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A Hero returns home to Germany

Fredrick Töben

Before deportation, the world media gave no attention to Ernst Zündel’s plight. Except in Canada, where the Security Certificate had brought about half a dozen individuals into the detention centres. Media outlets that reported on this matter simply had to mention Ernst Zündel’s name – but always begrudgingly as a kind of footnote –  because Ernst, too, was caught up in this new law whereby anyone could be declared a security risk and be deported from Canada, without any appeal mechanism for the accused. So, from the day of Ernst Zündel’s arrest at home in the US, on 5 February 2003, Jewish interests ensured that the matter received as little public exposure as possible. The reason for a media blackout on Ernst Zündel’s arrest belies the importance attached to Ernst as an individual who refuses to believe in the ‘Holocaust’.

Once Justice Pierre Blaise handed down his judgment on 24 February 2005, clearing the way for Ernst’s imminent deportation to Germany, the media could not get enough of Ernst Zündel. Within hours of the Judgment becoming known to the media, it’s legal ramifications circled the world. A Google Internet search by the minute yielded dozens of items about Ernst Zündel’s impending fate.

 In the English-speaking media headlines screamed:

     Canada rules German Holocaust-denier security risk        

                     Court finds Zundel can be deported

                     Canada free to deport Zundel                                

                        Judge rules he's threat to security

                  Holocaust denier can be sent home                        

                     Canada Holocaust-Denier Ruling Hailed

                 Holocaust denier faces deportation                         

                  Canada Orders Holocaust-Denier Deported

                 Okay to deport Zundel, judge rules                             

                  Zundel One Step Closer to Deportation

                    Holocaust denier to be deported                            

            Canada rules Holocaust denier should be deported

          Zundel won't appeal deportation, lawyer says                    

           Canadians to deport Nazi-loving Tennessean

Canada rules German Holocaust-denier should be deported     

   Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel faces immediate arrest

Canada Deports Neo-Nazi to Germany


The above proves quite conclusively that a self-imposed black-out on the Ernst Zündel affair operated not only in the Canadian press, but also in the world media. We have therefore conclusively established what German watchers inside Germany have been professing for decades, that the media hype is tightly controlled to propagate hate against Revisionists. In Germany, for example, the ground-breaking Horst Mahler Berlin trial ‘Judaismus Prozess’ is hardly mentioned, except of course on the Internet. This is indicative of the fear those in charge of Germany’s destiny have of Revisionists’ work – brutal censorship and brutal legal persecution is the impotent response to reason and understanding. 

Once Ernst Zündel’s deportation was a given fact, the hate campaign against him began. There is one media commentary to which I responded because for me it embodied the classic ugly mind – for whatever reason – of an individual who is either ignorant of the facts or is outright lying, and that topped with some serious limits of intelligence. It is also symptomatic of the impotence and poverty such individuals display in meeting Revisionist’s arguments head on. They can’t, and thus fall into infantile babble that attempts to hide behind a lot of huff and puff but signifying nothing, except revealing an ugly – hässlich – mind. Judge for yourself when you read Ernst’s letter to Ingrid.

                  TODAY’S PAPER         COMMENT

              Wash that creep right out of our hair

                  By MARGARET WENTE, Tuesday, March 1, 2005 - Page A19

As you read these words, Ernst Zundel, crackpot Holocaust denier, may already be on an airplane bound for Germany and the obscurity he so richly deserves. If you're lucky, you'll never see his wretched name in print again, although, given his talent for publicity and the media's fascination, you're unlikely to be that lucky. This sketchy character never did deserve even 15 seconds of fame. He never was worth the oceans of ink we spilled on him, or the hours of air time he sucked up. And yet, he managed to keep himself in the headlines for more than a quarter of a century. And because of that, I can't help feeling that even though he lost, he won.

I'm sick to death of Mr. Zundel. And I've always thought the best way to deal with public idiots is to ignore them. Without the sunshine and water of public attention, he might have shrivelled up and disappeared long ago. Instead, we declared him such a menace that we locked him up. For the past two years, he's sat in jail while authorities determined whether he posed a "security risk" to Canadian society. Now, unreasonable detention couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. But if Canadian society isn't robust enough to withstand a little creep like Mr. Zundel, then we're in more trouble than I thought.

