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Think on these things – Fredrick Töben

July and August are generally slow media months on account of the holiday season in the world’s powerhouse – USA. There is, however, one global pressure group – battle of the wills – that never rests when others take it easy: the Nazi-hunting lobby and its willing handmaidens. Not even 60 years after the event will the individuals pushing this somewhat suspect cause let go of it. Those who are aggrieved and offended by the machinations of this feverish mindset that experiences, expects or just emerges out of a ‘Holocaust’, cannot just stand by and do nothing. Concerned citizens inevitably realize that this Nazi-hunt is nothing but a venomous hate-attack. In particular, it is a hate attack on Germans, and their descendants, and on those who supported the World War II Axis powers quest to retain the principle of autarchy as opposed to multiculturalism, and to oppose predatory international capitalism.

This continuing battle of the wills is an unbalanced one, and US President George W Bush deceptively called it the “war on terrorism and for freedom and democracy”. The premise on which US military action rests is that the USA and its allies are victims, and their behaviour has not contributed in any way to the horrors that are sweeping the world. Forgotten is the initial justification used to create facts on the ground in Iraq – weapons of mass destruction, WMD. Now the underlying assumption is that the USA and its allies [all-lies] are innocent bystanders whose life-style has generated so much envy within the Muslim world, that the Muslims have initiated a war on the USA. Tell that to the two million American citizens who are locked up in US prisons at any one time! Tell that also to those investigators who claim the WTC attack was not an attack but an act of controlled explosions carried out in the Oklahoma bombing style, and possibly a repeat of what happened in Madrid and on 7 and 21 July 2005 in London. How it connects with Pearl Harbor, well, that’s another worry.

Of course, the true story of the war against terrorism is not raised by the president because it would have to raise the Jewish factor: The state of Israel’s survival – and enlargement within the context of Biblical prophecy – is driving US Middle East policies, not the need for securing Middle East oil resources, nor the combined envy of world Muslims. The oil question is a diversionary factor, which most motorists accept without questioning, and it does not directly relate to Jewish supremacism in the Middle East.

The ‘Holocaust’ lobby serves the useful purpose of driving into the open individuals of integrity who cannot stand the tsunami of lies any more, and who have begun independently to think about the allegations raised by those who push the ‘Holocaust’ to saturation point in the world’s mass media. When individuals start to question and challenge any of the many absurd allegations made in the course of disseminating such hate propaganda, they find they are legally muzzled, if not kidnapped to face court, as happened to Ernst Zündel in the USA on 5 February 2003. Also, they will publicly be vilified as ‘antisemite’ or ‘racist’. Recently, Yevgeny Chervonenko, Ukraine's minister of transport and communications stated that “people who have the disease of anti-Semitism should be severely punished.”- JTA, July 17, 2005. US Attorney, Dr Edgar Steele, aptly responds to such a claim: "Antisemitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews!" No matter what words are used to stifle debate, the substance of the matter remains and cries out for answers.

It is this Jewish supremacism that is also hurting Muslims world-wide – and their hurt reaches out to comfort the dispossessed Palestinians – but with little effect. The US President and his coalition of the willing stand by while Israel continues ethnically to cleanse Palestine!

That these Nazi hunters, and their willing executioners, have not been resting became evident in Australia where particular issues flared up during this period concerning:

1. From Hebraism to Pan-Jewism

2. Charles Sentai

3. Hate campaign against Muslims in Australia

4. The race-immigration issue

5. David Hicks

6. Mensch vs. EPO

7. Intellectual suppression.

In particular, I would appreciate our supporters to note the contents of Newsletter No 257, wherein is highlighted our distress as regards the maintenance of our office equipment.

One of the lesser known matters emerging out of World War II is how German technological know-how was systematically plundered, a process that continues to this day on account of Germany still not having a peace treaty with its former enemies. Germany is thus an open market for anyone to claim anything they like, in particular for those who pull out the ‘Holocaust’ card. Newsletters No 258, 259 and 260 feature Gerry Fredric’s analysis of this plunder as it relates to Germany’s once flourishing motorbike industry. These articles indicate what work lies ahead for those who care to bring historical narratives in account with historical facts.

1. From Hebraism to Pan-Jewism
Patrick McNally
According to a 1950s French joke, America was the only country to go from barbarianism to decadence with no intervening period of civilization. And Henry Miller caustically dismissed the America of that time as an air-conditioned nightmare. But neither the French joke nor Henry Miller foresaw the infinitely worse perversion of the UAssA into a Prison Planet for its own proles, a depleted uranium poisoner of civilization's cradle in the Middle East, and a ZOG sock puppet for a fifth column of traitors. America has, in fact, gone from low-tech barbarianism to hyper-hi-tech psychosis.

Similarly, Judaism is the only religion to have gone from insular racism to universal racism with no intervening stage of spirituality in between. Religion should have something to do with "binding" [ligare] humans "back" [re-] to their basic source, nature, and purpose. It cannot simply be a group adjustment mechanism to out-compete fellow humans in a zero-sum struggle for scarce resources.

In the library called "The Old Testament," there are a few scattered seeds of spirituality here and there, but the collection of fables and stories is mostly an all-too-less-than-human mixed narrative of interesting myths for children, e.g. Tower of Babel, oppressively boring details, e.g. Book of Numbers, stultifying rules of social control, the 613 Mosaic no-nos, and a Stalinist type of official history-hagiography. There is more to be sure, but few traces of the spiritual quest and internal moral struggle found in Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, and Spinoza are to be found.

