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 'Liberation from forced Liberation'

   **************** 8 May 2005 ****************

 On this day Germans who still want to be Germans converge on Berlin's Brandenburger Tor



In 1806 the Quadriga was taken by Napoleon to Paris and displayed in the Louvre, and later placed on top of the Arc de Triomphe. The Goddess of Peace, Eirene, turned into Victoria, the Goddes of Victory after Germany won the 1814 war against France and brought back the Quadriga, and added the Prussian Eagle and the Iron Cross.

During Adolf Hitler's reign the Brandenburger Tor became a symbol of  National Socialist Germany.

The East Germans who had the Quadriga facing eastwards removed the Iron Cross and the Prussian Eagle - and the Brandenburger Tor remained closed from August 13, 1961 to November 9, 1989.

After unification in 1989 it again faced the west and the Iron Cross and Prussian Eagle were restored.

The next chapter in the history of the Brandenburger Tor unfolds on 8 May 2005  when Germans, who still want to be Germans, reflect on 60 years of military, economic and intellectual occupation.


Völker hört die Signale,

auf zum letzten Gefecht,

gegen die zionistische Internationale,

erkämpft das Menschenrecht!



Legendary Horst Mahler invites ... on the danger of the Orange - Soros - Revolution




The anatomy of horror

By Pat MacAdam -- For the Ottawa Sun, March 27, 2005

I was in the Mulroney residence in Westmount last September as a guest at Mila's surprise party for Brian on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his landslide 1984 victory. One of the 100 invited quests was Federal Court Judge Pierre Blais, a former justice minister in the Mulroney government. At the time, Pierre was presiding over the lengthy Ernst Zundel hearing.

A couple of us were chatting with Pierre and we were all very circumspect about discussing a matter that was sub judice with a judge. Either Charlie Mayer or Bill McKnight asked Pierre: "Does Zundel appear in court every day?" His answer was: "Every day!" "Does he wear his yellow construction hard hat?" Pierre rocked back and answered: "Not in my courtroom." Good answer!  I thought, at the time that, by not emulating Pierre Blais' common sense approach, Canada's electronic and print media created a monster. Had the media ignored Zundel from Day 1, he would have been perceived as just another nutbar who just happened to own a soapbox and a yellow construction helmet.

Right to be ignored

Holocaust naysayers such as Zundel and David Irving have earned the right to be ignored. Sometimes I have flashes of brilliance. The hamster isn't always asleep in the wheel. My advice to judges everywhere: If Holocaust deniers and purveyors of hate literature breach the laws of any country and are convicted, tack on an additional sentence -- 1,000 hours community service as a tour guide at Dachau, Treblinka, Buchenwald, Auschwitz or Belzek.

The word "holocaust" goes back to the time of Ptolemy. The Greeks defined it as "an offering consumed by fire." In Hebrew, it means "burnt offering."

If there was no Holocaust, where did 6 million Jews disappear to during World War II? To Billy Butlin's summer camps in England? What happened to 700,000 Jews who entered Treblinka, near Warsaw, and never came out alive? The 600,000 Jews in Belzek, Poland? The hundreds of thousands of Jews who were gassed and burned in the satellite camps of Auschwitz?

Are the captured records of the Einsatzruppen, mobile killing units, fiction or forgeries? They document the murder of 34,000 Jews and political prisoners in two days in Kiev.

No Holocaust? Go to Dachau as I did in 1980 with members of Parliament Gordon Towers, Ron Stewart and Charlie Mayer.  We saw concrete slabs laid out in neat Teutonic symmetry. Once, there were wooden huts atop the slabs. We saw the row of furnaces -- doors agape -- still displaying some ashes of the 35,000 who died in Dachau. In other camps, the furnaces couldn't handle the volume. So, prisoners were shot in the back of the head and bulldozed into mass graves.

I don't have the most vivid of imaginations but when I was a few feet away from a furnace I swear I could still smell the unmistakable odour of burnt flesh.

Marguerite Higgins, a war correspondent with the New York Herald Tribune, was the first to report on Dachau. She wrote that a German guard, in dress uniform, "came forward to surrender" to the Americans. He gave the Nazi salute and barked, "Heil Hitler."

Shot rang out

She continued: "An American officer looked down and around at mounds of rotting corpses, at thousands of prisoners, shrouded in their own filth. He hesitated only a moment, then spat in the Nazi's face, snapping 'Schweinhund' before ordering him taken away. Moments later a shot rang out and the American officer was informed that there was no further need for (surrender) protocol." General Dwight Eisenhower's laconic report read: "Approximately 32,000 prisoners were liberated; 300 SS camp guards were quickly neutralized."

Many of the guards were summarily executed along with their guard dogs. In Berlin, our German hosts, the Konrad Adenauer stiftung and Helmut Kohl's CDU Party, rolled out the red carpet for us.

The mayor of Berlin hosted a sumptuous luncheon. We stood in the West German Reichstag (Parliament) and looked down on "The Wall" and the killer no-man's strip dividing east and west.

One of our stops was at Plotzenzee in central Berlin. We were led into a one-story, red brick building that looked like an abandoned mill in New Hampshire. Plotzenzee was deceptive from outside. Inside were a guillotine, gallows with meat hooks and piano wire and conventional gallows with rope nooses.

Plotters executed It was there that the plotters against Hitler and important political prisoners were executed. Outside Plotznezee was one of the most incongruous sights I have ever seen. It was a huge amphora -- an urn. We were told that the urn contained ashes of Jews from every known death camp.

Later that night, the Canadian ambassador had us at his residence for drinks. He was Pierre Trudeau's none-too-subtle jab at Germans. He was a Jew but also an extremely qualified and gifted diplomat.

MP Bob Coates, the ambassador and I were chatting outside on the patio when two Prussian type juniors from the Foreign Office, handkerchiefs up their sleeves, clicked their heels and joined us.

When I had my fill of their smarmy propaganda about Germany's rich history, I asked: "Tell me, what do your history books tell your school children about the Holocaust and the death camps."

It was like the day the cake of Ivory soap sank at the factory. The ambassador tried very hard not to laugh. Bob Coates almost split his ribs trying to suppress his laughter. He said later: "J.P., you have a way with words. Your question went over like a fart in a space suit."

The German diplomats blanched, clicked their heels and walked away. No, they didn't goose step. I thought my first foray in international diplomacy went fairly well.

FT comments: Mr MacDonald. I am amazed at the smugness with which you write about a man who has spent two years in your prison for simply refusing to believe in the Holocaust lies. That Germans cannot respond in a balanced way to a Holocaust discussion is evident if you know, and you should have known, that legally this attracts stiff prison penalties. You state, “ I asked: ‘Tell me, what do your history books tell your school children about the Holocaust and the death camps’." You sound like an old fool falling apart, not interested in finding out the truth of a matter. But I may be wrong. Perhaps you never had any moral and intellectual integrity since you first became a reporter.

