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June 2003
No 195



John Bayley


The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,

Nor bread to the wise, nor wealth to the intelligent,

Nor success to the skilful;

Time and chance govern all.

9:11 Ecclesiastes


There is a wild spirit of adventure that looks like malice



What does Adelaide born David Hicks have in common with Ernest Hemmingway and Arthur Koestler? Well, the short answer to that is, more than you might imagine, for each of the three was (is in the case of Hicks) an adventurous spirit with the soul of a poet.

The news media in Australia even had some blonde bimbo of an early morning news presenter read to us an alleged example of Hick's verse as an intended means of denigrating him. Well, sorry but ignoring her extremely poor delivery, I thought it was very nice. After all, when evaluating poetry, it is timely to bear in mind the inescapable fact that facility with pentameter can be developed over time, for it is merely a craft, but the real art of the poem resides in its content. Therefore dear news media, mock him all you will, but at the end of the day, the man is a poet.

Secondly, all three involved themselves in the internal conflict of a foreign nation. The Spanish civil war in the case of Ernest and Arthur and the Afghani civil war in the case of David, who unlike his two literary colleagues actually took up arms in the defence of the governing party (Taliban), which a decade earlier had won the admiration of the U.S. by booting out the Russians and bringing the evil empire to its knees.

So then, no one could suggest that these three men aren't kindred spirits (warrior poets), but what disparate fates awaited them purely on the basis of time and chance! The first two were pronounced heroes, while David, due to nothing more than a shift in cultural values over time, has been branded a pariah.

When my generation was growing up in the sixties, it was a common notion amongst teenage boys that if all other avenues of adventure became closed off to them, there would always be the French Foreign Legion to fall back on, for the yearning for adventure was at that time considered part of being human. Well not any more apparently, for today nearly everyone is a hero and everyone else is a terrorist or racist simply on the say so of those who would see the human spirit drained from us all and replaced by the will to mediocrity.

In any event, how was David Hicks supposed to have been able to foretell that the U.S. would invade Afganistan, kidnap him from within the jurisdiction of a sovereign country, and finally invent a new status (illegal combatant) permitting them to keep him at arms length from due process until hell freezes over, sorry, until the war on terror is won.

The U.S. has been undergoing an interesting socio-political process of evolution for the last three centuries or more. What with its witch trials, slavery, civil war, McCarthyism, Pentecostalism and jumping paranoia, its little wonder that reason struggles to get a back seat.

Well, all I can say is it's a fine thing that Ernest and Arthur didn't carry out their transgressions in the same era as Mr. Hicks or at least in the case of Koestler, the world might have been deprived of several very fine books.



It's OK to be a Polish Fighter

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Sent: Friday, May 16, 2003 3:44 PM

Subject: Tyminski and Safire; honesty and indoctrination; good and evil



The two articles below portray truth and propaganda. One is by Stan Tyminski, a successful businessman; the other, an employee of a large monopoly. Tyminski is an extraordinary guy. Stan ran for president of Poland, has published popular books and speaks several languages. He's a magnificent and versatile honest intellectual. In this piece Tyminski presents actual facts on Poles and today's political situation.

As for the second essay, it's composed by what appears to be an'Israel-firster.' In his usual manner Safire doesn't touch on any tangible issues pertaining to reasons for war/global hatred of Americans, etc. Safire does lionize the president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasnieski (Stolzman). As for the last part of his propaganda, Safire discloses that the Polish joke has been replaced by the French joke. What he doesn't elaborate on is why -after about 35,000 Pol-Jews were removed from their jobs and left for the U.S.S.A.- that the Polish joke came from nowhere to dominance in major media. Nor does he elicit honesty about why the French joke his now being formulated by those retaining media authority.

I was unable to find and post any other Safire¹s war/peace propaganda due to time factors. The column below appeared in today¹s St. Petersburg Times and numerous other mainstream publications. It should be in your local rag. Bottom line: By presenting two sides of the coin, lofty numbers can see the difference between honesty and propaganda. Stan has no reason to be dishonest. One can only wonder at the Safire agenda.