However, out of all the OT's racism, revenge, hatred, and reptile-brained retrogradation, can there be anything in all of human history more disgusting, vile, and revolting than Psalm 137? This filthy piece certainly has a peculiar literary beauty of it own but shows how mistaken was the person who said, "Truth is beauty. Beauty-truth....Tis all ye need to know." Psalm 137 is also directly relevant to world history's greatest war crime, i.e. USrael's 15-year long hi-tech massacre, no-morality poisoning, and total obliteration of the culture and history of the Iraqi people and their land.

The divinely inspired psalm starts with a lament, "By the rivers of Bagdhad we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. There on the poplar trees we hung up our harps, for our captors asked us for songs,...They said, 'Sing us one of the songs of Zion.' How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?" Um.... Sounds like a rather nice captivity! No carrying of heavy bricks or working in the hot sun like the fictional Exodus fable. They are not even asked to sing about Baghdad but just to reminisce about the old home town.

After a few interesting and overly dramatic oaths ["may my right arm wither," "may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth,"] the psalm ends with a fascinating self-accusation of child-murder. "O Daughter of Baghdad, doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us - he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rock." Psalm 137 is a great example of Jewish revenge and the tendency to go berserk. "They made us sing songs, so we will smash their babies' heads against rocks." Now the real problem is that Judaists believe that all this garbage is somehow God's personal revelation to them. Even secular Jews like David ben Gurion said that revenge had to be taken against Baghdad for the captivity 2,500 years ago. And so now UAssA stooges and sock puppets of USrael's state-terrorist government are smashing Iraq's babies' brains with depleted uranium as a direct result of some ancient brainfart. Truly, no one ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of Mencken's "boobus americanus religiosus."

The link between Psalm 137 and today's monstrous war crimes is what will get us to Pan-Jewism. A quick bird's-eye view of Jewish history shows four major isms unifying the long c. 4,000-year narrative. Judaic history is certainly very ancient, but very childish. A shorter, but more moral and intelligent history would have been better. "Hebraism" [ism #1] has been defined as "a moral theory or emphasis attributed to Hebrews." Since Judaism [ism #2] as a religion is younger than Christianity and developed to fight the teachings of Jesus and his followers, "Hebraism" can be used to refer to the whole range and farrago of OT wisdom, wizardry, superstition, and racist idiocy. There is no Judaism without the Talmud and its anti-Christian and anti-human polemical racism. Most of the Talmud is trivial biographical data and quasi-hagiographic encomia for various rabbis, but there is enough "master race" garbage about the sub-Jew status of humans that the Talmud merits serious, direct, and independent attention, i.e. not to be trusted is some rabbi's "Talmud for Humans" bowdlerized mendacity.

Until 19th Century Zionism [ism #3], most Judaists were not interested in politically and militarily conquering Palestine, although many rabbis did go and peacefully live there until directly or indirectly driven out by Zionist lunatics in the 20th Century. The 19th Century gave rebirth to two distinct forms of Jewish Supremacy [Judaica über Alles]. Both are thoroughly anti-Jewish in the sense of going against the aspirations and interests of what Ezra Pound called "the little Jews" and what are here called the self-chosen tribe's Solomon Sixpackers and Hyman Lunchboxers. The first and much better known of the two was Zionism. However, whatever Zionism may have meant 100 years ago, it is today deader than a doornail. Aliyah [Going up to Zion] was the necessary and sufficient condition of Zionism. Aliyah = Zionism! No aliyah = no Zionism! At that time, some comics expressed this by ironically saying, "A Zionist is someone who wants to send someone else to Palestine." Nowadays native Israelis complain that American Jews just send their mentally ill, criminally indicted, and retards. As Israel Shamir says, "The Israelis are the riffraff of world Jewry." At any rate, emigrating to Izzie has become as popular as emigrating to Stalin's old Soviet Onion or sightseeing in liberated Iraq.

The second modern ideology in which the fossil of Hebraism's old racism resurrected itself was called Semitism [ism #4], an anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish idiotology. Semitism was one of the newest manifestations of Jewish racism but it has very ancient roots in the two stories of Joseph and Esther. Joseph told his brothers and Esther's guardian told her something like the following, "Hey, don't say anything about being Jewish until we have sucked up to the local power elite. Think locally, but act globally! We can take over this place." Semitism is anti-Zionist in that it opposes Teddy Herzl's childish delusion of turning Europe's Jewish elite shysters and embezzlers into productive Palestinian dirt farmers. Unbelievable! If any hapless goy talked about Jews the disparaging way that Teddy did, he would be arrested in today's Germany and France for "Oih vey!" hate speech and holyhoax denial.

At any rate, Semitism argued that a well organized Jewish elite could take over those countries that had foolishly granted them universal Enlightenment rights and that this elite should then abuse and misuse those rights to take those selfsame rights away from the goyim cattle and even the Sixpackers. Semitism is anti-Sixpacker because the Sixpackers and Lunchboxers should know that they always end up with the short end of the stick from the dirty tricks that their own elite so love to play. That is the profoundest lesson from Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry which is a searing, detailed, and humorous indictment of the Jewish elite for deceiving and embezzling humongous bucks away from simple ordinary holocaust surviving Sixpackers. They survived the holocaust but not the holocaust industry.

Some of Israel's fifth columnists and traitors use the strange term, "non-aliyah Zionism." The worst of these traitors never use the term but do the deed. Martin Indyk is a great example. As an adult living in Izzie, he realized he could best serve the state-terrorist government's interests by moving back to the UAssA. So his fellow fifth columnists got the real Israeli ambassador to the USA, Bill Clinton, to appoint Martin as ambassador to Izzie. But Martin was not even an American citizen? No problem! In a maneuver that shows how utterly ZOGifried the UAssA is, Martin was transmogrified overnight from a wandering Jew into an American citizen so that he had at least the minimum legal qualifications to serve as ambassador of a country to which he had about zero moral allegiance. No dual loyalty there! No loyalty at all!

