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Ending a productive 2003


Dear Associates and Supporters

This newsletter ends our tenth year of operation, and in 2004 we begin a new decade of work. Newsletter No 207 for December 2003 is included with this mail-out. On its front page appears a list of six crucial questions/answers that arose from the 2000 London Irving/Lipstadt defamation trial. Then follows material generated over 60 years ago and provided by Walter Mueller taken from Time and The National Geographic Magazine that illuminate how the USA viewed pre-World War Two Germany.

Now, what about 2004? Next year looks to be just as busy as has been the past decade. Adelaide Institute hopes to host/co-host another Revisionist Conference, and as this is only a hope at this stage, time and place for a possible conference remains confidential. It will certainly not be held in Germany because to effect a change in mindset there by 2004 is like hoping the USA will leave the Iraqi oil resources to the Iraqi people.

Also, we close the year with a slight deficit on account of basic equipment maintenance. The quality of the newsletter print, as you would have noticed, indicates the drum again needs replacing. Anyone who wishes to help Adelaide Institute continue its work is warmly invited to send contributions to PO Box 3300 , Norwood 5067, Australia . To all supporters who have made their regular monthly contributions, thereby guaranteeing the newsletter’s appearance and the website’s existence, a big thank you, thank you!

The most pressing free speech issue that concludes 2003, and is of concern for us in Australia , is the possible enacting of specific laws that censor the Internet. Under pressure from the Zionist Jews, the Australian government wishes to amend the Criminal Code Act so that anyone in contravention of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA), can be sent to prison for two years. The RDA does not provide for criminal but only financial sanction, as Mrs Olga Scully found out when she was asked to pay court costs amounting to $150,000, all because Zionist Jeremy Jones dragged her through the court system.

Only a bankruptcy declaration saved her from such oppressive legal action, and her home is safe! This is the warning sent into the community: leave well alone historical topics that question the ‘Holocaust’ and related matters!

Now, if the Zionists, Australia 's financially most powerful lobby group, has its way, then expressing German hatred becomes lawful, while to date it has mostly been judged to be in poor taste. But it seems that ‘everyone’ is still in on the German bashing using the ‘Holocaust ’as their weapon.

Here is an Australian Jewish News article of 5 September 2003 that informs on the next legal move against free speech:

Government to curb web racism, by Bernard Freedman

The Federal Government wants to make spreading race hatred on websites, emails, internet chat rooms and computer games a criminal offence. To do this, the government will amend the Criminal Code Act to include a range of internet offences, Communications Minister Richard Alston and Justice Minister Chris Ellison announced last week. Using the internet for "offensive and menacing purposes" will be a crime punishable by a two-year jail sentence. This will include "cyber-racism", material that "reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, offensive".

The new law will also apply to child pornography, to "rebirthing" of stolen mobile phones and to those using the internet to “advocate or facilitate violent protest". The minister gave as examples "spreading information on methods of violently disrupting international meetings and attacking police officers protecting such gatherings".

The Attorney-General's Department said this week a draft of the new legislation would soon be released for public comment. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) has been calling for years for criminal sanctions under federal and state laws to combat racism in Australia . HREOC research on internet race hate last year found some 25 Australian racist websites, mostly promoting white supremacy, as well as overseas produced computer games inviting players to kill ethnic minorities.

The Commonwealth Government already regulates internet content through the Online Content Co-Regulatory Scheme which deals with complaints from the public. Under this scheme, the Australian Broadcasting Authority can order internet hosts in Australia not to present material refused classification or classified "X" or, in some cases, "R". "The new offence will complement this scheme by introducing criminal penalties for placing material on the internet that would be regarded by reasonable persons as being, in all the circumstances, offensive," the minister said.

Fredrick Töben comments


Although we consider our work at Adelaide Institute has nothing to do with race, there are now precedent cases in the Federal Court of Australia, Jones vs. Scully/Töben, where criticising Jewish matters such as the ‘Holocaust’ story, is deemed to be a racial matter and is “regarded by reasonable persons as being, in all the circumstances, offensive”.

