany soon.

Jewish groups have been horrified by the media attention his case has attracted. It's the last thing they wanted.

"With Zundel it's always interesting," says one Jewish community leader, only half-jokingly.

The mainstream media can't seem to shake its fascination with Zundel. The Globe went as far as to send a correspondent to his hometown in Calmbach, Germany, for a feature that ran last Friday. The paper followed up Saturday with a story on all the women who've loved the "chameleon" Zundel.

This kind of exposure was feared early on by Jewish leaders and has recently given rise to intense debate among Canada's three major Jewish organizations about the platform a long, dragged-out legal battle would

offer Zundel, a skilled propagandist, to promote his anti-Semitic views.

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center suggested recently to German authorities that they drop outstanding charges against Zundel as a way of expediting his deportation from Canada. Those charges relate to a videotape Zundel distributed titled The Auschwitz Lie.

Leo Adler, the centre's director of national affairs, argues in a letter to German ambassador to Canada Christian Pauls that "there would be no foundation for (Zundel's) claim for asylum" here in Canada if Germany suspended the charges. Zundel, a German national, "would be obliged to return to Germany.

"The last thing anybody (except Zundel) wants is a protracted media-hyped series of court appearances that serve to publicize Mr. Zundel," Adler's letter says. "The sweetest justice would be to show Mr. Zundel a form of mercy that leaves his future in his hands, rather than allowing him to become a self-styled martyr for his cause."

Others among the Jewish leadership, however, are not so eager to have German authorities forgive Zundel his misdeeds. Some seem more than willing to let Zundel cool his heels in the Niagara Detention Centre for as long as the process takes.

B'nai Brith has sent its own correspondence to German authorities saying that "Zundel should be deported to Germany and prosecuted to the fullest extent of German anti-hate laws." The group reiterated this point last

Friday when CBC Radio news erroneously reported that B'nai Brith, too, supports the Wiesenthal Center's initiative.

"If he's committed a crime in another country, allegedly," says B'nai Brith director of communications Joseph Ben-Ami, "then he should be tried for that crime.

"There's a flaw in (the Simon Wiesenthal Center's) logic," says Ben-Ami, "and the flaw is, we're assuming the basis for the refugee claim is the outstanding charge against him (in Germany). That's not the basis for his refugee claim. The basis of his refugee claim is his fear of persecution."

One gets the sense listening to Ben-Ami that the optics of this sticky situation-a Jewish organization calling for the dropping of charges against a known anti-Semite-is what's driving the group's position.

"We of all people should be the last to say charges should be dropped. I mean, we're just not going to do that. We feel a responsibility to prosecute. We're not prepared to have our name attached to an initiative to have (the Germans) turn a blind eye to this kind of crime.

"If the goal here is to prevent Ernst Zundel from getting publicity, don't you think we'd be a little more circumspect about calling press conferences to talk about how we could prevent him from garnering more media attention?"

The Canadian Jewish Congress, which had early on expressed its own concern about the media attention around Zundel's case, is not supporting the Wiesenthal Center's initiative either

Len Rudner, the CJC's director of community relations, says that from the CJC's point of view Zundel's refugee claim is a "red herring" that doesn't stand a legal chance.

Rudner says the Wiesenthal Center's initiative is "an attempt to clear the table, (while) from our point of view that item really isn't even on the table. It is an interesting perspective. We don't think the German government's in-absentia conviction of Zundel for his actions there is going to be an impediment to removing him from this country one way or the other.

"I'm sure Zundel's enjoying it. But what are you going to do about it? The media is going to cover it regardless, because Zundel is news."

Adler was not available for comment this week. But he suggested - in separate correspondence to Justice Minister Martin Cauchon urging him to sign on to the centre's initiative-that getting rid of Zundel will present more legal twists and turns than legal observers think.

He writes that "even the attempt to have him declared a security risk carries with it the possibility of lengthy court battles."

A four-page summary report presented at the only hearing held to date in the Zundel matter by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada's spy agency, says there are reasonable grounds to consider Zundel a security risk "as a consequence of his participation, involvement and support of the neo-Nazi/white supremacist movement in Canada."

The CSIS document goes on to say that "there are reasonable grounds to believe that Zundel has been and would be in a position to influence his followers to commit acts of serious violence in Canada or abroad."