Dr Fredrick Töben


There is no terror threat. It was invented by the Israelis in the White House who wanted to take the focus off the  genocide going on in Israel. The 9/11 deception will not be solved until the Israeli component of it is unearthed, and right now, that won’t happen because the entire 9/11 skeptics movement is riddled with Israeli moles and Zionist apologists.

John Kaminski




Wojtyla – Superstar

David Brockschmidt, 11 April 2005

Since Pope Karol Wojtyla left planet Earth, his soul is now floating in space, and the Holocaust industry is working overtime again. The message, which its proponents try to hammer into everyone’s brain, is “Never forget, never forgive.” Every second word in regard to Karol Wojtyla’s life – John Paul II – is Holocaust and Auschwitz.

Not a word about the ‘red’ Holocaust costing the lives of approximately 200 million people within the last 100 years, according to Poland’s ex-president Lech Walensa.

The Holocaust spin doctors are having a field day again. There is not a word about young Karol before he became a  priest in regard to his relationship with his beautiful girlfriend going skiing annually in Poland’s Tatra mountains. Karol, indeed, was the only pope who ‘officially’ experienced the love between a man and a woman.

In regard to Australia, there are scores of Australian lefties who helped keep the Bolshevik slaughterhouses going world-wide, and so we need a super-Nuremberg soon to bring these people to justice. You can count on any commie to be a communist. They won’t let you down. They never have to admit they are wrong or they were wrong, and never have to say sorry.

They hold solid bases within education, media, and other public institutions in Australia and the western democratic world as a whole. Their victims are crying for justice, and we will do everything possible to help bring their legal judgment day forward. There will be no rest for their wicked souls and minds.

The reason why they are pushing the Holocaust bandwagon day and night, faster and faster, is their bad conscience is driving them with the knowledge that they have perpetrated and supported horrendous crimes during the 20th century.

Australia’s and the western media covering and commercializing the death of Karol Wojtyla one day after he died, on 3 April 2005, ABC Radio Classic FM informed its listeners that Karol Wojtyla was born in the centre of “Jewish Poland”. I always thought that Poland was a Catholic country, but maybe I am wrong.

The program continued stating that the Pope joined the Polish underground with his friend Joseph Oseki and together within the Polish resistance, Armia Krajowa, he fought the German occupation forces in World War Two. Right?

According to my information Karol Wojtyla did not fight within the Polish underground during WWII but studied theology in Krakow at a seminary with the permission of the German military occupation authorities. His mate, Joseph Oseki ( SMH, 9 April 2005 – ‘Poles Remember: The best man for every nation), was working in Germany for the German war effort. Mr Oseki came from Poland to Australia in 1986.

If the Pope and Mr Oseki would have been fighting the German occupation forces as partisans, neither Oseki could have been working as a labourer in Germany, nor the Pope could have studied theology in Krakow. Had they been caught as partisans, they would have been executed within the guidelines of the Geneva Convention of War. But perhaps I am wrong here and these two men managed to do their work and their partisan activity because the Germans were too stupid to find out their true activities.

Is the Holocaust industry in Australia and in the western democratic world trying to tell us that the Pope studied the Christian gospel, which says you shall not kill, at a Catholic seminary in Krakow during the day, and at night the Pope disappears into the darkness and executes German soldiers?

What is the Pope’s link to Auschwitz? Was he another inmate there? Did he help to liberate Auschwitz on 27 January 1945? Was he another Pastor Kolbe, but survived? I don’t think so! But maybe I’m wrong again.

In one point I think I am not wrong, and that is today we live in the age of political idiocy and voluntary dumbing down. You can sell to people any version of history, as long as they are the good and the others are the bad and the ugly.

Rest in peace Karol Wojtyla. It is good you don’t have to see and hear anymore how your death is being commercialized and politicized, and your life’s story falsified for the sake of the Holy dollar.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost – Amen.



For the Record

Personal and public matters arising out of Ernst Zündel imprisonment in Germany.

Is Revisionism in crisis as stimulated by Ernst Zündel’s deportation from Canada to Germany?

By Fredrick Töben, Adelaide, 14 March 2005


1. Should he or should he not contest the impossible in a court of law where his guilt is already established?

1.1 If he argues the case, then he will further incriminate himself because in a German court of law privilege does not attach itself to anything said in court. Hence, any defence mounted by an accused will merely compound the crime.

1.2 If he does contest the matter, then his trial could become a massive propaganda trial that the German and Jewish ‘Holocaust’ believers would not like to see happen in Germany.

 2.  German justice is capricious.

       2.1 In matters of F Töben, 8, 10 November 1999, and appeal 12 December 2000

2.2 In the first week of July 2003 I traveled from Paris to Germany, and on 8 July, while having a wee-wee break at an isolated forest spot, a police patrol spotted me and checked my details, then took me to the Pforzheim  Police Station where I was advised that there is a European Arrest Warrant out for me.  I advised the officers that had I known, then I would not have entered Germany. Paris Airport did not stop me and I had submitted my passport to them for inspection. After a two hour wait at the police station I was permitted to leave, which I did without breaking the speed limit on a country road that took me France.

2.3 Common law has the concept Legal Ambush - something German law actually practices.

2.4 On my return home, on I wrote a letter to the Bundeskriminal Amt (BKA) Wiesbaden, seeking clarification about my ban from Germany. A reply from the BKA, dated 22 October 2003, from a Mr Alfons Wisser, stated that there was nothing against me and I was free to travel to Germany.

2.5 On 12 April 2004, at Helsinki airport while waiting for my plane to depart for Moscow, I was advised by Finnish border police that I should not have been permitted to enter the European Union, on account of Germany having imposed a travel ban on me that prevents me from entering the EU. It was dated 9 January 2004.

2.6 Upon returning home I again wrote to the BKA Wiesbaden and requested an update of my status. A letter, dated 22 June 2004, from Mr Alfons Wisser confirmed that I had been banned from entering the EU, on account of my having been arrested, which generated the trial at Mannheim on 8 and 10  November 1999.

2.7 Judge Adam of the Landgericht Mannheim advised me – via the Australian Attorney General’s office, Canberra – that on 27 May 2004, he had issued a Summons, setting down a trial date for 8, 9 and 11 November 2004. This was to be the re-trial as ordered by the Karlsruhe Appeals Court on 12 December 2000. Although I had indicated to Judge Adam that I was quite prepared to come to Germany – but only if Horst Mahler could be my  defence counsel (Mahler was stripped of practicing law soon after by a Berlin judge) I advise the presiding Judge that I am banned from entering Germany.  On 8 November 2004 the judge then abandoned the trial to give himself an opportunity to check up on my claim that I was barred from entering Germany, the European Union – something that I had advertised on Adelaide Institute’s website.

