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Dr Claus Nordbruch visits Australia

Before commencing proceedings, Dr Fredrick Töben read out a letter from the German National Democratic Party (NPD) Chairman, Udo Voigt, wishing Australian supporters of the patriotic cause all the very best. He reminded them that it was Prime Minister John Howard who on 2 April 2004 banned Voigt from entering Australia. Voigt assumes that this ban was effected because of the German federal government's intervention, for fear of NPD influence taking hold in German-Australian patriotic circles.


Dr Nordbruch does not touch the 'Holocaust', nor is he interested in racist issues because his focus is on the universal that applies to all peoples of the world: free speech and historical truth.  He claims that without freedom of thought and freedom of expression the qualities that make us human - Mensch - cannot fully develop. In the  Federal Republic of Germany free speech is constitutionally guaranteed but in practice it does not exist.

De-briefing after the event - with thanks to Robert for supplying the home brew beer

 At Geelong


                  Dr Claus Nordbruch in Geelong enjoying his meal in            Fredrick Töben, Claus Nordbruch and John Bennett

                  delightful company.                                                                         Ready to conquer the highest peaks – die höchsten

                                                                                                                              Gipfel zu erstürmen.



Christopher Wimmer interviews Dr Claus Nordbruch in the Melbourne SBS studio. Mr Wimmer gently asked Dr Nordbruch critical questions that aimed to indict Dr Nordbruch as a 'right wing' 'neo-Nazi', which badly failed. Before the interview Mr Wimmer had indicated that he would be very pleased to also interview Dr Töben because he was "the leading Holocaust Revisionist in Australia". Wimmer's final question to Dr Nordbruch attempted to elicit from Nordbruch a reason why he associated with Töben. The formulation of Wimmer's question to Nordbruch smacked of contempt for the Revisionists. At the end of the Nordbruch interview, Christopher Wimmer advised Dr Töben that suddenly he had no time to interview Töben. So much for Wimmer's moral and intellectual integrity!


At Myrtleford

Australia is a 'voluntary' society, and Dr Nordbruch notices how this is expressed quite openly with welcoming signs for visitors entering any Australian town.


Dr Claus Nordbruch at Harmonie - the German Club in Canberra 


Dr Nordbruch's main point during his presentation focused on the last white South African president, F W de Klerk's betrayal of his own people by making false promises during the 1992 referendum. In contrast, de Klerk's successor, Nelson Mandela, did not deceive his people because he achieved the realization of the policies that he promised his people, e.g. transformation of society and implementation of affirmative action programs.

Dr Nordbruch also focused on the specific German phenomenon: Doppelte Kollektivschuld - double collective guilt. In detail Nordbruch spoke how Germans have accepted that they were solely responsible for World War Two, and that they were responsible for the systematic extermination - genocide - of European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers.

It is upon these twin pillars of collective guilt that the present German federal republic rests. Dr Nordbruch proves this quite conclusively by referring to a number of German authorities. Although the Federal German 'constitution' guarantees free speech, any views that challenge these two pillars that make up the German Kollektivschuld will be criminally pursued.

As an aside Dr Nordbruch emphasized how fear paralyzes individuals into submission, and enables tyrants to suppress freedom loving peoples. If only individuals were to lose their fear of fear, then freedom would blossom. This was the case at the end of the Weimar Republic where Germans simply refused to pay taxes by hanging a black flag out their windows to show their passive resistance towards the Weimar government.


From: "Harmonie German Club Office"

3 January, 2004
Dear Sir
I refer to discussion of the proposed address in 6 January, 2005,... on 1 January, 2004 and confirm my advice that the venue is not available and the proposed talk cannot occur at the Harmonie German Club in Narrabundah.
Yours faithfully,



During the Sydney Interlude, 7-8 January 2005



            Welf Herfurth and Fredrick Töben display                                             … and the NPD’s flag with the Sydney

                   Horst Mahler’s German Reich flag.                                                          Opera House in the background.


Dr Fredrick Töben reads out NPD’s leader Udo Voigt’s greetings, left; Dr Claus Nordbruch delivering his lecture, centre; Töben and Nordbruch with long-time supporter of Adelaide Institute, Mr Robert Fraser, right.


Meeting at the German Club Gold Coast - 9 January 2005

The Canberra based Goethe Society  had the audacity to attempt to stop this daring function by intimidating the organiser.

Fortunately the organiser of this event at the German Club proved to have a strong backbone consisting of such moral values as, among other things, truth, honour, justice, courage.

In a telephone conversation with the organiser the Goethe Society man in Canberra did not even have the courage to give his full name, other than identify himself as Karl. He wished to have the function cancelled because of Dr Nordbruch's fundamental criticism of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Consequently there were 11 men and 11 women who delighted in listening to Dr Nordbruch's invigorating message of hope that is based on his personal fundamental knowledge of the German and South African political situation.

A few One Nation supporters welcomed the insights Dr Nordbruch offered as regards the German NPD and DVU alliance. They aim to defeat the major parties at the next federal election, thereby gaining political power and liberating Germany and Europe from the Evil Axis of globalism, consumerism and neo-connism.

Fredrick Toben and Claus Nordbruch enjoying splendid hospitality



The Email that speaks for itself

From: "Gisela Puellen and Karl Gordon"
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 4:26 PM
Subject: Talk in Canberra details
Thank you for sending us this information about Claus Nordbruch's visit. After investigating this matter further, we would like to make it clear that the Goethe Society does not want to be associated in any way with this event. Any earlier offers to assist were made in ignorance of the subject of this visit and are hereby withdrawn. Could we please ask you to acknowledge this email and confirm that you will not be associating our name in any way with this visit.

