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David Brockschmidt discovers another fraudulent claim from Israel

Come on Israel, not again! In Adelaide Institute Newsletter No 180/ 3 October 2002 , I exposed the late Uzile Gal, nee Guthard Glass from Weimar , Germany , as a fraud. Gal was not the inventor of the Uzi submachine gun but that Gal copied it off the Czech MP25, but then sold it as his invention. Now we are again being deceived by the media about the latest ‘invention’ from Israel . The Weekly Telegraph, No 648, January 2004, reports on the latest Israeli weapon system invented by Lt Col Amos Golan, a submachine gun that shoots around corners thereby not exposing the shooter to danger.

As with Uziel Gal’s earlier invention this Golan invention is based on a World War Two German invention that the Germans had produced and used in actual battles during 1943–44. The 90 degree angle barrel device was attached to the German MP 43/44. This machine gun was later copied by the Russians in 1947 and later sold to the world as the AK 47, also known as the Kalashnikov. The standard army rifle in the Israeli Defence Force, the Galil, is nothing but a copy of a copy of the German MP 44. Shooting around the corner is an old German hat exactly 60 years old, and to sell that today as an Israeli weapon system is a bit bent! It seems as if it is necessary not only to think around corners but also to have the chutzpah to sell this German invention to British SAS today as Made in Israel .

Thinking around too many corners gives you a crooked mind, and that’s why Revisionists are straight shooters. I am looking forward to the next Israeli weapons system to be launched – perhaps a gun that can shoot in circles?


SAS issued with guns that shoot around corners

The SAS has brought a new Israeli weapons system that could revolutionise its urban warfare and anti-terrorist operations by letting soldiers fire aimed shots around corners, writes Toby Harnden. According to Israeli sources, British police forces have also shown great interest in the “Corner Shot” system, invented by Amos Golan, a retired lieutenant colonel. The system appears to solve the age-old dilemma of how a soldier can fire accurately and safely around a corner. Recent attempts by the French and the FBI involved holding a monitor in one hand while exposing the other arm to enemy fire. The system can be fitted to most commonly used pistols. It has a trigger attached by a cable to the pistol trigger, so that the handgun can be extended through a doorway while the soldier remains covered by a wall. A small high-resolution camera and monitor given a full view around the corner.


1. Jim Thompson Machine Guns. A Pictorial, Tactical and Practical History, 1989, ISBN 0-87364-535-9

2. Barker, A J German infantry weapons of World War II, 1976


  January 23, 2004   



 Holocaust denial: the state of play

[So it's a game for some - tell that to those who have been 

arrested and imprisoned by the Zionists and their helpers - Töben.]

HOLOCAUST denial decreased in the United States in 2003, but increased among Arab countries and the Palestinian Authority (PA). These were two of the findings of Holocaust Denial: A global survey — 2003, a report released last month by the Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in Philadelphia .

The report attributes the decrease in activity to “ongoing legal conflicts between the two major US promoters of Holocaust denial — the Institute for Historical Review and Liberty Lobby founder Willis Carto”. However, it noted that British Holocaust denier David Irving spoke in more than 25 US cities throughout 2003.

Other major developments include a visit by former PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) to the White House. Abbas is the author of The Other Side: The secret relationship between Nazism and the Zionist movement, which downplays the atrocity of the Holocaust.

In October, former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad sparked international outrage on the eve of his retirement when he alleged Jews “rule the world by proxy”. But Dr Mahathir conceded in his speech to the Organisation of Islamic Conference that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. The following is a snapshot of Holocaust denial around the world in 2003.

ON January 8, Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock denied David Irving’s request for a visa on account of his “past and present criminal conduct and past and present general conduct”.
Irving was previously denied entry to Australia in 1993 and 1996.

In June, Melbourne Underground Film Festival director Richard Wolstencroft came under fire over his decision to screen the 1993 documentary The Search for Truth in History which features a speech by Irving . The screening was eventually cancelled at the 11th hour.

In July, the Federal Court upheld a ruling against Adelaide Holocaust revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben ordering him to remove any material which refutes the Holocaust or the existence of gas chambers from his Adelaide Institute website.

In December, Tasmanian Holocaust denier Olga Scully resumed distributing anti-Israel and Jewish conspiracy material.