Thus, we can conclude that the racism historically coming out of the OT is protean, chameleon-like, and environmentally highly adaptive. It can quickly shed one skin and grow a completely different one. Pat Buchanan pointed to this phenomenon when he called the neocons the cow-birds of American conservatism for the way they thoroughly took over both WFBuckley's National Review and the whole conservative movement.

How can the current strategy of such a protean racism be best captured in one word? "Hebraism" is clearly obsolete and dead. "Semitism" was never given the focus it deserved because the Jewish Supremacists behind Semitism were able to distract attention from it by turning "anti-Semitism" into an empty and meaningless smear word. "Judaism" is inappropriate because in the West it has succeeded in getting itself passed off as a "world religion" coequal to Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. However, it is interesting to note that in Japanese texts, Judaism is treated merely as a national religion like Shinto. Whenever and wherever Judaism is ranked along with Christianity and Islam as a Semitic or Abrahamic world religion, folks simply cannot see that it is a racist political ideology and not at all a serious human religion. "Zionism" is not useful word because very few Jews do life-long aliyah and non-aliyah Zionism is the same as Semitism.

The word "Pan-Jewism" is a good label to describe the analyses independently done by Israel Shamir [cf. Pardes], Gilad Atzmon, and Ardeshir Mehta. Shamir argues that there is no biological Jewishness and uses "Jewry" or "the Jews" to refer to one major elite pushing today's mammonizing and globalizing destruction. Atzmon uses "Zionism." Mehta uses "Judaism." It is best to use an -ism word to denote that there is no biological Jewishness. "Juda-ism" fits the bill, but most Jewists [Jewism racists] will say that they are not religious and, therefore, cannot be Judaists. Most racists will also say they are not Zionists because they do not want to do aliyah.

However, anyone who supports the continued existence of the apart-hate state of Israel is a racist, i.e. a Jewist. In particular, all the so-called Gentiles who vigorously support the existence of "Der Judenstaat" [Herzl's term for a state of Jews, by Jews, and for Jews] are racist Jewists. Strangely enough, some of the worse Jewists are Gentiles or perhaps only acting the part for short-term advantages. Nothing biological about it at all!

Israel's most fundamental problem is its inherently vicious and genocidal racism. The so-called occupation is only a violent manifestation of this underlying racism. Even calling it merely an occupation is a euphemism which shows the power of Israeli propaganda [hasbara = bamboozle, bullshit] to control the discourse. The "occupation" is an ethnic cleansing or genocide-on-the-installment-plan.

Pan-Jewism is a universal racism because it does not want to live a separate, national life uninfluenced by and uninfluencing outsiders [Think locally! Act locally!] It suffers from a messianistic narcissism and seeks to fulfill Isaiah's phoney universalism [Think locally! Act globally!] whereby the goyim bring their wealth to Jerusalem, bow down before the Jews, and function as Shabbath goyim. There is nothing to be discussed or negotiated with racist Jewists.

Delenda est Judaea!

Comment: Ardeshir Mehta
... it's high time WE changed all that, and pointed out clearly that Judaism is much more the co-equal of such horrid ancient religions as the Maya and Aztec religions, which practiced human sacrifice! The culprit, as I see it, is CHRISTIANITY, which preserves the Old Testament *verbatim* as "Holy Writ". THAT's why "Judaism" in the West has succeeded in getting itself passed off as a "world religion". It is CHRISTIANITY that needs a through overhaul ... and this won't happen unless "Christians" the world over openly repudiate the teachings of the CHURCHES, and embrace instead the teachings of CHRIST. As Voltaire never tired of saying, referring to the Catholic Church, *Ecrasez l'infâme*! Only THEN will Judaism with its proud and violent racism be erased from the world's consciousness.

Comment: Peter Myers
Patrick's piece is marred by overstatement. Words like "garbage" and "idiotology" turn neutral readers off. Understatement is preferable. A man of Patrick's vocabulary can fine-tune a message by selecting more moderate words. Patrick could have compared the Hebrew mentality to the Greek. The Greeks considered other peoples "barbarians", but I doubt one can find anything like "smashing their children against a rock" in their literature.

Comment: Fredrick Töben - Patrick - your statement will be featured in our September Newsletter - it is the best summary of a mindset that I have ever read. And I have also placed it in the Zündel Reports section ... The understatement matter is a typical attitude that leads to fence-sitting and seat wetting!


2. Charles Zentai

The issue of ‘Nazi’ war criminals began during the late 1980s in Australia, and culminated with the setting up of the War Crimes Tribunal in Adelaide. It was driven by Jew Mark Aaron, et al, who accessed the state archives of former eastern European soviet countries for so-called ‘evidence’ that would further their Jewish agenda. It was a significant blow to their aims when not a single person was convicted as a war criminal during the Adelaide war crimes trials.

Intermittently Jews in Australia have continued with their frenzied activities of spying out ‘Nazis’, and when that failed they switched over to looking for ‘Holocaust’ deniers. They found two: Mrs Olga Scully and Dr Fredrick Töben, and because the act under which Scully and Töben were prosecuted, Racial Discrimination Act -RDA, it was a foregone conclusion they would be found guilty. The aggrieved party – Jeremy Jones – needed only to prove that written material disseminated by Scully and Töben offended his sensibilities as a Jew. Normal common law procedures of being innocent until proven guilty were abandoned by the framers of the RDA, intentionally, no doubt. Australia’s parliamentarians must have been asleep when the vote was taken on this act. Perhaps because the act specifically precluded legal sanctions most members of parliament did not take it too seriously.