Your sincerely, Dr Karl Gordon, President.


An historical moment for Dr Claus Nordbruch

Just before he successfully completed his officer's training course at the Kampftruppenschule Munster in 1984, Nordbruch had this photo taken. On the brick wall is a relief of the German Reich at 1937. On 31 July 1973 the Bundesverfassungsgericht handed down a judgment that confirmed this still to be the case: The German Reich still exists. It is merely not operational (handlungsunfähig). The German Reich did not cease to exist in 1945, and the Federal Republic of Germany is not the legal successor of the German Reich. Ref.: 2BvF 1/73.


Dr Claus Nordbruch: My Tribute to Australia

Owing to Adelaide Institute's kind invitation it was possible for me to gain more than just a superficial impression of Australia, something that is usually available to the ordinary tourist. By travelling over three thousand kilometres throughout south and along the eastern seaboard  of Australia I had the privilege not just to enjoy the breadth and beauty of the Australian landscape but also to meet a most varied group of Australians. Having lived in South Africa for almost two decades I am well accustomed to travelling enormous distances in intensive sunshine and along cross-country roads, I nevertheless recognized the differences between these two great countries in the Southern hemisphere.

While in South Africa rubbish on the roads and potholes become more and more common, the Australian infrastructure is clean and functioning. While South African drivers seem to use their vehicles rather to release their pent-up tensions by aggressively travelling at reckless speeds, the Australians generally drive their cars in a disciplined manner. Even if the speed limit is reduced to a pathetic 100km/h or less, the Australian road users behave strictly to the rules -well, most of them do. The architecture in Australia is quite similar to the way houses are built in mainly white suburbs in South Africa. However, one decisive difference has to be mentioned. While South African houses and property is generally fenced in with huge walls and protected by electrical fences, the equivalent Australian houses are not. This fact reveals everything about criminality and the safety of the people in these two countries. From that point of view, living in Australia is certainly much more dignified.

I appreciated and delighted in the Australian hospitality and the high standard of living. The Australian cuisine which apparently is often influenced by Asian cooking is just delicious.

While walking in the streets and looking at the people I became aware of the natural beauty of many Australian girls and women. Unlike in America, for instance, the fair sex in Australia is generally not obese. Women dress tastefully and are great in shape. Eyes and faces of many Australian females are just adorable. Unfortunately my purpose to visit Australia was not to look for a bride.

However, the essential question remains - what is inside the Australians’ heads?

There is actually no doubt that in Australia too, just like in any other first world country, hedonism, materialism and a manner of compulsive and addictive consumption exist. Hence, it was of tremendous importance for me to meet as many people as possible. Dr F Töben, director of Adelaide Institute, has impressive contacts and so this meeting of a cross-section of Australian was realized.

I addressed Australians from all walks of life. There were those who had an intellectual and professional background and those who were self-taught. They all came from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I met multimillionaires and poor people, super clean and mildly dirty people, highly sophisticated and some antisocial individuals, academics and rather less educated folks, some people holding a Weltanschauung and others only having a superficial ideology that often blends into a religious belief.

I noticed that all these people had at least something in common: They fearlessly voiced their criticism on some aspects of Australian political affairs, they did not hesitate massively to criticise the ideology of globalism and its effect on world peace, and of course most had an interest in German and South African matters. All of them were truth-seekers who do not like being lied to by anyone.

The Australian authorities acted in a professional and decent manner when I arrived at Perth International Airport. Not so representatives of the Canberra-based Federal German Goethe Institut. Totally brainwashed/re-educated and in the service of the real axis of evil - hedonism/multiculturalism/neoconnism - these individuals proved to be unaware of the cardinal value of freedom of speech. Being German myself it embarrasses me that they attempted to hinder Australian citizens from attending political-cultural meetings that local Australian organizers had offered. It is a real pleasure to note that the Australian organizers did not bend to the pressure that these pathetic individuals attempted to exert upon them, in particular at the Gold Coast function.

In spite of the fact that my tour was arranged at short notice and because it fell within the festive season,  my trip to lovely Australia was a tremendous success – thanks to my open-minded audience, the organizers‘ courage and self-assertion and the unselfish efforts of Dr Töben, of course. A big thank you to all those who helped put me up, who fed me, who listened to me, who bought my books. Encore!

Dr Claus Nordbruch

Pretoria, South Africa, 16 January 2005


Dr Fredrick Töben thanks all those individuals who made this tour a roaring success by supporting and donating time and money for the cause.



After the event visiting supporters who could  not make it to Dr Nordbruch’s function.

Miss Lila MacIntosh, Mrs  Joyce Moylan, Mr & Mrs Langer

Mr Albert Cains, Mr Leonard Banks

Adelaide Institute’s Secretary/Treasurer Mr George Kausch in pensive mood with Mr Christopher Steele.


PS: NPD party chairman, Udo Voigt was refused entry into Australia because

“Specifically you have failed to meet Public Interest Criterion 4003, which states:

4003. The applicant is  not determined by the Foreign Minister, or a person authorised by

the Foreign Minister, to be a person whose presence in Australia:

(a) is, or would be, prejudicial to relations between Australia and a foreign country; or

(b) may be directly associated with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”


Maria Psiroukis, Senior Migration Officer, 15 April 2003.

Australian Embassy Berlin, Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs and Indigenous Affairs, Wallstrasse 76-79, 10179 Berlin, Germany.


