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Capitalism, Democracy and Demographics

By Horst Mahler –, translated J Damon

The demographic catastrophe is here. In Central Europe, the statistical average number of children desired has now declined to an average of "one and a half" per household, while the actual birthrate is still lower and sinking. The calamity facing the German people has long been a topic monopolized by the extreme Right. Recently, however, under the stress of collapsing welfare budgets, it has forced its way into the discussions of the Democrats as well. The cause of this calamity is "democracy" itself, for the simple reason that the democratic system is the political manifestation of the capitalistic system. Democracy is the rule of the entire population through voluntary participation in contracts and elections. In our everyday affairs democracy seems to be an arrangement among equals, but in actual fact it is a relationship of extreme inequality. At its core, as at the core of every form of class rule, is the relationship of command and obey. He who gives the orders is the master, he who obeys is the servant. The master is the "democratizer" while the servant is the "democratized."

The servant is obviously unequal in the relationship, therefore a democrat. The relationship is reflected in the American populist quip that "We are all free and equal, it's just that some of us are more free and equal than others." Both master and servant support democracy because this particular relationship is the source of their social existence. He, who is neither master nor servant, neither democrat nor democratized, represents a real danger for democracy. What is dangerous for democracy is also dangerous for capitalism. The economic analog of democracy is the process by which human capital is converted into labor and labor is converted into goods and services which are then converted back into still more money. The increase in value within the capitalist process corresponds directly to the increase in power of the democratic process. Dispossession of the masses by the economic means of production and political means of governance is a foregone conclusion. The two are parts of a single process that is simply described twice, once in economic and once in political language.

In its culmination in the capitalistic system, bourgeois society is not capable of abolishing poverty and misery, despite its immense wealth. Friedrich Engels modified the Marxist axiom of increasing misery with the observation that in the long term, although the consumption of goods might not decline, overall insecurity among the workers must necessarily increase.

This insecurity is not the only thing that has developed, however: not just Wertverelendung (cultural impoverishment coinciding with growing material consumption.) In the overall, long continuing growth phase of capital among the proletarian masses, something else has now appeared. In the present mature stagnation of the capitalist means of production, material impoverishment is spreading again as well. Mature capitalism has entere the phase of Güterverelendung, or shrinking consumption of goods per worker. In other words, capitalism has entered the final phase of absolute impoverishment. System-induced, universal impoverishment becomes absolute when there is a decrease not just in consumption of goods per worker, but in the actual number of workers as well, and their death rate becomes higher than their birthrate. Our present calamity shows that the maturity of capitalism is in fact the creeping death of nations, in the form of the gradual extinction of the labor force.

He who does not want to discuss capitalism and the accompanying spread of impoverishment should not speak of demography; he should keep his mouth shut and sit in the corner. Now that the demographic catastrophe is evident to all, the catastrophe of the democratic system is predictable. The consummated victory of the democratic- capitalistic system has left these unmistakable identifying calamities:

1. The homogenization of the world into indistinguishable geographic sectors of production and marketing;

2. The deculturization of nations into mere populations, by immigration from formerly culturally distinct regions;

3. The ever more frequent displacement of highly skilled labor, both men and women, from an elevated proletarian status into the ranks of the subproletarian unemployed.

4. The disappearance of children and child-rich families as the desired sociological norm and true measure of human worth.

To be sure, the capitalist state does not desire such impoverishment, either relative or absolute. However, it must of necessity play a proletarian role. The state is the servant of capital, not a free agent. Capital has greatly expanded the state's capacity for domestic exploitation. It has subordinated the state to its own interest, turning it into a tax collecting nursemaid whose mission is to pay off the national debt while providing necessities to the masses. "Democracy" is a foreign word for the German people, implying foreign rule. He who does not want to use the power inherent in our constitution to sweep capitalism away has no right to criticize it. He should just keep his mouth shut about the demographic crisis and preservation of our German nation.



Fredrick Töben reviews Israel Shamir’s

Our Lady of Sorrow - The Collected Essays from the Holy Land

While the deconstructionists, in their final gasping moments still attempt to discuss away the actual object of their contemplation, any serious literary criticism still retains the basic elements of form and content,. The equivalent is outside-inside, or personal appearance and character. Remember The Rocky Horror Show’s “…don’t judge a book by its co-over…”? I recall that one of Oxford University’s colleges has as a motto: Manners maketh man. To that we could add: Clothes maketh man. The successful person-art work should ideally balance the two categories where neither form nor content predominates. For example, excessive physical beauty often comes with a mental deficiency – as most of us know from experience, and vice versa!

Shamir’s book is undoubtedly the product of the quick print, limited run publication era, something that Revisionist publisher Germar Rudolf knows only too well. Thanks to the computer age and the Internet it is now possible to get any book printed without going through mainstream publishing houses. While postage rates rise it is now possible to print locally worldwide, often at reduced rates. Publishing has been democratized and the free flow of information is – still – a reality. Official lies and cover-ups are difficult to sustain in a chaotic electronic world – but information overload has created the conscious ‘Hollywood’ effect, e.g. 911, where blatant controlled demolitions are sold to the world as a ‘terrorist’ event when in fact such are self-inflicted wounds that aim to sustain and justify a specific political power base.

This makes it all the more important that anyone publishing and airing a view-point has credibility – moral and intellectual – and is not just a talker who pontificates and smart-arses, usually after an event.

The title of Shamir’s book alone suggests its contents will take the reader on a journey to the troubled Holy Land, and this means that for any reader of Shamir’s book there will be lots of accompanying baggage of the prejudiced kind. Further, anyone on the Internet email service will feel some affinity with the author because he is not an unknown entity – who has not heard of Israel Adam Shamir, the Jewish Russian-Israeli who converted to Christianity, and now supports the One State solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict?


While flicking through the pages to get the technical aspect of the review right, I noted that this 288-page paperback is published by BookSurge, dated 3 May 2005, ISBN 1-4196-0835-5. There is no physical or postal address given, and the website address is

Two unusual notes appear on the technical details page: Disclaimer and Reader Agreement and Reader Agreement for Accessing This Book. The contents of both paragraphs essentially distances the author from any possible action that may flow from a reading of the book, and the emphasis is that a reader must “bear sole responsibility for your own decisions to use or read any of this book’s material”. Some readers will find such cautionary advice a little amusing and may now expect to read something revolutionary if not an outright incitement to violence and terrorism.

 The photograph on the book’s front cover features the Our Lady of Sorrow Chapel. It well symbolizes the struggle for Palestine as Judaism, Christianity and Islam renew their battle for the Holy Land. That, in essence, is what the book is about, so according to an anonymous endorsement of it on the front cover, above the photograph:

>The Companion Volume to his bestselling Galilee Flowers, Shamir’s book connects politics and theology of the War for Palestine in one compelling narrative. A great intellectual and spiritual adventure into uncharted waters by the Khalib Gibran of our time, “a wonderful Hebrew Prophet”.<

The two-page Contents divides the book into four parts: Part One contains ten stories; Part Two, 25 stories; Part Three, six stories; Part Four, seven stories.

