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September 2003
No 203
 The Eternal City for Jews, Christians and Moslems is hurting.


The majority of its people, the Palestinians, are also hurting, i.e. if they are still living in this city and have not been expelled from it.

Through deception and terrorism, invaders since 1948 have occupied their city and surrounding countryside. Sometimes even well-meaning Zionist Jews believe it is their God-given right to expel, even exterminate, the original inhabitants.

We have been witnessing terrorism and ethnic cleansing on a grand scale and for a long time - and the moral stalwart of the world, USA - while declaring a war on terrorism and for freedom and democracy - sits idly by, even condoning this genocide of a people. Why? Is it all a matter of controlling the natural resources of the region - oil?

This is very sad because the injustice of it all causes unnecessary suffering.

One reason why Zionist Jews are killing Palestinians is the belief that the Jews suffered persecution, and that they need a safe haven in the world.

The Palestinians are sacrificing themselves because a desperate people have no fear of death. The have lost their home, their country to a physically superior enemy.

What alternative is there for them but to take someone with them, rather than simply go away and die in defeat?

The Jewish persecution occurred during World War Two, where it is alleged that the Germans systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz concentration camp.

In most so-called western democracies this terrible Jewish persecution story cannot be told without acknowledging the fact that anyone who deviates from the orthodox view, the politically-correct story line of the 'Holocaust', faces social and legal sanctions.

European, and most western-style democracies, have placed this historical event on the prohibition list. The 'Holocaust' details are thus legally protected. Once this is done, then an historical event becomes a dogma, where truth is the first casualty.

Fredrick Töben, for example is not permitted to discuss specific 'Holocaust' allegations in public forum because of a 27 September 2002 Federal Court of Australia Court Order that prohibits him from questioning vital details of the 'Holocaust' story as it is told by so-called 'court historians' in schools, universities, and public media outlets.

The reason for this gag-order lies in the perception (and the laws are framed to that end rather than towards finding out the truth of a contentious matter) that the subject matter, if discussed publicly, is so hurtful, that it would cause unimaginable grief to the millions of 'Holocaust' survivors, even to the second and third generation 'Holocaust' survivors. And so, anyone may claim that Germans systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz concentration camp during World War Two (over 50 years ago) without having to fear the important challenge of verifiability.

That a dispute has been raging for over 30 years questioning the veracity of such a claim, is dismissed as propaganda from 'haters', 'Holocaust deniers', 'antisemites', 'racists', 'neo-Nazis', 'xenophobes', etc.

To understand resentment and rejection of certain forms of Zionist behaviour, one needs to go to the Babylonian Talmud in order to understand such resentment. The persecution of the Jews is not a simple victim-question because it is also a question of forms of behaviour that others object to. In other words, criticism levelled at particular 'Jews', is not unique to 'Jews' as such, and is certainly not - as is always claimed by Australia's leading Zionist, Jeremy Jones - done because a person claims to be Jewish!

Fredrick Töben stated that personally he has nothing against Jeremy Jones, but Töben objects to Jones telling lies about all sorts of things. Since the gag-order, Jones is permitted to repeat libellous statements about what the Germans are allegedly to have done to European Jewry, without permitting Töben a right of reply. Jones' feelings are so hurt that any response form Töben would increase that hurt. This is indicative of Jones having a psychological problem.

If one adopts an ethnocentric world view, then one regards everything that is happening outside of this ethnocentric world as un-pleasant, un-desirable, an insult, a threat, and a life-threatening situation.

Put more blandly, there are some individuals, who have perfected the victimhood mentality, and in such a world view you are either in a 'Holocaust', just emerging from a 'Holocaust', or you are expecting a 'Holocaust'.

It is the self-fulfilling prophecy writ large, where objective knowledge ceases to exist and where the dialectic process makes the physical world/physical reality superfluous. A parallel in the real world is the derivative/futures market, the casino-stock exchange mentality that is currently driving people insane, at the same time plundering the savings of the gullible workers who thought they could trust their trusted superannuation funds managers, etc.