Holocaust denial is not exactly a mainstream view these days -- in the West at any rate, as distinct from the Middle East, which is another matter entirely. And nothing Mr. Zundel ever said or did or wrote was going to make it so. Despite cranking out such self-published tracts as The Hitler We Loved and Why, he never did attract more than a handful of other nuts, losers and conspiracy theorists. (Not surprisingly, he is also fixated on UFOs, which he believes are Nazi secret weapons based somewhere in Antarctica.)

In the great scheme of things, I suspect Mr. Zundel packed less clout than, say, David Duke, another neo-Nazi white supremacist who's trotted out every so often by the American media for his curiosity value. Mr. Z. didn't even advocate violence. When it comes to immigrants who practise hate speech, we put up with worse -- for example, imams who tell their followers it's their duty to wage holy war on infidels, i.e., Jews and Christians. The debate over what to do about Ernst Zundel divided Canada's Jewish community from the start. Back in the early 1980s, many people felt the best policy was to ignore him, either on the grounds of free speech or in hopes that he'd disappear. But others, especially Holocaust survivors, felt the icy chill of history, and they carried the day. In the mid-1980s, a Holocaust survivor named Sabina Citron persuaded the Ontario government to prosecute Mr. Zundel -- for breaking an obscure law that prohibited the dissemination of "false news." The Crown was in over its head, and the law was weak. He was convicted, but eventually the Supreme Court overturned the law.

The legal circus lasted 20 years and cost the taxpayers untold millions. (Remember, this is Canada, the nation that is unable to deport known terrorists and simple common criminals.) Along the way, the Canadian Human Rights Commission decided to go after him, too. It spent a colossal amount of time and money to conclude that his anti-Semitic website violated human rights and should be shut down. The entire effort was utterly beside the point, since the website was based in the United States.

Was all the effort to get rid of this public nuisance worth it? Irving Abella, Shiff Professor of Canadian History at York University, says yes. "These groups can do enormous harm," he argues. "All it takes is one of these crazies to do something violent. They can form alliances with other groups, with neo-terrorists or al-Qaeda-related groups that are dangerous not only to Jews but to society." Mr. Zundel's legal battles, he argues, significantly hurt his ability to spread his poison. And in the end, public exposure did far more to hurt than help his cause. "There have been some unforeseen positives," says Mr. Abella. Holocaust survivors who had kept silent became so enraged that they began to speak out, and today millions of us, including school kids, have heard their stories. Today, more Canadians understand the facts of the Holocaust than before Ernst Zundel became a household name.

Still, I can't help thinking we used a sledgehammer to kill a gnat. An nasty, irritating gnat, to be sure. A gnat that we created, and that I am happy to get rid of, and one I hope I never have to mention again. A gnat who never did deserve the notoriety we bestowed on him.

From: "Bocage"


Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 1:30 AM

Subject: Your article of March 1 about E. Zündel

Dear Ms. Wente,

On Feb. 26, the Globe & Mail published an article saying that "Mr Zündel could not be held under any of the grounds available in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for justifying the certificate's use". Which was true, and is true. Did anyone complain to your paper and asked to compensate that article by spitting the way you do today on the most heroic person of our times? I'm sorry you were asked to write such despicable words about a man whom you certainly know only from what the media have told you. One day, maybe much later, you'll be sorry to have written that article and I'm sad for you.

Yvonne Schleiter (France)


Dear Margaret Wente

After reading your article about Ernst Zündel I can see why Canada is declining in mental rigour and falling back on Bolshevik-Stalinist legal tactics of silencing those who have a developed mind with which they grasp the complexities of life as such.

You are fortunate that someone is tolerating your presence at the newspaper because in this article about Zündel you have reverted to a primitive, vulgar and elemental level that shames not only your employer but also that which you have in your mind - and what values and qualities you nurture in your mind are so clearly revealed in your prose.

The content of your article indicates that your mind has no redeeming virtue and values at all. There is a definite lack of empathetic understanding and maturity that could be expected of someone your age.

I have meet many individuals, local, national and international, but never have I seen a person expose herself in such a demeaning way.

Were you in my English class, I would have to give you some marks for form because undoubtedly you have an elementary and generally crude grasp of language use.

As for content, I would have to request you re-think all that you have written. In your essay there is a lack of depth, a lack of balance, a lack of appropriate choice of words, an emotional gush that reveals lack of self-discipline and self-respect.

I could go on and submit a whole list of points as to why this essay of yours is indicative of what ails Canada as a first-world country.

Your mind-set is confused and underdeveloped - you are indeed mentally challenged, something that comes through your prose when you use the royal 'we'. Such a generalisation is questionable in your case.