Truth is not a defence in such cases. Any Jewish person who feels offended does not have to prove in any way the quantum of that hurt suffered as a result of reading so-called offensive material. The argument of volition, that the act of reading is done voluntarily and the option of getting out of a so-called offensive websites is there, is rejected. The victim-role is absolute.

Imagine, a person enters a website, reads material about the ‘Holocaust’ that contradicts the official version, then that person continues to read this so-called offensive material and gets ever more upset, so-much-so that great hurt is experienced. It is claimed that the only way to redress this hurt is to cleanse the internet of

 hurtful material.

Persons with a sound, mature moral appreciation of personal values would not even look at such alleged hurtful material. The legislation is a one-way traffic for Jewish Australians, and it propagates German hatred. For example the many documented ‘Holocaust’ lies are hurtful for Germans and for Australians of German descent, but this is deemed irrelevant. Why? Because such individuals are not organised as are the Jews and so have no powerful lobby to push their cause.

In this ‘Holocaust’ matter that’s what justice in Australia is all about. Anyone can now lie about the historical period called the ‘Holocaust’; lie about the alleged gassings and the number of individuals allegedly gassed, and the alleged Hitler-order that started the extermination process about sixty years ago towards the end of World War Two.

Asking questions will be a criminal offence – and the Zionists have achieved their goal in securing and enshrining their ‘Holocaust’ dogma in Australia ’s legal code. Being Jewish is a matter of religion and has nothing to do with race, but thanks to Adolf Hitler’s confusion by granting Jews a racial status, we have National Socialist laws entering Australia that in fact makes Australia a racist country. Naturally, there are European racists that welcome racist legislation. The Zionists will merely piggy-back on the back of these European racists, but divert attention from themselves by siding with the divisive ethnic Aboriginal issue.  

The original intention of the RDA law is designed to defeat ‘racism’ but it in fact generates ‘racism’. Anyone who dares criticise Jewish behaviour is labelled a racist and antisemite that then defines who is ‘Jewish’ through Victimhood!

But tell that to those who have swallowed the decades-long onslaught of ‘Holocaust’ propaganda. Would anyone have the moral and intellectual courage to admit that they have been hood-winked into believing in such nonsense terminology all because a small minority wishes to give itself legal protection against justified criticism?

Is it worth while spending more time in jail when only a minority of Australians can see the danger such legislation poses to our cherished ideal of academic freedom, of our free speech ideal? Natural Justice, a pillar of Common Law, disappears. Now gossip rules because a right of reply is irrelevant. A hurt feeling is what matters, and that we can all produce, even simulate.

And so the proposed legislation will permit the real racists, Australia ’s Zionists, to continue to hunt down critics of Israel ’s oppression of the Palestinians, and continue to kill Palestinians as their evil empire, Israel , continues to expand. No right-of-return (nor a right-of-reply) for the Palestinians.

Why not?

Remember what Mohammed Hegazi wrote a while ago on this topic? Israel is the doomed Zionist project, and we can be certain of that country’s demise, perhaps in 50 or even a 100 year time, but end it will. Will Australia ’s leading Zionist and racist, Jeremy Jones, now run to his mother and cry:


“Mama, Hegazi says Israel never happened!”




This wall at a new school in Deir al-Balah, shelled by Israelis, is providing Palestinian children with learning experiences.

Kelly & Kelly

David Brockschmidt


What does the death of 19th century Australian bushranger hero-villain Ned Kelly have in common with the death of British scientist and Iraqi weapons inspector David Kelly? ‘He was hammered to death on a bitter anvil, forged by hatred, ambition, ruthless political manipulation and dubious journalism’. 1)

Let’s have a closer look at it.

