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The failed 2004 Sacramento Revisionist Conference


Billed as the Revisionist Conference of 2004, the Sacramento conference venue was cancelled and the organizer, who had no contingency plan in place for such a cancellation, unilaterally cancelled the conference. Others then re-constituted a one day conference. Here is Töben’s justification for not attending that Ersatzkonferenz.


Letter from America! Fredrick Töben, Sacramento, California 23 April 2004.

For the Record: Rechthaberei - 'I was right!'?

[- a profound apology to all  who accepted the European American Culture Council's and Adelaide Institute's invitation to the 24-25 April 2004 Sacramento International Revisionist Conference in the hope that the following items will help to clarify matters.]

Fredrick Töben's reflections on the cancelled conference


The wonders of technology continues to imbue me with a sense of wonderment. Each time a plane takes off from some airport, loaded full of individuals going somewhere, I marvel at the human feat that makes all this possible. The doors of this huge machine close, and soon it moves along the runway, then suddenly the somewhat irritating vibrations and rattles begin to turn into a hum as the plane lifts off skywards.


Control freaks hate flying because once up there in the air it is not a matter of controlling anything absolutely. If things go wrong the pilot has to work together with other individuals and with a multitude of instruments that advise on what is happening at a particular moment.


Harvey Taylor, Jim Beardsley and I - and all pilots for that matter - know what it is like when things go wrong in the air. It does not help to scapegoat at that moment and blame anyone for the predicament. It also does not help to pray and do nothing and only hope things will be alright and that the problem will go away.  A recent example of such matter occurred on my British Air flight from Moscow to Heathrow, London. Half way through this flight the toilets had become full - and a technician attempted to solve that problem. The pilot advised afterwards that he had thought about diverting and landing the plane, but then decided to continue and get priority landing for Heathrow. I recall flying from Johannesburg to London when a similar situationa rose, only then we had Nelson Mandela on board.


There are other countless examples of human progress in the macro-world that are now mirrored in the micro-world, such as near instant communications as is offered via the Internet world. In all such processes nothing is perfect, and there will always be problems to solve, especially unforeseen ones. For example I had made contingency plans to have a video screened at the conference that details my persecution in Australia as reported by our television news services. It would have filled my one-hour talk spot and would have served as a good introduction to the topic of Revisionist persecution. There are still individuals who do not think this persecution is a physical fact, and that it is a result of our personal behaviour.


Contingency plans are thus an essential element of any human endeavour - especially in politics, as we saw with 9:11 where all the legal constraints of the Patriots Act were already nutted out long before the scam was activated. And despite all the planning, life is not to be ensnared by rules and regulations - as we saw in the communist system where every detail of the economy was thought-through. That's the essence of dialectic thinking, and I use the Bertrand Russell example of what dialectics is all about. Two individuals are resting for the night. When it is time to get up, one just jumps out of bed, gets dressed, and is off to work. The other will begin to think,: ‘left foot first out of bed, right foot first out of bed’. Thus is born the control freak who still has his bottom bare while the other person is already hard at work producing the goods. Individuals who have a low stress threshold level feel more pain when confronted with real life situations, and thus seek to scapegoat if they have not matured and have not accepted the fact that living is often itself quite painful. In literature the definition of drama is conflict, and now educators attempt to teach ‘conflict resolution strategies’, which almost heralded the death-knell of drama itself.


This kind of self-reflection made me toy with the title of my talk, and I settled on a basic theme - dialogue rather than them-us hatred. That would fit into the scheme of what Revisionists are doing - not hating, as is alleged by those that themselves are the haters - but rather to welcome a dialogue.  In this way we clarify the historical problems that require our attention.


When the State of California Governor proclaims a Holocaust Week from 18-25 April 2004, then it is legitimate for individuals to ask what was this 'Holocaust' about. Further, it is legitimate to evaluate anything offered during such a week and subject such information to a rigorous truth-test. Simply put, are we being treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark (closed archives and denied access to information) and fed on bullshit? According to what I have seen on free-to-air television in the world, this is indeed the case. But then I have the freedom to switch off, and I am not being force-fed material that does not uplift, that does not inspire, and that does not develop my mind.


The ultimate example of the us-them hatred mindset for me is when someone says to me:’ Either you are with me or you are against me’. Such dialectic thought pattern does not accord an individual a personal space, nor does it offer an individual the opportunity to respond freely. The prime example is the US President proclaiming the war on terrorism: those who question his 'the fight for freedom and democracy, and against terrorism' sloganeering, are in grave danger of finding themselves before the courts.


Just recently a respected Texan bio chemist academic felt the full force of the law when he was taken to court because he had broken some new law that prohibits him from doing certain things. The court decision has had a chilling effect on all research in the USA. I wonder if this research will now - as is the case with much other research - go to Israel. Legal constraints are imposed in many countries with a vengeance while Israel gets away with it. The perception is that this is not an accident but rather one of design.


The them-us dialectic thought pattern has emerged again since Walter Mueller cancelled the conference without informing me about it first. This was disturbing for me because Adelaide Institute provided a sizeable number of new speakers to the Revisionist scene, and thus an alternate venue should have been organised. That is the only criticism I shall make of Walter Mueller's handling of the planning of this conference.


