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Dear Associates and Supporters

We are closing operations in November and so this letter will contain our three final newsletters of the year. As 2004 draws to a close we can look back on 11 good productive years of fearless hard work. Some of you have been rather critical of our enterprise, claiming that we don’t seem to be getting anywhere, that Revisionism is dead, etc. Such defeatism I cannot share because for me the definition of a Revisionist has always been – a thinker who fearlessly absorbs new information with which to look anew and to re-focus on matters that bother us, then with this new information to construct a world view that is in balance and unity with our physical and mental world. The No 229 December 2004 Newsletter indicates how rampant the attacks on Revisionists and associated organisations have become.

From the very beginning of our enterprise in 1994 one of my personal aims was to bring the ‘Holocaust’ issue into the courts where a written record is then preserved for posterity. It does not matter whether such court case results in a win or lose verdict, though the former is much preferred, but rather that we are at the forefront in showing up massive injustices that hurt individuals and prevent them from gaining a full understanding of themselves, and of world events. After all, our enterprise is one where reason and understanding attempts to clarify those things that are deeply embedded within our psyche, namely superstition, which creates a dependency that does no one any honour. Without our freedom to think and to speak freely, naturally in a civilized way, we lose our humanity, and we become enslaved to another’s mind – and that is shameful, especially considering we have only such a brief ‘window of opportunity’ to make a go of life.

That our work brings with it personal and a professional danger is a given and expected fact. In view of the current development from the USA and its focus on terrorism, and in its developing policies that equate criticism of Israel and Zionism as a form of antisemitism – which in many countries has become legally actionable – requires us to be rather cautious. This astounding development also indicates that the post World War Two New World Order rests squarely on the ‘Holocaust’ mythology. Hence, our Adelaide Institute associates are released from any burden of association and I assume full responsibility for what appears under the Adelaide Institute banner.

Below you will find an article about John Bayle’s new book that sells for $20. If you wish to obtain it for a donation I shall be happy to send it to you. It will help replenish our much depleted bank account and also help with basic equipment maintenance, such as keeping our website active. What follows are my thoughts that the October Santomauro matter in New York inspired. It basically sums up my impression of what hurdle we still have in achieving an open society where we can speak openly about anything we like.

I thus wish you all the very best for the festive season, and I thank you for having lasted the distance so far. Professor Robert Faurisson was right when he predicted that things are not going to get any better for individual Revisionists, but for Revisionism generally we can smile and say there is light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. The Number 229 newsletter indicates how those upholders of the Auschwitz gassing story are floundering, using any means legal and illegal, to silence the Revisionist voice. It will not work because Truth cannot be suppressed forever. The Hitler-tag is also wearing thin as the following indicates.

Sincerely, Fredrick Töben

1. Some time ago a prominent Revisionist claimed Michael Santomauro was Jewish, and she ran around the conference room warning others to stay away from him. Such behaviour does not become a Revisionist who does not even bother to check-out the facts. But, again, it is all normal in-fighting within any group from which the Revisionists are not spared. The usual complainants, for whatever reason, make their grievances public, and nowthat Michael Santomauro is gaining prominence, there will be those who feel, what? - what is it, envy? To those I say, stop being childish in your commentary, grow up, and get back to work!

2. It is much better to look at the thought-processes that are there for all to see when Santomauro makes his commentary - and he has not held back from making confronting commentary.

3. As the Revisionist enterprise is also one of moral and intellectual maturation, this makes it somewhat an imperative that the classic Revisionist works are known. I recall how during my early days it was important to speak with those who had been at it for a long time - especially when the story of the gassings continued to change, see below. Professors Arthur Butz, Willis Carto, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zündel, among others, are committed individuals who do not fence-sit - and they have seen the story unfold over three decades.

4. In the usual - and highly normal - battle-of-the-wills exercise someone will have reached a certain level of mental maturity,  but cannot yet embrace the ruthless stance of expressing one's beliefs without fear or favour. So, for example, someone will criticise Ariel Sharon and liken his behaviour to that of Adolf Hitler, and what Hitler is allegedly to have done to the European Jews serves as a reason to oppose Sharon.

