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Revisionist Politics

Fredrick Töben

Australia and the USA now have one thing in common: both countries are in election mode with Australians going to the polls a month before the Americans. The mud-slinging has begun, something that does not personally affect Revisionists because they are usually of an a-political disposition. Yet, like politicians, many Revisionists are also used to receiving often unwarranted abuse. Revisionists who have not received some form of personal abuse, have not been doing their job! However, in my personal experience I have not found the pattern reversed, where Revisionists have been abusive, though I hasten to add that a number of Revisionists have certainly used very strong language against their critics, but certainly never any physical violence. At one time or another I have certainly been guilty of using vigorous language – even the odd expletive! Often this personal dissatisfaction bursts upon the scene in senseless in-fighting, or as the Germans call it – ‘emotionale Selbstzerfleischung’, of which they have made a fine art.
So, Revisionists in effect do have a political streak that became evident when Professor Robert Faurisson openly began challenging Mark Weber to state that “the ‘Holocaust’ is a lie”, which Weber refused to do. Then there was the recent Faurisson–Hoffman, Mueller/Toben-Hoffman email exchange that surged through the Internet, and is now available at John Bryant’s website:

Such in-fighting is a normal phenomenon within any human enterprise. The world stage reveals to us how deadly such disagreements can become if free speech is stifled and individuals stop talking, as we experienced since 911, when the USA rejected Iraqi evidence that proved there were no WMDs. The attack and invasion needed no pretext because it had been planned beforehand! So in this respect only a few Revisionists have really suffered terrible hardships.
In 1997 Dr Wilhelm Stäglich said to me that he will most likely not live to see the end of the gassing libel. At the 2002 IHR conference Professor Faurisson expressed his weariness about the state of Revisionism. David Irving predicted in 1993 “sinking the Auschwitz” within a few years and instead in 2000 received a terrible financial setback when he lost his legal case against Lipstadt in London. Since 5 February 2003 Ernst Zündel has languished in a prison cell, and this after he decided to slow up a little and settle down in the USA. In Germany Horst Mahler and others heroically continue to battle for their German Reich using classic Revisionists arguments to support their case, something that is illegal in Germany.
When things are not moving along, when the longe-for breakthrough does not occur, then there is a tendency to self-reflect and to self-criticise, and to scape-goat! That's life - and we must not be disturbed by such human behaviour, and we certainly must not lose the focus of our battle. Even in voluntary organisations there is then a tendency for self-destructive elements to emerge. Adelaide Institute also now has its share of internal politicking begun by Queensland supporter Harry Beahrends when he decided to send his missive to a number of supporters. Something like this is to be expected, especially after completing a decade of work. Ten years is a reasonably long time at the coalface, and a general weariness amongst supporters emerges. Supporters also matured through the ebb and flow of success and failure of results, and then feel disappointment when the Auschwitz Myth still stands.
Throughout his supporting years Harry wished to remain anonymous, using the acronym BLAHD. Justification for his anonymity was a fear of persecution from government agencies, German and Australian alike. Harry has a highly developed sense of victimhood, and he cherishes the role of playing the victim. He is “the only supporter sporting a Rabbi’s beard”. Those who know him in the Brisbane area will be familiar with his antics. For example at one meeting Christian Borleis wished to take photographs of the meeting and Harry walked over to him and took out the film and exposed it to light. The film contained photographs of the Borleis children’s high school function, an irreplaceable record. This action stunned us all – and Harry then explained that he was in litigation with the Queensland government, etc. I tried to understand his actions from his point-of-view because for Revisionists there is a real concern for persecution.
In the past Harry's general activity extended to making suggestions to me about writing anonymous letters - on behalf of Adelaide Institute - the result of which led to embarrassing situations when various authorities complained to Adelaide Institute for having received unwanted material. Harry commented to me about having found old TAFE envelopes in a rubbish bin that he then used for mailing out Adelaide Institute website material to his own mailing list.

Interestingly, for the first time in a decade in the following letter, produced below without corrections, Harry uses his real name.

Harry F Beahrends
PO Box 7046
East Brisbane 4169
without prejudice,
to the Supporters & Friends
of Adelaide Institute