If anyone is apprehensive about the global scope of the "problem," let them study the anti-Polish and French joke syndromes. Both joke worlds were made by the same element. The accomplished indoctrination, in both cases, symbolizes abhorrent evil and has been catastrophic.

The two works published below represent actual mindsets. They are typical of a global problem and authentic documentation.


Military Tourism

Stanislaw Tyminski


The ease of the recent military victories in Afghanistan and Iraq has astonished the world. While the losses of natives in both countries were counted in thousands of dead, Americans, British and Poles altogether lost just a couple of hundred soldiers. Although the cost in terms of lost troops has been minimal it became very apparent that the Americans dedicated practically all manpower they had to these military campaigns and were in a highly vulnerable position if they needed to attend possible conflicts in other parts of the world. This is how the idea of military tourism for Poles was born.

The Washington hawks have been romancing the Commies of Poland for a long time with the active help of the Israelis. For several hundred years Poland was host to the largest Jewish population in the world. Many Israeli civil and military leaders originally came from Poland. Ben Gurion, known as a founder of Israel in 1948, Moshe Dayan, Golda Meier, Menachem Begin, Shimon Perez, Ariel Sharon and many others all were citizens of Poland at one time. The famous war in 1967 between the Arabs and the Jews was victorious with help of American weaponry but mostly because of the military skills of the commanders who were born and trained in Poland. For this reason Poland in certain circles is highly praised for its well trained soldiers and officers. During the conflict with Iraq the Americans forbade the Israelis to get involved to attack or occupy Iraq. If Israelis can no go there, why not send Poles?

So it is apparent that facing a shortage of soldiers to occupy newly conquered countries, both Washington and Tel Aviv have been courting the former Communists of Poland, who owe them a lot political support. After destruction of Polish industry during a crazy jump from socialism to capitalism without the capital, there are millions of chronically unemployed young Poles, who are eager for adventure. Military tourism around the world.

I can not blame young Poles for wanting to be soldiers in Iraq. They will have their teeth fixed by a military dentist, given clean clothing and food and some pocket money for booze and will be free to roam the exotic country of "One thousand nights". They will be transported from place to place in the desert of Iraq aboard flying Black Hawk carpets and should they die, their families will be compensated 25,000 American dollars. Much better than standing doing nothing on some corner with no money for a beer.

For the Americans, British and Israelis who are busy building new oil pipelines in Afghanistan and Iraq the cost of the Polish boys is much cheaper than that of their own ­ at least 6 times. So it is good business to send thousands military tourists from Poland to Iraq. For the Polish communist aparatchiks who still rule the country it is an opportunity to gain a few extra brownie points and Hollywood style support during the next election campaign. Also the more soldiers they send abroad, the fewer problems they will have with the huge unemployment they have created in Poland, as builders they are not. Polish boys will have the time of their lives and might benefit some Iraqi women with blue eyed babies with blonde hair.

It does not matter that 85% of Poles objected to Polish involvement in the military conflict in Iraq. The Communists who rule Poland were elected with the aid of proportional election law and this gives them the right to make decisions at least until another election. As proportional election law is slanted in favour of the parties, not individuals, most likely they will stay in power forever with the assistance of their grateful friends from Israel and USA.

Thus Poland with millions of unemployed young men has become a supplier of military tourists who can roam the world. Today it is Iraq, tomorrow it might be Iran, Korea or China. Any rogue country branded as Axis of Evil will do. There is even a larger plan to train Polish pilots to fly American fighter planes. To do so the Communist rulers have just signed up a multi-billion dollar contract for F-16 fighters and Polish pilots, whose fathers defended London during WWII, will be trained to fly American missions anytime, anywhere in the world. To the Communists, loyalty was the number one quality and who would refuse fly orders from the highly computerized Central Command buried deep below the mountain in Colorado, USA?