A Geoff Muirden Book Review

John Bayley: Daylight Corroboree; a first-hand account of the ‘Wanda Koolmatrie’ hoax

Eidolon Press, 2004, ISBN 0958546649 128 pp, $A19-95. Book available from Peace Books, PO Box 3300, Norwood 5067, Australia

This book highlights the way political correctness has been used as a weapon in Australia to deny recognition and publication rights to whites and to give preferential treatment to aborigines. It was in a bid to seek recognition that he, and fellow writer, Leon Carmen, invented bogus Australian aboriginal writer, "Wanda Koolmatrie", thus achieving " fame" in literary circles, including a valuable prize, with the publication of "her" novel, My Own Sweet Time, until the hoax was exposed. The actual writers decided that if they could not achieve publication and recognition as whites, a skin change - and change of gender - would achieve what the antiwhite attitude would not. And this is, of course, yet another example of the way anti-white racism operates today, to suppress chances of positive recognition and publication of their work by those of the white race.

The cover photo shows a pair of gloved hands using a typewriter keyboard. The gloves are black to symbolise the adoption of a black personality. But the white author, John Bayley, takes off his "black gloves" to reveal his part in the hoax, including his "frissons of fear" at critical moments when it seemed as if the fraud would be prematurely revealed. It is surprising to read his amazement at the furore generated by the confession and an attempt to convict him, a bid which, fortunately for him, failed. It is naive to expect that those whose reputations were shattered by encouraging the "black writer" would not be furious. Understandably, like Queen Victoria, they are "not amused".

The Koolmatrie Hoax has earned fame - or infamy - by being listed in ‘Who’s Who; Hoaxes, imposture and Identity Crises In Australian Literature’, edited by Maggie Nolan and Carrie Dawson. Australian Literary Studies, v.21 # 4, 2004. The release of this volume is significant, as the blurb on the back says, because this hoaxer’s "Who’s Who" "brings together for the first time essays that consider a range of high-profile cases of literary hoaxing, identity crisis or imposture in Australian literature." Maggie Nolan, who lectures in Australian Studies at the Brisbane Campus of ACU National, devotes a whole chapter to 'In His Own Sweet Time: Carmen’s Coming Out', pp. 134-148.

It’s "Carmen get it", with John Bayley receiving hardly any mention, nor is Daylight Corroboree so much as mentioned in the bibliography at the end. Carmen may be coming out but Bayley’s been bailed out.

Maggie Nolan at first seems to come out swinging, agreeing with the fact that white writers are now forced to become "aboriginal" in order to survive, and she mentions that Carmen had to take a lot of "working class" jobs to survive, but she puts a "spin" on it, insisting that the whites had become used to a "privileged position" and are disturbed about it ending. The fact that she is instrumental in encouraging a new "privileged class" in literature does not faze her. She even cites Hilary McPhee, head of the Australia Council, as saying that Carmen’s - and Bayley’s - book "would not have been published had it been known he was not an Aboriginal woman", p. 140, with no apparent embarrassment about this discrimination. Such is the magic of Doublethink.

Why? Well, one reason is that she decides that the "figmentary" Wanda was part of the "stolen generation" and it is therefore crass of Leon Carmen to say that "Wanda" overcomes bad conditions and doesn’t cry about it. - p. 142. She cites Carmen as saying that "Wanda is a symbol of what I might have been myself" - p.144. Because of the overall theme of overcoming obstacles,which sends a positive message to Aboriginals, Carmen - and Bayley - decide that - they - are on the side of the blackfellas - p.145. All wrong, decides Ms Nolan, what Wanda should be doing is crying in angst. Carmen - and Bayley - should not be doing so. She moans about the "stolen generations", in which aboriginal children were supposedly abducted from their families, and cites Robert Manne in support, failing to acknowledge, as Peter Howson writes in the Melbourne newspaper, The Age 3 April, 2001, that "one believer in the "stolen generations" claim, Robert Manne, has now acknowledged serious errors in the report by Sir Ronald Wilson , Bringing Them Home.  But Manne and others continue to promulgate the myth without producing substantive evidence."

Peter Howson concludes that "it is a sad indictment of academia that so much of it continues to focus on trying to indict white Australians for past bad behaviour. They should instead be trying to find solutions to the serious current problems being experienced by the small minority of aborigines who have not moved to urban centres and intermarried with non-inidigenes."There are more details about the "stolen generation" hoax on the Institute for Private Enterprise website - - under Inquiry IntoThe Stolen Generation.

Roberta Sykes tells us - in Hoaxers Who’s Who - "appropriation of Koolmatrie reveals a flaw in the national psyche." - p.143. Phillip Morrissey pitches it stronger: "there is something pathological in Bayley - here he gets a mention! - and Carmen’s creation of the figure of Wanda Koolmatrie." - p. 146.

There are minor hints in the journal that the motives for hoaxing are known but there is no solid basis for saying that it is a rejection of political correctness. It is at best a literary slap on the wrist. Maureen Clark’s chapter headed "Mudrooroo: Crafty Imposter or Rebel with a Cause?" shows how Colin Johnson - author of Wildcat Falling - used dubious claims to "aboriginal ancestry" to launch himself to fame, but she is ambivalent about whether he should be denounced as a "crafty imposter" or as a "rebel with a cause"? If the latter, what "Cause?" His own advancement?

The real purpose of anti-white racism, coming from Communist origins - not mentioned in Hoaxers’ Who’s Who - is to create a "guilt trip" for whites, educated in schools and universities to denigrate their own culture, intending to weaken them so they do not resist unreasonable demands from other races. If they have the temerity to oppose their own abolition, they are dubbed "white supremacists" wanting "privileges."

