ISSN 1440-9828
June 2003
No 196


Since 5 February 2003 is it the end of the Pacifist Revisionist?



Since the 11 September 2001 tragedy that devastated the heartland of US democracy, the world is at war against the 'forces of evil', against 'terrorism'; you are either 'with us' or you are 'against us'!

The religious undertone in which the world media sends this war message around the globe is unmistakable. In former times it was called a crusade, but wars for the Christian 'cross' have been relegated to the annals of history. Today another religion calls to arms, calls the shots and where to shoot. It is unforgiving in its demands and its priests use force to impose its dogmas. Any heretic, anyone harbouring a sceptical thought, will face punishment. Like all religions, this one is also international/universal, and its overwhelming power rests in the colossal act of having amassed and consolidated world finance. It sacrifices countless thousands of men, women and children for the Glory of its God, Jehovah. His mission is called 'Holocaust', its symbol is the Star of David, and His servants are rabbis, and the ever pliable Christian priests; some call this new religion Holocaustianity. The devotees of this new religion stand above truth, reason, law, morality, decency and distinction. Only Islam dares to oppose this cabal!

For 250 years men have been fighting against the tentacles of Talmudic Judaism, and latterly in our life and culture against Jewish-Zionist politics. Rarely successful with arms, the battle, however, has often been victorious on the basis of Truth and Reason.

If 9-11 was a declaration of war on behalf of the Jewish Holocaustianity religion, then 5 February 2003 will pass into history as the day on which Truth as a weapon of defence was defeated, destroyed and annihilated. On this day, when United States law enforcers arrested Revisionist Ernst Zündel under the flimsiest pretexts, the lie prevailed. To place a man, who has never harmed anyone, in shackles and into a lonely prison cell, is an act of abdicating any semblance of civilized behaviour. Ernst Zündel's accusers have resorted to lies in order to get their desired result. This is an illustration of the primitive, vengeance-soaked eye-for-an eye uncivilised infantilism as embodied in aspects of the Talmudic-Jewish religion/politics. What began in the US on 5 February 2003 has now been taken up by the Canadian authorities who are under the sway of Zionists. Canadians are now the willing helpers of the Zionists enabling them to continue the Zionist persecution of pacifist, Ernst Zündel.

Like Martin Luther 500 years ago, Ernst Zündel may also not have been aware of the full implications of his valiant fight for Truth. Did he know decades ago, when he first began his fight against the power that resides in the synagogues, against those that uphold Holocaustianity, his passive stance would be regarded as a weakness by the persecutors?

Soon after Wednesday, 5 February 2003, that day of infamy, the United States of America, in a massive act of deception and on the flimsiest of pretexts - looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) - overwhelmed and destroyed a lonely Middle East nation. It is no accident that all global peaceful demonstrations against this war of aggression failed. Even the willingness of courageous men and women to stand up peacefully against the US-armed forces, willing to sacrifice their lives (some even did that in the Jewish Zionist state) was a useless act. Like Ernst Zündel, these human shields, these protesters against naked aggression, were all convinced of their moral stance and virtue, of their pacifism. But after 5 February 2003 humanity had better shake off all hope of peacefully realizing its dreams, and that the days of pacifists and pacifism are over and gone.

The days where conflicts are resolved peacefully will not return unless the nefarious forces of evil have vanished from this earth. When will that be? Having just read a news item about a robbery at an Indian restaurant in New York, it is now self-evident that since 9:11 laws are indiscriminately flouted. Laws, and the courts that enforce laws, cannot protection its citizens anymore. What consequences should we draw from this state of affairs?



ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

May 18, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:



As I briefly mentioned on the eve of the Zündel Bail Hearing last Friday, we are all reasonably confident that we had strengthened our case and that Ernst believed, and said so, that his impression was that a reasonably fair and savvy judge was hearing the case. As the judge himself said, he wanted to know "...all of it." We were more than happy to comply.

I was not unduly worried when Ernst did not call me right away that evening because he did not always have access to the phone. I thought he would call when he could.

Sometime that evening, I was also told that Ernst was being "transferred" - but that he did not know where to - and knowing bureaucratic routine, I thought that maybe it would take a while to check him into a new facility, but that he would find a way to at least let me know where he was being kept - and that he was okay.

All of Saturday passed - and no word.

It was not like Ernst - and I became increasingly uneasy. And when night fell, and still there was no call, I KNEW that something was seriously wrong!

The day before the hearing, Ernst had called me and asked me to put the tape recorder on because he wanted to dictate a few letters. He asked me to transcribe them and to fax as well as email them.

Two were to law firms on some specific strategies he planned. One was a letter of reference from Dr. Faurisson. The other two, he told me, were the most important ones - and I should make sure to do them first and get them out as soon as possible.

The letters he referred to where 1) to Andrew Mitrovica, the investigative reporter who had written the Random House hardcover title, "Covert Entry" that documented Canada's civilian spy agency, CSIS, (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) as having engaged in a number of illegal acts. Ernst asked Mitrovica if he would testify for him - and indicated that, if he were not willing, he might have to be subpoenaed.