I herewith announce that the colleagues of the German Speakers Brisbane have decided to withdraw their financial support for Fred Toeben of the Adelaide Institute, because Toeben wastes the money on unproductive conferences, which do not convince more people about historical findings and his contribution to revise - and investigate history is nothing new nor does it bear any significance.
Those conferences are only self-satisfying, self-representations of egocentric grand-dads, who like tom listen to themselves, competing there for the centre of attention among themselves and trying to give themselves a big boost. On this basis nobody gets more convinced about the new findings of investigations into history. All the money still available must be spent on young forensic science- and history students, who can convince themselves about those findings at the historical places (like it was done with David Cole, for example).
To the conferences, Toben likes to travel first business class and wants to be at every Revisionist conference just to be there in the spotlight and sending supporters and readers of his web-pages his holiday-reports. He is just a First Business-Class travel freak and Conference-Junky, who likes some sort of show-business in whcih he is some sort of head-rooster. For the donated money he spent on the Adelaide Institute Conference in 1998, he could have sent ca. 10 University Students in the fields of Forensic Science and History to Auschwitz to check up there, the findings of Van Pelt, Leuchter, Rudolf and Luftl. These students could have been foundation stock for an Academy.
I made several proposals to Fred with this regard and they were all ignored in the past, because he likes to serve his personal go by travelling to worthless conferences.
We have enough of this Mel Colston-style-travel-rorting which borders at some sort of racket. In the last 4 years we noticed the remarkable initiatives of the Canberra-Associate of the Adelaide Institute, Mr. Richard Krege, M.E.Eng., who with his own money did forensic sonar-examinations of former alleged execution-grave sites in Eastern European concentration-camps. This letter is written without knowledge of Mr Krege, but I made it clear to him, that from now on, we will support him financially, instead of that boring First business-class travel-freak and conference-junky from Adelaide, who asks always for more money for his conference-wastes.
Mr. Krege has show to us, that he has the ability for new innovative ideas to reveal facts of history and to convince people of which Fred lacks off. Though Mr. Krege does not get the means as Toeben gets, Mr. Krege yet paid out of his own pocket for those investigations and the presentation of those findings at two conferences.
He is a dynamic impulsive young bright man under whose direction the aim of an Scientific-Historical Academy can be achieved and of which Australians and ethnic Germans of Australia can be very proud of.
You may contact Mr. Krege, ask him about his work and what his future-plans are:
[Address and telephone details deleted:]
We need more young people like Mr Krege, in place of Toeben, who is aging and according to his own admission is degenerating. We ask you to stop your financial contributions and support for the First business-travel freak, and conference-junky from Adelaide and instead of this ask you to support Mr. Richard Krege, M.E.Eng., in any way.
Hollywood may still discover Fred Toeben as Film star. Please make sure to mention Mr. Richard Krege in your will. He deserves it and so I believe, will let you not down or disappoint you. if you have any questions to this letter, please direct them to my above-named postal address. If you wish, that I contact you by phone, then please mention your phone-number or e-mail. Until then, I remain
With best Regards,
Yours sincerely
(H. F. Beahrends)



The mysterious Harry Fritz Beahrends who itches to become physically violent against those who disagree with his politics.


Fredrick Töben's Reply
Mr Harry Beahrends
PO Box 7046
E Brisbane 4169

1 August 2004

Dear Harry
With interest I read your letter of 26 July 2004, and it does not surprise me that you have offended against the principle of natural justice by not even according me a right of reply to your nonsense claims contained therein. It is typical of your mental framework to flip out occasionally, is it not? You must have expected my receiving copies of this letter.
Interestingly, I note that for the first time since you became known to me you have used your correct name, instead of that other nonsensical BLAHD, or such like secretive acronym that you have bandied about for almost a decade – on the pretext that you need anonymity and cannot identify yourself as an Adelaide Institute supporter because you are involved in some covert operation against the Queensland government.
Your assumptions, as expressed in this letter, indicate to me that you are disappointed with the way I do things. Had it not been for that 1998 Adelaide Revisionist Conference, then you and I would never have met!
Well, Harry, I have listened to you for many years, and I do listen – but I cannot accept any calls to violence and actions that are illegal. You have made many proposals to me, and each time I merely asked you not to advise me but to do things better; I even invited you to take over the running of Adelaide Institute, because then you would see that there is no budget as such that finances the institute. When I was imprisoned in 1999, we had David Brockschmidt and Geoff Muirden take over – and the big question was: where is the bank account with the money for postage, for envelopes, for paper, for paying for the website?
Harry, now that you have your project in the Queensland outback, where you wish to establish a youth hostel, I suggest you get on with that, and then follow your own advice: go and see the old German ladies that you have introduced me to and impose yourself upon them in the hope of inheriting something, as you so often suggested I should do. The names of certain individuals with whom you have made contact in the Brisbane area for that very purpose are known to both of us. Yet, I am reluctant to do this – and so you are free to move about in the hope that you will collect the goods. I have other priorities.
As to the mentioning of Richard Krege, again you are a fool - and an unwise fool at that, Shakespeare’s fools had the ability to tell the truth and to see things clearly! - in doing this because it is not for you to ingratiate yourself with Richard Krege. He has a career to follow, not like you and I who are out of that professional loop. Your asking individuals to remember Krege in their will is tactless and unwarranted, especially because you are doing this behind Richard Krege’s back. That’s not how things are done at Adelaide Institute because we pride ourselves in being open and non-secretive in whatever we do.
I repeat, you are foolish to the extreme in your consideration as expressed in your letter. If you only knew how much supporters’ money comes in, then you would realize that conferences, and trips thereto, would never cover such expenses, and thus for conferences we rely on sponsors, usually one or two individuals, who fund the lot. The situation is likewise with the various books that we have published, and also with the newsletters.
You write things from an ignorant point of view that betrays your ideological background – envy and hatred that rest on a firm ideological basis of victimology, and that is a pathological condition that does not permit any considerations of balance and rationality to be made when approaching the many pressing problems that confront us personally and society generally.
Interestingly you have again used Rudi’s telephone number in Brisbane, again without his permission, but no doubt when you bunk down there again you will tell him another story why you again have to impose yourself upon him, without telling him that you are spreading nasty things about his life to those known to both of you.
My endeavours of giving you a mobile phone so that we can contact you – and not that you always initiate the phone calls, has consistently been rejected by you. I do not accept the story that you need to operate in a covert way and thus cannot have a telephone number at which you can be reached.
Likewise with that PO Box number of yours – I suppose now you will also blame Glenn Ivory for all your troubles and lash out at the homosexual lobby for all your personal woes.
Sad, Harry, sad that you have exposed yourself in this letter as someone who has snapped under the pressure to perform. You have become a legend in your own mind when you state you are speaking on behalf of the ‘German Speakers Brisbane’, when the last time you brought your group together we had fewer than half a dozen attending. You have become a legend in your own mind, Harry, and that’s very sad indeed.
Still, I wish you well in your endeavour of establishing that youth hostel in outback Queensland where, I hope, you will settle down and take it easy. I don’t think your other idea of leaving for overseas and roaming about makes any sense, certainly not for old age pensioners such as you and me.
Dr Fredrick Töben, Director
Adelaide Institute

An example of travel costs
If Harry Beahrends can beat the following costs of attending a conference, then I shall take his criticism seriously.
Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney - Canberra - Adelaide = $77.-

How was it done?
1. On 26 August I had to travel to Melbourne for a visa interview at the US consulate. A friend took me to Adelaide Airport where I boarded a $77.- Virgin Blue flight to Melbourne.