I conclude from your essay that you are not a serious investigative journalist, you are not someone who has bothered to sit back for a moment and thought about Ernst Zündel's alleged ' crime'.  

You have either unilaterally, or through an order from above, done a hatchet job on  Zündel that is a classic piece of self-serving trivia. You have not offered any valuable insights or new information that would illuminate the problems allegedly generated by Ernst Zündel in Canada.

Some of your words, phrases and sentences I selected, just for fun, and shake my head in disbelief that you are actually being paid to be a classic ink pisser, as you yourself indicated what you did on Ernst Zündel.

By the way, you did not create Ernst Zündel, and that is your greatest self-delusional point. Your insignificance in what is happening on the world stage is not even apparent to you. Ernst Zündel is in the thick of world events while you are a mere parasite feeding off his person. You needed Ernst but he never needed you!


Dr Fredrick Töben

Adelaide, Australia

2 March 2005

I wrote a number of letters to media outlets, without expecting them to be published, but it’s for the record!


Where there is no appeal - Canadian Justice is just like at Guantanamo Bay. Ernst Zündel is a world event - why? Is he a terrorist? Rubbish! Ernst Zündel refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust'!

Ernst Zündel is a Freedom Fighter, an unapologetic German who refuses to bow, to submit and to believe in the three pillars that justify Germany's and Israel's current existence, and on which the post World War II New World Order rests:


1. Germany started the war and carries the sole responsibility for starting WWII;


2. Germany systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers;


3. Germans killed six million Jews during WWII.


Ernst Zündel refuses to believe in these three pillars of faith that hold the Anglo-American-Zionist machinery together, which now imprints on the world 'freedom and democracy', and brands anyone who refuses to submit, a 'terrorist'.

Ernst Zündel does not like the 'democratic' model imposed on Germany after the war by the All(l)lies because to this day, 60-years after the event, Germany and Japan remain militarily occupied countries. He asks: What kind of democracy is that?

Anyone who questions the above three premises will ruthlessly be demolished.

Ernst Zündel is only one of many who will now be outsourced to either Germany or to Israel for that special treatment - to submit or to be made inoperable - to have his mind re-programmed, in the best Bolshevik tradition.

What was Adolf Hitler's secret weapon? Adolf Hitler confronted head-on the evils of usury - compound interest and all that.

The 'Holocaust' has become the ideal weapon with which to deflect from the evil of usury. Hence, so the argument: Hitler is evil, not usury! Compound interest, debt finance, has enslaved the 'free and democratic' world and crushed the free spirit, not to mention what it has done to many African countries.

Adolf Hitler stood for community - patriotism and nationalism, as opposed to internationalism where the rootless people have no home except in mindless consumerism; where there are masses of people who have no home within their own mind - who are then driven by fear of and hatred for a world in which they can never belong because they lack the financial resources needed fully to participate. Literally, the system crushes them - and they are blamed for their own failure. 

Bernie Faber is a fool for taking Zündel on as his personal scapegoat. By rejecting and suppressing factual information about the alleged six million dead, Faber is continuing to feed his hatred against Germans - and that will prevent him from getting well. Who will now take Zündel's place in this man's disturbed psyche? He needs Zündel but Zündel doesn't need him.

Think on these things.

Dr Fredrick Töben

Adelaide, Australia

+61 88331 0808



Canada Deports Neo-Nazi to Germany!!!

Letter from Ernst to Ingrid 


Yesterday I received my first letter from Ernst since he was deported back to  Germany - what a relief!  I did not know what to think or to expect - I must say that this letter has pretty much succeeded to put my mind at lease. I am translating portions of it for my readers as best as I can, but this is not a word-for-word translation - do let Ernst know that he is not alone and not forgotten, that millions care about him and watch every move his enemies will make to somehow do him in. Ingrid.

March 4, 2005

My dear Ingrid –

I write to you in German, even though I know that you prefer and are  more fluent in English, but the judge has explained to me that  letters in foreign languages take longer until they are read by the  censors because there is a dearth of (in our case) English-language  prosecutors.  Germany is not a classical immigration country like Canada or America where you find foreign speaking people on every corner and in every walk of life.

Also, dear Ingrid, try to write your letters in German.  You don't have to be embarrassed if you make mistakes because our destiny does not hinge on such mistakes except in cases of court documents.  In that case, send them to [our lead attorney] because the rules for correspondence are very, very strict.  Also, no inserts in letters!