This is fittingly followed by ten pages of additional information about the book and its author:

Acknowledgements – where Shamir thanks the individuals who made his work possible. I appreciate such candour where an author unflinchingly thanks those many individuals who make it all possible, often the unsung heroes who usually stand behind those men and women at the battlefront. I pity those who believe their work output is theirs alone, and where the implication is that in “cracking the myth”, for example, it is the work of one individual only. Surprisingly I note that Shamir thanks Sophie Johnson of Australia as the editor of the essays. I say surprisingly because I know Sophie, and surely there is only one Sophie Johnson in Australia!

The Shamir Legend – in essence offers a four-page biographical sketch of Shamir where the man’s erudition is celebrated and his danger to the State of Israel is pointed out:

 “But when a Jew, steeped in the Bible and Talmud criticizes not only the state of Israel but the very concept of ‘the Jewish People’, the familiar world around us collapses and the situation requires immediate re-interpretation”.

Reviews of Israel Shamir’s writing – where Shamir’s numerous fans endorse his courageously adopted stance on the Palestine-Israel conflict. This endorsement is continued on the back cover of the book where a small colour picture of the author reveals his black hair, wearing sunglasses and sporting a graying moustache, and puckering his lips into a possible whistle, perhaps befitting a man reaching the three score years. The watch on his left wrist indicates it is either 12.30 pm or 6pm.

The book does not have an Index for either subject or names, something that busy readers would appreciate. A friend of mine whom I had sent my last tome to read almost scoffed at the thought of reading the whole book, and was pleased that he could just look up the index to see what I had written about him. I appreciated his honesty!



There is a thematic unity within each of the 48 stories that reveals to the reader the mind that created them. That is good because I am interested in both the subject matter of the book as well as the value system of its author.

In The Wall, the reader is introduced to the basics of the Zionist state’s ghetto mentality. It began in 1948 when the Jews ethnically cleansed Semadar of the Templar Germans who had built the thriving settlement. The Jews also strangled an Armenian village with a wall, and from which the last resident after selling his house fled in the 1950s. This apartheid mentality extended to Jews-only roads whereby “…every Arab village has a bypass: a broad highway encircling and limiting its development.”

This by-pass road system then did not make sense on its own, but now with the wall in place it certainly does as “Stage One of devastation and imprisonment”.

Shamir points to something well known to Revisionists who intimately know the ‘Holocaust’ myth:

“…the Wall is the utmost manifestation of the Jewish spirit … is eruv, a symbolic Wall to separate them fro non-Jews … built by the sweat of impoverished Palestinian workers, guarded by Russians, paid for by Americans to jail their brothers … the Holy Land has become a high security prison for all its dwellers, Jews and non-Jews alike … The Jewish state is enactment of the paranoid Jewish fear and loathing of strangers, while the Cabal policies of Pentagon are another manifestation of the same fear and loathing on global scale.”

In the final sentence, above, Shamir’s English reflects his Russian background where definite and indefinite articles are not so often used as in English, a recurring habit throughout the book.

Concluding the six-page essay, Shamir makes a courageous stand and spells out his desire:

“Sharon’s Wall, this unmitigated disaster, provides a rare opportunity to observe the true nature of the Jewish State, and to call for its dismantling. Not the wall, silly! The Jewish State.”

His next article about the Road Map introduces the essence within the first sentence with such precision that it is difficult to summarize it here:

“The Road Map is not a compromise between Palestinians and Jews, but between Jews and Jews, none of whom lives in the Middle East, namely, between Jewish liberals of New York and Jewish neo-cons of Washington.”

He likens the acceptance by Palestinians of the Road Map to the sodomite prince in one of Marquis de Sade’s stories, and he calls it a fictitious peace plan, and “It appears the American Jews decide not only who is an antisemite (one who calls for equality of a Jew and non-Jew) but who is a liar, too.”

The connection is also made between what is going on in Israel, the US invasion of Iraq and the expected attack on Iran. Just as the Crusaders turned out to be nasty neighbours, so now the “Jews were given a good chance to strike root in the land of Palestine and make peace with the native population. But they blew it … the fifth column of Israel-supporters instigates wars all over the world, from Chechnya to the Phillipines, from North Korea to Cuba. They push the world straight into Armageddon. John Bolton calls for the takeover of Iran… Israel is a safe haven for criminals … Israel’s behaviour is partly connected to the Jewish superiority complex, and its consequence, the apartheid structure …”.

He mentions the long Israeli arm that assassinates at will, but then calls Mugabe ‘Joseph’ instead of Robert. Sophie, did you do the factual proof-reading?

Mordechai Vanunu also is mentioned in a chapter of its own because his conversion to Christianity is doubly significant – for Vanunu as a person and for Israel as a state. Vanunu’s 18-year imprisonment did not break him. It is suggested that his Moroccan Jewish background and growing up in arid Negev made him tough but compassionate, especially towards the Palestinians.

“There was no Hollywood smile of a released prisoner. Not a timid lamb anymore, but the Son of Man who saw death and came back. His face was stern and grim in the blue frame of the iron bars, like that of Christ breaking the Gates of Hell on an old icon ... ‘Kill him!’ – yelled the Jewish crowd, braying for blood, like in Mel Gibson’s film. They raised their signs declaring ‘Kill the traitor’. But the prey escaped them: in a minute, his car took him into the safe sanctuary of St George cathedral, the Anglican Neo-Gothic building in East Jerusalem, where kind Bishop Riah expected him ... Vanunu told us he was trapped not by Mossad but by a CIA agent, for his revelations were mightily embarrassing for the US, for the country that forced the world to disarm while turning its blind eye to the Dimona nuclear facility… Italy’s Berlusconi, this great friend of Sharon and Bush, did not move a finger to save the man kidnapped on Italian soil.”

It was at this point of my reading the book that I decided to continue reading and somewhat selfishly walk into Shamir’s world without taking notes.

Shamir’s world is all too familiar to Revisionists. The latest news that Siegfried Verbeke was on 3 August 2005 arrested at Amsterdam Airport and most likely marked for kidnapping to Germany, is a story regularly repeated in Germany as the German occupied government enforces the ‘Holocaust denial’ laws against its own citizens, be they 16, 60, 70 or 80. Horst Mahler valiantly has grasped the nettle and during his own Berlin trial has called for nothing less than the murder of the Jewish God if Germans – who still want to be Germans – wish to survive as a cultural Volk. Mahler was stripped of his right to practice as a lawyer and so cannot defend those who are accused of denying the ‘Holocaust’, such as the retired 78-year-old Ernst Günter Kögel. Then there was the kidnapping of Ernst Zündel outside his home in Tennessee on 5 February 2003 and imprisonment since then in the US and Canada for two years, and since 1 March 2005 in a German prison.

