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Bearing in mind that I am not permitted to question matters raised within the article below, I reproduce it in the public’s interest – Fredrick Töben

Robert Burns:

Here's freedom to him who would speak,
Here's freedom to him who would write,
For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Except he who the truth would indict



Like Comintern delegates clapping the lies streaming from their master’s podium some pseudo ‘historians’ and journalists repeat the ‘6 million’ mantra. But in a Europe waking from its post-war slumber the gas chamber myths are exposed as bogus as the ‘democracies’ latest war’s illusory WMDs.

L’Express, one of France's most influential magazines similar to Time or Newsweek acknowledges that "everything is false" about the Auschwitz "gas chamber" for decades shown to tens of thousands of tourists yearly’. - L’Express January 19-25, 1995. pp 54-73

"Despite thousands of detailed documents on the crematoria built to dispose of the bodies of typhus victims, not a single piece of documentary evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the existence of even one gas chamber; not an order for construction, a plan, an invoice, or a photograph.  During the hundreds of 'war crimes' trials, nothing could be produced.  There were no gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I state my reputation and career." - Professor Robert Faurrisson.  Le Monde


"I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a U.S War Department Attorney, and can state that there were no gas chambers at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber was a crematory.  Nor was there a gas chamber in any other the other concentration camps in Germany. 

We were told that there was a gas chamber at Auschwitz, but since this was in the Russian zone of occupation, we were not permitted to investigate since the Russians would not allow it.  From what I was able to determine in six years of post-war Germany and Austria, there were a number of Jews killed, but the figure of a million was certainly never reached. 

I interviewed thousands of Jews, former inmates of concentration camps in Germany and Austria, and consider myself as well qualified on the subject as any man."

- Stephen F.Pinter, Sunday Visitor, June 14th 1959.

Although millions of gassings are said to have occurred, 'no one has ever been charged with murder by gassing.  That is, no one has ever been charged with operating the alleged gas chambers."  - John Bennett, President, ACLU, Australia..



After all, we are familiar with pictures of mounds of emaciated bodies piled high at just some German camps.  Yet equally undeniably there are countless photographs available even on display at Dachau today that show well clad inmates in obviously good health up to release. 

Even pictures taken at Belsen clearly show perfectly healthy inmates among the emaciated dead.  

How then does this explain a Nazi program of genocidal intention being so patchy in its application?  There can be only one reasonable

explanation.  Such deaths were caused not by deliberate intent but by typhus and cholera.

Such photographs as those taken at Bergen-Belsen could have been taken anywhere in Central Europe, devastated by nightly 1,000 bomber raids and total war, when millions of civilians of many nations, Germany’s included,  died through starvation and disease resulting in similar mounds of emaciated corpses.  



By reason of heavy bombing road communications had been destroyed and no supplies had reached the camp (Belsen); typhoid fever ensued and hundreds of prisoners (Eastern European POWs) had died as a consequence.  The allies arrived on the scene and found a terrible situation."  - The Golden Horizon, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London.

"The German Army at Bergen had forewarned the British that a full-blown epidemic of typhus had broken out among the prisoners in the camp."  - In The Ruins of the Reich, George Allen & Unwin. London, 1985.

"Disease of all kinds was rife and in a vast number of cases it was difficult to tell which disease predominated - whether it was typhus, starvation, tubercle or a combination of all three, which was responsible for the shattered wrecks of human beings who formed the majority of the inmates....there had been no water for about a week owing to damage by (allied) shell fire to the electrical pumping equipment on which the system depended."

- Appendix 'O' Chapter. V11, Second Army History.  



A typhus epidemic now rages amongst them, (German civilian prisoners) and they are said to be dying at the rate of 100 a day." - London Daily Mail, August 6th 1945.

LIBERATED FRANCE "There is a typhoid epidemic in the (French camp holding German POWs) which has already spread to the neighbouring village." - The Progressive, January 14th 1946. "The only difference I can see between these men (German POWs) and those corpses is that here they are still breathing." - Henry Griffin, AP photographer who had taken Buchenwald and Dachau pictures.

AND IN BRITISH POW CAMPS IN BELGIUM: Conditions "not much better than Belsen" (German POWs) according to British Army officers. 