The other letter was the one he told me was the most important - a letter to the Security Intelligence Review Committee, abbreviated as SIRC, also a government agency ostensibly set up to watch over CSIS but in reality an agency "in bed" with CSIS, as a 1995 investigation into the Canadian Heritage Front proved - at least in the minds of those who have good reason to be skeptical of how these two agencies function. I am letting you read the letter to SIRC:


Ernst Zündel

Niagara Detention Center

PO Box 1050

Thorold, ON L2V 4A6, Canada

May 14, 2003

The Executive Director

Security Intelligence Review Committee

PO Box 2430 Station D

Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5W5, Canada


Urgent Response Requested/Attention: Mr. Thomas Dastous

Dear Sir or Madame:

My name is Ernst Zündel. I do not think I need any more introduction, since I had extensive dealings with SIRC from 1995 to 2000, via the ongoing "security threat" proceedings triggered by my citizenship application of 1993. These proceedings were halted on December 13, 2000 by letter of Barbara McIsaac, QC and Murray Rodych, Counsel for the Department of Justice, because I withdrew my citizenship appeal on December 12, 2000. I had moved to the US by then to be with my American wife.

In America, I was made aware of a book about the illegal activities of Canada's civilian spy agency, CSIS by the well-known Canadian investigative reporter, Andrew Mitrovica, of the Globe and Mail. The book, "Covert Entry", copyrighted in 2002, ISBN Number 0-679-31116-5, was published by the well-known Canadian/American book publisher, Random House. It was widely reviewed in the Canadian and American media and is listed in _____ (inaudible on tape) as (1.) Canadian Security Intelligence Service and (2.) Police Misconduct, Canada.

The entire book, over 500 pages in length, is a shocking revelation about the questionable and some outright, documented illegal operations conducted in clear contravention of the CSIS Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as the Criminal Code of Canada. This conduct by CSIS cries out for an investigation.

I would like to draw your attention especially to Chapters 3, 4, 6, 9, 15 and 16 and particularly the pages 129, 136 to 140, 151, and 281, which pertain to CSIS's actions against me. I want to draw particular attention to pages 136 and 140, where the author describes in detail the origins and the handling of the parcel bomb sent by mail to me in the middle of May 1995. Your former investigating attorney, Sylvia Mackenzie, well-known to me, has already had extensive correspondence with and even conducted personal interviews with CSIS operative, John Farrell, who can testify to and has personal knowledge of CSIS's illegal activities, especially relating to this murderous parcel bomb sent to me - he seems to indicate, with the full knowledge of CSIS handlers, who are identified by name and rank by John Farrell.

Thus, SIRC investigators should have very little difficulty in getting to the bottom of this sordid and, what seems to me [to be] clearly a criminal conspiracy to have me killed by that bomb. (See pages 305, 307. 308, 309, 310, 322, 323 and 326.)

Your mandate, and the duty of SIRC, is to watch CSIS. You have woefully failed the people of Canada and, in effect, been remiss in the performance of your duties in this case. I am requesting from you a full and complete investigation Of these very serious and well-documented allegations made by John Farrell and Andrew Mitrovica in "Covert Entry". I include photocopies of the pertinent pages 135-140.

A copy of this letter has been sent to my attorneys. Another is kept in a safe place. I expect to hear from you at the earliest opportunity.


Ernst Zündel



When Ernst had not called me by mid-morning today, I became very, very worried. I called several people I thought might know where he had been taken - nobody knew. Today is Sunday; I knew that tomorrow is a Canadian holiday. No government agency was going to give me an answer.

Finally, around noon, there came that anxiously-awaited call from Ernst. He said the following - and I could hear serious stress in his voice. He had been taken to Metro Toronto Detention Center West. He said he was only allowed five minutes to talk - and there were three guards standing beside him.

He said that "...Rudolf Hess had it easy..." He also said "...they know about my blood pressure..."

He said something else that I don't want to repeat - but I know what he means, and I interpret that as his way of telling me that he is being badly mistreated - at the very least psychologically; possibly physically.

I asked if someone was hurting him. He said "no" - but what else could he say, with three guards standing there beside him? He added he "could take it."

He said that he believed what was happening to him was " retaliation for the SIRC letter."

He said that he was without legal documents; that there had been "a flood" and all his documents were wet, including "original ones." He also said, "'re on your own..." and I take that to mean that I am to notify as many people as I can that something is seriously wrong.

I know Ernst; he has always kept worries from me; he does not scare me without cause - this brief phone call was a most frightening one indeed.

I have had intermittent server and telephone problems, as you all know - I don't know how far I can get on my own. I have already alerted some people I know - I will try to see what else I might do. I have also notified our respective legal teams, both here and in Canada. Paul Fromm, who just flew in from Winnipeg, will try to see Ernst and find out if there is anything that he can do.

I suggest that all of you try to alert media - even if only local media. These people will pass on your concern because they all feed into media syndicates. Tell them this is a story of international implications - that Ernst is being held and badly treated for his political beliefs.

