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 Live Interview on Current Issues TV

September 15, 2005 at 8:00 P.M. Professor Norman Finkelstein

Dr. Norman Finkelstein is a Jewish-American professor of political science at DePaul University known for advocating controversial positions on the Israel-Palestine conflict and for criticizing the way the Holocaust is handled by most parties and organizations. He is the author of five books, of which the most prominent are Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict and The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.


Live Interview on Current Issues TV

September 15, 2005 at 8:00 P.M. Dr. Fredrick Toben



Dr. Fredrick Toben is a noted historical revisionist and maintains the Adelaide Institute website out of Australia. He has been arrested and jailed in the past for "Holocaust denial," which is to say that he questioned the "official version" touted in Germany and around the world as established fact.


Again the Jews?

 "Secular Jews play a disproportionate role throughout the sex industry ... Jews accounted for most of the leading male [pornography] performers of the 1970s and '80s ... "


- is there a circumcision factor involved in this?

- don't blame the Jews, blame those that consume their products for lack of moral fibre...


"I have not yet met a Jewish guy who wasn't horny as a rabbit,' says [Jewish porn star] Nina Hartley, 'Culturally it's OK for Jews to act and for WASPs its different ... Plus, they get to have sex with all these beautiful blonde women ... Where else are you going to get a succession of shiksas [non-Jewish women] to bed you down?'"

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[The current war on (Islamic) terrorists deflects from Anglo/American/Zionist crimes committed against theArab-speaking world



by Naeim Giladi

 "And I began to find out about the barbaric methods used to rid the fledgling state of as many Palestinians as possible. The world recoils today at the thought of bacteriological warfare, but Israel was probably the first to actually use it in the Middle East.


In the 1948 war, Jewish forces would empty Arab villages of their populations, often by threats, sometimes by just gunning down a half-dozen unarmed Arabs as examples to the rest. To make sure the Arabs couldn't return to make a fresh life for themselves in these villages, the Israelis put typhus and dysentery bacteria into the water wells.


Uri Mileshtin, an official historian for the Israeli Defense Force, has written and spoken about the use of bacteriological agents[1]. According to Mileshtin, Moshe Dayan, a division commander at the time, gave orders in 1948 to remove Arabs from their villages, bulldoze their homes, and render water wells unusable with typhus and dysentery bacteria...".

 I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that,
to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors.
I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called "cruel Zionism." I write about it because I was part of it.

More at Naeim Giladi



Galloway versus Hitchens





Please note there is a webcast for his debate with "Christopher Hitchens" on Sept/14th @7:00Pm NY time, on the following sites:







Tidied `Merchant' is compelling and conflicted

American theaters almost never produce most American plays from the early 19th Century -- even the good ones -- for one perfectly valid reason. They're shot through with racist stereotypes. But wizened old Shylock -- protected for eternity by the other less troubled and hateful pearls on the necklace of Shakespearean humanism -- is a survivor of the most unctuous sort.


Unlike the stifled Barabas in Marlowe's superior "The Jew of Malta," Shylock has never really left the American stage. Heck, he's demanding his pound of Christian flesh several times a week right now on Navy Pier. And Shylock attracts truly great actors such as Mike Nussbaum -- rather than pickets and outrage -- because we don't easily think of Shakespeare as an anti-Semitic peddler of ethnic injustice largely unmitigated by circumstance.



 Britain won't change Holocaust tribute

Prime Minister Tony Blair rejects proposal by Muslim leaders to change focus of annual Holocaust Remembrance Day...

Meanwhile, Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that a Muslim lawyer appointed by the British government to advise Tony Blar, Ahmad Thompson, described the Holocaust as a "big lie."




Blair: rejects Muslim proposal



Israeli general flees London


Maj. Gen. Doron Almog

Photo: Michael Kramer


Former Southern Command chief abandons plans to visit Britain after Muslim groups try to get arrest warrant for 'crimes against humanity'

Former IDF Southern Commander Maj. Gen. (res.) Doron Almog was forced Sunday to abandon plans to visit Britain at the last minute, after Muslim groups charged him with crimes against humanity for "his military role against the Palestinian people."


Israel's ambassador in London, Tzvi Hefetz, spoke with Almog during the flight, advised him not to get off the plane, and said if he entered Britain he would be served with the claim.


Immediately upon landing in London, Almog returned to Israel.


Ambassador Hefetz also reported the incident to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.



US Peace Activist to be Deported


A US peace activist who spoke at the Sydney Social Forum has been stripped of his visa and detained in Melbourne as a 'threat to national security'. He is being detained without any charge and is likely to be deported very soon.


Approximately 30 protestors turned up at John Howard's Philip St office at 15:00, 12 September 2005, demanding the immediate release of peace activist Scott Parkin. 




Mahathir calls US, UK terrorist nations


US and British pilots whose bombs killed Iraqi civilians were murderers, and actions taken by those two countries during the invasion and occupation of Iraq amounted to terrorism, former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has said.




U.S. House Briefed on International Cooperation on Internet Hate

Washington, DC, September 9, 2005 .... Continuing to further efforts on international cooperation regarding online hate stemming from the OSCE Conference on Hate on the Internet in Paris in June 2004, ADL experts addressed a packed room on Capitol Hill to discuss how governments, industry and advocates could partner to curb online hate. The session was sponsored by the Congressional Task Force Against Anti-Semitism and co-hosted by ADL and the French Embassy.



New anti-racism head named

A Jewish official was named to head a European anti-racism network.