Interestingly, in the Zentai case we see for the first time an intervention, a significant intervention on behalf of the accused. The following letter speaks for itself:

FR John B. Flynn SAC

Catholic Presbytery

53 Tudor Avenue



Tel: (08) 9457 2424

Fax: (08) 9354 5083

9th July 2005

Sen. The Hon. Chris Ellison
Minister for Customs and Justice
89 Aberdeen St, Northbridge 6003

Dear Senator,

It is most likely you have never met, person to person, Mr. Charles Zentai. You have heard certain things about him and you are being called upon to make certain critical decisions about him.

Before making your decision would it not be good to make a point of meeting him so that when you come to make your decision it will be about someone you know, at least to a point, rather than someone you only know about, at least to a point?

As a Senator, representing the citizens of this State, in view of the magnitude of the decision you will be called upon to make, it is surely crucial that you meet this citizen of West Australia.

I have know Charlie for over thirty years – from the time when I was in the parish 1967 – 1976 and over the four years since my return. Charlie is a parishioner I know quite well. I can tell you that he is a first class Catholic and is filled with a truly Christian spirit. He is one of the kindest, gentlest persons one would wish to meet, who would not harm a fly. He is the sort of person who has not a bad word to say about anyone. The care, self-sacrifice and dedication to his wife over the years of her terminal illness were inspirational and he spared no cost or effort in getting all available treatment possible for her. There is much I could go on to say about him and my own feelings about the matter but perhaps the following sums it up:

Charles Zentai has been a resident in West Australia for some fifty five years and has in the meantime become an Australian citizen. Over these fifty five years by his life, words and actions, Charlie has proved himself to be:

a good man
a good citizen
a good husband
a good father
a good family man
a good worker
a good Catholic
a good Christian
a good parishioner.

He is a man who has shown that he is not:

Arrogant or rude
Pushy or resentful
Spiteful or agro
Untrustworthy or deceitful
Vengeful or mean spirited
Intolerant or racist
Proud or conceited.

Whilst these observations come from my own subjectivity, I am fully confident they express what is objectively true about the man.

For this good man to be extradited in order to face a charge of murder for which no hard evidence could surely be produced (as I said to someone – Where’s the gun? Where are the bullets? Where are the fingerprints? Where’s the DNA? Who are the living witnesses?) and to be separated, probably for the rest of the short life that remains to him from the family he loves, from the place where the body of his wife is buried, from his adopted homeland, would be, in my opinion, a gross act of inhumanity and a grave injustice.

I am aware that the final decision about extradition lies with you and I am confident that in making this decision, which lies in the future somewhat after the now necessary legal processes are completed, you will not be influenced by political persuasion, but rather by justice and truth, compassion and genuine humanitarianism.

Yours faithfully

Fr John B. Flynn, SAC

– Parish Priest Riverton

Charles Zentai

Adelaide Institute salutes a Catholic Priest for upholding the moral and intellectual values of truth and justice.

3. Hate campaign against Muslims in Australia – a cry against ethnic cleansing in Palestine!

Since the 77 London bombing, Australia’s Muslims are on the run, distancing themselves from those men in their communities who may have indulged in hate-speech. This so-called ‘hate-speech’ is directed against what Jews are doing against the Palestinians.

It is a cry for help and desperation as the Jews in Israel ethnically cleanse Palestine of its last remaining people. Jewish community leaders are now sifting through Muslim bookshops to see if they can find books containing ‘hate-speech’.

Jewish community members present themselves as experts in seeking out hate-speech, of course never once reflecting on how they continue to engage in hate-speech against Germans as soon as they start talking about the ‘Holocaust’.

Then again, to date there is no German of any political significance who has the stature of the Japanese Emperor – a while ago the Emperor honoured all Japanese dead. What do the Germans do? They desecrate their war dead and continue to defame them. Even President Putin has welcomed home the misguided Soviet soldiers.

German Foreign Minister Fischer has begun to vet the Foreign Office of any hints of Nazism lurking in some dark corner. He continues the cleansing/re-education process begun by the Allies and their willing helpers to eliminate once and for all any remnants of National Socialist thinking.


4. The race-immigration issue
‘Academic stirs fight over race’
Tim Dick, Sydney Morning Herald

July 16, 2005: Macquarie University is standing by a senior academic who opposes non-white immigration, arguing that academics must be free to say what they wish, while also distancing itself from his views and declaring racism abhorrent.

An associate professor in the Department of Public Law, Andrew Fraser, claims that African migration increases crime, says HSC results point to a rising ruling class of Asians and wants Australia to withdraw from refugee conventions to avoid becoming "a colony of the Third World".

Associate Professor Fraser, originally from Canada, believes cognitive and athletic abilities, testosterone and "impulse control" vary according to race, and "civilisations" should look after their own.

The university said yesterday it was "distancing" itself from Associate Professor Fraser's views but backed the right of academics to say what they wish in a "responsible" way.

The acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Loxton, said there was no place for racism at the university, but it "recognises and protects academic freedom as essential to the conduct of teaching, research and scholarship".

After seeing a photograph of a Sudanese child in the Parramatta Sun, Associate Professor Fraser wrote to the newspaper saying "an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems". "The fact is that ordinary Australians are being pushed down the path to national suicide by their own political, religious and economic elites."