The search for truth, the regaining of trust is a moral imperative that we need in order for our world to function reasonably well. There is enough food for all, but the distribution is the problem, among other things. All we need is 'love' may be a truism, but it will not suffice. What will help solve the world's problems is an open forum where individuals of moral and intellectual courage gather to look for solutions. The recent UN failure to avert the aggressive war on Iraq reflects not on the UN but on its leader, who had a failure of moral nerve at the crucial moment. Why?

On 19-21 August 2003 Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, will host an International Intifada Conference.

It is hoped that at this conference the vexed and tragic Palestinian Problem will be addressed and solutions found as to how the Palestinians can regain their birthright and live peacefully in Palestine, some of which, since 1948, is called Israel. The fact that the Torah True Jews oppose the Zionist, apartheid, racist state of Israel, offers an impulse of hope.


 Zionist Legal Persecution of Historical Revisionists

Points around which Fredrick Töben based his Tehran Intifada Conference talk, August 2003

1. To my knowledge no individual in the field of historical research, who has focused on the tragedy that befell the United States of America on 11 September 2001, has mentioned what happened four days before that fateful day.

2. On 7 September 2001, the United Nation's Conference on Racism, Xenophobia and related matters, concluded at Durban, South Africa.

3. So, what was important about this particular conference? The UN has been holding conferences in post-Apartheid South Africa for some years, certainly with gusto after the Apartheid regime was replaced with a 'democratic-majority' system of government. The 13th World AIDS Conference was held at Durban, etc.

4. The significance of this August-September 2001 UN Durban conference lies in the fact that some influential Jewish-Zionist interests planned focusing on the Internet and how to censor it from so-called 'antisemitism' and 'hate-speech'.

5. 'Hate-speech' for this group of leading world Zionists consisted of information freely on the Internet that questioned the conventional view of the historical period loosely labelled 'the Holocaust'.

6. The 'Holocaust' is generally defined in the following way: during World War Two the German-Nazi's systematic extermination of European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at the Auschwitz concentration camp situated in then occupied Poland.

7. Anyone who questions the orthodox and accepted version is considered to be and labelled a 'hater', a 'Holocaust denier', an 'Antisemite', a 'racist', a 'neo-Nazi', a 'xenophobe', etc. These are the usual 'shut-up' words used to silence any public debate on this issue.

8. From this labelling flow social, economic and legal consequences for any individual who asks questions about this alleged historical happening.

9. Most of the western world has specific laws that persecute, legally, anyone who refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust', anyone who dares ask for physical evidence, who dares throw out the Faurisson challenge: 'Show me or draw me the homicidal gas chambers?'.

10. The exception where the 'Holocaust' has entered the legal arena, and where no person has been convicted, is South Africa. In this country a small community of Moslems who run a community radio station, Radio 786 in Cape Town, did not bend to the pressure that the South African Jewish Board of Deputies exerted upon them. Why? In 1998, when Israel was celebrating its 50th Year, a London-based Muslim Imam, was interviewed on Radio 786 and stated that the State of Israel's existence rests on the fraudulent 'Holocaust' dogma. He specifically mentioned that the claimed six million Jewish deaths is false, and he also stated that there were no homicidal gassings. He effectively destroyed the pillars on which the 'Holocaust' myth rests.

11. Further, the mood at the Durban conference was anti-Israel, and demonstrations against the Zionist regime marred many functions. Australia's leading Zionist, Jeremy Jones, one of the world's leading anti-Revisionists, had planned a seminar on 'Hate on the Internet'.

12. In the Zionists ' view, anyone who refuses to follow the orthodox version of the 'Holocaust' story, is defaming and insulting the Jewish people. It is a criminal offence to question the historical accuracy of this so-called 'Holocaust' period. That the 'Holocaust' allegations are hurtful and insulting to Germans and anyone of German descent is conveniently forgotten, as is the fact that there is now a money-driven 'Holocaust' industry.

13. At this particular seminar Jeremy Jones intended to mention my German and Australian legal situation, thereby illustrating how the Zionists are succeeding in grappling with the problem of 'Hate Speech' on the Internet. Usually it is stated that I have had a conviction in Germany, but this is not true because on 12 December 2000 a German appeal court decided that my 11 November 1999 conviction be set aside and the matter be re-heard, something that has not yet happened. In 1999 I was imprisoned in Germany for the material that we, Adelaide Institute, carry on our website. Although in English and legal in Australia, the German judiciary deemed its 'Holocaust' laws applied to me in Australia.