2. Mr Geoff Muirden collected me at the airport and enabled me to attend that visa interview on time. We then drove from the city to beyond Dandenong where we spent time with a supporter who then drove me to Melbourne Airport at 2am on Saturday, 28 August where I boarded the first Qantas flight to Sydney, paid for with Frequent Flyers points. It was an overseas Qantas flight returning from Europe. I had a row of seats to myself and for that one hour flight stretched out and tried to catch up on a little sleep. I could have taken a photo of this, suggesting that I am travelling in style!

3. At Sydney Mr D Astin collected me from the Airport, and we arrived on time to attend The Sydney Forum weekend conference where I introduced about 60 individuals to Eric Hufschmid's DVD Painful Deception. The DVD was well received - enthusiastically received!

4. I spent the night at a friend's place, and the next morning a supporter collected me from Bondi and brought me back to the conference.

5. After the conference I travelled with Richard Krege and Peter Myers to Canberra where I remained for two days, then to return to Adelaide on a Qantas flight, paid for by Frequent Flyers, i.e. free.

Harry is a talker - and in our business talk is cheap. I offered him the directorship of Adelaide Institute, which he declined. Still, I wish him well in establishing his youth hostel in outback Queensland where he hopes to attract young people to the cause.
Fredrick Töben

Into the Buzzsaw—Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press
A Book Review by Michael Collins Piper

It’s no surprise for you to read regular commentary in American Free Press (AFP) about how corrupt the American media really is. In fact, that perception is growing widely, particularly as new revelations continue to emerge regarding the complicity of the media monopoly in perpetrating the Bush administration’s outrageous lies about Saddam Hussein and his mythical cache of weapons of mass destruction. But you may be surprised to hear a bevy of big-name journalists with roots in the self-styled “mainstream” media come forth to say that yes, the media is corrupt.

In a fascinating, wide-ranging new book entitled Into the Buzzsaw—Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press, you’ll discover just how rotten the media elite really are. In eighteen fascinating chapters—following a lively introduction by famed author Gore Vidal—the book explores the rampant misdeeds of the print and broadcast media, confirming everything you ever thought was bad about the media is exactly true.

In his introduction, Vidal reminds readers of how President Bush himself actually warned the press, “You better watch what you say,” but the truth is that the media has actually proved itself to be a friendly lapdog for Bush and the intrigues of his neo-conservative cabal that we have dubbed “the high priests of war.” And as Vidal comments, “In the hundreds of wars that the United States has fought since the Union was invented, at every time of true crisis a small group can always be counted upon to use the crisis of the day to stifle free speech.” In fact, that small group includes the masters of the American media.

Although, of course, it is well known (at least to informed observers) that the American media has a peculiar proclivity for promoting the interests of the state of Israel and forever “talking up” events of mid-20th century recalled as “the Holocaust,” the multiplicity of writers whose works appear in Into the Buzzsaw point out that the mass media can also be counted upon to cover-up or otherwise distort relevant news and information about a wide variety of topics, often to protect favored special interests or to suppress misdeeds by the high and mighty, both within government and in the corporate arena.

Many tend to view the major media as being somewhat “liberal” and while this is certainly true, in many respects, the writers of Into the Buzzsaw demonstrate quite conclusively and effectively that, in the classic sense, the major media and its controllers are indeed rather “conservative” in that they actively work to maintain the status quo: rule of America (and the world) by a select, well-placed few (including, of course, that tightly knit clique of families and financial interests who control the media at the highest levels. As Buzzsaw’s editor, Kristina Borjesson notes, describing the reality of the “buzzsaw”:

The buzzsaw is what can rip through you when you try to investigate or expose anything this country’s large institutions—be they corporate or government—want kept under wraps. The system fights back with official lies, disinformation and stonewalling. Your phone starts acting funny. Strange people call you at strange hours to give you strange information. The FBI calls you. Your car is broken into and their thief takes your computer and your reporter’s notebook and leaves everything else behind. You feel like you’ve been sucked into a game of Dungeons and Dragons. It gets harder and harder to distinguish truth and reality from falsehood and fiction. The sense of fear and paranoia is, at times, overwhelming.

Walk into the buzzsaw and you’ll cut right to this layer of reality. You will feel a deep sense of loss and betrayal. A shocking shift in paradigm.

Anyone who hasn’t experienced it will call you crazy. Those who don’t know the truth, or are covering it up, with call you a conspiracy nut. The word “conspiracy” is commonly used now (either as an adjective or part of a phrase) to malign those who raise unpopular questions about sensitive issues. The fact is, conspiracies do exist. There are laws on the books addressing them and Justice Department officials deal with them all the time.