2.8 In the second week of January 2005 I received an undated letter from trial judge Adam that in a judgment of 21 December 2004, of which I knew nothing,  I had forfeited my bail money of $6,000 because according to his enquries there was no ban imposed on my coming to Germany.

2.9 This astounded me - and so on 4 February 2005 I wrote to the BKA Wiesbaden to have this matter clarified. On 14 March 2005 I received a reply, dated 2 March 2005 – again from Alfons Wisser – stating that there was nothing outstanding against me in either in the Schengen system nor in the German system, and that I was free to travel to Germany. […Sie weder im Schengener Informationssystem (SIS) noch im (nationalen) Polizeilichen Informationssystem (INPOL) zur Zurückweisung (Einreiseverbot) ausgeschrieben sind.]

 3. The BKA, Wiesbaden as an agent of conflicting information.

3.1 I have again written to the BKA requesting information when the ban, operational on 9 January 2004, was lifted. My claim that I could not come to Germany for the re-trial has thereby been negated. I should know when the ban on my entry to Germany was lifted. It was operational on 9 January 2004, as confirmed by the BKA as late as 22 June 2004, after Judge Adam had issued the Summons of 27 May 2004 and set the trial date for November 8, 9, 11 November 2004. Surely the still meticulous German bureaucracy will have a date for me when, after 22 June 2004, the ban on my entry to Germany was lifted - or is a bureaucrat-politician fiddling the books so as to entrap me, set a legal ambush for me? If this is the case, then knowing the exactitude of the German bureaucracy’s mindset, there will be a notation somewhere that will point out where it is fiddling with the books so as to legally entrap me.

[Response from Alfons Wisser, BKA, 21 March 2005: “Bzugnehmend auf Ihre erneute Anfrage kann ich Ihnen nur mitteilen, dass Sie zu der Frage ob gegen Sie eine Ausschreibung zur Einreiseverweigerung besteht, umfassend informiert worden sind. Ob und bis zu welchen Zeitpunkt ggf. eine Ausschreibung zur Einreiseverweigerung gegen Sie gespeichert war, kann ich im Nachhinein nicht mehr feststellen. In den Informationssystemen sind nur aktuelle Daten und keine Nachweise über Löschungen abrufbar – With reference to your latest request I can only advise you that you have been informed in detail about your status as a prohibited visitor. From the information systems available to me I cannot ascertain in retrospect at what time your banning was activated or deleted.]

3.2 What this chronology indicates is that there is some kind of co-ordination between the judge and the BKA that had the ban lifted so that the Judge could make a judgment about the DM6,000, which should have been returned to me. On 21 December 2004, Judges Adam, Bültmann, Egerer decided to confiscate my bail, and I was given a week in which to lodge an appeal. I received the undated notification of the judgment per mail in the second week in January 2005, and so it was not possible to appeal against this judgment. However, on 25 January 2005 I did send my objection to the matter via the Australian Federal Police who sent the matter per the Australian Attorney General’s office, to Mannheim Court.

3.3 I had been assigned a court appointed defence counsel, RA Wingerter, who to this day has not made contact with me. I rang Judge Adam about it, and he expressed surprise at his not contacting me. Judge Adam thought that the counsel’s motion presented to court on 8 November 2004, originated from me, i.e. that I had a travel ban to the EU and that I was an unwelcome visitor to Germany. I advised Judge Adam that this court-appointed counsel has not spoken with me, and that he must have received the information presented to the judge from our website.

  4. The ‘Holocaust’ is the issue

4.1 After following the procedure used to get Ernst Zündel to Germany – Judge Pierre Blaise literally throwing all Canadian legal precedent overboard, after the positive welcome Horst Mahler, et al, accorded Ernst Zündel as a Prisoner of War in Germany, and after reading Germar Rudolf's Lectures on the Holocaust, I find that this whole matter of the 'Holocaust' needs individuals who outright challenge the legal fabric that is being spun around those who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust'. There is an evil force that attempts to silence  individuals who are now considered Holocaust dissidents - individuals who refuse to recant, who will claim outright  - as do Professors Arthur Butz and Robert Faurisson - that the 'Holcoaust' is a lie.

4.2 Prof Arthur Butz in his book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, stated at the end:

 “In controversies to come the partisans of the received legend will try mightily to confuse and complicate the subject with all the tricks that we can anticipate and perhaps then some. We have the precedent of the Donation of Constantine controversy showing that simple observations that establish the wildly ahistorical nature of a reigning legend can get smothered. Thus my most important advice to those who enter the controversy is that they not lose sight of the fact that he real bone of contention, the extermination allegation, has been laid to rest beyond peradventure by ordinary historical analysis. It follows that the basic tactic of the defenders of the legend, in controversies to come, will be to attempt to make claims that cannot be tested by the normal method of placing them as hypotheses in appropriate historical context and seeing if they cohere … The defenders of the legend are in an impossible position here. They cannot concede Auschwitz without conceding the whole issue, for the reason that there is no sort of evidence they offer for the others that is also not offered for Auschwitz. If the “confession’ of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höß is fanciful, then who will believe the “confession” of Treblinka commandant Franz Stangl? If the Auschwitz accounts of Rudolf Vrba and Miklos Nyiszli are not credible, and their books sick jokes, then who will believe the equally sick Treblinka accounts of Jankiel Wiernik and other obscure people? If the Nuremberg and postwar German trials have not established the truth about Auschwitz, then who will believe that they have established the truth about Treblinka? If the large numbers of Jews admittedly sent to Auschwitz were not killed there, then who will believe that a large number of Jews sent to Treblinka were killed at that camp. My advice, then, to those who would engage in controversy is to not permit the defenders of the legend to get away with ignoring Auschwitz. The fact is that it is very easy to bring down the legend as it applies to Auschwitz and Auschwitz in turn, on account of the nature of the evidence involved, brings down the rest of the legend with it … All I can add is that one should keep current with the revisionist literature and the more important pieces of literature in support of the legend and, in controversy, be mindful above all of preserving historical context and perspective and not getting trapped with myopic historical vision.”

4.3 Prof Robert Faurisson stated:

"Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber! Stop giving me words. Stop showing me a building, a door, a wall or, sometimes, only hair or shoes. I need a full picture of one of those fantastic chemical slaughterhouses. I need a physical representation of the extraordinary weapon of an unprecedented crime. If you dare to say that what tourists are shown in some camps is, or was, such a gas chamber, come on and say it."