5 February 2003 was also the day on which Colin Powell held up a vial to members of the UN assembly and showed photographs of a truck that allegedly proved the existence of Iraq’s WMDs. Also on this day I was at Bradley Smith’s home in Mexico, watching Powell lying through his teeth about WMDs, and we found his story so reminiscent of the ‘Holocaust’ story and how it keeps on changing. It hurt me to see how Powell, then the only upright individual in the Bush administration, in one fell swoop lost all credibility that he ever had. Now we ask: Powell, who? – all this came to my mind as I read Shamir’s account of the Vanunu tragedy.

And now instead of my going on with the writing of this review I suggest you contact Israel personally – and request your copy of his Our Lady Of Sorrow. You will not regret it. The wealth of factual historical information alone will enrich your perspective on the crisis that is the Middle East.

Palestinian Suad Amiry's Sharon and my Mother-in-Law. Ramallah Diaries, Granta Books, London, 2005, offers a passionate view of the daily trials and tribulations that Palestinians suffer under Israeli occupation.

Open Letter: An interesting pattern of behaviour

– beyond politics, back to politics and religion - and more raw thinking – 24/7/2005

Fredrick Töben invites recipients to respond to his reflections, below. He would especially appreciate hearing from all the ladies who receive this email. There is more to life than pure rational thought, such as the life-giving intuitive impulse which often has its wellspring in a dream, a genetically based ideal of unknown origin. Such process cannot adequately be explained by referring to a kind of Big Bang theory because that scientific theory merely mirrors a party-line, the sex-procreation model. If the universe is likened to a clock sitting on a mantelpiece wound up by God's hand, then we need to ask: what and where is the equivalent of the mantelpiece and of God? Note that the reptilian-shape-changing theory, as well as the UFOs theorizing has no rational foundation. Dare I state the following in writing? Not unless I can place my hand on a flying saucer, preferably in my back yard, will I accept their existence, though I hasten to add that their possible existence cannot be denied. Probable and possible ... and so we move back into the sphere of thinking and hoping and wishing, thereby aligning ourselves with the pulsations of the universe.


Patrick - Richard Widman has been on our list for a long time - and by my sending your item through our list he has found the reason to ask me to discontinue sending him our stuff.

This is an interesting development - and one that I anticipated because the Christian-Jewish linkage, so desired by most Jews, needs to be illuminated - and consequences flow from such an illumination, one of which is Richard's request.

 A falling back on well-trodden paths of dogma is not enough to explain what you have written and illuminated.
I anticipate there will be more such requests as the religious-blinkered believers jump ship on account of the pressure put on them by becoming involved in this dialectic process, where the demand is made upon their raw intelligence to think things through without falling back on dogma and other forms of belief - raw acts of thinking. Thinking can be a painful activity, and for those who have been lulled into hedonism-consumerism, will let themselves be upset as their comfort zone opens up their encrusted protective layers of belief.

The dialectic operating here will perhaps align itself with what Horst Mahler predicts will occur as capitalism disintegrates - the emergence of the Volksgemeinschaft - folk community, and I add, not to be replaced, as a throw-back action, with the Christian Religionsgemeinschaft. We have a nationalist here in Australia who wishes to do just that, fight internationalism and then to re-establish the Catholic Christian Church as the re-newer of a disintegrating cultural world. To date I have not noticed anyone else offer an alternative to Mahler's model, although with the recent US move to set the Patriots Act into legal concrete, voices warn against a new dictatorship emerging whose form is as yet not determined.

What kind of dictatorship could be worse than the current debt-finance dictatorship, or that suffered by the Palestinians since 1948 when Jews began their ethnic cleansing actions against the Palestinians? Or, what about the ethnic cleansing of German lands some 60 years ago, or the ethnic cleansing of ... ?

Interestingly, the debt-finance consumer dictatorship induces sterility in females especially European women (abortion demands, etc.) while the Muslim religion retains female fertility among the Palestinian women. Why?

In this whole dialectic process, the 'Holocaust' dogma serves as a mere time-marker - or, as I see it now, as an energy wasting exercise, though I qualify this by claiming any engagement with it does help clarify the battle front as the battle of the wills on a subjective level begins to take shape.

It is through the Christianity-Holocaust dogma that we are still linked to Yahweh's thinking - and all that goes with it - and hence Mahler's move into German philosophical thought, especially Hegel's idealism which, he hopes, will enable him to kill off Yahweh, as the inevitable dialectic progresses, and emerges victorious - but only if individuals by their own effort think through their positions.

The antagonism of some Christians to the 'Hegelian dialectic process' is therefore quite understandable because it in effect informs them of their own mental demise, blundering from one particular to another without ever rising above the swamp of particulars to behold the intellectual impulses driving them into action. Such mindset needs the scapegoat, the useful idiot, the slave. They have not woken up to the fact that freedom is just another word for: don't blame ****, blame those that bend to their pressure!

And that can be likened to the liberating message spread by Revisionists about the 'Holocaust'. Somewhere someone will get hurt - but that's life, and who wants to complain about getting hurt by life? ...blah, blah, blah.
For what it's worth. Fredrick.

From: RAWidmann
To: Adelaide Institute
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 4:37 AM
Subject: Re: The Hebrew Bible: Ethical Monotheism? or Unethical Henotheism?

Fredrick -
This "analysis" is absurd and argued from a position of total scriptural ignorance. There are many other "gods" that are worshipped today from money to materialism to sports to Hitler. Essentially anything that you make number one in your life is your god. Yahweh states that no one and no thing should be put before Him. This is not polytheism. To claim such is foolish. Sometimes without a proper understanding of the Trinity, Jews and Muslims assert that Christians teach polytheism (in Father, Son and Holy Spirit) but that too is untrue. Exodus along with the rest of the "Hebrew Bible" or Old Testament is the first part of the Book of Jesus which is in fact the entire Christian Bible -- not a polytheist work.
In the second passage Moses warns not to follow false Gods but rather the one true God -- a warning which is just as true today.
Finally even Jesus Christ celebrated the Passover "the killing of the ancient Egyptians" -- but alas he was ridiculed and persecuted and in fact crucified the very next day. Luckily for Patrick McNally, that death was for his sins as well. R.

From: RAWidmann
To: Adelaide Institute
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 4:58 AM
Subject: Re: The Hebrew Bible: Ethical Monotheism? or Unethical Henotheism?