In such a way, benefitting from the proportional election law, Poland has become a very valuable and important player on the international scene. The value of Poland should no longer be measured in terms of productivity, exports or GDP. In the New World Order what counts the most are the loyal friends who can supply a large quantity of well trained pilots, military commanders and cheap soldiers. This is now the prime export of Poland. Not so much in dollars but in the invitations to state dinners in Washington, rides in F-16 jet fighters and unlimited election support of American and Israeli politicians, their diplomats and their press. Loyal Poland known for the bravery of its people will now defend democracy everywhere!

As Americans even send young women to war, there is equal opportunity here for Polish girls to practise military tourism as well. No need to wait for the clients in boring massage parlors or walk the streets of EU. Much better to grab the world by the balls with an Uzi gun in your hands.

The world is never a static place, we are always trained to be flexible and to welcome change. This idea of military tourism we should welcome with open hearts and cheer this initative that will send our young ones to become decorated heroes and defenders of democracy in far away lands. They have an opportunity that we were denied when the Communists kept borders closed so we could build ships, trains and schools. We could not travel in those days as we were busy working to meet targets of 5-year plans. Now that there are no plans and no industry of any kind military tourism is a viable and enticing alternative. We will anxiously wait for return of our heroes with brass bands, waving our national flag when they return victorious and decorated. That will be most glorious day!


Let's reward friends of freedom

William Safire

When President Bush travels to St. Petersburg early next month, he will again urge President Vladimir Putin to stop supplying Iran with the means to develop nuclear weapons. Putin will insist, as usual, that his dangerous trade is all for peaceful purposes.

Bush will seem to tolerate that. Further, he will pretend to forget the Russian's last-ditch support in the United Nations of Saddam Hussein's tyranny. That's what passes for diplomacy.

Underneath that public rapprochement, however, will be a clear understanding in the White House that the United States and Russia are by no means allies. Through our two nations have some common interests, our differences are deepening: Russia is still a one-party oligarchy with dissent stifled by state-run television and has shown an affinity for murderous dictators from the Balkans to the Persian Gulf.

The atmosphere will be quite different when Bush travels on to Poland. In Cracow or Warsaw, he will warmly shake the hand of President Aleksander Kwasniewski, the leader who- when it came to supporting a war to eradicate a dangerous tyranny- recently demonstrated the courage to defy the Russians on his east and the Germans and French to his west.

During GW2, a symbolic contingent of 200 Polish troops helped secure Iraq's southern oil fields. To show the coalition's appreciation, a couple of thousand more Poles are being given the responsibility and honour of stabilizing a sector of freed Iraq, with their occupation costs covered by nations belatedly wanting to contribute support.

In a gesture that only Eastern Europeans with long memories can fully gasp, the Polish defence minister sweetly invited his German counterpart to contribute troops to this Polish-led European force. Officials under the anti-American Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder seethe at the notion of German soldiers saluting Polish officers, and angrily rejected the generous Polish offer.

This illustrates the way the Atlantic alliance, as it used to be called, is realigning itself. On the Old Europe side, strikebound France and jobless Germany (backed up by the full power of Belgium and Luxemburg) are attempting to rally a group to counter what they claim to see darkly as American hegemony. So far, their only recruit is Putin's Russia, glad to be asked to join anything European. Fortunately, this Franco-German attempt to dominate neighbours generated the emergence of New Europe. Britain, Spain, Italy and other West Europeans are unimpressed with the chimera of the United States as big bully cowboy. They found common political cause with the nations of Eastern Europe, who well remember who freed them from communist domination - and who do not like Jacques Chirac's derogation of them as "not well brought up."

America did not cause this old-new split, through our interest in extending freedom and stopping the spread of terror made us the object of it. Nor is it in our interest to exacerbate the split, because a Europe that gets along with itself is good for world trade and saves us from having to end its wars.