John Bayley and Leon Carmen do not so much want "privileges" as a "fair go" in competing with black writers on even terms, instead of being underpriviliged minorities in a "politically correct world." John Bayley is a wordsmith, who enjoys the game of playing with words and has even invented some of his own - such as "mandito"- an "instructive chat". The interesting thing is that he and his white colleague did not lay it on too "thick" in his literary production. He could have produced great "waves of agony" about a black struggling to survive in a white world but, apart from being subjected to a few "racist" expressions and many setbacks, the imaginary Wanda Koolmatrie is a rugged individualist, able to survive regular changes of fortune without too much angst. In fact, she has a lot of "street smarts". "She" eventually finds "her" forte in joining in with an Aboriginal acting group and writing songs. The mention of Eidolon Books recalls a now-defunct sci-fi group in Australia. But, for John Bayley, he insists that "eidolon means a spectre or idealised figure" which is precisely how he sees Wanda Koolmatrie, a portrait actually painted with affection. He did not anticipate Maggie Nolan preferring "Wanda" to writhe in agony, which is apparently what she should be doing.

The title of the book, Daylight Corroboree is a hoax, since corroborees are performed at night. In the book itself, it is made plain that the title is a pun on "daylight robbery". Sometimes the puns are agonizing, as in the name called out to the Turks at Gallipoli: "can’t stand ya nose pulled"  - Constantinople, which led them to change it to "Istanbul"! There is a certain comic talent and satirical air in John Bayley which needs tapping.

There is a possibility that the name "Koolmatrie" was taken from a real aboriginal artist, Yvonne Koolmatrie, born in Wudinna, South Australia, now living in Berri, South Australia, who has widely exhibited aboriginal art works in exhibitions.

Many literary commentators have noticed the way the mid nineties in Australia produced a bonanza of literary hoaxes, including the bogus poet, Ern Malley; writer, Helen Darville, aka Demidenko, whose book, The Hand That Signed the Paper created a literary storm; artist Elizabeth Durack who invented a fictitious artist called Eddie Burrup, and others. Seldom have they taken care to include the underlying reason that whites are forced to take bogus identities to survive. This is dimly hinted at in the Hoaxers Who’s Who. Instead of vilification being directed against hoaxers, it is time the underlying reason of anti-white bias and prejudice was mentioned. Bayley’s book is one of those that do. Unless steps are taken to correct this injustice, winked at by the "politically correct", brainwashed not to see the "doublethink" that discriminates against whites in favour of other races as part of ongoing denigration of the white race, it will be a factor in the decline of the white race itself, as planned.

Buchanan’s book Death of the West documents the very palpable way the white race is in decline, and not expected to survive beyond this century, making it perfectly clear, that this is the century of white genocide, seen in a small way in the anti-white discrimination in literature, highlighted by books including Daylight Corroboree, in future seen worldwide in the forthcoming genocide of the race itself.




January 2005 Letter from Patagonia, South America


It seems like there may very well be some basis to the rumours you have heard. Currently, I am in Ushuaia, which is on the Argentinian side of Tierra del Fuego. I have been here for almost a week now, and although I would like to leave, I am having difficulties getting a coach out of here back to the mainland, particularly as it is around the New Year period. I arrived here by bus from Punta Arenas on the 28th. On the bus, there were two groups of 3 individuals (one group with 2 males, 1 female and the other with 3 males) who were carrying Israeli passports. Ostensibly, they were not together. They caught me off guard, actually. Rather European in appearance, they were speaking a language which I don´t believe I had before - it may have been Yiddish, as Hebrew is quite distinct. When two of them got out a book each written in Hebrew, I realised. Then at the Chilean/Argentinian frontier, I saw a few of them carrying Israeli passports - like a little black book, without any markings on the outside, it had a menorah on every page of the passport where stamps are marked.

In Ushuaia, there are no readily apparent signs that there are many Jewish people here. However, I have had dinner at a restaurant everyday I have spent here, and that has been interesting. Just tonight, at the only Chinese restaurant – which, funnily enough, has more non-Chinese than Chinese workers! –  there were two men on the table in front of me, who had the classic semitic features and were clearly speaking Hebrew. At another restaurant a few nights ago, there were a group of people with an English accent, it seemed a family, where one male also had the classic semitic features.

The most important clue came last night, when I bumped into this group of Dutch travellers at a restaurant purely by chance, that I had met the night before. At one point, we were discussing how weird and difficult some languages are, and upon mentioning Hebrew, a girl said that, during her travels in Patagonia in the past two weeks, she had encountered the same book – novel – written in Hebrew in three different hostels. She thought it may have been the Da Vinci Code. Fancy that. She didn´t make any mention of seeing the same people in the different hostels. In fact, the night before last, New Year´s Eve/early morning, I was at the hostel where these Dutch people are staying as it had the only bar open in town, and, funnily enough, I too came across a book written in Hebrew!

Then when I was drinking at the bar last night, these two males, about my age, entered – one had the classic semitic features, and they were speaking a language which was not European, though I was not close enough to fully make out what it was. But I am certain it was not European, despite their somewhat European appearances.

So, what does all this mean? Firstly, I feel obliged to say that despite my somewhat young age, I have travelled a fair bit and covered a lot of ground. Having said that, this is the first time I have ever come across persons travelling on Israeli passports when queuing up for immigration/customs wherever I go, I´m always particular about having a snoop at who´s around me, by looking at their passports. So that is unique. Secondly, this is actually the first time I have encountered people speaking Hebrew/Yiddish in a touristy area. Lastly, I have never come across a Hebrew book in a hostel in my travels before. The fact that it was written in Hebrew, to me indicates that the owner is Israeli, rather than a Jewish person living outside Israel. So, all up, I do believe it is most reasonable to conclude that there are a substantial number of itinerant Jewish persons here on Ushuaia, and possibly the rest of Patagonia as a proportion of all tourists/travellers here. For example, on that bus with the 6 Israelis, there were only 19 passengers in total.