4.4 Germar Rudolf in his The Rudolf Report and Lectures on the Holocaust stated: - read his books!

5. Remember, Galileo Galilei was vindicated over 300 years after the event - Ernst Zündel now sits in jail and most individuals that would class themselves as not believing in the 'Holocaust' lie, sit comfortably at home grieving for Ernst, but doing nothing about it, except claiming that they are wiser than Ernst, and that they are not prepared to go to prison because it is not worth it. Such individuals will hedonistically feed their own needs with whatever fancies them, but to protest on behalf of Ernst is beneath their dignity – self sacrifice is not worth it because it will not help Ernst in prison.

I am therefore again free to travel to Germany. Would you go if you were me? Would you trust those Germans who are involved in generating this kind of information, and who also defend and protect the ‘Holocaust’  legend from rational scrutiny?

Any comments, please?

Fredrick Töben

Copy: A-G Dept. Canberra,

Judge Adam, Mannheim,

Herrn Alfons Wisser, BKA, Wiesbaden



Horst Mahler on the Jews

From: Adelaide Institute Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 8:06 AM

Translated by J Damon


     Interview mit Horst Mahler - Interview with Horst Mahler

“Die Juden gehen schweren Zeiten entgegen – The Jews are entering a difficult period.“

Interview mit der Bulgarischen Zeitung Politika, 17 November 2004


1. Politika: Herr Mahler, mit welchen Parteien und Organisationen aus Osteuropa pflegen Sie Kontakt? - Mr. Mahler, with which parties and East European organizations do you maintain contact?

Mahler: Ich pflege keine Kontakte zu Parteien und Organisationen in Osteuropa - I do not maintain contact with any parties or organizations in Eastern Europe.

2. Politika: Gibt es in den ehemaligen Ostblockländern Voraussetzungen damit eine nationalistische Partei Anhänger und Wahlen zu gewinnen, wie das in Deutschland geschah? - In the former countries of the Eastern Block, do the necessary prerequisites exist for a nationalistic party to win followers and elections, as has occurred in Germany?

Mahler: Das kann ich nicht beurteilen - There's no way I can judge that.

3. Politika: Arbeiten Sie in diese Richtung und wie? - Are you working in this direction and if so, how?

Mahler: Nein, das wäre Vergeudung von Kräften, die an anderer Stelle dringend gebraucht werden - No, that would be a dissipation of resources which are urgently needed elsewhere.

4. Politika: In einem Interview nennen Sie die Demokratie Heuchelei". Warum und was bieten Sie als Alternative an?

 - In an interview, you refer to Democracy as "Hypocrisy." Why is that, and what would you recommend as an alternative?

Mahler: Was man gemeinhin unter Demokratie versteht ist Judenherrschaft, vermittelt durch die Verfügungsmacht über das globale Finanz- und Währungssystem und durch die Medienmacht der Jüdischen Plutokraten - What is generally meant by "Democracy" is actually Jewish rule, which Jewish plutocrats exercise through their control of global finance, the monetary system and the media.

Ich habe nichts anzubieten - I have no alternative to offer.

Ich weiß, daß die Völker sich vom Jüdischen Joch befreien werden - I do know that the nations are going to liberate themselves from the Jewish yoke.

Sie werden als Völker jeweils aus eigener Kraft sich die Gestalt (Verfassung) geben, in der sie als selbstbestimmter Wille da sind, als selbstbewußte und dadurch freie – Volksgemeinschaft - As nations, they will someday, by means of their own power, create for themselves a constitution or form of government in which they, consciously and through their own volition, will govern themselves as liberated national commonwealths.

5. Politika: Was für Menschen in Deutschland und Europa wollen Sie mit Ihren Ideen ansprechen? -  Which people in Germany and Europe do you wish to address with your ideas?

Mahler: Das ist eben das demokratische Missverständnis - This is precisely the democratic misunderstanding.

Ich will nicht "die Menschen ansprechen", sondern dem Geist Ausdruck geben, wie er sich auf der höchsten Höhe der Deutschen Idealistischen Philosophie in der Person des Philosophen Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel selbst erfasst hat - I do not want to "address the people."

Rather, I want to give expression to the spirit at the greatest heights of German Idealistic Philosophy, in the person of the philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel himself.

Dieser Geist findet in den endlichen Geistern, den Menschen, ein Echo (Hegel nannte diese Erscheinung das "Zeugnis des Geistes") und wird durch sie zur befreienden Tat - This immortal spirit creates an echo in the finite spirits of mankind: Hegel calls this our "Proof of Spirituality."

Through men, it becomes the act of liberation.

6. Politika: Wie sehen Sie die Zukunft Europas? - And how do you see the future of Europe?

Mahler: Europa ist der Erdteil des Weißen Mannes und der Freiheit -  Europa is the continent of freedom and the white man.

Die europäischen Völker werden sich jetzt der weltumspannenden Zerstörung durch den Judaismus bewusst - The European nations are growing aware of the global devastation wreaked by Judaism.

Allein durch dieses Bewußtsein erleidet die Jüdische Weltherrschaft jetzt ihr Ende - This realization alone is enough to bring about an end to  the global domination of the Jews.

Im Aufstand gegen die Plutokratie gewinnen die Völker ihr Selbstbewußtsein als Volksgemeinschaft - By revolting against plutocracy, the nations are gaining self awareness as national entities.

Auf dieser Grundlage werden sie den Jahwekult als Satanskult enttarnen, die Zinsknechtschaft durch Verstaatlichung des Kreditwesens brechen, die Medien und Bildungseinrichtungen aus den Fängen der Plutokratie befreien sowie die Jüdische Diaspora als feindlichen Staat im Staat erkennen und die Juden unter Fremdenrecht stellen - On ths basis of this realization, they will expose the worship of Jaweh as a satanic cult and abolish interest slavery by nationalizing credit systems. They will also liberate the media and educational institutions from the jaws of plutocracy.Then they will recognize the Jewish Diaspora as a hostile state within a state and place the Jews under the governance of laws for aliens.

Das Russische Reich und das Deutsche Reich werden sich in einer Lebensgemeinschaft wiederfinden und als solche den in Europa angestammten Völkern Freiheit und Frieden gewährleisten - The Russian and German realms will rediscover their commonality of interest, and this will assure peace and freedom to the peoples of European derivation.

Das Deutsche Reich wird bereit sein, Großbritannien und Frankreich den Verrat an Europa zu verzeihen, wenn diese Nationen das völkerrechtliche Verbot der Intervention raumfremder Mächte zur Grundlage ihrer Außenpolitik machen und sich dadurch dem Deutschen Reich in freundlicher Gesinnung zuwenden - The German Reich must be prepared to forgive Great Britain and France for their treachery against Europe, provided they adopt a new foreign policy based on nonintervention in the affairs of others. This new foreign policy will favor the national rights of others, which will ensure friendly relations with the German Reich.