But back in 92, when the Supreme Court of Canada overturned spreading-false-news charges against Zundel-for publishing Did Six Million Really Die? -- it found censorship of all expressions "likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest" unjustifiable and in contravention of freedom of expression guarantees in the Charter.

The question is, then, do Zundel's views make him a security risk even though, as CSIS's own appraisal states, "Zundel is unlikely to resort to violence himself"?

Whether or not Zundel still retains his landed status here in Canada is another legal wrinkle that's complicating matters.

Immigration officials in Ottawa are not commenting on the case. But René Mercier, a spokesperson for the department, says landed immigrants retain their status for three years after they've left the country.

Zundel, a resident in Canada since 58, left in August 2000.At least one higher-up with the CJC expresses "surprise" that Zundel is not using his former residency status to fight his deportation.

While the Wiesenthal Center's proposal has been met with skepticism within certain segments of the Jewish community, German authorities seem to be treating it seriously.

In Ottawa, German embassy spokesperson Harry Adelt confirms that Adler has met with high-ranking officials there, and the proposal has been sent to Berlin for consideration.

Zundel's Web site, meanwhile, is milking this controversy for all it's worth. The myth-making continues.




Jews Increasingly Blamed For War

Backlash evident before first shot fired in Iraq; fury over Rep. Moran's comments.

The Jewish Week, 03/14/2003

James D. Besser - Washington Correspondent

American Jews increasingly are being blamed for an impending war that polls show many fear and oppose. And Jewish leaders, facing divided constituencies and conflicting concerns as the nation braces for the expected onslaught against Iraq, inadvertently may be contributing to that backlash by remaining silent as the national debate rages.

This week, comments by a liberal Democratic congressman blaming the Jews for the impending war ignited a firestorm of protest and convinced some doubting Jewish leaders that an anti-Semitic backlash could be at hand.

"The idea that the Jews are responsible for the war is moving into the mainstream," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

A ceaseless barrage of leaks from Israeli officials about when the war will start has added to the impression that the Jewish state and its supporters are the most active cheerleaders for an immediate U.S. invasion.

The blame game got a big boost last week when Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), speaking to a suburban Washington church group, expressed a view that is gaining traction in the emerging anti-war movement: When it comes to war with Iraq, it's the Jews' fault.

In response to a question, the lawmaker, who has had numerous brushes with Jewish organizations over the years, said: "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq we would not be doing this," according to the Connection weekly newspaper of Reston, Va.

Moran, a seven-term congressman, added that "the leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going and I think they should."

That produced a tidal wave of protest, starting with the National Jewish Democratic Council, a partisan Democratic group. The Interfaith Alliance, representing diverse faith communities, labeled Moran's comment "imprudent as it is erroneous and divisive."

A group of six prominent local rabbis, charging that Moran regularly "singles out" Jews for criticism, went further and demanded his resignation.

"As leaders in the Jewish community ... we have reached the end of our patience with Congressman Jim Moran," the rabbis said in a written statement. "Congressman Moran has a longstanding pattern of public statements that are offensive to our community and to the integrity of our concerns."

Rabbi Jack Moline, senior rabbi at a large Conservative synagogue in Moran's district and one of the signers, said that "I haven't seen anybody read or see [Moran's] statement without their jaw dropping. It resonates so clearly for us from a very dark time in our history - and it appears to resonate not at all for Mr. Moran."

Rabbi Moline said his own congregation reflects a divided, worried Jewish community.

"I see the gamut here," he said of the Conservative Agudas Achim. "I don't think there is anybody who is aching for the war, but there are many who find it sadly necessary, given events in the past few months. A lot more would have been happier if we had found a different way to handle the Iraq situation. And a significant minority oppose the war under any circumstances."

In an interview with The Jewish Week, Moran said he will not resign, but admitted that his comments may have been offensive.

"I don't blame Jews for reacting that way," he said. "I realized that the way these remarks were written, they sounded terrible."

And he insisted he was referring to "all the major religions," not just Jews. "All three have been derelict in not opposing the war," Moran said.

But Rabbi Moline and others rejected a written apology by the lawmaker. Moran's comments prompted a sea change among Jewish leaders who had previously minimized the likelihood of an anti-Semitic backlash.

"The problem is not Jim Moran; he's symptomatic of a greater problem," said Foxman.