The propagandists show such pictures 'as proof' that the Germans had a policy of extermination. The irony is that it was the total war waged by the allies that was directly responsible for such misery, the blame of which was placed on the Germans. In the same way they blame 100,000 deaths in Iraq on – yes, you’ve guessed it: Saddam Hussain.

The propagandists have been in retreat since 1945 when all camps were said to be extermination camps. In the light of scientific and objective analysis they are now revealed as to be nothing of the kind.

Typically in 1946, a memorial plaque was unveiled at Dachau by Philip Auerbach, the Jewish State Secretary of the Bavarian Government.  The plaque read: 'This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 individuals who were cremated here.' 

Since then, this figure has consistently been revised downwards to its present total of 20,600, who it appears died from typhus and starvation at the end of the war.  Note:  Auerbach has since been convicted for embezzling money which he claimed for non-existent ‘dead’ Jews).


It is now claimed that the actual extermination camps coincidentally only happen to be situated in those parts of Europe occupied by the Soviets. Dr. Martin Broszat, the anti-Nazi Director of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, who can lay claim to being a major influence on the genocide issue, admitted in Die Zeit, August 19th 1960 'that there were no extermination camps on German soil' and that instead, one had to look 'above all to Auschwitz.'

How convenient that this last redoubt of the propagandists was occupied by the Red Army, a dab hand at extermination itself, which never allowed outside inspection until 10 years after the war's end. 

Gita Sereny, the Jewish holocaust historian admits: "Auschwitz, despite its emblematic name, was NOT primarily an extermination camp for the Jews and is not the central case through which to study extermination."

- The New Statesman, November 2 1979.


"A report that an Auschwitz building could not have been designed as a gas chamber is true but irrelevant." 

- Dr. Raul Hilberg, Los Angeles Times, February 23 1989.


"Our detailed research (into the holocaust) however mostly establishes only how shaky is the ground we're on: the consensus of research data often turns out only to be the result of everybody having uncritically copied what everybody else was writing; the actual documentary basis on many matters is frighteningly narrow and is in consequence easily shattered by some find or other.  In all too many matters we are still groping in total darkness.  If we are to avert being shown up, in the next few years historical research is going to have to do all it can not only to establish better documentary defences but broader-based ones as well." - Dr. Hans-Heinrich Wilhelm, University of Riga 1988. 


"A large number of testimonials on file here were later proved to be inaccurate when locations and dates could not pass an expert historian's appraisal." - Shmuel Krakowski, Director Archives, Yad Vashem, Israel.


Because 'Survivor' evidence has consistently been shown to be fraudulent the propagandists fall back on the 'evidence' of two prominent German administrators to support their claims. Rudolf Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz from 1940 until his arrest by the British Army in 1945. 

Subjected to torture and brain-washing, 'his testimony at Nuremberg was delivered in a mindless monotone as he stared blankly into space.' Even Reitlinger regarded his testimony as hopelessly untrustworthy; a catalogue of wild exaggerations.  These included his declaration that 16,000 Jews a day were disposed of - which would have meant 13 million in total. (Just short of the world's total Jewish population of 15 million!)

Tortured, his statement appears in American-English idiom yet there is no evidence that Rudolf Hoess could speak any English at all. Tried at Nuremberg and handed over to the Polish Communists in 1947, he was ordered to write the story of his life which was published as Wspomniena in the Polish language.  It is said that the hand-written original exists, but no one has ever seen it.  As was ‘The Diary’ of Anne Frank

The other major player being Oswald Pohl of the Economy and Administration Office: "Pohl had signed some incriminating statements after being subjected to severe torture including a bogus admission that he had seen a gas chamber at Auschwitz in the Summer of 1944." - Senator McCarthy.

Professor Paul Rassinier, a French Marxist and committed anti-National Socialist was arrested by the Germans during the war and interned at Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps between 1943 and 1945.  He has always been at the forefront in disproving the allegations of genocide.  "I was in Auschwitz from January, 1944 until December, 1944.  After the war I heard about the mass murders supposedly perpetrated by the S.S against the Jewish prisoners and I was perfectly astonished.  There were no secrets at Auschwitz". 