7. Politika: Was hat Sie bewegt von extrem links zum Nationalismus überzugehen? -  What caused you to make the transition from the extreme left to nationalism?

Mahler: mit dieser Frage von Ihnen Begrifflichkeit ist wirklichkeitsfremd - Here you are making an assumption which is quite removed from reality.

8. Politika: Wie haben Sie sich gefühlt, als im Prozess "Die Bundesregierung gegen NPD" Ihr Opponent, Ihr ehemaliger RAF-Anwalt und jetzige Bundesinnenminister Otto Schily war? - How did you feel when, in the case of the BRD vs. NPD, you were opposed by Otto Schily, your former Red Army Faction attorney, who is now a minister in the BRD?

Mahler: Otto Schily, den ich als freiheitsliebenden Menschen kennengelernt hatte, als Schoßhund der fremden Herren über Deutschland erleben zu müssen, stimmte mich traurig - It saddened me to observe Otto Schily, whom I once knew to be a champion of freedom, behaving like the lapdog of Germany's foreign masters.

9. Politika: Was denken Sie über den amerikanischen "Krieg gegen den Terrorismus"? - What is your opinion of the American "War on Terrorism."

Mahler: Es gibt keinen Krieg der USA gegen den Terrorismus. Wir sind Zeuge einer weltweiten Schreckensherrschaft, die von den USA unter Jüdischem Einfluß ausgeht - There is no American war against terrorism. We are witnessing a worldwide  campaign of terror, a proxy war conducted by the USA on behalf of the Jews.

10. Politika: Man nennt Sie "Märtyrer für eine bessere Welt". Sind Sie mit dieser Bezeichnung einverstanden? - People call you a "Martyr for a better world." Do you agree with this assessment?

Mahler: Das ist Unsinn. Ich lasse es mir nicht nehmen, das laut zu sagen, was ich denke. Das ist alles - That is nonsense.

I just dare to say what I think, that's all.

11. Politika: Können Sie die Mythen nennen, gegen die Sie kämpfen und wer diese Mythen in die Welt gesetzt hat? - Can you tell us which myths you are struggling against, and who is the author of these myths?

Mahler: Ich kämpfe nicht gegen Mythen sondern gegen reale Feinde - I don't fight myths, I fight real enemies.

12. Politika: Kann das Vierte Reich Realität werden? Is it possible for the Fourth Reich to become reality?

Mahler: Das Deutsche Reich ist 1945 nicht untergegangen - The German Reich did not perish in 1945.

Es existiert als Staats- und Völkerrechtssubjekt fort - It still exists as a national and peoples' state.

Durch die völkerrechtswidrige Festnahme der Mitglieder der Reichsregierung unter Admiral Dönitz am 23. Mai 1945 und die Ermordung der führenden Persönlichkeiten des Reiches ist dieses lediglich handlungsunfähig geworden - Because of illegal apprehensions of members of the Reich government by Admiral Dönitz on 23 May 1945, followed by the murders of its leading personalities, the Reich simply lost the ability to function.

Im kommenden Aufstand des Deutschen Volkes wird es seine Handlungsfähigkeit zurückgewinnen - In the coming insurrection of the German people, the Reich will regain that ability.

13. Politika: Wie ist Ihre Meinung zum Verbot von Vlaams Block in Belgien? - What is your opinion about the prohibition of the Vlaams Block in Belgium?

Mahler: Die Judenherrschaft ist jetzt schon gezwungen, die Kulissen, die sie zwecks Verdeckung der Hintergrundmacht aufgestellt hat, wegen Ungehorsams der Statisten abzuräumen - Jewish rulership is now compelled to dispense with the screens they had used to provide cover for their rule from the wings, because of mutiny by the stage hands.

Das ist ein großartiger Erfolg im Freiheitskampf der Völker - This is a magnificent success in the liberation struggle of the European peoples.

Diese können jetzt ihre Lage besser einschätzen und dadurch den gemeinsamen Feind etwas deutlicher erkennen - Now it is much easier for them to evaluate their position and identify their common enemy.

Ein klares Feindbild ist die wichtigste Voraussetzung für erfolgversprechende Kriegshandlungen - A clear view of the enemy is the most important prerequisite for actions that promise victory in war.

14. Politika: Wie wird sich der Wahlerfolg von NPD und DVU auf die politische Situation und die Zukunft Deutschlands auswirken? - What effect are the electoral victories of NPD (National Party of Germany) and DVU (German Peoples Union) going to have on the political situation and the future of Germany?

Mahler: Es ereignet sich mit dem Wahlerfolg der NPD ein Dammbruch -  The electoral victory of the NPD was the collapse of  a political dam.

Von Wichtigkeit ist, daß die Führungsleute dieser Partei ebenso die überwiegende Mehrheit ihrer Mitglieder - nach 1945 geboren worden sind - It is very significant that the leaders of this party, as well as the overwhelming majority of its members, were born after 1945.

Ihr Vorsitzender, Udo Voigt, hat Prof. Dr. Carlo Schmid, dem "Vater des Grundgesetzes" folgend - die Bundesrepublik Deutschland öffentlich als eine Form der Fremdherrschaft markiert und ihre Abwicklung angekündigt - Its chairman, Udo Voigt, following the example of Prof. Dr. Carlo Schmid, "the father of the Constitution," has openly branded the Federal Republic as rule by foreign domination and demanded its dissolution.

Er hat Adolf Hitler - zum ersten Male ebenfalls öffentlich - als einen großen Deutschen Staatsmann bezeichnet und unter Hinweis auf eine Veröffentlichung des Leitenden Redakteurs des Nachrichtenmagazins DER SPIEGEL , Fritjof Meyer, die Holocaustreligion in Frage gestellt - Also for the first time publicly, he named Adolf Hitler a great

Statesman; and with reference to a publication of the chief editor of the news magazine Der Spiegel, Fritjof Meyer, he questioned the Holocaust religious dogma.

Das NPD-Bundesvorstandsmitglied Thorsten Heise hat Adolf Hitler sogar als den "Größten Staatsmann des vergangenen Jahrtausends" bezeichnet, ebenfalls öffentlich im Rahmen eines Fernsehinterviews - The NPD member of the Governing Committee in Parliament, Thorsten Heise, went so far as to call  Adolf Hitler the "greatest statesman of the past millenium, " likewise in the context of a television interview.