I don't want to have any mistakes happening because here we have different laws and habits.  Speaking of correspondence, Toronto was a dream compared to what is NOT allowed here - save your Priority Post missives until further notice.  Listen carefully to [the attorney's]  advice because I want to feel my way first [until I know what is allowed and what is not.]

Listen and read carefully, Ingrid!  (underlined)

If I understood the judge correctly, while I am still in  investigative detention, I am not allowed to telephone with anybody -  not even you or [my sister], or my boys. The kind of lively correspondence I enjoyed in Toronto is impossible here for the time  being.  Please, Ingrid, tell that to my siblings and friends, also  impress upon them to add nothing [no inserts] in their letters.  An exception are three [European] postage stamps for standard letters,  but no more.  Otherwise, they will get confiscated, and no one is  helped that way.

Now you will want to know what happened to me since we talked for the  last time the evening before my departure.  A dramatic story that  fits perfectly into the snow storms of my dreams and into the movie  [you are working on].

While I was still in the Detention Center in Toronto, everything  dissolved without a hitch, very efficiently, thanks to [one of] the  security chief[s] who fussed over me like my mother and treated me  with courtesy.  Even my pencils, big and little, colors and all, were  allowed to be taken out by Joe [a friend] and Paul Fromm.  Please  request them immediately via registered letter, as well as all those  torn envelopes and addresses from all corners of the world received  during the week preceding my departure.  I received correspondence  from Mongolia, Egypt, Tahiti, and even Reunion, a small island near  Madagascar.  The letter from Mongolia was from an international  businessman who described how he had done a program about my case in  Seoul, South Korea, where the business community hadn't heard about  it yet.

My being kicked out of Canada was not without its high points.  I had  spent the entire weekend with letters and calls saying good-bye.  I  called all attorneys from coast to coast, in Canada and in America - even our "hillbilly" attorney.  [Private joke!]  Be sure to thank him  again!  In case there are legal questions, have Anneliese [our  translator] take care of that because our cases in the US and Canada  will proceed as planned.  According to our attorneys, our chances are  still excellent there.

I had not been told what time I would be picked up.  I worked  throughout most of the night and even had somebody wake me after only  two hours of sleep so I could continue writing letters.  I knew that  both Lufthansa and Air Canada were leaving about 19:00 p.m. and  therefore I assumed I still had time until noon.  Well, as my mother always said, we plan and God steers! At five o-clock in the morning there stood two uniformed guards in  front of my door to take me to the security chief for good-byes.  They kept hurrying me, but I wasn't ready!  Thereupon, several of my  guards who had taken care of my needs for these past two years  telephoned the chief and told him that I needed additional time - and  even helped me pack - and away we went to check out!

The day before, of the captains had unleashed a rumor that I was  going to be deported back to the United States, which of course, I  did not believe, even though apparently the gullible ones did.  Only  at that point did I realize that something strange was going on - my  additional body guards were all in civilian clothes!

Outside there raged a typical Canadian blizzard.  Only with  difficulty did we move along the road in several vehicles.  I was in  a mini-bus with three civilian-clad officials. When I saw that we  passed the regular airport and aimed for the government/ministers'  planes and charter/executive jets, even several Lear jets - the kind  the CIA uses to fly its victims to the torture chambers - I made a  weak joke to my RCMP companion:  "This looks as though we are talking  about an Arar-type rendition" - and at that point a big,  impressive-looking man, mid-fifties, informed me that for security  reasons the government had rented a two-turbo executive jet [?] for  the enormous sum of $50,000.  That's right!   You read right!  Including two pilots and a Purser [?] who was responsible for food,  drinks etc.

Normally these smallish bomber-jets [?] , 35 seats, are in regional  service and have a Europe-wide reach.  For the convenience of  government executives there are built-in club-type swivel chairs,  more beautiful and convenient than first-class airline seats, with  two pull-out couches, a bar, television, DVD and CD players for  approximately 12 persons.

The plane flew flawlessly, without any noise.  After two years, I had  my first real, heavenly coffee, lavish, magnificent food, everything top notch, big fat strawberries, grapes as big as plums, all kinds of  southern fruit, chocolate, cakes, pies - it was just like  Schlaraffia!  The Chief of the Canadian Deportation Department, a Mr.  Morris, as well as Mr. Mitchell, and an RCMP official, Shawn, who had  accompanied me often on the way to court as Chief of my seven-head  body guards, were present.  The atmosphere was harmonious.  We had  fine conversations.  They all knew of my case.  I was known to them  since childhood, or they had learned of me in high school and at  university where my freedom of speech case was part of the  curriculum.  They had all heard of me and studied me - there was no  lack of conversation topics.  One of them mentioned that he would  tell his children and grandchildren that he was the one who had  accompanied me to Europe.