For her own part, Borjesson—an award-winning former CBS and CNN journalist with a vast array of notable media accomplishments—encountered the reality of the “buzzsaw” when she was investigating the downing of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of New York (the topic of two essays in Buzzsaw). The very bosses who assigned her the story ultimately proved to play a part of the effort to help the government cover up what really happened. It appears that the liner was (presumably accidentally) shot down by a US Navy missile, but that truth is not something that the powers-that-be wanted to be known.

In the meantime, of course—although Borjesson doesn’t mention it—the Israeli disinformation network in the United States started promoting an “alternative” theory that the while, yes indeed, a missile was the cause of the disaster, the perpetrators were actually evil Iranians or evil Iraqis or —you guessed—“Muslim terrorists.” All of which shows how a grain of truth can be twisted to fit a particular agenda.

A particularly fascinating and revealing chapter in Buzzsaw is the essay by Gerard Colby who exposes how his own publisher, Prentice-Hall, collaborated with agents of the wealthy DuPont family dynasty to suppress their own book, written by Colby, DuPont: Behind the Nylon Curtain. Colby explains that this bizarre and little-understand phenomenon—publishers trashing their own publications—is known as “privishing.” Colby writes:

According to the sworn testimony in federal court of a twenty year Viking Press editor, William Decker, the term was used in the industry to describe how publishers killed off books without author’ awareness or consent . . . The mechanism used is simple: cut off the book’s life-support system by reducing the initial print run so that the book “cannot price profitably according to any conceivable formula,” refuse to do reprints, drastically slash the book’s advertising budget, and all but cancel the promotional tour. The publisher’s purpose is to kill off a book that, for one reason or another, is considered “troublesome” or potentially so . . .
Into the Buzzsaw is truly “must” reading for those who want first-hand insights into the corruption of the major media by some of the very journalists who lived through it, sometimes at risk to their own lives. Readers will learn a lot about how the media really works, from a behind-the-scenes perspective that is sometimes quite chilling.

A particularly interesting chapter is Gary Webb’s account of his battle with both the CIA and the major media after he wrote an explosive series of articles for The San Jose Mercury News detailing the CIA’s role in the illicit drug traffic.

However, even Webb pulls his punches: Webb once admitted to Andrew St. George, the veteran journalist who pioneered many ground-breaking stories for The Spotlight, that he (Webb) was fully aware that Israel’s Mossad was also deeply involved as a partner with the CIA in the drug trafficking but that he would never dare to write about that. In fact, the topic scared Webb so much that he broke things off and fled from the New York delicatessen where the two journalists were having lunch. But what Webb does dare to write about is interesting and revealing in and of itself.

There’s a lot more in Buzzsaw that readers will find fascinating, including Monika Jensen-Stevenson’s riveting account of the official U.S. government cover-up of American POWs having remained alive in Vietnam long after the war was over—a topic most thoroughly written about for the past 25 years by AFP’s own award-winning Mike Blair. The list of remarkable stories and anecdotes in Buzzsaw is tremendous. Don’t miss this book.

This book is $28 hardbound. 392 pages.

Remember the perverse legal proceedings used against Ernst Zündel in Toronto, Canada!

Inquiry invites ‘secret’ witnesses
07:57 AEST Thu Sep 2 2004,

The Senate committee hearing the latest allegations about the children overboard affair will invite four more witnesses to give evidence, but won’t reveal who they are. Committee chairman, Labor Senator Robert Ray, said it had been decided to keep secret the identities of the four.

Senator Ray said the committee heard from former defence public servant Michael Scrafton, and retired defence officials Major General Roger Powell and Commander Michael Noonan. Following their evidence, the committee met in private to consider how to proceed.

“The committee has decided to invite four further witnesses to give evidence at a public hearing to be scheduled after the federal election,” he said in a statement. “The committee has agreed that the identity of those witnesses will remain confidential until the election has run its course.”

Mr Scrafton stood by his claim that Prime Minister John Howard misled the nation over the children overboard affair, despite government attempts to discredit his story. He repeated that he told Mr Howard there was no evidence to support suggestions children were thrown from a crowded refugee boat, that a video of the incident was inconclusive, and that no-one in Defence believed children were thrown into the water.

His recollection was backed by Maj Gen Powell and Cmdr Noonan, who interviewed him in December 2001 as part of an internal investigation into the affair.

Senator Ray said the hearing had been an important opportunity for additional information to go on the public record.
The committee will report its findings to parliament on November 7, a about a month after the federal election.
©AAP 2004


Port Arthur massacre images on net
By Matthew Denholm
The Australian
August 31, 2004

IMAGES from a leaked police video of the Port Arthur massacre have been placed on the internet by pro-gun campaigners. Supporters of those responsible for posting the images last night defended the action as necessary to expose an alleged police cover-up.

Graeme Scurr claims his wife, Wendy, a former worker at the historic Tasmanian site, was given the tape - which was labelled as a police training video - by someone who bought it at a Hobart tip for 10 cents. The video includes harrowing images from the 1996 massacre at Port Arthur, in which gunman Martin Bryant killed 35 people.

Tasmanian Police Commissioner Richard McCreadie expressed concern yesterday that placing images on the internet had the potential to cause immense distress to survivors of the shootings and victims' families. "Any person who copies or distributes the video in any form is liable to action under the Copyright Act," he said.

But within hours of his warning, The Australian learned that stills of at least two images purported to have been taken from the video had been posted on the net by a pro-guns campaigner. One of the images has a white rectangle with the words "body of victim" pasted over what appears to be a body-bag.