Fredrick -
After much thought and consideration, I would like to be dropped from your email distribution.
Regards- Richard A. Widmann
From: Patrick McNally
Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2005 7:56 PM
Subject: The Hebrew Bible: Ethical Monotheism? or Unethical Henotheism?
The first of the Ten Commandments asserts, "I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me." [Exodus 20:2] The wording states that there are other existing gods, but they must not be given preferential or even equal treatment over the god who dictated this commandment to Moses. Thus the Torah teaches polytheism [many gods], but it is a "many-god-ism" very different from that of the Ancient Greeks and Romans who simultaneously recognized and honored many gods.
Torahites are required to worship only their own tribal god and ignore all foreign gods. It is sort of like monogamy whereby a man commits himself to one woman but does not deny the existence of other women. Later Moses confirms that there are other gods and says, "Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you; for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a jealous God and his anger will burn against you, and he will destroy you from the face of the earth." [Deuteronomy 6: 14-15] So this jealous maniac is not above toasting anyone who does not hop to it.
Another aspect of this jealousy is that outsiders should not worship this God, just like a husband generally does not allow other men to have the same relationship with his wife that he does. So this is definitely not the kind of universal God for all mankind that contemporary Islam and Christianity believe in. The rarely used word "henotheism" captures the situation and can be described as "tribal-one-god-for-us-ism." Somewhere along in history -probably under Plato's influence- Jewdayism began to claim to be more than a henotheism and appropriated the moniker of monotheism. But particularistic, tribal, and parochial self-interests continue to mark it off clearly from any universalist human teaching embracing all humans.
But more important than any ontological or metaphysical questions about the nature and being of this henotheistic God are two basic ethical questions:
1. How does this God behave?
2. How does He command others to behave?
Plato argued that there are certain stories that it is blasphemous to tell about a good God. Such a God cannot do evil and harmful acts. This is similar to the idea stated by Abraham in his argument with God. Like a good Platonist, Abraham said, "Far be it from you to do such a thing -to kill the righteous with the wicked alike. Far be it from you! Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?" [Genesis 18:25] It was too bad that Abraham was not around when Moses got G-d to kill any and all of the Egyptian firstborn or when G-d allowed Satan to torment Job and kill his children. Or what would old Abraham have said about Joshua's and Saul's genocides?
Well, of course, it is impossible to sort out all the doctrinal garbage, childrens' fable, and fake history in the Hebrew Scriptures, but there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to refer to this crap as an "ethical monotheism" as the politically correct dogma requires. It is an unethical henotheism that must not be allowed to be taught in schools except as an example of the reptile-brained thinking characteristic of human pre-history. This conclusion is fully compatible with the Christian doctrine of supersession. The Old Testament is old.
Anybody today who celebrated the past burning of witches or ancient Aztec sacrifices of young maidens would be socially ostrasized. Similarly, the celebrations of the killing of ancient Egyptians or Persians should be ridiculed and ultimately prohibited. We need freedom from that kind of religion. Not freedom for it!



From Hebraism to Pan-Jewism
According to a 1950s French joke, America was the only country to go from barbarianism to decadence with no intervening period of civilization. And Henry Miller caustically dismissed the America of that time as an air-conditioned nightmare. But neither the French joke nor Henry Miller foresaw the infinitely worse perversion of the UAssA into a Prison Planet for its own proles, a depleted uranium poisoner of civilization's cradle in the Middle East, and a ZOG sock puppet for a fifth column of traitors. America has, in fact, gone from low-tech barbarianism to hyper-hi-tech psychosis.

Similarly, Judaism is the only religion to have gone from insular racism to universal racism with no intervening stage of spirituality in between. Religion should have something to do with "binding" [ligare] humans "back" [re-] to their basic source, nature, and purpose. It cannot simply be a group adjustment mechanism to out-compete fellow humans in a zero-sum struggle for scarce resources.

In the library called "The Old Testament," there are a few scattered seeds of spirituality here and there, but the collection of fables and stories is mostly an all-too-less-than-human mixed narrative of interesting myths for children, e.g. Tower of Babel, oppressively boring details, e.g. Book of Numbers, stultifying rules of social control, the 613 Mosaic no-nos, and a Stalinist type of official history-hagiography. There is more to be sure, but few traces of the spiritual quest and internal moral struggle found in Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, and Spinoza are to be found.

However, out of all the OT's racism, revenge, hatred, and reptile-brained retrogradation, can there be anything in all of human history more disgusting, vile, and revolting than Psalm 137? This filthy piece certainly has a peculiar literary beauty of it own but shows how mistaken was the person who said, "Truth is beauty. Beauty-truth....Tis all ye need to know." Psalm 137 is also directly relevant to world history's greatest war crime, i.e. USrael's 15-year long hi-tech massacre, no-morality poisoning, and total obliteration of the culture and history of the Iraqi people and their land.

The divinely inspired psalm starts with a lament, "By the rivers of Baghdad we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. There on the poplar trees we hung up our harps, for our captors asked us for songs,...They said, 'Sing us one of the songs of Zion.' How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?" Um.... Sounds like a rather nice captivity! No carrying of heavy bricks or working in the hot sun like the fictional Exodus fable. They are not even asked to sing about Baghdad but just to reminisce about the old home town.

After a few interesting and overly dramatic oaths ["may my right arm wither," "may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth,"] the psalm ends with a fascinating self-accusation of child-murder. "O Daughter of Baghdad, doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us -he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rock." Psalm 137 is a great example of Jewish revenge and the tendency to go berserk. "They made us sing songs, so we will smash their babies' heads against rocks." Now the real problem is that Judaists believe that all this garbage is somehow God's personal revelation to them. Even secular Jews like David ben Gurion said that revenge had to be taken against Baghdad for the captivity 2,500 years ago. And so now UAssA stooges and sock puppets of USrael's state-terrorist government are smashing Iraq's babies' brains with depleted uranium as a direct result of some ancient brainfart. Truly, no one ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of Mencken's "boobus americanus religiosus."

The link between Psalm 137 and today's monstrous war crimes is what will get us to Pan-Jewism. A quick bird's-eye view of Jewish history shows four major isms unifying the long c. 4,000-year narrative. Judaic history is certainly very ancient, but very childish. A shorter, but more moral and intelligent history would have been better. "Hebraism" [ism #1] has been defined as "a moral theory or emphasis attributed to Hebrews." Since Judaism [ism #2] as a religion is younger than Christianity and developed to fight the teachings of Jesus and his followers, "Hebraism" can be used to refer to the whole range and farrago of OT wisdom, wizardry, superstition, and racist idiocy. There is no Judaism without the Talmud and its anti-Christian and anti-human polemical racism. Most of the Talmud is trivial biographical data and quasi-hagiographic encomia for various rabbis, but there is enough "master race" garbage about the sub-Jew status of humans that the Talmud merits serious, direct, and independent attention, i.e. not to be trusted is some rabbi's "Talmud for Humans" bowdlerized mendacity.

Until 19th Century Zionism [ism #3], most Judaists were not interested in politically and militarily conquering Palestine, although many rabbis did go and peacefully live there until directly or indirectly driven out by Zionist lunatics in the 20th Century. The 19th Century gave rebirth to two distinct forms of Jewish Supremacy [Judaica ueber Alles]. Both are thoroughly anti-Jewish in the sense of going against the aspirations and interests of what Ezra Pound called "the little Jews" and what are here called the self-chosen tribe's Solomon Sixpackers and Hyman Lunchboxers. The first and much better known of the two was Zionism. However, whatever Zionism may have meant 100 years ago, it is today deader than a doornail. Aliyah [Going up to Zion] was the necessary and sufficient condition of Zionism. Aliyah = Zionism! No aliyah = no Zionism! At that time, some comics expressed this by ironically saying, "A Zionist is someone who wants to send someone else to Palestine." Nowadays native Israelis complain that American Jews just send their mentally ill, criminally indicted, and retards. As Israel Shamir says, "The Israelis are the riffraff of world Jewry." At any rate, emigrating to Izzie has become as popular as emigrating to Stalin's old Soviet Onion or sightseeing in liberated Iraq.