Upon my arrival in Sacramento it was Harvey Taylor, our MC, who began to do the groundwork and looked for an alternate venue. Mueller's unilateral decision to cancel did not mean that our sizeable speaker contingent could not re-constitute itself into another conference. Paul Fromm, for example, that veteran fighter from Canada was on his way to the conference, as was Marc Lemire, that technical Wunderkind who had to date put TBR's and IHR's conferences on the Internet.


Interestingly, at the last 2002 IHR conference he even had to pay for his own hotel room, that's how dedicated he is to the cause. He is a professional – and he now feels that something is not going right because he is receiving instructions that seem to change again and again. It concerns the title of the conference that is emerging out of the ashes of the EACC-Adelaide Institute Revisionist Conference.


Mark Weber - IHR - has taken it upon himself - so according to Harvey Taylor - to be 'in charge' of the 'new' conference. My point is that although Mueller jumped off the ship we were still there, and MC Harvey Taylor was the bridging link, the captain of the re-constituted conference. Weber's actions remind me of cannibalism and parasitism where out of a disaster someone comes along and picks up things, then claims they are his and they are new.


[I refrain from elaborating on this issue in any more detail because such thought-pattern raises fundamental moral and intellectual problems, some of which go back a decade concerning some Revisionists.] Weber did not know the nature of the speakers' relationship to either EACC or Adelaide Institute. Unfortunately the money factor also comes into it. Weber was not prepared to pay for my costs, etc.


I could not answer Mark Weber if I was prepared to speak at the IHR conference. How can I speak at our conference because although Mueller had cancelled we had not cancelled?  Taylor then wished to know if I was prepared to speak at a combined IHR-Adelaide Institute conference. Again my point was that we drop the designations IHR or Adelaide Institute and accept the Taylor proposal that this be a conference for Ernst Zündel.


Soon afterwards, through a third party, I was advised that Ernst Zündel had called Mark Weber collect from his prison in Toronto and specifically requested that the conference be called an IHR conference. My reading out the long letter I had received from Ernst only a little while ago is thus not necessary any more.


This matter now has me worried because Walter Mueller's outburst against Mark Weber and Weber's new alliance with alleged white supremacists would be ideal for the Canadian authorities who have stated that Ernst Zündel is a kind of godfather of the white supremacist movement. And as these immoral legal proceedings against Zündel in Canada are an absolute farce - but they are continuing - then we must not do anything that could be construed to be harmful to Ernst.


I do not want any part in setting up Ernst Zündel for the firing line - if that can be construed to flow from the Saturday conference.

And as it is Ernst Zündel's specific request to have our conference - I still call it our conference - under the Schirmherrschaft of the IHR and its allies, then so be it. I shall not fight Ernst Zündel's wishes.


Accordingly Adelaide Institute withdraws from the proceedings with an apology to its invited speakers, advising them to send me their costs claims that arose out of Walter Mueller unilaterally cancelling the conference and without him having endeavoured to find another venue.


I also apologize to all those many individuals who trusted us in getting this conference off the ground. It will not now help to start the blaming game and play the victim of Mueller's 'hot-headedness' or Toben's trusting nature. Any such triumphalism, something I have detected in Mark Weber's talk and actions about whose conference it now is, is futile in-fighting. I go along with Germar Rudolf and judge individuals by what they produce because in the Revisionist world, and elsewhere, talk is cheap.  Germar Rudolf is the power house of Revisionism and his track record is excellent.


Letter from USA   Sacramento Clarifications:  Fredrick Töben to Walter Mueller


Walter FOR THE RECORD – you state ‘only 4 speakers’ from Adelaide Institute? Please correct the details of Adelaide Institute sponsoring speakers:

1. Dinner speaker – USA - the attendees would have enjoyed this erudite computer programmer offering his detailed expose - and his book - of the 9:11 issue and related matters - from a US perspective. He would have been the most dynamic and synthetic-analytic thinker at the conference.

2. Germar Rudolf – USA

3. Stephen Goodson – RSA

4. Dr Claus Nordbruch – RSA

5. Peter Wakefield Sault – UK

6. Dr Gerhoch Reisegger – Austria

7. Lady Michele Renouf – UK; attended Weber’s conference

8. Barry Chamish –Israel

9. Dr Fredrick Toben – Australia

10. Ed Steele - self-funding; attended the Weber conference.

11. I will be negotiating a price for our webmaster, Marc Lemire, who has been doing the work out of his own pocket. And so we shall be reimbursing him for having developed the Conference website.

12. Individual authors sent books at considerable expense to the venue organiser, Walter Mueller. Also, the above speakers incurred considerable expense in preparing themselves for the conference. There was also Mark Farrell who went to great expense in sending our contingency material to you - and made DVDs for the conference. It is not as simple as you state the matter when you involve so many people. That is the possible hurt for many individuals who are still idealistic and give of their time willingly - for the cause. Remember Israel Shamir, that professional speaker, whose fee we could never have met. All such claims will be met by Adelaide Institute.

13. You can thus work out what expense we were prepared to meet and are still prepared to meet as the individual claims on us come in. So, please, my dear Walter, correct your statement that insinuates Adelaide Institute did not spend any money - and then only on four speakers. Regards, Fredrick Toben - currently Conception, Chile.



Letter from Chile : Fredrick Töben travelling around Conception and Patagonia, 28 April 2004

Chile is a relaxed country where the maidens´ jet-black eyes and hair delights, and where the battered husband syndrome is a well-kept secret because no man would admit it happened to him. Men, in effect, are in denial over domestic violence because it is humiliating having to admit that your wife gave you a thrashing – even if it was for having an affair with a younger woman.

