Battle of the Wills


- defending our Weltanschauung-conception of the world


Why must I believe in the things I believe did not happen?



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From Holocaust to hyperpower


-against the Iraq invasion because the USA is fighting a proxy war for Israel

- domestically the USA is bleeding while its soldiers are bleeding overseas


-and think of Ernst Zündel


- and American Nazi Party sponsors Oregon Highway


27 January 2005 - Holocaust Memorial Day - welcome to Jewdayism


Let's stop the Auschwitz lies


- anyone who perpetuates the 'Holocaust' story perpetuates hatred of Germans -

Laws prevent anyone from challenging the orthodox version of the Holocaust.

Why must truth legally be protected? 


"Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber! Stop giving me words.

Stop showing me a building, a door, a wall or, sometimes, only hair or shoes.

I need a full picture of one of those fantastic chemical slaughterhouses.

I need a physical representation of the extraordinary weapon of an

unprecedented crime. If you dare to say that what tourists are shown

in some camps is, or was, such a gas chamber, come on and say it."

- Prof Dr Robert Faurisson


"While asking why the railway tracks leading to Auschwitz weren't bombed, a Holocaust journalist has made the ground-breaking admission that "The

United States and Britain garnered much intelligence about (Auschwitz)

during the war", supporting Air Photo Evidence's stance that wire fences

 and no outside perimeter fence meant villagers and spies knew every

day-to-day occurrence in Birkenau, and airphotos were used by the Allies

to verify the spy reports. So if the Allies had "much intelligence" about

Birkenau in 1944, why weren't the rail lines or Birkenau bombed? Now

60 years later the explosive question has to be answered!"
- John Ball

Marking Holocaust, Sharon Blasts Israel Critics

Di Canio in the dock over 'fascist' salute

Imagine a whole stadium responding with that salute.

The taboo would be broken forever.


Holocaust Memorial Day

Canterbury artist Wayne Youle says it was not designed to cause offence and he is

saddened if it did so. He says he used the symbol because of its significance before

Nazi Germany, because it is easily recognisable.


Barenboim comments spark anger as controversy at Columbia builds


German hatred continues unabated through Holocaust Propaganda:

"Why can't they forget and keep dragging this matter, which is 60 years old, up again? This will only cause hatred of Germans. Remember, those who contradict or correct so-called 'Holocaust' survivor stories are liable to be imprisoned for defaming the survivors or the memory of the dead. Why are Germans not fighting back? Germans have been under a 60-year military occupation, and there still is no peace treaty. Germans are not masters within their own nation."

Erich Priebke prisoner-of-war almost 92 years old and in his 11th year of imprisonment in Rome

Operation Last Chance

When will Palestinians begin to hunt Zionists?

The hunted is usually informed through the media during the Christmas holiday period. Notorious German hater, Dr Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Jerusalem, has accused this 83-year-old man, Charles Zentai, of murdering a Jewish teenager in Hungary during World War II.

From Tehran Times, 26 January 2004
Hossein Amiri: Lies of the Holocaust Industry

US policies detrimental to Middle East stability

Auschwitz - liberated or occupied?

U.N. remembers Holocaust            Walk-out over Auschwitz angers German minister

Who were the Holocaust victims?

Work does LIBERATE!


Freedom and Democracy demands people know the truth about the Auschwitz 'Holocaust' story. Why are Revisionists like Ernst Zündel persecuted?

Ernst Zündel Update - imminent deportation to Germany, 23 Jan.2005?


Palestinian Victim of the Zionist Tsunami - when will it end?


Examiner ad demonizes Palestinian children

We don't want your freedom. President Bush: Keep your freedom and democracy to yourself

If President Bush is an example to go by, we do not want his freedom and democracy. We do not want a model of freedom and democracy which sees the President of a country slink into his office in an armoured car which resembles a tank, guarded by 13.000 bodyguards plus countless other security personnel, creeping along a route lined by thousands of protesters.


Read more on electromagnetic weapons "tests" in Iraq


Russia's nationalists call for ban on Jewish groups

It called on the Russian courts to ban "all Jewish religious and community groups" which the statement also described as "anti-Christian" and accused Jews of staging attacks against their own community as a provocation so they could pin blame on others. "We would like to underline that many anti-Jewish acts around the world are staged by the Jews themselves as a provocation in order to take punitive measures against patriots," the letter said.

The Case of Dr med. Mag. theol.Ryke Geerd HAMER

Contact Dr Geerd Hamer imprisoned at Fleury Merogis Prison, France


Monsieur Docteur Geerd R. Hamer,

N° d’ écrou 334 750 J, M.A. de Fleury-Mérogis,

7, avenue de Peupliers,

F-91705 Ste. Généviève des Bois, France

Legally the Deutsche Reich continues to exist, but its institutions need to be re activated. Horst Mahler, and the NPD aim to do just that.

   Bundesverfassungsgericht  2 BvF 1/73


Berlin's Judge Peter Faust sentences Ex-NPD lawyer Horst Mahler

to 9 months prison. Mahler now considers himself to be a prisoner of war!


Horst Mahlers Beweisanträge     Urteil des Landgerichts Berlin gegen Horst Mahler


Wegen Volksverhetzung ist der frühere NPD-Anwalt Mahler vom Berliner Landgericht zu einer Haftstrafe ohne Bewährung verurteilt worden. Richter Faust nannten ihn "verbohrt und uneinsichtig".

U.S. delegate on Ukraine trip has been critic of Jews

... Myron Kuropas, an adjunct professor at Northern Illinois University, wrote in 2000: "Big money drives the Holocaust industry. To survive, the Holocaust industry is always searching for its next mark. Ukraine's turn is just around the corner." In a 1996 essay, he addressed Soviet-era atrocities in Ukraine and wrote: "The inordinate role played by Jews in bringing Bolshevism to power is certainly a topic worthy of further exploration." Kuropas was part of the delegation led by Secretary of State Colin Powell at Sunday's inauguration of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. A White House official, who refused to be identified by name, said Tuesday: "We were not aware of his previous statements. Had we been aware of such comments beforehand, we would not have invited Dr. Kuropas to be a member of the delegation." ... January 26, 2005.

"Offending and insulting Australian Jews" - Why not Jewish Australians?

Jewish man angry about South Australian Museum's Palestine Exhibition

Mr Norman Schüler, SA Jewish Community president has pulled out the usual

 labels to vent his displeasure at meeting up with another point of view on matters

Palestine. In a letter to the Museum director, Dr Tim Flannery, Schüler wrote,

"Some of the dishonest and tendentious material ... and graphics depicting Israelis

as quasi-Nazis appears calculated to incite anti-Israel hatred and by extension

antisemitism." (AJN, 14 January 2005). A Museum spokesperson said the

exhibition will stand as it is until it ends at the end of January 2005.


The offending display states, among other things



Government decision strips Palestinians of their East Jerusalem property" [secret] land grab.....the decision was not publicized until now and is not listed on the Web site of the Prime Minister's Office."


Racist legislation in Israel         Gas Chamber Survivor Who Found Love at Belsen


Dr Claus Nordbruch in Australia December 2004 - January 2005 


 Adelaide's Wagner Ring What the critics say     Your say     Fredrick Töben says


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