The second modern ideology in which the fossil of Hebraism's old racism resurrected itself was called Semitism [ism #4], an anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish idiotology. Semitism was one of the newest manifestations of Jewish racism but it has very ancient roots in the two stories of Joseph and Esther. Joseph told his brothers and Esther's guardian told hersomething like the following, "Hey, don't say anything about being Jewish until we have sucked up to the local power elite. Think locally, but act globally! We can take over this place." Semitism is anti-Zionist in that it opposes Teddy Herzl's childish delusion of turning Europe's Jewish elite shysters and embezzlers into productive Palestinian dirt farmers. Unbelievable! If any hapless goy talked about Jews the disparaging way that Teddy did, he would be arrested in today's Germany and France for "Oih vey!" hate speech and holyhoax denial.

At any rate, Semitism argued that a well organized Jewish elite could take over those countries that had foolishly granted them universal Enlightenment rights and that this elite should then abuse and misuse those rights to take those selfsame rights away from the goyim cattle and even the Sixpackers. Semitism is anti-Sixpacker because the Sixpackers and Lunchboxers should know that they always end up with the short end of the stick from the dirty tricks that their own elite so love to play. That is the profoundest lesson from Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry which is a searing, detailed, and humorous indictment of the Jewish elite for deceiving and embezzling humongous bucks away from simple ordinary holocaust surviving Sixpackers. They survived the holocaust but not the holocaust industry.

Some of Israel's fifth columnists and traitors use the strange term, "non-aliyah Zionism." The worst of these traitors never use the term but do the deed. Martin Indyk is a great example. As an adult living in Izzie, he realized he could best serve the state-terrorist government's interests by moving back to the UAssA. So his fellow fifth columnists got the real Israeli ambassador to the USA, Bill Clinton, to appoint Martin as ambassador to Izzie. But Martin was not even an American citizen? No problem! In a maneuver that shows how utterly ZOGifried the UAssA is, Martin was transmogrified overnight from a wandering Jew into an American citizen so that he had at least the minimum legal qualifications to serve as ambassador of a country to which he had about zero moral allegiance. No dual loyalty there! No loyalty at all!

Thus, we can conclude that the racism historically coming out of the OT is protean, chameleon-like, and environmentally highly adaptive. It can quickly shed one skin and grow a completely different one. Pat Buchanan pointed to this phenomenon when he called the neocons the cow-birds of American conservatism for the way they thoroughly took over both WFBuckley's National Review and the whole conservative movement.

How can the current strategy of such a protean racism be best captured in one word? "Hebraism" is clearly obsolete and dead. "Semitism" was never given the focus it deserved because the Jewish Supremacists behind Semitism were able to distract attention from it by turning "anti-Semitism" into an empty and meaningless smear word. "Judaism" is inappropriate because in the West it has succeeded in getting itself passed off as a "world religion" coequal to Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. However, it is interesting to note that in Japanese texts, Judaism is treated merely as a national religion like Shinto. Whenever and wherever Judaism is ranked along with Christianity and Islam as a Semitic or Abrahamic world religion, folks simply cannot see that it is a racist political ideology and not at all a serious human religion. "Zionism" is not useful word because very few Jews do life-long aliyah and non-aliyah Zionism is the same as Semitism.

The word "Pan-Jewism" is a good label to describe the analyses independently done by Israel Shamir [cf. Pardes], Gilad Atzmon, and Ardeshir Mehta. Shamir argues that there is no biological Jewishness and uses "Jewry" or "the Jews" to refer to one major elite pushing today's mammonizing and globalizing destruction. Atzmon uses "Zionism." Mehta uses "Judaism." It is best to use an -ism word to denote that there is no biological Jewishness. "Juda-ism" fits the bill, but most Jewists [Jewism racists] will say that they are not religious and, therefore, cannot be Judaists. Most racists will also say they are not Zionists because they do not want to do aliyah.

However, anyone who supports the continued existence of the apart-hate state of Israel is a racist, i.e. a Jewist. In particular, all the so-called Gentiles who vigorously support the existence of "Der Judenstaat" [Herzl's term for a state of Jews, by Jews, and for Jews] are racist Jewists. Strangely enough, some of the worse Jewists are Gentiles or perhaps only acting the part for short-term advantages. Nothing biological about it at all!

Israel's most fundamental problem is its inherently vicious and genocidal racism. The so-called occupation is only a violent manifestation of this uderlying racism. Even calling it merely an occupation is a euphemism which shows the power of Israeli propaganda [hasbara = bamboozle, bullshit] to control the discourse. The "occupation" is an ethnic cleansing or genocide-on-the-installment-plan.

Pan-Jewism is a universal racism because it does not want to live a separate, national life uninfluenced by and uninfluencing outsiders [Think locally! Act locally!] It suffers from a messianistic narcissism and seeks to fulfill Isaiah's phoney universalism [Think locally! Act globally!] whereby the goyim bring their wealth to Jerusalem, bow down before the Jews, and function as Shabbath goyim. There is nothing to be discussed or negotiated with racist Jewists. Delenda est Judaea!

Memo from Fredrick Töben: Adelaide 15 July 2005
Columbia University goes bonkers! More 'Holocaust' rubbish - teaching the 'Holocaust = teaching hatred against Germans.

More 'Holocaust' rubbish that merely promotes German hatred. Professor Robert Jan van Pelt appears as star witness in this latest 'Holocaust' educational fraud program.

Remember Professor van Pelt? In the book he wrote with Debórah Dwork, Auschwitz: 1270 TO THE PRESENT, 1996, he admits at page 363-64 that Krema I was never a homicidal gas chamber:

"Visitors are not told that the crematorium they see is largely a postwar reconstruction. When Auschwitz was transformed into a museum after the war, the decision was taken to concentrate the history of the whole complex into one of its component parts. The infamous crematoria where the mass murders had taken place lay in ruins in Birkenau, two miles away. The committee felt that a crematorium was required at the end of the memorial journey, and crematorium I was reconstructed to speak for the history of the incinerators at Birkenau. This program of usurpation was rather detailed. A chimney, the ultimate symbol of Birkenau, was re-created; four hatched openings in the roof, as if for pouring Zyklon B into the gas chamber below, were installed, and two of the three furnaces were rebuilt using original parts. There are no signs to explain these restitutions, they were not marked at the time, and the guides remain silent about it when they take visitors through this building that is presumed by tourists to be the place where it happened."

Van Pelt implies Germans (Nazis) systematically killed European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz, an assertion Fredrick Töben, et al, is not permitted to test for truth content because it would be hurtful to all those Jews who claim to be 'Holocaust' survivors. Hence, there are laws in German-speaking countries, and elsewhere, such as Poland, that upon pain of imprisonment, this matter is not to be contested - never mind that a tsunami of lies floods our cultural stock, thereby mentally raping individuals into submission to lies. This cannot be good for a people’s mental health and general wellbeing – force-fed on lies?