THE controversy over Joel Hayward’s Canterbury University thesis, The Fate of Jews in German Hands: An historical enquiry into the development and significance of Holocaust revisionism, entered a new chapter in 2003 when Canterbury lecturer Thomas A Fudge authored an article titled “The Fate of Joel Hayward in New Zealand Hands: From Holocaust historian to Holocaust?”

A 1999 investigation concluded that there was no evidence that Hayward ’s thesis was motivated by racism or malice.

Fudge’s article was initially accepted for publication by History Now, the journal of the Canterbury University History Department, and printed in its May 6 edition.

However objections from faculty staff prevented the edition from being distributed. His article was published by the New Zealand Herald and other newspapers in July 2003.


IN June, the Palestinian Authority’s official newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, published an article which accused Zionist leaders of conspiring with Nazis to exterminate anti-Zionist Jews.

On July 25, former PA prime minister Abu Mazen became the first Holocaust denier to be invited to the White House. His book, The Other Side: The secret (relation)ship between Nazism and the Zionist movement, downplays the number of Jewish victims and accuses Jews of collaborating with their Nazi oppressors.
He wrote: “Many scholars have debated the figure of six million and reached stunning conclusions — fixing the number of Jewish victims at only a few hundred thousand.”

In August, Hamas newspaper Al-Risala published an article by senior Hamas official Dr Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rantisi, in which he wrote: “It is no longer a secret that the Zionists were behind the Nazis’ murder of many Jews, and agreed to it, with the aim of intimidating them and forcing them to immigrate to Palestine .”

In September, Hafez Barghouti, editor-in-chief of the PA’s official newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida — which has published numerous articles denying the Holocaust — was part of a delegation of 10 journalists from the Middle East to meet British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


THE impact of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), the leading Holocaust denial organisation in the United States , was diminished in 2003 due to ongoing financial problems, devoting much of its resources to assisting imprisoned Canadian Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel.

Consequently, the IHR was unable to publish its Journal of Historical Review. The last issue was published in late 2002.

In April 2003, the Barnes Review announced that it is the exclusive distributor for Jewish Supremacism, a new book by Holocaust denier and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

British Holocaust denier David Irving spoke to audiences in numerous cities. However, speeches scheduled in Louisville and Kentucky were cancelled due to “outside pressure”. Irving returned to the US in August to host his annual “Real History USA Convention”.

ON February 5, Ernst Zündel, 63, was arrested in
Tennessee , USA , and deported to Canada . Zündel, a German citizen, lived in Canada for more than 40 years but was unable to obtain Canadian citizenship, because he was regarded as a national security threat.

Zündel was convicted by a Canadian human rights tribunal in January 2001 of promoting hatred against Jews through his website, which was subsequently dismantled. It was reposted on a different server later in the year.

In November, Amnesty International denied requests from the IHR to adopt Zündel as a “prisoner of conscience”. The organisation said it did not “adopt persons who are imprisoned for ‘hate speech’”.

On August 8, the Canadian Jewish Congress petitioned the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission, urging rejection of a request to include the Arab television network Al-Jazeera — which includes Holocaust-denial programs — among the satellite television stations available to Canadian viewers.

AN article in the November 17 issue of the Egyptian weekly newspaper Al-Usbu reported the opening of a manuscript museum in the newly-renovated
Alexandria library. The article defended a decision to include an early Arabic translation of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the exhibit, positioned next to a Torah scroll. Museum director Dr Yousef Ziedan said: “In reality, an analysis of samples from the purported gas chambers has proven that these were sterilization chambers, without a sufficient quantity of cyanide to kill.”


THE Zayed Centre for Co-ordination and Follow-up — a now-defunct Arab League-sponsored think tank that promoted Holocaust denial — was at the centre of controversy in 2003 after Harvard Divinity School graduate student Rachel Fish launched a campaign against the university’s acceptance of a $US2.5-million gift from President Zayed to endow a chair in Islamic studies.

AUSTRIAN Holocaust denier Wolfgang Fröhlich was arrested in
Vienna on June 21 in connection with the publication of his 368-page manuscript, The Gas Chamber Lie.

ON September 9, Belgian Holocaust denier Siegfried Verbeke was sentenced to a suspended prison term of one year and deprived of his civil rights for 10 years following his conviction for distributing pamphlets denying the Holocaust.

ON July 7, the European Court of Human Rights rejected an appeal by French philosopher Roger Garaudy against his conviction for Holocaust denial. Garaudy’s original conviction was based on passages in his book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, in which he disputed the existence of gas chambers in Nazi death camps.