Our post-GW2 policy should be to reward our friends and remind others that actions have consequences. Those last three words are not a euphemism for "punish our enemies"; France and Germany are democratic states, not our enemies, and no punishment is in store- only a withholding of rewards that fairly should go to those who joined freedom's cause.

Accordingly, the redeployment and reduction of our 120,000 troops in Europe -in the works for a year on sensible strategic grounds- will now take place apace. The 1st Armoured Division, now in Iraq, will not return to German bases. Other U.S. Troops and dependents will say auf Wiedersehen and learn to speak Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian.

Polish jokes are out; French jokes are in. Polish -Americans in Democratic strongholds of Michigan, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Illinois will beam with pride at the new strategic importance, and financial guarentees for new contracts, Bush directs to their land of origin. It makes sense to strengthen nations we trust. As we reward freedom's friends. Future leaders in Berlin, Paris and Moscow will get the message that short-sighted political actions have long-term consequences.



Broadcast on Radio National's Ockham's Razor

Sunday 20 April 2003 (Hitler's Birthday!)

with Robyn Williams

The Ethics of Nursing in the Third Reich


Summary: Nurses have for many years been awarded the top ranking in opinion polls about which occupations are most trusted by the general public. But there was one era in history when nurses did not care, or, to be more correct, they cared in ways that were detrimental to their patients. Much has been written about the role of doctors in the Nazi era, but scant attention has been paid to nurses. Associate Professor Linda Shields from the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane looks at the reasons why this respected profession became involved in these awful crimes.

Transcript: Robyn Williams: How can otherwise ordinary, decent, sane people do the unspeakable? What malign influence makes human beings in Iraq, in Yugoslavia, in East Timor and Zimbabwe, in Australia, behave so cruelly?

You know the examples and I suspect you know the causes. Usually it is fear that makes everyday people do horrible things. The fear of a fascist, a Stalinist tyranny, the fear of authority, the fear of the chaos that always comes with war. We've seen it in recent weeks.

But to understand the capacity for human evil you have to study it. This Linda Shields has done. She is in her last days as NH&MRC Research Fellow and Associate Professor at the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Queensland, before leaving for a Chair in Ireland.

Linda Shields.

Linda Shields: The Imperial War Museum in London has a permanent exhibition about the Holocaust, and in it is an old film showing a uniformed nurse helping a naked man into a gas chamber. What is going on?

Most of us now have a sanitised view of the Holocaust. While everyone knows about the gas chambers, few realise that they were only a small part of the horrors perpetrated in the name of racial purity, few know of the truly terrible cruelties inflicted on men, women and children. And while some people know that doctors were involved in planning and implementing the systematic killing of Poles, Slavs, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, political prisoners and others designed as 'unfit for life', few realise that nurses were involved as well.

Nurses have for many years in succession been awarded the top ranking in opinion polls about which occupations are the most trusted by the general public. Those who enter nursing do so usually through altruistic motives, a genuine desire to care for people. Occasionally, individual nurses abrogate their responsibilities and use their positions to do harm, but these individuals are usually caught, charged as necessary or, at the least, have their licence to practice revoked. Education for registration in nursing is universally centred on principles of caring, and within nursing itself, debates have emerged about the use of science as a foundation for education. Caring is seen as the essence of nursing. Science is almost equally important, but the altruistic nature of nursing work means that even without scientific education, the care side of practice provides at least some comfort to those who need help.

Nursing history is built on legends of caring people. Mary Seacole cared for wounded soldiers in the American Civil War. Florence Nightingale used scientific principles to improve the lot of sick and wounded soldiers at the Crimea, and her counterpart on the Russian side, the Grand Duchess Helena Pavlovna set up a caring order of gentlewomen to look after the Russian soldiers. Also at the Crimea were Irish Sisters of Mercy trained by Mother Catherine McAuley. Despite the enormous strides in practical care provided by these leaders, the caring side of nursing was the most important, and the history of the nursing profession abounds with stories of those who, for many reasons, in many different circumstances, have cared for people.