We also need to flood Amnesty International with as many calls and emails as we can. If someone could collect some information about Amnesty International branches, that would be a big help to me since I need to get on the phone and start calling.

Somebody needs to check out just what is going on! This story has all the earmarks of major, major mischief - please do your part! Today it is Ernst - tomorrow it could well be me and you and every one of our loved ones. Believe me I know - I have been there.

Pass this email on - and post it on your websites. I will, meanwhile, try to alert some people I know in international media. As soon as I know more, I'll let you know.




May 22, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Finally I got some news about what happened to my husband - and it is shocking news! I sensed it all along!

Below are two items - One is a write-up from Paul Fromm, Ernst's legal representative when Attorney Doug Christie can't be there. Yesterday, Paul finally succeeded in talking to Ernst, whereas many others tried, and failed. His report speaks for itself.

Secondly, I am sending you what looks like a mainstream media list of important contacts. I don't know how old this list is, but it is the best I have. Send them this ZGram. Be prepared for some rejects and some blasts and insults. No matter! At least some of this story is going to filter through so others can be informed.

Later in the day, there will be more. For now, please get busy and ship this to as many, many sources as you can.


Paul Fromm Reporting


Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Prepare to be shocked. I was.

Today, after four days of bureaucratic hoop-jumping I got to visit political prisoner Ernst Zundel as his legal representative. The news is not good. He's being kept in degrading, mediaeval conditions in an effort to punish him for speaking out against CSIS.

On Sunday, May 18, just back from a speaking trip to Winnipeg, I picked up two desperate phone messages from Ingrid Rimland, Ernst Zundel's wife. He had disappeared. She did not know where he was being kept. He'd been moved from the Niagara Region Detention Centre. He had not been allowed the use of a phone for 48 hours. She had just learned he was now in the Metro West Detention Centre, near Toronto International Airport.

I raced up to the Metro West Detention Centre. Ushered inside, I was eventually met by Mr. Verrinder, the Shift Supervisor. No, I couldn't see Mr. Zundel. I would have to be cleared by security. He was a "special" prisoner, Mr. Verrinder informed me. I could call security 416-675-1806, Ext.4220 to be cleared. However, being Sunday, no one was there. The next day, Victoria Day, was another holiday and no one answered the phone in "security."

I asked Mr. Verrinder whether Mr. Zundel was allowed newspapers or a pen. "I'm not prepared to share that information with you," this public servant told me. I then asked to see Mr. Zundel as a friend, rather than as a legal representative.

All visitors had to be cleared, I was told. And, of course, there was no one available to clear me.

This morning, I learned that, being a special prisoner, Ernst Zundel cannot receive visitors during normal visiting hours. I hastened to the prison for 11:30 -- normal visiting hours start at 12:30.

After a long wait, I was advised that they had brought Mr. Zundel to the interrview room. I talked with him by phone with a thick glass separating us. Ernst looked pale in contrast to his bright oranger prison jumpsuit. He had a thick white beard stubble. I learned that he had been denied a razor since he got there on Friday. He asked for a razor again today and was told, "maybe tomorrow."

Ernst was his usual brave self, but is clearly taken aback by the mindless callousness of a system intended to break its "special" prisoners. Most of his few possessions are kept outside his cell in the hall. When he goes to the toilet (inside) his cell, for instance, he must call for a guard to hand him his soap and a towel. The guard may or may not come. "Surely," Mr. Zundel says, with practical German peasant common sense, "this sort of delay is unsanitary, when people are worried about SARS and other diseases." He's not allowed soap or a towel in his cell. Toilet paper is rice-paper thin squares about 2' x 3'. If you get diarrhoea, you're out of luck. To clean your hands, you must summon a guard and let all the other prisoners know your humiliation.

When he wants to brush his teeth, he must ask a guard to hand him his toothbrush, which sits outside his cell. For the rest of the time, his toothbrush sits in the hall with the dust. "This cannot be sanitary," Mr. Zundel remarks.

Any movement outside his cell requires the "special" treatment. "Security has never been tighter," he says. "I always have an officer and two guards when I leave my cell for a shower or to make a phone call," he reports.

He has almost no privileges and has still not been informed of prisoner's rights. I asked Mr. Verrinder for a statement of those rights on Sunday. I was told that Ernst would have to request them. He's received nothing. This morning, he asked to make a phone call. "I was told, 'Maybe tomorrow,'" he said.

When I arrived at the prison, I looked up Security Director Mike Richard in order to arrange for Mr. Zundel to have the five volumes of support documents on which the CSIS reports in his detention case are based. Richard said they'd be kept outside his cell and that he'd have to ask for them one by one. I had asked Richard about pens, papers and other supplies. Richard said Ernst could get them from the canteen. However, canteen orders go in on Sunday to be delivered later in the week. Mr. Zundel had been told nothing about his right to order things.

Mr. Zundel has asked for his Inmate Classification. This is the institution's assessment of him -- dangerous, model, whatever. This assessment can be appealed. It's his right to have access to this document, according to the Solicitor-General. Thus far, he's received no response to his request.