ON February 18, Cambridge University Union revoked its invitation to David Irving to take part in its annual Free Speech Debate.

The Holocaust-denying magazine The Revisionist resumed its print edition in February. From 2001-2003, it had only been available online.

IN response to international criticism, the Romanian Government issued a statement on June 17 acknowledging that
Romania “was guilty of grave war crimes, pogroms, and mass deportation of Romanian Jews” during World War II. On October 22, President Ion Iliescu announced the establishment of a national Holocaust Remembrance Day.

ON January 13, Swiss Holocaust denier Gaston-Armand Amaudruz surrendered to Swiss authorities over his 2000 conviction for violating the law that makes it illegal to “deny, grossly minimise or seek to justify genocide or other crimes against humanity”.

Holocaust denier Albert “Ahmed” Huber said in a July 12 interview that he now serves as the liaison between European neo-Nazis and Islamic organisations in Europe . “I am very happy that the right-wing world... understands that the Holocaust was a big fraud and the European neo-Nazi should join Islamic organisations to fight Israel , the Jews and America ,” he told JTA. The Swiss Ministry of Justice is currently investigating Huber, following the inclusion of his name on United Nations’ terrorism lists.

Ex-SS men on massacre charges

From correspondents in Rome

January 13, 2004

AN Italian court has indicted three former members of the Nazi SS on charges of massacring 560 people in the Italian village of Sant'Anna di Stazzema in 1944, a local news agency reported. The ANSA news agency said indictments had been issued against Gerhard Sommer, 83, Alfred Schonenberg, 83, and Ludwig Sonntag, 80, all former members of an SS Panzergrenadier Division. The court in La Spezia , in north-western Italy , decided not to proceed with cases against two other former SS members and asked for further information on a third, it said.


 Judicial officials in La Spezia could not be reached for information after the ruling was issued late today. The accused were not in court today, ANSA said. Last year, German prosecutors, who have also been investigating the case, recommended the prosecution of eight men. Among those cited was a man referred to only as Gerhard S. Prosecutors handling the German case could not be reached for comment tonight. 


In 2002, German public television ARD interviewed a Gerhard Sommer from Hamburg who admitted being a company commander in the division, but he had little to say about the massacre. "I have an absolutely pure conscience, and I don't want now to know further about these things," Sommer said. In August 1944, about 300 German SS troops surrounded the Tuscan village of Sant'Anna di Stazzema, which had been flooded with refugees, in what was supposed to be a hunt for partisans. Instead, they rounded up all villagers they could find – 80 per cent of whom were women, children and elderly – and began shooting them, according to witnesses. Others were herded into basements and enclosed spaces and killed with hand grenades. 


The Italian trial is scheduled to begin on 20 April, ANSA says.




Want an Australian PhD?

Sue Andrews:
PhD (Women's Studies) Research topic/title: Power, Politics and the Personal: Creating Memory in
Australian Holocaust Museums and Memorials Research interests: Feminist interventions in fields of trauma, memory and culture; gender, embodiment and health/social policy.





Fredrick Töben sends a Letter to the Editor, which is not published

----- Original Message -----

From: Adelaide Institute


Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 5:41 PM

Subject: 'Holocaust' education is German hatred education

Re Your 'Photos show war on web' article - Sunshine Coast Daily, January 19, 2004


'Holocaust' education is German hatred education

Sixty years after the event I wonder if the British government will get its act together and finally prove that which is so dear to its heart, i.e. that homicidal gassings, that six million Jews were gassed and that Adolf Hitler was responsible for the extermination-genocide of European Jewry. Only in this way will the British government continue to subdue and castrate the German spirit that derivative individuals fear so much. Also, only this 'Holocaust' fabrication will continue to suppress the more virtuous British impulses that opposed WWI and WWII, from coming to the fore.

It is no accident that the National Archives has brought these millions of photographs to a wider audience because the British legal constraints on truth-telling have grown thin and too obviously self-serving to last for very much longer. The National Archives action is the final fling at Germans - but it will fail to constrain the Teutonic spirit for much longer.