But there was one era in history when nurses did not care, or, to be more correct, they cared in ways that were detrimental to their patients. Much has been written about the role of doctors in the Nazi era; they were tried at Nuremberg, and in subsequent war crimes trials. Much attention has been given to the historical forces which shaped their actions, their ethics, and the negation of their oaths to serve humanity. Many books have been written about why the doctors acted the way they did, about the forces in society at the time, even films have been made about doctors in this black period of world history. But scant attention has been paid to nurses.

Not many people now, realise that nurses were involved. Some nurses were tried at Nuremberg, but these were few. Most have never been brought to account for the awful crimes which they perpetrated, and few have ever been asked to explain why. For there were many nurses involved in the killing programs of the Third Reich.

It was not only Jews, Gypsies and so-called 'anti-socials' from other countries who were systematically killed. Long before the death camps at Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka were built, the Nazis were experimenting with systematic ways to kill large numbers of people. And the people they experimented on were not 'others', they were German citizens, and many of them were children.

In the early part of the 20th century, psychiatry developed as a discipline, as did the so-called 'science' of eugenics. Two German doctors, Hoche and Binding, published a book which became extremely influential in both spheres. They suggested that there were some people who should not have been born, who were 'unfit for life', and who, if they were unfortunate enough to have been born, should never be allowed to reproduce. These were the handicapped and the mentally ill. These ideas were quite popular at the time, and when the Nazis came to power they fitted the new ideas of racial purity to a tee.

Nursing in Germany in the early part of that century was inculcated with ideas of obedience and subjugation to the medical profession. Perhaps slightly differently to the development of nursing in Nightingale-influenced countries, German nursing was not seen as the middle-to-upper-class profession it was in Britain and Ireland, where young women from 'good' families became nurses for altruistic motives and no pay. Rather it was a way for young women to gain a permanent job and some education. Implicit in their training was the idea that nurses must always do as they are told, must never question an order, that there was always someone with superior knowledge and their orders must be followed. Some men joined the nursing profession as a way of gaining employment and mostly worked in psychiatric institutions. There were no prerequisites for nursing, having worked as a domestic in a hospital, or in the case of a man, as a gardener, was often enough to secure a nursing job. The quality of training programs was variable, but they always contained the implicit belief in the rightness of obedience to orders from those above, and the threat of dismissal if rules were not followed.

Hitler's rise to power following massive depression in the Weimar Republic made everyone concerned about their jobs. Those who had been members of the Communist parties quickly lost theirs and were often sent to Dachau for re-education. To retain your position as a nurse it was a good idea to quickly join the Nazi Party. The Nazis developed a comprehensive community nursing program and in 1938 passed laws about what we today would call the scope of nursing practice. This statute contains little that surprises, as it is a catalogue of nursing duties, but it does include reference to the need to keep the Aryan race pure.

Propaganda abounded about the drain on society caused by the mentally and chronically ill and handicapped. School children learned arithmetic by calculating how much 'useless feeders' in asylums cost a community. Signs on billboards advocated 'mercy killing' of those who were a burden to the nation. Films made by respected directors included stories in which those 'unfit for life' were removed from society. One particular film, 'I Accuse', was about a young woman who gave her husband permission to kill her as she had multiple sclerosis.

Soon after Hitler became leader, laws were passed which forced the sterilisation of people who were considered unfit to procreate, and later, the euthanasia programs began. People with schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses, epilepsy, chronic alcoholism, and in children, conditions such as cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome and the range of incurable paediatric problems were killed. Parents were encouraged to put their disabled children into homes, and not long after, were told that they were being sent to another institution. Some time later, parents would receive a letter saying that their child had died of 'pneumonia' or some relatively common illness, could they please come and collect the ashes and pay the cremation costs.