In 1991, accusations of Israeli and Jewish complicity in causing the Persian Gulf War came from only a handful of right-wing columnists. But "in the last few weeks we've been hearing a chorus," Foxman said. "It's not just the Buchanans; it's moving from the extremes into the mainstream."

The ADL leader cited recent op-ed columns in major papers blaming Israel and its supporters for the war, including a column in the Chicago Tribune charging that the war "is mainly in Likud's interest rather than our own."

Critics, including Moran and some prominent columnists, portray a united Jewish community eager to see U.S. forces destroy Israel's bitter enemy.

"I agree that there is a perception about Jewish organizations being supportive of a military response [to Iraq], although I don't think it is an accurate perception," said Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. "If you look at the actual statements adopted by various organizations, you would find they reflect the caution, the ambivalence, the concern that exists in the community."

But other factors have combined to add to the impression of a pro-war Jewish community.

"As everybody has pointed out, there are very prominent Jews in the political process, both within and without the administration, who have been identified with support for the war," Rabbi Yoffie said. "That has led to the perception that the Jews are pushing for war."

Those Jews include Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith and Pentagon adviser Richard Perle. Feith and Perle were involved in preparing a 1996 position paper for then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that among other things called for the removal of Saddam, although it said Israel and a coalition of moderate Arab states should do the job, not the United States. Rabbi Yoffie also pointed the finger at a "few individual [Jewish] leaders who have given the impression that they're speaking for the entire Jewish community" when they support the war.

President Bush himself may have reinforced the impression of Jewish support in recent speeches discussing the administration's view of sweeping changes in the Middle East once Saddam is removed and stressing his concern about nonconventional attacks against Israel.

"For months we've been working to make the case that the Iraq situation and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be viewed as separate," said a Jewish leader in

Washington. "Suddenly the president seems to be doing the opposite, and that's reinforcing a lot of misinformation about the reasons for this war and the positions of the American Jewish community."

Rabbi Sidney Schwarz, founder and president of Panim: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values, said the refusal of most Jewish groups to wade into the war debate may be the inevitable result of the community's lack of consensus, but that it may also add to the potential for a backlash.

"We're quiet because we're hoping to avoid the Jim Morans," he said. "But if you sit quietly and hope nobody notices you, be assured it won't be long before people start pointing fingers at the Jews and Israel for causing this godforsaken war."

Jewish leaders, Schwarz said, are torn between Israel's obvious interest in ridding their region of one of its most dangerous and unpredictable dictators, and concerns about what the war could mean for a divided America. Many are reluctant to criticize the top foreign policy priority of an administration that has stood by Israel during a difficult period.

The result, Schwarz said: Jewish leaders face a barrage of conflicting pressures - from constituents upset about the war, from pro-Israel hard-liners who say it would be good for Israel, from those who fear a backlash if the Jewish community is too prominent on either side of the debate.

"Given all that, standing on the sidelines is probably the best thing to do," he said. "People want camouflage."

Jewish community groups around the country are seeing "undercurrents" suggesting a possible backlash, said Hannah Rosenthal, executive vice-chair of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Some Jewish activists are focusing on the emerging anti-war movement, which they believe has the potential to burgeon if

the Iraq war goes badly.

"In our community, the big concern is the joining of the anti-Israel and the anti-war agendas," said Rabbi Doug Kahn, executive director of the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council. "A number of the leading organizers of anti-war activities have fairly clear anti-Israel agendas. I don't think that's true of the vast majority of the people who as a matter of conscience attend these events, but it's true of the organizers."

But Rabbi Michael Lerner, a leading Jewish anti-war activist and editor of Tikkun magazine, lay much of the blame at the feet of major Jewish leaders and the Israeli government.

"The State of Israel seems unequivocally committed to the war, the most prominent advocates of this war inside the administration have been Jews, the major sentiments being expressed inside the Orthodox synagogues is that of support for the war, and the voices of liberals who might normally be counted on to be raising questions are in fact silent," he said in an interview. "Isn't that enough reason for most people to feel that this is a war supported by the Jewish community, though in fact it is only the 'organized community' and not most Jews who support it?"

But David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, said that "issues of war are extraordinarily complex, and it's not for us to advise the government on whether war is the best response or not."