By 'shitting' on Hitler, so it seems, one is then permitted to also criticise Sharon. The prime example of this is Nigel Parry of the Palestinian Electronic Intifada who literally goes beserk when Revisionists contact him. His foul language knows no bounds because he is a believer in the homicidal gassing story. That he is indoctrinating Palestinians with such nonsense as the Holocaust mythology reminds me of Dr Ibrahim Alloush who rejected the gassing story, then lost his job at Petra University - fighting his own Arabic-speaking colleagues who all believed the Germans had gassed the Jews! It reminds me of the fact that one of Australia's leading Zionist jurists, former Justice Marcus Einfeld - a fifth generation Australian Jew, by self definition -  years ago was invited to help the Palestinian Authority to develop its legal system. Imagine, a Zionist doing that for the Palestinians? There are thus individuals who will oppose Jews and Zionists but will then fall in line with them on adopting the skewed image that they present of Adolf Hitler. Hatred of Hitler is, of course, a ploy for hiding one's hatred of Germans.

The current US election has also brought out the usual suspects, so to speak, who ride this Hitler-hatred in order to hate Bush or Kerry. Such intellectual conceptual framework fails to note one fundamental difference: Hitler was a man of many talents and accomplishments, something that does not apply to either John Kerry or George Bush, unfortunately.

5. This sitting on the fence attitude is not becoming a Revisionist and it is one reason why Professor Robert Faurisson has severed contact with some Revisionists because he does not care much for half-measures where 'busy work' is the hall-mark of a person's productivity.  Hence he wishes to hear from individuals a thorough commitment that definite thought verbalised: there is no evidence to prove the homicidal gassings at Auschwitz, and elsewhere. This is, of course, a fact. Some sense that such a blunt statement will put off the gassing believers - those that are not certain, those that say gassings occurred in some non-existent farm houses, etc. 

I have attached to Michael Santomauro's response a prime example of how the gassing story keeps on changing - the classic example of busy work. Faurisson wishes individuals to be courageous and say: The gassing story is a LIE! No more, no less - and a deeper study of the topic will force individuals to either commit or to flounder and hedge their bets.

6. Germar Rudolf's TADP will soon publish Ingrid Weckert's booklet on Jews emigrating from the Third Reich. It is quite clear from her analysis that this was a reasonably ordered affair, made possible through the Haavara Agreement and also through the Rublee-Wohlthat Agreement.

7. Both the SS and the Gestapo assisted in facilitating emigration, something the German haters hate to admit because it does not fit into their preconceived pattern of German hatred. This would also explain why so many Jewish Germans survived the war - as soldiers and as non-combatants. Post-war Germany is still an occupied country - and thus Germans are not their own masters in their own home - much like many individuals who never find a home within their own mind, and thus need scapegoating as a coping measure - or Prozac - to get them through the day.

8. The 'Holocaust' industry, according to some historians who have retained their objectivity in this emotionally charged field, is skewing the argument away from the fact that Adolf Hitler actually seemed reasonably well disposed towards the Zionists seeking their national homeland. Such an image does not go down well with the simplistic view that reduces the World War II period to a grotesque picture: Hitler hated the Jews - Hitler used all his energy to exterminate the Jews - Hitler hated the Jews because they were Jews.

It is intellectually dishonest to propagate such an image to our students of history. Geoff Muirden has formulated the following, which re-focuses the matter somewhat:  "The Jews hate the Germans for what they are, not for what they did.  Germany rose against the Jews for what they did, not for what they are."  Nearly all legislation that attempts to stifle debate on the 'Holocaust' has adopted the view that Revisionists do what they do because they hate Jews.  Such dialectic fails to note that Revisionists are doing things for ulterior motives, for idealistic motives such as wanting to know the truth of a matter because truth liberates much like Arbeit macht frei! Most of us nurture within our inner self far loftier motives than base animalistic instinct gratification. Promiscuity is not really a trait found amongst Revisionists to any extraordinary degree! 

9. For Michael Santomauro to equate Ariel Sharon with Adolf Hitler is somewhat a mockery of the genius that Hitler was. The latest book by German historian Werner Maser attests to that. More on that at a later date. Also, note what Mordechai Vanunu had to say about overcoming his torturers: 



"The Israelis wanted to burn me. They tried to make me crazy, to discredit me. But I never cracked. I read, studied, listened to opera. For Yom Kippur I put on Wagner in my cell. This was my method of staying free, of showing them that I wasn't theirs and was, therefore, sturdy." Jerusalem Post, 18 October 2004


10. This does not mean that I wish to re-habilitate the Hitler image, though I personally see a great urgency that such be done because balance in our historical perspectives is a noteworthy concept - in any intellectual effort - and by equating Hitler with Sharon the Hitler German period is further distorted. Notice how I fall into that cliché-thought "to re-habilitate the Hitler image". Of course that is one of those blackmail mechanisms that make individuals shudder in fear of being labelled a hate - Holocaust denier - antisemite -racist - neo-Nazi - xenophobic, etc.