14. In July 2003 I was in so-called democratic Germany, and on 9 July I was actually at a German police station being asked questions about why I had entered Germany when, in fact and without my knowledge, I had been declared an unwelcomed guest. I assured the police that I am a law-abiding citizen and that I would immediately leave Germany, and not return to the country of my birth.

15. The Durban conference did not follow the plans that Jeremy Jones had backed. The conference turned against those that supported Israel and its aggression against the Palestinians. Participants at the UN conference called Israel a European colonial outpost in the world of Islam, an apartheid state, equated Zionism with racism, and labelled Israel a racist state that oppressed the Palestinians. Israel was also called a terrorist state and its image as a victim of former Nazi persecution was totally destroyed.

16. Four days after the end of the conference ended, the alleged 'Arab-Muslim-terrorist attack' on the US occurred, and Israel once more belonged to the US-led world order that four days after the attack began an indefinite war on 'terrorism' and for 'freedom' and 'democracy'!

17. The consequences of this Zionist defeat at Durban have been horrendous for world peace. The '9/11terrorist attack' gave the US the pretext to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, and now possibly Iran.

18. An answer to the question: Cui Bono-in whose interest? is clear and concise: The Anglo-American Zionist Internationalists, and that includes those who wish to see a Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates.

19. The key to stopping this madness, this military juggernaut from demolishing more than mere US targets, is urgent, and the Historical Revisionists who focus on the 'Holocaust' have the key to neutralising this force.

20. It is in the interest of world peace, in the interest of the Palestinians, in the Interest of Iranians and anyone who opposes aggression, to support further research into the 'Holocaust', and elaborate on what Iranian's Eminent Leader said at the 2001 Tehran Intifada Conference, that the extent of the 'Holocaust' has been exaggerated. South Africa remains the only country in the world where 'Holocaust' issues have been aired in court, and the decision, that talking about and asking questions on the 'Holocaust' is not hate-speech, can become a guide for other nations who wish to liberate themselves from the international Zionist stranglehold that silences research.



We were war victims too, Germans insist

Hannah Cleaver in Berlin

The Observer

Sunday August 3, 2003

The photographs show exiles, pathetic bundles of belongings strapped to their backs or clutched in their arms, in grainy black and white trudging through Europe to an unknown future.

New laws meant that, because of their ethnic origins, these people had to abandon their homes and any possessions they could not carry and leave a country where they suddenly had no place.

But this is not the infamous Nazi ethnic cleansing of Jews, Poles or Russians: these were Germans - some of the 15 million expelled from European countries following the defeat of the Third Reich.

The Germans as victims have been historically omitted in the face of the Holocaust, the multiple invasions and the Blitz. Modern Germany was born soaked in collective guilt for the horrors the country had inflicted. That guilt is part of the national psyche.

Those who tried to speak about German suffering were collectively shouted down, portrayed as revisionists or neo-Nazis. Many were. But as the decades pass, payments are slowly being made to some of the Nazis' victims and efforts are under way to return looted property, and increasing numbers of Germans feel able to talk about the losses they suffered. A hesitant trend, sparked by Günter Grass's recent book involving the 1945 sinking of a ship packed with German refugees fleeing Soviet troops, is leading to a re-examination of the German experience. This year's 60th anniversary of the 'firestorm' bombing of Hamburg by the RAF brought graphic accounts of the slaughter and provoked debate over the justification for burning tens of thousands of people to death.

And now efforts are being made to commemorate the suffering of Germans driven from Eastern Europe. Led by the Association of the Banished, the plan is for a museum and centre dealing with the expulsion of Germans from countries which include the former Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Erika Steinbruch, conservative MP and head of the association, told The Observer: 'We want to make it clear what happened to these people, the 15 million who were thrown out of their homelands in the Baltics, Romania, so many countries. They were chased out because of their German ethnicity.