In 1939, planning for the killing programs began in earnest in a house in Berlin at Tiergartenstrasse No. 4, and the program was nicknamed T4, The Nazi government drafted legislation for euthanasia programs, but this was never ratified, probably because it was German citizens they were killing. Essentially then, the programs were illegal.

Several doctors were involved in T4, and some were tried and convicted as war criminals. However, few nurses were ever indicted for their roles. No-one was ever forced to be part of T4. Anyone who objected was not sent to a concentration camp or executed; rather, they would be moved to another institution or to another part of the hospital. Some doctors and nurses refused to participate, and while there is evidence that they were threatened with the sack, there is no record that reprisals of any kind ensued. In other words, the nurses and doctors who worked in the T4 programs did so of their own free will.

The war took its toll on the German economy. Food and medicine went to the army first, and civilians had what was left. Handicapped people, 'useless feeders' contributed nothing to society and took food and resources away from the military and the fighting effort. At the beginning of the Nazi era, 'useless feeders' were most often the handicapped and mentally ill; later the elderly were included and, in the particularly repugnant moral turpitude of the time, soldiers who had been wounded fighting for the Fatherland were murdered.

The killing methods changed as the war developed. Initially, lethal injections of drugs such as morphine were used, but soon all morphine was needed at the front. Children were given ever-increasing doses of phenobarbitone by the nurses caring for them. A cheap alternative was to let them starve to death, but this was too slow, and more efficient methods of killing were devised. Buses with blocked windows travelled between hospitals and their passengers were gassed with carbon monoxide on the way. Eventually, an engineer designed special airtight chambers where large numbers of people could be gassed simultaneously, and crematoria were built in the basement of hospitals so the bodies could be disposed of efficiently. These were the prototypes for the death camps, and refinement of systematic killing methods for large numbers of people was part of the deal.

Usually, people were kindly treated during these processes. They were given food parcels for their bus journey, were helped onto the buses or into the chambers by compassionate nurses and were told they were going to a better place.

What was the role of nurses in this? Firstly, the majority did not know what was going on. Then, there were those who thought they knew but were never sure; some knew and objected; but there were nurses who knew and helped by holding hands, comforting people as they went to their deaths. Those who actively killed were few.

Why did nurses become involved? Fascism has at its core an insidious undermining of individual rights, in fact, the individual is nothing and the State is all. If the State declares something then it must be right and obedience to the State is paramount. Nurses involved genuinely believed that what they were doing was for the 'good of the State'. Many were unrepentant when asked why they took part in killing, reasoning, 'If I didn't do it kindly, someone else might have been rough with the patient, therefore it was better for me to do it', or 'the patients knew and trusted me', or 'it was kinder to do it gently and with dignity'.

But questions must be asked about those responses. After all, nursing was and still is the ultimate caring profession. Given the times, the social and cultural conditions under which people lived and the pressure from the State to conform at all costs, we can only ask nurses now 'What would you do?' and 'Could it happen again?'


Robyn Williams: Could it happen, and how to stop it happening.

Linda Shields, who next month becomes the Professor of Nursing at the University of Limerick in Ireland. At present Professor Shields is at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

Next week, in complete contrast, we turn to the science of hemp.

I'm Robyn Williams.

Guests: Associate Professor Linda Shields

NH&MRC Public Health Research Fellow

Dept. of Paediatrics & Child Health

The University of Queensland

Mater Children's Hospital

South Brisbane Qld. 4101



So much for a comment on a film about a walk to a gas chamber

The following item from the ABC's respected Robyn Williams is of interest because an academic makes some rather startling assertions on a program broadcast nationally around Australia on 20 April 2003, Adolf Hitler's Birthday! For over a decade I have been looking for some physical proof that the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz existed wherein it is claimed the Nazis (synonymous with Germans) exterminated European Jewry. Now, since 17 September 2002, my research is hampered by a Federal Court of Australia gag order that does not permit me to comment any further on this matter!