French Premier Leon Blum, who was in Buchenwald for two years (April 1943 – April 1945). During this time his biographer, Professor Louise Dalby, reports that he was never ‘even ill treated” except for the restriction on his liberty. - Dalby, Leon Blum: Evolution of a Socialist. New York: Thomas Yoseloff, 1963.

How odd that there is not a single mention of gas chambers in General Dwight Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe, Winston Churchill’s The Second World War or Charles dGaulle’s Memoires de Guerre.


WHY? "Why then are they, the Israelis, obstructing all honest research into the six million question?  All statistics will so long be controversial until world Jewry and Zionism will be willing to present to the public exact official statistics of the losses.  The roadblock to research is due to the fact that from six million dead one can extract far more reparations than from say 6,000."

- Joseph Ginsburg, Jewish survivor/researcher. Munich.


"A very disturbing thing has happened to journalism, to the writing of history, and even to justice.  In anything to do with the Nazis any attempt at detachment is considered suspect, any degree of objectivity reprehensible."

- Gite Sereny, April 21 1988.


"Are the truths on which the Holocaust relies so flimsy that they need smears to protect them, coupled with prison sentences like those now imposed in Germany, Austria, and France...?" - Auberon Waugh.


"Truth seeks the light, it doesn't shun it."

- Horace Mann, American Educationalist.


"I hope my fellow Old Brentwoodian Jack Straw does introduce legislation to make it a criminal offence subject to a two-year jail sentence to question the Holocaust.  That will bring everything out into the open. 


I shall claim the honour of being the first prosecuted by repeating the words for which I was fined £13,300 in Munich, banned from German territory and Second World War archives, namely ; 'The gas chamber shown to the tourists at Auschwitz is a fake built after the war by the Polish communists.'  I assume a British court will permit us to call witnesses and evidence which the German courts denied us. (The Polish authorities have since admitted that the structure in question was built in 1948.”  - David Irving, Historian. Sunday Times 20 October 1996.



Plants sow seeds of hate. By Fiona Hudson, city editor
Herald Sun 10 December  2004,5478,11643707%5E2862,00.html

Floral foul-up: A city street has been lined with swastika shapes in a week of major Jewish celebrations.
Picture: Andrew McColl

A FLORAL foul-up has left a city street lined with swastika shapes in a week of major Jewish celebrations.

Gardeners hired by Melbourne City Council intended to arrange the purple and white pot plants into neat geometric shapes. But they left six 3m garden beds along Swanston St displaying large Nazi symbols. Jewish community representatives were appalled last night by the timing of the blunder.

City venues including Federation Square are hosting hundreds of Jews this week to celebrate the eight-day Hanukkah festival. The council sent hired green thumbs to rearrange the six offending garden beds last night, about an hour after Herald Sun inquiries. "The arrangements, even if done inadvertently, are in appalling taste," Lord Mayor John So said. "I have asked that they be changed immediately."

Vandals were initially believed to have rearranged the plants as a racist slur. But closer investigation showed gardeners had inadvertently used the pattern. Jewish-born councillor Carl Jetter at first said he was appalled by the arrangements, which he thought were vandalism. "It's sad and it's unnecessary. It makes us, as an international destination, more uncomfortable," he said. "I disagree with and don't want to see any racist activity in our city." When told the swastikas appeared to be unintentional, Cr Jetter dismissed concerns. "It just sounds like an accident," he said.

A spokeswoman for deputy mayor Gary Singer, who is also Jewish, declined to make a comment. Holocaust Museum president Shmuel Rosenkranz described the flower fiasco as offensive to most Melburnians. "Any swastika anywhere would be of offence to anybody who lived through the Hitler era," he said.


Moscow court frees Russian Mein Kampf publisher. Activists outraged after publisher walks free.

By LEV KRICHEVSKY, JTA  Thursday, December 2, 2004

MOSCOW—Jewish leaders and human rights activists in Russia are outraged by a sentence handed down in the case of a publisher known for printing anti-Semitic articles. Alexander Brod, the director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, said activists would seek new opportunities to bring Viktor Korchagin to justice for activities that include the publication of a Russian edition of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

On Nov. 24, a Moscow court found Korchagin guilty of publishing hate materials and gave him a one-year suspended sentence, which was immediately annulled because of the statute of limitations. Boris Stambler, who has for several years tried to have charges brought against Korchagin, called the sentence “a mockery of common sense, facts and law.”