It emerged last night that the vice-president of the Firearm Owners Association, Queensland-based Ian McNiven, has a copy of the tape, supplied to him by the Scurrs, who are understood to have made three other copies. Mr McNiven said last night the Scurrs shared his belief that Bryant had an accomplice and that this had been covered up by police. They had given him a copy of the video "for safekeeping" and he believed it showed several inconsistencies between evidence made public by the Tasmanian police and the actual events. "People shouldn't have a go at me for having it on the net ... they should be squarking about the competency of Tasmania police," he said. Mr McNiven insisted he had not put the images on the website, and said he would not reveal the name of the person who had. Mr McCreadie said the video contained material that was never intended to be in the public domain. "In an attempt to address any concerns of victims that may have arisen during this matter a dedicated telephone number has been established for them to contact to be provided with more information," he said. That number is 0417 399 949.

Fredrick Töben comments: There is only one person I know who frequents the Hobart tip to retrieve videos, which are then filled with vital information that lifts the veil of ignorance and deceit!

Don't criticise, seek clarification!

Fredrick Töben, 20 August 2004

South Australia's Press club luncheons usually offer a ' window-of opportunity' to the world where excessive parochialism, as exemplified by Adelaide's Advertiser super politically correct and grand-daddy journalist, Rex Jory, dissipates. The Press club offers contemporary newsworthy individuals a platform - but they must not be too contentious. Pauline Hanson was possibly the furthest the Press Club committee would go when deciding on whom to invite. Mental challenges as such usually upsets the entrenched journalists that let their minds be limited by their employer's dictates.

Brian Deegan, the former magistrate who has quit his $200,000 job to contest the next Federal election against Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, was a problem for the Press establishment when he addressed the last luncheon. His address was an irritation to those journalists who had matured from left-wing politics to right-wing establishment politics because Labor Party Senator Nick Bolkus claimed to be Deegan's prime supporter. So here was a man who declared he is standing against the Foreign Minister as an Independent. Although there is this Labor Party support, Deegan also calls upon the Democrats and the Greens to give him their vote so that Downer is finally removed from office. Deegan's prime motive rests with his personal loss of his son in the Bali bombing tragedy. In a personal communication to me, Brian Deegan indicated that he is aware of the larger context of things, that he is aware of the role played by the Zionist factor in the Middle East tragedy.

On 20 August, 2004 Tom Schieffer did not once mention the Zionist factor in his address to the South Australian Press Club luncheon. Although I heartily supported the sentiments that he expressed about the need to defend our western-style of democracy, Mr Schieffer in his address gave us a traditional world view that many Revisionists would find disturbing, and quite challenging.

Texan blond and blue-eyed Tom Schieffer appears to be a balanced man who sincerely attempts to live the world view that he legally represents in Australia. He is a democrat, a former banker and former CBS Washington correspondent. Hailing from Adelaide's US sister-city, Austin, Schieffer had some fans among the guests - Australians who are now living in Texas. These individuals admired Schieffer as much as they loved Bill Clinton. My comment about Clinton's infidelity were brushed off by the ladies who blamed Mrs Clinton for Bill's lapses.

Mr Schieffer focused his address on the impact that Islamic Fundamentalism has had on the world since September 11, 2001. He stated that the new international world order is in the making and that the World War Two Order is at an end. Europe is now free of fear, for example there is no chance that any European country will invade another. Add to that the 'genius' of the free market, and the world is better for it, except for those who have been left out of this new world order.

The religious fundamentalists - religious zealots - says Schieffer have not understood this change, nor have they understood the concept of tolerance. Western society has changed the world and "nothing will ever be the same"!

He mentions irrational fundamentalism, Huntington's clash of civilizations, and then claims that Osama bin Laden and Hitler were both an 'abomination' of civilization. Schieffer claims that this fundamentalism has now linked up with terrorism, which he defines as "destruction for destruction's sake" - something that is not a tenable proposition.

Likewise, his analysis of the causes of terrorism seem simplistic. He claims that it can be defeated if we know who the terrorists are, then root them out by getting them jobs. He recalls that during the Depression there were no suicide bombers, though poverty was a great problem. We all know that Osama bin Laden comes from a prosperous family but that he chose terrorism as a way of life - and the wellspring of this is hatred. It is knowledge, logic and reason that will overcome ignorance and superstition.
And then he mentions a significant thought: "We are not the cause of terrorism; we are the victims of terrorism." Schieffer stresses that the USA is not anti-Muslim but merely anti-terrorist.
He concludes his address by repeating what all Revisionists hold dear - a celebration of democracy and free speech.

During question time I express my agreement with the sentiments that Tom Schieffer has expressed, but that I have problems selling our western kind of democracy to the Iranian students that I have met on numerous occasions. They regard US-western democracy with suspicion because it means military occupation - as in Germany and Japan for 60 years - and excessive materialism.

Schieffer responds by looking at the historical record, how the post World War II order multiplied many times the number of democratic countries in the world.

I ask a second question: there are moves afoot in the USA to eliminate the First Amendment. What is going to happen there? He replies that those who wish to eliminate free speech in the USA will fail, will not succeed.

Afterwards I advise Mr Schieffer that next Thursday week, 26 August 2004, I will be applying for a US visa at the Melbourne US Consulate, and that my 1999 German imprisonment precludes me from applying for that visa-waiver program that to date had me visit the US without a problem. Now since 2001 there is that new question on the visa waiver form about having been imprisoned, even if such imprisonment does not lead to a conviction.

My visa application will test the strength of the US administration's resolve to stand firm against the Zionist efforts to criminalise those Revisionists who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust' mythology.