His legal documents are all in a box out in the hall outside his cell. "In Niagara, I had access to phone calls, almost at will. Here, I'm very much impeded with little phone access."

Most guards are brusque and unhelpful, he reports.

Compared to the Niagara Regional Detention Centre, the food is scarce and poor. Sometimes there's no butter. In Niagara, there was always a cup of coffee and sweets at night. In Metro West, there's nothing. "It's one third the rations and poorer quality than the food in Thorold," Mr. Zundel told me.

The administration keeps up a campaign of isolation and harassment. Communication with the higher prison authorities must be in writing on prescribed "request forms." Mr. Zundel has asked for such forms since Saturday but has still not been provided with any.

Last week, Mr. Zundel filed a complaint with the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), the body that oversees CSIS, asking that they investigate the shocking information in John Mitrovica's book COVERT ENTRY, which shjows that CSIS knew that the pipebomb was coming to Zundel and did nothing to prevent it or to warn or protect him.

Last week, there was a flurry of activity among the

administration in the Niagara Region Detention Centre. Within a day, Mr. Zundel was transferred. The transfer and the severe restrictions "are punishment and retribution," Mr. Zundel says.

However, Ernst Zundel is not discouraged. We discussed several daring legal plans. Canada has not heard the last of Ernst Zundel. As the great English poet John Milton wrote: "Iron bars do no a prison make."

Friends of free thought, Ernst Zundel really needs your help.

1. If you live abroad, write to the Canadian Embassy in your country and demand Zundel's release and humane treatment.

2. If you live in southern Ontario and wish to visit, call ahead to Security: 416-675-1806 Ext. 4220. You must be on Zundel's approved list. He didn't know he was supposed to submit a list of visitors he'd like to see. You can also get directions, when you call.

3. No matter where you live, why not send a card or letter to encourage Ernst Zundel. Write Prisoner Ernst Zundel, c/o Metro West Detention Centre, 111 Disco Road, Rexdale, ON., M9W 1M3.

4. We also need your financial support for Mr. Zundel's defence.

We have a number of delicate colour-pencil sketches by Ernst Zundel done in prison. Each is dated and signed. Each is a nature study. Mr. Zundel has long been a paint and sketch artist. He had returned to his love of art before the U.S. I.N.S picked him up and deported him.. If you send us a cheque for $100 or more, we'll send you one of these collector's items, a thank you sketch by political prisoner Ernst Zundel.

Mail your donation today to CAFE Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date. On your cheque or an accompanying piece of paper, note: "For Zundel Defence Fund."


PS: Today, May 22, is Ingrid Rimland's birthday. Miss Rimland has been incredibly brave and determined during the detention of her husband. Happy Birthday, Ingrid. Supporters may wish to e-mail her their best wishes:



Project for the New American Century

Powerful Lobby Aims for US-Israeli Global Hegemony

Kerry Bolton

New Zealand Examiner, 16 May 2003


The Project for the New American century is a powerful lobby with direct association with the Bush Administration and the Republican Party. PNAC is comprised of present and former government officials, academics and columnists. It frankly states on its website that it considers the American way as superior and that the USA is destined to rule the world with moral, political and military authority. The USA is seen as the only State capable of maintaining world order. It is also clearly stated that Israel is to be central in this New World Order; that the destinies and values of Israel and the USA are one and the same. PNAC is a Zionist lobby per se, its members being a coalition of Christian and Jewish Zionists. The founder and head of PNAC is influential media commentator William Kristol, himself a Zionist.

The following is the PNAC's self-description as to its aims:

"The Project for the New American Century is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that American leadership is good both for America and for the world; that such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle; and that too few political leaders today are making the case for global leadership. The Project for the New American Century intends, through issue briefs, research papers, advocacy journalism, conferences, and seminars, to explain what American world leadership entails. It will also strive to rally support for a vigorous and principled policy of American international involvement and to stimulate useful public debate on foreign and defense policy and America's role in the world." [Our emphasis].

In April 2002 PNAC addressed a letter to Pres. Bush outlining the type of strategy it demanded of America toward the Middle East. Compare this letter to the strategy outlined in the 1996 Zionist document A Clean Break, drafted by The Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy, under the direction of Richard Perle (also a signatory of this letter) with others now prominent in the Bush Administration. Emphases and comments added.


Project for New American Century, letter to Bush on Israel and Middle East

April 3, 2002

The Honorable George W. Bush

President of the United States

Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

We write to thank you for your courageous leadership in the war on terrorism and to offer our full support as you continue to protect the security and well-being of Americans and all freedom-loving peoples around the world. In particular, we want to commend you for your strong stance in support of the Israeli government as it engages in the present campaign to fight terrorism. As a liberal democracy under repeated attack by murderers who target civilians, Israel now needs and deserves steadfast support. This support, moreover, is essential to Israel's continued survival as a free and democratic nation, for only the United States has the power and influence to provide meaningful assistance to our besieged ally. And with the memory of the terrorist attack of September 11 still seared in our minds and hearts, we Americans ought to be especially eager to show our solidarity in word and deed with a fellow victim of terrorist violence. [Note that the ?American fight against terrorism? is equated with Israel's repression of Palestine; also that Israel and the USA are stated as sharing common democratic values, the type of neo-Cold War rhetoric that was recommended by Perle et al as a propaganda strategy to sell Israel to the Americans. Note that Perle is in fact a signatory of this letter].