“Under the pretext of statute of limitations, the court has de facto acquitted Korchagin,” said Stambler, a Jewish veteran of World War II. The verdict, which was welcomed by ultranationalist leaders, was the result of four years of court battles waged by Stambler and other Jewish activists.

“I feel a serious concern that the culprit was not punished,” one of Russia’s chief rabbis, Berel Lazar, said in a statement. “The freedom of speech should have its limits. One cannot cover up one’s actions by freedom of speech in order to abuse, and call for pogroms and deportations.” Korchagin, appearing unrepentant, called the ruling a victory.

Two years ago, a Moscow court shut down one of Korchagin’s newspapers for publishing hate materials and calling for the deportation of Jews and other minorities. The decision on Russkie Vedomosti, or Russian Gazette, marked the first time that a media outlet was closed down in Russia under a media law that includes a ban on distribution of anti-Semitic and hate propaganda.

Despite the 2002 court ruling, Korchagin continued to call for a solution of the “Jewish question” through the deportation of Russia’s Jews in his other publications. He is the founder of a small publishing house called Vityaz, or Knight, that made a name for itself in conservative circles by publishing the “Library of a Russian Patriot.”

The collection of 25 paperback books includes such titles as the 19th-century anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russian translation of Henry Ford’s International Jew* and the writings of Jürgen Graf, a leading Holocaust denier. The entire collection is sold through mail order for the equivalent of $10.

Korchagin also published at least two editions of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” that can be found at some book stands in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia for about $10 per copy. Hate speech is a criminally punishable offense in Russia, although Russian courts have been reluctant to enforce the law. Since the end of communism, only one individual has served a prison sentence for publishing hate materials, even though dozens of anti-Semitic and xenophobic books and magazines are being published in Russia, according to human rights watchers.


Businessman wins rights to East German emblem

Hamburg: A court in Germany has granted a businessman lifelong copyright privileges to the former East Germany hammer-and-compass emblem because the Communist regime no longer exists. Businessman Manfred Jansen would be able to cash in on fees from anyone wishing to display the emblem in public, Hamburg State Court said.

The court turned down a complaint by Heinz Behling, a Berlin graphic artist who claimed to have created the emblem's design in 1949.The court cited doubts as to Behling's authenticity as the originator of the design.

In addition, the court sided with Jansen's attorneys in ruling that only emblems of existing governments were not liable to copyright restrictions. Jansen, paid the German patent office the paltry sum of 300 Euro ($A530) to acquire the rights for the logo, which depicts a hammer and compass set in a wreath of gain.

For his nominal investment, Jansen has gained the right to demand royalties from anyone putting the emblem on T-shirts, stickers and a host of other novelties.

In a country which has displayed a growing fascination for the communist kitsch of the now defunct state, that could mean big business. East Germany ceased to exist in October 1990, 41 years after its foundation under Soviet influence, when it was reunited with West Germany.

 Critics say that Jansen's move to profit from the legacy of the brutal East German regime is in poor taste. But for his part, Jansen says that his latest acquisition is business as usual. Agencies - December 11, 2004 - 8:28AM


The Hour Zero at the German Club in Adelaide, South Australia

 By David Brockschmidt, Adelaide 5 November 2004

So here we are again, putting on the Rocky Horror History Show with the main actors: His Excellency Dr Klaus Peter Klaiber, Federal Republic of Germany’s Ambassador to Australia; Uta Thofern, Editor-in-Chief of the German government propaganda broadcasting machine, Deutsche Welle;  Herr Jürgen, a German-Australian journalist who is a correspondent for the German newspaper Die Welt; and a Greek gentleman from the German-Australian Chamber of Commerce, trying to export South Australian pie-floaters and import German Bockwurst. The newly renovated German Club conference room, destroyed after the 8 November 2002 fire, was filled with about 120 German-Australians and Australians. Most of the audience always applauded the Ambassador and his chatterbox panel next to him, regardless of whether it was right or wrong, serious or funny. The whole show was organized and recorded by Australia’s public broadcaster, ABC News Radio, with the help and sponsorship of Deutsche Welle.