 I wonder if the Spanish language has given Chileans that vigorous spark in their eyes, and the certainty that they are right – in graceful love and hate. 

The flight from the USA to Chile was an overnight trip that made it easier to digest because there was no time-zone change, just normal biological demand for that seven-hour sleep.

A magnificent sunrise and flying level with the snow-capped Andes to the left at 7,000+ meters again brought home the message of what wonder the human brain performed in order to make it possible for individuals to experience such a view – only by flying in a plane. Only the thrustings of the intellect made it possible, not some wishy-washy political command, some battle of the will where the essentials move out of focus and become subjective underachieving and hedonistic self-gratification – that deceptive and self-destructive believing one’s own propaganda.

I am now vaguely reminded of having read Walter Mueller´s Patriots Letter wherein he quotes Ingrid Rimland´s comment about me, that I ¨screw women from eight to eighty¨, or such similar remark. I hope that anyone who knows me intimately would consider me to be more discriminating in my fleshly and mental tastes.

 Interestingly my very last conversation with Ernst Zundel focused on this matter of men being sexually incontinent, something the Nordic Man shies away from because he loves his monogamy, and something those afflicted with the Clinton disease learn to cope with through hypocrisy and cant.

Still, for the record I shall respond to the Rimland quote, something she did not refute having written to Walter Mueller when I asked her about it. So, for the record and never to be mentioned again, here is my version of events that gave rise to this statement of hers. In 1997 I spent a night at Rimland´s home in Carlsbad. David Thomas, CODOH, drove me there. At a late hour she invited me to stay, and to sleep in her bed, while she was going to sleep on the couch. I found this odd, and insisted that I bunk on the couch, and considering the above comment about women’s strength I dared not argue with her. However, I am discriminate in my tastes and Ingrid Rimland is not my cup of tea, which I told her – and the rest is a tale told by a woman scorned. 

Another matter she alluded to was that I talk about sex all the time, and this reminded me of the Jew who sees nothing but anti-Semitic incidents in the world. The richness of life passes them by because they have that subjective and immature fixation that prevents them from growing up, itself a painful process. Rimland behaves like someone who subsumes the richness of life under a rubric that reflects her personal sexual problems, then she wishes to blame others so that on her part intelligent self-reflection is unnecessary.

I bear in mind the tremendous stress that she is under, that tragedy that she has to endure, that uncertainty of ever seeing Ernst again. But why did she write that email to Walter Mueller? What prompted her to attempt a character assassination of me?

Who cares? I don’t anymore because it is robbing me of energy that I need for more important matters.

Those who have taken the easy road through life have developed the scapegoat mentality to perfection. It is always someone else’s fault and there is no cause and effect in life – only those who wish to persecute the Jews, the innocent lambs who just deserve to be pitied, to be protected, to be celebrated as the victims of evil forces that hate them simply for them being Jewish. That this is utter rubbish is shown by the fact that those that make such claims refuse to accept personal responsibility for their often disgusting behaviour.

Back to our long final approach to Santiago Airport. I note the obligatory emergency fire trucks standing in their garage at the ready – while the personnel play volley ball, I think it is. How wise to exercise like that rather than sit inside playing cards and waiting for the alarm bell. 

The cabin personnel are more efficient than some I have met on this trip. The food is also adequate. Likewise my brief flight to Conception where even in an internal flight the service was more than the economy airlines offer. And the personnel are emotionally awake – no wonder that fecundity is not a problem, certainly not as much as it is in the western world where women are closing their hearts while the feminists are salivating to castrate the males.

It’s all so sick that the biological imperative has taken a perverted twist into hedonism and into passages that are not at all fertile but where AIDS flourishes, and where talk is cheap.

Now briefly to a matter that brought me to South America. One is that I have throughout my extensive peregrinations never set foot on the South American continent. And it seems to me that the English-Spanish, catholic-protestant rivalry is still alive and well after all these centuries. 

Religion and language influences a person’s mentality and emotions. The English-speaking world has almost ceased to procreate while the other is still  at it. The biological dead-end is control-freak centered while the fecund loves God, where love rules supreme and its behind-the-scene controllers do their contemplative things. At least the Catholic clergy have as yet not abandoned the family unit!

The other matter is that we are tracking the movement of world Jewry. In Africa it was an axiom: When the Jews leave, there is still time, when the Indians leave, it is too late.

Israel is losing its citizens. Third generation Jews are fleeing back, of all places, to Germany, and elsewhere. The apartheid, Zionist and racist state of Israel will die because it is an abnormal creation of those who took that which was not theirs in the first instance. The British gave the land to the Jews when that land was not for the British to give away.

I am reminded of the recent Sacramento non-conference that was also given away – taken away by, but never mind, that’s the past. Suffice it to say that it was immoral for Britain to give European Jews land in Palestine. Even that obscene wall will not help save this fundamentally flawed project from extinction. Be wary when it happens because scapegoats will be needed to explain to future generations why it happened. Or, as Mohammed Hegazi once stated, will Jews be in denial and state that Israel never happened?

Patagonia, that area straddling southern Chile and Argentina, is rumoured to belong to wealthy US Jews who are turning it into natural reserves. Remember what Kerry Bolton said about Jewish financier George Soros and his various billion-dollar charitable foundations, located world-wide, that feed Greenpeace, various environmental organizations, etc.? The environmental issue under whose guise the internationalists are infiltrating sovereign nations’ territory is heavily Jewish influenced. It would be normal for the Jews – and I use the term consciously in the collective form - to again look for a safe haven after stuffing up their various host countries?

