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December 2005: Mr Berclaz has now been released from prison

Think on these things

On se souvient que le révisionniste suisse René-Louis Berclaz avait fini par
se livrer aux autorités diplomatiques suisses de Bucarest le vendredi 26
novembre (voy. n/message du 28 novembre intitulé "R.-L. Berclaz se livre à
la justice suisse").
Ce n'est que le samedi 4 décembre au soir que nous avons appris sa détention
à la prison centrale de Fribourg.  Lundi 6 décembre, il a été transféré à la
prison de Sion (canton du Valais). Depuis son incarcération, il subit un
régime de réclusion (en cellule 23h sur 24), alors qu¹il devrait être
astreint à un régime de détention simple (dit "emprisonnement").
Voici l'adresse actuelle de la prison où il est détenu et où l'on peut lui
écrire des cartes de soutien, de sympathie et d'encouragement:

Monsieur René-Louis BERCLAZ
Prison des Iles
Case postale 1080
CH-1951  SION



You will remember that the Swiss revisionist Rene-Louis Berclaz had ended up
surrendering to the Swiss diplomatic authorities in Bucharest Friday 26th
November (see message of 28th November entitled "R.-L Berclaz is delivered
to Swiss justice").


It was only Saturday evening, 4th December, that we
learned of his detention in the central prison at Freiburg.


Monday, 6th December, he was transferred to the prison of Sion (canton of Valais).


Since his incarceration, he has been subjected to solitary confinement
(in cell 23 hrs out of 24), then he should be put into
simple detention (called "imprisonment").


Here is the address of the prison where he is currently being held

and where you can to write to him and send
cards of support, sympathy and encouragement:

Monsieur René-Louis BERCLAZ
Prison des Iles
Case postale 1080
CH-1951  SION





Richard Wagner's magnificent epic tale

The Ring Des Nibelungen

16 November - 12 December 2004 


A skull-splitting Genius — das Jahrtausendgenie — created

Der Ring Des Nibelungen

"No wonder Wotan, who represents the Will, ultimately begins to long for the advent of a higher power the ideal man — to extricate the gods from their position! But not till the middle of The Ring does the highest order of all appear — the order of hero — in the person of Siegfried, who makes an end of dwarfs, giants, and gods; destroys the artificial rule of law, and inaugurates a new reign of freedom of thought. Such, in brief outline, is the message of The Ring. But, in truth, if one may put it frankly, very few musicians give any thought to the message of The Ring.  

- J Cuthbert Hadden, The Operas of Wagner


"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome's decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her falling trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars. The political causes of decay were rooted in one fact - that increasing despotism destroyed the citizen's civic sense, and dried up statesmanship at its source."

Dr Will Durant, The Story of Civilization, Vol.111


"In times of unrighteousness and disorder, women become corrupted; from the corruption of women comes the mixing of races; and from this comes all evil." 

The Bhagavad Gita



Fredrick Töben summs up

Das Rheingold

Die Walküre




Conductor Asher Fisch with Fredrick Töben.

Asher Fisch's aim is to perform Wagner's Ring

in Jerusalem by 2010.


Dedicated to

Mordechai Vanunu

Mobile  + 52 2260908


Richard Wagner's music Vanunu's method of freedom


"The Israelis wanted to burn me. They tried to make me crazy,

to discredit me. But I never cracked. I read, studied, listened

to opera. For Yom Kippur I put on Wagner in my cell. This

was my method of staying free, of showing them that

I wasn't theirs and was, therefore, sturdy."


Peace Activist

  Israel sparking an arms race: Vanunu



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