We landed.  Mr. Morris thanked me that I had caused no trouble being  picked up and boarded, whereupon Shawn, the RCMP man, added that I  had told the judge I would leave Canada under my own steam, should  the government decide against me.  Awe all around!  Averted eyes and  uncomfortable silence!  I took that opportunity to make a little speech, thanked them for their considerate treatment of me and shook  everybody's hand, holding their glance and giving them one last, firm  what you call the "Zundel Stare."

Looking out of the window, I saw police cars and "Bundesgrenzschutzautos" [?] blue lights flashing, encircling and  surrounding the jet from every which direction.  I was given a piece  of paper from the JVA Mannheim with the following:  Zündel, Ernst.  24.4.39.  Sex:  Male.  Religion:  None.  Family status:  Married. Nationality:  Germany.  Profession:  None.  I tried to add,  "Professional Prisoner", but that was not accepted.  "Retired" didn't  count either. I was arrested on the soil of the Frankfurter Airport on March 3,  2005 - one minute after midnight, one step removed from the airplane  ladder, again away from the main terminal, in the area where the  expensive executive planes are parked.  Off we went, with blue lights  flashing, to the immigration screening area which I already knew from  previous experience - with one exception:  most of the male and  female officials could have been my children or even grandchildren.  Through my decades-long activism on behalf of my homeland I have  become a part of living history.

There was much media attention.  Everywhere there was filming and  photographing.  Throughout, the officials conducted themselves  correctly - I would say even solicitously.  I spent my first night in  a cell at the Mannheim Police station, a building with a magnificent  entry and an enormously hefty wood and iron door, reminiscent of an  old German castle.  Generally, the architecture  wide-ranging and  you can easily infer which buildings were constructed before World  War I and even before the turn of the century, 1880-1910, to which  this prison belongs as well.  The style of architecture is very close  to my grammar school in the Black Forest, which was started 1898 and  finished 1902.  I assume that this prison was built around that time.

The building itself is huge and massive, of sandstone, and so  precisely done in masonry that it is a joy to see such solid German  craftsmanship.  The roofs are of tiles.  Entryways are beautifully  enhanced and decorated, as are door and window frames.  A feast for  the eye, which I enjoyed this morning during my one-hour walk in the  yard.  Prima!  Finally to be once again able to breathe fresh air  outside on a sidewalk framed on both sides with lawn!  A relief in  comparison to the cement and steel of the past two years - only it was bitterly cold!

A few pointers as to my accommodations.  My cell - here it is called  a "holding room" - is as large as it was in Toronto, with one  magnificent difference - the window can be opened wide!  I can really  air out my room!  Magnificent!  I have a white porcelain commode with  a plastic cover, like in a private German home.  I have a huge  porcelain sink.  Unfortunately only cold water.

There is a real  mirror, not the barely functional strip of stainless steel in the  shower in Toronto.  I have a real tooth brush with a real handle, I have regular soap, a wash cloth, towels on hooks, my own shaving kit,  even my own shaving soap (just like in my youth, I shave cold) and I  have a curtain enclosing my toilet.  It's not like in Toronto or the  USA where there was no privacy whatsoever.  Also, apparently there is  no peeping hole where one could be observed 24 hours a day like an  animal in a cage!   What I have seen so far here in the JVA - I would  say that the Americans and Canadians might take a lesson from the Germans!  I would think that it could get very hot in the summer, for  I have not seen any air conditioning; however, the walls are almost  three feet thick  and ought to help to keep the place cool.  Fred  Leuchter was imprisoned here for four weeks and was extremely unhappy  because of the old condition of the building.  I must say that went  on my nerves even then, because old buildings are part of one's soil  and culture, and if one has to adjust a bit, I would say that is  preferable to the hodge-podge match box buildings of America or  Canada! 

As the police were taking me through the city, I observed easily more than one hundred different designs and styles architectural gems -  across doors, gates, windows and even corners.  Even different styles  in churches and an architecturally beautiful train station.  All that  is for diversion.

They have strange habits here about the food.  For breakfast you  don't get coffee, tea, bread - nothing.  All that is handed to you  the evening before.  Most of the prisoners have a little gadget to  heat the water in a pot of stainless steel, about a pint in size.