Fudging documents is nothing new for the British government - as we saw with Tony Blair's government and those Iraqi elusive WMDs when it fabri-cated that Niger uranium story to help bolster its rationale to initiate an aggressive-predatory war of resources. The stock-phrases of 'freedom', 'democracy', and against 'dictatorship' begins to sound not only hollow but also deceptive. It is a classic example of cant, that quality some celebrate as a virtue. Democracy's own dictatorship merely sustains class thinking, among other things, that false consciousness so welcomed by the gullible and the lazy that fear the creative impulse from exploding anew - as it did prior to the outbreak of WWII.

Add to that the fact that the British government still refuses to release documents surrounding Rudolf Hess's peace Flight to Scotland , we should shift our focus away from the Zionist/Jews and re-focus on the British archives to find the truth about certain historical events. What kind of history is it that is locked up for years? Archive insiders have no doubt done their job to bring the written record in line with the fabricated facts.

But we should not stop short of chiding the British. The focus must also rest on the German government that through the Spiegel continues to flog the 'Holocaust' horse, as became evident when it slavishly picked up the British National Archive release of photographs. Germans went from National Socialism to national masochism - and 60 years after the event are still there feeling guilty about something that never happened! That's not only sad or tragic - that's stupid!

Revisionists do not fear the release of these millions of images sixty years after the event because they know that Robert Faurisson's challenge remains to be fulfilled: show me or draw me Hitler's WMDs!  We shall with some amusement watch the younger generation of interested individual re-searchers latch on to the images thus released and search for that elusive proof. It would make anyone who found the evidence an instant world celebrity. Revisionists recall the celebrities of the recent past: Jean-Claude Pressac and Charles Provan, for example, who served the 'Holocaust' lobby well, until their proofs disintegrated under the firm watchful gaze of Revisionists. The fight against superstition (Aberglaube) and for Truth and Reason continues unabated; the intellectual adventure continues to excite those who can tolerate such stimulation.

Dr Fredrick Töben,


Currently at Sunshine Coast

20 January 2004

 Kerry Bolton writes on the German Hohmann affair


Federal Republic of Germany ,

90-92 Hobson St .,

Wellington , New Zealand .

6 January 2004  

Dear Sir  

                I have somewhat belatedly read an article from The NZ Herald, dated Nov. 6 03, entitled “Special forces commander fired over anti-Semitic speech.” I enclose a copy of the article. The article concludes with a quote from Paul Spiegel of the Central Council of Jews, stating that “people abroad can’t understand” how certain statements could be made from a Government employee and an Opposition MP.  

                The statements deal with a speech made by Christian Democrat Martin Hohmann who described Jews as “a race of perpetrators”. Apparently Hohmann had stated in a speech in October that Jews had acted “like a race of perpetrators” during the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, and that many had been involved with the Cheka and NKVD.  

                His party bosses reprimanded Hohmann and historians apparently dismissed his statement as “amateur rubbish”.  

                Worst still Brig. Gen. Reinhard Günzel. Commander in chief of the elite KSK forces and a forty-year veteran was dismissed for writing a private letter of support to Hohmann.  

                As a non-German there are certainly things about this I “can’t understand”, to use Mr Spiegel’s expression.  

                I can’t understand the statement from your “historians” who claim that reference to Jewish involvement in Bolshevism and in particular the terror squads, is “amateur rubbish”. What kind of historians do you have and what rubbish are they teaching your youth? It seems that the young are being taught to dishonour their parents and grandparents, rather than to honour them for their sacrifices.  

                As for the alleged Jewish involvement in Bolshevik sadism, the Jewish role in communism and the Bolshevik Revolution was widely known by both Gentiles and Jews at the time. Winston Churchill for e.g. in an article he wrote for the Illustrated Sunday Herald (“Zionism vs. Bolshevism – a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people”, Feb. 8, 1920 ) described communism as “a movement among the Jews”, a “world wide conspiracy… of envious malevolence” “for the overthrow of civilisation.” In the context of what Hohmann and Guenzel were condemned for stating, Churchill wrote: “…And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the [Soviet] system of terrorism… has been taken by Jews…”  

                If we follow Churchill’s assertion, starting with the killing of the Czar and his family, here Jews served as the perpetrators, from the orders given by Jacob Sverdlov, first president of the USSR , to the intermediary, commissar Goloshchokin of the Ural Soviet, to the head of the murder squad, Yurovsky. This involvement is mentioned by the eminent Russian Jewish author Arkady Vaksberg in his 1994 book “Stalin against the Jews”, in which he documents the principal role of Jews in the Cheka and NKVD. So according to your country’s court historians and political and judicial authorities who routinely jail Germans who write such things, would Vaksburg be a perpetrator of “amateur rubbish” and/or an anti-Semite to be imprisoned? What about Churchill?  