No one should doubt that the United States and Israel share a common enemy. We are both targets of what you have correctly called an "Axis of Evil" [A term coined by White House speechwriter, David Frum, a Zionist]. Israel is targeted in part because it is our friend, and in part because it is an island of liberal, democratic principles -- American principles -- in a sea of tyranny, intolerance, and hatred. As Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld has pointed out, Iran, Iraq, and Syria are all engaged in "inspiring and financing a culture of political murder and suicide bombing" against Israel, just as they have aided campaigns of terrorism against the United States over the past two decades. You have declared war on international terrorism, Mr. President. Israel is fighting the same war. [Again there is the Zionist demand for an extension of the so-called "war on terrorism" to Iran and Syria, as per the Perle document. The political and moral principles of USA and Israel are held to be identical].

This central truth has important implications for any Middle East peace process. For one spoke of the terrorist network consists of Yasser Arafat and the leadership of the Palestinian Authority. Although your critics in the United States, Europe and the Arab world suggest that you and your administration bear some responsibility for the lack of political progress between Israel and the Palestinians, they are mistaken. As Secretary of State Powell recently stated, the present crisis stems not from "the absence of a political way forward" but from "terrorism, terrorism in its rawest form." That terrorism has been aided, abetted, harbored, and in many instances directed by Mr. Arafat and his top lieutenants. Mr. Arafat has demonstrated time and again that he cannot be part of the peaceful solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He demonstrated it in July 2000, when he rejected the most generous Israeli peace offer in history; he demonstrated it in September 2000, when he launched the new intifada against Israel; and he demonstrated it again these past two weeks when, despite the hand you offered him through Vice President Cheney, he gave sanction to some of the worst terrorist violence against Israeli citizens. [Again reflecting Zionist aims as outlined by Perle et al, Arafat is a target for removal].

It is true that the United States has a leading role to play in the Middle East and, potentially, in resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. But it is critical that negotiations not be the product of terrorism or conducted under the threat of terrorist attack. This would send a most dangerous signal to our adversaries that civilized states do not have the necessary courage to fight terrorism in all its forms.

Mr. President, it can no longer be the policy of the United States to urge, much less to pressure, Israel to continue negotiating with Arafat, any more than we would be willing to be pressured to negotiate with Osama Bin Laden or Mullah Omar. Nor should the United States provide financial support to a Palestinian Authority that acts as a cog in the machine of Middle East terrorism, any more than we would approve of others providing assistance to Al Qaeda. [The Perle document likewise argues that "peace" should cease to be the primary aim, but rather a "balance of power" and the "transcending of Israel's enemies. Therefore any pretension of US even-handedness should be discarded]

Instead, the United States should lend its full support to Israel as it seeks to root out the terrorist network that daily threatens the lives of Israeli citizens. Like our own efforts in Afghanistan and elsewhere, Israel's task will not be easy. It will not be accomplished quickly or painlessly. But with fortitude, on our part as well on the part of the Israeli people, it can succeed in significantly reducing the risk of future terrorist attacks against Israel and against us. And, in so doing, we will give the Palestinian people a chance they have so far not had under Arafat's rule -- an opportunity to construct a political culture and government that do not marry their national and religious aspirations with suicide bombers. [Being partisans of Zionism, these signatories are not about to admit that suicide bombings have in each instance been the response to Israeli attacks on Palestinian political leaders, especially under Gen. Sharon whose cynical strategy is to escalate violence to maintain his position as the "hard man" of Israel. In this regard it might perhaps be recalled that the present spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence erupted after Gen. Sharon stomped about the Dome of the Rock Islamic holy site to incite violence as a cheap election ploy].

Furthermore, Mr. President, we urge you to accelerate plans for removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. As you have said, every day that Saddam Hussein remains in power brings closer the day when terrorists will have not just airplanes with which to attack us, but chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, as well. It is now common knowledge that Saddam, along with Iran, is a funder and supporter of terrorism against Israel. Iraq has harbored terrorists such as Abu Nidal in the past, and it maintains links to the Al Qaeda network. If we do not move against Saddam Hussein and his regime, the damage our Israeli friends and we have suffered until now may someday appear but a prelude to much greater horrors. Moreover, we believe that the surest path to peace in the Middle East lies not through the appeasement of Saddam and other local tyrants, but through a renewed commitment on our part, as you suggested in your State of the Union address, to the birth of freedom and democratic government in the Islamic world. [Here we see the real motive of the war against Iraq, and the projected war against other Islamic states; the maintenance of Israel. The signatories of the PNAC, being zealots for the sanctity of the American way and its imposition over the entire world, have messianic visions of conquering the entirety of Islam under the façade of clichés such as "freedom" and "democracy"].