The death of Ned Kelly is the result of Kelly’s action and behaviour against the British colonial government in Australia . Some would argue that Kelly was a product of the British ruling class in Australia , a ruling class who suppressed and killed their colonials at will. Others would reach the opposite conclusion and point to a benevolent colonial administration, and then link this with alleged atrocities committed against Aboriginal people at the time of colonization. This is what historian Keith Windschuttle has done, thereby opening a Pandora’s Box. Windschuttle’s books, his earlier one The Killing of History 2), and his latest book the first of a trilogy The Fabrication of Aboriginal History 3) is highly controversial, and until today nobody has proven him wrong.

As an ex-Marxist/Stalinist he belonged to the group of historians that are now attacking him, and he believed in the official version of black and white history in Australia until about two years ago. Windschuttle studied the historical works of Ryan, Reynolds, et al, checking their footnotes and comparing them with the documented facts in the archives. He came to the conclusion that the writing of aboriginal history in Australia has not only been politicized and emotionalized. It shows also quite clearly that Ryan, Reynolds, et al, have fabricated black and white history in Australia . When Lyndal Ryan was asked on television 4) she admitted that she has made up Aboriginal death figures but said in the same sentence all historians do that. Well, that is exactly what a historian should never do. What kind of historians are these people writing history by ignoring historical facts that are easily found in the archives in Australia and overseas, as Windschuttle did?

Windschuttle will publish another two volumes of real Australian history – I can’t wait. His critics call him a Revisionist historian; he should not take this as an insult but wear it as a badge of honour. Whenever it comes to history, any person regardless if he or she is an historian or not, should revise their held views because there are two places in life where people are lying their butts off: the first is in the court rooms and the second in the history books.

As the fairy tales around the Aboriginal holocaust’ are collapsing like a house of cards, thanks to the proper work of one man, Keith Windschuttle, the fairy tales around the Nazi-Jewish Holocaust are also collapsing. The death figures for the whole Auschwitz complex including the main camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, have been reduced from the original French figures of 9 million dead in 1945 to the Soviet figures of 4 million in 1946, to the Polish revised figures of 1-1.5 million in 1989. The latest publication has reduced the figures again to 510 000, 5) which means that the latest official death figures and the Revisionist figures, which is 300,000 are 200, 000 apart. This is certainly not the end of the story. Der Spiegel’s senior editor, Fritjof Meyer, who published these latest figures in the history journal Osteuropa also informs his readers that the so-called industrial extermination of prisoners did not happen in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, but in two small farm houses outside the camp area which were accessible to anyone. If Meyer is not a Revisionist historian, then I do not know what a Revisionist historian is.

Thanks to the titanic work done by Revisionist historians and scholars working under the most difficult legal and financial circumstances, the Auschwitz Museum authority in Poland has now officially admitted on their website and in their printed publications that the homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz I (Stammlager) was built after the war by Poles and Soviets. The Auschwitz camps were off-limits to anyone including western allies between 1945 -55. So they had ten years in which to fabricate-reconstruct history. Robert Jan van Pelt tells us in his work Auschwitz: From 1070 to the Present 6), that the ‘reconstructed’ gas chamber in Auschwitz I, built after World War Two, stands only as a symbol for the ‘real’ homicidal gas chambers in Krema II and Krema III in Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau).

Fritjof Meyer’s report makes it clear that this is not the case either because the mass gassings of approximately 356 000 people took place in two little farm houses with less than 90 sq m standing room. I am at a total loss here. The fining and imprisoning of Revisionist historians and scholars like Zündel in Canada , Faurisson in France and Töben in Germany is a scandal for our so-called democracies. Historical truth does not need the protection of the law, only the lie does because truth stands on its own!

There may be no more weapons of mass destruction in Iraq today but there is the mighty Internet, our weapon of mass instruction.