Die Bedeutung dieser Äußerungen kann bezüglich ihrer Langzeitwirkung gar nicht hoch genug eingeschätzt werden - The significance of these utterances can not be overstated, as far as their long term effect is concerned - Ereignisse dieser Art werden sich jetzt häufen - Events like this are going to proliferate.

Schon läßt sich feststellen, daß der Mut-Pegel in unserem Land deutlich gestiegen ist - It is already discernible that the level of courage in our country has risen noticeably.

Die Juden gehen schweren Zeiten entgegen - The Jews are entering a difficult period.

Die geschichtliche Wahrheit schlägt gewaltig gegen die Tore Judas und fordert Einlaß - Historical truth is pounding mightily on Judas' door and demanding admittance.

Längst ist es heraus, daß nicht das Deutsche Reich die Weltkriege des vergangenen Jahrhunderts angezettelt hat, sondern die hinter den Briten und den Amerikanern wirkende Macht - It has been known for a long time that it was not the German Reich that started the world wars of the preceding centruy, but rather the power behind the British and Americans.

Die Greuelpropaganda gegen das Deutsche Reich ist erst nach 1945 ins Unermeßliche gesteigert worden und wird noch heute täglich intensiver und es wird jetzt erkannt, daß das die Fortsetzung eines Vernichtungskrieges gegen das Reich mit anderen, nicht militärischen  Mitteln ist, mit der Seelenmordwaffe - The atrocity propaganda directed against the Reich has been unceasingly intensified since 1945 and is being intensified again today. It is also clear that this never ending war of attrition against the Reich is now being continued with weapons which are not of a military nature. Today we are being attacked with spiritual weapons which are designed to annihilate the German soul.

Die "Septemberlüge", das Greuelmärchen vom Angriff Osama bin Ladens auf die USA, wird heute weltweit erfolgreich bekämpft - Furthermore the "September Lie" the gruesome fairy tale about Osama bin Ladens unprovoked attack on the USA, is now being challenged worldwide.

Aus dem sich deutlich abzeichnenden Erfolg in diesem Kampf wird weltweit das Bewußtsein hervorgehen, daß die Jüdische Medienmacht eine tödliche Bedrohung für die ganze Menschheit ist - From the unmistakable victory of Washington's opponent has emerged the worldwide realization that the Jewish media monopoly represents a mortal danger for all mankind.

Es kann nicht ausbleiben, daß die Macht der Lüge dann auch auf den anderen Schlachtfeldern zusammenbricht, auf denen die Wahrheit gegen die Jüdischen Lügen angetreten ist - It is inevitable that the power of the Big Lie is going to collapse on other battlefields as well, wherever the truth is courageous enough to challenge Jewish lies.

Die Welt wird die Wahrheit der Ansprache Jesu an die Judenführer erkennen, die da lautet: - The world is going to recognize the truth of Jesus' speech to the leaders of the Jews:

"Ihr habt den Teufel zum Vater und nach eures Vaters Gelüste wollt ihr tun - "For ye have the devil as father, and ye wish to carry out your father's desire.

Der ist ein Mörder von Anfang an und steht nicht in der Wahrheit, denn die Wahrheit ist nicht in ihm - He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for the truth is not in him.

Wenn er Lügen redet, so spricht er aus dem Eigenen; denn er ist ein Lügner und der Vater der Lüge." (Joh 8, 44) - When he tells lies he is but speaking his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8: 44)




From: Peter Marshall , Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 5:21 PM, Subject: Hollowhoax criteria now applied to tax law

This is an extract from the Australian "Goods and Services Tax Bill, 1998 ".


S.165-55.  Commissioner may disregard scheme in making declarations.

For the purpose of making a declaration  under this subdivision, the Commissioner may:

a)   Treat a particular event that actually happened as not having happened; and

b)   Treat a particular event that did not actually happen as having happened and if appropriate,

treat the event as:

i)  Having happened at a particular time; and

ii) Having involved particular action by a particular entity; and

c)   Treat a particular event that actually happened as:

i)  Having happened at a time different from the time it actually happened; or

ii) Having involved particular action by a particular entity (whether or not

the event actually involved any action by that entity).

Q: Who gave the Australian Government the right to enact this evil regulation? Check it yourself at


In Brief

Veterans' ire at sullying of Anzac legacy, Ben English, Gallipoli, 12 March, 2005

THE Anzac legend is being corrupted by unlicensed Turkish tour guides saying the Gallipoli campaign was a holy jihad decided by the hand of Allah. In lectures delivered on the battlefields that have entered Australian lore, the rogue guides have told their audiences that "Muslim saints" repelled Allied artillery attacks and that enemy soldiers were swallowed by a "green mist".  The lectures have sparked outrage across Turkey, prompting a court challenge to the guides' rights to speak about the campaign. Turkish academics, historians, teachers and official guides have launched a campaign to ban the talks, which are being delivered on weekends at hallowed sites such as Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair and the Turkish Memorial overlooking Cape Helles.

Australian veterans' organisations reacted angrily to the revelations and vowed to raise the matter with Turkish Government representatives. RSL national president Bill Crews said it was "unsavoury" that people were trying to revise the Gallipoli story. "It would not be in the interests of the Turkish Government and Turkish-Australian relations to allow people to rewrite the history of this particular conflict," the retired major-general said.  The RSL's NSW president Don Rowe said: "There is only one Anzac history, and that's the real one that has been thoroughly and meticulously documented."

The Turkish Government ordered a crackdown on unofficial guides when the controversy first emerged last July. However, the Herald Sun has learned senior members of the Turkish Government have backed the spread of unofficial guides.  Forestry and Environment Minister Osman Pepe, whose department oversees the Gallipoli Peninsula, has developed a new licence system to allow unqualified tour guides to speak after completing a three-day course. The move has prompted accusations from Turkey's official guiding associations that many of the unofficial guides are members of the ruling AK (Liberty and Justice) Party.  "Many of the guides are aligned to the AK," said Federation of Guiding Associations chairman Yalcin Ulukaya, whose organisation is challenging the validity of the amateur guides in the Turkish courts.

Canakkale Tourism Association chairman Ahmet Kasikci said he had heard one guide say the trenches at Gallipoli still resound to the chants of, "Allah, Allah!" Canakkale-based newspaper publisher Murat Kiray said he had heard one guide say the March 18 Battle of the Dardanelles, ranked as Turkey's greatest naval victory, was decided by Allah himself.  "Others have claimed Allied soldiers disappeared into a green mist concocted by Muslim martyrs. It is all part of a wider agenda to promote Turkey's Islamic connections and to play down the role of Ataturk."

Ataturk, or Mustafa Kemal, is known as the "Father of Turkey" for his heroic exploits as a commander during Gallipoli and his establishment of Turkey as a modern secular nation. The court challenge is continuing.