Think on these things:

1. Professor Arthur Butz's thesis in The Hoax of the 20th Century remains unrefuted.

2. Dr Robert Faurisson's challenge: 'Show me or draw me the murder weapon', i.e. the homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz, remains uncontested.

3. Germar Rudolf's material in The Rudolf Report remains definitive.

4. Gitta Sereny's/Fritjof Meyer's claim that Auschwitz was not a death camp, is the latest assertion from those who believe in the 'Holocaust'.

5. Ernst Zündel won his 20-year legal battles in Canada, but then dirty legal games were played, and since 1 March 2005 he is in a German prison.

6. Professor Deborah Lipstadt's latest assertions are irrelevant to the 'Holocaust' debate. She keeps on changing her story. Now, because she locked horns with a 'Holocaust' believer, David Irving, who believes that "limited gassings" took place, she trumpets her 'victory' over a 'gassing story' believer!

7. The persons to challenge are Professor Arthur Butz, Professor Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, Udo Walendy, Jürgen Graf, Siegfried Verbeke, among others. Ernst Zündel has been locked away from public battle for almost three years!

Lipstadt remains irrelevant because she keeps on changing the story, as Robert Faurisson would state. By the way, Lipstadt did meet Faurisson. What happened, what was said during this meeting?



Teachers Learn How to Teach the Holocaust
By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press Writer Fri Jul 8, 3:05 AM ET

Six decades later, the Holocaust remains a painful and emotionally draining topic — and a special challenge for middle school and high school teachers who have to instruct students about one of the most horrific episodes in human history.

Despite its importance, Holocaust scholarship is still just beginning to work its way into history lessons in much of the country, and teachers volunteering to tackle the subject often find themselves developing courses from scratch, without much formal training.

"My own education about the Holocaust was not close to what I am providing today in my classroom," said Kimberly Watkin, a history teacher in South Burlington, Vt., who offered her high school's first full-term course on the Holocaust this past school year.

To become better versed in her subject matter, Watkin joined about 30 other educators from 11 states, plus Croatia, Lithuania and Poland, at a five-day program on the Holocaust at Columbia University last week.

It was sponsored by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, which began in 2000 to bring schoolteachers from around the country to seminars with top historians as part of a campaign to improve teaching about Holocaust.

"More often than not, you'll find that students are introduced to the Holocaust by an English teacher who wants them to read Anne Frank's diary," said the foundation's executive vice president, Stanlee J. Stahl.

"We did this because we discovered that teachers did not know the history," she said.

Established in 1986, the foundation's primary mission is to provide financial aid to non-Jews who risked arrest and possible execution to rescue Jews during World War II. It offers care to about 1,500 surviving rescuers around the globe.

But last week, it offered teachers lectures on the development of the Nazi regime, refugee policies, life under German occupation, the role of industry in the Holocaust, the efforts of rescuers and the machinery of the system that killed 6 million Jews.

As in the past, many of the participants came from schools in towns where there are few Jews, and where the Holocaust is generally taught over just a few days as part of a larger U.S. or world history course, or as part of a literature program.

In one seminar, Robert Jan van Pelt, a professor at the University of Waterloo and the author of several books on concentration camps, posed this question: Why did the death camps use gas for mass murder?

"Shooting," he noted, "is a perfectly fine way of killing people."

Guns, in fact, were the weapon of choice when mobile death squads began the first large-scale massacres of Jewish families in the Soviet Union in 1941. Why switch to stationary camps and gas chambers, which were less efficient?

The answer, van Pelt suggested, may have been that Nazi leaders were concerned that the relentless killing of women and children up close with a rifle would exact a psychological toll on German troops.

Gas "allowed those who took part in the operation to remain clean," he said. "The issue is not how someone could kill, but how they could continue to do it."

His point touched on an insight that many teachers came away with: Despite the mechanization of mass killing, the killers themselves were human beings — which makes their actions all the more shocking.

"These were people much like you and I," said Mark Johnson, a teacher at the Seattle Preparatory School in Seattle, Wash. "What is it in humanity that allowed it to happen?"

U.S. colleges have only begun to offer a deeper curriculum on the Holocaust in the past 10 years, said Deborah Dwork, a professor of Holocaust studies at Clark University. She called academia's delay, "a polite form of denial." Six states (New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Illinois and Mississippi) now mandate at least some teaching of the Holocaust in public schools.

 Students "don't understand how this could have happened, and it is tough to show them, even in a nine-week course," said James Trill, a teacher at Pioneer Valley Regional High School in Northfield, Mass. "The challenge to us is reaching these students and saying, the people who did this are people like all of us, who have a life and have families.";_ylt=At7tLFzKGkJRjyPrlegolVVH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MXN1bHE0BHNlYwN0bWE



From a Berlin bunker to a Noosa beach: the secret life of Hitler’s secretary
John Lehmann, Natasha Robinson, with additional reporting from James Madden, Selina Mitchell.
The Weekend Australian, August 6-7, 2005

Adolf Hitler’s devoted secretary, who spent the final days of the Third Reich huddled with the Führer in his Berlin bunker, quietly lived in Australia for several years in the 1970s and 80s after she was earlier refused permanent residency for being a Nazi sympathizer. Traudl Junge – the central character of the recent controversial movie Downfall, which attempts to humanise Hitler – tried to beat the onset of depression years after World War II by starting a new life in Australia, family members and friends in Sydney and Melbourne have revealed for the first time.

She lived in Sydney with her younger sister over two years in about 1975-76, spent another 18 months there in the early 80s, and visited Melbourne in 1992 and 1995, The Weekend Australian has been told. Friends said that as recently as 10 years ago, she was considering reapplying for permanent Australian residency. “She loved Australia and the people,” her sister, Inge Kaye, 81, said from her Sydney nursing home.

Photographs from the Kaye family album show Junge, the daughter of a Nazi party official, relaxing on the beach in Noosa Heads, enjoying the sunshine in Cairns and catching up with friends in Melbourne. Junge’s sympathetic reflections on Hitler – she continued to describe him as “a kindly, thoughtful man” even after the full horrors of his reign emerged – formed the basis of Downfall, which began screening in Australia in April.

It has become Germany’s highest-grossing film, but provoked anger from some viewers who claimed it glorified the mass-murdering architect of the Holocaust. [sic!] Junge was a 22-year-old bearing a resemblance to Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, when he hand-picked her to work as one of his secretaries. It was an exciting moment for Junge, who confidet years later that she had daydreamed about saving the Führer’s life as a teenager growing up in Munich.

Only six months after starting work for Hitler, she married his valet and orderly, SS officer Hans Junge – at her boss’s insistence, she later claimed to Melbourne friend Margaret Williams. He was killed in action in Normandy in 1944. Junge, who struck up a close relationship with Braun during their years together, was among the last people to see Hitler alive before he and Brown swallowed cyanide tablets in a Berlin bunker two days after hastily marrying. Hitler also shot himself in the head.

After the war, Junge was exonerated as a “youthful fellow traveler” by Germany’s denazification commission, but said she couldn’t escape a “growing sense of guilt” about her association with Hitler and his cronies.