His Excellency Dr Klaiber talked about German re-unification and Germany’s place in the world today:

A Global Player – United Germany at the Heart of the expanding European Union.

The unification of the British, French and American zone of Germany, including the three western sectors of Greater Berlin, with the Soviet Zone – German Democratic Republic – of Germany, including the Soviet sector of Greater Berlin, has to be explained within an historical context. This starts with the Allied World War Two conference in Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam, and with the capitulation of the German army, navy and airforce at Rheims before US General Eisenhower and British Field Marshall Montgomery on 7 May 1945, and a repeat performance a day later, in Berlin on 8 May 1945 before the Soviet Union’s General Zhukov.

This was known as the Hour Zero, which is a bit of nonsense because history is always in the making.

Our speaker, the Ambassador, brought the Hour Zero forward to 1949, the founding year of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This, of course, is an old trick politicians and diplomats always use if an historical time period does not fit their ideology and/or their political version of history. So if you want to speak on German re-unification in 1989, as the Ambassador did, you cannot begin at 1949 but you have to go back at least to the end of World War Two and even then refer to the World War One Diktat of Versailles that was forced on to Germany.

This, of course, His Excellency did not do. He made it quite clear that he does not wish to talk about the time period which includes Imperial Germany, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich and the causes of World Wars One and Two.

But German history does not start in 1949, Your Excellency!

Before I asked His Excellency my question, I had to interrupt proceedings and remind the chatterbox panel on stage, including the ABC moderator Marius Benson that this question time belongs to the people, and we, the audience, have not come here to listen to their politically correct nonsense. As soon as I was talking, that elusive roving microphone, which somehow had remained on the other side of the room, arrived and so I did not have to raise my voice any longer.

Although he had been waiting for about 15 minutes and obviously being ignored by ABC News Radio’s Andrew Patterson running around with the roving microphone, Dr Fredrick Töben, director of the Adelaide Institute, managed to get to the microphone as Patterson moved away from me.

Töben asked the Ambassador to comment on his starting point – 1949 – and how that conflicts with the moves that are afoot in Germany to re-activate the German Reich, for example Horst Mahler’s activities in Berlin. And if 1949 is a starting point, then why does Deutsche Welle present the Auschwitz matter in its programs.

Dr Klaiber said the question embarrassed him, and he visibly faltered and became quite rude. He claimed this was all nonsense and Töben didn’t know what he was talking about. What Töben is talking about is clearly a fringe matter, and he wondered from where Töben had received this information. Töben advised that such material is all over the Internet, to which Dr Klaiber responded this is all right-wing craziness  ‘Spinnerein’, then advised Töben to “Switch off the Internet”.

Uta Thofern responded by saying that she was pleased Töben had had a look at the Deutsche Welle brochure that she had handed out for this meeting, and he had obviously read the note 60 Years after Auschwitz. She claimed that Germans must never forget what happened at Auschwitz and how on 27 January 1945 the extermination camp was liberated by the Soviets.

[Afterwards Töben spoke with Ambassador Klaiber to say that he was unnecessarily defensive and even rudely undiplomatic. Dr Klaiber responded by saying that he felt Töben was identifying himself too closely mit diesen Gedankengängen – with these thought patterns. Töben said that kind of thinking has him before the Mannheim court next Monday, then Töben also informed the Ambassador that this kind of thinking caused him to be imprisoned in 1999 for seven months at Mannheim. The Ambassador said he did not know anything about that. Then a Prof Dr Jürgen Meyer came into the picture who described himself as the Delegierter des Deutschen Bundestages im Verfassungskonvent der Europäischen Union – German government delegate to the European Union’s constitutional convention. He was well versed in all matters and simply brushed away the argumentation that we presented, a la Horst Mahler and the re-activation of the German Reich.]

When the two finished with their responses, reluctantly the roving microphone man came to me and handed me the mike that by this time a sweaty hand had uncomfortably saturated. Patterson handed over the mike saying, “Make it short”, to which I replied, “I make it as short or as long as is necessary.”