So, by next week we shall see how powerful the world Zionist lobby really is.

Fredrick Töben receives US visa - no evidence of moral turpitude


On 26 August 2004, Fredrick Töben visited the US consulate in Melbourne for an interview regarding his application for a visitors' visa. Since 9 11 prospective visitors have to answer a new question on the green visa waiver form. The question asks: have you ever been imprisoned - even if this did not lead to a conviction. At the interview Töben had to provide, among other things, a bank statement, proof of ties in Australia, a police clearance certificate and reason for travelling to the US. As to the imprisonment, the question centred around the reason that led to the sentence, and as there is no equivalent law in the US because the First Amendment protects free speech, the prison sentence was not considered an impediment to his receiving a visa for five years. The First Amendment still protects Revisionists from the thought police. I therefore does not surprise that anti-Revisionists aim to criminalize Revisionists by bringing the 'hate speech' and the 'race' concept into the equation.

Dr Fredrick Töben enjoying a few personal words with US Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Tom Schieffer,
who claims that the enemy of the First Amendment will never succeed in eliminating it from the US Constitution.

Peace offer by Government to Israelis
11 August 2004 ,

The Government appears to be offering an olive branch in its dispute with Israel, leading a parliamentary condemnation of anti-Semitism and issuing fresh criticism of Holocaust revisionist David Irving. Yesterday, Parliament passed a rare motion condemning anti-Semitism, carried unanimously, that will be sent to the Speaker of Israel's Parliament, the Knesset. The move follows worldwide news coverage of the graveyard attacks on two Jewish cemeteries, which the Government fears may have damaged New Zealand's international reputation.

Yesterday Irving, who wants to visit New Zealand next month, offered a reward for the capture of those responsible for the recent attacks and threatened "the mother of all legal battles" against the Government if it forbade him entry to New Zealand next month.

The British-born bankrupt has posted a $US1000 reward on his website for information leading to the prosecution of those who damaged Jewish graves and burnt a chapel in two Wellington cemeteries. But the motive for the offer became clear when Irving went on to claim that in 80 per cent of such cases worldwide, "disordered" Jews had been found responsible. The controversial historian was slated by Acting Prime Minister Michael Cullen, who called his views "vomit-inducing" and said nothing Irving attempted in the courts would stop him being turned away at the border.

Speaker Jonathan Hunt said the acts were among the most shocking he had seen in his 37 years in Parliament. MPs voted to deplore the recent attacks on Jewish graves, recalled "the terrible history of anti-Semitism" and condemned violence against Jews "and all forms of racial and ethnic hatred, persecution, and discrimination".

Moving the motion, Cullen said it was a sad day in New Zealand that such a declaration by Parliament was necessary. While Irving's visit and the spat between the Government and Israel had been suggested as reasons for the outbreak of anti-Semitism, there was no excuse for the desecration of graves. "They remind us how thin the veneer of society is."

Deputy Opposition leader Gerry Brownlee said such "acts of hate" had no place in New Zealand. "They are foreign to us and we must make sure that they are never allowed to take hold." More than 50 members of Wellington's Jewish community attended Parliament for the special reading, and Jewish Council president David Zwartz said later that MPs' comments would be heard loud and clear in Jerusalem. "I think it helps New Zealand because unfortunately the events have tarnished our reputation internationally. A strong parliamentary statement like this shows the country as a whole doesn't go along with what happened."

Zwartz said Hunt's decision to send the declaration to Israel was a nice diplomatic gesture that would not go unnoticed. With the banning of Irving, the move appeared to be an olive branch. High-level diplomatic ties between New Zealand and Israel were suspended last month after Israel refused to apologise for allegedly sending secret agents here to gather fake passports. Israel recently applauded the Government's decision to refuse Irving admission.

ACT leader Rodney Hide said the Government's attacks on Israel could be interpreted as anti-Semitic and New Zealand should cease its criticism of Israel. Irving floated the prospect of Mossad being behind the desecration of graves. "I know the things they do," he said. "If it turns out to be a Right-wing lunatic or nut then he'll get what's coming to him. But I think there could be something more sinister at work here." Irving said Jews had been "dining out on victimhood" and the Jewish community was "a very small tail trying to wag the dog" in New Zealand.

Cullen said later he was angry that Irving had insinuated the Government was being manipulated by a small group of people. "Underlying that is that long historical paranoia about some notion there is some Jewish conspiracy to run European civilisation. It is just vomit inducing."

Germans admit genocide, AAP, West Australian, 16 August 2004 Windhoek:

Germany has apologised for a colonial-era genocide in Namibia that killed 65,000 ethnic Hereros - and acknowledged that the slaughter amounted to genocide. "We Germans accept our historic and moral responsibility and the guilt incurred by Germans at that time," Development Aid Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul said at a ceremony at the weekend marking the uprising against their German rulers. “The atrocities committed at that time would have been termed genocide.” She promised continued economic help, particularly in land reform, but ruled out financial compensation for the victims’ descendants. “Everything I have said was an apology from the German Government,” Ms Wieczorek-Zeul said. The 1000-strong crowd clapped, cheered and shouted: “Yes, yes.” Ms Wieczorek-Zeul is the first senior German official to attend a commemoration of the war. The ceremony was at Okokarra, where the war ended in the Waterberg region about 250km north of the capital Windhoek. Hereros re-enacted scenes of their ancestors being shackled and enslaved. Many were dressed in the khaki military uniforms of their former colonial rulers.