Now, Associate Professor, Linda Shields, claims there is a film in the Imperial War Museum in London that "... is an old film showing a uniformed nurse helping a naked man into a gas chamber. What is going on? ...". Can anyone comment on this rather interesting assertion? After all, Linda Shields will soon be leaving for Ireland where, as a professor of nursing at the University of Limerick, she will spread her message to the gullible.


From: John

I believe I may have seen the film, or a clip of it, included in a propaganda documentary a few years ago. The film, if I recall is black and white. It purports to show footage of the euthanizing of some mentally ill or elderly patients. My memory is the "naked man" had a blanket on him. The documentary gave no specifics as to when, where, or by whom the film was made. If I recall correctly, the patients were guided into a small building, the door was shut, and then there was a close-up of what looked like an exhaust pipe with fumes curling out of it. That was about it. One has to wonder, if the film was made by the Nazis, why they would compose it like that. It leaves nearly everything to the imagination. It looked to me to be a Soviet propaganda piece, but - as I said - the origin of the film was not mentioned. If you are looking for a Nazi film showing a German nurse helping a naked German man into a gas chamber, I doubt what she is talking about is it. This is like Debbie Lipstadt saying she has blue prints for Nazi gas chambers in her office. How convenient we can't see them. We will just have to take her word for it. Why would they lie about something as important as that?

The lie continues, but it is interesting that Fritjof Meyer has revised the death toll for Auschwitz down to around 10% of its former self. (And still about four times too high!) Additionally he has abandoned the four Birkenau crematories, which were supposed to have been built specifically for the Final Solution, for the "bunkers" for which there is only the lowest quality of evidence.

If these new numbers stick, will the center of the story shift to Treblinka? The death figure there is now twice as high as for Auschwitz. I speculated about ten years ago that attention would shift to the other camps, but the center of attention remained at Birkenau. There has been a shift toward the Einsatzgruppe, however. The logic being - I suppose - that no specific piece of ground can be examined in that case. When challenged as to why the 6 million remains despite the revision of the Auschwitz numbers, the reply is "new evidence" suggests the Einsatzgruppe killed more than originally thought! It is like nailing Jell-O to the wall.

I agree with you on blue prints. They are designed to convey unambiguous information. Interpretation is for religious scripture, not construction plans.

From: Randulf

All camps had nurses. This could be a nurse leading an old man to the bath. Each day nurses led old men to baths all over the world - even in Norway or Germany I presume. I do not know if nurses led old Jews to baths, I do not think the Jews liked to take baths - at least not the Jews from the east. Those Jews hated water and never took a bath. That is why there were a lot of lice in the camps.

From Geoff:

Maybe this relates to the Holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London, at ? How come we never see a Goyim War Suffering Exhibition? Have written the following to the Imperial War Museum, London:

Dear Sirs/Madams,

I have seen mention allegedly from Associate Professor Linda Shields, of "an old film showing a uniformed nurse helping a naked man into the gas chambers." Is this film in Imperial War Museum archives and what is its name and the source of this film? Is this film part of your Holocaust Exhibition now showing? Where are these gas chambers? What year was this film taken? Awaiting reply. Geoff. Muirden


From: Victoria Cook

To: Cc: Matthew Lee; Teresa Silk

Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 8:34 PM

Subject: Re: Please advise source of film on gas chambers

Dear Mr Muirden,

I'm not 100% certain to which film Professor Shields is referring, but I think it may be one that is thought to show experimental gassing of mentally disabled patients in Mogilev, Byelorussia in 1941. Gas was led into a sealed-off laboratory through two tubes connected to a car's exhaust pipe. This film is shown in the Holocaust Exhibition.

The film was contained in a compilation used in evidence by Soviet prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials. There is no additional independent documentation to back-up the Soviet claims made about the footage. We received the film from the Bundesarchiv in Germany, but the copyright holder is the United States Information Service in Bonn.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Victoria Cook Research Assistant, Crimes Against Humanity and Holocaust Exhibition Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ, Tel: 0207 416 5286


From: Dana

Very interesting. Perhaps this Museum sells tapes of this film, or has provisions to copy it? I started to think :>) about finding someone in London. Will let you know if I do.