Of things to come:

From GAT ? Gulag Americana Talmudistan,

to Australia GAT1 ? Gulag Australiana Talmudistan


The Terrorists Strike Again

by Kevin Alfred Strom

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of March 15, 2003

Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. Last week I spoke to you on the necessity for all of us who know the truth about race and the truth about the Jewish drive for war and genocide to remain active, and to avoid all illegal acts -- acts which can only play into the hands of those who have seized control of the American establishment.

I received a few letters from listeners who said, in effect, "Mr. Strom -- it does not matter if we stay legal or not. Even if we break no law, charges can and will be trumped up against us by the same kind of lying and legal trickery that put Ernst Zundel in jail." Well, I acknowledged that when I said last week:

"Yes, I know that the so-called Patriot Act and Michael Chertoff's 'Joint Terrorism Task Force' have acted with gross illegality themselves, and that innocents who have committed no crime at all except doubting Jewish fairy tales have been arrested and falsely charged. I know that Andrew J. O'Conner of Santa Fe, New Mexico was arrested by the Secret Service on February 13th for the "crime" of saying that he thought Bush was "out of control" in an Internet chat room. Some innocents are

going to be persecuted. But that is no excuse for handing the bastards your head on a silver platter. Don't give them even the slightest excuse. Stay absolutely and perfectly legal in every way. And stay active. There's no excuse for any other course."

But note well that while I acknowledged the great danger of the takeover of the American government by fanatical anti-White Jews, and I acknowledged the great danger in giving up our traditional rights through such illegal travesties as the misnamed "Patriot Act" (which ought to be called the "Imprison Patriots Act"), and I acknowledged that innocents would be persecuted, I urged everyone to remain scrupulously legal because to do otherwise is to make it much easier for the new secret police to harm you, your family, and your fellow patriots. I reiterate that advice now.

Yes, we have now reached the stage where Michael Chertoff and the U.S. Justice Department are acting with almost the same abandon as the Soviet KGB or NKVD. Under the hypocritically false flag of "American Security" and a "War on Terror," foreigners who put the interests of their people and their terrorist racial state Israel above the interests of Americans have gotten their greasy hands on the levers of power in Washington. That's a horrible situation, and just this week we've seen another example of the Jewish establishment in action.

Last Friday, a SWAT team of some 70 federal agents, armed to the teeth, including members of the so-called Joint Terrorism Task Force, descended on the idyllic mountaintop home of Chester Doles, Jr. and his family in the mountains near Dahlonega, Georgia, and arrested him on completely bogus firearms charges. His arraignment hearing is taking place as I speak.

Chester Doles, Jr. is a family man, a father of 11 children, a professional carpenter, a university student of political science, and a long-time supporter of the right of White self-determination. I've spoken about his courageous -- and completely legal -- protests against illegal immigration and against the fraudulent "Martin Luther King" holiday on this program before.

Ten years ago Mr. Doles went to jail in Maryland over an assault. It was a misdemeanor offense -- not a felony. But because Mr. Doles sentence was for over 24 months, the Chertoff gang in the Justice Department is claiming that an obscure provision in the law which prevents felons from owning firearms also prevents anyone sentenced -- even for a misdemeanor -- to 24 months or more from owning any gun.

It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that the guns didn't belong to Chester Doles. It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that not only did Mr. Doles, his wife and their eleven children live in the home, but that numbers of extended family members were often present, all of whom were perfectly within their rights to own and carry firearms there. It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that every single one of the seven weapons they claimed they found were the same kind of weapons -- handguns, shotguns, and rifles -- that can be found in almost every household in the north Georgia mountains and in the homes of most sportsmen across the nation. It doesn't matter to Michael Chertoff and the Bush "Justice Department" that Mrs. Doles and the other family members there have a right to defend themselves and their property just as anyone else does.

It also apparently doesn't matter that, according to witnesses, Mr. Doles was specifically informed by the state of Maryland when his jail term was up that his right to own firearms had been reinstated.

The FBI claimed publicly through their spokesman Joe Parris that this wasn't a political arrest: "He's a felon in possession of a firearm who happens to have an affiliation. The FBI is not going to draw any conclusions from that."

Here are some questions that I'd like to ask Mr. Parris: Is it customary to have the "Joint Terrorism Task Force" and some 70 KGB-style agents storm a peaceful couple's home for a simple case of possession of ordinary guns? Is it normal for the FBI to pay an informant to befriend the Doles family and visit their home regularly for two years in a case based on a tiny technicality in the law like this? Is it normal to have a team of highly-paid agents follow the family around literally for years, obtaining records of every place they travel and everything they buy in a case like this? Even the first words out of Parris's mouth -- "he's a felon in possession of a firearm" -- are lies, since Chester Doles has never been convicted of a felony. Clearly, this is a case of following a political dissident around until they found some pretext for silencing him.