                Immediately after the November Revolution the Petrograd Cheka became the embryonic Soviet secret police, headed by Uritsky. The first head of the Cheka was a Pole, Dzerzhinsky, of whom Vaksberg states he was totally indifferent to his duties and focused on his position as head of agriculture. Vaksberg states that the real head of the Cheka was Yagoda, who became chief of the GPU. 

Jewish academic G Ginsberg, states that “during the 1920s and 1930s Jews were a major element in the secret police…” (“The fateful embrace – Jewry and the state”, 1994).  

                The director of the Gulag system was Frenkel, Matvei Berman was chief of concentration camps. Boss of the White Sea canal slave labour project was Firin; deputy chief, Rappoport; overseer Solts, at a time when the NKVD was headed by Beria, whom the Jewish academic Prof. Ivan Kalmar identifies as Jewish (“Portrait of a culture”, 1993).

                The perpetrator of the contrived first Ukrainian famine was Khalatov, and of the second Kaganovich. More died in that genocide (7,000,000-10,000,000) than Jews who died in the German enemy alien internment camps due to typhus and food shortages. In 1997 a book on the Soviet secret police in the Ukraine was written with the support of the post-KGB Secret Service, and was therefore based on KGB archives. The book provides biographical notes on the personnel, of whom 60% were Jewish. (Y Shapoval et al, “Cheka-GPU-NKVD in the Ukraine”, Kiev 1997).  

                In 1995 Ukrainian prime minister Valery Gurzin stated that the reason for Ukrainian anti-Semitism was due to the Jewish predominance among the NKVD and as perpetrators of the Ukrainian famine. Presumably he would be jailed if he made that statement in Germany (?).  

                The situation was the same with the monstrous Soviet regime in Latvia . Bucinskis headed the Peoples Militia terror squads. Shivoshinsky directed the camp system. Sustins was head of the Latvian NKVD.

                Where Bolshevik regimes were established outside the USSR the situation was the same. The brief lunatic regime in Hungary after World War I headed by Bela Kun had Szamuelly in charge of the “Red Terror”. After the war, when Rakosi was running things, Jewish historian Paul Lendvai states of Hungary that “the political police proper was headed by the Jewish Gabor Peter and was staffed at its command level mainly by Jews.” (“Anti-Semitism in Eastern European”, 1972).  

                In Poland after the war Berman headed the secret police. Many Jews ran the concentration camps. One of the most notorious was Solomon Morel, who specialised in personally torturing and beating to death thousands of ethnic Germans who had been trapped in Poland after the war. The involvement of Jews such as Morel in this “ethnic cleansing” was documented by the well-known Jewish author Jack Sack who has been hypocritically attacked by the Holocaust lobby for his book “An eye for an eye”(1993). Morel was indicted for war crimes in 1998 but fled to Israel where he sits safe in the knowledge that Israel , which demands the extradition of every old man who fought against Bolshevism, refuses to extradite any of its citizens wanted for being perpetrators of Soviet terror. In 2000 the Israelis refused to assist with the case against Nachman Dushansky wanted for war crimes in Lituania, and of Semion Berkis-Burkov. So what moral or judicial obligation does Germany have to kow tow to every demand by Organised Jewry to prosecute its elderly war heroes. Or to silence the late Gen. Remer, Germar Rudolf, Dr Toben, Dr Staglich, Udo Wallendy, and literally thousands of others, and most recently Messrs Hohmann and Brig. Gen. Guenzel?  

                Gen. Guenzel seems to have served his country with distinction, yet one private letter that does not accord with the contrived image of Jews as sacrosanct, albeit one based on historically-verifiable fact, is sufficient to end a distinguished career overnight. What kind of nation is it that treats its heroes and patriots in such a manner yet lauds traitors such as Willy Brandt?  

                When one thinks of a Daniel Goldhagen or of the much lauded Elie Wiesel, and many others who condemn Germans as a “perpetrator race” on the basis of the Judaic concept of collective and hereditary guilt, “people abroad” certainly “can’t underhand it”. Most of all we can’t understand it when the German response to such ridicule is to perversely roll over and beg for more. Certainly the double standards involved are perpetrating an unwarranted Germanophobia against post-war generations, as per the abuse German schoolchildren receive in England when on outings, or the bigotry experienced a few years ago by the little German boy resident on Stewart Island . Considering the central role played by the German folk in the cultural history of Europe and of Western Civilisation, many more than only the Germans themselves lose when German officialdom persists with its craven, defeatist mentality.