'We want to look at how Germany changed as a result of these people coming into the country and bringing with them lots of traditions that made a difference to Germany. We also want to help in making it impossible that such banishments ever happen again in Europe. 'This discussion is necessary. Every life is equal. The Jews who suffered in Germany were German. There were Germans in the Balkans who lost their homelands after the Hitler-Stalin pact. These were Germans who suffered under Hitler.

'There is a more relaxed discussion now. That's necessary. It is part of the process of self-discovery, of the very complicated moral problems Germany has with itself. This is only just starting. I'm very optimistic we can do this.'

She has political support, and backing from intellectuals within and outside Germany, but has come up against resistance to its focus on German victims as well as the idea of basing it in Berlin.

Recently 65 politicians, intellectuals and authors wrote an open letter against the association's nationalism. Signatories included German parliamentary president Wolfgang Thierse, Grass, Czech Deputy Prime Minister Petr Mares, and former Polish Foreign Minister Vladislav Bartoszewski.

'The design of such a centre as a predominantly national project... awakes the mistrust of our neighbours and cannot be in the joint interests of our countries. It carries the danger of setting the suffering of one against that of the other and to neglect the differing causes and contexts of expulsion





Fully armed Nazi bomber planes 'buried below East Berlin airport'


AN AIRPORT used by hundreds of thousands of tourists and business travellers each year could be sitting on top of thousands of live bombs.

Papers among thousands of files captured from the Stasi, the secret police of East Germany, claim tons of live Second World War munitions were buried in concrete bunkers beneath the runways of Schoenefeld airport in East Berlin. It is now the main destination for discount airlines, such as Ryanair, and numerous charter companies. Not only did the commissars intern munitions beneath the runways, but also entire Nazi fighter planes, all fuelled and fully bombed-up, according to the Stasi.

The captured files of Interflug, the former East German government airline and the airport authority of the DDR, are now being examined to see if the Stasi claim is true.

Experts believe it entirely feasible that, in the aftermath of the Second World War, with Berlin littered with millions of tons of unexploded ordnance, the Soviets could well have pressured local officials to move to clear the airfield as swiftly as possible.

"They would have stuffed them anywhere they could - there was simply too much stuff to blow up all at once," said Karl-Heinz Eckhardt, a Berlin historian. "There was a warren of massive Nazi bunkers beneath the site of the present airport that would have suited their purposes."

City authorities claim the airport is perfectly safe, but a thorough check on the claims in the Stasi files - 140 km of them that will still take a number of years to decipher - is being undertaken.

Nearly two million passengers a year pass through Schoenefeld. According to the Stasi files, the ammunition was buried in bunkers between eight and nine metres deep.

A spokesman for the airport said: "We became aware of the bunkers in 1993, four years after the fall of the [Berlin] Wall. A check was undertaken then and everything was determined to be safe."

But he conceded that he was astounded at the claims that fully-fuelled and bombed-up aircraft lie beneath the runways and said new tests about the safety of the structures will be carried out. He added: "We had no idea that so much ordnance is supposedly under there."

Frank Henkel, the Conservative interior ministry spokesman, said: "This must be investigated thoroughly and immediately and the runways strengthened if necessary."

Berlin, with its sandy, dry soil, was perfect for the bunker-building of the Third Reich. Hundreds of thousands of them were constructed during the 12-year lifespan of the Nazi government: for every one metre of building above ground in modern-day Berlin, there are three metres below ground.

Bunkers are being discovered every day and a group called Underground Berlin has turned several of them into tourist attractions.




Huge risks for Romanian illegals

By Nick Thorpe

BBC, Romania

Monday, 30 June, 2003

Ioan Lupascu starts to cry in his front room in a Bucharest suburb, as he tells me about his return journey, from Israel to Romania, seven years ago.

He had just been handed $1,040 of more than $10,000 he says was owed to him, for a year's construction work. He hadn't eaten for days, so he spent $40 on food at the airport.

On arrival in Romania, the police confiscated the rest of his money when he tried to cash it. The dollar bills were fake.

Tens of thousands of East Europeans, Romanians in particular, have worked in Israel in the past decade.