So one may legitimately ask the FBI: Why are all these resources being devoted to a highly questionable and extremely minor case like this? Why is the Bureau taking the chance of embarrassment for claiming that a non-felon is a felon? Why take such risks just because a north Georgia family has the kinds of guns that most north Georgia families have? Again, clearly this is a case of targeting a man because of his political beliefs, following him, and sending paid spies to entrap and/or falsely testify against him. It calls out to high heaven for free speech advocates like the ACLU and others, if they really are sincere, to hit hard at this blatant Stalinist attack on freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. I suggest that every listener contact the ACLU and other free speech groups and spokesmen and let them know about this travesty of justice.

Jewish Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff, the man behind an ever-increasing number of KGB-style political arrests like this one, and the person behind the so-called Joint Terrorism Task Force which engages in open terrorism itself, has a very strange definition of "possession" of a firearm. The Chertoff definition of "possession" is not the ordinary definition of that word. It's an Alice-in-Wonderland definitionin which you can "possess" a firearm without owning it -- in fact, without even touching it or seeing it. Apparently you can "possess" a firearm by just talking about it. You can, it seems, "possess" a firearm by just being on the same property where it is located. Does this mean that I "possess" an arsenal of firearms when I walk into the local police station because large numbers of firearms are there? Does this mean that I "possess" one million dollars when I walk into the lobby of the Bank of America or that I "possess" Faith Hill if I go to one of her concerts? Absurd. If fifty people go to a home where a gun is under the mattress in the bedroom, do all fifty of them "possess" the gun?

This utterly bogus case against Chester Doles cries out to high heaven for the involvement of the NRA and other Second Amendment groups, because the precedents that the gun-grabbers could establish here are ominous indeed. Every listener who is a member or supporter of gun rights groups should contact his organization and get them onto this case immediately.

The arrest of Chester Doles is a political arrest, pure and simple. Through the malice of Jewish supremacists masquerading as 'liberals' and through the stupidity of 'conservatives' who gave the government and our rights away to those same Jewish supremacists in the name of "national security," we are now at the same stage as the Soviet Union was in the early days of the NKVD, the largely-Jewish secret police later known as the KGB. We are enmeshed in a tangle of laws -- on firearms, finance, and many other things -- a tangle of laws so thick that anyone who is watched long enough can be caught or framed for violating one of them. This is exactly the situation that tyrants love: laws so complex and so many that no one understands or even knows them all, laws so all-encompassing that anyone whom the tyrant deems an "enemy" can be charged with something. It is a situation where almost everyone is intimidated because everyone fears the midnight knock on the door from the secret police. Just do what "they" want and maybe you'll be safe. That's where inaction and inactivity brought you. That's where hiding brought you. That's where insufficient support for patriots brought you.

The arrest of Mr. Doles is educational in another way, too. When Mr. Doles had scheduled one of his protests against illegal immigration a few months ago, some activists posted the information on his event to the and Web sites, alternative news sites on the Internet. A few radical leftists denounced the march as "racist" and made the usual claims that the "racists" were just shills for the "racist establishment" which they, the noble leftists, were fighting in the name of freedom for all people. With the false arrest and persecution of Mr. Doles, any claims that he was part of the establishment are disproved beyond any doubt. Yes, my friends on the left -- and I know that thousands of you listen to this broadcast -- there is a "racist" establishment. But it is not a "White racist" establishment. It is a Jewish supremacist establishment, the same establishment which is pushing for the war that both you and I oppose. It is a Jewish supremacist establishment which denies the Palestinian people the right of self-determination, which denies the Palestinian people the right to a Palestinian state and a Palestinian government. What you need to understand that the same Jewish supremacist establishment which denies Palestinians the right to have a truly Palestinian state also denies Frenchman the right to have a truly French state, denies Germans the right to have a truly German state, and denies Americans the right to have a truly American state. The Jewish supremacists, of course, vociferously demand the right to their own ethnic/racial state, the same right they deny to the rest of us. Why should the Left and the Right kill each other over relatively trivial matters like economics? -- Why should nationalists of different races kill each other over debatable boundary lines? -- We all are being denied our right of self-determination, our very right to exist as a people, by the single greatest oppressor in the world today: the Jewish supremacist establishment.