Muirden’s comment:  The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is discussed in The Weekend Australian Magazine, March 26-27,2005, in an article "The Case Of The Empty Tomb" by John Cornwall. He seems to take The Da Vinci Code seriously, and understates the evidence against it, just as he understates the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Frank Morrison's "classic" book, Who Moved The Stone? is an excellent presentation of the case for the resurrection and it is discussed online at,where the case is made that, when the centurion pierced Christ's side with a spear, blood and water came out, indicating that Jesus had died long before. And consider the fact that, if the resurrection was a stage managed hoax, why did so many Christians give their lives in support of His resurrection, if they knew it was a sham?

As for the Da Vinci Code, there are plenty of references to show it to be a sham. One is the book by Carl Olson and Sandra Miesel's The Da Vinci Hoax. Ft Collins, Ignatius Press, 2004 and their online discussion at books such as Darrell Bock's Breaking the Da Vinci Code,Thomas Nelson,2004, add to evidence showing that the Da Vinci Code is anti-historical and theologically illiterate at almost every point. Read it as a "rattling good yarn", if you must, but don't take its claims seriously!

Yours sincerely, Geoff. Muirden  March 26, 2005 4:17 PM.


From Fredrick Töben

1. Note that "RF" in AIO, n° 240, p. 8 A, does not refer to Robert Faurisson.

2. Newsletter No 244 features the German email dialogue between Dr Bullinger, Mahler, Schumacher, et al. Anyone wishing a hard-copy of this newsletter, please send your request to Adelaide Institute.



----- Original Message -----

From: Gunther Thriene

Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2005

Subject: Kulturloses Deutschland ...

Krokodilstränen zum 60. Jahrestag 10 April 2005 der Befreiung des KZ Weimar-Buchenwald(!?):

Am gleichen Tage gibt das Symphonie-Orchester Berlin sein letztes Konzert, weil  3 Mill. € pro Spielsaison fehlen, die es in Deutschland angeblich nicht gibt.

Viel tiefer kann die deutsche Kultur nun nicht mehr sinken.

Oder waren es Künstler, die Buchenwald errichteten?

Crocodile tears on the 60th aniversary of the liberation of KZ Weimar-Buchenwald(!?):

On the same day the Berlin Symphony Orchestra gives its final concert because €3 million is needed to keep it going for the season, which cannot be found in Germany.

German culture cannot sink any lower than that.

Or was it artists that constructed Buchenwald?



A Canadian situation from 1980 … intensifying and developing into the Ernst Zündel deportation of 1 March 2005 … and continuing …


Stereotypes aren’t for real

‘German-Canadians continue to suffer from discrimiantion’.

By Russell Doern, MACLEAN’S  October 6, 1980

I am 44 years old, a member of a German-Canadian family, and ever since I can remember I have been subjected to Second World War propaganda that commenced in the fall of 1939 and continues into the 1980s. I wonder whether my seven-year-old daughter will have to endure the same anti-German sentiments? I wonder if it will ever stop?

Being German-Canadian means being subject to an endless outpouring of anti-German remarks, jokes, articles, books, movies and TV shows. It means listening to people who cannot or will not distinguish between the German nation and the Nazi party. It means that some people want you to say that you’re sorry for a war that you neither started nor supported.

As a third-generation Canadian with roots stretching back to 1891, I do not feel responsible for the sins of the National Socialists. Three of my uncles fought the Nazis and as a social democrat I despise and oppose the extremism of the political right. I, too, am angered, sickened and horrified by the terrible crimes, committed by the Nazis – which the world must never forget.

I was not physically harassed during the war years, but some of my relatives were not as fortunate. On one occasion during the First World War my grandparents were walking along a dirt road in southern Manitoba with their children when they were almost run down by a car full of people who were angry at them because of their German blood. As an 11-year-old in 1930, my Aunt Martha was slapped around by her Winnipeg teacher because “the Germans had started the war”. Emil, my cousin’s husband, was 12 years old in 1939 when he and some friends were marching around the school’s flagpole singing patriotic songs. Suddenly the teacher yanked him out of the circle, shook him and screamed: “You damn German! You have no right to sing those songs!” As soon as the teacher left, some big boys knocked him down and kicked him in the ribs, stomach, back and head. “It would have been useless to protest,” he said. “They would have burned down our house.”

The manner in which Germans are portrayed in films and on television has always infuriated me. Germans are depicted only as cruel or idiotic Nazis whether in the soft porn film Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS or TV’s Hogan’s Heroes. In the book/film The Boys from Brazil, a group of Nazis living in South America attempt to clone another Adolf. In the latest Second World War film, The Big Red One, a band of young Americans kill off German professional soldiers like flies on a hot summer day. Any book with a swastika on the cover has a good chance of becoming a best seller.

Yet the true genius of the German people has been given to the world through such men as Luther, Goethe, Bach, Beethoven, Kant, Hegel and others. More current contributions have been made by Nobel Prize winners Heinrich Böll (literature), Werner Forssmann (physiology and medicine) and Manfred Eigen (chemistry), theologians Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Niemöller and Rudolf Bultmann, philosophers Martin Heidegger and Karl Jaspers, composers Paul Hindemith and Carl Orff and writers Günter Grass, Rolf Hochhuth and Bertold Brecht.

It is, therefore, deplorable that the stereotypes which are offensive and degrading are continued 35 years after the war. Canadians of German descent are deeply offended and hurt by the books and the films, especially since many of them fought in the Second World War. I could provide a list of members of my family and others of German descent with German names who fought in Germany with the Canadian Army. And I could draw up another list of those who anglicized their names or passed themselves off as Austrian or Dutch because of wartime pressure.

During the Second World War, Canadians considered the Russians to be their Allies and fought against the Germans, Japanese and Italians. Today our allies are the Germans, Japanese and Italians, while the Russians are the potential enemy. As members of NATO, Canadian troops are stationed in West Germany and German soldiers practice manoeuvres in Shilo, Man. West Germany is Canada’s fourth-largest trade partner with about $1,4 billion in exports and imports last year.

Our last federal census indicated that 1,317,200 Canadians or six per cent of the population, are of German descent. German-Canadians must stand proud as an intelligent, industrious and sensitive people who have made a significant contribution to Canadian society since the first Germans came here 227 years ago. Only then will our history be placed in proper perspective. To do otherwise is to fall victim to the prejudice, ignorance and spite of those who turn all German-Canadians into Nazis and peddle a version of history that extends wartime propaganda.