I recall that one website devoted to 'exposing' the Revisionists, gleefully refers to Adelaide Institute's website as an antisemitic website - on whose authority? None other than David Irving who for some reason labelled us thus. Interestingly, since his 2000 London court case, Irving has received the whole set of labels with the compliments of Justice Gray. 

He who casts the first stone, indeed!

Fredrick Töben,

23 October 2004.

Foreign occupation of Germany through Talmudic-Inquisition exposed - anti-German bias is murdering the German soul.

Horst Mahler reports on Dr Hennig's trial, 21 October 2004 - a call for German Freedom Fighters to arise!

Horst Mahler


Horst Mahler reports that the German world view/culture, is under attack from the Talmudic-inspired illusion/deception that

1. there is a national state for Germans;

2. their Parliament represents the people's wishes, and that;

3. those persons who appear as German judges hand down judgments that are just.

Mahler states that Germans who bemoan the fact that injustice flows from the courts have to realize that justice cannot be expected from an occupation power that is out to destroy the German soul. He calls on those 'willing helpers' to wake up to this stark reality. An enemy cannot be expected to treat the vanquished in any other way. This is especially so because the occupation it is Talmud-driven.

Although he has been barred from acting as a defence lawyer for anyone, Mahler attended the trial of Dr Rigolf Hennig, Verden an der Aller, as a concerned citizen. Hennig was accused of denying the Holocaust, of which the Talmudic-inspired non-German judiciary takes judicial notice, something Mahler says is now not possible because of the Fritjof Meyer article published in 2002.

Dr Hennig wished to present the Meyer article to the court and call Meyer as a witness, among others, and indicate that 'judicial notice of the Holocaust' is now not tenable anymore. Judge Barré refused this request - an example of what the Germans call RECHTSBEUGUNG, miscarriage of justice/perversion of justice/defeating the ends of justice.

Judge Barré further attempted to stifle Dr Hennig's presentation of a defence, and even attempted to prevent Hennig making final submission to the court. Horst Mahler interjected, and so Judge Barré  relented and Hennig closed with the argument that because of new information it is now not possible anymore to take judicial notice of the Holocaust.

Such 'Holocaust trials' are swift in announcing the verdict, like any witch trials because the presumtion is the defendant is guilty. In determining the penalty the judge has to determine how much remorse the defendat shows. A defendat who resists this process by mounting a defence is considered to be exhibiting his 'criminal energy', thereby attracting a more severe penalty. In the witches trials it was 'hung, drawn and quartered', i.e. torture before the just sentence of execution was imposed.

Found guilty of the criminal charge of denying the 'Holocaust' Dr Hennig received a fine of 90 days at € 40,- = € 3 600,- =DM 7.200,-=US$3 600,- approx., i.e. if he refuses to pay the fine, or cannot pay the fine, he spends three months in prison.

Most of these trials are do not have an independent transcription service that records what transpires in court. The judge writes up the proceedings himself and the judgments are already worked out beforehand because no evidence is admitted in such cases.   

Mahler summs up the situation:

 Richter Barré hat seine Chance nicht genutzt, was er noch bitter bereuen wird. 

 Judge Barré did not use his opportunity, something he will regret.

Für die zahlreichen Zuhörer war die Verhandlung mit dem abschließenden  Unrechtsurteil eine Lehrstunde über die Wirkungsweise  der talmudischen Despotie in unserem Lande.

For many who followed the proceedings that brought about an unjust verdict it was a lesson in how Talmudic despotism operates in Germany. 

Deren Kennzeichen ist die Kostümierung der Fremdherrschaft mit den Requisiten eines Rechtsstaates.

Its hallmark is to clothe its foreign rule with the requisites of a constitutional state.

Lange wird sich unser Volk aber von den Kollaborateuren nicht mehr täuschen lassen.

But not for very much longer will our people let themselves be deceived by these collaborators.

Dann gnade ihnen Gott!

Then may God be merciful upon them!

Das Reichsstrafgesetzbuch mit den Strafdrohungen gegen Landesverrat und Feindpropaganda ist noch gültig.