Now let’s go back to my original subject, the death of the two Kelly’s. In short, one could say both men endangered government power structures so they had to die. We all know why and how Ned Kelly died, but what do we know about the death of the British scientist David Kelly? So far, not much. Let’s have a closer look at what we do know. When Kelly’s body was found near the woods close to his home a British police officer, Brown, stepped in front of TV cameras, reading out a statement to the media that he did not write himself, and I do not think he believed his own words. He said, “Kelly told his wife he went for a walk. Kelly popped some pain killers, then slashed his wrist with the kitchen knife and bled to death”. Just like that. Simple, right? Case closed? Too simple! What Officer Brown did not tell us, because it was not written in his prepared statement to the media is the fact that Dr David Kelly had sent an email to one of his friends approximately one hour before his death. In this email he indicates that he has been hunted down for spilling the beans to the BBC about the Blair government’s weapons of mass destruction report. He states in that email, “Dark actors playing a dirty game behind the scenes”.  Now, I ask myself, if you have the intention to kill yourself you were hunted down by dark forces, would you not spill the beans again and name horse and rider before you pull your own plug? Or was Kelly worried if he would do that than the bastards would go after his family? Which intelligence agency was behind Kelly’s death? Let’s say here they are doing a pretty lousy job. The Lord Hutton investigation will, of course, bring the desired result for the Blair government because this is a matter of State Security.

Five months before David Kelly’s death he told his friend and colleague, David Boucher, “if Britain invades Iraq , you will find me dead in the woods”.  Kelly did not say or indicate to David Boucher that he would then consider killing himself. When Kelly was found near the woods two ECG electrodes were attached to his chest indicating that Kelly had a pacemaker. I have it on the best authority from the medical profession in this field that a pacemaker can be sped up, slowed down, stopped and re-started by remote control. This could easily kill a person without leaving any evidence.

Kelly was not only a weapons inspector in Iraq and an expert for biological and chemical weapons, he was also involved in DNA research and other microbiological work related to weapons. Two of his American colleagues, Benito Que and Don Wiley, who were involved in identical fields of weapons research died under strange circumstances. Another Russian colleague, Vladimir Pastechnick, a defector who fled to Britain in 1989 just before the collapse of the Soviet Union bringing with him details of Soviet plans to use cruise missiles to spread small pocks and plagues amongst populations also died under strange circumstances. Kelly himself, an expert on DNA sequencing, had played a key role in de-briefing Pastechnick when he arrived in Britain and had helped him to set up a laboratory in Porton Down, Dorset, for further research on these matters.

MI5/6, CIA, the Russian intelligence community, and of course, the assassination specialists of Mossad, have a good killing record. History is repeating itself. Take Pearl Harbour , for example, at least one week before the attack Roosevelt and Churchill knew that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbour .  Britain and the US had already broken the Japanese code months before the attack. Roosevelt was withholding this information from the US Navy Admiral Kimmel in Pearl Harbour . So Roosevelt sacrificed thousands of his own boys in order to swing the vote of the US Congress to get the US into war against the Axis powers. Admiral Kimmel, of course, was blamed for not being prepared for this vicious ‘Japanese surprise attack’.

What really gets me here, and the following examples I present to you, is what a bunch of ruthless liars and hypocrites most politicians and court historians are. A human life means nothing to them; their power over people means everything to them. The memorial service held at pearl Harbour every year produces the same old lies told to the survivors, their relatives and to the world. To top it off here, poor old late Admiral Kimmel is still blamed for it. I call it the fall-guy-syndrome.

Lee Harvey Oswald is another example. He has been blamed for the killing of President John Kennedy, while British criminologists have proven beyond any reasonable doubt with 96.7 per cent certainty, that the fatal shots on JFK had been fired from the grass knoll on the other side of the road, not from the famous factory building. In Texas they call that turkey shooting, and please remember, the Warren Report is still classified. 7)

The next fall guy is Tim McVey who is supposed to have brought down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City with a fertilizer bomb on his pickup truck. The seismographic institute of Oklahoma advises that according to their reading on this tragic day, which has not been refuted by anybody to this day, that there were two explosions and numerous smaller detonations. First a small one which must have been McVey’s fertilizer bomb placed in his pickup truck parked 30 metres away from the main building, and ten seconds later the big explosion that brought the front half of the building down. The fire and demolition experts of Oklahoma City said clearly the building came down through an internal explosion, not an external one. MrVey was a US Marine and personal body guard of General Norman Schwarzkopf in the Iraq-Kuwait war. He was groomed to be the fall-guy, just like Lee Harvey Oswald, in the wake of the WACO holocaust McVey was an eyewitness when the ATF, the FBI and the US Army were attacking the Waco Building complex with a tank, shooting from helicopters bon inmates, pumping nerve gas through the front of the complex, then igniting the gas with tracer ammunition from M16 armalite rifles from the back of the complex.