Twice a month you can buy your own coffee and tea and, I assume,  condensed milk, and then you make your own breakfast.  Since there is  no refrigeration, it is reminiscent of my childhood and youth after  the war.  Even the closet that holds my clothes and the few food  items looks a  bit like the furniture I remember used by us poor  folks in those times.  Many spoiled city clickers might not like  that, but for me it adds a touch of nostalgia.

Lunch is interesting as well.  It is being served, again like in the  war, in stacked stainless steel containers that keep everything  nicely hot - my first hot meals in two years.  For supper we get  wheat or multi-grain bread, cheese, sausage - unfortunately no greens.  However, in ten days I can go shopping.  I brought some Euros along;  they suffice for now;  and I read in the prison paper  that one can buy carrots etc.

Regarding medical treatment:  I was told that I will get the same high blood pressure pills.  Regarding my periodontal problems, the prison doctor immediately prescribed the herbal products [I  wanted].

That means that within 16 hours I was given something that I could not get in two years in the US and Canada.  I was even allowed to take it with me to my cell.  That was a relief!

Fax this letter to my sons and siblings, Dr. F., Yvonne, Klaus, etc.  Save your time! 

I think of you! 

Steadfast in loyalty!

Ernst Zundel.

Write to Ernst at

Mr Ernst Zündel
c/- AG Mannheim
Bismarck-Str. 14
D 68161 Mannheim




Ernst Zündel’s  crime!

He refuses to believe in the homicidal gas chambers story without a proper investigation, and he disputes the 6 million alleged Jewish deaths, for good reason. One significant result emerging out of his 1988 Toronto Holocaust Trial saw these 20 plaques removed at Auschwitz whereon the figure 4 million deaths was inscribed. A few years later the plaques re-appeared  with a new figure: 1-1.5 million. Jewish sources who insist on the 6 million number do not explain why this Auschwitz reduction does not reduce the 6 million figure. Why not? Surely, in our ‘democracy’ where we have freedom of speech, no-one has the right to command us to believe in something without appealing to our Reason and Understanding,not through force of law. What have they to hide?



This is what Ernst Zündel’s prison cell looks like 



…on the book, The Hitler we loved


Almost without exception the media feeding frenzy focused on a little-known book that has been attributed to Ernst Zündel’s authorship. The following will clarify the matter somewhat.


le 17/03/05 18:59, Andrew Mathis ŕ a écrit: 

Dear Prof. Faurisson:

Thank you for writing me back.

On David Irving's Web site, an essay by you about Ernst Zündel recently appeared. In it, you wrote, "Do not let yourselves be taken in by the obsessive use of words like 'Nazi' or 'anti-Semite'. These terms are used against him as easily and mechanically as stock insults. They are not born of any attempt at analysis." I found this line of yours a bit hard to believe. Particularly if one reads the excerpt that I am appending below. I would ask that you read it and, if it pleases you, write me back with your thoughts on the topic.

Thank you in advance,

Andrew Mathis


Zundel's Creed

The Hitler We Loved and Why is the title of a 120-page (text and photographs) soft-cover book co-authored by a certain Christof Friedrich, who, of course, was none other than Ernst Zundel. The journalist Mark Bonokoski blew Zundel's cover in a Toronto Sun column of April 19. 1978. showing that Zundel, using his middle names Christof Friedrich, had produced, with Eric Thomson, this panegyric work, published by White Power Publications, of Reedy, West Virginia. White Power is headed by George Dietz, who is also the editor and publisher of The Liberty Bell.
Zundel, in his interview with Bonokoski, neither confirmed nor denied that he was Christof Friedrich, but Dietz definitely told Bonokoski that Zundel and Friedrich were one and the same. Furthermore, on the day after Bonokoski's column appeared, Zundel openly admitted that he was Christof Friedrich in an interview with David Schatsky on CBC radio.[94] In February 1977, The Liberty Bell reviewed The Hitler We Loved and Why as follows: "(Friedrich) leaves no doubt about it. Hitler was well loved and loved in return, but this relationship between the Leader and his people was not the gushy, sickly-sweet effusion of an obese Jewish mother for her pimply, draft-dodging son. This was Aryan love. Strong, steady and uplifting."[95]