Before her death in 2002, Junge told a German interviewer that she began to dream of a new life in Australia between 1967 and 1971 after “long periods of depression, hospitalisation unsuccessful psychotherapy, lack of enthusiasm for her career”. [No wonder, after having experienced all she had, little mundane, normal life would seem relevant to her – FT]

But she said “Australian authorities” rejected her application for permanent residency because of her role in the Third Reich. She said she traveled to Australia as a tourist, staying “several months”. But interviews with friends and family show her Australian links ran far deeper.

Even in the mid-1990s, after at least four visits, she was still considering whether to reapply for permanent residency, said Mrs Williams, whose parents lived next door to Junge’s sister Inge and her husband Stefan Kaye in the early 1950s when they migrated to Melbourne.

Mr Kaye, 82, confirmed that Junge applied for permanent residency, but was denied. Soon after, he said he helped secure her passage to Australia by contacting one of Sydney’s most powerful Jewish businessmen, property tycoon Paul Strasser.

Mr Kaye, a former Polish soldier and member of the underground resistance, was working as a manager at Sydney Menzies Hotel, then owned by one of Sir Paul’s companies. He said he told Sir Paul that Junge was “just a normal person” and asked him if he could gauge whether high-level members of Sydney’s Jewish community would object to her presence in Australia. “She was just a normal person, but there was a certain resentment then,” he said, from his home on Sydney’s north shore.

He said Sir Paul, who died in 1989, approached influential Jewish business leader Charles Berg, who said “we won’t oppose her coming”. Sir Paul and Berg, a former Australian Opera chairman who died in 1988, had both experienced Nazi brutality firsthand [sic!]: Sir Paul spent 2½ years in a Nazi labour camp from 1942 to 1945, while Berg grew up a Jew in Nazi Berlin. Both had strong links to the federal Government, but Mr Kaye did not know whether they approached government officials to discuss Junge’s case.

The Kayes say they cannot recall whether Junge entered Australia on a short tourist visa or was granted a short-term stay visa on a family reunion basis. Searches at the Australian National Archives found no documents related to her application for residency or her subsequent visits. Documents were found that show Junge’s mother Hildegard Humps, who strongly disapproved of her daughter’s work with the Nazis, also emigrated to Australia, arriving in June 1954 aboard the Fairsea. But she stayed for only two years before returning to Munich, where she died in 1969.
Mr Kaye, who changed his surname from Krukovski upon his arrival in Australia, said Junge stayed for about two years on her visit visit, during which they made a road trip to Cairns and visited Melbourne. “She took up pottery, and made friends easily,” he said. He said in the early 1980s about six years after leaving Australia, she returned and stayed for about another 18 months.

Jim and Elvie Franke, who lived next door to the Kayes at their first home in Melbourne’s North Kew, recall meeting Junge in November 1975. “She loved theatre. She was an artistic person,” Elvie Franke said. The Franke’s son, Ron Franke, remembers Junges’ frustration at her difficulties in emigrating to Australia. “She was a lovely lady, but in those days she had a bit of trouble with ASIO,” he said.

Mr Kaye said he wasn’t sure if ASIO agents tailed Junge during her Australian travels. The Frankes said they did not press her on her past, and accepted her insistence that she knew nothing of the “Final Solution”.

“I know she was upset about it,” Mr Franke said. “It is hard to believe that she didn’t know, but she said she didn’t know.” […because it did not happen…] According to Mrs Williams, the Franke’s daughter, Junge visited Australia again in the summer of 1992 and 1995 for Mrs Williams’s wedding.

Traudl Junge relaxing at Noosa Heads during her stays in Australia

Married to the SS: Traudl and Hans Junge.


‘A kindly, thoughtful man’: Hitler with Junge, one of his orderly.


A minute explanation of the Dialectic Process according to GFW Hegel , not according to Karl Marx

----- Original Message -----
From: Brian McDermott
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 8:54 AM

Will somebody please explain how Al Quaeda could possibly have carried out the bombings in London last week, with or without such precision timings, when the BBC recently confirmed that such an organisation does not exist?
Methinks that certain persons doth protest too much, and that Mr. Hegel is alive and well!
Please explain! Brian

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 12:19 PM
Subject: PLEASE EXPLAIN - the dialectic process

Dear Mr McDermott
Why are you hooked on implying that Hegel as evil? Let us hope Hegel is alive and well because his thought pattern is still with us today. Have you read any of his perceptive works, or are you shying away from doing that because reading any of his works is heavy going. Serious thinking is not an easy task, in fact it can be quite a painful activity - and those who wish us to believe that learning should all be fun are deceiving us.

Your use of Hegel's name is reminiscent of how non-thinkers use the words 'hater', 'Holocaust denier', 'antisemite', etc. to non-debate the issue at hand.

Unfortunately for such individuals the reality of the world process is that it is a dialectic process. No wonder some non-thinkers become great and skilled manipulators of information thereby taking the road of deception-lying rather than the road to truth.

One example of the dialectic process in action is exemplified by religious people's dichotomy of GOD v DEVIL. Or, it can be objectified universally by the following:

Thesis: father

antithesis = mother

synthesis = child.

Hegel said that opposites come together fruitfully - conserving the differences each embodies within their own uniqueness. The synthesis embodies half of each – the fundamental building block of our species - genetics...Marx claimed Hegel had it wrong because opposites come together in a death-battle, communism wins over capitalism.
Marx was wrong - and because his ideology would not have a change in dogma, he wished to have humans changed and moulded into this dichotomy – the re-education and dumbing down then began.

Hence we have today's 'political correct' movement that is attempting to close down the active mind through legal means. Any independent thinker will reject this move to stop anyone from thinking freely - but this means that the legal framework needs to be illuminated and challenged.

The feminists took this over in their battle: man v woman. Woman castrates man and the new non-sexual androgynous person emerges.

This hogwash still motivates the liberal left that we still see operating on a global scale.

By your implied snearing at Hegel you are also rejecting German Idealism as offering a way forward in socio-cultural-political thinking that does not rely on the semitic dialectic as embodied in Jewish/Christian/Muslim thinking.

For what it's worth.
Fredrick Töben.

The Hoaxoco$t Blood Libel: Achilles' Heel of Jewist Supremacy - Prof Patrick McNalley, 12 September 2005

In all of world history has there ever been a sicker, shabbier, filthier blood libel than the holyhoax? With consummate understatement Butz labeled it "the hoax of the century." Perhaps "racist blood libel of the millennia" is closer. Nothing more clearly shows how the Jewist elite has come to dominate the cattle-goyim than the way holocaustianity has become the obligatory new state religion throughout the Western world's HOGs [Holocaust Obsessed Governments].

The Hoaxoco$t is truly the Achilles' Heel of zio-Judaic mind control over cattle-goyim. The average UAssAer is like a panic striken rabbit mesmerized by the headlights of a propaganda steamroller. Only if Americans can be brought to see the "hoax" in holyhoax and the "costs" in the hoaxoco$t will: 1) German prisoners of conscience be released from incarceration, 2.) Palestinians be saved from genocide-on-the-installment plan, and 3.) Americans themselves be freed from the phoney fears of the haunted house of holyhoaxianity. FDR said, "You have nothing to fear, but fear itself." Before the holocaustomaniacs set up complete control over a police state, we must break into the holyhoax haunted house and convince ourselves that it is empty and there was never anything to it.