The list of Jewish expulsion over these past 2000 years is now legendary and long. It seems to me that some individual’s mindset is such that if they cannot be number one, then they will set about destroying those who are number one – just like a spoilt child in a huff where something didn’t work out and the child picks up his toys and runs off home and sulks.

I hasten to add that I do not blame the Jews for such events but rather those that let themselves be intimidated and hoodwinked - by passing legislation in any parliament at 2am, for example, while most members are too docile to object to that master plan!

The current Patagonian land, purchased as freehold from both the Chilean and Argentinean side would then by that magic trick of getting democratic legislation established be turned into a new Israel. Stay tuned for updates.

The other matter is for the initiated who have nurtured a wish, a dream about advanced aero technology in Chile. It is a mere wish and has no foundation in factual reality, much like the homicidal gas chambers. Sad but true – my investigations explode the myth, and now I suppose I am persona non grata among those whose hope rested on that kind of story.

I thought for a while that I should have begun to spread lies about this matter, written books – and made lots of money because individuals will buy such stories because they comfort. But then I would be like, for example, Eli Wiesel, who lies through his teeth when he talks about matters ´Holocaust´. Why would I wish to delude individuals about the falsity of their dreams, of their wishes?

Next call from Asuncion, Paraguay.


Letter from Chile #2

29 April 2004

Anyone who has been under live fire knows that the last thing you do is go crazy with fear because then not only has the enemy located your whereabouts but also you freeze up and lose the ability to think instinctively and clearly.

A friend recently began a book project and his sponsor pulled the plug, not at the last minute but the man cancelled the cheque while it was on its way to the printer. Such are the setbacks for those who wish to remain creative!

In matters personal, I intended to write my next missive from Paraguay where I was to have flown yesterday lunchtime. Check-in time was just after lunch, and it was then I was informed I needed a visa to enter the country, something I was not advised before I left Australia. A quick call to the Paraguay embassy confirmed this, and it was recommended that I could get a visa almost immediately, but it would need to be done before 3 pm. So far so good, except that I would miss the Wednesday flight I was booked on, and the next flight out of Santiago is scheduled for Friday. However, then I would also have to postpone my flight to Auckland, and the next flight out of Chile is around 18 May 2004 – far too late for me.

So, no use venting my anger and disappointment at anyone – sublimate, mate, sublimate. Such is life! Imagine me going into a rage over such things? It would be an absolute waste of energy because nothing can upset me anymore – not even a failed conference, though here I must apologize to all those who were going to attend the conference, then had to cover time and costs themselves because we didn't pull it off. Again, sorry from me and Adelaide Institute. Our next conference will succeed.

And so it is Santiago until Saturday afternoon. Gerry, where are you? I am at the Hotel Ciudad de Victoria, right in the city. Give me a call and we can chin-wag over a tot of that special Chilean brew.  I'll then tell you about when I was young and a radio fan, listening to short-wave radio, and at nights I would get Chile-chilly!

While I am at it let me repeat the jokes I had collected from David Astin´s list: 1. A woman goes to the chemist and asks for cyanide. The chemist asks what she wants it for. She says her husband is unfaithful to her and so she wants to kill him. He protests that he cannot be an accessory to murder, and she shows him a photograph on which he recognises his wife. He responds, “Oh, I'm sorry, of course, I didn't know you had a prescription..”

The second joke: Two Jews and a Palestinian are flying from Jerusalem to Cyprus with the two Jews sitting in the window and middle seats and the Palestinian in the isle seat. During the flight the window-seat fellow excuses himself and wishes to get himself an orange drink. The Palestinian jumps up and beckons him to sit down because he will gladly get that for him. When the Palestinian leaves, the window-seat Jew spits into the Palestinian's right sandal.  The Palestinian returns and gives the Jew his orange drink, and the Jew swallows it with delight. This animates the middle seat fellow also to want a glass of orange juice, and again the Palestinian offers to get it for him. Like his predecessor, the Jew also spits into the Palestinian sandal, the left one this time. The Palestinian returns and again the glass of orange juice is much appreciated. By this time the Palestinian has also realized what both Jews did while he was getting their orange juice. So he says to them: “When will all this hatred and killing end. When will this spitting in sandals and pissing in orange juice end!”

And now an addendum to Chile

On Monday 26 April 2004 I could not refuse an invitation to attend a ceremony in honour of the Carabineros – the uniformed police. Students at a rural school had participated in a competition and it was prize-giving time. As well, their teachers had trimmed their charge with a play and songs and dance. The local police officer, two notable dignitaries and humble me made up the official party whom 120 primary students entertained with their performances. The vice-principal opened the celebrations with the playing – and singing - of the national anthem. This is nationalism at its most robust, in rural Chile, where the young are easily imbued with such positive and patriotic values as a love of one's country, a respect for law and order and a respect for those individuals whose job it is to establish social cohesion, law and order, and to see that justice flows into the farthest regions of this vast elongated country of about five thousand kilometers and divided into seventeen regions – I think.

The actual Carabinero Day is held on Tuesday, 27 April, but on that day the officer is attending official police celebrations.
Two traditional dances, one Chilean the other Easter Island, revealed the dancers´ innate rhythmic soul that still remains connected to the physical body. Perhaps it helps to be young! Afterwards we adjourned to the staffroom for wine and for that Chilean special spirit – with lemon.