What are they doing here becomes the question. Despite sitting next to one of the Israelis on the bus coming here, I did not speak with her or any of the others. They did not seem very open and welcoming. I do not believe I have encountered any Israelis/other Jews in my activities here thus far - which have included a tour to a penguin island, a trek up a glacier and a trek in the national park here. So they do not, it seems to me, appear to be doing the touristy things here in a touristy area. Then what are they doing here? Are they buying up land? This is what I do not know, and is difficult for me to find out, as I have a big linguistic barrier with the locals. There are a lot of fallen trees here in Tierra del Fuego and initially I thought this was part of a land-clearing exercise. I later found out that there is a huge beaver problem - a species introduced only recently for its fur, but it turns out that their fur naturally grows shorter in this part of the world and are thus of no use. There was/is a beaver explosion due to the fact that the beaver has no natural predators here, so the beaver is quite ubiquitous and causing mayhem, so that explains the fallen trees everywhere. On the way to the national park, I did notice a sign that, although it was in Spanish, I could understand that it was advertising lots of land for sale, though this does not really give us much of a clue.

So Fredrick, that´s the situation here on Tierra del Fuego. As I already mentioned, I have been having a few problems leaving this place, though staying here longer allows me to snoop around more and find out more things..., but I will try to get to El Calafate soon, which is on the Argentinian side of Patagonia on the mainland. I will see how things are there as well.

This is such an incredible place, it has truly been inspiring - one really gets in touch with nature here - it is practically forced on one. And this of course gives a lot of time for thinking and self-reflection - very good for the soul! Lately, I have been keeping a log of my activities, and I enjoying writing up the daily report.

Anyway, I will leave it at that for now, but look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter. Perhaps if you could extract a bit more detailed information from the person who told you about Israelis buying up land here, I might be able to work off that lead. Actually, at one of the tourist desks here, I met this girl who originates from Uruguay but has been living here for 3 years and spoke very good English...we spoke at length about different things and I believe I established a good rapport with her, so I will try go find her tomorrow and perhaps ask her a few questions.....

Hope all is well.




Bush Joins Hitler, Stalin and Khomeini as "Person of the Year"                                  Prince Harry joins the Club!

Think on these things – the German Reich and 60 years of military occupation

In 1945 HAMBURG, PFORTZHEIM, and countless other places suffered a real Holocaust!

As February 2005 dawns upon Europe, Germans – who still want to be Germans – will painfully recall that 60 years ago their cities were senselessly destroyed, their peoples viciously slaughtered, their country plundered of intellectual property and reduced in size – and to this day there is a mere cease-fire and n o peace treaty that would enable Germans to masters in their own home. The current German government is a mere occupational modality constructed by the World War Two Allies – Britain, France USA and USSR.

The most successful challenge to this modality was undertaken by German lawyer, Berlin-based Horst Mahler, who for over a year has valiantly and in minute detail presented the argument to a court presided over by Judge Peter Faust. Unfortunately the judge refused to accept as evidence any of Mahler’s written submissions, and instead handed down a 9-month non-parole prison sentence that Mahler calls prisoner-of-war sentence.

Mahler is currently appealing this sentence because Judge Faust has in effect criminalized the asking of questions. Mahler maintains that in order to understand hatred against the Jews – antisemitism –  one must ask why there is this hatred. It is not good enough to silence anyone asking the why-question because this would in effect deny us our humanity. He says the spirit that drives us to ask the why question is more powerful than the Jewish god.

He puts it thus:

Die Frage „Warum werden Juden überall und zu allen Zeiten gehaßt?“ ist in den Augen der Juden ein Verbrechen.

The question “Why are Jews everywhere and at all times hated?” is  in the eyes of the Jews a crime.


Mahler postulates an answer:

Diese Welt kann  nur das „Warum?-Tier“ erbauen, das sich die Judenfrage stellt und mit der Antwort Jahwe tötet, dadurch die Herrschaft der Judenheit beendet sowie zugleich die Jüdischen Menschen von ihrem Jude-Sein erlöst.

This world can only construct the “Why?-animal”, which confronts the Jewish question and with its answer kills Yawe, thereby ending Jewish domination, at the same time liberating the Jewish people from their own Jewishness.

In his lengthy written submissions to the court Mahler details how the ‘Holocaust’ lie is designed to continue foreign occupation and plunder of Germany, and he continually appeals to Germans-who-still-want to-be-Germans to stand up and resist the foreign occupation of their lands. He views  8 May as a significant date that spells out the 60-year of military occupation of Germany. On this day the process to re-activate the German Reich will bear fruit.

Also this month, on 5 February, Ernst Zündel has spent two years in prison – and still there is no resolution to the situation. His wife, Ingrid Rimland has advised that she will discontinue her daily email service known as Z-Grams.  She will address a special IHR meeting on 3 February, and the next day a 'Free Zundel' Demonstration in Los Angeles – for more information view



Poll shows Germans tiring of ‘harping’about the war. Constant reminders of the Holocaust are causing a shift in the attitudes of a new generation.

By Allan Hall, Age Correspondent, Berlin. The Age, 17 January 2005

Germans are sick of the “harping on”about Nazi crimes against the Jews, a university study shows. It means that Chancellor Gerhard Schröder will not be speaking for most of his countrymen at an Auschwitz commemoration service this month in honour of the 1 million Jews murdered there [up to 1988 it was 4 million – FT].