From: James

1) Even if such a film exists, it is a huge and unwarranted leap of logic to conclude, on the basis of the film alone, that the 'gas chamber' the man was being helped into was an extermination apparatus. How can 'poison gas' be filmed - unless

there is a camera in the chamber and a clock captured on film running continuously from the time of the man's entry to the time of his apparent death, to preclude fraud in editing the film (in which case, poisoning from gas on the basis of the film evidence is ONE inference that could be drawn).

2) It appears the good Associate Professor, like so many members of modern-day Academe, is an intellectual prostitute, that is, spreading 'information' she knows to be untrue (Lyndal Ryan of Newcastle University comes to mind here by association, in connection with a different, but no less politically-correct subject), or else she has taken no trouble to check her sources etc. Is it a clue as regards the latter possibility that just about no assertion she made in her spiel is substantiate?




Antonia Feitz


An ABC reporter said that paedophilia was surely the "worst crime" (PM, 6/5/03). Well it's not actually. Most people would rank murder as worse than paedophilia.

The targeting of juveniles by sexual predators is indeed morally reprehensible and it's a criminal offence. But there seems to be no balance in the current hypocritical debate over Peter Hollingworth's lack of judgement on this issue. The mainstream media's politically correct line is that any sex between a minor and an adult is exploitation of the minor's innocence. What rubbish.

Mrs Hawke no. 2 - Blanche D'Alpuget - has publicly bragged about successfully seducing an adult man when she was 13. Was that paedophilia? I know of a girl who ran off with a bloke when she was just 14. After many years of co- habitation and producing children she finally married him. Was that paedophilia? Shakespeare's Juliet was well 'under age' according to modern legal systems. Was that paedophilia?

Clearly paedophilia isn't as clear cut as the Hollingworth media witch-hunt makes out and clearly it's not "the worst crime". The media's pursuit of Hollingworth for his alleged tolerance of a paedophile priest is surely hypocritical when religious people who complain that the popular 'culture' is sex saturated are derided by the same media

.It's currently fashionable for Australian women and girls to dress like whores. It's even called "porno chic". Many Australian children grow up in homes where sleazy and even pornographic videos are available. The storylines of TV soapies revolve around promiscuity and early sexual experimentation. The videos of the latest 'songs' are shamefully lewd. There are moves to introduce graphic sex 'education' - ie corruption - to children in primary schools because according to a recent survey Australians are engaging in sexual activity at an earlier age.

Despite this glut of sex and pornography in the popular 'culture' the mainstream media hypocritically profess to be outraged by paedophilia. What a sick joke!

The modern phenomenon of pedohysteria is a massive projection of adult guilt over society's treatment of children. For all the protestations about caring for children the Western societies obviously doesn't like children. They're seen as nuisances; interruptions to careers. They are not welcome in this ugly dog-eat-dog world except as profitable clients in childcare centres and customers for faddish junk toys and junk food. To justify their existence children must generate bucks.

In more civilized and kinder times adults more than happily bore the costs of child-rearing. What else is the purpose of existence but to provide for your young? Alas, in these days increasingly the policy makers are childless and boy, doesn't it show.

Because babies, toddlers and children interrupt 'careers' - ie jobs - public health authorities advise parents to vaccinate their children against chicken pox. Is chicken pox a deadly disease? No. In fact one doctor said chicken pox was his favourite childhood disease precisely because it's so benign. The child's (almost inevitable) defeat of the disease invigorates the body and confers lifelong immunity.

So why is the Australian government encouraging immunisation for chicken pox? Because an abstraction called 'the economy' suffers when parents take time off work to care for sick children. True. Our current elites care so little for children that they want them immunised against a non-fatal disease so that their mothers don't have to take time off work to look after them in their own beds.

That says it all about economic rationalisation, doesn't it?

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