Kerr Bolton, P. O. Box 1627 ,

Paraparaumu Beach

New Zealand   




----- Original Message -----

From: Adelaide Institute

Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003 10:40 PM

Subject: Horst Mahler makes it happen in Germany

Horst Mahler on behalf of the

 "Society for the Rehabilitation of Those persecuted for
Refutation of the Holocaust" (VRBHV)




Press release

On a historic date, the 9th of November 2003 , the "Society for the Rehabilitation of Those persecuted for Refutation of the Holocaust" (VRBHV) was founded in Vlotho , Germany . The German-Swiss history teacher Bernhard Schaub, who is himself affected by persecution, was elected as chairman. His deputy is the head of the Collegium Humanum Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel.

Based on the article of the editor-in-chief of the newsmagazine DER SPIEGEL Fritjof Meyer, "The Number of Victims of Auschwitz - New Insights due to new Findings in the Archives" which appeared in the magazine Osteuropa (no. 5/2002) under the responsibility of the former president of the Bundestag Rita Süßmuth, the society is striving for the resumption of the proceedings which have led to sentences due to denial or trivialisation of the Holocaust in accordance with § 130 sects. 3 and 4 StGB [Penal Code].

These sentences are based without exception on the thesis asserted by ruling historiography, that the millionfold industrial murder of the Jews which was motivated by racism and which took place under the responsibility of the German Reich under the Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler (known as "Holocaust") is an obvious fact which therefore does not require proof.

In his essay, which was examined by numerous public prosecutors' offices and declared to be innocuous, Meyer advocates the thesis that no mass killings took place in the mortuaries of the crematoria I and II in the main camp of Auschwitz , which up until now have been described as the scene of the crime. The insights of Fritjof Meyer confirm the results of the research of Prof. Robert Faurisson and Paul Rassinier (France), of Fred Leuchter and Arthur Butz (USA), of David Irving (UK), of Germar Rudolf, Wilhelm Stäglich and Udo Walendy (Germany), of Jürgen Graf (Switzerland), Walter Lüftl and Wolfgang Fröhlich (Austria), of Frederick Töben (Australia), and of numerous other "revisionists" who have gathered evidence for the refutation of the so-called Auschwitz-Lie.

While the historians named above totally deny the mass killings of Jews through the gas Zyklon B, Fritjof Meyer assumes that the gassings with Zyklon B probably (!) took place in two farm houses outside the
camp Auschwitz , with "probably (!) 356 000 murdered in the gas" (Jews and non-Jews). With this the practice of prosecution which is based on the supposed "obviousness" of the Holocaust has become obvious as being a crime of the judicial machinery.

The society is to eliminate the isolation of the persecuted which has dominated so far, is to guarantee the necessary public awareness of their struggle for justice, and is to provide the financial means for a successful judicial struggle.

Amongst others, the following acted as founders:

Ernst Zündel, untiring fighter for Germany's honour (in "security custody" under Guantanamo-like conditions in Canada), and his wife, the novelist Ingrid Zündel-Rimland (USA); 


Prof. Dr. Robert Faurisson (France); 


Museum Director Rainer Daehnhardt (Portugal); 


Germar Rudolf, author of the Rudolf Report (in exile); 


Jürgen Graf, author (in exile); Gerd Honsik, author of the book Acquittal for Hitler (in exile); 


Dr Frederick Töben, director of the Adelaide Institute (Australia); 


Andres Studer (in exile); 


Hans-Dietrich Sander, editor of the Staatsbriefe (Germany); 


Manfred Röder, German freedom fighter (in prison); 


Frank Rennicke, German singer-songwriter; 


Hans Schmidt, publisher (USA); 


Anneliese Remer, widow of Major General Otto Ernst Remer (Spain).

In a letter from the 9th of November 2003 to the signatory, Prof. Robert Faurisson invited "all revisionists" to join the initiative of this society.

A copy of this letter in English, German, Italian  and French is appended to this press release.

Vlotho/Berlin on the 11th of November 2003 .

 On authority of the executive committee.




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