Associate Professor Fraser wrote in an email to a Woollahra councillor, David Shoebridge, that Chinese immigration directly threatened the "social, political and economic interests of ordinary Australians and their children".

"Look at the annual HSC results - the consequence of which is that Oz is creating a new heavily Asian managerial-professional, ruling class that will feel no hesitation … in promoting the narrow interests of their co-ethnics at the expense of white Australians."

Associate Professor Fraser told the Herald it was only the "educated middle class" who opposed his views. "I think most ordinary people would find what I'm saying more or less self-evident," he said.


No sensible nation would reject high achievers, July 18, 2005
Samantha Chung Randwick: As an "ordinary Australian" who is Chinese/Caucasian, I find Associate Professor Andrew Fraser's comments startling and insulting, not to mention hypocritical ("Academic stirs fight over race", Herald, July 16-17). His argument appears to be that because Asians are high achievers, Australia should fear them. He does not mention the many positive contributions that non-white Australians have made to this country. Immigration should be based on merit and need, not on the colour of a person's skin. Who wants to be the nation that rejects immigrants because they might be high achievers?

Landon Burch Bowral: I wholeheartedly agree with Professor Fraser's views on non-white immigration, but not for racist reasons. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism involves considerations of the superiority or inferiority of races. I do not consider myself superior or inferior to any other race. My own attitude involves only a strong preference to belong to a community of my own people who have roots, culture, traditions, beliefs and customs in common with or closely related to mine.I bear no malice whatsoever to other peoples and respect those who wish to preserve their own customs and beliefs, as long as they don't thrust themselves on us without our ready acceptance.

Hendry Wan Matraville: The Macquarie University law academic Andrew Fraser cautions against the rise of a new heavily Asian managerial-professional ruling class at the expense of white Australians. Professor Fraser, you have yet to put forward an argument. White elitism is not an argument, it is self-evidently racist.

Genoveva de Souza Mangerton: Thank you to Andrew Fraser for acknowledging his insecurities about his ethnic background. Is he agreeing with views that have justified genocides? At least Fraser is acknowledging the successes of Asian migrants who have overcome language, cultural and educational barriers and are making important contributions to Australian society every day. I ask Professor John Loxton, if there is no place for racism at Macquarie University, then how does Andrew Fraser find himself an associate professor?

Jimmy Liu Brisbane (Qld): Chinese Australians perform better academically than Anglo Australians not because cognitive abilities vary between races, as Professor Fraser believes, but rather because the majority of Chinese immigrants are very well educated and hold university degrees of some sort. They couldn't afford to come to, or be allowed in, Australia in the first place if they didn't. Given the intense level of competition in China to even gain entry into university, they are truly already at the top of their game. It's then no surprise that this generation of immigrants who value education so much will also do everything they can to have their children do well at school. To have someone like Fraser suggest that instead of competing with Chinese Australians for top jobs they should be excluded altogether is weak.

N. Soh Alexandria: In response to Professor Fraser's comments: what makes him think that those of us from Asian backgrounds aren't "ordinary Australians"? What makes him think that Asians who have grown up in Australia have interests and values so narrow and different from "white Australians"? What is there in the Australian school system that is going to stop non-Asians doing well at school? And as for judging a person's potential for criminal behaviour on the basis of their skin colour, it seems Professor Fraser doesn't support the Australian value of "presumed innocent until proven guilty".

David Astin Glanville (SA): May I please pass on my best regards to Professor Fraser for his stance on non-white immigration to Australia and its consequences. I have long held these feelings, along with misgivings about the ill-thought- out bipartisan policy of multiculturalism. All that my outspokenness gave me was the tag "racist" by the usual supporters of government policies that the Australian people have never had the chance to vote on. Professor Fraser has made a brave decision to speak the truth. I only hope that Macquarie University has the intestinal fortitude to back him up against the barrage of abuse that will no doubt be thrown at him. Long live free speech.

Reflections of a Canadian multiculturalist
Ardeshir Mehta -

19 July 2005

My argument against racism, or racial discrimination (of which, by the way, there is an official and precise definition given at ... so it is not comparable to a nebulous and ill-defined phrase like "anti-Semitism"), is that it is pernicious EVEN if it does not lead to bad actions.

Indeed, the actions are a mere RESULT of racism. Racism is the CAUSE, the actions are the OUTCOME.

For instance, the KKK murdering a black person is due to the RACISM of the KKK.

On the other hand, a black person murdering a white person in the course of a street robbery is NOT due to racism!
Both ACTIONS are murder, and both are reprehensible, but both are not a result of RACISM. Thus the murder committed by the KKK is MORE reprehensible of the two!

Racism is bad even when it is unaccompanied by bad actions, because racism has the POTENTIAL to produce bad actions.

I often give the example of my own people, the Parsi Zoroastrians of India.

They are even more racist than the Jews,

because they prohibit ANY conversion by non-Parsis. Either you are BORN a Parsi Zoroastrian, or you are not. You just CANNOT convert!

Parsis are actually admired all over India because of their generosity, works of charity (even towards those who are not parsis), and industrious work ethic. They have never been accused by non-Parsis of being evil, as the Jews have often been accused of being in Christian countries in past centuries.

Yet I say, the racism of Parsis is JUST as evil as, if not even MORE evil than, that of the Jews!

I say this because I have observed it in action. My aunt, my mother's sister, threw her own daughter out of her house because her daughter married a Jew! (My mother took the newly-weds into her home when that happened, and I used to baby-sit their children when they were young and I was a teenager.)

UNTIL something like this happens, Parsis are racist only in THEORY. But when this happens, the theory is all of a sudden put into practice!