One of the few writers who have dared to name those who oppressed the Russian people under Communism is Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn writes in his book Gulag Archipelago about the 1930s version of the Bush Justice Department's Michael Chertoff -- Genrikh Yagoda, Jewish head of the NKVD or Communist secret police. He says that during 1934 and 1935, Yagoda's men went out every night in St. Petersburg, arresting anyone that Yagoda and his thugs declared to be a "class enemy." I suppose they'd use the words 'racist" or "terrorist" now instead of "class enemy" to justify their terrorism. It's estimated that a quarter of the population of that city was taken by Yagoda's "authorities," and most were never heard from again. Solzhenitsyn laments the fact that the ordinary, non-Jewish Russians, who were still the majority, didn't stand together and stop these raids. Solzhenitsyn says that, armed only with knives and pickaxes and hammers -- or even just spikes for the tires of the vans -- the Russians could have stopped the Jewish-led murderers and torturers. And he's right. But the Russians didn't do that, so it took many millions of dead and almost sixty more years for the rotten system to collapse of its own weight and internal contradictions.

I'm not asking you to do what Solzhenitsyn wanted the Russians to do. Too many Americans are somnolent TV-watchers for that strategy to be a success now anyway. But I am asking each of you to be brave enough to give your all for the liberation of our people. Most of you can join the National Alliance, and give it your unqualified and open support, give it your names and reputations, and give a tithe to its efforts. Some of you will want to join under a nom de guerre, which is perfectly permissible, because your position in society is too valuable to our race to sacrifice, and we fully understand that. Some of you have legal problems hanging over your heads, and you should not join us because the Jewish establishment is running very scared these days, and will use any pretext to remove the perceived "threat" of Jew-savvy patriots. Clean up your problems, and be strictly and absolutely legal. If you cannot join us or must leave us for everyone's good, you can still support us. Anyone can buy books from us and even opponents of our ideas subscribe to our magazine, National Vanguard, so there's no reason you can't do those things as well. Sending of cash or money orders anonymously is perfectly legal and easy to do. We need an in-depth community of intelligent and committed people, and that's just the kind of community we're building.

Support those of us who are on the real front lines, and make your voice heard in your circles. Use the Internet. Go to local community events and meetings. Speak out. We're going to keep expanding National Vanguard magazine and, we're going to keep holding conferences and European Cultural Festivals like Euro-Fest 2003, we're going to keep putting out new books and videos and radio programs, and we're going to distribute another half million pieces of National Alliance literature as we did in 2002. I'll do what I can, and each of you do the same. Let's be there for each other. Let's help each other. And let's win with flags flying.

Speaking of being there for each other, Chester Doles, Jr. needs our help right now. His legal defense is going to be expensive.

He's facing a possible ten years or more in prison. He is an innocent victim of government terror. The next victim may be the peace activist next door. The next victim may be the man who defends his family from a killer with a firearm. The next victim may be you. Support Chester Doles by sending as much as you can spare to:

Doles Defense Fund, P.O. Box 1532, Dahlonega, GA 30533

Make all money orders out to David Trainor, Mr. Doles' attorney. You may also send cash.

Please help Mr. Doles in his hour of need. His wife needs him. His eleven children, the youngest only four months old, need him. And his community needs him. Write and help today.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


The text above is based on a broadcast of the American Dissident Voices radio program sponsored by National Vanguard Books. It is distributed by e-mail each Saturday to subscribers of ADV-list.

Historian: I never denied Holocaust

Wentworth Courier, 19 March 2003

Report Andrew London

A historian who was forced to remove from his Web site material deemed offensive to Jews has lashed out at being branded a "Holocaust denier".

Controversial revisionist Dr Fredrick Töben of South Australia's Adelaide Institute responded to a recent Courier report that said he would appeal the Federal Court decision in May.

The court last September found material on the Web site contravened the Racial Discrimination Act and was insulting and racially motivated".

Dr Töben said he had never denied the Holocaust happened.

He published material that questioned the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz and the number of Jews killed.

Töben said he was now legally gagged from speaking about his definition of the Holocaust.