The Ambassador’s comment that Töben switch off the Internet gave me the opportunity to commence my questioning with the following: “Mr Ambassador, the Internet is our weapon of mass instruction, and we will not switch it off as you suggested.”

I asked the Ambassador if Germany today is a sovereign, independent country, according to international law, and then added that in my opinion it is not for the following reasons. The moderator, Benson, and the Ambassador attempted to silence me but, with some difficulty,  I managed to state most of the following points:

1.        Germany was at war in WWII with 52 countries. Germany has no peace treaty with any of them, which means, according to international Law, there is only a cease fire.

2.        The imprisonment of the legal German government under Grossadmiral Dönitz by the British military occupation forces in Germany was, according to international law, illegal and in violation of the Geneva and the Haage Conventions of War. Not the German government but the German defence force capitulated to the Allied Forces. 

3.        In a final judgment in 1974 the Constitutional Court in Germany made it clear that the German Reich still exists ‘de jure’ within its December 1, 1937 borders.

4.        Foreign military installations in Germany occupied by Belgium, France, Canada, Great Britain and the USA are extra-territorial, where German law and German jurisdiction does not apply and cannot be enforced. The occupational costs of these armies have still to this day to be paid by the German taxpayer. This means ‘de jure’ and ‘de facto’ Germany is still an occupied country today, based on the rights and responsibility of the victor powers over Germany after World War Two.

5.        The 2+4 Agreements between the two German states, FRG and GDR, and the four Victor Powers France, Great Britain, USA and ex-Soviet Union, do not effect the rights of these war allied powers over Germany. It only releases them of their responsibilities towards Germany, which is quite convenient for them. The so-called Transfer Agreement – Überleitungsvertrag, which regulates the status of the foreign occupational forces in Germany within the framework of Nato, makes it crystal clear that these agreements do not touch the rights of the Allies based on the Teheran-Yalta-Potsdam Agreements between them. About 80% of the text of the 2+4 Agreement is classified information for another 30 years. 

6.        This brings us to the so-called enemy provisions – Feinstaatenklauseln against Germany and Japan, laid down by the victors over Germany within the UN Charter in 1945. The core of these clauses say if ever a government comes to power in Germany or Japan, even freely and democratically elected, which the victors over Germany and Japan do not agree with, the victors can then dissolve the elected parliaments, re-occupy the countries, re-establish military occupational law, and install their own puppet regimes against the will of the German and Japan peoples.

7.        It is generally agreed today that East Germany – Mitteldeutschland-central Germany – and the Soviet Sector of Greater Berlin was an artificial construct of the Soviet Union. This entity called itself the German Democratic Republic. It was neither German nor democratic nor a republic. Its constitution was written in Moscow and forced on the East Germans against their will. What the East and West Germans really wanted became clear in the 17 June 1953 workers uprising in the Soviet Zone of Germany and the Soviet Sector of Greater Berlin against their communist puppet government forced on to them by the Soviet occupiers. The workers’ demands were: i. Free elections in all of Germany; ii. The removal of all occupational forces from German soil; iii. Strict military and political neutrality of Germany, based on the Swedish or Swiss model; iv. Germany will function as a bridge between East and West. We also have to keep in mind here that the eastern parts of Germany – West and East Prussia and Silesia – is still under Polish and Russian administration as laid down in the Potsdam Agreement. The victors over Germany were of course not interested in a peaceful and neutral Germany. They wanted to hold on to their war booty as long as possible. While the ex-Soviet Union has left Germany for good, the Western powers still occupy Germany.

8.        The great French leader, General De Gaulle, made it clear on a state visit to the Soviet Union informed the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR, Nikita S Khrushchev, that he will never recognise East Germany because this entity is an artificial construct of the Soviet Union against the will of the German people in East and West Germany. The interesting thing is that Prof. Dr. Carlo Schmid, leader of the Social Democratic Party, SPD, of Germany, and Professor of International law, said exactly the same as General De Gaulle, about the Federal Republic of Germany.  In the forerunner of the German Parliament – Parliamentarischer Rat on 8 September 1948 he said:


 “The Federal Republic of Germany is not a state, but a construct of the occupational powers in the western zones of Germany violating international law and forced on the Germans living in the western zones of Germany against their own will.”