The US documentary, Rules of Engagement shown in cinemas around the world, provides a reasonable scenario that the US government was responsible for this WACO holocaust. Later investigations also clearly show that the then Attorney-General under the Clinton administration, Janet Reno, was not telling the truth and the FBI was withholding evidence. The grooming of the fall-guy Timothy McVey started there and then, the fall-guy of the WACO complex was, of course, David Koresh, the leader of the religious cult that lived at WACO .

This inferno made McVey hate the federal authorities, and so he planted a fertilizer bomb in a 44-gallon drum outside the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City because this building housed offices of the ATF, the FBI and other US federal agencies, with the help of his minders, of course. The day the bombs blew up and brought the building down none of the agents working for these federal agencies were in the building. They all attended meetings somewhere else, surprise, surprise! However, all other civilians, plus the children in

the kindergarten, were there.

The US Congressional Investigations Report in regard to September 11, 2001 , was released on 25 July 2003 . It is the most amateurish and idiotic whitewash I have ever seen, and it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. Firstly, the White House did not release crucial documents in regard to this towering inferno in New York , and then they blacked out 28 pages of the report which involves Saudi Arabian citizens and government officials of that country. In general the world is told that the US Intelligence Agencies overlooked the fact that Al Queda was going to use hijacked passenger planes as missiles to fly into buildings:  the World Trade Centre (WTC), the White House, the Pentagon and the US Congress. The Russian, German, French and other intelligence agencies told the US repeatedly since 1994 that this would happen. So the Yanks overlooked it, right?

It worries me because the WTC was attacked by the same group before. In my opinion, the US overlooked nothing because everything was going to plan. The day the towers came down, the ex-Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanjahu, was interviewed by CBS and NBC in New York where he was visiting. He was asked what he thought of the enormous tragic terrorist act, and his answer was “It is very good for Israel ”.  As I said before, overlooked was nothing, misunderstood was nothing, everything was known right up into the White House, the FBI even stopped its own agents to go on investigating Al Queda suspects who took flying lessons in the US on planes and on flight simulators for 747 and other commercial aircraft. They apparently told their instructors not to worry teaching them how to land a plane, only how to take off, fly and maneuver them.  This of course was reported by these instructors to the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and other intelligence agencies. The hard drives of computer laptops of FBI agents were frozen or destroyed by their superiors, and their agents were told they could not go on investigating. For example, the case of Al Queda’s man, Zachariah Massoui, was terminated because this would violate privacy laws guaranteed to everyone by the US constitution. And this after all the incriminating evidence against Massoui and others! This indeed is a story for the strong in the heart and the weak in the head. If you want to know more details read the book The Great Deception, by Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed, also known under the title The War On Freedom. 7)

If only 10 per cent of the US population would read this book it may not only bring down the US administration but may even cause another revolution in the USA . But culprits and dark forces, as David Kelly calls them who pull the strings behind the scene in order to establish the new world order, are pretty safe: Americans do not read.