So Parsis exhibit good deeds only until the point that their racism is threatened. When it is, the evil in racism erupts into action!

Indeed it has been the opinion of many scholars that the vast majority of erstwhile Zoroastrians in Iran converted readily to Islam when came in touch with it, because they were sick and tired of the racism of the Sassanian Zoroastrian priesthood! (The Parsi racism of today is but a continuation of the Sassanian racism of that period).

That is why I don't call myself a Parsi, but only a DESCENDANT of Parsis. I don't identify with their racist religious beliefs - indeed I strongly REPUDIATE these beliefs!

This despite the fact that Parsis, rather than being vilified by non-Parsis (as the Jews often have been by non-Jews), are actually ADMIRED for their many good deeds.

So you see, what I criticise in Judaism I see already in Parsi Zoroastrianism. The racism of both is equally pernicious and evil ... and would be so even if the Jews, for example, were just as well-liked in the West as the Parsis are in India!

Racism is very much like a bomb ticking away, ready to go off at the least excuse. Even if it has NEVER gone off, it is still a BOMB!


5. David Hicks

Australian David Hicks continues to languish in the hell-hole on Cuban soil. Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, unflinchingly continues to support President George Bush’s unwavering stance in favour of putting David Hicks on trial.

It is obvious that Hick’s conversion to Islam has lost him Howard’s government’s sympathy. Imagine had David Hicks converted to Judaism, then taken up arms and fought for Israel against the Palestinians?

A number of Australians with dual citizenship – Australian/Israeli – are doing just that, undergoing military training – but that’s fighting the war against terrorism, isn’t it? And there is no public commentator decrying Australians returning from Israel to settle down again in Australia.

A recent US court action that challenged the legality of the military tribunal sitting at Guantanamo Bay concluded when the decision was handed down with a finding that the tribunal was legal. Hicks’ legal team is now challenging this decision because as Major Mori stated on ABC Radio National, 20 July 2005, he considers the tribunal to be illegal as such.

It reminds him of the World War II tribunals, and as far as he is concerned it is not possible to get justice before such a tribunal. Tell that to those Germans whose next-of-kin faced the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, on whose precedent the Guantanamo Bay tribunal is based!

David Hicks


6. To be a Mensch and not an EPO!

Individuals who don’t quite know who they are, feel better if they develop a mindset that confers on them some kind of superiority, e.g. God’s chose people. Without effort, then, one may walk the streets and feed on being exclusive and superior. Within society there is always some fool who believes such rubbish, and who enables the self-fulfilling prophecy to operate at considerable profit for ‘them’. However, anyone who does not accept this mindset and therefore has a different set of values as to what gives individuals a value or what confers on them social status, will conflict with those who consider themselves as God’s chosen people - EPOs – eternally persecuted ones, as Geoff Muirden termed that form of behaviour. EPOs will therefore develop a victim mentality that enables them to retain that exclusive status, thereby adapting to all circumstance, and winning the battle of the wills. The parasite also works like that, except it has to be careful. Its dilemma is obvious: If it draws too much blood that leads to the host’s death, it too dies. This gives rise to the saying: “Don’t blame the Jews, blame those that bend to their pressure”. A morally and mentally mature individual – a Mensch, as the Germans say – has no need for scapegoating. Self-assured because membership to humanity is guaranteed such an individual will embrace moral and intellectual values that open the door to human freedom and invites the creative impulse to begin its work – to behold the Creation without being sucked into the depths of immaturity and dependency.


7. FOR THE RECORD - Open Letter to Advertiser columnist Rex Jory
- detecting the pattern of intellectual suppression - mental rape!

 Dear Rex
David Brockschmidt informed me that you refused to meet him with a view to discussing with him his strongly-worded letter to you on the issue that the English boys, who ten years ago tortured and killed a child, be sent to Australia.

Although you and I have had our differences, I feel that you and I still share a professional interest in upholding Common Law principles, in particular the value of free civilized speech. Your column in this morning's Advertiser, 'To ban books is to lose freedom', confirms this suspicion of mine, that you are sincere in your commitment to upholding this principle. However, will you buckle under pressure for the sake of self-preservation?

There is also, at page 12 of today's Advertiser, an article by Nick Butterly, 'Incite terrorism and lose citizenship', where it is stated that laws will be tightened, especially in view of the London 77 bombings. A disturbing paragraph reads: "Melbourne Islamic leader Sheik Mohammed Omran has denied the London attacks and the September 11 attacks in the US were committed by Muslims."

The implication here is that we dare not be skeptical about the official version of events for fear of being labelled a 'denier' - as in "Holocaust denier', something that is a crime in German-speaking countries, and elsewhere.

It is a given that the tragedies of US911 and London77 are related to the Madrid bombing, as are the Bali and Marriot Hotel bombings. That this whole complex of events is related to our invasion of Iraq is also a given - especially when we consider that this latest invasion was based on the WMD lie.

Finally in today's Advertiser, at page 19, there is Maria Moscariloto's article 'Erasing words of hate', which indicates that the avenue for censorship is already set up - and we need only look for candidates who fit the legal straightjacket, then proceed to strip Australians of their citizenship and revoke permanent residence visas.

The Charles Sentai case in Western Australia is instructive here. Do you, Rex, support the deportation of so-called former 'Nazis' for an alleged crime when Israel will not extradite Solomon Morel who is known to have killed thousands of German men, women and children in Poland after the war?

Do you fear Australia's - or the world's - Zionist 'Nazi-hunting' lobby, Rex?

One instance where Jewish 'hate-groups' have already implimented their terrorism agenda occurred in the US and Canada on 5 February 2003 when Ernst Zündel was kidnapped from his home in the US and taken to Canada, where he remained in prison until he was extradited to Germany on 1 March 2005.