German General Lothar von Trotha, who was sent to what was then South-West Africa to put down the Herero uprising in 1904,ordered his troops to wipe out the entire tribe, historians say.

When the extermination order was lifted at the end of the year, prisoners were herded into camps and sent as slave labour to German businesses, where many died of overwork and malnutrition. About two-thirds of the tribe was wiped out. The slaughter is regarded as the first genocide of modern times. But until now, German officials had avoided the term.

The Hereros have for years sought reparations from Germany. In 2001 in Washington they lodged a $US4 billion ($5.7 billion) lawsuit against the German Government and two German firms. But German authorities have dismissed the claims on the grounds that at the time international rules on the protection of combatants and civilians did not exist.

In light of the apology, commemoration committee chairman Ranongouje Tjihuiko said the Herero leadership might consider dropping the court case. Namibian Land Minister Hifikepunye Pohamba welcomed Germany’s gesture. “That is what we have been waiting for a very long time,” he said. Germany took over the semi-desert country rich in diamonds in 1884. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, South Africa occupied it for more than 70 years before Namibia became independent in 1990.




Mice, lice and crisis in women’s jail
The Advertiser, 25 August 2004-09-02
By State Political Reporter Greg Kelton

South Australia’s only women’s prison at Northfield is overcrowded, out of date, and plagued by racial and drug problems. The Advertiser has been told prison staff is often assaulted and that cockroaches, mice and lice infestations have been reported. It is understood that on some shifts, there are only four officers rostered to guard prisoners. About one-third of the prisoners are Aboriginal and some prisoners have complained to staff that they get preferential treatment.

Prisoners have complained about the lack of rehabilitation, including exercise programs, which resulted in a recent protest to the prison management by inmates who said they were “getting too fat”. The prison has been described by staff, Parole Board chairwoman Frances Nelson, QC, and Opposition parliamentary secretary for prisons Angus Redford as “Third World”. Ms Nelson said the prison was “a disgrace” and “a blot on a civilised society”. Building a new prison to replace Northfield has been deferred indefinitely, after plans to build a new jail nearby raised a storm of protest from residents in the suburbs of Oakden and Northgate.

Complaints about the Northfield Prison include: DIFFICULTY in monitoring prisoners.
ASSAULTS on prison officers and medical staff.
FAILURE to remove “hanging points” identified as posing a suicide risk by a coronial inquest.
A HIGH rate (about one-third) of prisoners on methadone programs.
THE highest rate of convicted murderers
per head of prisoner population of any of
the state’s jails.

Public Service Association chief industrial officer Peter Christopher said yesterday there was minimal closed circuit television surveillance in the prison’s four wings. “Foot patrols are necessary to monitor prisoners behaviour and staff have been told that there is a lack of funding to install further security cameras,” he said.

Correctional Services Minister Terry Roberts said the Government had set aside $700,000 to examine future prison needs in SA. “We had a cold start because of the previous government’s inaction in providing correctional services infrastructure,” he said. “Change doesn’t happen overnight.”

FT comment: What happened to Zyklon B when you most need it? It is time to think about abolishing prisons and dog-tagging offenders so that they have family support for re-habilitation, instead of perpetrating the eye-for-an-eye mentality, the preserve of the control-freak!


Notebook. AFR, 23 August 2004

“An Apology could help you move forward”- Mart Laar, former prime minister of Estonia, in The Wall Street Journal, August 20. To this day, Russia maintains that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were never occupied by the Soviet Union. This month, Russia refused to apologise for standing by, just outside the city, as the Nazis crushed the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, because Moscow hoped the Nazis were, in effect, smoothing the way for a communist takeover of Poland in 1944.
Worse yet: Russia refuses to say three simple words to the victims of communism: We are sorry!
Those words can help heal many wounds and remove existing mistrust. But an apology isn’t as important even for the victims of communism as it is for Russia itself. When a nation cannot face up to its history, it will live like a human being suffering from a permanent neurosis. Nations that cannot make peace with their past cannot build a future.
It looks increasingly as if this is one of the reasons why democracy is not thriving in Russia and why this great country hasn’t developed as hoped after the fall of the Soviet Union.


Bias Claim, The Advertiser, 23 August 2004, London: White officers in the Metropolitan Police were filing record numbers of job discrimination suits, claiming minorities get an unfair leg-up in London’s anti-crime force, the Observer reported yesterday.


An extract from Revilo P Oliver’s The Origins of Christianity, p.100-109, HRP, 2001,

“… Language, in other words, can be used to portray what never happened and never could have happened in terms so vivid that they will induce belief subject to the vigilance of the reader’s common sense and knowledge of reality, his critical faculties, which will enable him to test the story’s consistency, and, if necessary, his knowledge of the relevant facts of history and science. We know that no man can walk on water, that an omniscient god could not be surprised by an unforeseen event, and that the sun cannot be stopped above a town on earth. If such events were narrated in fiction written with a very high degree of literacy skill and imaginative art, we could, for a brief time, feign belief in them for the sake of aesthetic satisfaction, but if we permit emotional cravings to put our rational faculties permanently into cold storage, there is absolutely no limit whatsoever to what we can believe, and even the crudest tale will induce chronic delusions. Oddly enough, however, the paralysis of the intellect can be limited somehow to certain idées fixes thus permitting the mind to reason from its own delusions, as is the well-known story about Dr Abernethy’s insane patient: the man was convinced that he was dead, and when the physician lanced his arm, the patient congratulated him on having made an epochal medical discovery, to-wit, that dead men can bleed.