The result of the University of Bielefeld survey seems to confirm a shift in the German consciousness about victimhood. It is now trendy for Germans to consider themselves as victims of the Nazi regime, rather than its enablers.

Also in the study, half of respondents believed that israel was pursuing a genocidal policy against the Palestinians, and that there was “little difference” between Nazi treatment of Jews and Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

Books about German suffering in Allied air raids, particularly on Dresden, and the expulsion of millions of civilians at the hands of the Red Army have emboldened Germans to think of themselves as worthy of sympathy instead of merely bearing the shame of a hideous regime.

The study revealed that 62 per cent of

Germans were “sick of all the harping about German crimes against the Jews”. Most now wish to consign their Nazi past to the history books.

Ït’s appaling,” said Lord Janner, a spokesman for British survivors of Auschwitz. “It really raises fears that the current generation are not ready to pass on the history and lessons learnt from those events to their children.”

In a country where it is illegal to buy Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and where making a Nazi salute or denying the Holocaust can land you in jail, simply mentioning Auschwitz can be enough to hush an entire room.

But attitudes appear to be changing. More than 60 per cent of Germans who once shamefully accepted their nation’s role in the genocide are now positively ïrritated” at being still held responsible.

The shift in sentiment has coincided with the re-emergence of the far right in German mainstream politics.

Since details of the study were released, politicians have made emotional appeals for Germans to remember their responsibility to keep the flame of remembrance burning.

“Anti-Semitism does not justr epresent a

threat for the Jews, but also for ourselves,” warned Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, the coutnry’s most popular politician.

But political observers say the shift in attitudes is the result of a longer process in which many Germans believe they have atoned sufficiently for their grandparents’crimes and now have the rigtht to bury the past.

“This trend began with revisionist historians telling the Germans that they were really the victims of the war rather than its perpetrators,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, a Nazi hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles.

Once considered taboo to talk about their own suffering out of respect for the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis, the theme has now spawned its own industry known as the ‘victim culture”.

There is now a steady stream of books and documentaries devoted to the issue.

[Please view the largest Revisionist website maintained by Germar Rudolf, famed author of The Rudolf Report, the definitive book on the alleged Auschwitz gassing claims – FT]

 When will it end?

Nazis ‘gassed Hitler's relative'

A member of Adolf Hitler's own family was one of those killed in the Nazi campaign to wipe out the mentally ill, according to two historians.

The woman, named as "Aloisia V", was the great grandchild of Hitler's great aunt - his second cousin, once removed.

She was gassed to death on 6 December 1940, at a mental institution in Austria, historian Timothy Ryback said.

Medical files show she suffered from schizophrenia, depression, delusions and other mental problems, he said.

Aged 49 when she died, she was one of thousands of mentally ill people - considered sub-human by the Nazis - killed or sterilised in a euthanasia programme meant to eliminate


It's painful to see what this woman went through. It highlights the cruelty and brutality of that system to an excruciating degree – Timothy Ryback, Hitler historian

But Mr Ryback, a US historian who heads Germany's Obersalzberg Institute, said he and colleague Florian Beierl had come across several "cases of either physical or mental disabilities" in Hitler's own family.

It is unclear whether Hitler knew about Aloisia's condition, and her fate, the researchers said.

But the Gestapo had labelled Aloisia's line of the family "idiotic progeny" in a secret 1944 report.

Close to Hitler Aloisia was the great-grandchild of the sister of Hitler's paternal grandmother, meaning she was part of the

Schicklgruber side of the family, Mr Beierl said. He said the Schicklgrubers were close to Hitler's family - and that Hitler's father helped get Aloisia's father a job as a civil servant in Vienna.

Mr Beierl said many of the Schicklgruber family "crashed into suicide and mental illness", until eventually "the entire line died out".

The historians say they have no conclusions on whether mental illness affected Hitler himself, but said they would hand their findings to an expert on hereditary diseases to see what his assessments were.



Subject: Alastair Crooke: It is essential to talk to the 'terrorists' / "Holocaust Lesson'' Newsday, December 11, 2004 3:31 A ''Holocaust Lesson'' Newsday

To The Editor:

 In today's Newsday Roger Kahn tells us of a project that is the subject of an acclaimed documentary film, whereby students in a Tennessee school district collected a paper clip to symbolize each of the Jews (and only the Jews) allegedly killed by the Nazis. The students collected an astonishing THIRTY-MILLION paper clips, far in excess of the totally unsubstantiated figure of six million Jews killed, in what has come to be known as the Holocaust. I have a suggestion for the extra twenty-four million paper clips; collect another thirty-million paper clips and you would approximate the number of Christian victims of the JUDEO-Bolshevik regime that came to power in Russia in 1917. And by the way, that member of the Holocaust survivor group who said a camp guard responded to his question about what happened to his family by ''pointing to the smoke coming from a crematorium''; he is either mistaken or a liar. Properly operated crematoriums do not emit smoke...and a people who could develop jet aircraft and ballistic missiles sixty years ago certainly would know how to operate a crematorium the right way. Like most ''survivor'' testimony, this statement has been accepted without the slightest skepticism or hesitation, let alone cross examination. The consequence has been that Western Christian civilization in general and Germany in particular have been saddled with guilt for a crime that, from a historical perspective, is in no way unique and that has been DELIBERATELY exaggerated by a factor of at least ten.  --joe

From David Irving – January 13, 2005

I HEAR that a spokesman for the Simon Wiesenthal Center (MarkWeitzman?) spoke of "David Irving and his band of Nazi sympathisers" in connection with the PrinceHarry fancy dress outfit on BBC News, today, Jan 13, at about eight thirty-five.