Mr. President, in that address, you put forth a most compelling vision of a world at peace, free from the threat of terrorism, where freedom flourishes. The strength of that vision lies in its moral clarity and consistency. In the war on terrorism, we cannot condemn some terrorists while claiming that other terrorists are potential partners for peace. We cannot help some allies under siege, while urging others to compromise their fundamental security. As you eloquently stated: "Our enemies send other people's children on missions of suicide and murder. They embrace tyranny and death as a cause and a creed. We stand for a different choice, made long ago, on the day of our founding. We affirm it again today." [What of Israeli terrorism? If nothing else, it has been conveniently forgotten that Israel was founded by terrorist groups such as the Irgun and Stern Gangs, and on the deaths of the villagers at Deir Yasin et al. The continued Israeli torture of Arab prisoners, the shooting of Arab POWs, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 etc. a long chronicle of criminality, is of no account].

Israel's fight against terrorism is our fight. Israel's victory is an important part of our victory. For reasons both moral and strategic, we need to stand with Israel in its fight against terrorism.


William Kristol, Ken Adelman, Gary Bauer, Jeffrey Bell, William J. Bennett, Ellen Bork, Linda Chavez, Eliot Cohen, Midge Decter, Thomas Donnelly, Nicholas Eberstadt, Hillel Fradkin, Frank Gaffney, Jeffrey Gedmin, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Charles Hill, Bruce P. Jackson, Donald Kagan, Robert Kagan, John Lehman, Tod Lindberg, Rich Lowry, Clifford May, Joshua Muravchik, Martin Peretz, Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, Norman Podhoretz, Stephen P. Rosen, Randy Scheunemann, Gary Schmitt, William Schneider, Jr., Marshall Wittmann, R. James Woolsey



A cursory examination of some of those behind the Project for the New American Century should suffice to show the thoroughly Zionist character of the enterprise, whether pro-Zionist Christian so-called "neo-conservatives" or Zionists of Jewish background.

William Kristol, chairman and founder of PNAC is editor of the influential Weekly Standard and a widely sought after media commentator. He is credited with helping to shape the victory of the 1994 Republican Congressional victory, was Chief of Staff to Vice Pres. Quayle under Pres. Bush Snr., and to Education Secretary Bennett under Reagan. He is a Zionist of Jewish background. Advisory Board, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

Robert Kagan, co-founder, is a senior associate of the Carnegie Endowment, 1984-85 on the US State Dept. Policy Planning Staff, speech writer for Secretary of State Schultz, and special assistant to the deputy director of the US Information Agency. A member of the influential think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Advisory Board, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq..

Bruce P Jackson (CFR), president of the US Committee on NATO. 1990 director of defence planning and analysis at Lehman Bros, international bankers; vice president, strategy and planning at Lockheed Corp.; a member of the Republican Platform Committee. Jackson is chairman of the Board of Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (see below).

Ken Adelman, columnist regarded as an expert of national security, he has served on the Defence Policy Board of the Pentagon. He has been quoted by the Jewish World Review (12 March 02) as stating: "we have to eliminate Saddam Hussein and other countries in the Axis of Evil and elsewhere."

William J Bennett, a widely acclaimed academic, the NY Jewish Post (Oct 02) states "Bennett is hawkish on Israel". Bennett has described the values and destiny of the USA and Israel as one and the same.

Ellen Bork, is head of the Catholic Campaign for Christendom. She has been associated with the Israeli think tank The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, along with Kristol.

Linda Chavez, a columnist of Hispanic descent, she serves as an eloquent propagandist for Israel, stating that Gen. Sharon has been "remarkably restrained".

Eliot Cohen, Director of Strategic Studies, Johns Hopkins University. Advisory Board, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

Gary Schmitt, Director, Senate Select Committee Intelligence 1982-84, executive director under Reagan, Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. In an article in the LA Times (23 March 03), Power & Duty: US Action is Crucial to Maintaining World Order, Schmitt states that only the USA can maintain world order by confronting regimes such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, Libya, and Iraq. He makes reference to Gary Cooper and "High Noon" as an analogy. Secretary, Board, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

Richard Perle, Chairman, Pentagon Defence Policy Board, is one of the principal masterminds of the war. Resident fellow, American Enterprise Inst. Advisory Board, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

Randy Scheunemann, ex-advisor to Sen. Trent Lott, and a consultant on Iraq to Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld, is executive director of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, formed to plan the administration of post-Saddam Iraq and recruit those sufficiently pliant to US-Israeli interests to fill the posts.

Joshua Muravchik, resident scholar of the American Enterprise Inst., Advisory Board, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

R James Woolsey, Vice Pres., Booz Allen Hamilton, international management consultancy firm; Advisory Board, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

Daniel Pipes, director Middle East Forum, columnist for NY Post and Jerusalem Post, an avid Zionist opponent of Muslims who advocates anti-Islamic measures in the name of "security", he has stated, for example, before the convention of the American Jewish Congress, 10/21/2001: "I worry very much from the Jewish point of view that the presence, and increased stature, and affluence, and enfranchisement of American Muslims...will present true dangers to American Jews."