Obviously, an individual’s credulity is relative to two quite different factors, first, the quality and vigour of his intellect, which is genetically determined, and second, the amount of factual knowledge at his disposal, which depends on his education and, above all, on the extent of the accurate information that has been accumulated by his society in the time at which he lives. He cannot avoid erroneous suppositions about phenomena that have not yet been explained or correctly observed, and it is only natural that whenever an increase in knowledge destroys a false belief that is emotionally comforting to human weakness, many individuals will suffer a psychic perturbation that is strictly comparable to the “withdrawal symptoms” experienced by addicts who have been deprived of their drugs. What concerns us here is the persistence of belief in what is known to be impossible.

We must first of all remark that such an irrational belief satisfies a craving of our subliminal psyche, which is certainly shaped by our genetic inheritance and, most probably, by the collective unconscious of our race as formed by the evolution of our species for a hundred thousand years or more. It is a craving only a little less imperative than sexual desire, which is partly physical, and which, as Hippolytus discovered, men cannot deny with impunity.

[Only partly physical in our race, at least, since there is often the spiritual component of a need for permanent companionship and reciprocal trust to assuage an individual’s terrible loneliness and bolster his weakness. It is only fair to add that a comparable need appears to be felt instinctively by the many species of animals that mate for life, i.e. numerous species of birds and mammals, including (contrary to vulgar belief) most wolves (as distinct from dogs). The intensive effort in our schools to force members of our race to believe that’s ex is a strictly physical function, like defecation, represents, of course, a concerted and planned assault on our racial survival. I do not know whether or not the female professors who proclaim that “we must destroy love,” that “we have to abolish marriage,” and that “we must encourage women not to live individually with men” are Jewesses obeying their race’s animus against ours; if they are Aryans, they are terrifying illustration of the extent to which the racial psyche of our women can be poisoned by systematically induced delusions. In any case, although the proclaimed “ liberation” of our women from their biological nature is accompanied by a theoretical presumption that children will continue to be engendered and will be raised, like chickens, in pens provided by the government and explicitly designed to enforce equality with the lowest species of human life, it is obvious that the necessary result will be that women of an intelligence above the animal level will refuse to bear offspring, and our race, or at least the valuable part of it, will become extinct, as is, of course, tacitly desired by the promoters.]


Germar Rudolf’s Bank Account Seized in Germany

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 10:54:54 -0500
From: Revisionist News
Subject: Revisionist News: Seizure of Account / Konto-Pfändung
To: Revisionist News
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Dear friends, supporters, and enemies!
On Monday, Aug. 30, 2004, I was notified that all funds in my German bank account are seized due to an order by County Court Mannheim, claiming that I owe the German State of Baden-Württemberg €213,927.63, some US$250,000, see documents at
I was not yet able to receive the arrest warrant issued by this court, apparently referring to a criminal investigation started during 2001, which should have details about why and for what I allegedly owe so much money. This decision will of course be challenged.
The financial damage is limited, but needs to be overcome. If you want to help, I would appreciate your aid. You can place a donation to my US-PayPal account with your credit card online at or by sending funds to my address as given below.
As you will understand, I have to cease any banking operations in Germany. If you do not wish to finance the German persecutorial system, I urge you not to pay any funds into my German account. They will most likely not reach me. All funds transferred to my British and US accounts, as well as all cash/checks sent to my British an US-addresses as well as all transfers made via PayPal will still reach me with no danger.
See for details about current payment options.
I will keep you informed.
Thank you very much for your attention and assistance in this matter!
Germar Rudolf
PO Box 257768
Chicago, IL 60625
1(773) 769 1121
Liebe Freunde, Unterstützer und Feinde!
Am Montag, 30.8.2004, wurde ich benachrichtigt, daß die Gelder auf meinem deutschen Bankkonto gepfändet wurden aufgrund eines Gerichtsbeschlusses des Amtsgerichts Mannheim, in dem behauptet wird, ich schulde dem Land Baden-Württemberg €213.927,63 (vgl. die Dokumente at
Ich konnte den von diesem Gericht erlassenen dinglichen Arrestbefehl noch nicht einsehen (anscheinend mit Bezug auf ein Strafermittlungsverfahren aus dem Jahre 2001), aus dem ersichtlich sein sollte, weshalb ich dem Land angeblich so viel Geld schulde. Diese Entscheidung wird selbstverständlich angefochten werden.
Der finanzielle Schaden hält sich in Grenzen, muß aber dennoch überwunden werden. Falls Sie mir dabei helfen wollen, so würde ich dies sehr begrüßen. Sie können eine Spende auf mein amerikanisches PayPal-Konto mit Ihrer Kreditkarte online machen ( oder Ihre Spende an die unten angegeben Adresse senden.
Wie Sie verstehen werden, muß ich sämtliche Bankgeschäfte in Deutschland beenden. Wenn Sie das deutsche Verfolgersystem nicht bezahlen wollen, so rate ich dringend davon ab, Gelder auf mein deutsches Konto zu überweisen. Sie würden mich wahrscheinlich nie erreichen. Alle auf meine britischen und US-Konten angewiesenen Beträge sowie an meine Postfächer in England und den USA gesandten Bargeldbeträge und Schecks wie auch Einzahlungen auf mein PayPal-Konto erreichen mich weiterhin ungefährdet. Siehe für Details zu aktuellen Zahlungsoptionen.
Ich werde Sie auf dem Laufenden halten.
Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit und Unterstützung in dieser Angelegenheit!
Germar Rudolf
PO Box 257768
Chicago, IL 60625, USA
001(773) 769 1121
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