Political power in this world, including the west, is so arrogant and corrupt today that it does not even care to do a good cover-up job. This of course carries the seeds of the system’s self-destruction. In regard to David Kelly’s alleged suicide, it is easy to make a murder look like a suicide. Kids play for the spooks. Only sometimes they get it wrong as in the case of the ‘murder-suicide’ of Rudolf Hess in Berlin-Spandau , Germany ‘War crime prisons. Hess was found dead soon after Soviet Union ’s Michael Gorbachev decided to release him at a time when the British were on guard at Spandau Prison. Hess just knew too much and so he had to go. For the sake of British state security, and all the lies still told about the Germans to this day! After Hess died, Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister, increased the time classification to another 25 years before the Hess file would be made available. The autopsy report of the four military doctors, from Britain , the Soviet Union , the French Republic and the USA and the two reports from the Federal German government and from the Hess family show clearly that the hanging of Rudolf Hess was the first horizontal hanging in the history of the world.

What the world needs now are many more Revisionists like Keith Windschuttle. But do not hold your breath; humans in general are not heroes but cowards.


1.Australian Financial Review, 26-27 July 2003, p 24, ‘Perspective’.

2. Windschuttle, Keith:  The Killing of History, 2000, Encounter Books, San Francisco , USA

3. Windschuttle, Keith: The Fabri- cation of Aboriginal History, Vol1, Van Diemens Land, 1802-1847, 2002, Macley Press, Sydney Australia

4. Lyndal Ryan, Sunday, Channel Nine, 25 May 2003 .

5. Fritjof Meyer: ‘Die Zahl der Opfer von Auschwitz. Neue Erkenntnisse durch neue Archivfunde’, Osteuropa, Zeitschrift für Gegenwartsfragen des Ostens. 2002.

6. Robert Jan van Pelt/ Deborah Dwork: Auschwitz: From 1270 to the Present. W W Norton , New York , 1996.

7. The British used three documentary films, including the famous A Sapruder, purchased by the US government from Zapruder in 2002 for $US40 million. It is now in the Washington National Archives. The British also analyzed ‘echo studies’ sound recordings from the shooting side. With 96.7 per cent certainty results, the Federal (US) and State ( Texas ) authorities confirmed these results with 95 per cent certainty that the deadyt shots were fired from the other side of the road, i.e. from the grass knoll. The reason given for keeping The Warren Report classified is that according to US privacy laws individuals mentioned in the report need to be protected.

8. Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed: The War on Freedom, Institute for Policy Research Development, Thinkers Library, Brighton , England


SA promotes goodwill between Jews and Muslims. ABC News, 4 October 2003

South Australia 's Jewish and Muslim communities will seek closer links with each other through a new program known as Project Abraham. The Jewish Community Council has received a $40,000 Federal Government grant for the project aimed at creating an ongoing dialogue between Jews and Muslims. The project will consist of six education seminars from February next year, with people of all religions welcome to take part. Organiser Katherine Goode says world events prompted the idea, which she says will build on already friendly relations in Adelaide . "[It's] a program of peace and reconciliation between the Jewish and the Muslim communities in Adelaide . Our communities have a history of getting on very well together but we've never developed a regular ongoing dialogue," she said.

Walter Mueller, publisher and editor of Community News, addresses the

  Arnold Schwarzenegger Phenomenon

From: "Walter Mueller" <

Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2003 12:38 PM

Subject: Patriot Letter: Playing the game


Dear Fellow Patriot!

Back to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just recently, I had done a bio on him, so I am not going to rehash his background.

Many of you know that ABC News reported yesterday that it had an unpublished book manuscript by George Butler, Hollywood Mogul of documentaries and an Irish sell-out to the Jews that has a part in it of a 1975 interview in which Schwarzenegger says he admired Hitler as a powerful man.

George Butler is also the director of the film documentary Pumping Iron where he convinced a then very young Schwarzenegger to star in it. George Butler is as credible as Steven Spielberg and his Schindler's List.

You think politics at its best? I don't think so. It's playing the game! I am highly annoyed by the many stupid remarks I find on dozens of websites made by people who have never set foot outside the USA and wouldn't know where Austria is located. As a matter of fact, every-time I mention it, people say Australia ? Where the Kangaroos are? The lack of homework shows in their ignorance.