They were needed as the security situation deteriorated, and Israelis felt they could no longer trust the Palestinians who had worked as labourers until then.

The foreign workers had and have a rough life. Most have to pay middle-men for the chance to go to work in Israel in the first place.

Once there, their passports are often taken away from them by their employers.

Vain hope

According to Ioan's story, they are paid only pocket money while there, and told that their wages are being put safely into a bank account in their names.

When their contracts are up, they are sent back to their own countries, with only a fraction of the money they are owed.

For the past seven years, Ioan Lupascu has been writing letters to the Romanian and Israeli authorities, so far in vain.

I showed his written testimony, detailing every hour he worked in Israel, to Giaro Iahr, the ex-president of the Association of Israeli Entrepreneurs in Romania.

"Everything that is written here is true," he said. "I feel very unhappy about what happened. They were exploited - to the full extent possible. I feel ashamed of what my fellow (Israeli) citizens are doing."

Mr Iahr has helped a small number of Romanians to receive the money owed to them, from the national insurance scheme in Israel.


As most were working legally, their employers paid national insurance contributions for them - even if they never paid the workers. So the Israeli state could help a bit, Iahr maintains. But he says the men will never be paid unless their government supports them. The practice of exploiting the workers was so widespread, he says, that legal action could be taken against both their former employers and the Israeli state.

At the Romanian Ministry of Labour, state secretary Razvan Cirica wrings his hands. Like Iahr, thousands of cases like this have been sitting on his desk for years. But he says he too is helpless.

"We tried to conclude a bilateral agreement with Israel. It was impossible," he said.

"We cannot exercise any more pressure. The only thing that might make a difference would be for the workers to find a lawyer."


And so the story goes, round and round, with no-one willing to take responsibility. Some blame Romanian naivety - some men were cheated several times, by different employers, each time hoping they would be lucky.

To compound their misery, several have been killed and injured in suicide bombings.

And many now sit in Israeli jails - arrested during a crackdown on illegal foreign workers.

Giaro Iahr estimates that Romanians who worked in Israel are still owed between $50m and $60m.

The only glimmer of hope comes from fellow East Europeans. More than 200 Bulgarians have just started legal action against an Israeli construction firm, alleging similar treatment.





For our German readers a new book about 11 September 2001

Gerhoch Reisegger: Wir werden schamlos irregeführt! ISBN-No. 3-89180-068-1.

Obtainable for 19, 50 from Hohenrain Verlag, PO Box 1611, D-72006 Tübingen, Germany.

Here in clear language, divested from all ideological baggage, is an account of what happened on this fateful day. But the author does more. He asks the difficult questions and then extrapolates: What can Europe and the world expect from the USA where such acts have become central to its politics? The US attack on Iraq and the planned aggression against Iran make sense.



Career officer does eye-opening stint inside Pentagon

By Karen Kwiatkowski, a recently retired Air Force Lieutenant colonel.

The Beacon Journal

Posted on Thu, Jul. 31, 2003

After eight years of Bill Clinton, many military officers breathed a sigh of relief when George W. Bush was named president. I was in that plurality. At one time, I would have believed the administration's accusations of anti-Americanism against anyone who questioned the integrity and good faith of President Bush, Vice President Cheney or Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

However, while working from May 2002 through February 2003 in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Near East South Asia and Special Plans (USDP/NESA and SP) in the Pentagon, I observed the environment in which decisions about post-war Iraq were made.

Those observations changed everything.

What I saw was aberrant, pervasive and contrary to good order and discipline. If one is seeking the answers to why peculiar bits of ``intelligence'' found sanctity in a presidential speech, or why the post-Hussein occupation has been distinguished by confusion and false steps, one need look no further than the process inside the Office of the Secretary of Defense. I can identify three prevailing themes.

o Functional isolation of the professional corps. Civil service and active-duty military professionals assigned to the USDP/NESA and SP were noticeably uninvolved in key areas of interest to Undersecretary for Policy Douglas Feith, Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld. These included Israel, Iraq and to a lesser extent, Saudi Arabia.