To my question who allegorically represented in the performed play the cat that the mice wished to handcuff, laughter arose. I had opened the vexed political can of worms that I then with some amusement develop into the food theme. We accepted the invitation to stay for lunch and soup, that special Chilean seafood soup.

A walk through the school to inspect the classroom warmed my heart – no mutilated desktops, no willful graffiti anywhere, and clean toilets. I was advised that this is a model school, which it certainly is. The ratio of disadvantaged country students as its main intake environment makes this doubly so. All students are present at school for the whole day, and this means kitchen staff is there to feed them. The principal can justifiably be proud of her charge and her staff as well because all of them are true believers in education, and in patriotism.

Although critical of the Pinochet years she freely admits that things were good under him, and the fact that Pinochet abdicated willingly ought not be forgotten. However, there are now so-called left-wing, democratically elected politicians who are doing a lot of talking but they are not getting anything done. They are driven by hatred for anything that is stable and wholesome and good, and their infantile emotionalism seeks a constant supply of scapegoats for the real or imagined hurt and suffering  that they – and others – suffered at the hands of the Pinochet government.

That this was indeed a fact, is not disputed by anyone, and just like with the Germans and their ´Holocaust´ legacy, there are individuals who have no shame, no sense of truth, justice and objectivity when it comes to running a country. Arbitrary justice is the hallmark of a country in decline. No justice at all is a state of totalitarianism where money and consumerism hood-wink individuals into ´democracy´.

The welcome and farewell is a formal matter for Chileans - a meeting of the right cheeks and an air kiss, though it is possible to sneak in a little more if an earlier eye contact makes this a mutual event. The poor feminists and their mindset – hating men – must find such gracious and warm male-female contact infuriating. The feminists´ me-only person, driven by envy and hatred of anything to do with me, is left in the cold and lonely embrace of the self, often a self-hating self. From this solitary stance there is only one way out – the quest for power and dominance over others, often done indiscriminately and according to physical need, with females or males or both. And after the frenzied encounter there is still that searching for that absolute peace within for the sake of fulfillment. The fulfillment, so good literature shows us, is a nurturing of the next generation, and this  the staff of this rural school are doing to perfection. I salute them and wish them well.


My early morning flight from Conception to Santiago was mainly  filled with businessmen. Security at the airport, though thorough, had an unobtrusive and soft feel to it. All too often anyone coming from macho Australia, USA and Britain read such softness as feebleness. The macho man, obsessed with sexual things, regards civilized man to be not a man – and such macho men then want to kick ass, the result of which would be fatal for the macho man's self-image

The recent Walter Mueller email about sexual stereotyping Revisionists and others comes to mind here. Having just written this reminds me of the subjectivity from which Revisionists attempt to shy away – for the sake of truth, of factual reality. I fully plead guilty for having indulged this list with Walter Mueller's self-referential style that I deliberately nurtured until the run-up to the conference. No wonder Mueller achieved a 350 person attendance list. But now it is time to stop gloating over that as well otherwise we become an underachieving club where the self-fulfilling prophecy rages and where Revisionist work stops dead in its tracks.

Germar Rudolf would say, it's time to get back to work! My final word on the conference fiasco is that we'll be back, but next time Adelaide Institute will outsource the arrangements. It is now possible to engage professional organisations that do all the work for you!


And so the plane lifts off and slices through the thick layer of clouds and then bursts into stinging sunlight made all the more glaring by its reflection from the clouds below. Above the clouds there is indeed unlimited freedom – über den Wolken ist die Freiheit grenzenlos.

White fluffy balls of compressed clouds blanket the valley that is Chile, and the Andes´ peaks´ protrusions creates a sea of clouds wherein swim its peaks, sit rather.

Now is the time to disconnect from physical reality and let the mind go into imaginative overdrive – it relaxes. Above one peak there hovers a cloud. I'm certain it is not a cloud but the cloaking device used by flying saucers. They're out there watching me fly past them in a plane. The people in the flying saucers are friendly to Revisionists – how lucky can you get. I am being protected by far greater forces than those our evil enemy has at its finger tips. Tell that to Ernst Zündel!

Such musings comfort, and self-referential individuals liberally indulge in such day-dreaming. Neuroticism is not far off, and Revisionists need to be mindful of that, especially the control freaks who delight in celebrating so-called victories at the expense of another's misfortune. Fortunately the cause of Revisionism is greater than any of the bit-players that have substantially contributed to the cause.

If all Revisionists were eliminated, then the cause would still be there and be continued by others because a Revisionist is anyone who has the capacity to think critically and cut through the bed sheets of lies and superstitions. Unfortunately thinking is a painful activity but this just happens to be our human lot.  That many prefer to feel rather than to feel AND to think is a given fact.

As we approach the Santiago runway the pilots make a right-hand turn, down wind, and level off for a long final. As we slowly descend the engines respond in kind as the throttle varies to ensure the descent is controlled.

The sun is now to the left of us, and I must remember that I am again in the southern hemisphere where the sun moves from east through north to west, while in the northern hemisphere it is east moving through south to west.

The sun casts the plane's shadow onto the cloud cover, and that miracle occurs – a rainbow circle engulfs the plane's shadow – a beautiful sight. The closer the plane flies in its descent to the clouds, the larger its shadow becomes – until suddenly the shadow is engulfed in that foggy mess within which visibility is reduced to zero. If the pilot did not have the ability to read his instruments, then this would be the end for all of us. Within a few seconds orientation within clouds disappears and you do not know if you are flying level, sideways or upside down.