Hitler is portrayed as a revered saint and holy man. a godly messiah who had rescued Germany with the salvationist ideology of white supremacy. Out of the rubble of a nation laid waste by the Jews, the Fuehrer built an orderly, corruption-free, economically vibrant, and morally pure society in which "our men were manly and our women feminine," and "nutrition came before profit; quality before quantity."[96]


Everyone was properly cared for in this Nazi utopia, including the animals (even in wartime, it seems, there were ration cards for dogs as well as people). The disabled, however, did not fare as well, since Hitler devised a eugenic solution for them. Nor, according to 'Friedrich,' "were idiots, morons and imbeciles possible under National Socialism, simply because such sorry specimens were not allowed to reproduce."[97]

Unashamedly, medical certificates of fitness or unfitness for child-bearing in the Third Reich are reproduced. "For... National Socialism is simply the application of Nature's Laws to politics," and "Hitler, the artist and designer, designed a society for loving human beings, not plastic dummies."[98] Through this great struggle, the white Germanic messiah prevented "the end of White Civilization."

Even in defeat, therefore, "we loved him because his spiritual presence prevented our sufferings and sorrows from overwhelming us."[99] Friedrich's book concludes on a lofty note. Today, Hitler's spirit "soars beyond the shores of the White Man's home in Europe. Wherever we are, he is with us. WE LOVE YOU. ADOLF HITLER!"

Hitler has transcended death. He is a type of risen German Christ, a faith-figure in the eyes of his disciples. To have loved him in the past is to love him in the present and future, since Hitler is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Hitler We Loved and Why is Zundel's personal creed and a revelation of his soul. It provides us with a spiritual clue to the inner man.

----- Original Message -----

From: FAURISSON (Wanadoo)

To: Andrew Mathis

Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005

Subject: Zündel and Hitler

Dear Sir,

As far as I remember the booklet The Hitler We Loved and Why was written by Eric Thomson and not by Ernst

Zündel, who distributed it: from this one may infer that Zündel merely approved the general content.

In other writings, in conversations or letters, I have noted that E. Zündel admires Hitler as he conceives of him in the same way that the Jews hate Hitler as they conceive of him.

When Jews claim that E. Zündel or Robert Faurisson or anyone whom they hate is a "Nazi" or an "antisemite", it is like calling that person a "criminal" or "someone who wants to kill the Jews".

Jews do not bring forth any evidence to show that we are "criminals" or that we "want to kill the Jews". In any event, there is no more evidence to that effect than to the effect that Hitler had a plan to kill the Jews or that he possessed weapons of mass destruction, such as execution gas chambers or execution gas vans, with which to kill the Jews. See, for example, how he killed Elie Wiesel or Primo Levi or Simone Veil in Auschwitz!

Therefore one may conclude that Jews use those words or mantras like weapons.

This shows that they HATE; it does not show that they THINK before speaking.

Best wishes,

Robert Faurisson, 17 March 2005


...more on The Hitler we love

From: Walter Mueller

Sent: Thursday, March 17


Dear Walter,

Subject Julie comments on Eric Thomson. Here is Eric Thomson personal address and web address. Yes I have read the book. If any one is interested in the book Ernst Zündel had it on offer some time back. Below, Eric offers the reader some excerpts from the book The Hitler we loved and why. Before any one out there gets their nickers in a twist, about Eric's comments on Ernst and his Wife, read his hundreds of essays on offer at the web-address below, and then form your own opinion about the man, as I did. H.M. 


PO Box 896

YAKIMA  WA  98907, USA

Eric Thomson:

The Hitler We Loved and Why

Excerpted from the book of the same name. Authors: Christof Friedrich (Ernst Zündel) and Eric Thomson. Eric wrote the text and Ernst supplied the pictures. Ernst received a considerable sum of money as the beneficiary of a will for this book. Since Eric was employed by Ernst at the time, Ernst received all of the money. This was legal, but in my book, very unethical. That's not surprising to anyone who pays attention to the antics of the blightwing.


In a single will is bound the might

Of millions living, millions dead.

In a single Faith is joined the force

Of countless million anxious souls.

In a single hand the warm salute

From joyful throngs of outstretched hands;

In a single fist the bold demand

Of endless ranks of hardened fists;

In a single heart the storm and light

Of all a people's fearless hearts.

With the thund'ring might of pealing bells

His voice resounds throughout the world.

The world will listen...


- Gerhard Schumann, translated from the German by Luther Williams.


At no time in recorded history has a leader, a wielder of power in human terms, not as popular figurehead or celebrity, had such a closeness to his followers, his entire people, as did Adolf Hitler.