When the New York Times broke the story last summer of Richard Perle's invitation of Laurent Muraviec to brief the Defense Policy Board on Saudi Arabia as the next enemy of the United States, this briefing was news to the Saudi desk officer. He even had some difficulty getting a copy of it, while receiving assignments related to it.

In terms of Israel and Iraq, all primary staff work was conducted by political appointees, in the case of Israel a desk officer appointee from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and in the case of Iraq, Abe Shulsky and several other appointees. These personnel may be exceptionally qualified; Shulsky authored a 1993 textbook Silent Warfare: Understanding the World of Intelligence.

But the human resource depth made possible through broad-based teamwork with the professional policy and intelligence corps was never established, and apparently, never wanted by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld organization.

o Cross-agency cliques: Much has been written about the role of the founding members of the Project for a New American Century, the Center for Security Policy and the American Enterprise Institute and their new positions in the Bush administration. Certainly, appointees sharing particular viewpoints are expected to congregate, and an overwhelming number of these appointees having such organizational ties is neither conspiratorial nor unusual. What is unusual is the way this network operates solely with its membership across the various agencies -- in particular the State Department, the National Security Council and the Office of the Vice President.

Within the Central Intelligence Agency, it was less clear to me who the appointees were, if any. This might explain the level of interest in the CIA taken by the Office of the Vice President. In any case, I personally witnessed several cases of staff officers being told not to contact their counterparts at State or the National Security Council because that particular decision would be processed through a different channel. This cliquishness is cause for amusement in such movies as Never Been Kissed or The Hot Chick. In the development and implementation of war planning it is neither amusing nor beneficial for American security because opposing points of view and information that doesn't ``fit'' aren't considered.

o Groupthink. Defined as ``reasoning or decision-making by a group, often characterized by uncritical acceptance or conformity to prevailing points of view,'' groupthink was, and probably remains, the predominant characteristic of Pentagon Middle East policy development. The result of groupthink is the elevation of opinion into a kind of accepted ``fact,'' and uncritical acceptance of extremely narrow and isolated points of view.

The result of groupthink has been extensively studied in the history of American foreign policy, and it will have a prominent role when the history of the Bush administration is written. Groupthink, in this most recent case leading to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, will be found, I believe, to have caused a subversion of constitutional limits on executive power and a co-optation through deceit of a large segment of the Congress.

I am now retired. Shortly before my retirement I was allowed to return to my primary office of assignment, having served in NESA as a desk officer backfill for 10 months. The transfer was something I had sought, but my wish was granted only after I made a particular comment to my superior, in response to my reading of a February Secretary of State cable answering a long list of questions from a Middle Eastern country regarding U.S. planning for the aftermath in Iraq. The answers had been heavily crafted by the Pentagon, and to me, they were remarkably inadequate, given the late stage of the game. I suggested to my boss that if this was as good as it got, some folks on the Pentagon's E-ring may be sitting beside Hussein in the war crimes tribunals.

Hussein is not yet sitting before a war crimes tribunal. Nor have the key decision-makers in the Pentagon been forced to account for the odd set of circumstances that placed us as a long-term occupying force in the world's nastiest rat's nest, without a nation-building plan, without significant international support and without an exit plan. Neither may ever be required to answer their accusers, thanks to this administration's military as well as publicity machine, and the disgraceful political compromises already made by most of the Congress. Ironically, only Saddam Hussein, buried under tons of rubble or in hiding, has a good excuse.




New Law for Israeli-Palestinian Couples


Associated Press Writer

The Guardian

Thursday July 31, 2003 4:39 PM

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's parliament on Thursday passed a new law that would force Palestinians who marry Israelis to live separate lives or move out of Israel despite charges from human rights groups and Israeli Arabs that the law is racist.

The law would prevent Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip who marry Israeli Arabs from obtaining residency permits in Israel.

The vote was 53 in favor, 25 against and one abstention, a spokeswoman for the parliament said.

``We see this law as the implementation of the transfer policy by the state of Israel,'' said Jafar Savah from Mossawa, an advocacy center for Israeli Arabs, referring to a plan by far right groups to transfer Israeli Arabs to other Arab countries.