DANIEL PIPES SAYS ALL MUSLIMS MUST BE WATCHED. THE WAR'S MOST AGONIZING ISSUE Daniel Pipes, Jerusalem Post, 1/22/03: "There is no escaping the unfortunate fact that Muslim government employees in law enforcement, the military, and the diplomatic corps need to be watched for connections to terrorism, as do Muslim chaplains in prisons and the armed forces.

Muslim visitors and immigrants must undergo additional background checks. Mosques require a scrutiny beyond that applied to churches, synagogues and temples. Muslim schools require increased oversight to ascertain what is being taught to children."

Donald Kagan, Sterling Prof. Of Classics & History, Yale, advocate of US global military superiority.

Tod Lindberg, Research Fellow, Hoover Inst., ed., Policy Review, member, Council on Foreign Relations.

Clifford May, President, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, "a think tank on terrorism".

Martin Peretz, Editor-in-Chief and Chairman, The New Republic, academic and company director.

Norman Podhoretz, ed. Commentary, intellectual magazine of American Jewish Committee, an influential opinion maker and one of the many Jews who went from Trotskyite Communism over to the "neo-conservative" movement, redefining ?conservatism in their mould.

William Schneider Jr., Chairman, US Defense Science Board, Co-Chair, Aerospace Global Issues.

Marshall Wittman, Snr. Fellow, Hudson Inst., government consultant, Pres., International Planning Services, a global trade and finance consultancy firm.

Gary Bauer, Pres. American Values; Domestic Policy Adviser under Reagan.

Midge Decter, author, editor, Hoover Inst. Board of Overseers, Board of the Heritage Foundation, married to Norman Prodhoretz. One of the many Jews who went from Left to so-called "Right".

Thomas Donnelly, American Enterprise Inst.; director, strategic communications, Lockheed Martin Corp. (2002),

Ex-Committee on National Security (1999-02).

Nicholas Eberstadt, American Enterprise Inst., consultant, World Bank, State Dept., Agency for International Development.

Hillel Fradkin, Pres., Ethics & Public Policy, est. 1976 "to clarify and encourage the bond between the Judaeo-Christian moral tradition and the public debate over domestic and foreign policy issues." That is to say, a Zionist strategy to utilise Christians for Zionist objectives. The organisation includes Elliot Abrams, National Security Adviser and Zionist.

Frank Gaffney, Pres., Center for Security Policy; snr. adviser, American Victory Over Terrorism.

Jeffrey Gedmin, ex-resident scholar, American Enterprise Inst., director, Aspen Inst. Berlin.

Reuel Marc Gerecht, American Enterprise Inst.; director, Middle East Initiative for the Project for the New American Century (2001), US State Dept. and CIA (1980s-1990s).

Charles Hill, Hoover Inst., ex aide to Secretary of State George Schultze (1985-89).

Committee for the Liberation of Iraq

As we have noted above, there is a large interlocking membership between the Project for the New American century and the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, an institution that could be noted for its lack of Iraqi members. The website of the Committee defines the organisation as follows:

"Established in the fall of 2002, the Committee was recently formed as a 501(c)(4), non-profit organization in Washington, DC to promote policies and programs that will liberate the Iraqi people from the tyranny of the Saddam Hussein regime …".

Among the Advisory Board members of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq is George Schultz, director of the Bechtel Corp., Secretary of State under Nixon and Secretary of Defence under Reagan. The Bechtel Corp. has pride of place in the "reconstruction" of Iraq.

Plutocratic Vultures to 'Reconstruct' Iraq

Leading the race for a $600 million rebuilding contract:

Bechtel Corporation: With former Secretary of State George Schultz on the board, former Defence Secretary Casper Weinberger a former VP.

Parson Corporation: Parson's had on its board until last year Elaine L Chao currently Bush's Labour Secretary, who also raised huge sums of money for Bush's campaign.

Fluor Corporation: And Fluor Corporation, where VP president Ken Oscar is a former Army Secretary. All are donors to the Republican Party.

C4 News website, Sarah Smith, 9 April 03.

Bechtel Corp

* Riley P. Bechtel is the CEO of Bechtel. With a net worth of $3.2 billion, he is listed as #50 in Forbes Magazine's 2002 list of richest Americans.

* George P. Schultz is the former U.S. Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan and a current Bechtel director. He also serves on the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

* Caspar Weinberger is the former U.S. Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan . Prior to holding this position, Weinberger was the Vice President, Director, and General Counsel of the Bechtel Group of companies.