The still valid Reich penal code has penalties for treason and spreading enemy propaganda.

Der Tag, an dem die Fremdherrschaft seine Anwendung nicht mehr verhindern kann, ist nahe.

Soon it will be applied and foreign rule cannot stop it.





Bush regime creates Jewish surveillance office Bush Signs Bill to Create Jewish Spy Agency

 Bush signs GAS bill, handing Jews their first official headquarters over the State Department—with global jurisdiction


National Vanguard, October 17, 2004

 WASHINGTON—At dawn, George W. Bush, hanging over the United States in Air Force One, officially recognized Jewish supremacy in U.S. foreign policy by signing a bill which gives Jews their own major subdivision in the Department of State. The Global Anti-Semitism (GAS) Bill sets up a new Jewish office to spy on and combat dissidents across the globe while spreading Jewish propaganda.

An article in admits that "Jewish groups—which wield significant political power especially during a presidential election year," have tenaciously lobbied Bush to sign it. Bush is currently challenged for office by half-Jewish John Kerry (aka "Kohn"). The GOP joined Jewish lobbyists in a letter supporting the bill. "The fight against anti-Semitism deserves specific, focused attention," said the letter, which was signed by former Republican vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp and ex-UN ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, among others.

The new Jewish office will have discretionary powers to spy on dissidents who speak out or act out against Jewish policies worldwide. The Jewish office will also direct its secret agents to spy on officials of foreign governments from the local level up. Moreover, the Jewish office will be budgeted to place Jewish propaganda into school curricula abroad. GAS specifically empowers the Jewish office to report directly to the President, suggesting there will be no Congressional oversight.

Adds Yahoo, "Jewish groups have hailed passage of the bill which they said provided a new avenue to fight anti-Semitism."

WorldNetDaily reports that the State Department initially feared GAS "would show favoritism toward the Jewish community ... In an unsigned memo sent to Lantos [D-CA] in July, the Department claimed that creating an office to monitor and fight anti-Semitism would 'diminish credibility,' and show 'favoritism' and 'imbalance' in U.S. human rights policy—overlooking [ie, supervising] the existing offices at the State Department" which already do that secretly.


Iraq - Scott Ritter - the inspection process was pre-programmed to fail.

Duelfer and Blix knew this. Independent

"Iraq's WMD were destroyed in 1991. The problem wasn't the weapons, but verification of Iraq's declarations. The standards of verification set by Duelfer-Blix were impossible for Iraq to meet, thus making closure on the "cluster" issues also an unattainable goal. This situation answers the second point as well. Since the inspection process was pre-programmed to fail, there would be no way the US or the UK would accept any finding of compliance from the UN weapons inspectors. The inspection process was rigged to create uncertainty regarding Iraq's WMD, which was used by the US and the UK to bolster their case for war."


After the hoax, an explanation – Undercover – Susan Wyndham

Sydney Morning Herald, 9 October 2004

John Bayley would like to be known as an honest hoaxer. That's why he has written Daylight Corroboree, a book explaining how he and his mate Leon Carmen invented Wanda Koolmatrie, the Aboriginal author of My Own Sweet Time. After their novel won the 1995 Dobbie Prize for women's writing, they revealed the hoax to the media, expecting to make a point about political correctness. But once again they were just failed white guys. Despite its clever title, Daylight Corroboree is a curiosity. Unable to find a publisher, Bayley unwisely had the book financed by Fredrick Toben, the director of the Adelaide Institute who faces retrial in Germany next month for inciting hatred with his online Holocaust denials. Toben said Bayley's publisher, Eidolon Books, was a branch of the Adelaide Institute's Peace Books, whose titles "expose corruption in the multicultural establishment". He had "rescued" Bayley after another financier dropped out. From Melbourne, where he is living poor and writing a novel, Bayley insisted Toben had only lent him a car. "I don't share his views, if that's where you're leading," he said before warning that his mobile phone was going flat.

[Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the book can do so by sending $20, to Peace Books, PO Box 3300, Norwood 5067, Australia.]


‘Landmark ruling’ on detainees, The Advertiser, 19 October 2004-10-28 London: Lawyers have welcomed a ruling that British human rights laws can apply outside Britain – but the ruling does not help two children who were detained at the Woomera Detention Centre. The Court of Appeal also decided when British officials had a duty under the British Human Rights Act to refuse to hand over people to a host state. But because of the newly-defined criterion, two children of asylum seekers here failed in their claim that officials at the British Consulate in Melbourne abused their human rights by refusing help. A group of human rights solicitors say the British decisions are “landmark rulings”.