It can only be called a love relationship. What, other than love, can explain the German people's glad welcome of this humble, but thoroughly dedicated savior from the Eastern Marches? What, other than love, can explain how the people of greater Germany remained with him in bad times and in good, for better or for worse?


What, other than love, can explain the fact that those who remember him love him still? We loved him because he stood for the best that was in us, and as our Leader, demanded of us our best. It was never Hitler's Germany. It shall always be: Germany's Hitler, the man loved by his people. This is why we loved him...


We loved him because he loved us and our children. We loved him so much that we, the young and not so young, made pilgrimages to his home in the Alps – not to ask him for favors, but merely to catch a glimpse of him and to be near him.  

We loved him because he was a good listener and lived simply.


We loved him because he spoke the unspoken thoughts of our souls in such a way that all could understand. He did not "over-simplify" our problems. He clarified them. He did not beguile us with cheap solutions and easy panaceas, for there were none. He did not "guarantee" us a better world. He asked us to FIGHT for one. Fight we did, for we who heard him knew he was right.


We loved him because he was honest. He did not expound the supposed virtues of democracy and then corrupt the process with purchased votes.


We loved him, not because he was a "great dictator", but because he was a great teacher, a living example of the order he preached. Without order, nothing can exist. How well we who had suffered knew this lesson! But when there is no basis for instruction, no racial pattern, no heredity, the lesson of order cannot be learned, no matter how brilliant the instructor. He taught us this all-important truth of Race. Hitler's inspiration kindled our racial potential for construction and creativity. His order was not imposed upon us. It came from within. …


We loved him because he made our police force work for us, not against us. Our young learned that our police were not against us, but a necessary help in the establishment of a healthy society. Certainly, all available help was necessary to protect the honest citizens from the machinations of traitors, secret societies and minority pressure groups. We supported our police because they were German police, working for German government. Thus, we required far fewer police to "maintain public order" under Hitler than we do today, under alien domination. We loved him because he did not persecute our enemies, but prosecuted them, without fear or favor, according to law -- our law. We loved him because he saved us from the alien invaders who promoted the extinction of our Race, the White Race.


We loved him because he kept our entertainment media free of the perversion of race-mixing and race suicide.




From Walter Mueller


The ADL managed again to extend "Nazi hunting" for another 2 years. It is outrageous that our elected officials participate in these crimes. Check out the vote of the House: Not one voted against it:


Press Release Holocaust / Nazis ADL Welcomes Extension of Federal Panel on Nazi War Criminals


New York, NY, March 15, 2005 . The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) welcomed the extension of an interagency working group on Nazi war crimes which works to unveil previously classified information about the history of Nazi persecution and the relationship of the U.S. government to war criminals after the war.


The mandate of the Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group was to have expired at the end of March, with more information yet to be disclosed.  The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday voted 391 to 0 to continue its mandate for an additional two years, clearing the way for the release of thousands of additional documents on former Nazis.


"We owe it to the victims and to the American people to do everything in our power to bring the truth to light, no matter how uncomfortable these revelations may be," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  "We welcome this important step by Congress, and commend Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Sen. Mike DeWine for their efforts to ensure the effective implementation of this law."


The working group was created by the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1998, which opened to the public hundreds of thousands of pages of FBI, CIA, and U.S. Army Intelligence records related to Nazi and other World War II war crimes and perpetrators.  Following reports that the CIA was reluctant to open some files, ADL urged the CIA to abandon its more narrow reading of what information it would have to release.  The agency has since pledged to be forthcoming and provide the additional documentation sought by the working group.


And here is the letter the ADL has written to CSPAN. It is quite hilarious:


BOOK TV on C-SPAN2, 400 No. Capitol Street, Suite 650, Washington, DC 20001, March 16, 2005 


We are dismayed by the lack of moral clarity in your misguided attempt to create a "balance" between the Professor Deborah Lipstadt, author of the new book, History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving and the rank anti-Semitic Holocaust denial espoused by David Irving.


C-SPAN has a proud and noble history of bringing government and civic affairs directly to the American people unobstructed by commercial or ideological motives. We have admired C-SPAN's steadfast commitment to present different points of view, from sometimes controversial sources, even though viewers might be offended by the subject matter.


However, in the case of Mr. Irving, you have simply gone too far.


You owe Professor Lipstadt an apology for your actions and you owe the American public a full and complete explanation of the dangers to democracy of legitimizing Holocaust denial.




Anti-Defamation League.


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