* Gen. John J. Sheehan, USMC (ret.) is the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic and the former Special Advisor to Asia for the U.S. Defense Department. Sheehan currently serves as Bechtel's General Manager of the Petroleum and Chemical Business Unit for Europe/Africa/Middle East/South West Asia and is also a Bechtel partner. He is also a member of the Defense Policy


* Ross Connelly is the former CEO of Bechtel Energy Resources Corporation. He currently serves on the Overseas Private Investment Corporation under George W. Bush.

* W. Kenneth Davis is a former Bechtel senior vice-president and is the former U.S. Deputy Energy Secretary

Wikipedia - the Free Encyclopaedia online.



A Geoff Muirden Review


The Israeli Holocaust Against The Palestinians by Michael A. Hoffman II and Moshe Lieberman. Independent History & Research, Box 849, Couer d'Alene, ID 83816-0849, U.S.A., 2002. Paperback. US $12-45 within USA. Outside USA remit $US19-95 from a US bank. 110 p.

Michael A Hoffman II has established an impressive record as a researcher of history and an analyst of Jewish theology and its impact on the world today. He has joined forces in this book with Moshe Lieberman, a former researcher in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, who worked for Israel Shahak, also himself well-known as a contemporary critic and writer against Zionism.

Hoffman was prescient enough from his theological studies to predict that the Iraqi War would start around the date of Purim 2003, which is what happened, which serves to underline the "Zionist connection" to the war, and the extent of its domination of the U.S. Government. He has taken to heart the advice he quotes from Susan Sonntag in the introduction to his book: "the writer's first job is not to have opinions but to tell the truth and refuse to be an accomplice of les or misinformation..." An admonition, sad to say, often dishonoured among many modern journalists, such as Hoffman's former employers, Associated Press, except for certain groups, such as American Free Press,1433 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003,USA, which "tell it like it is," warts and all and to which all truth-seekers should subscribe.

Zionists and Jews have been assiduous in "Holocaust remembrance" but have been careless about the lives of the Palestinians, who receive neither memorials nor compensation. The lives of Palestinians are regarded as subhuman in the Talmud, documented in Hoffman's Judaism's Strange Gods, so the Zionist administration feels "justified" in attacking them with impunity, and with no opposition from the US State which heavily finances the Israeli administration and supplies its hi-tech weaponry but is indifferent to the Palestinians. The attack is buttressed by "Holocaustianity" which makes the "Holocaust" the major crime of the ages and the "goyim" are expected to agree.

The slaughter of the Palestinians has continued since the book was written. As Hoffman puts it: "the slogan of the "Holocaust" is "Never Again." But it is happening again-to the Palestinians. Israeli Army policy: exterminate as many young Palestinian males as possible." (p. 13)

It cannot be mere coincidence that Iraq was a supporter of the Palestinians and this was one of the motives for attacking it. But the attack on Iraq has wider purposes, being part of a conquest of the Middle East in general. The war in Iraq has tended to divert attention from the war against Palestinians in Israel.

Most of the book is devoted to careful chronicling of a horrific record of inhuman torture and genocide against Palestinians, much of it carefully concealed and subject to indignant denial if exposed. Nevertheless, Hoffman notes, "objective observers of the Israeli scene have long noted the distinct Israeli penchant for lying, the more outrageous the better. This heritage of lies is, sad to say, of religious origin. The Talmud, Judaism's holiest book, decrees: "Jews may use lies ("subterfuge") to circumvent a Gentile." (Baba Kamma 113a) (Pp.37-38)

Example after example of genocidal attacks against Muslims and Christians within Israel and attempts at "cover-ups" abound in this book, yet UN and Amnesty criticism of human rights violations have had no effect in stopping the violence. Despite calling Israel a democracy it is democratic at best only for Jewish citizens and sometimes not even to them.

Yet not all Jews are complicit in the attack on Palestinians and Christians. Moshe Lieberman speaks of the "unholy war" in Gaza and the West Bank and argues that: "Israel commits the same kinds of atrocities the Nazis committed against Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. At the same time Israel invokes the Nazi destruction of European Jewry to cloak its clear aim: to obliterate the economy, the social, political and cultural institutions, and the entire infrastructure of the Palestinian people." (p. 75)

Ariel Sharon continues this tendency, which shows no signs of flagging and may escalate as the war in the Middle East grows. Iraq is just the start of the anti-Arab push.

Most US politicians bow to the Zionist lobby and fall into line with Israeli requirements. But one who has written an exposure that may even rival that of Hoffman's outspokenness is David Duke, who, in his new book, Jewish Supremacism, available from TBR, PO Box 15877, Washington, DC 20003, USA has exposed the extent of Zionist power in undermining US freedom, despite sitting in a federal prison cell as his "reward". In his introduction to his book, David Duke says: "I would be a fool not to realise the danger to my own life, reputation and freedom that I face by exposing Jewish Supremacism. But, as a loyal European American; as a patriotic citizen of the United States and also as one who sincerely wishes for justice for all people of the world - my duty is clear. The stream beside me will follow its course. So will I."

It is the same spirit of devotion to truth and justice that motivates so many freedom-lovers in the United States, including Michael A. Hoffman II and also those Jews who speak out against the excesses of Zionism.


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