German-Canadians continue to suffer from discrimination. I appeal to my fellow Canadians: treat your German-Canadian neighbours fairly; let your ‘Weltanschauung’ or view of life, embrace all Canadians of whatever origin. It’s a matter of fundamental human rights. As for myself, I am a German-Canadian – proud of my family, my country, my province and my city.

A former teacher, Russell Doern is the member of the Manitoba legislature for the Winnipeg riding of Elmwood.


Mr Doern was the target of an intensive harassment and smear campaign, and tragically committed suicide a few years later, exactly what German haters want you to do – to self-destruct, or to believe in the lies of the ‘Holocaust’.



Letter from Erich Priebke


Rom, im Januar 2005

Liebe Freunde,

mit nebenstehenden guten Wünschen fü das neue Jahr möchte ich Ihnen zugleich für Ihren freundlichen Weihnachtsgruss danken, für die guten Wünsche für 2005 und Ihre trostvollen Worte zu meinem Leid!

Es waren wieder hunderte von Briefen und Grusskarten aus aller Welt und neuerlich habe ich die Gewissheit, dass ich nicht vergessen bin, obwohl ich manchmal glaube, ein lebendig Begrabener su sein.

Leider haben wir es nicht geschafft, die deutsche Ausgabe unseres Buches noch vor Weihnachten dem interessierten Leser zur Verfügung zu stellen. Eine nochmalige Korrektur der 1030 Seiten war notwendig geworden, weil alles mit "ss" und nicht auch mit "ß" geschrieben war, was mir nicht aufgefallen ist, da ich seit meiner Auswanderung im Jahre 1948 alles mit ss schreibe, weil es damals in Argentinien keine Schreibmaschinen mit dem deutschen ß gab.

Nun wird es wohl erst Anfang Februar sein. Ich bitte insbesondere die Freunde um Entschuldigung, die uns die Vorbestellungen gesandt haben. Natürlich bin ich schon sehr ërpicht, ihnen eine nette Widmung ins Buch zu schreiben (Gruss und Kuss - dein Julius).

Ich schliesse mich den letzten Satz des Neujahrsgebetes des braven Pfarrers von St Lambert an und sende Ihnen allen

meine herzlichsten Grüsse und besten Wünsche für 2005!

E Priebke

Im 11. Jahr meiner Gefangenschaft


Zum Jahreswechsel

Neujahrsgebet des Pfarrers von St Lamberti/Münster im Jahre 1883:

"Herr, setze dem Überfluß Grenzen und lasse Grenzen überflüssig werden. Lasse die Leute kein falsches Geld machen, aber auch das Geld keine falschen Leute. Nimm den Ehefrauen das letzte Wort und erinnere die Ehemänner in ihr erstes. Schenke unseren Freunden mehr Wahrheit und der Wahrheit mehr Freunde. Besere solche Beamte, Geschäfts-und Arbeitsleute, die wohltätig sind. Gebe den Regierungen ein besseres Deutsch und den Deutschen eine bessere Regierung. Herr, sorge dafür, dass wir alle in den Himmel kommen, aber nicht sofort.




----- Original Message -----
From: Paul Fromm
Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2005 4:31 PM
Subject: Wolfgang Droege, R.I.P.

Wolfgang Droege, R.I.P.

Wolfgang Droege, 56, was shot this afternoon at about 2:55 e.s.t. at his 2 North Drive Toronto apartment. His alleged killer was known to him and, to our knowledge, had no political involvements.

Mr. Droege was the founder of the the White Nationalist Heritage Front, which flourished from 1988 to 1994 and had branches in a number of Canadian cities, including Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal.

Droege, born in Germany, was fiercely proud of his German heritage and deeply resented the relentless hate propaganda directed at his people in the mass media.

He was strongly influenced by his friend David Duke and Duke's efforts to bring the White Nationalist movement into closer touch with young people. Like Duke, Droege was personable and a great communicator. A natural "people person", he mixed easily with young and old, well off and those of modest means. The Heritage Front was highly successful in attracting people in their teens and 20s. It held music concerts which drew out a new generation.

Mr. Droege sacrificed his own well being and financial position for the cause for almost 20 years. At times his involvements brought him into conflict with the law; for instance, an attempt in the 1980s to back a sympathetic black politician in Dominica in exchange for financial concessions that might have helped fund the White Nationalist movement in North America. The planned invasion of Dominica, a small Caribbean island, was aborted by the intervention of U.S. agents. Mr. Droege was imprisoned for these activities.

On his release, he was offered a large sum of money by U.S. authorities. He turned down their offers.

He returned to Canada in 1988 and founded the Heritage Front, as a non-violent White rights organization, striving to fight such anti-White measures as "employment equity" (affirmative action).

Almost from the beginning, the non-violent Heritage Front, in contravention of the definition of "threat to national security" in the CSIS Act, was targetted by Canada's spooks. CSIS infiltrated a well paid agent, Grant Bristow into the Heritage Front. He funnelled money to the HF and constantly urged violence and confrontational tactics, gradually leading the HF in a direction which destroyed it.

In 1993, after the terrorist Anti-Racist Action (ARA) trashed the house of Gary Schipper, the "hotline" voice of the Heritage Front, Bristow urged a violent response. When asked, Ernst Zundel warned Mr. Droege that a visit to the ARA's sleazy watering hole, Sneaky Dee's, was a trap. While Bristow jetted off the New York with his girlfriend, Wolfgang and some other HF members visited Sneaky Dee's. A fight ensued and Wolfgang came to the rescue of a young HF member being beaten on the ground. Mr. Droege's selfless courage got him arrested.

As Mr. Zundel had predicted, it had been a trap. With his previous criminal record, Mr. Droege was slapped with brutal bail conditions, including a prohibition from speaking to the press -- part of the state's efforts to gag opposition. He was sentenced to four months in jail. When he emerged, he found employment almost impossible to get and, although he was a proud man and would never circulate this story, even found himself cut off public assistance. Jamaican welfare mommas, yes; Wolfgang Droege, no!

The arrests and the revelation that a key HF leader had been a CSIS agent sent the Heritage Front into decline.

Mr. Droege withdrew from active politics to very successfully pursue business interests.

He was a kind and generous man and a magnificent raconteur. Many friends, young and old, were the recipients of his generosity and frequent dinner invitations.

I first met Wolgang Droege at a dinner to honour author and journalist,Doug Collins in Toronto, likely in 1988. While I was never a member of the Heritage Front, I saw him occasionally. He still held the views he always did, but had grown cynical about Canadians. He believed that Canadians had become a weak and broken people, who would continue to tolerate the massive immigration invasion and the systematic stripping of their rights UNTIL they were hit with a massive economic downturn. Things would not get better, in his view, until they got worse.

My condolences to his gracious mother, his old comrades and his many friends. His personal courage is a model. -- Paul Fromm



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