Savah said the law was an attempt to legalize unofficial policy that has been in effect since September 2000 when violence broke out and warned that the law would damage relations between Israel and its Arab minority.

Both local and international human rights groups have condemned the law as racist.

``This is a racist law that decides who can live here according to racist criteria,'' said Yael Stein from the Israeli rights group B'tselem.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have sent letters to the parliament protesting the law and urging lawmakers not to pass it, a statement from Human Rights Watch said.

Israel's government contends that such a law is necessary for security reasons, citing instances where Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza have exploited their residency permits, granting them freedom of movement in Israel, to carry out terror attacks.

``This law comes to address a security issue,'' Cabinet Minister Gideon Ezra told Israel Radio. ``Since September 2000 we have seen a significant connection, in terror attacks, between Arabs from the West Bank and Gaza and Israeli Arabs,'' Ezra said.

Israel and the Palestinians have been locked in a bloody conflict for 33 months, though a cease-fire declared by the Palestinians on June 29 has significantly reduced violence.

The law, which passed its first reading on June 18, would force newly married couples to choose between living in the Palestinian areas or living separately and would be in effect for a year when the parliament must renew it.

It is not uncommon for members of Israel's 1 million strong Arab community to marry residents of the Palestinian areas, and this was one of the only ways a Palestinian could be eligible for an Israeli residency permit.

Ezra told the radio that since 1993 over 100,000 Palestinians have obtained Israeli permits in this manner. ``It has grown out of control,'' he said.

Stein from B'tselem said there have been only 20 cases from these 100,000 people who have been involved in terror.

``I am not taking these attacks lightly but this is an extreme solution to a marginal phenomenon,'' Stein said.

Ezra turned aside charges that the law was racist, saying ``I agree that anyone who kills Jews just because they are Jewish is a racist.'' Rights groups accused Israel of trying to rush the bill through parliament before it goes into recess on August 3.



Fredrick Töben asks: Is Iran next?

14 August 2003

USA citizen, Donald Rumsfeld, may be a wrestler and may have modelled his attack on Iraq on techniques learned as a student when his hobby was wrestling individuals to the ground.

All the neo-cons, so some say, have studied Shakespearean plays, thereby modelling themselves on certain protagonists - in the hope of prevailing against the Fates - add the wrestling techniques acquired by their master, Rumsfeld (the Teutonic immoral and misguided individual that he has become, for whatever reason [please do not blame the Jewish neo-cons, Perle, et al, is simplistic and self-serving clap-trap because Rumsfeld let himself be used], but he has forgotten that Iran's national sport is wrestling, and that Iran currently holds the World Wrestling Championship. Fredrick Töben predicts that if the AAZF ( Anglo-American-Zionist-Forces) attack Iran as their stage two of hitting the second of their self-declared rogue nations [without realizing that the USA is itself the greatest rogue nation!] , this will be the end of the US of A as we know it, their 'Waterloo', so to speak, without any subsequent glorification that accompanied Napoleon, and will accompany Adolf Hitler - but never any of the US presidents because they merely let themselves be used by the Zionist lobby, without waking up to that fact. Even now George Soros, that immoral speculator financier who oversaw the destruction of the Russian/ Indonesian, etc, economies [they let it happen because for whatever reason!] has announced that he will plough into the Democratic election fund millions, if not billions [of fiat/stolen money] to eliminate George Bush's second presidency! Poor George Bush, even praying to his God will not help him. Condolence to his wife in advance.

President Bush ought to have reflected on the nature of the US economic model, (US democracy) that has been grafted on to a number of European nations, and elsewhere, since World War Two. It needs US military force to be sustained. Does that not tell us something about the nature of that model of democracy? And then we recall that the Greek model of democracy operated within an entrenched slave system!

When Dr Mahathir stood up against Soros's predatory capitalism, the New World Order advocates cried foul, and predicted a swift end to Malaysia's economic development. Now Malaysia and Iran are talking about establishing a gold dinar currency market. Fredrick Töben prays to God that this will be blessed - it is time, it is time.



14 August 2003

Take a walk in Norwood and visit a bookshop

Look closely in the shelf - it's there!


So, Australia still has freedom to publish and to display books that are challenging.



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