Come on folks, use your noggin! Put two and two together! Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in a household where there was high admiration of Adolf Hitler. Add to it that Austria is quite a conservative country and I can see him having made all these comments made by an ambitious young man who would like to go somewhere in life.

And what's up with the comments of so many ‘losers’ who don't have a pot to urinate in, but declare Schwarzenegger stupid and dumb? Again, do your homework. Take a look at this man's portfolio, go to Fortune Magazine. While you ignorant people are still writing letters on the Internet, Schwarzenegger was already a champion when he was barely 21. He came to a totally corrupt country, run by the Jews, from a small town in Austria , named Graz . The US , the same country where then already most white people cowardly bowed down to the mountain of the holocaust lie.

Instead of joining us on the web, raving and ranting that we've missed the boat, Schwarzenegger decided to play the game. Today, that ‘dummy’ owns the largest body-builder gym chains in the world, has married into the Kennedy Clan, and his movies earn on average 1/2 billion dollars.

How is that for being dumb?

Dumb are those who can't realize that Arnold Schwarzenegger has become one of the masters in playing the game.

Here are a few facts, straight from my brother in Vienna : When vacating in Austria , Schwarzenegger makes it very clear who his people are. He has to, because there are hardly any blacks. His relationship to former UN Secretary and then President of Austria, Kurt Waldheim, is well known. Even though here in the States he denounces Jörg Haider, he's been a guest at Haider's estate in Austria . Again, what does that tell you? That some of the comments he made in 1979 are true!

Here is the alleged text: "I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man, with almost no formal education, up to power. I admire him for being such a good public speaker."

Truer words haven't been spoken.

Now let's take a look at that strategy of this ‘dummy’. In 1980 he charged the Simon Wiesenthal Center to investigate his father's past. As an upcoming Hollywood star, he knew how to play the game. He paid them $750,000 in cash and millions in fund-raising money. In my opinion, Schwarzenegger knew that one of the weaknesses of the Jews is their greed.

Responding to the 1975 Hitler allegations, he said this:

"I always despised everything Hitler stood for."

And then he said this, which he knew would come in handy:

"I raised millions of dollars, to fight prejudice for the Simon Wiesenthal Center ."

Now how is that for a come-back?

Does anyone really believe that the Jews let anything go by without them knowing? Arnold Schwarzenegger, if he was a serious threat and not useful to the Jews, would have never gotten where he is today. Or have you all had a memory loss? This is the same guy who used to be the health-adviser to the President of the United States , in addition of being a celebrity for many, many years. Get it into your head, Arnold Schwarzenegger has paid his protection money.

And then let's be realistic. Who do you think the Jews would like to see in the Governor's chair? Governor Gray Davis' term would have been over anyway and, as the polls indicate, he will lose this recall election. Do you really think the Jews want an unpredictable Cruz Bustamante in office, who can turn on them anytime? Or do they like to see Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose ‘Nazi past’ will keep him in line?

All the loony speculation I have seen are shameful, including the ethnic slurs against Germans, used to describe Schwarzenegger. And now here is a good one, from the real idiots, who claim that ‘Schwarzenegger’ means ‘Black-Nigger’. Now this one I am embarrassed to have to correct. Here is a small history lesson.

Names in German speaking countries predominantly originate from a trade. Take my name, Mueller. It means working in a mill, making flower.  Schuster, means shoe-maker, Schneider means tailor, and so forth. Schwarz stands for the color black and ‘egge’ is in the US a harrow, used to level a field after plowing. The Schwarz relates to the dark soil. ‘

And while we are on the subject of the word ‘nigger, there is no such thing in Germany . The correct word is ‘Neger’. The commonly used description of Africans is ‘Schwarzer. However, both ’Neger’ and ‘Schwarzer’ are also used in connection with delicious pastries. For example, ‘Neger Zunge’ (little chocolate fingers) or ‘Neger Küsse’ (little stuffed chocolate balls). Many pastries and cookies have the word ‘Nege’ in it, describing the rich, dark chocolate in the pastry. I hope you remember this.