From: New Order

Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004

Subject: Re: Hello Friends...I refuse to rehabilitate Hitler! "The man they have most reviled stands closest to us and the man they hate worst is our best friend."The Book,I:12/352

Michael–I ask you a very simple question: WHOM do "they" hate worst?  Are they not, in fact, the very ones who have hated you? That being the case, why do persist in joining them in their lies, their slanders and their calumnies against this One who today is most hated by "them"?  Is this not only cowardly, but also dishonest? Two thousand years ago, would you have been among those who cursed and denounced another extraordinary figure, because he was hated by "them"? The One they hate worst requires no rehabilitation, for his is the Cause of eternal truth and righteousness. For my part, I choose to stand with HIM! 88! Don Jay


You say you hate all Jews, Walter
October 28, 2004
It pains me to say this but I am disappointed in you. You say you hate all Jews. That is irrational. I don't hate all Jews and I don't see how anyone should. Also, in your dispute with Michael Santomauro I believe you have gone too far. He is far from a believer in the Holocaust dogmas. And it is ironic that right now he is the target of the same Kahane thugs who trashed your conference.

If you are going to pick a fight with everyone who doesn't share your views about Adolf Hitler you are going to find yourself in a very small corner. And lose the good things you do, which I respect. My advice: move on and remember the battle of Culloden where the Scots Highlanders, although brave individual fighters, were butchered by the English because, among other reasons, the clans quarreled about their places in the Highlander lines, not wishing to stand with other "enemy" clans. The organized cannon of their real enemy mowed them all down. Albert Doyle






German Political Prisoners


Retired educator, Günter Kögel, 78, will on 14 November 2004 begin a 15-months prisoner-of-war sentence imposed on him by the enemies of the German Reich because in his publication, Deutschenland – Schrift für neue Ordnung, he advocated passive resistance against the civilian occupation forces in Germany, and a reduction of foreign immigrants into Germany. He thereby offended against §130. A solidarity protest has been planned on 14 November 2004 at Justizvollzugsanstalt Remscheid – ZwA -, Masurenstraße 27, 42899 Remscheid, Germany.



Fredrick Töben’s email letter to Judge Adam, Mannheim, Germany, 30 October 2004

Dear Judge Adam,

Please read the following, below, from a non-Revisionist but from an independent thinker.

The Kaminsky comment is not bolstered by important Revisionist works such as Arthur Butz's The Hoax of the 20th Century, or by The Rudolf Report, or by Fritjof Meyer's reduction of the deaths at Auschwitz - and placing the alleged gas chambers in two non-existent farm houses, etc.

I suppose you recall Horst Mahler's Berlin court appearance where he stated everything that § 130 prohibits, and now the case has been indefinitely adjourned.

Mahler cannot be labelled a neo-Nazi, a racist, etc. and Judge Faust doesn't know what to do with him. Mahler demands that in May 2005 the German Reich be re-activated because to this day Germany remains an occupied country without a peace treaty.

Are you thinking about your future as a judge in the re-activated German Reich? I do hope the material in this email influences your mindset, as well as the preceding email where I liken my trial before you as a witch trial where truth is no defence, where any evidence to prove my innocence would be considered merely proving my guilt because anything said in court is not privileged- as is the case

in Australia. Please advise me of your decision - the foregone conclusion - after you have sat in judgment on my case at Mannheim on 8, 9 and 11 November 2004.

Were you to step out of line and open yourself to the Revisionist argument, then you would become world famous but your career would be over - and you would be condemned by those who believe in the 'Holocaust'.

Remember, Defence counsel Michael Rosenthal claims that no-one can effectively defend anyone against the allegations made against me without criminalising himself - hence his reason for informing you he would remain silent in court as my defence counsel.

Is it not logical that if there is no defence in this case, then there is no defendant - hence no case to be heard by you? Unless, that is, if you have adopted the witch trial mentality where guilt is assumed, and your task is to judge whether the accused 'witch' shows remorse or not. If the witch shows remorse, then the death sentence is swift - if the witch does not show remorse, then torture precedes the inevitable death sentence.

Are you feeling comfortable in executing me?

Sincerely, Dr Fredrick Töben


=our thoughts are with Ernst Zündel=


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