9.        I asked the Ambassador, with all these mentioned limitations and restrictions under which Germans have to live today, if he still thinks the country he represents here in Australia is truly independent according to International law? The Ambassador, Dr Klaiber, answered: “Yes”.

 It did not help my pointing out that the US Ambassador in Germany, Mr Kornblum, made it clear to the German Schröder government that Germany is not an autonomous-independent state, a comment published in the German media, including Der Spiegel, sometime last year.

 Is there any hope for Germany, a country whose people live in a permanent state of denial? Not as long as the Frankfurter Schule, the Marxist mind-set rules supreme there. Why? Because the Frankfurter Schule’s maxim is: “It cannot be what is not allowed to be.”

As to Germany’s military occupation after World War Two, we ought to recall what some historians say:  “The victors came as occupiers to Germany and stayed as friends”.

A friend who overstays his visit will certainly not be invited again. The Allies have overstayed their visit – an occupation for 60 years now. It’s time to go home boys!



David Brockschmidt, left, with the Ambassador Dr Klaus Peter Klaiber, right,



David Brockschmidt engaging Prof Jürgen Meyer the German gate-keeper who opposes German self-determination.


The Iraq Election has been set down for 27 January 2005, that's the Holocaust Memorial - Auschwitz Liberation Day.

Coincidence? Certainly NOT!

Anyone who opposes the Auschwitz Gas Chamber Lie = German Hatred should oppose the coupling of these dates.

Note: The above comment was written between 6-11 November 2004 when the item about the election was broadcast on the news. The election date was changed to 30 January 2005 during the first or second week in December 2004!


HARLAN -- "Every minute was a triumph for me to be alive," Judy Meisel told 150 wide-eyed freshmen at Harlan Community High School Thursday.

 Meisel, a survivor of the Nazi death camps, spoke to students in Harlan, Audubon and Elk Horn-Kimballton last week. Her visit was sponsored by The Danish Immigrant Museum.

Meisel related her experiences and answered questions after students watched her documentary film, Tak for Alt, meaning Thanks for Everything. The film describes her experiences during World War II, and her eventual arrival in Denmark during the spring of 1945.

Meisel told students more than 6 million people were killed by the Nazis, including 1.5 million children, and 146 members of her own family.

She was taken into custody and placed in the concentration camp, forced into slave labor at the age of 12. "My hair was torn out, I was hungry and didn't know what to think," she recalled.

Food consisted of a morsel of bread, if lucky, and soup. The water spicket was opened twice a day. One of her scariest moments was watching her mother taken to the gas chamber.

When she visited the same chamber years later, you could still see the fingernails in the walls of the chamber, she said.  

Meisel and her sister were able to escape when during a snowstorm, a bomb was dropped that scattered many of the slaves heading to the factory.

The two made their way to a nearby house and crossed the river into safe territory. They were liberated in Denmark by the British. 

In the spring, the museum will sponsor a special essay contest for area students called Tribute to Rescuers, where students will write about and identify individuals who have demonstrated moral courage.


Fredrick Töben's comment: I did not see any fingernails in the walls!




Ernst Zündel not alone, but still exclusive prisoner of Zion



Sent: Saturday, December 11, 2004 3:41 AM

Subject: Secret trials:


Canada Briefs Column. By SUN NEWS SERVICES



OTTAWA -- Security certificates won a federal court's stamp of approval yesterday, just as critics ramped up a campaign to abolish the government's use of the "secret trials" for terrorist suspects. Yesterday the Federal Court of Appeal upheld a 2003 decision that declared the use of security certificates constitutional. The ruling was a blow to Adil Charkaoui, a 31-year-old Moroccan native  accused of being a sleeper agent for terrorist group al-Qaida. He is being held under a security certificate with Syrian Hassan Almrei, Algerian Mohamed Harkat and Egyptians Mahmoud Jaballah and Mohammad Mahjoub. Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is also detained under a certificate. The six men are now indefinitely jailed in Canada and force deportation under security certificates -- five of them Muslims labelled threats to national security. Marking International Human Rights Day, advocates lined up to condemn the "affront to democracy and justice."