I speak from personal experience here because only once did I venture alone and without instrument training into a bank of clouds. I was returning from a solo practice flight when I was given the command to return because of a sudden storm cloud appearing out of nowhere. The airfield at Charles Prince, Harare, Zimbabwe, was ahead of me but I had to strafe those stupid clouds. I was going to show them I had no fear! Fortunately after a second of flying in whiteness all around me, I saw the road below me – I was safe because I now had a reference point to keep my balance. Without that point I would have begun to slip and slide and turn and inevitably descend and crash somewhere.
In human interactions I also use that kind of support, as I did when I was advised in Dallas that the Sacramento conference was cancelled. I use my moral compass to steer me through the turbulence of human emotions, especially the Kantian Categorical Imperative that has served me well to stay calm under fire. And our plane now entered the nether world of grey skies – and soon landed safely.


Letter from Chile #3 -

Colonia Dignidad

I visited the place that was once officially called Colonia Dignidad - but legally this name does not exist anymore. The community, like any rural community is feeling the pressure of world economic re-structuring.

Individuals who have placed hopes in finding some advanced German outpost in Chile will not like what I have to say about it.

This bumping against opposition of the belief sort is a repeat for me and my research:

In 1997 I visited Auschwitz and concluded that the ´Holocaust´ is a myth.

In 2004 I visited Chile and concluded that the UFO story is a myth.

In the former case the ´Holocaust´ believers - Jews and others - hate me and attempt to imprison me again for my not wishing to believe in that which I believe did not happen.

In the latter case the UFO believers - Germans and others - decry my credibility and state what I will be saying is not trustworthy.

In both instances there are individuals who firmly believe in a story that helps them to explain elements of their own belief system, and that offers them a personal identity with a value system that sustains them through the usual troubled waters that life brings with it - if one still has a passionate life to live.

It is not my aim to defame such believers in any way because in my value system individuals can believe in whatever comforts them.

However, I do make the distinction when it is a matter of physical fact and individuals propagating things as being a physical and historical fact.

Then we begin to probe the factuality of the matters stated - by empirical research. The result is then the following: We have individuals who are either ignorant of the facts, or they are liars. There is no in-between in this process of finding out the truth of a physical matter.

It is painful for individuals who have believed in something for decades, then having to admit to themselves that they have let themselves be hoodwinked into believing in a myth, to face the new physical reality.

It is not my aim wilfully to hurt the feelings of such individuals - but the search for truth cannot be blocked for the sake of someone's hurt feeling. It is the hallmark of an individual's maturation process to develop through such challenges and mentally grow up, and to discover what life is all about before one closes one's eyes for eternity.


Letter from Wellington

5 May 2004

I depart on Saturday, 1 May 2004, on a midnight 13-hour flight from Santiago to New Zealand. The LanChile plane lands at Auckland Airport at 4.10am on Monday 3 May 2004 – and so I lose Sunday to the vagaries of the time zone, to time itself.

Traffic between Chile and New Zealand-Australia – Santiago-Auckland-Sydney – is heavy, and the plane is full, literally to the last seat, with quite a few young individuals returning home from time spent in South America.

It is raining at Auckland and the drive to Wellington is a drizzly affair. My intention to visit Professor Dov Bing at Hamilton falls by the wayside. I am certain that 7am is too early for him to receive visitors, let alone such a one as I! In any case, what he has done to get the public focus on Dr Joel Hayward will be solidly evaluated in Hayward’s autobiography when it is released sometime after May. During that month, so I have been informed, the work will be at the printers.

A couple of days spent in Wellington with Kerry Bolton and family enables me to relax and somewhat recover from that trans-Pacific flight. There is lots to talk about.

Departure from Wellington is an early 6am affair. I recall from a previous transit stop at Wellington that the airport closes for a couple of hours, from 2-4am. This is done so that the fire brigade can go through the building unhindered and do its maintenance checks.

Again the trans-Tasman flight to Sydney is full to the brim with passengers spanning all age-ranges – from baby to aged invalid. As usual the infant’s ear drums ache as the pressure changes in the cabin during take-off and landing, and mothers helplessly cuddle their little ones in the hope of easing the pain somehow.

As usual the homecoming is appreciated, if only now with the prospects of the German legal system attempting to get me to Mannheim, there to attend court with a legal counsel not of my choice. Horst Mahler is not permitted to act on my behalf anymore, and so I do not feel safe in having a court-appointed counsel.

Also, my letter to Judge Adam has as yet remained unanswered, and I do insist that he give me honest answers to the questions raised therein.


Letter from Australia 14 May 2004

Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast: dialogue rather than them-us confrontation

Whenever I return from an extensive overseas trip, I treat myself to a well-deserved de-briefing exercise, usually with Adelaide Institute supporters who do not begrudge me my letting my hair down a little in their company. I do not have to be on guard in such company because there is no-one who watches my every move and records my every word in the hope of seeing me contradict myself.

This trying to catch-out someone, of doing a smear- or character assassination job on someone does not take much brain power. What is needed is an analytic mind, and persistence in collecting so-called incidents that will prove whatever one wishes to prove.