He also said he was called names such as "Holocaust denier", "racist" and "anti-Semite" - names he referred to as "shut-up" terms - to block a "legitimate inquiry into historical claims made by some individuals as to what happened in Germany during World War II".

Dr Töben said he hoped to appeal the court decision on the basis the Federal Government overstepped its constitutional bounds by including a religious group in its Racial Discrimination Act.

He is representing himself because many major legal firms would not represent his case for "fear of the Jews". Dr Töben claimed there were Jews who supported his beliefs.

The original complaint against Dr Töben was made to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission by Jeremy Jones, of Bondi, on behalf of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

A long legal battle followed.

In Germany, Dr Töben spent several months in jail for "inciting racial hatred" and "defaming the memory of the dead".

Dr Töben said free speech in Australia was dying.

"I'm not allowed to say what I think - that's finished," he said.

In a separate development this week, the former One Nation spin doctor, Independent NSW upper house MP David Oldfield, launched a Web site about Muslims proclaiming: "The Internet provides the opportunity for freedom of speech and freedom of debate".

A large message appearing on Mr Oldfield's Web site said: "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims."


Fredrick Töben comments, 6 April 2003

This is a reasonably objective article, except that the author did not clearly state that after canvassing over 20 of Australia's leading legal firms - and after doing most of the ground work myself - I finally found for my appeal competent legal representation.

As to David Oldfield's activities, I am not familiar with such nonsense claims, though I am aware that there are Australians who hold such views.To my knowledge Oldfield remains silent on the terrorist activities that Mossad and the US secret service have perpetrated upon the world. A European who works at Amman Airport informed me that she laughed when the US attempted to sell the 11 September 2001 tragedy as having been perpetrated by some Arabic-speaking terrorists. It was far too sophisticated an operation for alleged terrorists.

The invisible government that attempts to impose its will upon an unwilling world is the real source of terrorism, and this awaits public exposure. Meanwhile the disinformation campaign continues.Today, Sunday 6 April 2003, ABC Radio news quotes Australia's Prime Minister as stating that the weapons of mass destruction have as yet not been found in Iraq. But he assures us that they will be found after the fighting ceases. This is bad news for the Iraqis because on the Jordan-Iraq border there await them Israeli-US troops who will no doubt ensure that the weapons of mass destruction will be found even if they have to be planted there. As one gentleman informed me in Bahrain: "The (US) knows where the receipts are". Also, both the US and Israel have an abundance of weapons of mass destruction.

All this is still waiting to be exposed. The frenzied Anglo-American-Zionist invasion of Iraq is a mere sideshow of what lies beneath the surface of this sea of human suffering, the tragedy and contradiction that comes if one wishes to liberate a people by force. The latest joke doing the rounds is that the official Operation Iraq Freedom was initially called Operation Iraq Liberation, but the acronym would have read OIL!

It is my view that in order for Australian society to be balanced and not to be beholden to the powerful Jewish lobby, we need the Muslim input. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are related religions, but Moslems are not afraid of Jews, while Christians are quite subservient to Judaism. Most Christians are now also ready to abandon their faith and embrace the substitute religion that has been tailored exclusively for their consumption: Holocaustianity, the belief in the Auschwitz homicidal gas chamber and the extermination of six million Jews. Unlike Christianity, Islam is a fighting religion and hence does not fear its antecedents whom it gladly acknowledges, namely, Judaism and Christianity.

The fact that David Oldfield swallows the above nonsense, then concludes that "nearly all terrorists are Muslims", is indicative of his mental limitations and tolerance for those who are different. It is just like blaming all Jews for the ills of the world. No one group has that kind of power, even if some among them call upon God as their protector and witness to support such a view!



Federal Court of Australia Registry

28 March 2003

Fredrick Toben v Jeremy Jones N1049/02

I wish to advise that the notice of motion filed by the respondent on 25 February 2003 seeking to have the appeal in the above matter dismissed as incompetent is listed to be heard by the Full Court comprising Carr, Kiefel & Allsop JJ. It is to be heard at the same time as the hearing of the appeal. The details are as follows:

TIME: 10.15 am

DATE: Monday, 19 May 2003-04-06 PLACE: Law Courts Building, Queens Square, Sydney

If you have any queries in relation to the listing of this matter please contact me on (02) 9230 8127.

Shanthini Rathanthas, A/G Full Court Assistant


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