The extradition to Germany was done under the guise of National Security - meaning that his lawyers could not defend him in court because the evidence relied upon to declare him a security risk was not made available to them. Interestingly, the judge who made the deportation decision was actually in the know when someone sent Zündel a pipe bomb through the mail during the 1980s.

As you perhaps are aware, Ernst Zündel has spent 30 months in prison - see for an update of his plight. I think you will also recall that it is not possible for Zündel to defend himself because if he does, he will merely prove to the judges that he continues to be a 'denier'.

The Canadian judiciary extradited him on grounds that he is a national security risk. Now the Germans have levelled one charge against him that labels him a 'white supremacist'. Of course this is just a smoke-screen for a much bigger 'crime' that he has committed for alost all his life: After thoroughly investigating the 'Holocaust', he continues to refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust'.

For Ernst Zündel the whole 'Holocaust' matter is nothing but hatred against Germans, and so by implication anyone who propagates 'Holocaust' material is in effect peddling hate literature against Germans.

Australia's David Hicks languishing in Guantanamo Bay for about four years now faces a similar situation. The legal process used on him is like that used on Ernst Zündel - and a day or so ago our Prime Minister claimed that the legal process is fair! It is not fair because the charge is so broad and there are no rules of evidence.

As you know, on pain of being in contempt of court, I am not permitted personally to express my views on this broad 'Holocaust' complex, and so I have been reduced to quoting others on this issue. That's called self-censorship, isn't it?
Do you consider it appropriate to exercise self-censorship on vital current and historical issues such as the 'Holocaust'?

Please advise.

Fredrick Töben, 21 July 2005


Letter to: Quadrant Editor PP McGuinness –, Dep. Ed, G Thomas, POB 82,Balmain2041.

Conceptual Prisons, and all that, 14 July 2005: P P McGuinness’ editorial in the June, 2005, edition of Quadrant ends with an apt lament:

“This is important to academics and students, but above all to those independent readers, scholars and analysts who find it better to survive outside the rotting university structures of today”.

McGuinness here is alluding to what is the terminal manifestation of the full-blown ailment known as ‘politically correct’ (PC) that has swept through our learning institutions since the late 1960s-early 1970s. After 40 years of observing this phenomenon it is possible to put names to the present carriers of this ailment, which can also be labeled ‘deficiency thinking syndrome’. In Australia this collection of individuals – a somewhat wearisome remnant of self-declared crusaders for the underdog and obsessively afflicted by victimhood of life – has now congregated around Professor Robert Manne in the hope of regaining thereby some intellectual legitimacy.

Then there was Quadrant’s scholarly article about Solzhenitsyn and Christianity, written by National Action chairman and MA student at Latrobe University, Michael Brander, something that so upset Federal MP, Michael Danby, that he saw fit to raise the issue in parliament and put it on public record that Quadrant is now giving a voice to neo-Nazis. [Watch out Paddy!]

With some interest I note in your July-August edition that John Dawson, a businessman and ‘non-academic’ – who weighed in heavily on behalf of Keith Windschuttle – has responded, with some biting comments of his own, to the PC brigade’s attack on his book: Washout: On the Academic Response to the Fabrication of Aboriginal History.

With some welcomed clarity John Dawson’s arguments illuminate the PC ailment. He does, however, avoids elaborating on its wellspring – watered down Marxism/feminism, and more. Although he takes issue with the Manne gang of PCs, Dawson limits his own intellectual activity through self-censorship whose parameters were clearly set by Dirk Moses in the final chapter of Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History.

Moses literally sounds a warning to Windschuttle, and anyone else who dares to embrace the truth concept, and who dares to open his mind to a wider and deeper perspective on historical matters. Historians may become Revisionists, Moses states, but they had better not become ‘denialists’, as in ‘Holocaust denial’. A number of European countries have criminalized ‘denialism’ allegedly because it is hurtful to some individuals. That any thinking individual is a revisionist is a truism the new PC groupies have not woken up to, and that the truth may very well be hurtful is a maxim forgotten by most of the new PCs.

Both camps, academic and non-academic, are now firmly enslaved and put into the conceptual prison called ‘Holocaust denial’ where truth has no home. The wealth of factual historical information thereby deleted from in-depth consideration and evaluation is massive. Historical narratives are thereby distorted beyond factual recognition.

In the Windschuttle phenomenon we have a new PC emerging that will again hamstring our questings and thrustings to learn the truth about an historical matter. Unfortunately, this in turn will not avert moral and intellectual bankruptcy. Without embracing the truth concept individuals are rejecting the concept upon which our civilization rests.

The question to ask is: Cui Bono – in whose interest is it to limit historical debate on contentious issues?


Anklage gegen Neonazi Zündel -

Germans libelled and defamed without fighting back
Ernst Zündel refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust' = terrorized by Canadian judiciary
In Canada refusal to believe in the 'Holocaust' has become a national security matter.
When will the 'war on terrorism' be extended to the REVISIONISTS who refuse to believe in the 'Holocaust'?
- and all this to ensure Biblical prophecy comes to pass: establishing Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates, never mind the Palestinians - their land has been ethnically cleansed...and the world stood by and let it happen!

Germans charge Ernst Zündel with inciting hate

[Note the date on which the world is advised = 20 July 1944]

Ernst Zündel


BERLIN — German prosecutors said Tuesday they have charged white supremacist Ernst Zundel with inciting racial hatred, four months after he was deported from Canada.