Such thoughts came to mind as I reflected on my recent journey to Cape Town, Pretoria, Harare, Amsterdam, London, Helsinki, Moscow, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Santiago, Wellington, etc. and during which I was hosted by couples who have been together for many years. As I observed the subtle interplay between male and female, father-mother, husband-wife, I noticed the ever-flowing emotional energy that had neither dominate the other partner.

One way of breaking up such a relationship is to begin recording, in writing for example, things about the person that one is dissatisfied with. Anyone who has survived many years of marriage knows that this is fatal for the continuation of the relationship. Once a couple stops talking with each other in a continuous flowing form – love – the beginning of the elimination process has begun. It may take many more years to finally fracture, but the emotional flow that sustained the relationship will dry up and terminate a once loving relationship, and the full-blown battle of the wills begins.

Then, once there is that inevitable communication through intermediaries – especially through lawyers - instead of eye-to-eye contact, it’s difficult to resuscitate what has been.

Then moral values are thrown out the window as anything goes and the control-freak begins to salivate and to manipulate and to lie and cheat for the sake of pulling off a victory. Truth as a guiding principle is no-where to be found. Only later, when the dust has settled, will moral values re-emerge and assert themselves as slowly the norms of a civilized society return.

But as I always stress, nothing need be the case, nothing is absolutely lost and  pre-determined because we have free will – up to a point at least!

Denmark’s Glory

The older I get the more I tend to embrace the monarchical ideal of government, as for example the Japanese model where the last emperor was in his own right a world renowned biologist. I recall the Queen Elizabeth II visiting Australia in 1963 when a friend and I bothered to line up with thousands of others to get a look at the Queen passing by! So much for respecting tradition. While travelling overseas in ‘old’ Europe and Russia I spoke with individuals who still warmly recall meeting their European royals and whom they admired as a later generation admired the artificial Hollywood royals.

Such real Royal role-models gave a nation stability and unity, something the Hollywood icons did not because their allegiance was only to themselves and to their Jewish controllers who raked in the loot. I welcome the Australian-born, Mary Donaldson, as she assumes her role as princess, wife of crown prince Frederik of Denmark.It is with this in mind that I also welcome Horst Mahler’s endeavours in Germany to re-engage the German Royals in re-activating the German Reich, thereby eliminating that shameful 60-year occupation of Germany by the World War Two Allies. Has anyone another perspective on this vexed problem?

To lighten the mood somewhat, here is the Male-Female Imperative, from Moira Badstubner

Sent: Friday, May 14, 2004 5:21 AM

Subject: Apples

Women are like apples on trees: the best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt.Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy … So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along - the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. Share this with other women who are good apples - even those who have already been picked!

And remember ... Men are like a fine wine. They start out as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.


Unpublished letters from the Werner Fischer Archive

Germans not keen

The Advertiser, 10 February 2004

I gather from the news that Germany will not be sending any troops to assist in the rebuilding of Iraq – a far cry from 70 years ago when they were keen to send their troops everywhere.

Derrick Wisking, Greenhill

Werner Fischer replies

Dear Sir

The complaint by Derrick Wisking that Germany does not send any troops to Iraq is unwarranted. We Germans lost 11 million people, half of them after the enforced war through starvation, ethnic cleansing of nearly one third of our country in the east, and millions in allied prison camps.

German ex-servicemen, already in their eighties, are still rounded up for having fought terrorists – ‘resistance and freedom fighters’ as they were then called.

While we had the Bolshevists at their throat and went as far as Moscow and Stalingrad, the airforce of Britain and the United States attacked and pulverized our cities, waging war against our civilian population, killing over one million of them.

Also, Germany paid billions of dollars in compensation, a staggering 100 billion alone towards Israel, and is forced to pay huge amounts elsewhere.

Vilification and slander against our brave soldiers is still common practice in the world’s media, and what is left of our once great country is still under occupation – 60 years after the event -  because we Germans, unlike the Japanese, still have no peace treaty.

Sending troops to Iraq? You must be kidding!

Werner E Fischer


Letter 9.3.04

The Bulletin, Vol 122, No 6413

Andrew Sobol’s letter justifying Eastern European collaboration with the mass-murdering Nazi regime is at best ignorant and at worst malicious in its distortion of history. To group together Stalin and “his Jewish henchmen”is incorrect. None of Stalin’s inner circle was Jewish and, indeed, his main “henchman”in the Ukraine was none other than Nikita Khrushchev. Collectivisation was part of the communist ideology. There were millions of unfortunate victims of this policy but to somehow blame the Jews is malicious.

Prior to WWII, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland were not under Soviet rule but all had long histories of anti-Semitism, including pogroms. To also claim that Jews controlled “land and riches” for several centuries is wrong: 95% of the Jews in Eastern Europe lived in abject poverty.

Joel Freeman, Melbourne.

Werner Fischer responds

Letters Editor

The Bulletin, Sydney

17 March 2004

Dear Sir/Madam

Joel Freeman wants us to believe none of Stalin’s inner circle was Jewish. He should read European Jungle, by F Yeats-Brown, who also wrote Bengal Lancer, whichw as made into a movie.

He writes the following at p. 182:

“In 1935 the Central Committee of the Communist Party consisted of 59 members, 95 per cent were Jewish, i.e. 56 members, while the other three members were married to Jewesses: Stalin, Lobov, and Ossinsky. In Kremlin circles the two brothers-in-law of Stalin, Lazarus and Moses Kaganovitch, are Ministers of Transport and Heavy Industry respectively; the guard of the Kremlin is confided to the Jewish Colonel Jacob Rappoport; while the concentration camps, with their population of 7,000,000 Russians, are in charge of a Jew, Mendel Kermann, aided by Lazarus Kaman and Semen-Firkin, both Jews. The prisons of the country are governed by the Jew Kairn Apeter. Foreign policy is almost wholly in Jewish hands.”