*Attention News Editors:

 *Secret trials: Canada's worst dirty little secret? Prominent Canadians demand abolition of "security certificates"


OTTAWA, Dec. 10 /CNW Telbec/ - The federal government must abolish security certificates, hold open trials for all detainees and not deport them, prominent Canadians demanded today in Ottawa. Across the country, people staged actions in honour of December 10th, the International Day for Human Rights, to bolster those demands.


Five Muslim men have waited a combined total of over 174 months in Canadian jail cells without bail, charges or evidence that even their lawyers can't access. All face the risk of deportation into torture. "The security certificate process does not conform to a number of essential international legal standards," said Alex Neve, General Secretary of Amnesty International Canada (English-speaking branch). "Justice and security will prevail only when we disallow violations of fundamental human rights such as arbitrary detention and torture, and instead institute fair proceedings. But the security certificate denies both justice and security." 


Supporters of Mohamed Harkat and the four other Muslim men being held on security certificates released a statement signed by over 300 groups and individuals sharing Neve's concerns. Notable signatories include NDP leader Jack Layton, singer Bruce Cockburn, film-maker Denys Arcand and former Progressive Conservative MP Flora MacDonald, all of whom share strong concerns about the weakening of fundamental human rights in Canada in the name of the "war on terror".


Organizational supporters include the Law Union of Ontario, the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, labour unions, Amnesty International and nineteen other human rights organizations. "These secret trials may be Canada's worst dirty little secret," said Deborah Bourque, President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. "This security legislation clearly comes from a fear-based government agenda that gives police and courts more power while integrating Canadian and U.S. policies on immigration." Riad Saloojee, Executive Director of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, spoke of the fear that the detentions have evoked in the Arab and Muslim communities.


"For many Canadian Muslims and Arabs, security certificates embody an arbitrary and non-transparent legal process that they never expected to find in a democratic country they now call home," said Saloojee. "Muslims and Arabs have unfortunately been the most common casualties under this deeply flawed process." Today's day of action against secret trials sees events and actions happening in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax, among other cities.


The Muslim men being held are: Hassan Almrei, Syrian, held since October 20, 2001; Adil Charkaoui, Moroccan, held since May, 2003; Mohamed Harkat, Algerian, held since December 10, 2002; Mahmoud Jaballah, Egyptian, held for 9 months in 1999, cleared of allegations, held again since August 2001; Mohammad Mahjoub, Egyptian, held since June, 2000.


A sixth man, Ernst Zundel, a German, has been held since February 2003.


More information on the Muslim detainees: ://


- and Ernst Zündel fades into oblivion because Amnesty International does not cover so-called prisoners of conscience that claim the ‘Holocaust’ is a lie! Such individuals are regarded as ‘terrorists’!


For further information: Jessica Squires, Justice for Mohamed Harkat, Committee: (613) 328-5831; Pour de plus amples renseignements en français, veuillez contacter: Christian Legeais, Comité d'appui à Mohamed Harkat,(613) 276-9102.


For This Man, Orwell's '1984' Nightmare Is A Constant Reality






Ernst Zündel - Free Man


Don't  Forget Ernst Zündel This Holiday Season.


Victim of Thoughtcrime. Victim of Fascism. Victim of Zionism.


Ernst Zündel - Prisoner


Times like these can be especially hard for someone unjustly imprisoned by a government gone mad, separated from family, friends and loved ones, simply for daring to think, write or believe counter to the controlling establishment forces and its corrupt dictates.


Ernst Zündel, imprisoned in Canada for questioning the accuracy of Holocaust claims, has recently met with one discouraging blow to his case for freedom after another. This holiday season, remember Ernst by sending him a Christmas Card to lift his spirits, to show solidarity for his cause and to flex the muscles of liberty which he is denied everyday.


Let Ernst know he is not alone, let the authorities know he has the support of the people and bring a little light into a very dark place for a very brave and sacrificial man of conscience.


Send your word of encouragement to:


Ernst Zündel

Cell 7

 Toronto West Detention Centre

PO Box 4950

 Rexdale, ON, M9W IM3



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