Back to playing the game. I am kind of confused about the concentration on Schwarzenegger for doing what he perceives is the right thing to accomplish his goals. Let's take a current favorite of our movement, Mel Gibson. He isn't any better than Schwarzenegger. I have seen many movies where he pays homage to the Jews; however, here are a couple of the worst ones: Lethal Weapon II was one of the worst smear campaigns against white people. How about the scene in The Patriot where his son marries among coastal black people?  Or remember his speech in L.A. in 1993, where he denounced those who single out Jewish people. So, you see, play the game is what actually enables you to get to The Passion.

Don't ever think for one minute that the Hollywood Jews let anyone off the leash. They might give it some slack, but they never take it off. If they do, then your career is over or you have outlived your usefulness. Every stinking actor I've ever seen is guilty of playing this game and obeying the ‘master’.

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't any different. My biggest problem is that I can't be like them. That's why I don't print Time Magazine, just that ‘little sheet’, called Community News. For that matter, I am also not a Dr. William Pierce, who has accumulated a small fortune with very little to show for. Look at David Duke, he had it all, a seat in the statehouse, some credibility, and he threw it all away for his gambling habits.

I think that it is about time that we learn to play a little of the game. We will never be more than a website on the Internet, a small newspaper that preaches to the choir, unless we stop being stupid. And, remember, you are dependent on the government’s good will not to pull the plug.

But let's add something positive to the ‘Hitler smear campaign’ against Schwarzenegger. It looks like that most Californians don't care. I wonder what we will all say when he actually wins on Tuesday. I say, he played the game so well that not even his Nazi past could harm him (you could almost think he is an actor?).

And just fitting, here is an inside look on Schwarzenegger by one of our readers:

Hi Walter

I really feel compelled to set you straight about Arnold .  My experiences are first hand.  I was a power-lifter (maybe the strongest woman in the world in 1984 because I cracked 1,000 lbs in all three power-lifts combined without the benefit of steroids) for about six years.  I then got interested in bodybuilding.  At that time,  I lived in Hawaii .  My boyfriend was competing in the prestigious "Mr. Hawaiian Islands" contest, and Arnold was the Master of Ceremonies.  Well, Arnold managed to put his big foot in his even bigger mouth by making an extremely crude sexual comment about the trophy girl.  The young lady, no more than eighteen or nineteen, was embarrassed beyond belief.  I felt terrible for her knowing that she would feel as though she had "lost face".  This concept isn't of much importance here on the mainland, but it is very important in Hawaii .  I certainly hope the 1,000 plus members of that audience will inform their California friends about Arnold .

Before I moved back to California (I am actually a third generation Californian) a close friend, who had won a leading national title warned me about the decadence that took place in the bodybuilding world. 

Some of his stories were enough to make me ill.  Anyway, I gave "those running and controlling the bodybuilding world" a wide berth; knowing they would want me to sell my soul to Satan.

Arnold and I never met face to face, but he had been warned by my paddling coach (I won two gold medals in Hawaiian-style canoe paddling) to give me a wide berth.  My paddling coach and Arnold were involved in several real estate deals back in the early 80's.  This is the same time Arnold was trying to hook-up with Maria Shriver.   When I called my paddling coach to tell him I was moving back to California , he was on the other line with Arnold .  He told me he was going to put me on hold and I told him if he did he could go find another number four (the power seat in the canoe).  My paddling coach opted to put Arnold on hold and then later told him he was about to meet his match in California !  Not a love match!

 When I got to Venice Beach , CA I became friends with several of the pros and they confirmed the stories about bodybuilding's power-mongers. They also confirmed Arnold 's disgusting treatment of women. I can tell you that the story Robby Robinson's former wife told this morning on the Today Show is no doubt true.  It's a damn shame that Arnold didn't try that crap on me.  I would have fed him one of those 45lb dumbells I incline-flyed with ease.  Maybe it would have smartened him up.  Anyway, I hope I have dispelled some of your fantasies about Arnold

Walter F. Mueller

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