Yes, the international Jewish community in England is outraged that the prince has been photographed secretly, at a private fancy-dress party, wearing an Afrika Korps tunic and a Nazi swastika armband (a home-made one, as any connoisseur could tell). Now, I've never done that myself, but that outfit could well turn into something of a fashion, like hip-hop or the New Look.

To the dismay of many, ahem, citizens however the Channel 4 Jon Snow television news program has conducted an instant poll (after a "balanced discussion" consisting of himself; an unknown Jewish stand-up comedian; a man called "Smith"; the Old Paedophile Himself; and the woman heading the Parliamentary Committee on anti-Semitism, all four of whom are Jewish. Snow announces the poll result at the end -- unlike his guests most of the ordinary British find nothing offensive about the episode.

THIS does not mean there will not be repercussions, but they will not be what those, ah, citizens wanted. Earlier today I expressed on this website the hope that nobody will remember that Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh) has or had four sisters all of whom were in Nazi Germany during WWII, married either toSS-Obergruppenführers, Nazi gauleiters, Prince Heinrich von Braunschweig (tactfully listed in British genealogies as the rather less teutonic Henry Duke of Brunswick) or Hermann Göring's chief of Intelligence (the Forschungsamt), the Prince Christoph von Hesse ; and that as for the father of Princess Michael of Kent, he was of course Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, an Austrian SS Obergruppenführer.

Yes, there is lots that still has to come out. King GeorgeVI loathed Winston Churchill (see the papers of Harry Hopkins and the diary of Mackenzie-King); his Queen Elizabeth plotted secretly with certain British admirals to overthrow Winston in the summer of 1940 and accept Hitler's peace offer. This is what the secret records will eventually reveal.

This is the Real History -- the politically disastrous shadow, the past across which Buckingham Palace cannot leap back in time.

I personally do not mind. I wish we had accepted that offer in 1940. The British Empire would still stand, and where the United States does now, but considerably more astute and civilised, in my view (and of course the Holocaust, whatever it was, would not have happened: because the war would have stopped forthwith. But nobody has ever claimed that das internationale Judentum is blessed with above-average intelligence).

No, I am not as sensitive as they are about what people say about them.

SENSITIVE. That is the word that these delicate gentlemen keep using, -- the Old Paedophile Himself used it several times today on various television interviews -- as they lament the rise in anti-Semitism around the world.

I expect the family of Rachel Corrie, that brave American peace activist fatally flattened by an Israeli Army bulldozer into the Gaza Strip, is quite "anti-Semitic" by now; the inhabitants of Jenin are probably quite that way inclined too, having had their homes, grandparents, and crippled kinsfolk ironed into the ground by the blades of other insensitive Israeli bulldozer drivers.

I personally try to keep a level head, despite having had my own life bulldozed by these same folk ever since I published my book The Destruction of Dresden in 1963.

It will be interesting to see if Prince Harry manages to maintain the same equilibrium after having slime and public obloquy heaped upon him by the Jewish community of England, most of them first or second-generation foreign immigrants like Michael Howard, the Conservative leader, and a sprinkling of well-remunerated "Holocaust survivors" (i.e., people to whom not very much happened, unlike their less fortunate contemporaries in Treblinka, Dresden, Coventry, and Hiroshima).

I rather fear that they have achieved the unique feat of turning the young man who is third in line for the British Throne into a committed anti-Semite, from this day on.

Postscript: At 2:30 pm The Daily Telegraph (London) phones, saying they are rounding up quotations from celebrities on the Prince Harry wearing Nazi uniform episode. What is my view? I say, "A harmless prank" and "very much in character." I refuse to say it was "In poor taste," -- a phrase the journalist four times throws at me to confirm.The Sun released its front page Wednesday night to media outlets, and the Clarence House press office released Harry's apology shortly afterwards. In it, the prince said he was "very sorry if I caused any offense or embarrassment to anyone. "It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize," the statement said.

Horst Mahler: In Berlin wurde das „Warum?-Tier“ geschächtet

Die Frage: „Warum wurden Juden überall und zu allen Zeiten gehaßt?“ – ich habe sie gestellt und beantwortet. Dafür wurden mir von Peter Faust, VRLG, LG Berlin, Tel.: 030/9014-2768,  Fax: 030/9014-2010,, und Kollegen 9 Monate Kriegsgefangenschaft zugedacht. Diese könnten der Anfang eines lebenslangen Freiheitsentzuges sein, wenn nicht vorher die Judenherrschaft über das Deutsche Volk gebrochen wird. Denn ich werde nie aufhören, die Antwort auf die Judenfrage laut und vernehmlich auszusprechen. Und ich setze mein Leben dafür ein, daß die Holocaustreligion endlich entzaubert und dadurch der Seelenmord am Deutschen Volk abgewendet wird. Das schwöre ich – so wahrhaftig mir Gott helfen möge.

Die von den Berliner Juristen im Dienste der Jüdischen Fremdherrschaft  verübte Untat   ist ein epochales Ereignis.

Wenn das Denken im Kind erwacht, fragt es die Welt: „Warum?“ Diese Frage läßt uns, die wir alle dieses Kind waren, ein Leben lang nicht mehr los. Von allem, was ist, wollen wir, „daß ich erkenne, was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält, [daß ich] schau' alle Wirkenskraft und Samen...“[Goethe: Faust. Eine Tragödie, HA Bd. 3, S. 20].