German authorities accuse Zundel of decades of anti-Semitic activities, including repeated denials of the Holocaust -- a crime in Germany -- in documents and on the Internet.

Zundel is "known internationally as a leader of the right-wing scene,'' prosecutors in the southwestern city of Mannheim said Tuesday in a statement listing 14 examples of alleged incitement.

It was unclear when he might face a trial, which Jewish leaders hope will spread awareness of the Holocaust.

Zundel was arrested in March on his arrival in Germany after a long legal battle, and remains in jail. He had been detained in Toronto since 2003 under anti-terrorism laws and deported after a Canadian judge ruled his activities a threat to national and international security.

The Canadian Jewish Congress said it was glad to hear Zundel had been charged, but said justice will not be served fully until he is convicted.

"Certainly we're very pleased that German prosecutors have charged Mr. Zundel,'' spokesman Len Rudner said from Toronto. "But it's a successful prosecution that will go a long way to completing discrediting Ernst Zundel.'' [– emphasis added, FT]

Born in Germany in 1939, Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958 and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001. Canadian officials rejected his attempts to obtain citizenship in 1966 and 1994.

He moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., until he was deported to Canada in 2003 for alleged immigration violations.

While Jewish groups in Canada hailed Zundel's deportation, some civil libertarians argued it was a crime against freedom of speech.

"Banning ideas -- even foolish ones -- is just never healthy,'' Paul Fromm, the president of the Canadian Association for Freedom of Expression, said Tuesday from Toronto after hearing of Zundel's charges.

"It's very disappointing and it's sad to see the German government has learned nothing about democracy.''

German prosecutors obtained an arrest warrant for Zundel in 2003. Because his Holocaust-denying website was available in Germany, he is considered to have been spreading his message to Germans.

Mannheimer Morgen, 20. Juli 2005
Anklage gegen Ernst Zündel Prozeß in Mannheim:

Von unserem Redaktionsmitglied Hans-Dieter Füser

Mannheim - Die Staatsanwaltsachaft Mannheim hat gegen den Rechtsextremisten Ernst Zündel Anklage wegen Volksverhetzung in 14 Fällen erhoben.


Dem 66jährigen Zündel wird vorgeworfen, im Internet ("Zundelsite") und durch diverse Publikationen den Völkermord an den Juden in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus systematisch geleugnet und verharmlost zu haben. Dies sagte Staatsanwalt Andreas Grossmann gestern unserer Zeitung.


Der Holocaust-Leugner habe ferne durch antisemitische Hetze zum Haß gegen die jüdische Bevölkerung aufgerufen Nach Angaben der Staatsanwaltschaft hat Zündel seine Aktivitäten "mit hohem publizistischen Aufwand" betrieben. Er gelte in rechten Krisen international als bekannte Führungsfigur.


Zu seinen Hauptthemen zähle, so Grossmann, daß der "Holocaust eine nutzbringenden Nachkriegspropaganda" sei, um das deutsche Volk zu erpressen. Dazu zähle die Behauptung, es gebe "kein Beweis, daß der Holocaust stattgefunden hat". Die Juden-Politik der Nationalsozialisten sei auf Emigration ausgerichtet gewesen, nicht auf Ausrotttung. Die Staatsanwaltschaft erwartet den Prozeßbeginn "nicht vor November".


Auf jeden der angeklagten 14 Fälle stehen maximal fünf Jahre Haft, - Zündel, geboren im baden-württembergischen Calmbach und 1958 nach Kanada ausgewandert, war im März 2005 von den dortigen Behörden an Deutschland ausgeliefert worden. Er war als Gefahr für die nationale Sicherheit eingestuft worden. Zündel sitzt seither in Mannheim in Untersuchungshaft."

 [- note the date on which the world is advised, c.f. 20 July 1944]

Remember some of the dissenting men in prison: Manfred Roeder, Gutfleischstr. 21, D-3590 Gießen; Erich Priebke, Associazione Uome e Liberta, Via Cardinal Sanfelice 5, I – 00167, Italy – he celebrated his 92nd birthday on 29 July 2005 in his 12th year of imprisonment; Siegfried Verbeke, arrested at Amsterdam Airport on 3 August 2005. Wolfgang Fröhlich in prison since April will appear before a court in Wien on 29 August 2005.


Figures don’t tell story, Ron Fischer, Ballarat, The Victorian Senior, July 2005.
Your article on Buchenwald (VS June) makes interesting reading indeed.


For decades we have been regaled with the propaganda that the Nazis gassed six million Jews , particularly in the early 1940. Anyone who doubts the figure and said so, such as the historian David Irving, was hounded by the epithet ‘Holocaust Denial’.


Germany, a country you would think would be the foremost in denial, has a statute under which David Irving can be jailed if he sets foot in that country. The same historian has been hounded out of Australia. Canada has taken a similar stance.


One Ernst Zündel, a German migrant who became an artist after migrating, has been deported by the Canadian Government to his native country where he now languishes in prison.


Germany is alleged to have used gas chambers in the concentration camps of Buchenwald, Dachau and Auschwitz to execute Jews en masse. One can justifiably wonder if there were any survivors. Now along comes Jack Cutler, a survivor, who says “people died around you all the time”.


This adds credibility to the claim that the majority of deaths in these camps were from disease and malnutrition, not execution. Nearly 240,000 people went through the gates in Buchenwald’s 12-year history.


When the war finished in 1945 it housed more than 86,000 prisoners. Now if the six million story is true then the average throughput of each of the three camps would be two million with no survivors. The logistics of such an exercise defy comprehension.



If the premise on which an argument rests is wrong/unproven, then is the conclusion also wrong?

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