A coalition of more than 200 European nongovernmental organizations working to combat racism in E.U. member states, the network is determined to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and celebrates cultural, ethnic and racial diversity.




Ditch Holocaust day, advisers urge Blair


ADVISERS appointed by Tony Blair after the London bombings are proposing to scrap the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day because it is regarded as offensive to Muslims.

They want to replace it with a Genocide Day that would recognise the mass murder of Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya and Bosnia as well as people of other faiths.


The draft proposals have been prepared by committees appointed by Blair to tackle extremism. He has promised to respond to the plans, but the threat to the Holocaust Day has provoked a fierce backlash from the Jewish community.

Holocaust Day was established by Blair in 2001 after a sustained campaign by Jewish leaders to create a lasting memorial to the 6m victims of Hitler. It is marked each year on January 27.




Melbourne's terror threat

07:00 AEST Mon Sep 12 2005


A videotape purportedly from a US-born member of al-Qaeda says Melbourne is an imminent terror target.

ABC News televised the video in the United States, and said it had received it in Pakistan the day before - on the fourth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.


PM Howard is leaving for USA today. During 911 he was in New York, during 77 he was in London.


Adam Yahiye Gadahn =

Adam Pearlman?

"Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne," he said.

Al Qaeda is a Kosher affair?


Historian's claim 'false'

The Advertiser, 8 September 2005

The country's leaders slammed the Australian War Memorial's top historian, Peter Stanley, over his controversial claim Japanese plans to invade Australia in 1942 were a "myth".


Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kim Beazley yesterday flatly rejected Dr Stanley's argument.


He claimed Australia perpetuated the myth through a "pathetic" desire to exaggerate the nation's role in the war.


- Think of the pathetic desire to exaggerate the 'Holocaust' story.




USA democracy in action in Iraq-

Another side of the Iraq War

Iraqis not allowed to plant their own seeds

For over a year Iraqi farmers have been given patented seeds as part of a US 'Help-delivery'.  An American LAW also requires the farmers pay LICENCE fees for the seeds.


Schrot&Korn, September 2005,p. 82 


Also read what is happening in South America


The wonder of it all - sign from on high? He lives?


Not really, but the satellite imaging service did find something on a US Naval base that could cause some raised eyebrows.


According to a tounge-in-cheek report from the Channel Register, an interesting aerial photograph discovery of a building called "The Seals Lair" was made at San Diego's US Navy Exchange station: the office complex is in the shape of one of the most bastardized symbols ever: the swastika.

The Channel Register notes the building looks like Albert Speer, architect of the Third Reich, designed it. When you inspect the satellite image image in question, you can see what they are referring to. After this inspection, you also see it is unlikely that the US Navy will be making any modifications to building without turning it into a major undertaking, or even completely razing it.

Unfortunate design aside, it's quite obvious the US Armed Forces does not support or condone any of the Third Reich's actions. However, the building's design does raise a question: didn't anyone look closely at the building blueprints before it was constructed?

Jewish leaders in Ukraine are condemning the actions of a major university in Ukraine (MAUP) for awarding a full doctorate to the notorious American anti-Semite David Duke.


MAUP, an acronym for the largest university system in Ukraine, awarded the controversial former KKK leader and American politician, David Duke, a PhD in History after a successful completion of exams and all doctoral academic requirements, and a spirited Doctoral Defense in an art-adorned academic conference hall adjacent to the office of the MAUP President Prof. Georgy Tchokin.


Read more


David Duke earns Ph.D. at Ukrainian MAUP University - Jews furious

Read Haaretz article

The Myth of German Culpability


Looking for antisemitic thoughts

Martin Walser refuses to be demeaned and intimidated by those who wish to continue feeding Germans more of the same old Holocaust guilt! He refuses to accept the Holocaust as the foundation of German identity.

Read Horst Mahler


Martin Walser, 78, Germany's fearless literary giant says his political views never changed because they only developed.


Now because over time he has refuses to accept the Auschwitz rubbish that Germans are fed on a daily basis, a 32-year-old man has made a study of Walser's works, and concludes that Walser's thoughts contain 'antisemitism'.

Israeli psychoanalyst Zvi Rex:"Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz  - Die Deutschen werden den Juden Auschwitz nie verzeihen."



For over 30 years Australian teachers were directed by their superiors to provide 'value-free' education in public schools - as dictated to by the Marxist-feminist-PC brigade, led by Jewish radicals.


Now Australian Muslims, who did not follow such idiocy as PC,  are challenging Australia's social fabric, that to date benefited only the Zionist-Jewish power elites - as illustrated by Australia slavishly following the USA into the Anglo-American-Zionist adventure into the Middle East, for the sake if Israel.


911, Bali, Iraq, et al, attempted to water down this looming Muslim challenge on a global scale by branding Muslims as terrorists.


The problem is that Muslims do not fear the Jews!


Australian politicians attempt to regain control of the educational agenda by re-introducing values into education - something Muslim Australians never abandoned!




Horst Mahler



Andrew MacGregor on

Professional Witnesses



Ten lies about Israel


In Germany


- new book out on Heinrich Himmler.

Was he murdered or did he suicide?

Ask the author!




Siegfried Verbeke

... still held in Amsterdam

since 3 August 2005 


Prof  Faurisson on  J C Pressac

Prof Robert Faurisson with Ernst Zündel

Freedom Fighter

against Holocaust Industry


Report on Kögel trial of 11 August 2005


- with supporters before entering prison


Professor Arthur Butz

- from the archive



Jewish ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, from 1946 and continuing!

"The only true democracy in the Middle East is Israel"

Australian PM John Howard, 6 February 2005


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