At p. 191 he states:

“In Hungary no one living during the Communist terror of 1918 forgets that nine-tenths of the Soviet Government was Jewish. The two most bloodthirsty savages were the President, Aaron Cohen, alias Bela Kun, and Tibor Szamuelly, his chief executioner. Both were Jews.”

Need I say more?

Werner E Fischer, Adelaide

Another unpublished letter

The Editor

The Advertiser


6 February 2004

Dear Sir

Referring to the article by Trina Titova about the siege of Leningrad in World War II, it was stated that “Nazi troops surrounded the city in September 1941.” – The Advertiser, 31 January 2004.

To my knowledge it was the German army – Wehrmacht – which was involved there, not Storm troopers of the Nazi-party.

By the way, Ashkenazi is “Hebrew for German” according to Professor Arthur Ruppin, former lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem before World War II, so why use Hebrew and not English when writing about World War II?

And still another unpublished letter to The Advertiser

17 September 2002

Dear Sir

Americans were not “sitting on their hands during World War II” as Alan Olding claims – The Advertiser, 17.9.02, in fact they instigated it, as Mr Neville Chamberlain is quoted to have said: “America and the world Jews had forced England into the war.”- The Forrestal Diaries, p.129.

As for the ‘Blitz’ on London by the Luftwaffe, I recommend reading The Revolution in Warfare by the respected British historian Capt. B H Liddel Hart: “The Germans were thus strictly justified in describing this as a reprisal, especially as they had , prior to our sixth attack on Berlin, announced that they would take such action if we did not stop our night bombing of Berlin.”

The Royal Airforce, under orders from Mr Churchill, Bomber-Harris and their scientific advisor, Dr Lindemann – later Lord Cherwell – were far more efficient and ruthless than the Luftwaffe. Alone the devastating six attacks on Hamburg on 24-30 July, 1943, that created a firestorm of 1000 centigrade, caused as many casualties as during the entire war in England. Up to 800, mostly heavy four-engined bombers were engaged.

About 30 years ago the former Adelaide paper, The News, reported that an authentic film exists, made by the Germans during and after the shameful attack on Dresden on 13-14 February 1945. The film is supposedly held in some London archive and is considered to be too horrible to be shown to the public at large …

Alexander McKee in his Dresden 1945 states:

“Allied air raids on Dresden turned an undefended city, crammed with refugees, about 300 000, into a blazing holocaust which became the funeral pyre of tens of thousands of men, women and children – perhaps of hundreds of thousands. No one will ever know!”

Werner E Fischer


Festival season is wurst for you

Samantha Blair

The Sunday Mail 25 January 2004

South Australia – the Festival State.

Generally we get it right, but last weekend there was Schutzenfest. Scheisse, I was disappointed.

I wanted men in lederhosen slap dancing and women called Helga serving beer and pretzels. I wanted cuckoo clocks and I anted yodeling.

I wanted accordion playing – instead I was accorded Nirvana songs performed by a cover band. I wanted music from Bach and Beethoven and to eat strudels and schnitzels with noodles, but where were a few of my favourite things?

Sure, traditional German culture was there – the frau on the gate was a little frosty, but there wasn’t enough to convince me that here was a festival celebrating all that is great about Deutschland – like Claudia Schiffer and Volkswagen.

Wading through the throngs of people lining up to get steak sandwiches and baked potatoes served with bolognaise sauce, I passed the Nutri Metics stand and the stall selling Mexican sombreros but there was worse to come – there was no wurst to come for me. Even the Kartoffelpuffers were served with tomato sauce.

I also viewed a demonstration of classical Japanese swordsmanship. Can somebody please tell me what the Japanese and the Germans have in common, apart from the obvious?

I am not being a sauerkraut, let’s just put the oompah back into Schutzenfest.

The Editor

The Sunday Mail


Dear Sir

Nein, Samantha, you are certainly not a Sauerkraut, I liked your cheeky article about the Schützenfest, it matches your looks. As Wolfgang von Goether said: “To be young is being drunk without wine.”

As a German who has been involved in the first Schützenfeste in Hahndorf – where they belong -  I was quite bemused by your article, Sunday Mail, 25.2004.

Bach and Beethoven, as well as Claudia Schiffer and Volswagen have little to do with our Schützenfest, but they would be welcomed guests.

Everything is undergoing big changes nowadays with multiculturalism, globalism, etc., and old traditions sadly disappear, according to Nobel-Prize winner Professor Konrad Lorenz, one of “Civilised Man’s Eight Deadly Sins.

After two lost wars and constant vilification and slander by the world’s media, there is not much Oompah left, only African-Negro-Beat, Rock and Roll, and their various dilutions as found in current pop music.

Australia has changed a lot since my family came here in 1953, it is called Progress towards the above-mentioned goals.

A German parliamentarian during World War I predicted this when he stated that if Germany goes down, the whole Occident – western world – goes down with it.

Perhaps there is some consolation for Germans in this trend.

Werner E Fischer



Enclosed with this newsletter is a copy of Understanding the Past from the March/April 2004 edition of

The Barnes Review.


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