Die Frage als solche nach dem Grund einer Erscheinung bezeichnet in unserem Weltbild ein Loch, durch das uns das Unheimliche anhaucht und das Grauen unsere Phantasie schreckt. Nichts ist uns unheimlicher als der verbergende  Horizont, hinter dem das Schicksal lauert. Um das Unheimliche zu verscheuchen, machen wir uns  Antworten. Mögen diese richtig oder falsch sein – ohne Antworten halten wir es in der Welt nicht  aus. Wo der subjektive Geist  noch zu schwach ist, um in das Innere zu dringen,  erfinden wir Geschichten, die die Fragen stillen: die Mythen, die uns Heimat bieten. In diesen  werden die Götter für uns.

Welcher Titan dürfte hoffen, uns das „Warum?“ auszutreiben? Der Geist, den das „Warum?“ umtreibt, ist mächtiger als alle Titanen – vor allem mächtiger als Jahwe.

(Faust schlägt das Buch auf und erblickt das Zeichen des Makrokosmus.)

Ha! welche Wonne fließt in diesem Blick

Auf einmal mir durch alle meine Sinnen!

Ich fühle junges, heil'ges Lebensglück

Neuglühend mir durch Nerv' und Adern rinnen.

War es ein Gott, der diese Zeichen schrieb,

Die mir das innre Toben stillen,

Das arme Herz mit Freude füllen

Und mit geheimnisvollem Trieb

Die Kräfte der Natur rings um mich her enthüllen?

Bin ich ein Gott? Mir wird so licht!

Ich scheu' in diesen reinen Zügen

Die wirkende Natur vor meiner Seele liegen.

Jetzt erst erkenn' ich, was der Weise spricht:

'Die Geisterwelt ist nicht verschlossen;

Dein Sinn ist zu, dein Herz ist tot!

Auf, bade, Schüler, unverdrossen

Die ird'sche Brust im Morgenrot!'

[Goethe: Faust. Eine Tragödie, Szene: „Nacht“, HA Bd. 3, S. 22)]

Die Frage „Warum werden Juden überall und zu allen Zeiten gehaßt?“ ist in den Augen der Juden ein Verbrechen.

Warum?  Juden  wissen oder ahnen, wie die Antwort lautet: „Es ist das Jude-Sein, das die Feindschaft der Völker gegen sie hervorbringt, denn Jude-Sein  ist satanische Auserwähltheit, also eine Kraft, die in ihrem Wirkungsbereich   alle anderen Völker von  der Teilhabe am Mensch-Sein, von der Gemeinschaft mit Gott, ausschließt.“ Es gibt keine andere Antwort. Gäbe es sie, wären die Juden die Ersten und die Tüchtigsten bei ihrer Ausgrabung. So aber verfolgen sie die Frage mit dem Schwert  und alle, die sie stellen. Damit aber überführen sich die Jahwe-Diener  selbst als Weltvernichter (Satan), denn die Frage nach dem „Warum?“ aller Erscheinungen ist das Wesen des Menschen. Der Mensch ist das „Warum?-Tier“. Wer das „Warum?-Tier“ erlegt, vernichtet die Welt, die nur durch den Menschen ist.

Wir erleben gegenwärtig den Abriß der Welt des Individualismus, der Welt des egoistischen Menschen. Und es sind Jahwe-Diener, die dabei in vorderster Front stehen, denn der Abriß erscheint als Überhitzung des Egoismus zur Gier nach Geld und Macht, zu dem nur Juden und jene fähig sind, deren Inneres verjudet ist. Der Überhitzung folgt der Herzstillstand.

Der Abriß ist notwendig, um den Baugrund einer Neuen Welt zu bereiten: der Welt der sittlichen  Person (des Personalismus). In dieser ist der Einzelne nicht mehr ver-einzelt, sondern als Einzelner heimgeholt in die Gemeinschaft seines Volkes, dem er sich verdankt und dem er sich verantwortlich weiß.

In dieser Welt ist

       den Privaten die Geldmacht entrissen dadurch, daß dem privaten Kredit der rechtliche Schutz  versagt bleibt;

       den Privaten die Verfügung über die Währung genommen, indem die verschuldungsfreie Banknotenausgabe dem Gemeinwesen vorbehalten ist;

      den Privaten die Medienmacht entglitten, weil dem Großen Geld der Zutritt zu den Verlagen, Redaktionsstuben, Bildungseinrichtungen und Kulturtempeln versagt bleibt,

      das Privateigentum an den gesellschaftlichen Produktionsmitteln aufgehoben im doppelnützigen Treuhandeigentum der genossenschaftlich verfaßten Erzeugereinheiten,

      jeder Volksgenosse mindestens drei Jahre lang unmittelbar für das Gemeinwesen tätig – als Soldat, Arbeitsdienstmann, Familienhelferin oder Krankenschwester,

       die Arbeit als Lebengrundlage der Familie im System der Eigenwirtschaft gewährleistet,

       die Erziehung der Jugend als Verlebendigung des Deutschen Volksgeistes verwirklicht,

       das Alterselend durch Einbindung unserer Alten mit ihrem Erfahrungsschatz in die Erziehung der Jugend sowie  in die Eigenwirtschaft überwunden.

Diese Welt kann  nur das „Warum?-Tier“ erbauen, das sich die Judenfrage stellt und mit der Antwort Jahwe tötet, dadurch die Herrschaft der Judenheit beendet sowie zugleich die Jüdischen Menschen von ihrem Jude-Sein erlöst.

Jeder Tag, der mich bewegungsunfrei findet, ist ein Tag der Mahnung, daß die jahwistische Schächtung der Menschheit, die Verwandlung von Geistwesen in knechtsselige Hohlköpfe nicht hingenommen werden darf.

Kleinmachnow am 15. Januar 2005

Horst Mahler: „Das Deutsche Reich besteht fort.“

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