Of course, there are other destructive policies that Semitists [Jewry's elite] have pursued: for example, the deindustrializing schemes of free trade and massive open-border immigration. America's blue collar workers [both Black and White] have seen their jobs, neighborhoods, schools, their whole way of life disappear as Mr. Jew Elite jabbers away at them about the imaginary benefits of globalization, multiculturalism, open borders, blah-blah-blah, bullshit-bullshit-bullshit. The Jewist traitors, who have hijacked the military-industrial-joosmedia complex and hitched it up to serve Israel's imperial expansion, have saddled the USA with humongous financial and political burdens. There is also good reason to believe that the highest level of the Jewist elite was behind the assassination of JFK and that top American Jews have been hyper-active in the ensuing coverups including the murders of RFK and JFK Jr. [cf. Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper]. And the Jewist elite's hardcore and multi-pronged porno industry has degraded women [and men too] so that a comic could quip that if God does not destroy Hollywood, he owes Sodom and Gomorrha an apology.

The various examples of Jewist knavery and malice mentioned in the previous paragraph are sometimes hard to unambiguously pin on Supremacist Jews because so many Shabbat goyim stooges, mammonists, and opportunists can be found feeding at the fringes of Jewist crime and near-crime. However, precisely the strong point about the holyhoax ["strong" from a Gentile or human viewpoint] is that even the dullest of the dull know that it is a lie fabricated exclusively by Semitists. Of course, Slime-man Weaselthal [May he boil in excrement in hell!] occasionally tried to throw in a few goyim holocaust victims for marketing purposes, but his East Coast counterpart, Alley Weasel, always emphasized the uniquely unique uniqueness of --Oiy veh-- imaginary and real Jewish suffering. Mr. and Mrs. Jew Elite can perhaps fob off responsibility for the Iraq Massacre [1990-this minute] onto oil companies, Pentagon careerists, weapons manufacturers, etc., but the hoaxoco$t has "Made by Jews" all over it.

Another strong point for Gentiles is that the holocaustomaniacs have made the crucial strategic mistake of polluting the landscape with museums, institutes, and libraries that cannot overnight be converted into any socially useful function and stand there before everyone as visible evidence of the filthiest blood libel in human history. They are stuck with the monumental evidence of their overreaching chutzpah. However, it does seem that the architect of the spanking brand new Berlin Hoaxomemorial did realize that the holyhoax fable might well soon go up in smoke, so he just laid out the blocks so they could be conveniently and surreptiously hauled away to be used in some humanly useful way.

Back to the chase! Revisionists have caught the Jewist elite in flagrant lies and Semitists refuse to debate the issue. Jewists have been caught with their pants down and cannot blame any goyim-cattle and cannot claim to have simply made an honest mistake. And this Holocaust crime/libel is not just a peripheral part of the Judaic-Zionist-Semitist war against the Gentiles. It is the core sine qua non without which the rest of their other deceitful machinations could not get off the ground. First of all, the hoaxoco$t is "Israel's prize alibi" [Norman Finkelstein's term] used to distract attention from the outrageous crimes committed against Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Secondly, the hoaxoco$t has been history's greatest cash cow as billions in hard currency gets vacuumed out of Germany and Switzerland. Interestingly, the holocaust jet set embezzled c. 95% of the extorted funds away from its own Solomon Sixpackers and Liza Lunchboxers who were supposed to get the money. Thirdly, the hoaxoco$t is the main scam used to instill perpetual guilt feelings in the UAssA cattle-goyim to give the American Jewish fifth column free and total control over the country's military, political, and financial assets. Without the phoney holyhoax fable, the empty smears of auntie-Semitism, anti-Semenism, etc. would loose their sting.

Therefore, it is crucial for goyim self-defense that the Jewist elite be directly, aggressively, and proactively confronted with the whole hoaxoco$t libel and not be allowed to make simple piecemeal revisions in isolated details. Forget holocaust revision! Hoaxoco$t derision is needed! Gradual piecemeal revision would allow the Jewist elite liars to shift gears and claim to have been the pioneers of revisionism all along. This has already happened with some aspects such as the lampshades-from-human-skin and Jew-soap fairytales. Holocaustomaniacs now say that Poles, Communists, or even Germans maliciously made up those tales to --Oiy veh-- discredit the holocaust. Certainly, nobody every went broke overestimating the chutzpah of the Jewist elite!

Jewist prophet-profiteers have gone out on a huge limb with their pack of lies and must not be allowed to retreat at their leisure. They must be confronted with their current pack of lies and have that limb sawed off. The perduring constant and hardcore Holocaust blood libel is: "6,000,000 Jews were murdered." This outrageous hyper-libel goes far beyond claiming that they were simply killed, merely died, or just disappeared. How were they murdered? Various fanciful answers [ranging from the utterly ludicrous to the totally unfounded] have been given. The story keeps changing but has never, ever been proven except in the minds of the already convinced. Where were they murdered? The answers depend upon which holocaustomaniac you ask and when you ask.

Among themselves revisionists can and should meet at conferences, but the war against Gentile-hating hoaxoco$t hucksters must be aggressively fought now in public forums like caberet, DVDs, radio talk shows, and especially law courts. Not to convince a hopelessly bigoted enemy but to influence the uncommitted! Revisionist friendly lawyers must be encouraged to challenge specific lies presented at specific museums. Such lawsuits will goad the psychotically racist Jewists into overreacting. Semitists [Jewist Supremacists] simply cannot stop themselves from going berserk when anyone makes fun of or even questions their insane lies.

In this connection, the holocaust industrialists have made another serious mistake. Spielberg et al. have started a "narrative interviewing" project to video-tape the "witnessing" of alleged holocaust survivors [cf. Rudolf's Lectures on the Holocaust pp. 356-359 for a brief analysis]. The project could be derisively labeled "The Auschwitz Aw-shucks Alzheimers Archive" and dismissed as unscientific, empty, and libelous babble. But these videos will contain valuable evidence of falsehoods, slanders, and fatuous nonsense. Since Spieberg's whole purpose is to hate-monger against Gentiles [Mind you! All in the name of tolerance, brotherhood, memory, blah-blah-blah, etc.], these videos can serve as the basis of numerous lawsuits and publicity embarrassing to those feeding at the holocaust trough.

Of course, we could formally extend the olive branch and offer a truce to the Jewist elite: If they stop telling lies about goyim-cattle, Gentiles will stop telling the truth about Jewists and Semitists. They merely have to close all the hoaxomuseums, end holocaust miseducation programs, and stop playing the victim. They do not have to apologize or refund the billions embezzled. However, the Jewist approach seems to be: "We will never forget [especially things that never happened]!" The Gentile approach: "We will never remember, never understand [even the obvious facts most vital for survival]!"


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